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I'm searching for a place to come home to.
A place that is calm and warm,
a place to feel safe in
after a long day out there.

After a day in the cold world,
filled with empty and silent people,
filled with silence that screams
and and emptiness that's crushing.

I'm searching for a person to come home to.
A person that is protective and loving,
a person to feel safe with
during a long day out there.

Fighting with me against this world,
not letting it steal our inner beauty,
not letting it take away our words,
so we don't become empty and silent.

I thought I could find it with you.
But I was wrong.
August Oct 8
a forest of green and brown
a sky of light and sun
a place of peace and love
dandelion seeds floating in the breeze
birds telling of the spring
a lonely soul
wandering the grass
stomping a path yet to be made
Anais Vionet Oct 8
It's hard to feel like
you're growing up when you're moored
- sheltering at home.

I am patiently
waiting to take the helm of my
life's navigation.

My life, so far, is
prelude - I long to cast off
and exit the slip.
the sea means freedom and relaxation to me
Nolan Willett Sep 26
You say you hate the human race
I say you have a lovely face
You think you’ll never reach the place
I think that you would miss the chase
So I unlace
And you embrace
And with the world we keep pace
‘Til the day we disappear
And leave without a trace
Bongani G-kay Sep 21

Our father....
In heavens...
am in my dark place...
talking in latin...
I don't understand they are offer...
but all i know...
they want me to sin..

I pray
In happy moments to thank you and in sad ones to guide me..
My faith weak...
I was hopeful...
now it leaks...

I hear voices...
Getting louder...
Gun in my hand they gave me choices...

The light was left in me..
Was blown out...
I seek for answers....

Ohh lord you hear me...
Am your lost sheep...
In night i pray...
I can't sleep...

I pray to get close to you father...
Cause near you...
I shall not fear non...

I pray for light...
To shine on me...
In my dark place...
Forgive us our sins...
As we forgive...others...

Dark place
Ginger R Aug 28
Reached a point
Now it's just the waiting
Stay in line
Stay behind
Just the waiting
Sure ok
Swear in my face
It's not my place
It's a point
Soon it'll be revealed
And everyone will see
Who's really me
But for now
Just the waiting.
(I don't want to call it hiding)
There's a point
You're getting there
(I'm already past it)
But I'm ok with
Just waiting
Um the last 2 lines say i'm ok with waiting but I'm getting really sick of it.
sadnspicy0 Jul 25
I'd say
' I couldn't care less',
I feel nothing and,
I guess,
it helps
to numb the pain,
clean up the mess...

I will be happy
somewhere else.
Angiepraise Jul 19
There is this place inside
Whose door is tightly shut
But strangers still trespass
Without a key or a polite knock
Some stay, others bang the door and dash out.
Is this your heart?
Love yourself enough, protect your heart with all diligence
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