Where are all when I need them?
Don't worry dear, you won't find them
rather you are on your own
get that straight as early as possible.
trust yourself that you will figure all out
until its end!

A letter to future self..

I just don't understand
Whether is there any meaning in my living ...

Am I just passing my days in this place ,
only as a tourist ...

And if so,
Is the  journey ever going to take me to an interesting destination ....

As the  journey proceeds
and takes  me to so  many interesting locations
It has dawned upon me

The journey in itself  is so full of thrill and experience ...

Reaching the destination has just become a passing thought !!

Past - where my foundation was laid
Present - Is my stepping stone
Future- yet to come , which I believe I am ready to face !!

Future says --
Are you ready?
(Anti Funky) playing out loud

Present--- Yes I am ready :)

Wrote this particular piece on
9-11-2016 much ahead of joining HP.
Thought it is relevant
for my in between status .
alexis 12h

corners of cities you have yet to discover;
eyes of a future lover;
spots on the map you want to visit;
smell of new books on the bookstore shelves;
sunlight that bleeds through glass;
jokes in bad movies;
electric magic in sold-out concerts;
plates of crispy chicken fingers;
beauty of a song, a poem, a film that speaks to you;
friends to drink, to laugh, to contemplate life with;
sunsets on the beach with the sand in your toes;
stars you don't know the names of;
drives to nowhere, everywhere, somewhere;
smiles that follow after the tears;
possibilities of tomorrow

there's always more reasons to go on.

With each falling key
the problems become more yours
and you become more me.
I paid the debts of the past
with interest,
but those of now
Are yours somehow...
(I'm sorry to hand you this mess btw).

So your whole inheritence
will have to be experience
And it's not going to be perfect
And you're going to wish I could read
the rant of a manifesto you write to me.
But that won't happen.
I'll be history

Because with each falling key
the problem becomes more yours
and you become more me
I presently lose agency
that's the reality
Of time.

I fixed all I could with mine.
Do what you can with yours.

I know you will be alive and in love
like a child for the first time.
You will chase and daydream
and trace their name on fogged over windows
and even though you're older,
you'll be none the wiser
and just as dazed and clueless
as I am now.

~~ Fuck, I love having my head in the clouds. ~~

Dear future me,
please do not be scared...
of the burning sting of betrayal
and the sensation of hurt
like flames dancing on your skin.

You will learn to love again...
I hope.

Because the next time
those assholes stop by your seat
don't be scared to say
and walk the hell away.

you can cuss. i give you permission.

And the next time,
some bitch hates you because of those
love handles
don't be scared to give
her a good show of your middle finger.

don't worry about her. she's blinded by your beauty anyway.

Dear Future Me,
please do forgive me.
for the bad choices I made.

Dure Future Me,
don't make the same mistakes.

Cheers to the future. :(

A once only visit,
To see the future me,
Only one problem with this,
I did not recognise who I could see,

Living in a lost world,
Were lost folk are rarely found,
We ride this roller coaster life,
Having highs and many downs,

So find an empty suitcase,
It’s time to pack all those sad times away,
In the Future I have seen,
It is smiles all the way.


MU 23h

From: me@present.now
To: you@future.me
Cc: all@hellopoetry.com
Subject: Questions

Dear You,

You surely know
That you are not
Don’t you?

You always act
As if you were
Are you?

How many times
You thought you’re right,
And weren’t?
You learned?

Why do you think
That time will change
You, while
You don’t?

How many years
Do you think you have got?
Much left?

Then why you act
As if life
Will go on,


P.S: They say, we can’t foresee the future until we shape it with our own hands...I say, relatively speaking, we can always foresee it. If we work hard on shaping it, then we know how it will look like. And if we don't, then we know that it will look like our current reality, since we are who we are, unless we change.

When I wrote you this, I was in a really bad place
   do you remember?

My faith is practically dead right now, future me
   do you remember?

You're missing the woman you love that you lost
   do you remember?

She's that sparkle of gold stuck in your soul
   do you remember?

Or how strained things are between Kayla and you
   do you remember?

Remember that night you wanted to end it all?
   do you remember?

Have you come to terms with your friend's suicide, yet?
   do you remember?

You're going to be a warrior someday... I have to endure
   do you remember?

Has anyone wanted your love, your passion?
   do you remember?

I hope you're married by the time I read this again...
   do you remember?

Maybe you'll still be where I am now, stuck in love
   do you remember?

Just know it was worth it, loving her. Even though she's lost...
   do you remember?

I gotta say, it's hard to write to your future self...

The title and repetition is my hopes that I'll forget the Hell I'm living in right now...

I've been here before, and probably, will again
my actions open doors, matters of, where and when

I've often wandered, and drifted down the lane
my mind freshly laundered, a now forgotten bane

I've made my philosophical bed, and slept there every day
fuzzy memories of things I've said, and things, I didn't say

History delivers no breaks, as at each and every turn
doomed to repeat the same mistakes, and to never really, learn

Looks like history is not the only thing, with a short memory :)
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