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Life is just a long or short journey,
for every creature in this world,
that includes birth, growth, death
and reincarnation or rebirth in the
One and only Infinite Being
of Eternal Conscious Existence or God,
where the main real objective and purpose of it is
for God to realize and know Himself,
through that of all of His
highest evolved forms in creation,
which are human beings,
be it any man or woman,
by a process of Involution and Realization
as being Omnipresent, Infinite and Eternal
and to experience,
for those who attain the goal;
which can only be attained here on the earth,
the infinite divine power, knowledge, love and bliss,
which are all the very essence and true nature
of That Indivisible and Unfathomable Creator.
Written Nov'2016. Inspired by an artist's painting that was commissioned by Meher Baba, a spiritual master of the 20th Century, to go with his book titled 'God Speaks' which is one of the 10 books listed that have really helped me to shape and inspire my life to understand the world and the hidden spiritual path that all human beings are indeed traveling on.
Juhlhaus Nov 18
One step in the soft concrete
and the direction you turn from there
will shape decades.
You may find the very place,
step there again, walk over it;
turn again.
It is the same pavement noticeably
worn by micro erosion, cracked
by the hard ice of twenty winters.
The place is the same,
the space is changed—
shaped as it is now
by twenty years of urban development.
Some buildings provide
familiar shelter,
others drip stormwater on your head
from strange appendages.
Stand there
if you can spare a moment.
Turn again.
No pavement lasts forever;
concrete is liquid
and can take decades to dry.
the planets will align
every once in awhile
to arraign all who need
or are deserving of it
those who find themselves
treading the wrong path
those who can no longer
see what lies ahead
despite all those
gazing upwards
     silently questioning
these immaterial messages
will be overlooked
unheeded by the majority
only recognised by the few
comprehended by even fewer

this singular occurrence
rare and rarefied
may be explainable
in its most basic sense
to even the layman
it is but a simple matter
of timings and orbits
calculations of gravity
versus mass and inertia
but that which truly matters
the universal push and pull
will leave even
the most discerning of minds
in the dark
George Krokos Jul 29
The passion has almost gone
of love and longing for Thee;
there's no meat left on the bone
for devotion's heart to see.

Instead of looking within
the mind is focused outside
with the body getting thin
life's mercy is to confide.

One just can't ignore the signs
that can be seen by the eyes;
age seems to be drawing lines
and there's no comfort in lies.

Like a dog eating a bone
it soon gets to the marrow
and for this it eats alone
with its eyes being narrow.

We become what we're to be
over a lifetime of years prone
to the ups and downs we see
and fruits of our efforts grown.

It's by grace we can transcend
what it is we have not seen
so the hours we've got to spend
will determine places been.

If we stick fast to the path
and don't deviate too far
we won't incur any wrath
and even shine like a star.

Life's course involves such a plan
that we may glean in the mind
looking deep enough to scan
at its source of light we'll find.
Written in April, 2021.
Mark Wanless Jul 27
i eat the food of the soft and hard work
   no time is left for a god to appear
cross the river and find a path that works
   a life of effort all live with the true

of not excisting in the mind of self
   and what we call god is a bandaid that
is better than nothing as we bleed life
   out of love upon a table raza

which is true yet maleable so now
   we walk and talk the walking head maybe
not a word is true that's not thought softly in
   a moment of yells and we follow

as to the inner true unheard that
can be peaceful if we try i do not know what
like two cars
at a crossroad junction
we glided into different
Ikimi Festus Jan 2019
A path diverged, splitting in two,
And alas, my beloved, you cannot tread both.
Choose one journey, yearn to endure,
It's an intimate voyage, a solo race to embrace,
Gaze far ahead,
Where it curved amidst the foliage, and witness how
Mortal society ebbs and flows,
Amidst an unchanging factor.
The masses conform to the transient norm,
Many sorrows arise from faith's inertia,
Idle and hopeful, they bear consequence.
Do not play the assigned role, for conformity persists,
As humans, we mimic one another,
Pride precedes ruin,
And arrogance leads to downfall.
They are shackled by their lack of freedom,
Drawn to those who flaunt their fluidity and uniqueness.
Tell this tale with a wistful sigh,
Somewhere in distant ages to come: that
Once, it was unfashionable to be rebellious,
Yet as multitudes assumed the rebel's guise,
It lost its distinctiveness, its defiance faded,
But two paths diverged, and you,
You chose the one less traveled,
And that choice has made all the difference.
I S A A C Apr 11
ticket to the train station
tempted to train my motivation
singing swan songs for my salvation
toking for a moments vacation, coaching vocation
warp the world around my thumb
sway to the beats of my drum
angels pick me up, scared to become
all the things i have been ashamed of
iridescent sparkles that were judged as vain
steady shovelling the ****, shaving down the over grown bushes
the path was there all along; i see her now
what the **** was i even doing
moon man Mar 28
Wake up, get ready, leave, come back, sleep
Wake up, get ready, leave, come back, sleep
Like a giant loop, I follow the path.
No real goal in sight, no real plan when I stop.
It’s almost as if I’m sleepwalking, hell, I probably can sleep through most of my day and my body will still follow the path.
But one day I’ll need to look back at how long I’ve been on this trail, and all the self destruction I’ve left.
I don’t know if I have any more with me or if I’ll return to the trail. But I do know that after such a long slumber, even if it’s just for one poem, it’s good to be back.
SpiritHeart67 Feb 21
I need to start
walking my path.

I'm just
an Honest
with the best intentions,
achieving nothing

Who can't find
my own way home...
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