In my own cave; my personal dwelling
Just thinking thoughts, never intending on telling
No energy no passion no smiles no drive
Just being by myself is how I thrive

Excluding myself without even realizing
Former chatterbox now stresses socializing
Family, friends they all notice first
They're confronting and yelling when I’m at my worst

Just smile be happy c'mon talk again
Get back to normal not what you have been
I hear all at least ten times a day
No matter how much you say it the blues won’t go away

Let me be let me handle it myself
just in a dark place it’s hard to find oneself
I’ll be back, just give my mind time to fight
smiles slowly appearing stepping into the light

Is the place
You will find
Within the blue
Within my eyes

Within the blue

There is a place where we all go,
Beyond the light and smile shown,
Through the tears of hard nights,
And within the fire burning through determined eyes.
Yes, there is a place where we all go.

My place looks so different than yours,
You wouldn't even recognize it
And I can't grasp yours.
They are all beautiful and real.

We put up so many shields to hide ourselves
Most opinions are not lucid but fabricated
By how we were raised or taught to think.
Go to your place and find you.
If you can't smile looking in the mirror,
Stop smiling to please others.

Sing like no one is watching and dance and love it
If that's the you, that you love
People may laugh, but they will appreciate you
If you open the door,
Who knows who will walk in.

I don't speak from fortune cookie advice,
I speak from  the life I've created.
Ask them about me, please,
I'm crazy, weird, original, innovative
Spending every work day singing and dancing and love it
Because that's the me that I love.

I can't enter your place you go.
Truthfully, I don't want to, it's yours.
Own it and all the rest will follow.

Vexren4000 May 14

The puppeteers,
Of war and finances,
Perpetuated the Plight,
Placed upon Our People,
Places, Lost we have the gods good graces,
And in our infinite paces,
We find no rest in our worn down spaces.

Sadia May 12

The words were scattered and I didn’t even know how to place them. When you spoke to me, your words ignited a spark within me and gave me an inspiration to write. You were my first muse, which is why I call you my poetry.

Away you put me,
Far from thought,

And the great distance,
What it tell,
As it truly befell,

Yesterdays love it flourished,

To erase,

So away I am put,
A place you refuse to look.

Raising my arms to the sky,
Looking for your Soul,
That flies above white cotton clouds,

Above the blue sky,
Where Angels fly, granting wishes,
Guided by star shine.

Standing under a western sky,
Where eagles fly,
Gazing at the snow capped mountains high,

Wishing to travel across a vast ocean,
Following a map of memories,
Looking for Magpies to take me home,

A home, where Tigers stand guard and roar,

Where cherry blossoms cry,
Where roses bloom,
Where Azalea shine.

Forgive me for,
Taking so long,
To find my way home.

Copyright © 2017 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.

49 Days OST - Tears are Falling by Shin Jae (Eng Subbed)
Ninah Dau May 2

this place
this smell
had nothing to do with you
nor you had been here
nor had i
and i tried my best not to stain it
but i pictured you beside me
and that is how i let you haunt me

xx May 1

I found myself under
the dance of flashing lights
and dimming night,
of talking clouds
and breathing hours,
the hands of time
would tick in his hand;
loud enough he told me
as his voice reverberates in my ear,
"Welcome to Wonderland."

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