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David Adeniyi Aug 2018
I am yet to know what makes me wonder!
blitheness in a fleeting view which takes hold
so clear I can see the glitz in her eyes
her facile gait dazzled my eyes!
But I watched on mesmerized
as she walked down the aisle
careful not to raise a huff...
Shofi Ahmed Jun 2017
Little earth is on the radar,
under the starry net.
Take a handful of soil,
only gauging a star’s gait.

Try once more can't do it
without the star above,
keeping a tab on the land,
on every birth and trait.
Baylee Sep 2015
She sits with one leg
Crossed over the other,
Her hair is parted
But not enough to be
Considered a side-part.
Her smile is a little crooked
Because of a surgery she had
Years ago.
Her gait is a little awkward,
Especially when she runs,
And her hips aren't nearly
As wide as her personality.
She has a birth mark that
Most people would not
Say is aesthetically pleasing,
But regardless of her imperfections,
She is perfect to me.

— The End —