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I am a blue planet,
My home is the universe.
I am a part of the solar system,
Revolving around the fiery sun.

I rotate on my own axis,
Only to give you day and night.
I walk on an oval path,
Just to give you season and climate.

I have my own luxury,
In the form of water, land, air and life.
I have my own children,
Named as plant, human, animal and microbe.

I provide them everything,
Whether it's food, water or home to live.
I provide them all resources,
Clean and pure air to breathe.

I give my everything to them,
Yet, they are expecting more.
They are so hungry of  their desires,
That they are not hesitating even to hurt me.

How long can I bear the troubles?
Now, I just want to cry on myself.
I am now suffocating in my own family,
Just need to relax in my mother's lap.

I am your mother EARTH,
What're you doing to me?
I have enough for your every need,
But yet, you're killing me slowly in your useless greed. . .
we all know our earth is getting sick and polluted day by day.. hour to hour.... it's facing so many challenges to survive just because of us... so this poem is an appeal to save our mother earth....
Martin Boško Apr 12
Yellow orb of light
Giver of all energy
Centre point of life
Martin Boško Apr 11
I serve the planets as a reminder
That chaos is what the universe seeks
To change their order into disorder
Havoc is what it by me wreaks

I am set on a course as a challenger
To planets that think are powerful
I am my master's avenger
I, asteroid, the masterful

I can be sent as a warning shot
Harmlessly burn in the atmosphere
Just to nudge planets to a thought
To cloud their hearts over with fear

But sometimes the chaos needs to grow
And I become a threatening existence
My impact as most of the planets know
Can be noticed from a considerable distance

I create for them their moons
From them I chip away my brothers
Chaos is what through me looms
Over the heads of orderly rebels and others
Martin Boško Apr 11
Sitting in the dark
Wanting back what was stolen
Holding his heart tight
Martin Boško Apr 11
Blue as an ocean
Last among his brethren
Guarding the outside
Martin Boško Apr 10
Solitary Greek
**** of all immature jokes
Lays on his backside
Martin Boško Apr 10
Royal rings around
Saturn the devourer
Dominating space
Martin Boško Apr 10
Followed by many
Giant among the giants
With an orange mark
Red planet of war
Future harbour of humans
Patiently waiting
The giver of life
Most exceptional planet
Mother to us all
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