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Jo Swan 9h
Faraway from home and lost with the wild
the mystical fog has surrounded my sight
From seeing the road that lies ahead.
should I despair and sensed be in fright?
My predicament has left me in dread.

Fog slowly suffocates me from my breath.
In my anguish, I cry out to the Lord,
“This path could lead me to my imminent death!
I’ve no guts to walk through the forlorn fog.
Must I walk alone through gravel road and sward?”

Through the smoky fog, a Lyre Bird flutters-
fans his feathers in majestic manner
and sings sweetly like warm days of summer.
Has the lord listened and made his answer?
In the fog, the dusk of doubts dissipate.

Though I walk on this unforeseeable path,
My body burns with vitality of hope
as I've finally found faith in the fog
At cross roads our love fell apart
The journey that took us here
Was filled with memorable moments
Moments that will forever be a part of us
The road we take from here
Leads us away from each other
It's distance and obstacles
Are completely unknown to us

At cross roads

Goodbye was never the easiest
Word to say
But here at cross roads
Our paths take a different direction
New moments and expériences

At cross roads

Our love fell apart
Here ends the wonderful
memories we created
Here ends those long night chats
And never ending phone calls
Here we part ways to our new lives

At cross roads
We said goobye
But goodbye was never the easiest
Words to say

At cross roads

We part ways
One day meet again.
Heart i want to be sure to hold back,
the path gets a little longer
no matter how long afar you go
i want to get there, catch your eyes
and get back my memories
Our path is a decision we  make ourselves
A blessing from above, no it's not a story about some elves
There's things we don't know and our minds are deceived
Maybe one day you will have the chance to believe
Have i been wrong all these years
Or was it you
Maybe I could teach you a thing or two
Instead of this bloodshed and tears
We all make our own path who is anyone to judge
Nava Um Oct 6
A man with a plan
To change himself
To find hes made of wicker
To realize
The path has always been to burn
Imagine a man
Blind to himself
Only a flicker
Through hollow eyes
Shining outward
Attack and retreat
Again, there was an attempt
Unwillingness to see
The path is sometimes awkward
Unable to admit
He holds his own eyes in contempt
And can no longer
Be trusted with his own lantern
Nyx Oct 5
A thousand petals
Flow through the sky
Gracefully floating
In and out of sight  

Behind the walls
Of roses a gleam
A labyrinth awaits
Filled with the wildest dreams  

Clicking of heels
Running upon a stoney little path
He's calling your name
Simply follow along the footpath

You can see his smile
As he turns another corner
Ever so slightly out of reach
Keep going you're getting warmer

The sun streams down
Following at each turn
It seems so hopeless now
But determination is stern

He's teasing you
You can hear his voice in the wind
Like a mere whisper by your ear
Its drawing you in

To a place that you thought
Was only within fairy tales
And finally you reach him
Taking in all of the details

Capturing this moment
Like a photograph and image
Forever engraved into your mind
You can hear them all saying

Love can be blind

Forgetting the past
History of you and him
He's the one you want
Even if all odds seem dim

In the moment you let him hold you
Gently within his arms
And you truly believe then
He could never do you harm

Though when the world seems to fade
And you've been hurt time and time again
You're willing to believe anything
Allowing yourself to fall victim to sin

But in this rose filled garden
Where the sun is beautifully bright
You forget about the reality
And allow yourself to bask in the light  

Closing your eyes
Here he's standing handsome and tall
But when you open you're eyes
There will be nothing at all

Within this Rose Filled Garden


Different could be,
The way
The time
The conscience
Towards the universal wholeness

In the cosmic delusion
For the sympathetic joy
One could be anywhere
In between
The above
Genre: Abstract Spiritual
Theme:Humanising Mathematics
ayumi ebony Oct 5
she is drowning again.
this time she knows the truth
-she can’t do this anymore.
and this time she knows that her mother’s hand is not the hand she needs in hers,
and that she walks alone on the only road she’d ever known.

as the road diverges, her feet are spread further and further apart,
so she’ll fall into a deep crevice,
or jump.
she’ll fall before jumps.

maybe there will a river at the bottom,
so ice cold.
but she’d move along,
and she does love to swim.

maybe it’ll be ground,
and she’ll break all her bones.
then she’ll pick herself up,
keep walking.

what if an abyss is just an abyss?
a pit of nothing,
a pit where you’re falling and you don’t know,
how low you’ll go.

and if you expect wings,
how would you create them on the way down
-no one cares enough to strap them to your back,
because no ones cares.

she knows, it’s all her fault.
you know.

she’s been told she’s everything,
and she wants to be everything.
but her heart is gone.

her appetite is gone,
and the once hungry girl
is left picking at her plate.
Daniel Sep 29
Everyday he wandered a fragile path
A path Scarred and neglected
It ended abruptly
This was the type of path he knew best
The end of the path opened to a great escape
With no crossing for miles
The vast road offered an instant death
Cars sped past with no remorse
Everyday he watched but couldn’t pull through
He told himself ‘tomorrow I’ll be released’
If only he knew

Every night he dreamed of death
To live alone would be his only regret
His dreams were vivid and were soon to come
Just not in the way he once thought it would

One day it all changed
The boy found a true love
He smiled and forgot why he hated himself
A new path he followed
With a girl by his side
Finally he felt happy and no longer wanted to die

During the night
He no longer dreamed of death
He dreamed of his future
Too bad life is unfair

The following day offered many opportunities
The boy walked his new path with his utmost dignity
The path wasn’t neglected
It didn’t end abruptly
The path opened to a crossing which was new to his area
Who thought this would be the place where he got run over
Life is unfair
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