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aih 3d
What it is, what it used to be
True love
Loyalty and commitment
Beautiful moments
Of walking everywhere together
Borrowing cars and seeing how far
Our feet could take us.
Where we can go to make out
Without looking like ****** kids.
All the things we could do with little bit of money.
Staying up all night together
Getting to know each other.

What it is, what it used to be
Fake love
One sided with a blind eye
I was loyal and you were looking across the street.
Sad moments
Of me walking to you anywhere
Borrowing cars and seeing how far
I can get you to walk with me.
Where we can make out
So you can get your hard one down.
All the things we could do with little bit of money.
Staying up all night together
Getting to know each other.

What it is, what it used to be
Me trying and fighting to keep us together.
Neglecting the red flags
Pretending what we had was true
Praying that you’d change your ways
Hoping you’d see I’m waiting for you
Cause I gave you everything you have now
But I’ve opened my eyes
And I’m done with you.
Rain drop centipede
Trailing down my window
I fear bugs
With too many legs
But you're a friend to my future
Telling me my past friend
Might be in my future
Youre an odd creature
Making your way
Down my looking glass
A sort of looking pass
Letting me see
Whats outside
So I dont have to be
When to be isnt the question
I am only around
When others think about me
The truth
Lies in a memory
What is to exist
But to be known
Some sort of
Existence is currency
Bought and sold currently
I want much more
Than what I have
But I fear
The reaper comes
Before a rising sun
The nights grow colder
And i grow older
i took a trip to a spiritual place
with all my friends i would have next year
i didn't find you
where will it all go wrong?
I am spiraling with the surrounding Love.
Circling the Universe, and filling the atmosphere..
with infinite... Rays... of Reality.
Penetrating into me!
Like iridescence light beams,
of emanating, vibrating, union celebrating,
I see no separation between all that is.

We are all just, future kisses.

For I have already listened to your lips,
For I already tasted your language of love,
Written in these books from ancient times,
carved and painted into myself from the fingertips that glide upon my cells.

I am just reading my skin,
whilst rewriting the story as it all syncs in.

Our hearts beating. ReMeeting.
For you are within me, not a part,
It’s all revealed through the mystery of our art.
Im not the girl you wanted she will be in your future while i am just someone from the past.
Madolyn 6d
I have always been
fiercely independent
even when people took away
pieces of my personality
that has always remained
and I’m proud of it

my family raised me
to meet my future head on
and now it’s time
to take the next step
into that future
They finally found my host family for when I’m going to be a foreign exchange student!!!
I’m honestly so happy, it’s going to be amazing
Some decades back, in actual fact,
Being heard was feared.
Corded phones and dial tones
Were oft routinely cleared;

The worry was a 'wire-tap',
Domestic speech taboo.
The rumor was, in essence, that
If said, the White House knew.

Nowadays, this fear we lack,
And cheerfully obey.
Now we ask, "Hey, wire-tap,
What's the weather like today?"
A poem about technology.
#3 in the Distant Dystopia anthology.
My mind is infested with negative thoughts,
I have been bested by what I’ve come across,
A lying ***** that ******* left me to die,
But here you are probably questioning why,
A “kid” is dealing with problems such as these,
Sadly, I have been taught the birds and the bees,
How to love another, so the other loved me,
She took me in and definitely had me pleased,
Out of the blue, she kicked me to the curb,
Cause to her, love is nothing but a verb,
It’s a feeling that you do not mess with,
Or you get stuck in a mindset like this,
Yes, heartbreak is the most painful agony,
Next to the death of someone in your family,
It’s not her fault though,
It was my own hormonal mindset,
Now I am below,
A healthy level so I’m a threat,
To myself and I think I need a break,
I do not know how long this pause will take,
I explain my feelings in a collection of poetry,
Not just heartbreak but for the future I am in no hurry,
The two biggest things that cause my silent depression,
Things that I would rather not talk about or mention,
The future and heartbreak aren’t easy to deal with now,
Thanks for enjoying me, I will take my final bow,
I have decided to run,
Life isn’t fun,
Neither is the one,
That stole my love,
And left this hole,
I must raise above,
What she stole,
I’m not sure how,
This is possible,
But I vow,
I’ll find something plausible…
Find a gun…
Hurts a ton…
This isn’t fun…
On the run…
I’m done…
Probably just might.
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