The Path©

Many a fore me hath taken this path
What path thou dost ask
Be it a trail of litany or blessed asunder
Thou shalt not know till the end

Amidst the daily trials and tribulations
The path maybe misty or unclear
Yet it is there
When thou allow your feet to feel its way

Erstwhile as we live our day lives
We are oblivious to thyme path
The path traversed by the many
The fools as well as the Einstein’s of the World

We all at some point are in denial of
Where the path will lead us
Not wanting to know what awaits us at its end
Yet there is absolute certainty that it is there

Whilst we plod along
It besieges us to take many routes
Detours that may prolong the journey
But in the end so does the path

Andreas Simic©

Mystic904 Sep 7

Thinks the man made of clay,
The world is a forever's stay
When everything he worked for, is slayed
That's when realise whispers the deaths play
Nothing can he do to click the replay
Still can he repent while he's got the stay
Fear of death has far been vanished,
Without wondering in his bed he's going to lay
Nightmares! Only things that's wake him up
Nightmares that he can't delay

Paul Jones Sep 7

The blackberries on the railway path are ripe.
  The woodland birds are quick to take their share,
while purple fingers pick amongst the hype
  and rabbits hop in the hedgerow somewhere.
A cool wind spirals, rustling fallen leaves,
  carrying distant cries along its way
and bending the amber-tinged tips of trees.
  The sound of summer joys are in decay.
They soften, becoming calmer, quiet,
  like tired eyes in need of time to sleep.
There are some feelings I cannot forget
  and memories I will forever keep.
Meet me along the railway path, my dear,
  to breathe the mellow, autumn atmosphere.

19:00 - 07/09/17
Sonnet - 28 -
Jose H Sep 6

In seconds of the day
I am lost
Without a clue of where I am to go
For all i could ever want in these moments
Is to be by your side
To see you smile
To hear your laugh
To watch you live
In seconds of the day I can not find my way
In those seconds i look only for you
For you to be the path I walk in this life.

Vartika Hada Sep 2

Her ghosts reveal the different lies she lived
Lies here the buried gold,
Now claimed by the merchants of the west.

She was the loveliest
Her steps told some other tale
Of one handsome and cruel.

Born out of rudeness was never-seen love,
her cosmic mind
which revolves across the time.

Day by day, she made him a jewel
only to be left with a bleeding pool
of silver and bronze.

It was a year later
Or two,
she hears a whisper that one day she might rule!

Along the path she cross
she meets nocuous mules,
as they weren't a change, she changed under the moon.

She steps upon an unholy site
occupied by hackneyed tribes
to see the winter lost for words
brings out the caged animal from the muzzled.

Before tasting the earth
she gasps for sun
for he is the holder of the unknown and forsaken.

my body parts
were embellishment stones
inside a crooked pavement
your feet landed on

Belle Aug 28

Not really quite sure where to go...
I could extend my hand to the right,
to the left
not at all.
I could take the path to the right,
to the left
or straight ahead.
I don't really know where I am going
I crave a known that I cannot get
A desire for a knowledge of where I will end up next.
I can never force the future,
nor really the next day.
Where do I go from here?
I don't really know?
I feel so vulnerable thinking about where to go,
but I feel even more vulnerable not having a plan.
Not really quite sure where to go...

Bisaal Aug 9

I was lost
but now,
I have been

don't make me
stray from my path

I want to walk this road
for a while
until I am ready
to find a new course
to walk.

Until then
I will walk up and down
the same road;
the same, safe road

And I've promised myself that
next time,
I won't lose myself.

Next time,
I will find myself
before I get lost.

why do I
spend so much time
thinking about things
that don't matter?
am I only
protecting myself
from something
I never think about?
why do I spend
so much time
getting lost
deep inside myself,
wandering further
from the path
until I'm too tired
to find my way back?

I asked the earth in one sunny day,
“Can you tell me which path should be my way?”
The earth smiled at me, but said nothing,
Then left me alone wondering.

Then I asked the star in one starry night,
“Please tell me the path that can give me the light”
But just like the earth, the star smiled at me, and said nothing,
And left me alone questioning.

I walk around like a cat,
searching for the sacred words to reveal the path,
But the sacred words are hidden behind the stone,
I’m again completely left alone.

I don’t see why my questions are not answered,
And why the sacred words are hidden behind the stone,
But for the first time, I feel shattered
It seems there’s no way out to be shown.

Later in the mirror, I see the shadow of a child
With a lantern in her hand
That shines brighter than the sun
“Do you want to know the path?” asked the child
“Yes!” I answered like a sailor miss his homeland
“Come with me, then. It will be fun!”

Then, I go with the child with a lantern in her hand
That shines brighter than the sun…

“Who are you?” After a mile I asked the child
“I’m your curiosity. Curiosity is like a child who never wants to stop learning about how to live without fear, even though the life gives you so many scars. Curiosity is like a child who always thinks that the world will always be the fun place to live. Curiosity never complains about the unfair world. With all the qualities, curiosity is the only thing that can lead you to the path you want. I’m your curiosity. I’m in you, waiting to be dug.
To find the path you want is actually a matter of how #curious you are in digging all the treasures. It is only you who can do it.
No one else. Nothing else,” the child answered.

Then, I keep going with the child,
With a lantern in her hand
That shines brighter than the sun
on the path I want…
February 11, 2017
-Kanya Puspokusumo-

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