Amanda 45m
Everyone I am surrounded by believes
There is someone up above
I cannot and will not believe
In a god that has shown no love

Where was he when I needed a friend to hug?
I have spent countless hours in prayer
Not once have I heard or seen
A sign to signal he was there

I have wailed out to him in agony
Pain reflected in loud cry
Waited for an answer
Silence was my only reply

I have thanked him for the good things
Worshipped him singing songs
Asked to cleanse me of my sins
Forgive me for my wrongs

What have I got in return
Nothing that i have seen so far
So how come i am the only one
Who sees you, what you truly are?

False figment of imagination
You were invented by a book
Sold to humans who were too foolish
To bother with a second glance or look

They say God loves each one of his children
Its clear he only loves a portion
He despises all homosexuals
And every girl who has had an abortion

It seems every Christian I meet
Forces conservative agenda on me
Shove beliefs down my throat
I hate Christianity!

Answers I seek cannot be found there
Not in search of some holier light
Moral compass I stand behind is sound
Hesitation is what I am hoping to incite

The word of god is abused as a weapon
A tool to inflict suffering, pain
It is an excuse to use, torment and wound
When they do it for personal gain

Religion filled with hypocrites
Sinners playing the part of saints
This short list I have compiled
The start of many complaints

Bible's presence found in hotel rooms and court hearings
The "good" books appearance is why my arguement rages
Old testament, new testamant, it doesn't really matter
It's all simply words on ancient pages
Yes I am an athiest
Lost in the wilderness is where you found me;
far away from the roads of the ordinary.
I was there all by myself
and never thought I’d find anything or anyone else.
I was resolved to be content in my solitude;
determined that to live in emptiness was more than enough.
Then you came and showed me love.
You fought for me and gave me love.
You proved that love wasn’t broken at all
and for the first time in a long time I wasn’t lost.
Written on March 13, 2005
Composition number: 202
in a way,
am doomed
Everything I say
cuts each day.
I bleed
and feed
another wound.

(you see)

My words
in a way
are a knife.
Cutting away,
more each day.
More of me
till I see,
It's taken away my life.
Poetic T 20h
The morality of our present
      will have implications
       on the repercussions
of what it means to be moral.

For the principles we bestow
       on others of future words,
       of actions. Will acknowledge
the motivations of future references.

Our ethics aren't beckoned by
       beliefs or regional confides.
       They are moulded on the
evolution of our evolving humanity.
His talking faster now for he knows his time is shorter than before. He flies from the Law to fresh words of grace and I struggle to keep pace with his passion that threatens to overwhelm his frail, well-travelled frame. Words that inspire, even as they are inspired, fired thick and fast, finding their target, embeded in my inscription as I seek the gift of accurate Word-made-flesh-made-word on paper transcription.
And now as I sit with fingers quivering, taking time out while I can while he's sleeping, I pray that the inspiration for the words that he's speaking will be equalled by my quick ears and matched by my quicker scrawling so that the church will hear just what the Lord is saying and can read the truth that is their's for the believing.
Thoughts on the guy who transcribed scripture for Paul.
Nel 1d
I spilled everything

To you

And I wasn’t drugged

Maybe I was, on my numbness

I’ve been numb for weeks

As nothing was working
Past coping mechanisms


So I spilled words
To you
In the middle of night

I don’t remember how long I spoke

All I remember is your arms squeezing around me

And I barely felt them

Through the numbness

At the parts that got too into detail
Too gory
Too sad
Too painful

And I was stupid

Just confessing
About everything
I’ve done

I’ve never spoke about how I was treated by him

The gas lighting

The harsh words

The abandonment

And so much more..

How part of me thinks there’s some good


In him

The deep and terrible relapse in the shower  

The bathroom surgery..

Which I didn’t feel from the numbness

When everything went down

How I thought about suicide

Chugging chemicals just to get out of it

How I grabbed the bottle...

How my mind was just numb

I wanted nothing to do with it

Nothing with him or them

How I yelled and screamed and threw plates

How my anger got the best of me

The pain on my parent’s faces

How they just wanted to keep me safe


Like I was with you

Safe... With your arms around me

And finally you got me to lay down


With your soft touch
And your voice

And somehow I fell asleep

And the numbness faded..
Thank you, kiddo
He talked, she blushed.
He muted, she understood.
He blamed, she reacted.
He betrayed, she shattered.
He spoke for patch up,
This time she broke his heart.
"But why?" He asked.
"All game of words my dear.
That was your turn, and this is mine."
Don't kill me softly with your words,
That your actions don't seem to speak.
Don't pick my feathers like birds,
Next leave me with cold feet.
Why not swallow your ego as much as the love you have for me,
That you hid inside your guts, next acting so cocky.
Category: Relationship Drama
Heather 1d
My thoughts tucked away in the deepest part of my mind
My mouth sewn together by my unspoken thoughts
As I open my mouth blood seeps from the stitches that hold my mouth closed
I mumble I mumble
Praying someone will hear me
But the mumbles are my words that no one will ever hear
Why can’t you hear me
Why can’t they hear me
My voice
my power
striped away by the silencer
I mumble I mumble
Why can’t you hear me?
we can have immortality,
or memory,
but not both.

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