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As abundant as specks of sand in the dessert
As frail as a towering sand castle in a beach
Countless times we enter the cycle of death and birth
No matter how we desire, eternity we won’t reach

People need to find happiness in this brief life of ours
Different beginnings but still collapse in death’s embrace
We don’t need to count our years, months, days and hours
This is a limited life to enjoy, this isn’t a timed race

Nothing is ever built to last
All lives will fade, all metals will rust
Even celestial worlds will wane
For destruction is creation’s bane

In an hourglass watching the falling sand
One by one, grain by grain, and second by second
I feel sadness for our inevitable fate
No matter the happiness, this sadness won’t sate

In every walk of life there are many reasons
A reason for every step
Though there are only four seasons
In between them we smile, we live, we weep

I keep walking in resignation
And continue life in indignation
Life is my wonderful loan
While death is my due after I’ve grown

I have begun from a cry
Time pass, like a fleeting cloud that has flown
Living until on death’s bed lie
Then ending life with a groan
Tell me,
How many sips does it take,
How many puffs does it take,
How many pills does it take,
How many cuts does it take,
How many attempts does it take,
To feel the way I do?
To hurt the way i do?
To be the way i am?
Waters of Visualizations flow through my soul
Slumbering, peacefully, winds of energies from afar
The call and whisk me away
To those astral planes allowing us to walk
and travel without tolls. without limitations.
As I touched your hands and I looked into your eyes
Your face appeared that it was not of this Earth
It was Human in looks and her beauty was quite breathtaking
She spoke in a language which seemed as if it were from ancient times.
Beautiful sounding words.
At first, my brain could not comprehend the messages that she was trying to convey to me
After holding her right hand, a glow, to my temple
A short while later...in talk and in understandings of each other
We had no limitations and were free.
She spoke of the lack of appreciation
For the gifts of being placed in a new and beautiful world
Underappreciating the intelligence that "our family" was given
However, it had not dared to even tap within the childlike entry into such logic and learning.
How she reached out to me as I had been one of the few who tried to reach above this limits in which our family had been proud to watch me frow and overstep
I realized then.. we were not of this Earth.
We were a race from beyond the stars and were, to the openness to see such, were unwilling.
After strolling for what appeared to be many hours
It, was indeed many years on our real planet, which she spoke the name of "Xinix"
"Remain off course and watch the downfall of your world and extended family through useless wars and power greed. Refuse to see our true native tongue..not in words..but in telekinetic Communual Speech of Connected Minds."
"Spread the word. You have the brain knowledge I shared and the willingness to see our second planet grow. We shall always be in touch. Even past the measurement of stars...Through our Living Souls...
I know, Xenopus (your Xinic Race Name. To slow down or stop this infinite, childlike  insanity...or be the rescued while those about you destroy their own existence."
"I'll be looking after you."
The winds threw me back into my "ordinary and Logical World.."
This time, I "knew such travels were not of a dream"
As looking at my chest in the mirror - I saw the glowing blue heart beating from inside of me...
My true Family crest of one who Shall Help Teach the world. To those who would be able to understand and listen.
So I might be able to save, much more of our family, to reach the joining of a peaceful and loving race, true blue.
I had a weird Astral Travel (dream state). After awaking from this dream, I decided to share, such a miraculous message from it, with you - my loyal readers.
My home is a wasteland of cigarette butts and coffee cups
Help in repose for better mornings
Where a bitter taste in my throat lays dormant
And I think alone, in regret of nothing

As fresh pot brews and fag ignite, thumbing my finger ring.
Tracing back words in search for other purpose,
realizing secrets as regrettable burden.
Clear throat for first sip, and light a second cigarette.

It is not insomnia but rather being too bored to sleep.
It is not knowing what to do with your hands
When someone says they love you.
It is wanting to discuss film, art--
Hell, anything, with anyone--
Only to talk yourself down
Before the words escape your throat.
And yes, All the words come from there.
Some guttural utterance only heard for those that care.
That pesters you too.

All the nerves in all the world with all the words,
and there's nothing wrong with them in my head.
Passions intermix and weaken,
with every passing moment of thinking,
So I speak of Russian filmography,
mingle as hands press to small of your back.
In an instant, a stutter, a wide expression.
But my hands were always in my pockets anyway.

"Sometimes the curtains are just blue,"
An old professor told me once
From behind his olive green desk--
In front of a whiteboard that made him look small.
Curled over, I respected him more
For the fact that he knew
Nothing everything has a purpose.

Purpose is as purpose does, "I know I know nothing."
Pretentious is as we may be, sentences full of stuffing.
Like our shirts and puffing chests, teach me like you went to university.
Analyze in caffeinated anxiety every word ever said to me.
collaborative poem #2
"Many Conversations at Once" series, trading stanzas

There is no more room to wander,
within the wild, blue yonder.
All the skies and seas are dead to explore.
No new ports, forgotten resorts; a lack
of virgin shores for rich men to ravish,
in search of riches much more.
Sea-faring clime possessed on the backs of child,
rode as destiny manifest,
wrote during storm, through mild.
More words than shores coalesced.

But the words explode from me—
Like some powerful wave meant only
To wash things that should not be, away.
Every syllable hovering, quivering
At the corners of my mouth—
As they carry me to beaches where feet
walk less timid, walk with less freedom
than I could ever hope to possess.

If we must be in hope and wish for probity,
in the minds and hearts and waters at sea.
Lift from masthead our daughters and brides,
so they last instead until martrimony decree.
And when vows written in logs of Captain
are all we accomplish lead by sextant see.
All things are permissible deep in our dreams,
yet chapel bell is rung not by sexton, but me.

I am my own Captain—
Luring those splashing wanderers not to safety—
I lead them to drown with me.
The extra weight needed, begged for
So that we may appear as a sixteenth century painting
Brushes stroked in the last sip of black tea
to mimic some reality
Ive only touched myself to in sleep.

We are agasp toward bottoms, and fall from heights.
Whereas one of us sinks,
the other heaves into dives.
We are without fathom,
as water stings our eyes blind.
Struggle, you cannot lack fight, it will happen
whether you wish.
We are both rats, a Captain between us,
forgoing a sinking ship.
You abhor tradition in lieu to survive.

Set it afire,
So we can watch from underneath
As through some television screen
The world we knew, we know
rise up in smoke to signal no one.
collaborative poem i did with a friend for a poetry event
"Many Conversations At Once" -- We traded stanzas back and forth

Isaac Aug 5
Just as God created a world,
he also created a story.
It unfolds every day,
patient to reveal his glory.

The chapters of our lives
seem nonsensical from inside.

But time will reveal
a story that will heal
Every hurt and pain,
showing no suffering was in vain.
Set your hope on the promised day
when all evil will be washed away.
And all things will be made new,
including me and you!
Written 5 August 2018
Woke up this morning
How am I going to face this day.
With this pain in my legs
No cure
No pity
Told at the hospital can't do an operation
Just  have to put up with the misery of sore legs.
Arcassin B Jun 18
By Arcassin Burnham

I don't wanna leave, I don't wanna go,
But if you tell you nope , then this lil
joint I'll have to blow,
No code , no conduct,
Looking for that love,
I got no where to go , I guess I'll have to
look above.

Have me , I said take me, but you didn't
want my love,
I'm burning up inside , I'm heart broken
I know that I can't hide though,
I know I can't hide,
You got moving through 20 different
worlds at a time for ya,
Would lie for ya,
I'd die for ya.
I didn't wanna tame you in a world so cruel,
With a life so bad where the bad men
And the lights turn down , dimming my
soul dark,
I was here you would keep my heart,
Thats a little lame , but I digress,
I swear I would have been your very best,
So what do you say?

I don't wanna leave, I don't wanna go,
But if you tell you nope , then this lil
joint I'll have to blow,
No code , no conduct,
Looking for that love,
I got no where to go , I guess I'll have to
look above.

Constantine May 31
I feel like i know a lot
but i don't know
what day it is
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