Afiqah 2h

I've placed your love
on a head crown
where it's been warily pieced
with such a fine, military precision
of your veins
I've traced
before the sandman totes you away
do you reckon that
though the moon is actually a dry place
how unbelievably
is it now that even the storms
can't wave off the little beads
on my skull


Afiqah 4h

consider me a phantasy
when you were caught
in a reverie
once upon a moon
while our hearts slowly flutter away
to war songs in synchrony
I appreciate your eyes
and I know, eventually
I'll never get to meet them again
as I learn to look away,
I hope this scent that follows
won't make me stuck and running
from cupid's sign
since I always end up wanting
to feel
a couple of things twice
after you


you are my biggest delight
I freeze thinking of you
slipping deeper into this emotion
this sensation that ensnares all that I am

my soul burns with fire
this passion, this rawness, this earth like heartbeat
it’s a drum beating beneath my chest
as oceans roar within my veins

how can i forget you?
you were my biggest delight


you are my biggest regret
I freeze thinking of you
slipping deeper into this emotion
this sensation that ensnares all that I am

my soul burns with fire
this passion, this rawness, this earth like heartbeat
it’s a drum beating beneath my chest
as oceans roar within my veins

how can i forget you?
you were my biggest regret

Lilly 11h

There is no vacancy inside of me;
That’s the space where my words are born.

"Sometimes walking on a wrong path
takes you to the right place
where you have been wanting
something from life.
( may be an instinct or a hint)
Wrong way has a trance to take you
back to your own path,
which you miss once in between the
journey to destiny where Failure is
that wrong way which
rights you later in life.

Soph 1d

like  night  just  life  girl  stars  feet  ran  single  times  air  hands  hair  day  remember  crazy  chanel  city  sleep  men  adidas  you've  eat  morning  sun  skin  women  hydrant  dark  star  moon  prada  family  red  scuffed  evaded  type  know  man  soles  stories  car  child  mother  streets  water  nails  faith  wrist  sky  kill  castle  gold  apart  unlikely  second  ocean  salvation  pushed  pages  work  black  hymnal  crows  played  children  box  learned  bodies  loved  kind  souls  wear  singularity  chain  cell  old  shoes  aside  clear  room  want  cried  face  drink  hid  run  maybe  flight  make  time  long  babies  inside  light  away  beads  better  god  house  nightmare  dream  lost  albiero  cabinet  drawers  clubs  elegance  mysteries  generations  sunglasses  shined  temple  flick  tablecloth  religion  stray  based  crowns  caressed  lock  border  text  brightest  defeat  galaxy  pill  beak  circling  thumb  visible  ignore  liars  growth  relate  aim  ceases  ruled  suffocating  party  understand  liquor  backyard  pissed  june  weeks  touching  disaster  lowered  escape  modest  rubbed  jumping  bath  pills  bare  royal  process  cotton  purple  spiral  hang  tapestry  stain  prayed  sister  cautious  turf  knuckles  prayer  palms  cocaine  haze  sixteen  mess  tastes  bullet  splashed  linked  mayhem  glass  noose  sort  coal  spray  heathen  jazz  thousands  recall  squeezed  patch  wing  poetic  swim  temples  branches  lifts  stilts  bmw  untitled  who's  karl  exes  casino  degenerates  binary  crackhead  tantrums  mcqueen  eminem  retrospective  swatch  shirtless  baltimore  lazarus  paisley  rosary  protests  binge  detroit  audi  unhinged  goddamn  mediation  tote  cognac  makeover  jacque  permed  brown-eyed  never-ending  tip-toed  730  rolexes  salt-shaker  homegoing  athiesim  athnogoly  hasnothing  supernovaed  choupette  louboutins  valentino  chan  remy  lac  'cause  there's  we're  they're  you'll  wouldn't  could've  who'd  poe's  totes  skelton-trees  outsider  ex  frenzy  fused  bile  alexander  closets  bushes  bamboo  nasty  president  basket  nudity  covering  deprived  braided  rice  metaphor  bleach  concealed  willow  beard  crept  wrinkles  tooth  coins  nighttime  addiction  spins  heartless  fickle  rioting  cartwheel  erie  du  wedged  martin  golds  nicotine  busiest  ghetto  harlem  gasoline  bitches  earrings  vinegar  ceramic  wrists  fashionable  watcher  construct  tarnished  tangible  oleander  sulfur  stillborn  garage  schizophrenic  syrup  radiator  grenade  nail  word  think  class  letting  stay  path  dead  broken  girls  head  lady  boys  talk  worship  paper  heart  touch  oh  created  create  feelings  deep  buried  stayed  having  coming  arm  entire  burn  excuse  saw  wrapped  princess  awake  seek  tears  barely  deserve  dogs  dog  chasing  far  sign  switch  youth  drive  song  fingers  corners  brain  actually  queen  promise  legs  caressing  thighs  born  smell  soul  breath  taste  speak  tongue  humid  nights  used  case  break  wake  anger  way  calling  things  soft  moment  walk  guess  goes  silent  love  shining  little  home  tell  fuck  ones  left  held  lie  good  pain  reds  beauty  fact  slowly  grow  end  ink  years  teeth  comes  gods  wrong  blood  finger  wanted  human  eyes  hide  earth  fears  push  white  need  money  reaches  waiting  dress  rip  save  age  spoke  ravens  collapsed  roads  miles  sets  eyelids  devil  image  beneath  monster  dirt  hoping  drop  wished  beds  bite  mountains  parking  rises  toes  bound  father  nothingness  constant  magic  forward  low  takes  bag  ancient  starts  okay  difference  lower  cracked  morals  neck  fangs  dressed  grey  cool  street  outside  canyon  summer  fields  exist  triggers  honors  whip  salt  models  piss  sunset  loves  silver  makes  suck  lot   peeling  told  circle  corpse  great  cold  loving  ending  build  free  vacant  universe  pride  looking  called  lights  corner  wonder  pores  stained  beg  playing  mist  baby  childhood  tracks  catching  rivers  climb  fights  taught  spill  scream  sweat  known  died  laughed  wood  lines  threw  holds  follow  throat  sticks  woke  stare  falls  color  bury  anyways  guide  brother  smack

I thought this would be a kind of cool idea. So I posted my most-used words!
Afiqah 1d

they never once spared
a little of what it's like to be
in a shell
of their own beast-like
contumacy self
they kept us in wards and
clipped our wrists
forsaking us
to take on their nasty egoism
where all the other assassins
burst their lungs away
with the last wine that holds
little drops of the
fiery Tunguska comets


Afiqah 1d

an angel-like hellion
came by
past two in the morning
right when
I clumsily stirred myself into
fitfulls of ireful, meteoric turmoil

he said,
"be still, my love,
hush those little storms away
and come fall out with me for a bit
we'll swoon over
the majestic-looking stars,
crash into Jupiter's clouds
then tomorrow,
you'll learn to see how to pick
your battles a little more wisely  
leave the shutters yawning,
you'll thank me later"


Aly 1d

They say
I'm so passionate
with my words,
truth is
poetry is just something
that keeps me

Lilly 1d

My words drip colors:

They do not breathe
Through consonants and vowels;

They do not seethe
With passion or sorrow;

They do not aim like arrows;
They do not trip on talons.

My words make chaos:

They overfill
My bones and marrow;

They slip and spill
Through cracks so narrow;

The raising of an eyebrow;
The mumble through a mouthful.

My words come back to me:

They find release in hands and fists,
(that hit and hit and hit)

They seek reprieve in tears and drinks,
(that drip and drip and drip)

They bloom like flowers
(not on my lips as I speak -
but upon elbows and knees)

My words drip colors, and so color me.

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