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Nylee 6d
So far,
I have reached here
The path ahead have dead ends
Let's go off road
Bhill Oct 5
You're reality
Does it fit the life you live
Have you had questions

Is your energy your own
Do you believe there is more
Have you wanted to explore
Are you having suspicions
Reach out for a mixed path
A pathway to somewhere else

You are not alone
Life's path can be adapted
Adapted to match

Brian Hill - 2019 # 249
Is your reality fit your in your life?
Poetic T Sep 28
We live on the same street,

but you anit nothing like me,

This isn't a 12A,
    The kids in this will **** you for

disrespecting the other side of the street..

Eternal outlaws, as kids we knocked and run
                                    each others doors..

But i knock your door,
          you lucky if you survive,

              the third knock that is off the safety...

A hole fills your vacant look, holes at the front,

                    smudges that cant clean off your regrets..

I'll knock your memory into the past..

          mothers will cry.. but you'll never realise

that we aren't just one street.

But you look at me wrong, I'll knock some sense
                   into your frame..

Bruised moments..

You cross my gaze,
                   my street…
                               I'll make the black
vison of bow heads grace the road..

   But you'll not see,

             your the one closed eyed,
                                     while others weep...
It could be
Like this

You may think
He/She is following you
He/She may be chasing
His/Her dream

And you are in
As simple as that
Genre: Observational
Theme: You must know that || Crossroads
I started walking
towards my destiny.

No.... ,

I did not take the wrong turn.
I just took the only path
that I had not known
I was meant to walk.

Little did I know,
I was destined for love.

On my way
I was given a gift.

I just chiseled it,
Contoured it...
And it took the
Shape of you.

You, my dear,
are my Haven.
And your love
is the only path
I travel.
William Troup Sep 25
Groaned, my mother did
   as my father wept in glee!
   A piping voice, with flailing hands;
   a struggle, I may always be?

Moaned, my parents did
   as my pasture swayed in seas!
   A fiend afoot, with wasted times;
   a failure, I may forever see?

Frowned, my brother did,
   as my journey cracked its stream!
   A chance away, with wishful smiles;
   a dreamer, I may really seem?

Smiled, my sister did,
   as my riches parked in streets!
   A sonorous voice, with waving hands;
   a struggle, I may always meet ...
Chiara Sep 25
Just ‘cause I’m not going the way you intended for me,
Doesn’t mean I’m wrong, doesn’t mean I lost sight.
I still walk my path, though it’s not easy to see
If it’s leading right, or I’m getting left.
But what you can’t see, what you all forget:
I may be wandering, but I’ve not lost my way.
Maya Sep 23
Lock me out, keep me safe in a sealed room, because every thing in me is craving for you and I can’t keep away on my own.

And my love would you tell me, have you made peace with my choice? What place do I hold in your heart, is there any room left for me anyway?

And baby tell me you’re happy, tell me you’ve completely forgotten me; it would give me strength to turn my back. But for you to tell me you Love me, that you carry my memories everywhere you go, well you’ve captured my thoughts; you’ve ripped me with the biggest dilemma between right and wrong.

What if you knew the truth about what I’ve wanted to tell you, that I love you too and a thousand times I do, more than ever.
What if you heard my weeping, heard me screaming out your name, would you have come and eased my troubles?

What good will it do to me to wonder everyday where I might have been in a parallel universe? Would I feel anything more than envy or regret?

If I only knew that I’d be the reason for your tears I would’ve tried harder, I’m sorry I guessed it all wrong, and forgive me if it’s too late.
I think I chose the path that lead me to the most dreadful present.

But I don’t really know any better, if anything my sorrow isn’t misplaced at all and is just the trail to the master plan of happiness.
But again who am I to judge, who am I to say that your remoteness is the wrong door that I’ve opened?

What’s left of me when my eyes have dried out and I still haven’t found a meaning while I still wonder what if?

What if you’re the right choice, and I’ve been wrong all the way, how far would I be from destiny?
Should I be grieving to the words I’ll never hear again or should I long for those coming?
Should I keep regretting every dance we’ve missed or learn to accept this miserable fate.

My every move is based on what I call my path, my every judgment and my every word. I’ve been trying to convince myself ever since you left that it’s the right thing for me, that you only took half of me, a part I could build again so easily. But it is time I face the truth, it is time I realise that you left, you took every piece of my heart with you, and I’m left out here on my own, me, my poor flesh and my empty soul.
Hafza Awan Sep 19
Sometimes her heart goes wild
Like the unbridled horse
Desiring to break the rules for you
To free her from the tangles
of right and wrong,good and bad
But then she pulls its reins hard
calming it down and telling it
you are a good girl’s heart,you mad!
donot go off the path.
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