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Rizza Allia Apr 13
I promise,
I will love you
Even in your darkest night
I will love you
Even when you can't say a word
I will love you
Even if you don't love me
I will love you
Even in your failures
I will love you
Even it hurts
Because I know that's when the time
When I have to love you even more.

I love you in your emptiness
I love you in your sadness
I love you in your grieving
I love you in your silence
I love you in your pain
I love you in your past

I will love you even more, even if you think you don't deserve it.
Because love is not only about the highs but it's also about the lows. This kind of love is deep.
Each Color a Scar
by Michael R. Burch

What she left here,
upon my cheek,
is a tear.

She did not speak,
but her intention
was clear,

and I was meek,
far too meek, and, I fear,
too sincere.

What she can never take
from my heart
is its ache;

for now we, apart,
are like leaves
without weight,

scattered afar
by love, or by hate,
each color a scar.

Keywords/Tags: love, scar, cheek, tear, intention, departure, separation, meek, sincere, heartache, leaves, falling, scattered, color, blood, scab, scabs
Euphrosyne Mar 15
You'll be the sun
That brings the fun,
I'll be the moon
That'll keep us in tune,
Just let your light
Stay to keep my light
In the dark to ignite,
Come and I'll let you
Shine through
And let ourselves be true,
And when the night comes
I'll let my birds to sing until we'll hum
Just like the moon
We'll avoid those bad swoon,
And at the breaking point of
The galaxies
We will be both
Be there and
We'll shine the light
Until all of those
Philosophers write
The story of
Sol and Luna.
Please be my Sol and I'll fully commit and fulfill what I promised right from the start.
Euphrosyne Mar 15
I can't promise you
That dark clouds
Will nwvwr hover
Over our lives
Or that the future
Will bring as many rainbows,
I can't promise you
That tomorrow
Will be perfect
Or that life will be easy, But
I can promise you
My everlasting devotion
My loyalty, my respect and my emotion
And my unconditional love for a lifetime,
I can promise that
I will always be here for you
To listen and hold your hand
And I'll do my best to keep you happy,
And make you feel loved
I can promise that
I'll see you through any crisis
And pray with you,
Dream with you,
Build with you,
And always cheer you on
And encourage you,
I can promise that
I'll willingly be your protector,
Your advisor, your doctor,
Your bestfriend, your family,
Your everything,
I promise you.
I promise you I'll fulfill this because I know from myself you are worth it.
Euphrosyne Mar 10
this poem
has no
to rhyme

like how
I have
no reason
to give up on you.
Yeah. I have no reason to give up on you Diane.
Euphrosyne Mar 9
Can we
Just go to the sea
And let's see
What's beneath of that deep sea
After I saw that sea

Do not leave me
I don't want to be lonely
Because I'm starting to see
The worth of you that I'd like again to see
After you let me
Dive into your deep sea

You were gone
I thought it was done
But here I am stunned
By the light of your sun,
You came back,
After the moon comes
And the bird hums
And a bright light succumbs
You were there standing and saying
We have feelings in tons

Before I let this poem done
I just want our conflicts to be gone
And have the love we want on those long runs
And again this time, can we?
Can we do it again? Can I dive into you again? I won't disappoint you this time. I know that I'm not perfect but just let me show you how much I love you.
Euphrosyne Mar 9
Meeting you was fate,
becoming your friend was choice,
but falling in love with you was completely out of my control.
God created men first,
coz you always make
a rough draft before a masterpiece.
You are the light in a dark room
and I am the moth who can't resist it.
Explaining how much I love you
is like explaining how water tastes.
I don't want to be your whole world....
just your favorite part of your daily chapter
I'll love you today because tomorrow may be too late.
Meeting you has been delightfully refreshing!
I thought of something wonderful today.... You!
Meeting you was fate and loving you was by my choice and I don't want to stop what I'm feeling for you Diane.
Euphrosyne Mar 7
I still cry at night
Because of the abandonment
Of you
But not in my mind
But in my heart.
Maybe you did not abandon me maybe you're just trying how faithful I am but hey I'm telling you I'm faithful to you whatever happens I will still choose you.
Euphrosyne Mar 5
I'm saying this because I'm bothered
I don't want us to be awkward
I don't want you to build those big walled boarders
I don't want to be alone on those sad corners

I'm sincerely saying sorry for the mistakes I did
Now I'm regretting what I did I just want to undid
Please I'm saying sorry should I tell to myself to forbid
Or should I tell you I'll commit?

I'm saying this again I'm sorry
Because when I'm not with you my eyes are teary
Lets stop this complicated quarry
I don't want this to end a sad short story

I'll gonna tell you I'm sorry daily
Because you might forgive me maybe
If you'll give me another chance I'll make you my first lady
I don't want our love story to be shady

So I'm telling you again I'm sorry.
I'm saying sorry again Diane. I'm sorry.
I won't disrespect your answer again.
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