Sweet Sibyls of eld
who sing of mysteries held
My envy flowers

How I yearn to see
The written future for me
Miracles and pain

Do I want to know?
What you see in crystal balls?
The magic's in me...

A set of haiku's based on my walk around my local area. A woman was handing out leaflets about palm-reading, the whole sha-bang.
It got me thinking...  few years ago, I believed that people can see the future through a crystal ball. Now, though I believe in the supernatural (that there is something more to this world and beyond), I realised that I'd rather not know. The true magic to make my future lies within me and me alone...

There's a part of you that still grows,
within me
But you've been buried deep in soil,
beneath me
Every day, I encounter,
the thought of our possible future
But maybe that was the world's way
Of telling me you weren't meant to stay

Mike D 1d

Autumn moves fast through the tunnel of love
Incredible pressure the bottom falls from above
Dangling leaves flexing about
Dreaming of hope is a nightmarish shout

Cackling ghouls shiver my spine
Everything that is due is due in due time
Whispering wind cool kisses my cheek
A lifetime of searching but know not what I seek

Darkness emerges as light fades away
Hold on with sheer might but no one can stay
The belly of the cursed is filled with nothing but acid
They spit out their poison with each word that is said

The roar of a flame, the warmth of the light
An intense fireball disrupts the sterility of night
From ashes we rose and into dust we return
A heart made of ice will not sooth what’s been burned

Holding my breath not rising for air
I will tell no one the nothing I share
Hugging and squeezing a soft cuddly toy
Faded memories when I was a boy

A racing car that’s red and fast
Linear stories that live in the past
An afternoon stroll through faded paths in the woods
Not doing enough when it’s all that I could

Regretfully regretting not regretting a thing
Perfectly still I sit on the swing
A swing and a miss from the bat comes a crackle
Forever I’m chained even though I’m not shackled

The future of the past is presently a muck
I am a free man imprisoned and stuck
The roaring waves speak softly to me
To convey worldly messages in secrecy

A rooster call to end the day
Children raised to adults but parents can’t stay
The end has begun and the beginning ends near
Thick fog I’m enveloped in when things became clear

Through stutter and stammer clearly I speak
The world’s strongest man fearful and weak
A worldly observer on the journey of life
Never leaving my house, alone with no wife

Confidently pea-cocking I strut my stuff
I may have had my fill but not yet had enough
Nothing I fear but much fear I have for it
Blowing out candles that never were lit

Bellowing cheers, hip-hip hooray
A round of applauds for those who’ve died on this day
The subtle blow of a blatant attack
A gift you are given you already took back

Audaciously given a slap in the face
Delivered with utmost courtesy and grace
Without allergy my body allergically reacts
Calmly I sit through a panic attack

Telling a lie until it becomes truth
Refined and of stature his words are uncouth
The deafening silence from the roar of the engine
Finishing a race that has not yet begun

The Golden Rule covered in rust
I’ll do what is necessary but not what I must
You can be anything but nothing you are
Much traveling done but haven’t gone very far

Expectations are set to not have expectations
The paradox of perception, realities set since creation
Feet on the ground and head in the clouds
Naked and vulnerable on display in my shroud

Written - April 6, 2017

All rights reserved.

Kids sit in math classes
All worrying in a forgetful dream.
Thoughts like “Pythagoras Theroem”
Or “Slope-Intercept Form”
Race through their minds.
But all I want to know is,
How the heck are we
Gonna get the poison out of the sky?
Because when I grow up,
Get married
And have kids.
I don’t want those kids
To grow up thinking
One day our sky
Might fall down to earth.

To be quite honest, I’m afraid of what the future might hold.
lostboy 1d

Ten years ago,
We could not see ahead of us.
Ten years from now,
We still cannot see whatever
Lies ahead.
As age affects earth and skin,
The months turn to weeks
And the hours pass at a blink of an eye.
Yesterday was nothing like today
But there is no knowing what
Lies ahead.

time is our enemy and only sometimes an ally

Snow feels like soft, smashed ice
Mixed with bits of cotton fluffs
Covered with hints of sandy textures
As well as tiny grains of rice,

Snow is the glacial pain unevenly spread on toasts of cement, wood, gravel and natural mountains,
It is the mixture of past ingredients
Molded to create present doughs
To be tasted by future tongues,

Snow is the heavy, damp droplets of the past after setting it free
It is the unending cycle of life flying from rivers, lakes, ponds, oceans, and seas
To the white, fleecy floating clouds now painted with greys
To fall back down with ease
Where it will take flight once again like a swarm of beaming bees,

Snow is the unheard whispers sent by those who took their lives
It is a lonely reminder of the withering dead that lay next to forgotten sages
And newer days for the living given in daily gift packages,

Snow is the endless trail of frosty tears
Being shed by the forever aging mother nature
In sympathetic empathy over the undead trees' fears
And the unfree breathing creatures with stolen gears,

And snow balls are everything and anything
Rolling back and forth on rugged, rusty roads
In the minds carrying tightly, closed packets of unsaid words.

Inspired by my trip to Georgia in December 2016.
Lillian 2d

How do plants adapt?
do they cut the person out of their life
do they pretend it didn't happen
how do they get the water they need
where does the sun in their lives come from

How do others know whos the one?
do they date until they think they cant do any better
do others settle because they can't get who they want

How do geese know where to migrate?
do they pray to find their way
when they shoot for the stars is it ok if they miss
do they get tired of the same thing
or rather just comfortable in normalcy

stability really creeps up on you like a hug in the night a big warm loving hug but it’s funny because stability isn’t something you know something that announces itself hell it’s hard to even notice just like that big warm hug in the night creeping up behind you you won’t see it coming and then bang it hits you and it hits you good and living in the past is easy it’s a lot easier than living in the now because now isn’t fun now isn’t happy all now is is a pile of crumpled up tissues a bad temperment and a bitch of a headache but let me float away to the past when i had the most beautiful girl in my arms and she swung side to side side to side and guess what she loved me and god did she look beautiful in that sparkling red dress i suppose she was the most perfect human i had ever witnessed i suppose i was gatsby that night and she was daisy and it’s funny because no other girl was that beautiful and no other guy was that lucky but like that hug in the night that startled me so she had her surprises and it had it’s surprises and what those were exactly were both the same interestingly enough a knife into my chest so yes stability crept up onto me and just when i thought it was that beautiful girl a big warm hug and the rest of the night spent with her tracing my shirtless back with her slender warm fingers and me praying the clock wouldn’t hit 11 and i’d have to drive away guess what all stability ended up being was a myth a phony the past self-doubt and my car clock freezing at 11:03 for eternity how’s that for stability.

‘’In retrospect all is better; fear not the future to come.’’

‘’Looking back it all seems like a bad joke. A joke, but still.’’

‘’The day is 1 December 1995, the day I wanted to die.’’


At first glance a rather depressive looking (and sounding) poem that uses quotes from different timefames. But if one looks closer it's actually about hope and perseverence.
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