Our hopes and dreams may
Go up in smoke.
But, if we look back on our lives
Our hopes and dreams
Might have actually been
Letting go of them
Provides space
For more REALISTIC Aspirations!

awe Jun 27

is it possible
to be so madly in love with someone
and then
the love you once shared
could soon fade away..
this is one of the saddest truths
acceptance of this
also has to come into play
knowing this helps prevent
extreme attatchment
the real question is though
are they worth suffering for...
if you find that they arent
go on your way
but if they are
prepare your heart and mind
for an emotional
possibly making it worth your while
in the end

simply old thoughts..
Cristi Jun 24


To avoid it as much as possible;
Nothing or no one is guaranteed to last forever.
One must avoid materialistic ambition and luxurious desires,
Blink and rub away their hungry, money signed eyes.
Greed and longing for possessions that are often obtained
To impress people that do not appreciate your worth
For one could never place a numerical value
On the breathtaking






One cannot rely on another for happiness;
For people may leave you, abandon you, hurt you.
You cannot ever truly know someone's thoughts and feelings;
Whether their ill intentions and snake eyes are hidden well
Behind pearly whites and cold, empty embraces.  
Those who you would gladly endure hardships for,
Bleed, cry, sweat, fight, suffer for,
Could abandon or betray you whenever they choose;
Thus, ultimately



            ­                                  truly



For you will always be there for you;
A simple guarantee that is overlooked and forgotten
As one's perspective shifts from minimalism to materialism.
Love the way you capture thoughts and ideas,
   The way you intertwine two differing sides of your brain with ease
   Intelligence, creativity, peculiarity and individuality is exercised
   In the imagination of your bewildering, complex mind.
Love the way your physical body safeguards your well-being,
   The way it coats the essence of your being in a protective shell
   Like the undying tenderness each speck of stardust
   Has for the immensely astonishing galaxy that it composes.
Love the way you are able to feel raw, passionate love
   That pricks and tugs at your delicate heart strings
   And gallops down each vertebrae of your spine
   In a jolt so vigorous that your mind, body, and spirit
   Unite to form an explosive feeling that can only be experienced
   When you watch her jaw drop in awe at the beauty that is




          ­                                    sunrise.


I become deeply infatuated, captivated, inspired
At the intricate beauty that constructs a single being.
It may just simply be my tendency to pay attention to detail
As a perfectionist's mind can appreciate small things
Oftentimes timidly, quietly, and from afar,
But nonetheless immensely deep and passionately
To the point where I cannot find words for such beauty;
The most I can do is curl the corners of my mouth upwards
And allow an exhilarated sigh to




         ­                                     lips.


Hopes, dreams, fears, thoughts, personalities, quirks, mannerisms;
Every single aspect of a being who I am blessed to exist with
Sparks a curiosity in me that is unmoved and insatiable.
It gently takes my hand and journeys me through an alluring dance
Of exploration, adoration, and understanding
Spinning and swaying to music that reverberated in our unified soul,
Who's tune and melody sparked and crackled
Magma and fire in our core,
Who's beat and rhythm soothed and eased
Streams of water through our veins
Until we








I have never felt so free,

So happy,

So alive.

Lindsey Tyne Jun 12

I remember when I named you "scary",
all my bruises were in the shape of a heart,
and your fist felt like true love.

I remember when I named you "sorry",
you washed my hair with your tears,
and the stories of your parent's basement hurt more than my pain.

I remember when I sent you to prison.

I remember when I named you "I want you in my life",
the boys I tried to replace you with never sufficed,
and how I still cling onto them for dear life.

Aubrie M May 4

As a cloud,
I shape myself into
what you want to see

Eager to evoke, dreams
And sunshine, providing
Warmth for your sake

But I just cast cold shadows.

Maybe I’m selfish,
Trying to anchor myself
To you with string

I am
only air, forever drifting
as a breeze - thread won’t keep me

so let go already.

still trying to revise... needs stronger imagery...

Deep inside
Somewhere at the bottom of heart,
somewhere in mind
a thought runs,
a feeling remains
There is this thing called love for life,
which ceases to die.

A sense of attachment makes a way for sense of understanding
Responsibilty comes next on the list of priority,
then comes possession,
a feeling that can neither be ignored,
nor can it be denied.

Till now I was part of team,
however, as of now I want to lead the same.

So if you want to be a leader nothing wrong in it,
but always understand responsibility brings along with it a sense of trust that needs to be developed on own,
by one's own experience.

There is nothing of myself I wanted to hold onto
That I have not let go
There is nothing of others I wanted to let go
That I have not held onto

People leave
When they've found someone to go home with
And I'm
At the back of some line
Forgetting the words that I thought
Would lay me down to sleep,
With someone my soul to keep
And the further I climb
Into some state
Another beer
Another chance
I don't want to play these games
And yet, they're the only games to play
I'll edit later
I'll write now
And subvert some piece of myself
That I thought was myself
And collapse into words
That stave off some lack
That only plagues me when I'm here
A catch 22
That lives here too
And makes the minutes seems slow
Slower still when I break off
And shield my face
A half blush
Half engineered
And half pleading
Two halves to a whole
Of one half, split from the beginning
To walk forever
Stupid dancefloors in search of some
Four hours
And 4am
I wrote about midnight
About a lack and about to go home
But I stayed for five minutes longer
And I waited by the bar
To make some small talk
To glean some hope or at least some denial
And then someone else was there
I won't say "you"
Because I'm drunk and because that means my attachment is both disingenuous and frighteningly real
And because of that
I'm four hours late
Left to walk home after a kiss and hours and another kiss
I'm allowed to not know who I am
I'm obligated to perceive the present
Without attachment to the future
And I hope that I forget any mention of "you"
And that
In the morning
When you made clear I should call
That you are just you
And that I shouldn't be too me
I hope that I remember this
I am disappointed that your lipstick didn't stain

Julie Mar 21

the fleeting signs of an unrequited love
cross my mind
feelings filled with regret
how did i let it come to this?
got attached way too quick
the opposite of bliss
of a feeling i miss

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