In the kingdom of royalties and nobles

We hid ourselves amongst the darkest corner

Avoiding such extravagant parties of fame and power,

Instead we found ourselves in each other's eyes

Though it was never as magical as those stories told

It left a sense of excitement in me,

But never did you know we will meet again

In the morning of intertwined fate

Inside the Kingdom we vow to serve till death

Together we rise our sword for the Kingdom we protect

Side by side as Knights we will fight till our last breath;

And how I wish to be with you even if the night comes

As the moonlight touches our bare skins tonight

Yet that would never happen for I will let you go now

This time I will serve my stand as the noble's daughter

And leave my sword in the Kingdom as a reminder of our history

And you will remain the Kingdom's right hand protector;

Finally this time our path stops to intertwined

As we now move forward, not looking back with our pride held high.
Alyssa Underwood Jan 2016
I would have taken the easy path
But that would leave no room for glory
I would have picked out a comfortable life
But that isn't God’s kind of story

I would have followed a prettier road
But missed the most beautiful way
I would have clung to familiar things
But lived out my days in the grey

I would have chosen what’s stable
But grown cold, apathetic and bored
I would have sought out earth’s riches
But lost all that in heaven is stored

I would have liked more successes
But not learned so quickly of grace
I would have seen myself praised more
But given up knowing God’s face

I would have tied all my loose ends
But not known it’s He Who brings peace
I would have wanted for happier times
But traded a joy that can’t cease

I would have opted for normal
But not tasted rare delicacies
I would have preferred a man’s love
But been robbed of Divine intimacy

He’s chosen for me the high road
More jagged, more narrow and steep
So now I must travel this difficult way
Ever knowing it leads to the deep

Now I must choose to cherish His path
And trust Him to walk with me there
Now I must hasten to take up my cross
The fellowship of His sufferings to share

For one day this life will be over
And all my afflictions will end
It is then I will see what all this is for
In my Bridegroom, my Savior, my Friend
ANu 4d
got a sign from the old man;
he lives above here
lit the bulb in my head;
it said have no fear

take a walk on the path
of just be you
never too late
to yourself be true

believe son believe and
the world will conspire
to make all of YOUR
dreams come true

got a sign from my M.A.N.
in the stratosphere;
"do what you're meant to do...
cuz I'll be right here,
with open arms
and a case of stardust beer"

take a stroll on the path
they've paved for you
the souls of the stars will shine and see things through

believe son believe and
the universe conspires
to make YOUR wildest,
wildest dreams come true
RIP: M. A. Nuñez (AKA Dad) In the grand scheme of things, I'll see you soon. I love you and thanks for the guidance from above
Alyssa Underwood Jun 2016
go on your way
My beloved child
turn aside from
the swerving path
untangle your gaze
to center on Me
stand in courage
hugging wisdom
guard all thoughts
leaning upon My love
release what's behind
and walk on in joy
Proverbs 4

The path i tread has many unknown particulars

The good choices appear in only perpendiculars

I find at times I get trapped in the luring  circulars

I seek the butterfly but i come across confused caterpillars

The path is flooded with sad, intrusive manipulars

Some are merely spectaculars

Whilst some dare to strike your jugulars

...I wish to find spiritual teachers but I'm surrounded by lost seculars

I peer and search even using my invented binoculars

But this path i tread has very few, calm examplars
A hidden path among all paths
Daniel Aug 3
Dull lighting illuminates a fragile path
A path I follow in doubt and concern
I walk it alone and hope I don’t fall
But what is hope worth when I have no faith
I feel so desperate in this prosperous world

The cracks in the sidewalk represent the cuts in my skin
We just want to be noticed, repaired and maintained
Who thought, inanimate objects could feel real pain

As the path decays further my body corrupts
My heart turns black as the path collects dust
The midnight sky foreshadows what is to come
Another lifeless day of feeling thoroughly numb
I hate my life and I don't know why :l
I wake up wishing to go back to bed.
Wishing I was following my dreams instead.
Praying to be on the right path.
Always in the mood, high like an aircraft.
War planes somedays
Other like air balloons good company on a sunday.
I Dont really have notes for this one
Freddie Ruiz Jul 30
Face your life and its pain.
Enjoy the pleasure it brings in the end.
Leave no path untaken
and find your real name.
Written on March 3, 2013
Composition number: 444
Xaela San Jul 27
In my life, never did I've regretted my decisions
For I knew what I was doing to my life
Or at least I pretended to;

Now, those simple plea of my Mother years ago
All those advices and sweet words, I've never listened
Came crashing every faith I have in me
Drowning me in realizations

Why did I not listened to her?
What have I done to myelf- to my life?

The inevitable is now clear
Those stubbornness I possess
Leaded me to my story now- lost and helpless;

For never did I knew I've lost my path back home
When I kept on chasing after dead dreams my heart seeks- without looking back;
And never listened to the words of wisdom my Mother partaken for me;

Now, having no accomplishments only regrets
I slowly drift back to the place my heart belongs
Where my Mother awaits for my return
And welcomes me once more.
Mother knows best
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