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Malia Jan 18
Got a
Weak mind
Weak heart
Weak fingers,
So I let it all
Slip right by
But still, sometimes
It lingers.
George Krokos Nov 2023
Money can be like water as it flows through our hands
and the more we have to do with it the more it demands.
Money seems like water as it passes between our fingers
and the longer we have to deal with it the more it lingers.
Money is like water as it's grasped with our hands
and the firmer we hold it the more it withstands.
Written in 2020
A comparison of money to water in 3 couplets.
Man Nov 2023
The many that I had accepted
Beyond my control, far from being able to affect any change
Are not nearly as important
As those I forgot, or chose to let linger and fade.
And new ones come up to chase everyday,
It's true what they say;
The more things change, the more
They remain the same.
Alternate the moves, change the pace-
Still the same tango:
Dancing in place
Crow May 2022
do not hurry

let your shoes rest
one upside down
the other upright

beside the chair
where your toes
pushed them from your feet

your skirt and blouse
draped across the couch
as you dropped them

leave them there
a little longer
one for the other
not quite touching

let your purse lay

fallen on its side
spilling your lipstick
and sunglasses
across the floor


do not take the colors away
from the world
by your absence

not quite yet


give me a moment
to inhale you
one more time

close your eyes

and linger
Moratory - Of or pertaining to delay.
Kaliya Skye May 2022
lately, it seems when you call you speak you mind,
motion to hang up before i can even consider mine.
do i exist simply as a gateway for you to speak?

my lover leaves me lonely,
my best friend soon to be alone on a plane
back home to me; tape him up in bubblewrap
beg him never to leave

so much time is spent in this room
isolated enough to warrant yellow paper
still, the textured white walls seem sentimental
they do not feel as big as the bed

it is so lonely without you, darling
but even when you are here,
it remains so empty
i reach for you in the night.

try as i may, even when you linger
you are so far, my darling,
too far to reach; too far to hold.

and i find you only see me once i turn away.
is it my eyes that alarm you, so full of emotion?
or do you want me just close enough for warmth,
but not close enough to listen to?

the broken furniture holds your motion,
still are the shadows that hold your shape,
and i cling to the pillow that isn't quite your length
but it will let me hold it; it will let me love

i picture you in the shower,
borrowing shampoo, speaking of coconut cream
and my dreams are only tinted memories
are you leaving me in the chill of the air conditioning?

perhaps i'll never know until you finally close the door;
the season has only just begun, my darling
there are so many half hours still to yearn for you;
i'll be quiet and laugh at your commentary until the credits roll

i'll quietly await the sudden goodbye.
distance is a feeling; not a measurement.
Danielle Jan 2022
She was walking towards the river with her feet bare and her white silk disassembled; they said she was a loathed cathedral of despair as a ruined, beloved garden,  she is all that is left.

Will you hold my hands  or leave me?
Should I wait until we're together?

she sang her lullaby as she let her body float.  while she holds her sweet eulogies, it’s all what she has, gazing upon the sky, giving in at the temptation.

please don’t make me wait forever

the words linger in the water as her breath goes into oblivion.
Danielle Aug 2021
My nights have never been so fragile
until my words traces my heart
and tears filled up its meaning—

this is how a little shipwreck
can sink me.

I hope you know  
how much I wanted to tell you
how beautiful the stars
as you are.

How I attach you on every story I know about the sea
and how much light you fill in me, I couldn't bear to lose it.

My words will always find you
and will lingers in me;
you have always been a part of it.
I've been crying on "Reaching out" so I made a little words on it.
Man Mar 2021
to the man donned in black
to the woman with no spine
and a broken back
you work in slumber
with eyes unopened
to life's beauty
you have only spoken
brief talks betwixt dreams
stiffened, when awoken
of thoughts that linger a ways away
in a land of virtue
reminiscent of tolkien
jǫrð Dec 2020
I do what you do
Linger and loom like colors
On the horizon
The History: You procrastinate when it's time to go. Maybe you don't want to show that you've got nowhere to be? Same buddy.
whenever i close my eyes
your façade lingers on my mind
rather than feeling ecstatic
my emotions are deprived
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