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Lin 4d
And in the darkest darkness
we can hear
the silent tears falling

We regret nothing
or maybe something
and we keep on speaking
without words

With no sense on where we are going
The path to nowhere
Leading us home
into nothingness

Can you hold my hand?
Striving forward, the bustle of the daily grind
The need to be that one percent better each day
We're all putting in this effort to find
The goals that lead us on our way.

Remembering not to compare ourselves to anyone
To focus on our own path and growth
Taking care not to forget to have fun
And to avoid the things that we loathe.

Each and every one of us has a unique story
That unravels as we work towards what we find worthwhile
For some its joy, for others its glory
That motivates us to move in our own style.

On our way we meet other people
And really this is the trick to life
To surround ourselves with those we feel
Are also working towards something worthwhile.
J Dec 10
I do not claim
to know much
about the stars
or the universe
or how it works;
but what I do
know is that
when two
celestial bodies
cross paths,
they can either
collide or alter
each other's

Just like when
you meet certain
people in your life.
Just like when you changed mine.
Xaha Dec 5
Cry on, girl
Your troubles seem hard
But nobody hears it -
Your heart is scarred.
Why does each blow
Come with shortness of breath
And every step back

Come with pain in your chest?
You used to be stronger
Have walls in your heart
And an inner fire
That burned from the start.
But you learned over time
That people let you down
And sometimes they’re simply
Just not around.
You faced lots of things
Alone and you fought
To stay afloat -
Is harder than you thought.
Over time I guess
Those bumps in the road
Caused by falling objects
Make the path corrode.
Running back and forth
Arms shielding your head
Seems more like a chicken dance
Than a way to get ahead.
So you lay down your load
And collapse to the floor
Wondering as always
How much more?
Daniel Long Dec 3
I let you rest your face
upon mine,
when you feel as so.

Your river runs calm,
and free,
from its ocean.

Crossing my cheek
from yours;
quietly down.

Leaving its path
of eye-shadow
An emotional poem.
My poetry/short story website: www.gothicsurrealism.com
Calliope Dec 3
I don't understand why destiny allowed some people to meet when there's no way for them to be together.
Karo Dec 2
i'm just a little
fear and blood
and tears
all this noise
leave me now
let me recreate my path
sun is gone
need to find my way
back home
I see you guide me to light
I suppose you are all right
But I shall say something I feel
I know You talk false

Found by the ground
Fond of smiles, all around
Across miles, aspect of my fair vision
I lived by rare moments piled in sleep
I know the end calls
Speaking of where someone belongs and where the roots are always results in a humble journey all throughout.
Vanessa Dec 1
In this sacred place
Within me
Are the eyes I never knew
The wiser version of me
The temple of my soul
Watching over me
Painting out my path
Of who I am
Calling out my name
And who am I?
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