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Dashalynn Jun 28
Sheltered by your warm embrace
I lie with you  like I’ve died
When in fact I’ve never felt more alive
I watched as the moonlight danced upon your skin
Glistening under the starlight
I held you close,
I couldn’t help but think
The smell of you is simply intoxicating
Donna Jun 24
thanks for your loves and
likes and kind messages on
my Daily Poem

tis a honour to
be part of a wonderful
community , you

all make me smile wide
and inspire me lots , bless
you all lovely souls
Johnny walker Jun 21
I stood at the cross roads of life wondering which one to walk so I closed my eyes and just started walking the nearest road to
For most of my life I've walked through blind often not really wanting to see for It pained me to see all the troubles of
Most of which I'm glad I didn't see but the road that I chose was the road that led to my wife to be Oh how strange life can
for I had Chosen another road to walk I wouldn't be writing about my wife wouldn't had all those good times and It's down to a question
a simple one
Johnny walker Jun 19
I've seen things  I never thought I'd live see done things I still regrets that have led me back to
where I'm standing
Made so many mistakes lost count of how many
to many words I've said I
never really meant to really
but all to late to change
It now once Its Is all said and done to many wrongs
never had a chance to put right
Johnny walker Jun 16
As a kid I had a dream just one dream that finding my dream girl not one night stands or brief
But a real relationship
true love many years from then my dream became reality
I met and fell In love with
girl I knew from my childhood Helen was her name
Oh so pretty she was, eyes that could say more In a glance Helen had come to bed
Her voice so **** and a oh
so wicked but naughty
laugh everybody
loved my
We got married she gifted
me a beautiful son all was looking rosey
for what I didn't see was coming around the
a year Into our marriage
Helen she became seriously
But our love was so strong
It keep us together throughout our twenty
Till she was called by God
she had to go and make that walk toward the light It was over
When I was growing up as a kid I had a dream to meet a girl fall In love unlike my mates I didn't want brief affairs one night stands but a real relationship
true love
How many dreams can
I hold In my head before
my dreams start to
So how many memories
can be held In my thoughts before I begin to
I just don't really know so many  memories of you
do I have so
the answers to my question I guess
I'll never
I am many things.
a beast of burden.
I am everything.
painful consciousness.

I am pain.
I am detriment
to my own health,
as well as
I am detriment
to my others.

What do I want?
Alexandria fell.
For what more could I want?

Then, may the flame
burn, ad infinitum,
inhale human conquest.

What do I want?
To keep grandiosity
from obtaining starships.


Just turn to dust,
As is the prophecy,
Happy the motes
ever did arrange.
Johnny walker May 13
Through old age I seem to live In world of confusion
can't work the simplest
thing out not like I used
Sad to the feel the ability to
do what once seemed so simple slowly slipping away
ever decreasing
Where I used to walk miles once I could run like the wind but now walk with the of two crutches for my walking down to a
I'm left wondering to where did all go robbed of your dignity when you lose all of your pride and
nowhere to
Little by little all Is slowly taken away and each day you notice another ability has gone bit by bit your losing
The world you once put so much Into quickly forgets you as If you were never excisted you just fade
At the end your days If your are lucky you pass peaceful whilst
you are asleep that all you can ask family and friends come to your funeral to pay there
and then life just move on but with Helen It was to be different for I've keep her alve In the
I write dedications to her life so she will always be remembered long after I'm gone for she has a perminate  mark In
All that we make of ourselves between birth and death when we die Is all forgotten just a cross or a headstone to say we were here but written about Helen so she will be known to as many countries as I could because truly loved her and still do now long after she passed on bless her soul
Johnny walker May 11
I drive home from town usually about midday having had  a coffee and bacon bap then to shut myself away
closing my
to world outside then fall to sleep on my bed safe and warm wrapped In a blanket of dreams of my sweetheart
and stay there to very next day when I repeat all of this over again but safe on my bed for
I'm untouchable from danger and worries that lurk outside my
safely wrapped In a warm blanket of so many memories and dreams of Helen the sweetest girl that I'd ever
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