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Unified approach Nov 2014
Dream or reality there is no eternal bliss,
Even all joyous state will eventually cease
It is important to remind and to think
That change in life could happen faster than a blink
 And so live everyday, like it's your last, 
A day makes a year and it goes by fast.
Devoid from attachment
Recognize all things as illusion
Even our mere existence as a human
In love
You become
A prisoner
You don't want
To be free
Genre: Observational
Theme: Paradox
I did my best and you barely saw me
I did my worst and you disappeared
I noticed your best and worst
You noticed the random in betweens
With unspoken words being your specialty
That deceived me into staying
And I see where I overstayed but comfort drove me in again and again
Nylee Jul 23
the world suffers with and without me
all things take shape in the way it was meant to be
my attachment to it could affect only me
it breaks me when I am apart from it
when I am not part of bigger things
and they surround me.

not included in movements
missing out on various moments
loss being heavy on me
and tasting the feeling of envy
I like and dislike this and that
but no one ask me of what I think
every one has thoughts of their own
and things are working out just fine.

a disconnected environment
in a deeply wired mess
nothing works as expected
more or less.
What is love we speak of?...
We all search in our hearts and others for that wonderful feeling called "love"...but truly, come on...where is it?
We have this feeling as if we know what love is like or can imagine how it feels, it feels **** good.
But when we get involved with another person and want to give our all or trust unto their hearts and lock it forever somehow they seem to find a way to shatter your heart of glass.
Sweep it with your tears but it will cut your eyes and make them bleed more once you catch em cheat'n.
But why do we all become beasts filled with hatred on the one you wanted to love forever...or they do the same unto you.
We all just want to be loved, somewhere, somehow sometime...
What is love? and where is the love we want?
Other's are married and cheat'n but maybe they shouldn't of married or the one they married was really meant for you.
Sometimes the one we are in love with or should be with are so far away by distance.
Or maybe their no longer here, but we find duplicate versions of a person we can't have.
Why is love hard, love is peace but strains the heart.
Abraham Jul 2
My heart does not attach
(to what it cannot have)
my mind does not ask
(what it cannot know)
my body does not shake
(beneath your hips and thighs)
God presses into this room
God presses into this room
through the spaces in the blinds.
Isaac Jun 16
Silence is scary because it means all your thoughts remain in your head
Femme Fatale, black widow waiting for the vibrations of the web
Insecure in my feelings I weep, grand dreams of being wed
But too often the bridesmaid but that is beside me

I just wish I never followed this path again
I could've trusted my intuition and not the way you led
Instead of harboring my ocean inside, I freeze
Focus on anything, the trees, the buzzing bees
But time after time I can feel you creep into my head
My emotional seas uprooted by your breeze
Reminding me of your touch, the way you breathe, the lack

Hoping finally the key I need would come to me
Open me up like a door exposing my heart to the floor
After years of leave, frozen perfectly
You exposed me to everything, now my body needs

Maybe I tried escaping myself by diving into you
But how I forget that you simply a mirror
Showcasing my biggest fear... myself
Sweet like a lollipop but the red was a warning
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