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Remember that one,
autumn when you
thought you lost
it all?

Your heart was
in the worst,
state it has
ever been

A drug-filled
binge that
took you for
a never-ending


You broke down,
and then your
heart broke in

Because you saw
it was
the end of me
and you.

You clutched
the photos
close to your chest

Because you
couldn’t hang on
to what has been.

You felt lost inside,
and you couldn’t
control the downward

You trapped
yourself in.

Now one year
after and you’ve
let go of false
hopes and illusions.

Scared and
afraid to make
changes and leap

Into the arms of
another soul

Remember that one,
October when you

Thought you lost
it all?

You haven’t hit rock bottom
and I know it feels
like you lost it all.

Keep your head up, kid.

Stand tall.
Man Aug 31
Conflict & confusion.
What comes, and has been.
Of fact, and of fiction.
One world, many nations
Man Aug 28
In the pool hall,
We speak of revolution
And on resolutions.
How to wake people up?
We are all so consumed,
With the struggles of day-to-day.
So focused on the bottom line:
We're letting the future slip away.
Carlo C Gomez Aug 28
The first-ever satellite images of you

Stranded upon pain inflicted desolation

The process of coming to pieces:

Nocturnal carnivorous planetoid

Moon in your mouth

They hint at remarkably renewed unfriendliness

It’s the same face we all see

Precious and cracked

Your isolated body orbiting

In its bitter ******

Where no sunlight ripples through

The string dangling between your legs

All the children hidden underneath your navel

Have fled down to Earth

To live or die in documented nightmares of their own
SiouxF Aug 27
Let go of
The pain
The torment
The anguish
The worry
The times long since past.
Let a new exciting
Chapter unfold
In its own
Unique way,
Embrace change,
Welcome the unknown,
And hope
You have traveled thousands of miles
From East to West

Resting upon times
Blindly heading toward the future
The times you've taken those fives
It'll bloom even brighter

Now you can run as far as you want
Till you lose your breath;
but not your pace
Fear not, you have paved your own way then

The future is gonna be okay;
and I'll still be here to stay
Till you have reached your destination
a letter to me from me
inspired by the song "D-Day" by AgustD
I spent another evening
In one corner of
My mind...

My conscience is
Left bleeding,
And I don't know what I'll find...

My future hangs in balance,
I'm too nervous
To sleep,

But still I keep my chalice,
I fill it and
I drink...

The courthouse is
A palace,
Of justice and of

But when I walk inside it
I shake from head
To feet...

I beg the gods I
Don't believe
To grant me just
Some peace...

Please let me enter
Into hell
And walk out
On two feet...

Oh, let me enter into hell
And walk out
On two feet...
I'm going to court tomorrow for my first felony charge (yay) let's hope my lawyer does this job and I walk out of there free. I always get the shakes when I have to go to court; thank gods Xanax exists...
Phia Aug 10
As I look at you
I fall in love with all of the things
I feared about my future
And for the first time,
I fell in love with the idea
Of getting there.
Carlo C Gomez Aug 12
Saturn Jupiter Mars,
three blind mice running
up the clock to find freedom.

starlight stairs in abyss,
cities of the interior ring
carry a dangerous cargo: citizens.

t-minus one/this is fear

I am no astronaut,
I'm a refugee, bleeding hands pressed
tight to the barbed-wired fence.

we play charades from the window,
lunar phases keening
in the tender light of these infant wars.

t-minus one/this is fear

farewell threshold on laudanum,
the grifted gift of the Joe Blakes
painted from memory.

the far off observation
telescoping my fear, leading me
to believe I'm hiding in plain view.
Creux Aug 9
Dear future self,
     I hope you've found
     the strength to stand
     on solid ground,
     for you are me and i am you
     with colors old and shades anew.
     I hope that you will be, at last,
     from lost to found, from spark to blast.
     Walk with grace and head held high.
     In this letter, my words hold tight.

Sincerely yours with all my might,
     Your lost self reaching through the night.

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