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Andrew Layman Sep 29
If there's something else to salvage
other than those
savage feelings
that two people create
speak up
before our voices get too raw
and all that time spent together
becomes nothing at all.
miki Aug 9
the thought of you still lingers in my room
and every time i return
i am faced with the reality
that you’re never there.

so why can i still feel you in my bones?
-elixir- Jul 24
My dreams linger
like a tipsy
adventure of the
mind, That
encapsulates all
your love
and my rays of
I wish dreams could come true.
Amer Pelides May 18
You must endure life's test,
Don't keep your fears in your breast,
You must give them a sign,
That you will be fine,
That you are able to tinker,
And not really linger,
Have some cheer,
For you are near,
To the end of the road,
So you may unburden your load.
N Mar 15
My fingers used to
always smell of her,
her scent would linger
on my clothes for days

Now that she has left,
my fingers reek of cigarettes,
and my clothes remain unwashed

All I want is for my skin to
absorb her scent once again

But this is not a poem,
and she has changed her perfume
I feel vulnerable
My heart won't calm down
And it's the strongest part of me
But it latches on too quickly
So help me
Satisfy me to linger
Cheyenne Nov 2019
Every time I swear I'm over it,
Something reminds me
I ain't over ****.
c Oct 2019
I’m not afraid of ghosts
But I don’t like the way things linger
Like laughter
Or cologne
Or the feel of your skin on mine
Anastasia Sep 2019
there's something about you
that drives me insane
something about you
thats takes all the pain
something about you
soothing like rain
something about you
that lingers like a stain
there you are
in the back of my mind
every single second
every minute
all the time
waves crashing
against jagged rocks
im falling for you
i don't think i can stop
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