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Most people go from
point A to point B .
but not for me.
I can start
at point A
and then go to B ,
but then something happens
and I'm passing E F G .
I can go from A to Z, but I get some mixed up in between.
Her love can heal
all those places
in my heart,
that hurts.
J 7d
I kept running away.
But no matter which
direction I go, I don’t
know if it’s the right
way. When I feel that
I found the right way,
I can’t seem to go
too far.

Maybe I left my heart
at the place where
I gave it to you, and
you left it there, too.
Right. Right. Left. Left.
It doesn’t matter.
TH Feb 9
You love being here, playing around
Spending time with all your friends
And yet it’s fear and insecurity
That decide the way that your day ends
You think you’re nice, you think you’re cute
But maybe just not cute enough
No one will care that way, you think
Those toughts are making your life real tough
I wish I could show you, give you a tour
Hold your hand while sitting in my eyes
You would see the way I look at you
You would laugh because of all those lies
But I can’t let you see, I can’t hold you hand
I tell myself that it‘s not my place
But man, if I could only show you
I’d just love to see your smiling face
B Feb 7
You don’t know the language, the culture or anything. You’re feeling like a lost puppy walking around this new place. I know that, I’ve been there. I am there. But at the end of the day, you’re just the new kid for a while. Soon you will know what you’re doing. Give it time.
Shofi Ahmed Jun 2018
The world with the heart
is the most beautiful place.
Without it its a fish
out of the water.

The question is
to be or not to be
with the heart!
Arcassin B Feb 5
By Arcassin Burnham

You can't join,
What's a man to do to get his own peace?
Mind in a place with no granders,
Living day by day with no say and no law
and no purpose,
Hope it's worth it,
Still don't wanna create a life in world
that displays its okay to cheat on your wife
and lie,
Good thing I'm one of the good ones,
Pretending not to be the hood ones.
bk Feb 4
i don't want to leave.
this moment, here with you, feels too good.

i think that might be how you know your in love.

it's the moment home is not a place, but a person.
Nathalie Jan 29
He introduced
himself with his eyes
and I knew
in that instant
there was something
special about this

I was magnetically
drawn to him
and my spirit
soared, I was being
pulled towards him
in a way that I could
not explain ...

We had met before
In another time
another place,
but he was wearing
a different face,
yet my heart
remembered ...

Byerly Jan 28
What is your happy place?
A person?
An animal?
Your family or friends?
An actual place?
For me is an ilussion
Something made up
Non existing
I scape trought my toughts and fantasies
Im with my love
Hes happy. Happier than he has ever been.
He had tons of issues
Anxiety, depression, lonelines
Just to say a few...
He's showing me that IT DOES GETS BETTER
His smile is unique.
He's not in the void anymore
He's happy.
And I'm happy when I'm with him.
It's amazing how something unreal can free you for a while
Then you remember the real world
A ****** up world
A world without him
And you try to fight back the reality and be strong for yourself and others
You keep holding on until you feel that it is getting better
And you are finally free
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