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Afiqah 1h
and then soulfully,
I love you
has your very face
pinned onto
my heart

Once upon a time
I came into this world
Where I've made bad decisions
and wrong choices.
Where I don't like everything.
Where everything's different
than my expectations.
Where my strength seemingly
lost beneath the shadows of my soul.
Where I had trusted the
wrong people once again.
Where everything I do,
I am at loss.
I find myself standing no where.
I cannot achieve my dreams
So, I have to dare myself.
Dare myself to dream.
To fly high and high
in the starry sky.
I have to stand again
to make a change in my life.
I have to let the colors of
my heart take command
that " Yes, this time I will. "
I have to paint myself in a picture,
where I am nourishing my soul.
Where I am reaching my dreams.
Opening up my heart
and letting go all
the sorrows and grief
from the past one year I have endured.
Closing my eyes
and searching for self love
which can make my soul glow.
Telling myself once again
that everything starts with me.
One warm hug can make me
full of life and energy
to appreciate myself more
for all those mistakes
I have made.
I found myself reflecting
on the memories of the past.
And I wish I could hold my broken self
in my shattered hands.
Strengthen myself and
wash away my all fears,
Give the world around me
peace and happiness.
So, my innerself can once again know
that I still have time for
the breaths I have yet to take.
For all those unwrapped memories,
I still have to unfold.
For those passions, secrets and dreams
I have yet to discover.
I have strength in me for all
the new adventures of my life.
I know, destiny is strange with
its twists and turns.
I've learned that I still have to
learn a lot.
Again, I am going to live this day
like the first time.
I make promise to myself
that I will make the most
of the moments again and again.
Maybe I will mistakes again
for the first time.
But I will smile,
I will feel hurt and cry old tears.
I will try for myself again.
I will pray to ALLAH for
guiding me on they right way.
After the completion of every year
On a special day of my birthday.
I will write something again to
encourage myself for the next year.
I will write some words to
heal my injured soul
with the bruises of last year.
I will console my soul.
The birthday girl
on her birthday will
appreciate her soul
and gather courage
to complete one year more
with the words " In Sha Allah"
on her lips.
The best gift I always give myself on my birthday is a poem written to me by myself.
words fell from clouds
screaming with thunder
over my head
settling around my shoulders
like wings
KHY 13h
Words are knives in my heart;
I am dull to the world

When I keel and I peel;
My aftermath is sealed
JoJo 14h
if only we used our tongues
to speak words of beauty
rather than to cut someone
down like a dagger.
the twist of the
tongue is a powerful tool.
it’s shame you used yours
to cut out my heart
when all I wanted was to love you.
Lorrin 15h
Empty life echoing in all the empty space.
Empty life of buying things to fill the empty place.
Cram it full and maybe then I can find some joy.
Fill it up with all I want, with every little toy.

Empty words spoken out, meaningless and void.
Empty words and promises are only empty noise.
Fill the void with anything, it never is enough.
It’s always there, hungering, but never filling up.
The paper quietly awaits
For the ink to flow through my pen
Releasing the unspoken
Willing the words
For the poetry to begin
LadyRavenhill 2019
Star BG 21h
I take a breath at morning light,
moving in depths of heart
where gems of words pour
and emotions sprout.

Where light integrates dark
and dreams manifest.

I take a step at daybreak,
where baby day unfolds
and diamond words get worn
on sleeve to write thoughts.

Where steps of dance balance
and light expands.

I take a moment at night
where stars of twinkling words
center behind eyes as diamond verse
to be woven upon page.

Where hand follows heart,
and heart beats with gratitude.

I take a breath laying upon bed,
aligning with gift of sleep.
A sweet place where I dream,
scouting out places of grand mystery.

Where beating doorway of heart
and songs become words dear.
whispering with morning birds
to scribe a poem but again.
Inspired by Sobbingsoul. Thanks you are a gift
❝  ❞

To my own warmhearted and beautiful, Belle,
I apologized for detaining you here in my palace.
For I want to stop this bewitched life, alas!
Please, come with me and let us dance
With this love in relaxing harmony.

Yet, in this Little Red Riding Hood,
I'll protect you like your own Robin Hood.
Instead of bringing you these lil cookies,
I'll bring you flowers and kisses on your forehead.

“ Lay down your hair, My Rapunzel! ”
For I want to give you these alluring flowers–yellowbell.
It's me your very own Flynn,
I'm now blind yet still loving you, Darlin'.

You're my Aurora who sleeps for a thousand years.
I couldn't stop myself seeing your plump and kissable lips.
I want to stop this curse from the darkness
By giving you my first ever kiss.
Errors may be seen
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