If you want to know me
Take a pen
A piece of paper
Think a while
Write few words

On Love.
savs 3h
i didn't want to say goodbye
but you gave me no choice
When I asked you
"Are you okay?"
You said nothing
But two seconds of your silence
Spoke two-thousand words
You simply could not say
Words and I love To Play
With me words just have their way.
I’m so open to them I flow so freely.
They flow from me to you like word therapy.
Words flow from my heart, from my chest.
I allow my emotions to do the rest.
Oh yeah my words may catch you off  guard and slap that a**.
If you can’t handle them then you can just pass.
My words will stroke and caress you with emotions that will last.
Now don’t just stand there looking funny.
While your brain searches for what to say honey.
Let my words entertain you it won’t cost you any money.
My words will bring out what’s hidden just beneath the surface.
Take you off to a  imaginable place like catching you some fish.
My words will make you reminisce.
Words that like to tell you stories too.
That hopefully won’t bore you.
Word that like to say how they appreciate.
Words that want to make others fell so great.
Words that like to be counted in a line.
At the end tell you, how your so fine.
These classy, crazy, cuddly, cute, curious, cautious, catchy words of mine.
Like to laugh, love, learn, license, let, liberate, last,
lighten, listen and prove luscious every time.
See what I mean,
Words showing out just sparkling.
They need to stop all this rhyming.
And show another kind of flow like sentencing.
April always ask Angela about appearing apologetic.
  David doesn’t do dishes,  Sarah’s so sensual she’s skeptic.
Words have their way with me….
Like groping G’s watch and see..
Grandpa Gangster, Grandma Grouch.
Sister Soulful, Sister Slouch.
m’I  gninnur tuo fo emit.
stI  emit ot end siht emyhr.
The sentence above is written backward
I  know you got it aren’t you superb.
Words or so lovely, brilliant, words and the catchy ways to play with them. swim with them,vibe with them.. game with them. empower with them.
I don't have paint or brush,
Or mallet to shape a rock;
I don't weld or chisel,
Or mold clay into crocks.
I don't wear an apron
To create art-food forms.
I can't meander on a stage
To emote the audience.
I can't focus a camera lens,
I don't have what it demands.
I don't use any tools
To do what artists can;
Except for
Words, just words,
These flow without end
To color ice and snow,
To carve mountain tops
Down to pebbles in a stream,
Shading dales, glens, woods and mead.
Equipped, I am, with all I need
To create an art that you can feel
As well as any gallery piece,
To arouse emotions in the reader,
To bring to life as a carver
Wields his knives like an author.
Excuse me as I stumble and fumble.
I am not very good at love.
My thoughts are scattered; brain cluttered.
My sentences never form as I want.
Let me show you with my lips instead,
All the words on the tip of my tongue.
Our bodies can paint the picture for you,
That my scattered brain cannot.
I've been writing this for days, yet the page stays empty.
So frustrating as I want to say plenty.
To tell you of all that I feel for you, and I don't ever want to stop loving you.
I suppose the empty page alone speaks more than a thousand beautiful words ever could.
Knowing the love we share is too beautiful to put on this page. I hope I never stop feeling this, your love leaves me reeling
LinaM 1d
They say a picture is worth a thousand words.
They capture our life up until death,
So our soul and life lives on.
But I wonder, who will see what's after them and maybe what's before?
History class seems boring, all those old stories.
I wonder, what if we were the history?
And it was our picture in place of their's?
Would we feel the same, thinking our stories are boring?
They say a picture is worth a thousand words.
Be remembered with smile and make sure history won't be boring
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