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Amber Feb 12
a lasting portrait that sways in your head
like the pendulum in a clock swinging every second
it was tormenting you
and— i lingered     still.
even though i’ve long left
it seems like my heart was still there
my mind trying to cut off strings of attachments
my heart clung onto

both of us saw each other at the corner of our eyes         again.
yet we look down and walk away
not even giving a smile but a “bye
you didn’t know your feelings
and up till now u still don’t
but i did.    
—from the very start i knew.
but yet knowing you, like i knew myself
i still expected a nicely wrapped gift
when u had let me down.

from another perspective/ replying to @childofgodyay (carelessly)
c Jan 23
You are not my ghost

I will not let you haunt
Your place in my soul
As if a shadow
Upon where I choose to tread

You cannot cling
To someone else’s voice
Or a color
I found
In a strangers eyes

It is not your place
To make me remember
Everything I can’t forget
Ken Pepiton Jan 19
Beyond bread and wine


one year later, I step into this in awe of

The quest mark
symbol of the snake facing west or east
standing on the point that sets the plain

so much meaning, so little time.

that's mortality, not life.

quest marked.
a point made
whose horizon meets mine
vanishing point of no return

death may be that idea.
beyond that

which lie will you allow?
which lie called lie is illegal? Be lief being
thy will being done by you
on earth whether
or not.

Will you let the liears lie? Lying ears?

was re a son in this mad man's stutter static

tune to tomorrow nonono live for today nonono

die, or don't --do or die

some old guy just looked you in the eye

winked. "zero beat, and wait for the signal."

[a cameo by Radioman of Judging Angels and
Unmazing Grace game fame, after the silence]
Going with the flow, it seems sensible, a syl lable at at time. Sillables have somethimg to to with lips, if you twist the babble legend and bake it in a PIE.
s v e n Jan 17
My feelings still linger
Towards you.
Still attached
To this idea of a what if-
That will never come true.
I know I confessed a thousand times
I know that
These scars on my heart will stay the same.
I also know that
How you view me will stay the same.

I can't help but hold on to a what if.
//Why can't I write more happy poems.
Karisa Brown Dec 2018
You never leave
I have you by the ear tip
Like a child's favorite story
Like its never gonna end

I can feel the feverish rush
Of your spins
And the calculous miracles
That we'd let in

You're never gonna leave me
Because you're forever emblazed
In my head

Because anytime your available
A thought of your body touches
My nerve endings
And I don't know whether
To answer or to dance

Because let's face it
You've got me
With tongues tips
Tasting forever happiness
And multiple desires
Ride off of expectations
Onto a cloud like Nine

Don't worry
We'll make it
Out alive
Or will we

Drowned in each
Others potions
Until our tongues
Melt together
And we become one

One touch
One word
Away from eternity
larni Nov 2018
my love,
don't forget me
or the moments that we had
even though, it's only temporary
i didn't want to say goodbye

i wish, i could have held you longer
felt the security of your embrace
my lips lingering on yours
your hands around my waist

i wish, i could have told you
right there, and in that moment
how happy, being with you makes me
how each day,
my love for you, grows

i lie here, curled up
in a cold and empty bed
a river, rolling down my cheeks
my heart aching, longing
to be with you,
once again

lying here i feel your absence,
a part of my soul is missing
in the depth of my despair, i wonder
do you feel,
the same emptiness inside?

i never thought it possible
to find someone,
who is so perfect
who makes me feel, the way you do
so loved and supported
so safe and so secure,

you love and understand me
and look beyond the shadows
you believe in me,
see the person, i could be
more than anyone i've ever known

i give it to you, my love
my weary, and broken heart
tenderly and cautiously,
you cradle it
in it's current fragile state

my love, i struggle
in these days gone by
to be so far away from you,
once i return
into your arms
i never want to be apart

with you, i want to make memories
to spend our lives together
have a family, travel the world
and our love to last forever
Qwn Nov 2018
Sadness lingers over my head,
my whole being grieves
for the loss that I've not yet witnessed.
An ache claims my blood and bones
and I am reminded
again of how fragile I really am.
jg Oct 2018
You ask why I no longer write,
But how on Earth am I supposed to?
The parts you took from me were the best
that I could do

The day you slowly flew,
from the utter mess of what we were,
from me and my life,
You took what used to be a joyful soul
before the wound
of your manipulative knife,
And you left it here
to rue seeing nothing
but black and blue.

You ask why I no longer write,
But you still miss to understand;
You have taken with you my fragile arms
through your deceitful but compelling charms,

You have taken with you my sensible and thin fingers
With the way your body used to linger,
Millimeters away from mine,
just enough to make it impossible for me to live without.

And you still ask why I no longer write...
This has been so far, my favorite poem of mine. That is why im reposting it. Hope you enjoy!
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