Nylee Jul 16

IT is there
just in front
but you can see it
from behind
the colours mismatch
eyes attract
but cannot focus it for more
but still linger over
not near , nor far
just staying there

Paul Jones Dec 2015

In the hem and haw     of hesitation,
a lull of cloud hangs     low and lingering.


You swam through my dreams like a dolphin
Then stomped on my hopes like a stallion
You answered my prayers like an angel
But you turned out to be just a devil


So why do I miss you?
Please tell me why
How hard can it be
To let bygones go by?

If you’re really the devil
That answered my prayers
And haunted my dreams
Then where are you now?

I should not allow
Your memory to linger
But my hopes are like dust
Just slipping through my fingers

I’d like to let go
And drift through the air
But I don’t have a prayer
When you’re always right there

The rain can stop falling
On this hallowed ground
Any day now
I’m bound to escape

But your binding reach
Inside my mind
Won’t let me go easy
The way that I’d like

There’s no turning back
Or turning around
So you’re welcome to temp me
Through the distance we’ve found

No animosity here ;)
Daria May 12

You escaped our paradise to risk your own happiness,
I stood on that third floor, numbing my heart,
Covering her eyes to shield from your betrayal.

She felt your touch linger as your fingers slipped through,
I froze all the tears that persisted to fall from my eyes,
Disguising my ice rivers as the spring breeze.

Our Kingdom fell apart as you slammed the door,
Her love strong enough for walls not to collapse,
We stood there in silence as you desert true love.

These emotions are still as real as they were two years ago.
Steve Page May 4

Unplug yourself and in that stark still shade linger eyes-wide under His gentle gaze and let Him examine and explore your innermost longings and there you can share in the glory of His imaginings.  And as you linger, stay still longer, allow Him to thread through the laughter of the warm flickering shadows of hearth and home, let Him give voice and shape and colour to every faint ember and let your spirit soar with His through every new door that He has in store for you and yours.

Linger then soar.
Saint Titus Apr 18

The confusion collapses around me
A torrent of emotion barreling though members of the crowd
But it only takes a second

Now everything is clear


All I ever wanted was to be cut free
Is that as shallow as it seems?
In my heart
I know
No one will mourn
Only regret
For what could of been

You'll never know it
But i fought for you
I worked this breif day away
I sutured the pain
I sewed my mouth
And threw my soul
All of this
To gain or regain

Now no one knows
And yet they care
Or i know they would've
Had they seen me

As this here, or, my world
Is pulled undone and beams of light
Pierce the darkness and my eyes
Lifting up
I've yet so much to do
Help me

Kevin M Ryan Mar 25

Yeah, we still talk every so often, but, it's like, hard for both of us, I guess -
At first, after she said she didn't want a
relationship, she was like - "Kev, I still want to be your friend."

Of course, I didn't argue with that, I wanted every bit of you I could hold on to-

But, now, I feel like you regret saying that- Anyway, why would you want to be friends with me when you know I still want to be more than friends? I wouldn't want that...

So, now, 8 years later, you're still the only one I truly ever wanted-

I text you, every-so-often, because, I want you to have me as the friend you wanted -  You hardly reply...

One time, I went a year, or even more, without reaching out, and, I got nothing from you, then, one year, on your birthday, I finally broke down and texted you, you seemed so happy to hear from me; you were excited even, you said: "I really missed you." I was ready to feel that excitement, it was taken from me when you said you were celebrating with your new boyfriend, what a blow, but yeah, good, you're happy

This whole fucking thing has been, me, straining to grasp a lingering Heat, can it, might it, Vent?

Now, again, you say you want to be friends, do things, but, when you can, like, see Conor Oberst, Prospect Park, because your better boyfriend doesn't like him - well, you have the convenience of me to go with, but I'm not, quite, good enough, not like those goofy fucks who are better for you-

I still try, and I feel like an annoyance if it's not when, how, you want it, so, why do I still love you? why do I still love you? I'll probably disappear again, soon, but you? no, I can't see that...

Thoughts of you linger, time with you is instantaneous.
Alone was a whose beauty only I could ponder.
Loneliness, an elephant in the corner of my mind.
Loneliness, a ferocious beast keeping them out.
Keeping me in.

Lady Bird Feb 16

with each gust of gloom
transparent emotions flow
a whistling tender breeze
lingering a lonely rhythm

realigning clouds of smog  
hovering tattering trees
leaving behind a silhouette
absorbing shadows of sorrow

all alone a locked heart
searching for unknown hope
humming the bitter dreams
of a darkened and lost soul

Inspiring Image --- https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-5bj-ORjV8JM/WKTwZoPWm7I/AAAAAAAAEhs/gyBtkpDVUIoGEKqcdp4aJkq3P6naJIZyACLcB/s1600/000seasrcgesShe.JPG
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