I'm eager,
To rip you off my chest
With all the bleeding that would come with that
While I looked at the clock,
Slowly turning until it stopped.

Until it happens,
You'll be gripping the walls of my mind with your dark fingernails

Aniseed Nov 2017

You didn't know I saw you
Watching my train rumble away

A perfect stranger
Arms draped through the barred gate
When everyone behind you
Heaved lumber in indifference

I saw you curious
And I wonder if it lingered
When we disappeared

You see, every time an
Opportunity leaves me,
It leaves me violently
Like a bullet
And it scars,

Then I'm left with purple prose,
And bitterness over what
Might have been

Prepping for a move and stumbled across one of my newer old journals (Is that an oxymoron?)
Poetic T Oct 2017

Purity falls hiding the sin
            beneath layered breath.
Sweeping upon the actions
                            of frigid temperament.

Moonshine lingers, a silhouette of
                     misdeeds does shine,
But everyone is looking upwards.
               Never seeing deceased snow..

you're so cool Nov 2017

smoke is one of those smells you can't get out
it clings to walls and bedsheets and burrows deep like a mole into anything it touches
ash on my fingertips as it lingers
like kind touches that get a little too friendly
like the bitter aftertaste of sour milk
like eyes on kitchen knives

like the sinking feeling that won't go away

Poetic T Oct 2017

void empty caskets
sunken eyes, luminous stares

dead smiles do linger

Poetic T Oct 2017

crimson leaves descend
seasons bleed internally

bare outlines linger

Summer death..
Poetic T Sep 2017

Tome stones of onyx and bleached
moments collect next to another.
Playing the theme of silent screams,
that are out of tune, but never heard.

Rising, scratching to that place that is
never reached. But they climb on broken
keys that scream on the bones that
are so dull and shimmer in failings.

They endeavour to reach a place that
is beyond there influence. The charcoal
keys are the prolonged motions of a place
where they linger in echoing silent screams.

Mister J Sep 2017

Your silhouette stays
Even when you're gone from me
The pain still lingers

Thoughts running wild..
M Aug 2017

I wished to fuck
I missed to go with luck
How I go down
And lick her tiny round.

I wished to finger
Inside and rolling linger
Deeper and longer thrust
While I hear her moaning lust.

I wished to kiss
French or tender list
Little by little I go underneath
Or later, you'll go playing with it.

Ahhh, the pleasure I have
How I missed to fuck someone I love

Because I am single for months and enjoying my time listing alone
Nylee Jul 2017

IT is there
just in front
but you can see it
from behind
the colours mismatch
eyes attract
but cannot focus it for more
but still linger over
not near , nor far
just staying there

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