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kayzamo 4d
I can't stop thinking about you,
And I can't stop smiling.
You're my most favorite person in the whole wide world,
You know that?

You're a lipstick lesbian straight boy,
Who can probably walk in heels and wear liquid eyeliner
Better than I can.
Somewhere on the spectrum of femme and homme fatales,
You're sitting at the mid-point,
Content with being an enigma.
Don't get the wrong idea - I'm not mocking you.
I wouldn't have it any other way, believe me!
Your contradictory mystery,
Setting you apart from anyone I've known,
Is quite loveable, actually.

I'm holding onto the edge of my seat,
Trying to not get lost in your gaze.
Your eyes, warm and bright,
With color exploding from where the iris meets the pupil
Like miniature galaxies.
I can't tell if those explosions are green, gold, or hazel,
Or a mix of all three.
Either way, they're drawing me in,
And tearing down my walls,
Like dimensional space rifts ******* in and whisking
My fear away.

I know, I know,
I give these poems a conversational tone.
It's kind of like prose,
Even if it's too on the nose,
But **** the hoes
Who say I can't.
Cry more.
*** your pants.

So as you can see,
I love my lesbian boyfriend
More than my heart can bear.
My atriums and ventricles swell
With thoughts of you,
Pushing against my sternum and pleasantly aching.
I keep trying,
But there's no combination of words
That can communicate just how much you mean to me.
So park your U-Haul in the back to the right
When we have our second date.

I guess I'd better clip my nails,
At least two on my right hand anyways.
Critiques welcomed! Thank you kindly
vanishing tail
after three the rock
goes with it
labyrinth May 29
All I needed was
A pair of arms hugging me
A mind thinking of me
A heart beating for me
A body lied down next to me
In four different addresses
: )
Jason 1d

So I guess when my heart broke
the resulting black hole got clogged
I need a plunger for my spirit

I'm all up in my head
giving myself a swirly
in the toilet of love

Carlo C Gomez May 13
This isn't happening
all of the sudden
we need to close the beaches
and call in sick

Don't cry again teargas
it's not your fault
don't get hot there gun
you gave it your best shot

Song and dance, weekend warrior
soothe your soul
with a little radio friendly fire

The forest can be petrified
the sea wild
working without a mask
is both, you know

It's quite out of this world
but you haven't
really seen outerspace
until you've had DayQuil
with dissociatives

Then you take hot trips
to odd places
like an international
convenient store
where they're always
out of Africa and milk

I wish Monday mourning
would go jump off a bridge
I wish taco Tuesday
would become a festive holiday
nevertheless, our girl Friday
is always good for the job

The weight has lifted
the wait has (week)ended
the search for
my socks and sanity
can now kick off

LeBobbe May 7
"If music be the food of love play on"
The essence of a failed courtship linger
Where the music of the background is louder
No hope, no rest, no chance to because its gone.

A chance to open a door.
A chance to close the other door.
Look back and see,
Why does the music feels so glee.

Because at the last moment of acceptance
is the lost you gain from courting.
Back up now and think.
The music is enticing.

Because music is not the food of love,
but an accent of your actions.
Thy actions are drowned by notes
of the disinterested maiden.

So feel the glee,
and be ready to flee.
******* be crazy,
to crash a large party.

In the end, it will pass
you'll soon find new to court,
where the music doesn't drown your actions,
but makes melody with you and your future wife.
Music be the food of love monologue from a Shakespearean play
Norman Crane May 3
a filthy habit
drying in the sun / spotted
with little bits of nun
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