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Bhill 1d
the secret path appeared before us
what is to become of the path behind us

Brian Hill - 2020 # 294
For the first time
she was trying
she didn't want
what she was heading to
all this time
she wanted to
Live her life
and love it as well
There's a lovely garden
A precious golden road
Where you can loosen burdens
You can lay aside your load.

There are blooming cherry trees
Mountains violet blue
Pure white picket garden gate
Flowers every hue.

It is just like Eden
As far as eyes can see
But it's NOT our current world
Not reality
There was another garden
Called Gethsemane.

There were gnarled olive trees
And stones along the road
Where the Lord cried out to God
And shed His precious blood.

Then there is a spirit place
Where there is decision
Take a strait and narrow path
Or a broad road to extinction.

If you choose the latter
You'll regret it to your core
But if you choose the former
Heaven is in store
That gate's our Lord, the very Christ,
With whom you've made war
That gate is the Gospel
Which you have heard before...

Pass through the gate of Jesus
For life forevermore!

Catherine Jarvis
October 20, 2020
she wished
she could be done
and wondering
if she chose correctly
or if she
was going the wrong way
she just wished
she could find
her path
her right way
Bhill Oct 14
thoughts of your beautiful face penetrate my mind
how can the experience of that moment be genuine
a meeting with so much circumstance
a crossing of paths so real and so seamless
somedays just reach unheard of results
thank you for being there on that day...

Brian Hill - 2020 # 283
Spicy Digits Sep 26
Land is expensive
Where is my home
Alone but not alone
Unfertilized eggs.
My eggs
My life
Giving birth
But you wouldn't understand
You all gave up looking for that portal
And now spend time convincing me it doesn't exist.
It. Doesn't. Even. Exist.
Like rejecting your own DNA,
But I don't need your permission
I don't need your voices....
(Stands tall)

...and now to convince myself of that
Before I suffocate
BSween Oct 1
See the people getting old before their time.
That’s their road but it  sure ain’t mine.
I have yet to find my glory
Make my mark
Tell my story.
Anna Postrero Oct 10
No one can save us
but ourselves.
No one can
and no one may.
We ourselves
must walk the path.
Not every path you see is for you to travel
Maybe that path is for the one person that's coming towards you
So it's best to wait at your end for the best to happen
Path appeared
As he walked on the path
The walk was smooth
Till the path turned into two paths
One lead to his wife
The other to his girl friend
He was now confused
It took him time to decide
The wife and the girl friend got worried
Set out in search of him
Path appeared
As they walked on their path
Both reached
The common path
Where he stood confused
Reality came to the fore
They both stripped him of his clothes
He sits naked there till date
He declared him a saint
He has now many women followers
Shows them door to heaven
No body dares to touch the saint
Politicians and police touch his feet
He shows them the path
Path appears
As they walk on the path
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