Mars 3h

There are people
Who are quite unequal
Who live in unknown worlds
With minds unfurled
Unequal, but not less
But unable to say "no" or "yes"

As we take for granted
The helpful seeds that were planted;
We can verbalize our pain
And not be thought; quite insane
when it already hurts
And words will not assert

We could be more grateful
More modestly thankful
For the meaning we can share
With no unwelcome stare
For all of our "advantages"
And "law of averages"

                      To complain,
           for me there is no excuse
When, for some there really is no use

By Arcassin Burnham

Don't tell me you can't be seen me.....
Cause I did nothing wrong to you,
Stop looking for some clarity.....
Nothing but a piece of residue,

On the ground,
May the lovers be one and found like the grey stone in the elders
Temple while clearly seeing your reflection,
I had no remorse for feeling any animosity,
for me to get away from the human race permanently,
Latching onto nothing that was never real.......
I was trying to bring you along for the ride but you gave on me
Simply for another's direction,
And in the end it was just pure cruelty,
I went into this new world with a cup of tea and broken dreams in
Smoke signals that never were really released,
I swear I told them all that Diamond Valley was real,

Don't tell me you can't be seen me.....
Cause I did nothing wrong to you,
Stop looking for some clarity.....
Nothing but a piece of residue,
I want you,
I could hear them calling for miles to pull me away,
we brand you,
There's no doubt in my mind my life's a mess but I stepped into
Heaven's Gates.

No more love,
No more love.

Star BG 8h

My corral of words-like steads
open in morning
where wind blows
and sun shines.

In day, where filly's are jumping
inside mind and onto page.

And me the writer,
will mount the stallions
from morning till night.

Scribing, as a poem
becomes their hoof prints
left to remember.

Part 2

Two Paths
Two ways
Do the math
God does not play

Like metal to a magnet
We are pulled to do what is wrong
But the right still lives inside of us even as a fragment
This we know all along

No matter what you have done
At the feet of Jesus where you belong
Your past, present, and future sins are gone
Forgiveness becomes you new song

Taking control of your air balloon
Removing the tape life of perspective
Embracing Jesus the absolute truth
Understanding what one faces

The bible you now read
Your eyes now see
Life’s true meaning
Creation, sin, redemption and it’s ending

So your choice makes a difference
Go into the streets
Filled with Jesus presences
Not to judge but the gospel to preach

Planting seeds
Allowing God to make it grow
Because you know
Jesus is knocking on their heart’s door

What awaits the world?
Judgment with fire
To purify it to make it a pearl
Into hell all unbeliever and devil

Your Choices
Could either lead you to poison
Or into fortune
Hell or heaven

Stay with your earthly desire
An eternity burning with fire
Receive the breath of life
Eternity with God to admire

Absolute truth
Let it become a part of you

Part 1

The removal of Absolute truth
It’s like a pierced air balloon
Oxygen and air it will soon lose
Losing control nothing we can-do

Like tape an easy fix
But it won’t stick

Perspective has become its replacement
Humanity’s extinction
The minds Pollution
Animation to our existence

Keeping us in a state of nonsense
Produce a fictional conscience
Logic has been stained by its toxic
Good values are no longer put into practice

Let these words start trends
In the heart and minds of each person
Knowledge and wisdom refocus
Bring it back to the surfaces

Like a body of ocean
Become like the shark
All that’s false rip apart
To see the beautiful art

Universe and stars reveal
The glory of God is real
An Attempt by Evil
The lie of this world wants to steal

What Our heart feel
Time is here
To chose your meal
The deal has been made clear

Follow the world to an endless pit
Or build your house on the rock with everlasting bricks
Continue to be deceived by the devil’s tricks
Or receive Jesus His love and grace

Two Ideologies cannot be mix
Nor contradiction co-exist
Going back to absolute truth is the fix
Choosing to ignore you are at risk

amina a 20h

where do they go
when i erase my words
that just weren't
meant to be here

where do i go
when i hide
my self
that, what if,
was not meant
to be here

Kaels 1d

no wonder they said you fire words at people
its the same mechanism as a gun
you aim at the target
   the person
you pull the trigger
   you start yelling at someone
you feel the kick of the gun
   the instant questioning if you should have started this
the bullet hits the person
   the words hit deep and they feel the pain

and both these wounds can effect someone minority and severely and can even be fatal to the person receiving your words or bullet

please don't be an addition to the cruel world we live in today. be happy, smile more, and be kind to one another

And your poisoned words
Pierce the depths of my core


When you read these words that I write
You are literally entering my mind
The thoughts that I go through
The things that I experience
The feelings that I felt
Welcome to my life

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