They said I was ‘queet’
I’d understand if you question
perhaps this is special pet name
between them and me?

It's not the meaning from the urban tome
dictionary of slang's common terms
while I'd not object to this other gist
it's not the meaning they had in mind.

The explanation stems from origins
'mon amour, le seul que je chéris'
I'll speak the words in my tounge
'my love, the only one I cherish'.

Look south from the British Isles
west of the Italian boot
straight from the town of lights
that blessed land across the sea.

Now here in my arms, countries forgot
they stated how they saw me
'mignonne' would be homeland word
which meant naught to me, though now I know.

Have you guessed my appeal to this special one
expressed in a word beyond lexicons?
this I know with all my brimming heart
they are also cute, oh so queet, in my eyes.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170427.

I knew a French psychic, named Marie-Claire Wilson, when lived in Atlanta in the mid 90s. Apparently she is still in the biz now, some twenty years later. One of the enduring tings about Marie-Claire was her pronouncement of a particular word with the synonyms of “appealing” and “charming”. The poem “I Was Queet” is based on her delightful pronouncement of that word.
Ma Cherie 3d

I work from dawn to dark,
I'm up to crack the eggs,
I cook until its late,
on weary aching legs,

I should just sit - relax,
but it seems-
I don't know how,
I just keep on going,
until my feet are saying owwww!

Ma Cherie © 2017

Humor? Ugh...doc says stay of 'em haha ;/

I keep him under the bed
and hide him from my mom
I let him out at midnight
he sings me bedtime songs
I found him, just yesterday
a shadow in the basement
I fed him some meat pies
you can imagine, my amazement
He has some nasty fangs
and a temperament to match
His claws need some trimming
but he's dang hard, to catch
Be bit me on my finger
it did not quite, detach
I think he's really quite cute
my little, Bandersnatch

Yup really adorable, short term :D

I open my eyes
and know, that it's a dream

there she is
just standing there

her demeanor
not quite, obscene

her lips
red as any ruby

her skin
as white as fresh sheets

her scent
purest, softest, jasmine

flower petals
at her feet

I awake
at dawn

and renewed

knowing now
I can go on

having seen her
in the nude

:D yup, there I go :D
zebra 5d

i carefully typed out    
your love,    
a cascading serenade    
it read    
your anus is candy lemonade    
i flinched upon reading    
what i had not written    
never could i type such scurrilous lines    
i shook my head,    
regrouped and very carefully typed  out    
your flaxen hair like silk caresses my soul    
it read    
your wet cunt lips plush drools in pools   
deeply perplexed    
i did not write such lasciviousness    
am i going mad,    
i thought    
this cant be happening    
what will i do    
what will my publisher say    
the advance to pay the rent    
i told my self get a hard grip    
and very very carefully typed out    
your eyes are azure waves of loves adoration    
there, i said    
see all is well    
as i watched each letter print out    
so very conscientiously    
thank gawd i thought,    
barley blinked    
and looked down upon my work    
only to read    
your mouth a tender  trove    
my cock for tender licks    
for pleasures grace stretched wide    
imploring lickity splits    
perhaps im a victim    
of hot bitches kisses tits    
or just some lost demons    
spasms writing  
Freudian slips

Temporal Fugue Apr 20

Mathematical and grammatical
eating my piece of pi
Playing theoretical
before I up, and di

Numbers that are relative
sometimes I laugh, and cri
calculating and postulating
all I can do, is tri

Opening my texts technical
the words, oh me, oh mi
dangerous as can be, my friend
using TP, that's only single pli

Hahah, I only have so many books in the computer room LOL, This (calculating) was from a tech text from the SANS Forensics lab book :D~
Temporal Fugue Apr 20

In ancient times the joker
buffoon, boob, or dolt
Town fool, and choker
dimwit, dunderhead, and dope
In every time and place
named, reviled and/or revered
Humor to the masses
Smiles, laughs, grins, and jeers
Where would I be
and how would I know
the fool that's fooling here
with wits not fast, but slow

Sometimes, I just don't get the joke, but laugh anyways :D
Cné Apr 20

slipping in her wet painted petal
bitten by the sting of his bee
her first time, he fumbles being gentle
excitement dancing in his driving need

instinctively possessed
arcing her hips experimentally
his maleness sweetly carressed
teasing his need, tremendously

each submersion in her sweetness
peaking waves swelling in her breast
entwining rhythmic explosiveness  
pulsating gush, plunging over the crest

Metaphorically speaking... lol
Temporal Fugue Apr 19

He's just a pink teddy bear
no, not black or brown
he rides his stuffed white unicorn
when he comes into town

He parks himself at the bar
and drinks his root beer down
pushes his hat, back on his brow
and never makes a sound

Yeah, he's silent and he's furry
his eyes of glass, gaze round
pizza for his supper
smile sewed, reversed frown

Spurs are just for show
he's not into mixing nouns
he'll be sure, not to let you know
just when he'll be around

So tell him happy birthday
and know that he's not bound
no thoughts and lines to mutter
teddy of few words, but, of great renown

Ok, so I'm crazy, this teddy sits at the end of the bed, shrug, go figure :/
I'm sure it's a Freudian thing heheh
Sometimes a bear, is just a bear ;D
Oh, and of course, he's watched me have sex ROFL
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