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That was all I felt
Not a broken bone or wounded flesh
Just cold
I'm breathing heavy but I'm not panicking
My breath forms a cloud around my face
Before disappearing into the fading skyline
I knew something was wrong
I knew because there was nothing wrong with me

My eyes were polluted with the sight of death
Carnage at my feet
Life leaving their blood and bone host
Lives more important than mine
Yet I was chosen
I was the one fate decided to keep
It were as if hands were plunged into the mud and grief
To spare me the tarnish
The light in the dark hollow
Or the dark in the light bastion

A void captured my true emotions
Holding them captive until I figure it out
The papers had their stories of me
"Miracle Man" they called me
The one death forgot
The one who escaped a tragedy
Without a scratch to show truth
A walking folklore
A bedtime story for the kids
Any other man would have felt blessed
Lucky or even grateful perhaps
I just felt cold

Sleep became a chore, and the bottom of the pint became my guilt
One day I bring my gaze from upon my mug
To see a man dressed in purpose
A man with a stare
A man with a story
A man of pain and misfortune
He didn't have to say anything
He knew
I knew
We could feel it
The cold followed us, ever looming on our shoulders bare
Through those blank faces that torment our memories
Constantly reminding us of the burden we choose to carry
Through all the dust, fire, and filth there stood us

Druzzayne Rika Sep 2019
I could put in the words what I do,
It becomes so irrelevant to
what I say despite for it not be
It just deeply affected me.
I do what needs to be done
It needs not be said so seldom.
In the dark of the night,
From left to the right
Don't cut, no bite
I have to say to be in the fight
To be few and fortunate.
With the crimes increasing,
And people turning cold,
You need more to live by
Give more and try
To make this earth a nice place
All across
Star BG Dec 2018
Oh lucky me, to swim in ocean of jargon.
Oh fortunate me to learn from my own words.
Oh lucky me to be blessed with the company of your eyes.
Just playing inside thoughts.
Lyn-Purcell Jul 2018
Fortunate moments
Loudest words are hope and fear
Leaves blown in the light
My mind's a mess but I luckily have an appointment tomorrow to get to the root of these **** headaches...
Hope you like my Sill haikus!
Be back shortly!
Lyn ***
Graff1980 May 2018
Because I have enough
extra to eat,

Because I have
clean water
to clean with
and to drink,

Because I have
a roof over my head
and something
that makes heat,

Because I have a car
so, I don’t always
have to use my feat,
Because I have access
to the internet,
a world wide
web of knowledge,

Because I can dream,

Because I have seen,

Because I can read,

Because I have
family and friends.

Because I have known
grief and other forms
of suffering,

Because I know
that I will die
and only have
this one life.
mythie Mar 2018
Bright lights!
Neon signs!
Pounding sounds
with citrus scents.

Focus on me.
Zoom in.
Zoom out.
I'll be all they see.

All eyes on me!

Wet cement!
Deafening silence
with the smell of freshly burnt oak.

Focus on me.
Flashing lights.
Blinding colour.
I'll be all they see.

All eyes on me!

Big billboards!
Magazine covers!
Spotlight on me
and the crew sets up scene.

Focus on me.
Dig your nails into me.
Leave your scent on me.
I'll be all they see.

I'm everyone's favourite.
I'm in control.
The society is crumbling.
They hum a lulling beat.

With their eyes on me.
lights, camera, action!
Mystic Ink Plus Feb 2018
Polychromic world
Alluring Colors
Aesthetic beauty,
Panoramic utopia
Magic smell
Visible, and invisible
Art work in display
Characters with expressions
No end, and the beginning
An abstract sum
Sanity sense
Authentic truth
Measuring life
Realm of the soul and spirit
Closed eyes, yet to see more
Delights over vivid views
Beyond languages,
Waving flag,
Meeting in a half way
Thus, Status updates.
Shared from my Anthology, Canvas: Echoes and Reflections, 2018.
Niklaus Jun 2017
The man gave him food to dine
But he rejected it and said he's fine

The man comes back, gave him clothes to feel comfortable
But he folded them and returned them to the hands of fortunate.

The man tried to offer an of belongings for him to live well
But the poor man rejected and said, "This isn't fair."

Confused and offended,
the fortunate began to question the other.
"Poor fellow, Why do you choose to suffer?"

He took his hand before saying,
"why do you need to offer your belongings
when can you teach me how to achieve such things?
Teach me not how to beg, my friend.
But bring me to my senses to be responsible and let me mend
All broken dreams that I once saw in my slumber,
Teach me how to strive
So I could bring you pride."
Win Star Jul 2016
Fortunate enough
To have a family
That guides my decisions
And makes me voice out my opinions

Fortunate enough
To have friends
That see more than outer beauty
And kills my insecurity

Fortunate enough
To have a life
That's filled with every emotion
And motivation and inspiration
edwill makamu Mar 2016
I perhaps should rather stop believing,
and begin just to appreciate just who I am through each passing day,

Hence I'm fortunate,
I measures my fortune with fortunate.

The likes of,
I caught myself stading opposed
vocalizing with fortunate

This could be a fortune in aging from now.

Who's fortunate?
She who caught me glance my surveillance while in motion
She who caught me smiling just when she vocalize, rather when I think of her

****! I'm fortunate,
I acquired a fortune to elevate my standard of living.

Who's fortunate?
Fortunate is her name.
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