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Every poet takes his own lonely path to compose poetry.
Indoensia, 20th July 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Timmy Shanti Jul 15
today i fina try again
and it don't mean you ain't my friend
i'm moving on, i'm moving past
from all i thought would always last

to say i'm scared is to understate
do have this feeling that i'm tempting fate
but bold i go and deep i dive
to find my soul is still alive

i spread my wings and off i fly
i fina live before i die
embrace my spirit, up my game
rekindle my forsaken flame

today i fina start anew
unlearn again all that i knew
i dare to dream, i dare to do
try and keep up - i dare you
July 15
Bang on the middle of summer.
Wills would have been proud.
Lunar Jun 28
When the darkness spreads and the screaming penetrates even my dreams
The seduction of empty space calls at me
It’s attraction is undeniable
My daydreaming naturally becoming more visual  
The flavour of death
An ecstasy like no other
My strongest and last ******
So many options but only one to be my sinful romance

Will it be:
My tanned yellow appearance if I take too much
The chalk outline if I take a nudge
The rose stained bath if I dig a bit more
My neck ornament when I hit the floor
The gruesome distance a burst pipeline will go
The sweating and shaking from a hypo
Or simply a collision with a glare of light
Or maybe the ground was never my right
And I would prefer the pull from my lungs’ weight
or the heat off my skin as it ablates

Or maybe you would prefer an accident
Maybe that will help you cover your names
Don’t worry I won’t leave a note
I’ll let your guilt engross you
And when it gets too much you can use your sorry excuses to help suit you
You can blame my unstable personality
My weak mental health
My poverty of speech
But at least you’ll think twice the next time you speak
This will be my sweet everlasting revenge
However for now my battle isn’t over. I just refuse to be taken to the enemy side. I would rather stab myself with own spear than have my soul be tainted.

When It’s do or die, I feel electrified
- Autumn Kings: Electrified
Devin Ortiz Jun 18
Life has always been about the decaying permutation of possibility.

When you are young, the infinite paths sing with endless potentials.

These branches are primed with the indifferent hands of time.

Choice still exist, as it always has, yet the narrowing is haunting.

It is that inevitability is that hangs around in ominous fog.

Approaching that finality is a journey of bittersweet grace.
While you strive toward lofty goals
And work on them each day
Don’t ignore another’s need
But help along the way

While you journey on your path
Don’t be afraid to stray
Or tarry when a friend could use
Some help along the way

As you focus on your dreams
And try to shun delay
Stay open - with a loving heart
To needs along the way

Achievement and ambition
Are noble - yet I say
It may yet help another more
To serve along the way

So in our life of “end results”
Let’s not forget to pray
That we might see with open eyes
And help along the way
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A few days ago, Kim I were driving back from a trip to Colorado, and I asked her for poem ideas.  She said something about taking joy in the journey.  
She said the journey is part of life, and sometimes we hurry so much to get to our destination, that we miss the opportunities along the way.  We love our little hiking trips, and we always try to find new places to explore on the way to our destination.

In your life, look for the people who need your help along the way to where you are going (literally and figuratively).
Lunar Jun 8
When the pressure rises and the questioning blares
When the assumptions fly and the fear of being ostracised glares
When the fear of loneliness comes into play
Or the possibility of failure that comes to stay
The risk of not being able to blame anyone but you
The guilt and ‘told you so’ that will ensue
Will it overweigh your desire to be free
And overwhelm your desire to be a wolf among sheep
Will it crush your dreams of being unique
I wonder which path will you seek
Refused to follow
Beaten path
Incurred their wrath
Sound decisions
His acts reasoned
Worked with precision
Man was seasoned
Refused to follow
Beaten path
Incurred their wrath
They sank differences
Converged to a point
They were seasoned
Reasoned decision
Executed with precision
Their plan
Buried him underground
In unison they talked
The man was missing
He went on an errand
Refused to follow
Beaten path
Lost in his chosen path!
Alicia Moore May 26
save me
a seat on your ride home.

I’m scared
that I will lose my way.

help me
travel back safely.

I beg.
Victoria May 13
I've been training so hard
to walk in these shoes
They look good
They look nice
But they got no clue
That they are a little too big
a little too wide
I can walk in them
But the shoes aren't right

But as long as I can walk
I must go on
How many people have shoes to choose from?

I must not complain the tiniest bit
about wearing shoes that doesn't fit
I'm just scared rightf I'm ready to grow up and its scary but I have to.
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