Arjun Raj May 11

Power is to succeed,
Limits are to surpass,
Paths are to pave,
Journeys are to take
The road to success begins when you open that door,
The door to possibilities,
The road to redemption,
The choice is yours to make,
The chance is for you to take
So let the journey begin.

Along this path
she's had to greet

angels and demons,
truths and lies,
all of which mirror
the Self she's disguised.

Yet she battles,
to conquer her path;

she is alchemy,
the fire to your match.

unnamed May 8

Present is a 'Gift' of Today
That's why its a Present!
Leaving the past & stop worrying of future,
Be in the 'Now' and
"I Am" will take care of the rest,
Be in the Present.

With the passing days getting mature and
Exploring by gaining wisdom,
Remember the universal wisdom always guides,
Exploring the self is the Best exploration I can say
Even better than mining or any archaeological excavation,
I say.

So celebration of each moment,
Will give you wings rather than
Sipping an energy drink(one of my favourites),
Claiming to give you wings.
Its the moment which gives you high,
Go with the flow &
I don't know why!!

Simply mesmerize, falling into depths
And keep on going deeper & deeper within,
That's also a way in which,
A business model canvases itself to BLOOM.

Getting little philosophical,
Just came into me today.
And I am originally yours,
Like these quotes.
Laughing at life's absurdities,
Exploring the silence leads to celebration.
Say to self  'I am Bliss',
See the wonders happenings,
The transformation,
Where law of attraction works.

Cheers to Life!!!!
- Aditya Karnik

Winds don't know
where they want to go
They are lost
making their own path

Paula Aniceto Apr 26

As time passes
Everyone and everything changes.
It may be hard to let go
But sometimes, it’s the only thing to do.

We look back to these photos,
Never realized how fast the days and nights,
Never realized we’re growing up too
Until ‘today’ became a memory.

Clock is still ticking
Until we need to chose the path we want to take
But promise, the memories we make
Will be forever in my heart ‘til it’s beating.

Distance may take us apart
But I’ll say that wherever I go,
There will be always a spot for you
A special place that can still recall, even when the mind forgets.

When someday, our song comes on the radio
I’ll be glad to sing it with a smile on my face
Remembering how unforgettable our memories were
Remembering I had a friend like you.

Missing my friends // 32717 4:35AM
Sun Smriti Apr 25

She could only speak when his silence was sad
She would trade her butterflies for his summer rain
If she knew he would ever leave her in the memory lane

Her Sunshine would keep him warm in all the cold winter mornings
When the darkness invaded her thoughts
He was not there with warm hearts

Somewhere over the sky
when clouds appear
She misses her heart to dance in the summer rain

Would he find her at the edge of last breaths
To recall a long-forgotten life
with full of crazy, bittersweet, shattered dreams.....?
Would she ever be able to dream again to walk an endless path at the Eclipse of the Sun.....?

Comes the hour
The hour where I walk down the triumphs of my solitary imaginations
Where I mourn overdone love
And overrated betrayals
Comes the hour
Where I dare to accept the flaws of my wrong doings
And the perfection of my good deeds,
Comes the hour
Where the devil in me screams the laughter of mercy
Sarcastically signaling the failures of the good
Comes the hour
Where I am forced to give up
On my virtues and values
The value which broke me; embarrassed me
Comes the hour
Where I walk towards what I had feared the most
What my dear mother had asked me to avoid since my very birth
Comes the hour
Where I choose the rather attractive path
Of evil!

Hannah Apr 15

I am walking
an ancient path.
It is worn down,
by thousands of those
who walked before me.
I am honored
to know I'm following
the footsteps
of my ancestors.
I can feel their spirits
walking beside me,
guiding me,
urging me to listen
to the tales of the trees.
They are so very old,
and whisper secrets
to wandering souls.
If you listen closely,
you will hear them speak
in the ruffling leaves.
If you are quiet,
you will hear
them tell their tales
of those who walked
long before you.

harlon rivers Apr 21

Earth Day, April 22, 2017  "give back to Earth",
as an "offering" for all the planet gives us.

For Global Earth Day information visit:

       Her ominous shadow
             shown a path
   far beyond the miles high
  a majestic mountain stood

   Silently climbing down
         million year old  
      steep canyon walls
               at dawn,
  each step chosen carefully
     coursing with purpose

    Finding a way forward
         was the only way
           to look back up
      river carved ravines
     where higher ground
              once stood

  Instincts drawn downward
       gravity feed towards
         the faint murmurs
       deep echoes tracery
   down sheer basalt cliffs

          Artesian waters'
       resounding gurgles ―
     bubble up to quench
     a lost soul’s incurably
   intrinsic parching thirst;
       to find an unfolding
       metamorphic peace
     in the trove of igneous
     fountain veins of earth

    There’s not need to wait
      on sunrise pathways lit ―
   there is no fear of gravity’s
     downward silent weight  
      nor burden to be borne

Listening beyond dark silence      .
      igneous bedrock roots
     beckon deeper expanse ;
  spirit realms of ancient souls
     whisperer like thunder
        to the soul of man ―

Awakening ruptured lifelines
    deep below earthen crust ,
    creations hidden essence
     eternally remembered
         by the light above ...

April  2017 © harlon rivers ... all rights reserved

deep artesian rivers flow
from the wellspring fountain of soul...
     homage to planet earth ―
Celebrate World Earth day ... April 22nd, 2017

As I plod along at a placid place
I ask myself most often if
My mind will ever approach that place?

If I’ll I ever be able to move along
Down that path
Be it into the summer or out of May?

“Your brightest days are yet to pass!”
Or so they say, with each differing dawn
And yet I am still unsure of such path, nowadays

Be it winding or not
How they stretch out before me, and bend at a distance
Turning just around the cornery edge
To entice my mind to stray away

How I’d often jump from rock to rock
Devoid of fear, in my younger days
How I'd fly through the air without forethought
That is until I became aware of this present day

Though still I must, and will I trust in my ginormous feet
For it is time I value, and the steadiness which is found outside
That is, I'm seemingly less capable of turning off my mind

For I am afraid of not being able to see
And witness all the beauty which is stored away
Within such paths

For its there and within that which I expect to find
This path of mine

As a memory to create down each pasture lane
Must be simply folly and waste
To ponder such things with every day
This is what I see

When the decision stretches out before me
Not far away
Like a field of green

Whereas so many others are thus condemned to a barren wasteland
Simply put
Her lushness is just one of the things
That will make me stay

I know this season will not last. Forever and always. As will the next. We all fade in time and memory. But what really matters? To me? Perhaps I will soon learn to value effort the being, as compared to just the struggle to become.
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