Can't sleep. Wakeful for days. The pain starts.
Thought I could beat it. Thought again, wrong as ever.
The consequences take form shortly after my mistakes.
Already too far behind me. Already flown through.
My frantic fingers tremble, trying to close.
Reliable depression.

Shuffle. Shuffle my feet. Long dark streets.
Pit stops in bars for drinks in smoke. Cigarettes. Cigars.
Like I'd ever find love tucked in such slow dives.
If stimulants may save me, I'll smoke some more weed.
Against the outside building, heart open.
I hear your quiet words.

Over the traffic. Over the clubs. Their lines.
For once I follow the feeling. Not shy away.
The music singing from hidden lips.
I must see them.

maybe i've written some words for you.
-things like stars and hearts and baby unicorns.
maybe i'm a ghost that haunts and boos and cries.
-things like love and horror and promises sworn.
maybe there's a thousand poems written about the night and the moon.
-things like some words written for you in my room.

staring at your famous solitude
wearing a cloak covered with dead stars

i’ll trade with you the curls of your hair
for the busted smile on my face

Dharker 16h

Thoughts about you
Gone wrong
What does one do?

Goodbye to the moments

So relentless
With your gripping

Intended to hurt

Loyalty were just words

Leaving the mouth



With cracks, revealing to everyone around

Closed eyes and numb
To what's going on
Closed eyes and numb...
Closed eyes and numb

This piece is a song I wrote during a difficult moment I was going through in my life. This was a starting point that many songs followed after. When I write music, I try not to write anything too direct. Yet, when writing this one, I couldn't had been anymore...over hinting to the subject. It is direct in every way possible, but because of this, it gives a true raw essence of its time and what I was going through.

By Arcassin Burnham

Brainwashed over time to not believe the theories,
Talking , why you speak to Siri?
For all your problems , you get weary,
I let God sort it out,
Hasn't come down from the throne,
His presence was there since birth,
But I hope he desends his physical on Earth,
So the lust and the evils will disappear,
No longer embezzling death and fear,
Do your research on everything and you'll be fine
In a world this crooked dear,
And they say,
"People take care of their phones like pets instead of really taking of themselves",
And that's why the parents nowadays need professional help,
And counseling for the love ones they lost to text messages and tweets,
Did the tax dollars really just move on their own and grew feet,
Man the devils busy just like God has funny ways​ of miracles,
Rope is tight for black people that America provoked,
Staging wars for other countries trying to kill us , Trump that's you?
The end is near , and they are gonna sensor this by the time that I get this through.

Latri 2d

I've never been good with words

I won't build you a castle with broken phrases and incomplete sentences, I couldn't defend your honor with an unsure voice and trembling lips

I can't make flowers bloom with clumsy confessions of love and the moon will never weep over my attempts at romance

I'm afraid I'll never be able to look you in the eye and declare my undying devotion for you to the world

I've never been good with words

But with my hands I could construct a grand mansion, and offer you comfort and security with my gentle caresses

I'll plant flowers in your garden that will grow to be magnificent, while the sun and rain gives them sustenance

My kisses would allow you to see the stars, the universe clinging to every sweet gasp that slips through your soft lips

I won't be the one to write you poems and sing your praises, but with my actions I will convey exactly how I feel, I'll let everyone know just how much you mean to me

This piece has been trying to claw its way out of me for a while now, its kind of sloppy, but I love it. Not everything I write will be great and I'm fine with that. Anyway, I hope you all like it, and please give me some feedback

I broke my silence in silence
I broke my silence with a smile
I broke my silence through my eyes
Words feels shy
Voice feels voiceless
Meaning are humble
Still silence is prevailing
Like gazing at the water flowing in the stream...
when you hold your breath so you won't lose any moment!
When your heart is in peace of its kind
When your can't make logic of what is happening
When there is no formula that can be prescribed
When you keep you smile alive and let that child in you laugh inside you!
When your lungs are filled with hope and dream
Stay in silence and be grateful
Stay in silence and don't ruin it with words
Stay in silence and feel the joy that you are alive within you!!!

Looking around and hearing stories

Looking at those eyes and bedazzled with the light of passion in them

In the Shadow I stand and watch those hearts go away!
And I asked

What makes me stand in their shadows
I realized that we are guardians with missions!!!

My mission in the world to be the guardian of silence and the right words!

I'm the Guardian of Unspoken Emotions
And that is my tomorrow...
Share with me your Tomorrow!!!

Hiraeth 3d

Sticks and stones may break my bones
But words won't simply hurt me
No, they'll burn more than acid on skin,
Settle like dust on every thought,
Pound me as water would stone
Itch like sand in my eyes
But they'll be the only thing I have left of you when you desert me.

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