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My divine, my divine is her soul. My mundane madness tends to the death of the soul.
n-khrennikov ©
they love fairytale ,
and roses
but not the one who once
cuts himself
Afiqah 13h
it still beats
it still feels
and *******,
does it still sits,
toughing itself out
even while coming in through
with half of the universe’s little splatters
of such unpleasantry settings
here and there,
all of that unbending,
dead set on hopes kept
this heart fearlessly still in love anyway

Helena 13h
To be a word
Etched on
The cafeteria school
Scribbled eraser-*****
To be a word
Broken in etched

(Waiting for someone to come
Fill in the blanks)
(Waiting for someone
To come
And define
Their parts)
A lance is such a different thing
In a different age
Perceived by those who turn and ride off, away
But best?
What is the best way in modern day?
To avenge unrest, to strike and sway
In a time when the world throws words away
Catch truth and cradle it in trust
Till the strike rings true
Till the passive armor falls and is stripped away
paint your words in the sky
oh darling
don’t let them shut you out
cry out all your thoughts
and scream your insanity
for they can’t understand until they hear
yes you’re different
but truly beautiful you are
and bright filled with drive and passion
so paint your words
as you would a picture
and let your mind speak the chaos.
you are all beautiful.
the feeling of the keyboard under my fingertips
the ease of typing
words flow from my heart
into my veins
and escape from my fingertips
i could write anything
anything at all
as long as i hear and feel
the letters forming under my touch

i made a list
i named it
"not welcome anymore"
and guess what?
i put you on top
jerelii 2d
Playful words in the mind
it creates illusion and image
of such scene
elevated into flamboyant sight
of magic and dreams
gather all the feelings
and emotions
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