By Arcassin Burnham

I don't wanna leave, I don't wanna go,
But if you tell you nope , then this lil
joint I'll have to blow,
No code , no conduct,
Looking for that love,
I got no where to go , I guess I'll have to
look above.

Have me , I said take me, but you didn't
want my love,
I'm burning up inside , I'm heart broken
I know that I can't hide though,
I know I can't hide,
You got moving through 20 different
worlds at a time for ya,
Would lie for ya,
I'd die for ya.
I didn't wanna tame you in a world so cruel,
With a life so bad where the bad men
And the lights turn down , dimming my
soul dark,
I was here you would keep my heart,
Thats a little lame , but I digress,
I swear I would have been your very best,
So what do you say?

I don't wanna leave, I don't wanna go,
But if you tell you nope , then this lil
joint I'll have to blow,
No code , no conduct,
Looking for that love,
I got no where to go , I guess I'll have to
look above.
Tony Cortez Jun 6
I think I'm blowing this out of proportion
I think I'm going insane
I was use to the routine of talking to you and loving you and this is making me feel lonely now

I think I'm overreacting to the situation
It feels like you don't care about me anymore and you're keeping yourself distant

I know deep down this is not true, but my darkness won't leave me alone
I think I need you today but your not here

this is probably payback for a week ago

Where I was unable to save you, that still hurts
All these thoughts and feelings are messing me up
I just want her to be happy even if that means giving up everything that I am

It seems like all my poems are just about her and I'd be lying if I said I wanted to change

In many ways more then one I idolize her and I know she is my savior I'm just hurt and disappointed I couldn't be the same for her

I love you babe
I hope you can forgive these thoughts as well as any before I may have written

I feel numb and lost without you
Because your my hope and dreams
Constantine May 31
I feel like i know a lot
but i don't know
what day it is
Many are mine,
in words only!
An attempt to write 6 words story
Vexren4000 May 18
Worlds losing,
Things that once meant so much,
through iron ages,
Times of bronze,
Copper mines,
And diamonds deep,
Humanity endlessly,
Searching for gold,
Minerals and metals,
Of value and vagueness,
Pulled up from the heart of earth,
To afford man,
No sense of peace.

Poetic T May 11
We were on an occupation of
            relative discerning,
crossing every bridge of
                            relative conviction.

But the rights of a singular formation,
               doesn't hold the morality of
a solitary standing.
            The glass was half full on our side,
                                                  never spilling.

But on that side every motion,
                    sided with the tears
   that eroded the path before us.
   Could our convulsions be stained.

But we were stead fast,
                 walking forth.
             Here comes our shame,
             here is the shame of our noose
             of ignorance.

That a half empty cup of emptiness
had more meaning than ours
                                              half filled.
But we walked further than out tether.
  And a cup half full, pulled a bridge down
                         with a fortitude of conviction.

"Just because a cup seems mostly full,
         the tears of a mostly half empty vessel
  can hold more weight and pull any bridge
                  of wrongness down in simple volume
Too many sick, seeping through my pores
Too many insects, they creep through beneath
Too many stolen, blown like the leaf
Millions, oh millions, they are my thief.

Too many hits, taken on the cheek
Too many times, stuffed up my rhymes
Too many aches, time after chimes
My words have fallen, locked up for their crimes

Why so many ended, but never time mended
Why so many lies, only turning into cries
Why so many spoken, but never fully awoken,
My vital organs left, unmended and broken

Why so many standing, with no kisses landing
Why so many pale, heat left all stale...
Why so many pining, for some underlying
See my face I beg you! see that I am... trying!
So I'm figuratively dying, but I just can't stop trying.
Seriously it's causing me, to even start crying.
Leaving me breathless, I even start whining
Helene Marie Apr 16
i'm not good
at emotions

my mind
is      foggy
with too many
to feel

my vision
with raindrops
that land
in my heart
and    seep    into
my brain
and cause my
to    run    wild

and my heart
shoots   out   sparks
like a firework
and i get so startled
that i

i find these
to be quite

but sometimes
they can be beautiful
to watch
maya Mar 5
For however many petals I've picked,
For however many spells I've wicked,
For however many clocks I've ticked,
For however many needles I've pricked,
I still think about you.
I still think about you but not in the same sense.
told me
to let
tear drops
in her
let us write
this beautiful line to hold up an

word dance
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