maya Mar 5
For however many petals I've picked,
For however many spells I've wicked,
For however many clocks I've ticked,
For however many needles I've pricked,
I still think about you.
I still think about you but not in the same sense.
told me
to let
tear drops
in her
let us write
this beautiful line to hold up an

word dance
Heidi Franke Mar 4
Many things going on around you.
Clothes hang on chairs, littered
Like valves of the heart hang
By cords in diastole
Waiting for blood
What do you care about?

I have too many clothes.
Poetic T Feb 23
It takes one star to guide me,
            but a million
     to momentarily lose myself within.

It takes one star to dream upon,
          but a million
     to lose it within mirages of self.

It takes one star to go out that,
        but a million
   still glow, but I miss that one the most.

*"We each have a star we gaze upon,
               Let it always flicker for you,
I am being crushed by the weight
Of warm cattails, two tons.
As the sun-kissed wooden fences make the world around me look grey- I suffocate.
take your

look mommy
those words made me
cream cone

how bout you mommy
did it make you wanna buy
ice cream

please mommy
don't take me
dirty field trip

Pearl smoke Jan 13
I Do Have a Light.
It hasn’t sparked yet .
When it does, it will be so bright .
When I free From
This sickness , il be somebody .
I have the potential
To achieve great things .
I’m intelligent.
When I break Free
My life will Experience
So many Amazing things.
Il make my self useful.
I Will be productive
People will then depend on me.
I’m an awesome person.
Unfortunately my life
Unfolded Differently than others.
That doesn’t mean I can’t get
Back on my feet & Level Up.
I might not be anyone right now .
Have Attractive features
Like drive , Work , Education.
I do have other Nice things to point out towards me .  
One day il rise .
Jim Musics Dec 2017
Do you, are you, have you?
(This is not free form poetry. Someone Must Pay!)

Live day to day with a illness that you know will soon kill you?
An adolescent coyote with lower intestine prolapse, ostracized by his pack?
Just been rammed head-on by the woman who swerved while trying unsuccessfully to avoid running over the Red Squirrel that you just avoided hitting?
Drilled a hole in your thumb while making a Christmas present?
Ripped off all the flesh from your knuckle while making a bracket to raise your CB antenna a little higher so that you can better help those in disaster areas?

No? OK then, stop whining and help somebody!
Just one happened to me. I glad of that.
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