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The slow internal destruction of our country today
Dividing, judging, labeling all of the people,
Many in need, all because of personal greed.
The belief of a better future, trust in your fellow man,
Taking time to listen, work with, and understand,
Has all been flushed down the drain, by a few,
Those who buy, a political office, for control,
Personal greed, nothing about helping citizens,
Only those putting cash in their hands,
Their ideas trickle down, many follow,
Knowing somethings are wrong, can hurt others,
They don’t follow their beliefs, why,
It’s more important, to be greedy, politically correct,
Than to help those in need, taking away their relief.

                                                             Tom Maxwell ©
Jay M 1d
I don't believe in fairy tales
But I believe in things just out of reach
One hand out, off the rails
Listen to what they've got to teach

I don't believe in fairy tales
But I believe in dreams
And crazy adventure
As bizarre as it seems
Not a single lecture

I don't believe in fairy tales
But I believe in this connection
This magic between you and I
Wonderfully deep rooted affection
Come on now; it's ride or die

I don't believe in fairy tales
But I believe in what I know
Through the expanse of time and space
Neither you or I dared to let the other go
Two bound individuals in our own pace

I don't believe in fairy tales
But I believe in what could be
The future in all of its great mystery
Tell me everything that you see
In just what we could be

I don't believe in fairy tales
But I believe in the unbreakable bond
Between the two ever daring souls
It is you that which I am so fond
Together we shall reach our goals

I don't believe in fairy tales
But I believe in you and I

- Jay M
March 5th, 2021
I don't believe in fairy tales, but I believe in you and I. We shall stand the test of time.
Soumia 1d
Weird, isn't it?
We went from best friends, from being sisters to strangers!
All the lies that were spread by others and you believed it.

Strangers but yet seeing eachother every single day.
Does it hurt? It surely hurts me.
I never thought that our friendship would end, I thought that we'de be friends forever.

Be at each others wedding, seeing each others family grow and be there whenever we need each other.

We went trough so much together to be strangers for each other now!
was it worth it? Our friendship?
"You know that I'll die eventually right?" She shifted in my arms avoiding the glaring light coming through the window.

"You're going to lose me again..."

I brushed back the hair irritating her teary eyes and looked at her with the same tenderness that she always gives me. A smile tugs at the ache in my heart, I knew that she knew how we would end but having her right here felt so worth it.

"But don't you remember darling? We've already met before." I said holding her gaze, she gives me the same hopeful smile.

"I will scour every inch of this plane and beyond just to be with you over and over again." She chuckles, there it is again, she truly melts me.

"I did not peg you for the commitment type." She lays her forehead on mine rubbing circles on my back. The sun dances around the room, filling the unwanted space between us.

"How can I not." I whisper, I cannot even  begin to describe what being there felt like and I could only want more as my heartbeat kept echoing in my head. She pushes herself closer to me her presence  burning away the dim future coming for us.

"Then I'll never forget." She says.

Then again, I don't think I ever could.

no thoughts, only women.
Trip-A 3d
What does the future hold?
Where will I call home?

Who will I call my friends?
Where will I roam?

What will I do for fun?
What will be my life?

What will I do for love?
Will I have a new wife?

When will I move on?
How will it unfold?

How will I move on?
It's a story yet to be told.
Sat. 2/27/2021
Where will you hide if the iron hands of raging gorillas get stuck
in grabs and you break out of this time forever
because there will be no one next to you?!
What kind of Soul pulsation, lost drum can drift anyway?
Which of your face shadows is soaking in the water of haunting nights?
Are you constantly terrified that the danger is
complimenting you in your uncertain world?!
"There's no ringing in the firewall of hell for the eternal losers!"
Your body orbits in a dream bay like a mutilated planetary continent,
and when the spikes of insidious thorn bushes pinch, even the Angels laugh!
You know, a calculated moment of loss can surround you at any moment
and devour your wounded Soul!
You should look for your Underground Sun
radiating within you even more boldly!
The unreal in the Present amazes you!
Ever since I feared the Cassandras-Report;
you can't hide anywhere with your merciful gaze!
Phantom pain throbs on the cochlea of my throat
and in the headwinds, Fate!
"The cheap little world becomes a *******!"
In Adam's costume, I would honestly stand before
the Beloved: Would you accept?!
The molecular gates of besieged Eden should not be
taken possession of as a colony of cheap wars!
Your dreams are spurred daily to return to
the ruthless reality with caracan!
We mirror by blurred in black and white!
Your bamboo hand worships knives when
you bite into the Universe!
You know: in the face of the very Hyenas Age,
the "no more" instinct is in check!
- Your faithful items will be waiting for you when everyone else has left.
After Ten Thousand Years, what will remain; after the seas and sands have reclaimed L.A.?

When the continents don't look the same; shuffled around like dominoes, as God prepares to play another game.

Will the stars our audience stay, though we prioritise these silent spectators above our planetary play?

Then there shall come a day, when no taught tongue these words can say; lest as maxims to complement aristocratic displays. When this poem's rhythm and reason, no researcher can attain.

The Gate Wall has been long erode, rendered flat and smooth; a mat laid out upon the floor. Our precious salads' descendants, both physique and favour now wholly unknown; after Ten Thousand Years Nature's nurture will be shown.

After Ten Thousand Years, humanity will remain, and with their mortal expressions; the savagery of ten eons, nay eternity, shall be tamed.
Oh Poem
May you be as radiant
As the sun
Live long and prosper
Be the beacon of my existence

Tell somebody that there was
Somebody who was me
With this body
With this collage of emotions
With this pattern of Love lives

May you be read by somebody,
Anybody with the fever
The fever of solitude
The fever of authenticity

Oh Poem
May you find campsites
With firewood and streams
As you go along the forest
Of human existence

Have the courage
That I do not have
To kiss potential lovers
To drive to the mountains

Grow up
Let go of me forever
You are lovelier
than your creator
And more so stronger
Sally A Bayan Feb 24
(one Tuesday morning)

Small circles of steam rise
from seething ground shiny beans
soaring just within
touching the glass surfaces
of the french windows,

celebrating mid morning blessings
sun is bright yellow, kindly shining,
simultaneously, it showers
hydrangeas, purplish wood sorrels
snake plants, lilies...and my soul.

there's laughing and hurrying to gather
near-dry clothes from the clothesline,
the rush adds fun to the day's delight,
forgetting for a while life's sad plights.

sun and rain, together,
influence my day, my life, my future
there's a small voice i always endure
i listen, though, with some pressure
to possible changes in my future

i ponder, but my eyes are captured
they stray further, as two yellow birds
perch and search for food
upon the sturdy pine tree.

eyes blink on, trying to recapture
earlier thoughts...i see, there are

no more circles of steam
to reflect on....they
have now vanished,
found their way
of the

sally b
© Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
February 24, 2021
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