Words, Phrases, Quotes
Come together as one as I sit in front of the plasma screen
Wondering what this is for
It'll end right?

Look up and then look down
How much pain and anguish
Have we caused this world?


Every war
Every building
Every breath

The path of destruction no matter how much we try to stop
Severe strain on this planet
Dark skies and burnt land

The whisper of the wind
Begging to stop
Begging us to stop

In the search for beauty and eternity
What have we done
What have we become?

01:14 thoughts while writing an essay

A dark field that stretches in front of me
Seeming to have no end
I sigh, turning my head to look back

The black mist seeps through the crack of the wall
I built it
Safety or precaution
I don't know which
I can't remember

Both things are dark
Seem to be a danger
I must face
As I can't go anywhere else

Left - Right
I don't want to go there

I sigh, looking back
It's grinning at me
It's laughing at me
They come closer

I smirk
Not at the path
Not at the mist

They close around me
Trapping me
All I can do is smirk

They sky went from gray to black in a matter of seconds

Draw me close to you
Like a butterfly to a distant moon.
Light up my path,
so I may hasten forth sure minded.

I'm feeling rather lost today...
CGW Nov 13

Deep inside of me there is two creatures with lust on their lips.
Only one will grow stronger and the other weeker.

In the end we all die but how fast we die is determined by who we are.

One creature brings misery.
The other one bliss.
Which ever one I feed will grow to be the largest.

Which ever one largest is my path to death.

I'm pretty sure that there is an Native American tale that it similar to this.
Tori Schall Nov 10

Tell me what to say
tell me what to do
because I can't really tell you

Tell me what I'm supposed to fell
Becuase I can't feel anything
Tell me what is supposed
to happen

Like sand in an hourglass
all the time runs out
and my time is almost up
I feel

But don't you worry
because I will never
leave you alone
I'm haunting you

OnyxSea Nov 10

The sight of the future,
from seers of past.
Imagining something in the present at last.

Constructing a future that is unseen,
from present variables, both without and within.

A place of chaos, this world is,
good things and bad, intermix like lists.
Combining and melding, all futures into one,
the results that come about are hard to fathom.

To imagine a future with one's own life at stake,
Countless men travel towards one path they wish to take.
All of them head towards one thing which they see,
that will bring them the happiness, which all of them seek.

Yet a happiness that is limited,
a joy that is shared,
is something that will be fought for,
for good or for bad.

The solution is thus not,
to challenge and despair,
to fight endlessly on a path,
that requires constant repair.

Take the road less travelled,
the path right at hand.
Which others call bleak,
but you see the truth, Amen.

A happiness and peace,
granting complete ease.
A path I envision,
where we'll all enjoy a feast.

The future is unclear,
yet the present is now.
How about we make use of it,
to make a future where we're proud?

CC Nov 9

I am not going anywhere
I have the path ahead
It still seems to be threadbare
This old way is where I'm lost
Under the stars I navigate
Hope has been my surrogate
Then when hope bore a child of fear
Reality became something clear
It has a cord I cut from home
It has a cry I have heard before
I have known this path ahead
I still imagine I can take this road
This pavement made with utopian soil
It cements itself in the soles of these red shoes
There are no places I can go
So elsewhere from the path is where I'm to

OnyxSea Nov 8

From the shining heavens,
to the depths of hell,
are countless places,
in which mortals dwell.

People like me,
who are simple and free,
search for happiness, wherever it may be.

Yet the obstacles are endless,
countless and limitless.

Every goal we set creates another one, harder.
Progressing toward, the highest of the heavens,
eventually even we, begin to falter.

We see that the joys that money may bring,
a life of pleasure, girls and spring,
are ephemeral, illusory, temporary like the wind.
A short term high, like drugs taken at a whim.
These joys and pleasures, and the highs it may bring,
Are no different from the crude, happiness of dreams.
Experiencing them when either rich or poor,
the difference is legality, for good or for ill.

Yet the heavens are temporary, the joys are too.
Whatever once brought us there,
can bring us down too.
Navigating the clouds, transparent as can be.
Fragile like the pleasures that one enjoys within thee.
Striving so hard to maintain this modicum of joy,
we lose sight of it all, overwhelmed by turmoil.

Eventually our attention laxes, our focus disbands,
we descend to the hells, all joys out of hand.
All the happiness we seek, seemingly gone from thee,
we forget that their joys are as temporary as can be.
Mistakenly seeing it as the source which we seek,
we chase them relentlessly, bringing others with thee.

Confusing ourselves, and others who follow me,
we end up on a path, both hellish and heavenly.
These conflicting experiences, strengthening within me,
I become conflicted, as do others who join me.

Soon we all forget, what is happiness and joy.
Seeking a fleeting, temporary ploy.
Deceiving us of happiness, the peace within thee,
Eventually we die, no happiness within me.

If only I saw what was in front of me.
If only I overcame the senses which deceived me.
If only I realized the truth of one,
that both heaven and hell, are meant to be undone.

We separate the two, splitting humans in two,
where some enjoy good, and the rest make do.
Mistaking happiness, to be the fleeting joy of bliss,
we no longer see, that true joy is in this.

Enduring pain, experiencing ease.
Overwhelming the tribulation with true inner peace.
From this all shackles become undone,
for there is nothing, left to be done.

Tori Schall Nov 7

When everything you touch
is all gone, turned to dust
where are you supposed to hide
from the monsters deep inside

They chase you in your sleep
you see them instead of sheep
you sleep upon the ashes
of your burned out mind

When every building is just rubble
inside your little bubble
where are you supposed to go
when nothing's left of your home

When every chance you get
you pick out the mistake
but you don't see it
until it is too late

will you fall, or will you run
try to escape your mind
for within your head lying cold and dead
is the body you left behind

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