So, here I am back in retail
after thirty years of I.T.
They sat me down at a puter
training, they called CBT's

The whole day staring at pixels
answering silly questions and queries
I thought I retired from this venue
so now I've come up with this theory

No matter what we do
no matter how hard we shirk the chains
everything runs in circles
what goes around comes round
Holy cow, a whole day at the puter! (Pronounced poo-ter)
My butt once more sore, my eyes once more strained, and all of my patience gone out the door, all energy wasted and drained :(
The squirrels and birds running
and flying in front of your vehicle

while you're driving down the
road are actually participating

in a secret animal kingdom gang
initiation, and they're in the middle

of an extremely violent turf war.

I realized this today after seeing
a little gangster squirrel shank a

bird on the side of the road with a
curved blade that appeared to be

made of an acorn shell. Crafty little
bastard had an eye-patch made of

an oak tree leaf too, and a tattoo on
his chest of the letters GFSD. I can

only assume it meant God Forgives
Squirrels Don't. Poor little birdie never

stood a damn chance in hell.

After witnessing the heinous crime
we locked eyes for a brief second,

and he raised his arms in a "come at
me bro" motion. He then ran towards

the car stabbing at the tires with his
shiv, trying to take me out. I'll never

look at those furry fuckers the
same after that. I used to worry

about running them over by accident,
but now, every time I drive through a

wooded area, I fear for my own life.
©James Dennis Casey IV
Brody 6d
Loving you is like,
a kidney stone.

I'd rather,
catch dysentery,
than make love to you.

You're the reason,
It burns,
when I pee.
This one goes out to a special someone out there.
When I tell people that my name is Justin Bred,
they think that I'm a hick with no brain in my head.
Everybody who I know thinks that I'm married to my sister.
When they see us together, they ask why they've never seen me kiss her.
When people hear my name, they falsely accuse me of incest.
Because of this misunderstanding, my life has become a mess.
Women slap my face and they call me sick.
Everybody believes that I'm an inbred hick.
I'm sick of having to tell everybody that I'm Justin Bred, not just inbred.
If you ask me how long I've been married to my sister, I'll cut off your head.
There's something about my wife that astounds me.
She won't use any appliance unless it's made by GE.
I bought her a washing machine that was made by Whirlpool.
That was a dumb decision and I soon learned that I'm a fool.
My wife got so mad that she caved my head in with a claw hammer.
Now she's holding a grudge because she spent a year in the slammer.
General Electric appliances are the only appliances she will use.
I'll remember that in the future because I don't like to be abused.
She demands GE appliances because GE brings good things to life.
From now on, I'll buy nothing but GE because I'm scared of my wife.
Chloe 3d
if you look after boredom it will grow free-flowing metaphor's
boredom needs to be watered with laugher
boredom cannot surive in a ordinary environment
bordom should only be given narcotic once a year, in a small dose
it flourishes in social settings
and its natural habitat is the dancefloor
A boat in a tree,
A silly place to be.
Why would there be
A boat in a tree?

There came a great wind,
That wouldn’t rescind.
That couldn’t be pinned
Before it had sinned.

The ocean did roar,
Like rarely before.
And finally did score
By coming ashore.

The wind picked up things,
Like butterfly wings.
And powerful as kings
Or a lion who sings.

Then up it did go,
Just like a show.
The boat travelled slow
Before it did know.

Over the sand,
And over the land.
To find a tree stand
Just like it was planned.

Out of the water,
Not what it ought-a.
Something it sort-a
Never have thought-a.

A boat in a tree,
A silly place to be.
But I happened to see
A boat in a tree.

This is based on a true incident of a cabin cruiser, about 25 feet long, up about 15 feet in a tree after Hurricane Sandy.
Sometimes a voice in your head will tell you that you are a disappointment.  Look that thing in the eye and say, "You're a disappointment!"

Then realize that you are still shouting negative things at yourself in the mirror.  Second thought, don't.  Please don't take advice like this from me.
Poetry is ART.
She's fresh and warm and tasty, best when she's cooking
She's toast and bread and sticky buns and everything in spring
I'll butter her in every way
and with her pastries, play
spreading the petals of, her flowered honeyed wings
Mmmmmm Sticky buns! ;D~
an open letter to my personal demons:

if you’re going to haunt me
the least you could do
is pay rent
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