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Makayla Jane May 15
You are like a star, beautiful and unreachable; the brightest star in my sky
So lovely in moonlight,
That even the stars want to know your name
They watch you carefully, jealous, of the way you shine
Though all in all the same,
The stars would be so proud to know their atoms created somebody like you
To my handsome baby,
Happy 1 year anniversary sweetheart~
Alia Dec 2019
So far away
No longer even allowed to call yourself a planet
Does it hurt?
To be cast out, like your namesake was cast from Olympus
To the underworld below

Too small to even be allowed to keep your title
Your power stripped
And for what?
Classifications, science, progress
Progress is important
But did they have to take away your status, Pluto?

Do you still bear resentment for all they did?
Do you still harbor a grudge against us?
You can say yes, my sweet Pluto
I will not blame you
And even if this is the last time
Anyone ever calls you a planet
My Pluto, my Pluto
You are still a planet in my eyes
Alia Dec 2019
Freezing planet of ice
Cold, so cold
An unremarkable planet in comparison
To Jupiter’s size
To Earth's life
To Saturn’s rings

Still, not entirely boring
Your days are longer than even Jupiters
Your size is bigger than Earth
Your blue beauty and small rings more delicate than Saturn

Blue, swirling, cold
That is what you are
So much bluer than the sky you were named for
Years so long almost all will not see a full one
Years so long the melody of you will sound different to every generation
As we all try to understand your nature
And all fail
Alia Dec 2019
So much dust orbits you
Rings of rock fly around your mass
Space dust, all collected
Into rings of dust and ice and rock

So many moons fly around your mass
Clinging to the orbit that keeps them from breaking up
Your size pales in comparison to the planet before you
But your visible rings make you unique

So as you float around the sun
Dragging ice and dust and rock with you
Spare a fleeting thought for those closer to the sun
Whose days are shorter
Whose years are shorter
Whose time is shorter
You will be here for much longer than all of us
So, when we are gone, spare a thought for us now and then
Please, Saturn, it is all I ask
Alia Dec 2019
Giant, awesome planet
Made of no rock, no water, just gas
Pulling everything in reach towards it
With so much force some end up crushed

We cannot go near you
For fear of being pulled into you and dying
Maybe you just want someone to talk to
Lonely planet in the sky

Humans are so fragile, aren’t they?
You can’t even let one get close to you without breaking them
Lonely planet, forever lonely, forever apart
Alia Dec 2019
Red planet up in the sky
Someone looked at you and thought of blood
That's how you gained this name

Why did they think of blood?
And not of apples, freshly picked
Or a rose, beautifully delicate
But even an apple has pips
And even a rose has thorns
So maybe, either way, your name would have held pain

Violence has haunted us for generations and generations
I guess, Mars, what you represent has become the only constant in human life
A terrible constant
But reliable nonetheless
Humans seek constants
Maybe that is why you were named Mars
Katie Mar 2019
                     Revolve        Around
                               Like Us
You are
1 in 7.5 billion
people on earth

Our earth is
1 in 8
planets in our solar system

Our solar system is
1 in 500 solar systems
in our galaxy

Our galaxy is
1 in 200 billion

Our universe
1 in many possible

We are so small
SoVi Apr 2018
Take a train to Mars
Want to escape all earth’s traffic
Bumpy rides are just the best
When there’s only yourself complaining.

Taking a detour to Saturn
So the gases can lull me to sleep
All night no one sees me dreaming
Turning to the motion of these rings.

Boat ride to Venus
Want to feel my skin melt off
From the carcass, a new me emerges
And tans from the beams of light.

Heading over to Mercury
To actually see the sun
Without all the rocks in the way
Now I feel more alive.

Flew myself to Pluto
To share the excitement of my life
No one answered my knocking
Maybe they also fled this sight.

Bike ride to Uranus
Wasn’t that far away
But everyone is too distant
Big heads, acting kinda insane.

I booked it over to Jupiter
But everything just felt too big
Spent most of my time looking
At the neighbors spinning by.

Vacation in Neptune
Wanted to get ready to head back
Chill-off from self-inflicted pain
Applying ice to my travel wounds.

Walked myself back to Earth
Head held high but still a hitchhiker
But no one picks me up
Wonder if they know what I been through.

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
Inspired by the show Wander over Yonder.
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