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twas someonce in an ancient days
when true temporal haze
i gazed seein the fall of humankindness,
i says, once-and-for-all, once-and-
for all time be encyclical
past's passed only in the presence
of a future samefold
be as was / same old / isas will be
foreshadows cast by history
fall upon the daze of destiny
fate is read not in lines not written
but in those allread-composed
The better the future gets, the worse the past seems...
Steve Page Sep 9
Memory in tension
with expectation

Which wins?
Which informs?

And why do we settle
for either?
Thinking a lot about the dominance and unreliability of memories
Nylee Sep 8
The sheer lack of lustre in life
nothing outside windows, to keep my eyes on
it is a wholesome feeling,
I haven't seen much lately, time has been frozen
I'd piece nothing of my past, no memories to live last
There is bleakness in the road ahead too,
The wheels of life are in mud
I have skipped time in many folds,
dug deeper, found no gold.
Why do we exist to merely die in the end?
What is the point in simply changing our way's of communication?
Why must we feel pain before we can feel whole?
There are no answers to these and yet,
We all have our answers to each question.
Each answer either being chosen for us by written scripture of the past,
Or by our own past experiences,
But one thing is for certain,
The only answers that we can get to these questions,
Are from our own past's.
The past does influence our future,
Yet our future is what alters our past,
It blinds us into thinking that we were someone we were not,
It binds us to think we have changed,
When in reality,
The truth to all of this,
Is that it doesn't matter.
No regrets
No malice
Your beauty lies
In your heart
Passes into past
Through present
Past permanent
Rest transitory
Keep the past
In your mind
No regrets
No malice
In your heart
And be beautiful!
Past is important. Don't forget it. Your past remains birth after birth. Keep it as lessons in your mind. Let you not enter regrets and malice in your heart.
Jay M Aug 29
Child, she sleeps
Lady, she weeps
Secrets family keeps
To remain as they are
Wish upon a falling star

Dream, little one
Of where you wish to be
Of the life ahead that you see
Before the night is done

Dream, tired one
Of where you wish to be
Of the freedom ahead, across the sea
Your job is not yet done

Dreams, though far,
Can fall to Earth from a lucky star
Do not give up on who you are

- Jay M
August 28th, 2021
Dream your dreams, big and small. You never know when you will see them all come true- when you will bring them to life.
will Aug 28
roaming the streets up late at night,
we kept walking even if its dark.
just followed what feels right,
even if we didn't know where to go.

i remember we're laughing
romanticizing the years,
falling in love and getting drunk,
now im 18 and im terrified.

uncertain about the future
as we long for summer to come back
spent our time distracting ourselves
because we can't be kids again
Even if I have months before turning 18, I have this realization of how turning 18 is a sort of ritual. Where we are stuck in the middle of a transition from being a kid to an adult. This is also the time where responsibilities pile up, where I just wish I was a kid again.
Sean sutton Aug 24
You say that "one day you'll be great,"
Well, I guess you didn't lie one bit.
You never left it up for debate;
Making our heads split
With the information you so badly wanted.

Giveth thou mindful song,
And mix thine heartbeat
Ye shall see how far we fall
To see how far we fail
Only stopping and starting with a stall.

Driving us all along
To our horrid defeat
You tell us, "oh ye of so little faith!"
Only for thy to then bail
You little pathological wraith.

Oh, you wonder why so many fall away
Only to be the leading force
Ye eternal animosity towards our futures
Yet thy say you here for us to succeed.

You started something;
when you told us our feelings matter.
You started something;
when you said that you cared for our future.
You started something;
when you have us the reason to express.

You started something;
and we hope that it's finished.
Martin Boško Aug 23
Love long lost, it feels like years
Of foolish lockdown by festering fears
The door was locked, no lockpick in sight
And doors do not fall for the pleading of night
The wreckage was full of white whaling ghosts
Lifeless enemies who love a good boast
Meek mask of a man tied on a short leash
Madly whispering "nechoď ke mně blíž"
what once was lost hardly ever comes back
No matter how hard the great God gets begged
It's better to set this whole scene alfame fast
And watch reborn phoenix not burdened with past
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