Megan Apr 10
It could be the pot
or the sun
because it's hot

It could be the beer
or the wind
because it's loud in my ear

It could be the night
or the moon
because it's nature's right

That I feel this way
With you

and I don't care because
whatever we do
I'll be able to do whatever
with you
bored in love is a random collection of my own day to day thoughts on my own relationship
Petals fall gently
One drifts and falls on my palm
Thinking of futures
Currently outside in my garden, thinking of what my future holds
Lyn xxx
I’ll see you in the future.

I’m going to say, “I miss you.”

You’ll tell me words are hollow. “If you really miss me, show me.”
You’ll say, “I have two kids now. Doesn’t that bother you?”

I’ll admit, “I know. It’s okay.”

You’ll be entirely made up of mechanical gears and electrical circuits, with light emanating through the cracks in your skin.
I shouldn’t mind. It will be me who makes you this way, after all.

As we push further into the future, you’ll be less impressed with every hour that goes by. That’s how she was. So that’s how you’ll be.
Maybe I’ll be sad to see it, but I’ll be happy knowing that even if my perfectly imperfect creation decides to leave, like she did, you won’t get so far before you’re completely drained.

And only I will hold the key to restart your heart.

Just as she has held the key to mine, all this time.
I was so afraid to love you.
eli 2d
dear future self,
i hope you've finally learned to put yourself before other
that everyone isn't who they seem to be
and never to fall so hard for someone who'd never love you

i hope you learned that you don't need people who don't need you
to love yourself
and that you're important

i hope in the future you are the best you possible
Amanda 2d
I do not know, I always fuck up,
Constantly making you mad,
Being together feels so good,
Our lives are turning out bad.

You said you need help, I try,
I find myself caught in a trap,
Baited with doubt, fear, and pressure,
Can't get out to aid you before you snap.

Used to being a damsel in distress,
It is difficult to take on another role,
Not looking for a hero to rescue me,
Just don't think I am ready to save your soul.

This is pathetic truth of who I am,
Addicted, weak-minded, fool,
Still dream of bettering my whole self,
Despite efforts, I cannot find the tool.

I am looking for a teacher,
Who can show how to escape my selfish ways,
Once I learn to grow and be selfless
Will deliver a future full of happy days.
They are happy now, but they could be a lot happier for both of us.
tomorrow all that you did today will just be a memory,
to soon be forgotten.
So what are we working towards?
eventually all is lost,
and left in a sea of hoplessness.
what are we living for?
is it that we crave the past,
or that we challenge the future?
What is the purpose?
Tharuki 3d
Ghosts are real
They live within us
Haunting our past mistakes
Having us live in fear
Of the future
skyler 3d
one day
whether it’s tomorrow
or five years from now
we will find
the person
and it will work
in ways we didn’t think were possible
but all i know
is for now
in this moment
i wish it were you

Jamilla 4d
You say you love me
You made me feel like I was the only one
You make my heart flutters a lot
You give me butterflies in my stomach
We imagine what future will be for us
If we will be together at the end.

That you're gone
I still love you
You're still the one I love
How will I take this pain away from my heart?
How those butterflies back in my stomach
Instead of this little creature?
I imagined my future to be with you.
With our supposed to be happy family.

I'll see you there, soon my love.
But for now, I'll be the best mother to our baby boy.
Thank you for giving me this precious gift.
I love you with all my heart.
Hi! I just made this not because this is happening to me. But because I just got inspired to make this one while I was watching a movie.
What is our future?

Are we going to hold eachother in our familiar warmth till our end

Or are we going to let go of eachother in our strange cold beginnings
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