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Jeremy Betts Oct 2022
I followed the order handed over to the T, I swear, I checked every square inch of the interior in that musty, empty chamber as well as the outer perimeter
And, just to make sure to cover all of our bases, a land surveyor calculator was used so no one would have to return to confirm the number later
He soulda, woulda, coulda but didn't prepare for the worst,  should have taken ques from one of them openly mocked doomsday prepers
Just in the event there was no search and rescue coming together to push the radius wider
I'll say this, there's nothing you could compare to what was in there other than a twisted flair of a taboo desire for a living nightmare
Keeping it honest here, there was no proper way too decipher if pain or anger fed the monster in turn fueling the inner and outer warfare
After all this time the why is still unclear like an over exposed Bigfoot picture under the blur of an out of focus layer with the top half blacked out by a fat finger
It's mostly ever operator error, there's no proof of any attempt to even remove the lense cover
Resulting in snap shots that fully render the emptiness of a gut wrenching, heart breaking type of forever
Walking through the bare walled entry erected the neck hair, instantly on anticipatory high alert, predicting a jump scare
I'd never go back there but if you dare, prepare to soil your underwear, best to bring an extra pair
It's far eirrer in there than I imagined it'd be with the unbalanced nature of finding tragedy has bled into the comedy so frustration and the for mentioned anger seemed not only justified but fair
One might expect a shrill chill to fill the air befitting the general atmosphere likened to the hollow echo of an abandoned aviator hanger
There was an uneasy stillness in the helplessness seemingly coming from nowhere and everywhere
The nonconsentual caress of chaos looked to have been ramped up a gear, allowed to feast on the bounty of self loathing and fear
I don't know if you could consider one over the other being better while not sure who's the bigger threat, the dark passenger or driver?
Neither should have been allowed to steer especially after the request to hold so and so's beer
Looks like nothing penetrated the barrier inside each ear that, according to the guest sign in on the counter here, had been garded by a couple demon friends made during his very first winter
Just prior to the proverbial greener pasture being engulfed by an arsons fire lit by the land owner
And oh how it wreaked of dispair, heavily punctuated by the stench of failure
It lingered like a stocker predator peering over top the chip and bolder on what's been dubbed an unworthy shoulder
Progressively more violent as the one under investigation grew older, evidence shows a temper that consistently boiled over
The life destroyers lurkin' behind every door down a never ending corridor, waiting in the cover of darkness found around every corner
You don't know from where but can hear screams of terror as you pass a single motivational poster that reads, "being dead inside will allow for the skipping over of the coroner all together"
Buyer beware, this particular first stair is a header, the warnings couldn't have been clearer
A lack of empathy stains character but if lead by example it's plain to see why someone might refuse to care
Or would even know how to for that matter, solely focused only on the neighbor who's grass is forever advertised as greener
Didn't do the work on the personal endeavor so it didn't get any better, attitude towards it all seemed very cavalier
An obvious what not to do trend setter, a self proclaimed and locally agreed on idiot of the year
Missed all this YOLO banter, acting like a pop of the trunk would reveal a spare
Who's life is it really if you're not even a content creator in it much less the engineer
Come to think of it I don't recall that even bein' offered up to this poor sap as a qualifying career
It should be but that's neither here nor there, what's done is done and every other cliche you can pull out of the air
To put it simply, he wasn't known as a fighter so he threw in the towel and tossed innocence out with the bath water
The belief that life was beyond repair was a thought he struggled to alter, positivity was something he never learned how to gather, had a horrible teacher
It didn't help hearing a proper confirmation message from both a soothsayer and palm reader with no reassurance from his supposed maker
Proof that it's always safer to separate judge, jury and executioner, it's a no brainier
But he wore all three hats plus at his core was a sinner, it could've been his last meal every time he sat down for dinner
So he no doubt knew there was no scenario where a man like himself was gonna come out the winner
And now that I've seen the bizzar aftermath from every angle I can say with far more confidence than when I began to explore that I don't know how he managed to even get this far
The violence was real, the battles weren't staged, it raged on behind the fleshy mask he wore to keep us from witnessing the horror
But every day his anchor to a brighter reality got weaker, thoughts and surroundings becoming darker faster than he could remember from the days before
One can only be expected to hold on for so long when you're the nail trying to resist the hammer
He was neither hero nor imposter, just the next mother fuucker to fall victim to his own future
Man Jan 2021
sizzling hot, melted rock
rise up
from the earth, split twain
a cracked moon, breaking soon
resting neatly
the sky turns purple
the stars go out
it is night
for everything foreseeable
Beanie Jan 2021
There’s a siren wailing
And the man on TV
Keeps mentioning doomsday.
The newspaper headlines
All let us know it’s the end.
As the world crashes down
There is one comfort left.
I put on my favorite earrings,
The ones you bought me,
And you pull on your coat.
Taking you in my arms
Is all I have left,
So in this final evening,
This eleventh hour,
I bring you to dance in the streets,
To enjoy a final moment before
The show starts and the world ends.
I move in close to you,
And whisper my secrets in
Your ear, but my final secret
I press to your lips as
Our very essence is set aflame.
Inspired by a boy I like and the song "As the World Caves In" by Matt Maltese
Seranaea Jones Nov 2020

-No need in worrying about some huge
"Billiard God" situated behind the Moon
with a pool stick, thus rendering it possible
to count the lunar craters with relative ease
as it approaches Earth—

( they have already checked,
there is nobody back there )

-Best not concern ourselves about collisions
with dinosaur droppings laid in your path as
they stomp about in pursuit of small vehicles
for an easy meal—

( as they were effectively wiped off the face 
of this planet by the droppings of much
larger space rocks )

-Pointless babbling about Poseidon's
release of the Kraken upon our cities—

( as the Romans had abolished such religions
in favor of one palatable enough for the
populace to digest, as opposed to
being digested by said elements
of the aforementioned faith )

-And finally, no cause for alarm if your
particular candidate —for whatever office—
fails to receive enough votes to win his/her
seat in this year's Election, regardless of
your religious or political affiliations—

As This Country has seen
The End of the World
numerous times,

and Will Continue,
just like it has done
for many decades,


We have seen Worse...

© 2020

Amanda Kay Burke Sep 2020
After the doomsday
Our relationship
Wasn't much left

My heart turned into a barren wasteland
No signs of life

Zero survivors

All feelings that used to flood my body had fallen victim to the slow disease poisoning my flesh called heartbreak

There was a deadly epidemic
No emotion was spared
Widespread and timely demise
From the word "goodbye"

Now living through each day is torture

Within a huge desert landscape I roam
To find a way to repopulate my soul with happiness again

The apocalypse ended up being a real *****
Vindex Jul 2020
It had drizzled before
But this time, it was darker even more
Barely any light
This time it looks like it is going to pour
Nothing good in sight
Everything feels like a chore

This sun is away
It is getting darker every day
And the rain is getting harder

This feels like the center of the storm
Everything now feels warm
I now feel happier than ever
No feeling, whatever

Uh oh, the clouds are back
I stepped on a tack
Have an arch in my back
Got punched in the sack
Felt a smack
I need to attack
My life’s a wreck
Oh my neck

I have to think, got to focus
Or my life will go unnoticed
The rain is pounding even harder
My life is off kilter

O now I see the light
I am such a delight
It is getting better
I am now less wetter

Oh now the storm is back
I stepped on a tack
Have an arch in my back
Have I said this before
Oh, I’m a bore
Oh no, I’m not sad
I promise, I’m not sad
Look I’m smiling
I’m not crying

It’s just that the rain is piling
The clouds are compiling
Nothing is exciting
I’m simply surviving
No, I’m not lying
Wow was that lightning

The storm struck him
Now, it’s not so grim
Yes he died, he got fried
But please try to stay alive
Give your friends a yelp or a whelp
If you are struggling, go seek help
The discussions and recitations of my poems are on my YouTube channel Vindex's Vids
Vindex Jul 2020
Act fast
Leave now
You’re not the last
For the river is coming to plow

There’s a path
Yes right there
Cross now or feel the wrath
Unless you dare to face the river

It is not too late
Please, do not let me wait
For there’s a river beside you
Which you cannot swim through

You’re ankle deep in water
Not enough yet to falter
Please just take my hand
Or you won’t be able to stand

This sandy road
Is about to wash away
The river has not slowed
There is no time to delay

Look right behind
There’s a crowd of raging fire
It is half of mankind
To get across, they aspire

Don’t let them burn you
For they can turn you
Don’t get caught in their flame
Cause it will be you everyone will blame

The water is now up to your waist
So you have little time left
Just increase your great haste
To which you can attest

I see you slipping
You’re chin, it is dipping
The fire is on your hair
There will be blood everywhere

I can’t go in
I can not save you
The flood takes those with sin
I thought you knew
Don’t let the river take you
Amanda Kay Burke May 2020
So soon the end of mankind will come
Machines will learn
Hear them hum
Attack us humans in the dead of night
Until that day gets here I'll sit and write
Just a silly little piece I wrote after watching iRobot
Carlo C Gomez Nov 2019
Room and pillar
Let me be your guiding shaft
Atmospheric pressure
Let me be your natural draft

Atticus Finch
Let me be your inner last laugh
Cold determiner
Let me be your unsuspecting half

The sign in the window says
Closed until the light of day

Broken bone
Let me be your sling and marrow
Agitated Polaire
Let me be your tight-laced narrow

Confounded Plath
Let me be your children's tomorrow
Germ warfare
Let me be your biological sorrow

The word on the street is
Nothing's gonna change until the light of day

Open minefield
Let me be your measured step
***** mother
Let me be your usual suspect

Unwanted child
Let me be the tears when you last wept
Unwanted immigrant
Let me be the ground where you last slept

The writing on the wall signals
Critical times until the light of day

lumière du jour
tanvi sharma Nov 2019
What makes me hate humans so much ? its the fact that they ruined everything;
i hate the fact that i will never take in fresh ,unpolluted air into my lungs.
that every time i take a deep breath it tastes like smoke
that when i look up at night i barely see stars
that when i look down,all i see is tar
that the birds i used to watch all day  are slowly going away
that the insects which wandered this garden are no more there
that the tree in front of my house now gives less flowers
that when it doesn't rain it looks like all plants are covered with flour
that the news these days is full of suffering sea animals
that every other place is being used for dumping chemicals

that humans.......... are the worst of all;
i hate this feeling inside me that fears a loss of connection,the connection with nature .
i fear more that ever because earlier at least i had hope but now it just feels impossible to make a difference in a world where people care more about their profile picture than the beauty of nature.
sometimes i get this dark thought:i want to watch when the world ends.
actually ,i believe the world wont end only humans will,and i want to take pleasure in that site.
maybe i am just being too aggressive about it but i truly hate humans;
they are,in my opinion,destructive intruders;
they are the perfect example of "too much of everything is harmful",which in their case is - brain.
they just spoil and destroy and manipulate according to their wants,and then go around throwing their morals.
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