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Amanda Kay Burke Nov 2023
The most beautiful lie I ever heard in my entire life

Can I keep hearing again and again?

Inside mind
Waiting in the very back
Teasing all day

Forgot place it originated from
Patiently rested there so long

Where am I with no trace of these words?

Now I am forcefully facing the truth

Calling friend in my time of need

Just crying out to deaf ears

No one listens

They take advantage of what I am missing

Pretty flowers have wilted and died

Butterflies in tummy flew off

Ripping the band-aid off as fast as I could

You strode into life without my permission

So I wonder why it hurts this much to watch you walk out of it

I've never felt whole as I did the moment you murmured those three perfect words

So scary thinking back how many emotions I experienced
You shared none of them

And myself alone felt gravity pulling towards you faster than a magnet springs toward metal

Keeping tears as trophies to put up for show in your mental display case

Waiting for me to topple so you could catch me in your net
A specimen shown off
To use

Everything ruined with the shattering realization that when you said
"I love you"
Were merely lying

It all was a lie
Spilled water on paper so deciphering my smudged handwriting felt like putting together clues to a mystery
George Krokos Nov 2023
When criminal activity at a place doesn't cease
all the people will never enjoy any lasting peace.
From 'Simple Observations' ongoing writings since the early 90's.
Max Nov 2023
The many that I had accepted
Beyond my control, far from being able to affect any change
Are not nearly as important
As those I forgot, or chose to let linger and fade.
And new ones come up to chase everyday,
It's true what they say;
The more things change, the more
They remain the same.
Alternate the moves, change the pace-
Still the same tango:
Dancing in place
Mrs Timetable Oct 2023
I crawled into your day dream
Where the soft cool blankets lay
Fell asleep
I want
To stay
Safe places
Sadie Grace Aug 2023
She used to be alive
Not hanging on by a thread
Not worrying if she’d survive
She was living life instead
Then the lights went out
And the fears began to shout
And she sat in the dark with no desire to face another day
Out of place, out of grace
She retraced all the ways she had failed
Then she thought why waste another day?
There’s nothing left to say
Nothing left but today
Plans already underway
But there must be a reason to stay
Written the day before I went inpatient
George Krokos Jul 2023
Before mankind explores other worlds in the vastness of space
it will be much better to make one called Earth The Ideal Place.
Otherwise whatever problems are not resolved here at home
will only follow mankind everywhere it may happen to roam.
From "The Quatrains" - ongoing writings since the early '90's.
Erian Rose May 2023
Where Oceans Meet
We Last Were Home-bound
Anchored Forest
Anyone interested in reading a few
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Psych-o-rangE Sep 2022
3 years
I find a new place
3 years
I wear a new face
3 years
I carry my shame
3 years
I burden my brain

Am I the variable, or a constant in march
It's never too bright and it's never too dark
A rolling snowball or a forest in fire
Border planted flags do not inspire
George Krokos Jan 2022
At times one has to go sideways before they can go forward
when attempting to reach that place they’re heading toward.
From 'Simple Observations' ongoing writings since the early '90's.
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