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Psychorange Sep 17
3 years
I find a new place
3 years
I wear a new face
3 years
I carry my shame
3 years
I burden my brain

Am I the variable, or a constant in march
It's never too bright and it's never too dark
A rolling snowball or a forest in fire
Border planted flags do not inspire
George Krokos Jan 31
At times one has to go sideways before they can go forward
when attempting to reach that place they’re heading toward.
From 'Simple Observations' ongoing writings since the early '90's.
Mark Wanless Jan 24
differentiate between
   the obscure of time
and the real now
   falling forward

no place is here true
   but a piece of what
can be is whatever

i smile and drift
   my mind and this
is but a short poem
Mark Wanless Jan 22
only know where i
have been going to a new
place again again
Lil Moon Moon Jan 18
I imagine my happy place,
I picture it in vignette taste.
Like looking through colored glass,
There's a sepia quality to its grasp.

Like wading through a dream,
There's a vagueness to its every gleam.
Everything's the same yet different here,
A constant familiarity hangs in the air.

The picture varies from time to time...

Always it would be a house of some kind;
The edges forever unrefined,
Be it a cabin, a mansion, a farmhouse or two or three
Every ***** nook and cranny this mind could carry

Always it would be somewhere remote;
By the sea, the countryside, by a cliff, or under trees,
Sometimes in an open clearing of endless green grass swaying in the breeze.

... Home.

Though every version varies,
One thing's for certain in this house of made-up stories.
Always, always, and always a thousand times more,
You'd be there standing by the door.

Now I never questioned this part somehow
Cause here's the truth of the matter in tow:
This place could be a garbage dump for all I care
But I'd still call it heaven so long as you're there.

And I find that it's the only thing that matters;
To have your figure carved into this place's corners
I'd gladly let this place take your shape
The smell of warm bread and books here you shall drape.

This landscape is treacherous and ever-changing.
But I know as long you're there in my dreaming,
These childish mock-ups of reality
Shall remain my favorite moments of clarity.

It is my piece of heaven on earth,
My secret happy place while I'm on this dirt.

Heaven don't have a name
But God forbid I find it fitting
That if it did, of course

It would be yours.
Ally Ann Jan 16
The water makes me forget,
yet I remember
the waves lapping on sand,
except we haven’t had enough rain
in years for the lake to reach the shore,
this is my favorite place
but it feels just as tired as I do,
living up to expectations of the past
barely meeting requirements of placehood.
I’ve lost the special that once consumed me
dilapidated buildings and broken promises
link the memories between
place and person
deterioration reminding me
that I am not the only thing
searching for peace
and finding loss in its place.
Broken Pieces Jan 10
Happy at last I can smile,
My happiness will stay for awhile.
I really hope that yours does too,
After all I'm smiling because of you.

You are a safe place,
I feel like I can be free,
Because you are home.

Dancing around in the rain,
Letting go of all that pain.
I watch it go one last time,
They don't control me this is my fight.
The best place
I ever lived
was in your heart,
I am no longer cold.
Indonesia, 9th October 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
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