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Some say the mind is a terrible thing to waste.
But being stuck in my head....
I hate this place.
We all do it from time to time. Something so crazy about the mind.
At the right time and place
You graced my life in a warm embrace
When I gazed into your eyes
It came as no surprise
I've been waiting for you since the first sunrise
You smiled and placed a light in my heart
And though you come and go
Like a swallow flying to and fro
Your presence short
Yet ever near to my heart
I loved you from the start
S. Achilleos
Ming Mar 29
My shoes **** as I trudge down a seamlessly cemented road. The floor, only slightly lighter than the colour Black. Launching into the wide road where the sky more daringly shows itself, the sun, too, exhibits its colour hue. I can see the reflection of orange in you. The sound of cars are not evident but they exist. The traffic light goes green and the rhythm of its beeping escalates in what seems like less than its promised seconds. 5 steps into the humble gantry I have reached Yomiuriland Station. I buy my morning beverage for 100¥. I think of nothing in that repeated moment while fixing my eyes on the orange-reflected clock.
How I remember Tokyo's Yomiuriland Station
in the lowest place I still drown!
Please help me pull over!
Indonesia, 3rd February 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugrohi
Louise Jan 15
Almost three decades later,
and the position I take in my own life is second place.
I placed the blame of my position on the loved ones I trusted
but they are not the ones to take blame.

Two decades have passed,
and I still placed myself second to those
temporary in my life.

Most nights I lay my head on a pillow
filled with the tears I cry myself to sleep.
These tears carry the pain of invalidation
from the loved ones I trusted to love me.

The kind of Love
that I should be giving myself.

A decade into existing on this planet,
and I am so confused by the mixed
feelings my young heart felt.

She craved the loving touch of her mother,
but it was met with bitter words.
She ran into the street to play with the neighbor's kids,
just to be met by mockery and confusion.

She awaits her father from yet another work trip,
just to be met by a distant stranger that
rather be occupied with anything else
other than time with his daughter.

She sits in a classroom filled with
other kids that don't look like her,
confused with many questions
but too scared to ask.

I have put myself second in my life,
believing that I do not want anyone
feeling that way.
So I took it upon myself to put them
in first place in my life.
And now,
I am the one feeling the pain
of always being in second place.
Ileana Amara Jan 13
i walked into a place named 'love';
while i was young, naïve, and recklessly filled with wonder,
"heart is still fragile but let her in to learn", a voice said.

i stood in the middle, a little lost
"how did you know how to love?" i asked a passerby,
"nobody does, they just do", answered the creature,
and so i ventured the corners for a long time at watch.

"maybe we could venture it out together,"
young soul, those words made my heart flutter
like serendipity, it made living worthy and better
time flew with no end in sight to ponder;

and i believed all love was good,
but wrong ones end for good
"you love a little too much," was the reason
but is there ever too much or a boundary of enough,
for lovers to strangers is a miserable transition

"some people have to grow apart,"
and so i picked the shattered fragments part by part,
"i never knew young love has an inevitable end,
all i did was love, but here i am now, hell-bent."

"there's a sign at the front door most people ignore;
'right time, right love, before the right person',
but everyone recklessly walks right through, looking so sure,
thinking love is all good until the wrong kind turn them into fractions."

01.14.21.| it's very random of me to begin again the efmh (excerpts from my head, echoes from my heart) writing series. looking forward to memories captured through writing.
Each day will blessings flow your way
From your sure and consistent pace
Like the story told of a speedy hare
And the tortoise who won the race

Your dreams need daily attention
Which draws them to your embrace
So trade your fitful stops and starts
For that steady, consistent pace

Yes, quick and powerful actions -
At times they may have their place
But more success is gained by far
From a stable consistent pace

So when you plan your daily life
Save some focused time and space
For the daily thoughts and actions
That keep your consistent pace
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I've been putting some classic (old) parables and some new parables on my Mom's website for her.  As I built the page about the tortoise and the hare, I thought how effective (and prosperous) we can be when we act with consistent pace.

We all have different personalities, and some lean toward a consistent pace naturally.  My Dad and I can easily take a huge project and work a bit a day on it for 100 days.  Some others in my family...  don't naturally do that.
However, there is magic and power in a consistent pace!
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