Out my eyes
I catch the line
Horizon out of reach
I walk my feet
Indentured to old ghosts
I separate

Out my eyes
I cast the line
Horizon out of reach
For ease has had its time
A gift into the wind
For a peasant's sake

I've seen what comes with ease
My choice: to walk away.
Sam 1d
Someday you’ll find me, cuz I’m here waiting for you
I shall open your eyes, and you’ll have a different view
I’ll make sense out of the senseless you always knew
You’re trying to find purpose and you have no clue
Maybe it’s why the future seems hazy and why you feel blue
It’s not that complicated, sometimes what’s simple is true
But I believe if we stick together, we can make it through
It’s never too late, whatever damage, we can undo
We’re the masters of our future; nobody’s walking on your shoe
And a future with you is what I’m looking forward to
Gentle waves reflect
Star undimmed guiding my path
Still as Winter ends
Haiku for my father who passed away
There will be thousands of people doing
the same thing as you. Just keep in
mind, there is only ONE you.
So walk down your path.
Everyone has their own journey. Everyone has their own successes as well as failures. No path will be exactly the same. Success will come your way soon.
Walk through life with that hope, drive, passion and will to conquer
Thanks again!
Be back soon!
Lyn xxx
Destiny awaits all.
Each one.
Whomever enters
Through life's sacred gates,
Has an appointment
With destiny.
She'll not be hindered
Or prevented by anyone.
May all find their way safely
To that sacred path,
Designed especially for them.
As age is realized, destiny becomes more of a factor
Lyn-Purcell Jun 13
Be patient, persevere and
all obstacles disappear.
If theres a wall, ram through and climb over it.
No matter what, there is nothing you cannot do!

Be back soon!
Lyn xxx
I keep her in mind
she's my reason
my rhyme

How and just why
I care

I keep her in heart
seeing her eyes
love impart

Her countenance
ever is there

I keep her in soul
caressing my body
my whole

A visage both gentle
and fair

I store all this and more
in memory's core

Always something that
we'll share

She'll keep me beside
her body to slide

as everywhere
Pieces and parts
joined at the start
spirits and souls combined

Hand into hand
no commands or demands

and loving
IrieSide Jun 10
Feeling tides
of shimmering wave
take place
in modern day
I felt the pull
towards something more
though when it came
I lost my soul

Searching hard
with just a hint
some godly spark
that held my hand
the warmth of it
was all there was
yet sufficient

a poet at heart
yeah that's me
even with the money
cars and things
nothing more
gives me that rush
of a free flowing stanza
of my soul's pure

It nourished my garden
this dripping of words
from clouds in thought
and glacier energy
I found my soul
etched in this
sacred poetry
Stay true to yourself. That sacred energy you know is there. Follow it always, and it will guide you home. Neglect it, and you'll come out empty.
lonely jungle path,
birds on high trees sound alarmed;
foot falls of darkness!
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