To end this you must have strength,
Time and patience must have no length;
As this will be a peculiar time,
Where love and hate start to rhyme,

Every voice will deceive sound,
With another bed day; inbound,
Forget the light hitting your eyes,
Smiles and laughter only things to try,

Take note of the past,
Wish this time by; so fast,
The shadows will soon attract,
The light of another persons contact.


boy, oh, boy.
you must know me more
than gabriella know's troy.
like when romeo met juliet
i’m sure you get understand me
more than that.
because you know
better than anyone that
we're just some trashy millennials,
waitin' for the cheap way- the fast way-
the i-have-a-trust-fund-kinda-fucking- way.
yeah we're fucked up at making things ~
less fucked up?
did i mention we cuss a lot?
like a lot, a lot.
like the way bob saget acts
when he switches off
his danny tanner fake ass persona.
but hey, fuck it.
we're an evolving species,
and the world is not going to stop evolving either.
in 40 years when our kids are old, we'll be the
doctors, lawyers, business executives.
we'll be the ones finding cures
to save mankind from what
the baby boomers did to us
and we’ll be the ones showing up to accept noble piece prizes.
we’ll be the ones who have been
through the hundred-thousand
dollars of school loan debt
busting our asses
just to make ends meet.
and if you think
for a single moment
that we have a lot to say now...
well, just give us 50 years.
boy, oh, boy.

One day it will erupt
and turn this city into grave - I say.

No one believes a fortune-teller,
no one wants to face the fate.
They won’t leave Pompeii,
nothing can make them go,
there's no place like this
in the whole Rome.

Nothing will make them leave,
only fools run away from paradise.
They are singing and drinking wine,
girls are dancing and music's playing.

I wish I didn't know how it will end,
I wish I was one of them.

I'll pour some wine into the glass
and down it as fast as I can,
and then I'll have another one,
and another one.
I'll be singing with them, dancing.
I'll kiss a girl and then I'll sleep with her,

I will be trying to forget it.

TSK 1d

When I find myself with you
I find myself in not only this moment
But in all the moments to come
to have and to hold
from this day forward.

It’s the Saturday mornings
with their lazy light
and the birds crisp songs
and all the trials and battles
stand still as we remember,
for better or for worse

And the Tuesday nights
as the keys hit the table
after a long day is over
when work was rough
and the week has just begun,
for richer or for poorer

It’s in the Sunday afternoons
as the sun traces its way across the sky
and we rejoice in what we have
whether it be hard or heartening
or the good and the better,
in sickness and in health

Its then that I think of you
In a thousand little moments yet to come
And its then I must remember
to not be so excited for forever
that I forget it is happening right now,
‘til death do us part.

Kee 2d

I'm scared of the future
And how I'll be
Filled with anxiety
Will I have a handle on my life
Or will the wheels fall off?
And I'm left to die
Will my feelings for change
Do they remain?
Does love exists in my dictionary
Or is it replaced with hate?
Do I see clearly?
Or is it all a blur?
Do my friends stick by me?
Do I sit in the house alone?
Do I grow old and forget my nae?
Or does the noose come to claim me?
Am I happy or sad?
Do I have kids?
Am I lost in my imaginations
Or living them instead?

50RR0W 2d

Hello and welcome to this fuck-fest of a show we call life!
Where everything you do is held to you on the blade of a knife.
But no need to worry you'll be perfectly fine!
Because you're definitely here for the rest of your eternal life.

But do not fret you'll be perfectly okay!
Just sign here, here and here and you'll be on your way.
Down the hall and on the left,
Is where you'll find where you'll life will be kept.

Current feelings. Trying to break out of my rut and some of the things I'm doing is working, some not so much.
Jedda 3d

And I'm so fucking worried that not only will I lose everyone I have ever made some sort of connection with but I will also lose myself

I guess this is goodbye

Sacrifice is a choice we make
while loss, unfortunately, is
bound by fate.

skyler 3d

what if
we weren't meant to be and the stars in our eyes were born in different galaxies where their light will never mix or even come close to touching

what if
we're wasting time that we will never get back by pouring love into each other but never getting anywhere like watering plants that never seem grow

what if
we are fighting for something that's already gone like trying to raise the dead but just like the horror films we need to learn to let go

what if
we never see the future that we speak of in secret and it's all just a dream that we can only wake up from and realize it's not real

what if
we're killing each other without knowing like sitting in the closed garage with the car running breathing in something you can't see but is deadly

what if
we met at the wrong time like a freak accident on an empty highway we collided and created a mess to big for us to handle

what if
this isn't right but we can't tell because i have bad vision and you can't see through the pot smoke so we just keep blindly searching for a way to make it work

what if
you don't actually love me but i love you and it takes two to dance to this song but you're on the side lines and i'm shuffling my feet in an empty ballroom

what if
what if
what if

Ammar 3d

Was losing everything
my past, present & future

I lost our to be
seeing you wear that special dress; the color of which I'll never find out
Hearing about your little sister make it big in college
Taking our families out together
Buying our first house
Showing your dad how to make real French toasts
Drinking the tea your mom makes
Or the muffins your sister would make at Noor's birthday
Our Noor
Raising her
Loving her
Loving you

baby i found myself
when I found you

I've lost myself, finding you again

//khaali hai jo tere bina.....main woh ghar hu tera//
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