Rick 9h
I was born into construction, I know no other trade.
Im not very good at math, and my writings just the same.
I try to act, I try to sing but in the end I always seem right back where I began
I build the set, I cut the wood, and they're painted by my hand. Could I be another man, I know I can not choose who I am, but I wish I could understand if im a product of this land or am I free to chose my plan.
I will fail at my career, this is my fear. I will be like my father, broken and poor. There is only one door for me, the rest are locked and theres no key that i can see in sight.
Jac 1d
off from my sleep
thoughts are drilling deep
not just under the surface
they are much deeper in my mess

infuriating insomnia
still feeling a great euphoria
with everlasting thrill
as I am laying calmly still

words and phrases appear
all being perfectly cohere
bringing me at ease
as hearing the wind blowing through trees

4 in the morning it now may be
but time is not the referee
playing life with own decision
following this path with infinite ambition
LoveLy 2d
This was not the life I chose.
I swore I was on another path
One where no one could stop me.
Maybe I was just too young and too naive.
Everything I thought I was escaping was waiting for me at the other end.
No, I never chose this but it sure did choose me.
You know it's funny, to be back here. Posting and feeling similar to I did last time. Maybe I'll feel better if I just keep letting it out.
follow me
if you can
thru tortured paths
and wintered lands
where the sun is lost
the moon unknown
beyond this dark
encroaching gloam

follow me
if you dare
where voices speak
in whispered layers
of external wars
where twisting turning
bodies play
on silken sails
on captured waves

follow me
if you would know
where silver rivers
sometimes flow
and flying angels
falling lay
sweetly laughing
in their gentle way

follow me
if you wish
and play in childhood's
autumn mist
where paper dragons
fill the air
and broken hearts
still beating share
a love for passion's
written snare

follow me
and I will show
how wounded heart
now mended grows
where many paths
once hidden glow
and light the way
to where I go

You can’t help them now.
your time has come and gone.
The inquisitor has set you free without reproach.
The institution has grown beyond your control.

You can’t stop us now, just go.
Go, go, go carry your message; I want to know.
Who will believe you? I think none.
We know how to control them, we know how to keep them calm.
We give them a little that’s all.

Slaves to our ideals they are; they are corruptible and feeble
so, go and preach your words, you will cause no harm.
People will not sacrifice for your metaphysical prize.  
How long has it been since you have been making your promises?
Since that time what have you done?

What can you possibly tell that people will believe?
I will tell them with my strength in this unshakeable faith
don’t be afraid of the word.
What does that even mean?
Stop speaking in riddles and just speak.

You are wrong about people and one day you will see.
Once they learn to hold the word and never let go.
The journey will not be easy and one day,
pay the price they must,
but when the endless sleep comes,
they won’t be afraid cause they won’t be alone.

Speak it thundery soft for the word is all they will need.
Don’t coward to danger or the demons of corporate greed.
Learn to be a person become human full of empathy.
The time has come to move beyond tolerance.
Sympathy for all will become the new creed.

Stand up as the redwood gracefully caressing the sky.  
Braving the tempest holding firm despite its plight.
With its roots deep clutching the earth,
she will take you from your humble roots
and transform you whole.

You will become a new being worthy of humanity.
She will advance your mind and open your third eye.
So, don’t be afraid of the word,
don’t be afraid of what you cannot see.
The truth is your path through the valley of darkness,
for it alone can set you free.

February 17, 2018
Become a slave to your own principles and follow your truth.
our life is a story
plot unclear
path winding
so for a moment

would you stop walking by the passageway
and lay with me?
— for it is heaven in your arms, and in this world my soul is dying
Verbal art
No verse
Keyless rhyme
O Breath, wonderer !
Dreams of delight
All paths close to mine
Freedom looks all right
The calm and endless
Movers and Shakers
With a more kinder Air

Calling out to that One
A child gave birth to the mother
Confused, what it sounds..!
A child gave birth to the mother
No voice, think twice
Seen in the dark pupil of the eyes
Folk song of soul,
Smell of Endorphins
Bells, Drums and Cymbals resound

Echoes Journey
In a timeless land
Years waiting in paradise
Genre: Inspirational
Shared from my Anthology, Canvas: Echoes and Reflections, 2018.
Endless holy dips  
Without sight, everything is wonder  
Every place is new  
Thought divided, faith divided  
On lifting a veil,  
Creator is One  
With believe in Idol, it’s God  
Else, it’s mere Stone and Paper  

Is this the Path? Doubt…!  
Words of essence  
For a few min of pleasure, we sleep  
Sleep, open eyes, then sleep again  
Life’s so short  
Wake up  
Doubt the limit  
Who will point out the way?,  
When home is just few steps away  

Priceless Pearl  
Today, the lord is my guest  
Day to get merge in the ocean of bliss  
Doctrine of life  
Exploring a forgotten path  
Trying to discover self  
Eternal ectasy  
With a surrendered heart  
Sum of all the truth.
Genre: Spiritual
I've been asking a lot of questions lately
Trying to figure out what I'm supposed to do
And where I'm supposed to go
I don't think I'm asking too much: just a simple yes or no
That's all I want that's all I really need
I've been asking for so long and wondering whether you can hear me
So I start to doubt and my hope wanes a little
Chloe 6d
there is a road on the ocean
and it goes on further than I can see
a thin strip of pale wood
that cuts the waters in half

i stand upon this endless road
in the middle of an endless ocean

from the moment i saw it's beginnings
stretching out from the sandy shore
i stepped upon its pale worn planks -
there was no hesitation.

                                                              i watched the land grow smaller
                                                                               and stood surrounded
                                                                                by the great grey blue;

                                                                                            blue above and
                                                                                                    blue below
                                                                and a handful of blinking stars.

                                                                                   overhead and under
                                                                          the cloudy waves shifted;
                                                     a gentle kiss of foam upon my ankles.

i sit upon the path of no end
and i will wonder;

i've walked miles upon this road
but i can't go up
or under.

who is to say that there is an end
or a purpose in its presence?
how much longer will my legs carry me-
will I ever find my answer?

my heart sinks into a sea of stars
my mind is lost in the clouds,
but my feet, my feet will always tread
on this wooden road built of the earth.

there is a road
on the surface of the ocean
and that's as far as i can go.
you set out on a path, excited to see where you will go. you're so sure that this is the road you're meant to follow, and that as long as you walk it's path you'll find your desired end. and yet eventually, along the way you realise that there's so much more than mindlessly chasing the promise of a dream.

but you've travelled so far, is it worth it to turn back?
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