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Monisha Jun 13
I am a coffee mug,
Earthy, clayey, rotund and pouty.

I feel loved, embraced and wanted by you most times, other times I wonder.

I would rather be in your hands, kissing your lips and at least by your side in the outdoors or by the soft yellow light by your bedside where you linger with me and the brew lost in your thoughts or a beautiful book.

I live in harmony with your favourite blue wooden tray- my carriage, the small silver spoon- to stir up a storm and create music in me, and that cane worn out coaster that fits my round ample bottoms  so well.

I dream of holding magical coffee brews from lands close and far, dark.
Robust, wholesome that would make you moan in delight.

I sometimes dread that you read too much in wellness and what if you get influenced to drink less of coffee and fill me up with some detox potion, oh I worry about that so!

I am so majestic, grand and covetable and you love me so, so many options you have,
but to me is always where you go.

I stay awake humming while you sleep, in the morning I pour love into my crevices to welcome the brew just right for you.

The best thing I have done is to never give up on you but I just reciprocate what you do too💕

I sometimes carried brews so yucky for  you,
Despite your love, I feel guilty of needing constant validation from you.

My favourite time is bringing in the dawn together with you or watching the rain while you lovingly caress me watching the pitter patter of  raindrops on your windowsill.

The point of my life is to spread joy and give lovingly and empty myself for you.

I would like to be remembered as your forever favourite, giving, loving, being held till my last crack and then you make me into art to lie by your bedside  as your favourite coaster to welcome the new one
but I will be your forever one☕️
Brew-tea-ful start to your day!
L May 28
If you say to me, "I need you", it's not a weakness.
It is a giving.
It is
   a trust in me to know, and I know;
You love me and choose to depend on me.
Because--  you could fetch the cup of water
  yourself, with your strong legs, your long legs, or
You could ask me,
Sitting on the writing desk we put somewhere in the living room.
   Next to the kitchen, my love, next to the kitchen.
(Because when I write, I like to watch you cook)

You could ask me, to reach,
for the cup, with my short legs.
You could ask me because we know, and we know,
You love me and choose to depend on me.

I will reach for the cup. I will reach for the cup because I love you
and I know, I know, when you say you need me,
it is a giving.
emma Apr 29
he started as a means to escape
but now
I can't seem to escape from him
emma Apr 28
i'm tied
i've tried to cut this string
that attaches me to you
but the knotted rope is too thick
and my scissors too dull
the ones who love you will help you find sharp scissors
Jason Mar 3
Ah shiny approval,

Warm and soothing on the skin,

Absorbed like a lizard,

When one is hypervigilant.
©03/02/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved

Thanks for all the love HP!
Muddled yet accountable.
Sober yet lively.
Impassive yet doting.
Mixed bag of traits
define him.
Bowlful of big hearted fondness
he carries to embrace all.
Conviviality and amiability
are his favourite words.
Pile of rendezvous,
easy reach outlook,
entangles him in a maze.
Still an apple of everyone's eye and
quite a loved soul.
Being you and always there,
with joy I proclaim,
cuddling happiness and ease.
Best of our camaraderie,
brimming with our fond memoirs
is yet to be savoured.
Attachment and affection remains,
Love, regard grows each day, to remain forever.
Blessed to have you brother, friend!!
June Feb 6
falling under your spell
like an insect attracted to light

catching feelings
like people are catching flights

getting attached to you
like a limpet sticks to a dogs fur

breaking like a branch
hitting the ground after a big storm

empty like a dried up river
gone to ruin from unrelenting heat
That's what happens every single time - it's like an never ending circle
Shannon Soeganda Dec 2020
You dismantled my ego like how she broke my heart.


your boundaries,

and your strong sense of self.

Allow me to detach from us.
It's never pleasant to work on our unhealed, anxious attachment style. I truly detest my irrational fear of abandonment. But at least I'm facing it now, and not running away from it.
NAL Nov 2020
I would never touch another boy after you,
even though I know you'd touch another girl
after me.
I could never speak of my skeletons with
utmost confidence to anyone as I had once
confided in you.

I'd let you continuously mortify me, persistently
neglect me, repeatedly abuse me-- whether it be physical
or emotional-- constantly suffocate me within your toxicity.
I'd let you bend my morals and rewire my mind,
just as long as you'd call me, "mine."

In all honesty- I'd let you reinvent me just to be a part of you.
Even the inventor, Vincent Price, within Edward Scissorhands
wasn't as foul as you to his creation;
at least he cared enough to not continually misuse his design;
but this isn't a movie and not everything ends in a happy ending.
{draft} 09/20/20 - the ghost of you lives in my soul; abusing me until I can't walk anymore.
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