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hannah Nov 24
Does it ever seem as though
Something has left you
To feel no more
As if your bones have slipped out
From beneath your skin
I am troubled
Willow Nov 15
Picture  a Rubix Cube.
Boxes fixed on an axel
Colored stickers plastered on each one.
If you are missing a piece,
The whole cube will fall apart.

The Cube will collapse.
Did you know?

In your mind, I bet the cube
Was shaped in a perfect box.
Symmetrical sides, 90 degree angels.
Maybe the colors in order, maybe not.
Either way, all parts in tact.

Picture a Rubix Cube.
Each box apart of me,
All Connected, with near infinite combinations.
Every side says something.
What can I show you next...

Is all in clarifying the question.
Why don't you just ask?

I am a Rubix Cube
And you will never solve me.

If you want to try
All you need to do is ask.

Just ask for the answer key!
One life, one wife,
One love, One Love.

Why one, Why one,
Why one, Why One?

      My Frustration is only matched
By my desire to be the One.

I am a contradiction to be watched
         a liar who wants to run.

I have been frustrated recently with the idea that we are to only commit to one person for our time here on earth. It is not that I do not find myself capable of loving one person through hardships, but rater because I want to love more than one person. I am far from being a polygamist, but I stand on the precipice between "for better and for worse" and from putting a relationship in a hearse.

This is a draft, and I'm looking for critiques and ideas.
bakunawa Oct 30
this poem is just about a bakeshop.
no allegories
no symbolisms
no idioms
no metaphors.

mother kneads the dough.
she does it so well.
pounding the white clay
with such masterful effort
her hands do not tire.
neither tires her arms.
neither her thighs tremble.
neither her smile
it charms.

mother had been standing there
untiringly since dawn.
and yet she does not stop.

it has been raining incessantly
ever since she woke up
and yet she does not stop.

not even a single costumer appeared
not a single knock on the door
and yet she does not stop.

daughter asked her out already
daughter asked her to close the shop

daughter always says
and with a lot of sense
watching mother work
simply is not worth
the miniscule sells

yet still she does not stop.

daughter asks mother
far too much.
she asks why mother is always smiling
she asks why mother works hard as such
she asks why mother why it was always raining

daughter asks mother
why no one is waiting at the counter?
daughter then followed
where is brother and father?
and finally daughter asks
why no one, for their shop, would bother?

to which mother just replied
"let us simply pray for better weather"
don't try to find an analysis
you wom't gain anything from asking anything
this is
the most blatant poem
you will read ever
just look at the title.
I want to be more than me
I want to rise above and conquer all
everything I do and see
everywhere, nev'r fail or fall

But I know it's unrealistic
to believe I'll never disappoint
beyond the light fantastic
my old and weakened joints

So I'll do what makes most sense
and mitigate my choice
save the many
and rue the few

Who no longer have
a voice
The needs of the many.....
and live in immense solitude
every day and every night every
hour and every minute in this world
and everyone is not in the world and in the dark
be alone every day
every day walking among people
and be and be alone forever
great loneliness among people
some people are about so many smiles on
their mouths but i only have grief in my eyes

and in this world I am eternal destiny and on this
in the light i'm an eternal hostage eternal prisoner
and please my cell is my prison
great my loneliness is long long
everlasting everlasting loneliness that never
did not begin and never ended
and that never comes to an end and
never come to the beginning so many years
and so many winters among the peaks and always one

Lyn-Purcell Sep 21

The few should never represent
the many.

No one, not even a celebrity, should speak for you or represent you.
Do that yourself. I'm speaking to every single race out there.
Because as soon as a celebrity says something you dislike or disagree with,
YOU are the ones who get all up in your feelings. Their mistakes should never represent a community as a whole. This is one of the many reasons why I stopped putting celebrities on pedestals.
Man, I'm so glad I now have downtime! ^^
Thank you guys so much for your patience!
Working on the Masked Bard series now!
Lyn ***
As abundant as specks of sand in the dessert
As frail as a towering sand castle in a beach
Countless times we enter the cycle of death and birth
No matter how we desire, eternity we won’t reach

People need to find happiness in this brief life of ours
Different beginnings but still collapse in death’s embrace
We don’t need to count our years, months, days and hours
This is a limited life to enjoy, this isn’t a timed race

Nothing is ever built to last
All lives will fade, all metals will rust
Even celestial worlds will wane
For destruction is creation’s bane

In an hourglass watching the falling sand
One by one, grain by grain, and second by second
I feel sadness for our inevitable fate
No matter the happiness, this sadness won’t sate

In every walk of life there are many reasons
A reason for every step
Though there are only four seasons
In between them we smile, we live, we weep

I keep walking in resignation
And continue life in indignation
Life is my wonderful loan
While death is my due after I’ve grown

I have begun from a cry
Time pass, like a fleeting cloud that has flown
Living until on death’s bed lie
Then ending life with a groan
Tell me,
How many sips does it take,
How many puffs does it take,
How many pills does it take,
How many cuts does it take,
How many attempts does it take,
To feel the way I do?
To hurt the way i do?
To be the way i am?
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