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Alienpoet Feb 5
Do you think they will ever care?
the rich and powerful and the big banks
own us with their guns and tanks
will they care when we are gone?

they siphon our money through a straw
Just so they can get richer through the profits of war
on everyone including the poor and disabled
the immigrants and working class able

We are slaves to the rich in this so called Christian country
full of those who would spout forth
I speak of my discourse
but wasn’t it Jesus who said
that it is as difficult as a camel to go through the eye of a needle
as a rich person to go to heaven
the hour is getting late it’s way past quarter past eleven
Or is the doomsday clock wrong
we live on knife edge don’t tell us we are strong
In being poor
heaven can wait for our souls
we need to be cared for...
In the end of everything,
When the skies make peace with the sea,
My mind will have left long ago,
But my thoughts will not desert me.
My head and heart have no connection;
I will weigh my feeling with good judgment.
And when the skies turn dark again,
I will seek out some replacement.
But even with broken bones,
I see a great light in the distance.
My head and heart may be far apart,
Yet I would have to be a fool to resist it.
Now the night recoils
And the day has fled
All should stay is light
And yet all I see is red.
Ivan Brooks Sr Jan 2018
When The Blind Leads
Those led become lost
From afar comes loud pleads
To Save everybody at all cost.

Hence salvation costs pray and bucks
The religious few will turn to the church
While the rest march on like ducks
Blindly led, without knowing much.

Quick calls to God's prayer line
Made from the pastor's iPhone 9
Just to make sure everyone's fine
Prepaid calls, another religious 419.

And so time stands still and watches
As the deep gap gradually decreases
And on and on the blind leader marches
As the last signs of hope varnishes.

Yet on they go without direction
Tick..tack tick tack. anxiety increases
As they head in the wrong direction.
Following blindly until everyone crashes!

✍️ #IvanBrookspoetry©️
Everyone is doomed when the leader is blind.
Dakota J Dawson Jan 2018
Smile with a touch
Growl an innate hunger
Climb the pillar

To see
At the cropped top
Lies the crown

Thorny and sublime
Creation bows
Zeus sings

Cries of Osiris
Echo his name
Pulling away the enchantment

Veils tear
Truth gleaming fourth
Constricted scrawls on papyrus

He is here
Setting us free
Throwing down shackles

The sun has risen
Nero has sung
Peter languishes in torment

First a laugh
Another kiss
A second betrayal

True to the construct
Doom is here
Armageddon begins
Umi Dec 2017
When everything ends, an angel plays a tune
When evrything ends, there's no flower to bloom
Will everyone then be in gloom ?

But don't lose hope he hasn't blown into the horn
Lose no hope and don't **** the unborn
Gentleness and patience is what we need
So don't be sad, don't fall into greed

Cheer up and take a look at the deep sea coral reefs,
Be impressed by their beauty and their great depths,
Don't be sickened by peoples beliefs,

And remember the man who disappeared without a trail...
He was swallowed by a by a whale...
It was Jonah until he had Prayed!
"My lord is forgiving, O mighty one"
And then there was aid

So don't lose hope my dear children
There is help. So don't fret,
And please also never forget
That mama will be here for you, remembering you the moments you smiled ~

Formed of light and beauty, the angels of the lord
The gratest of the greatest who keeps his word,
Oh God, you are the highest notning can compare to you
You taught me everything I knew.

This one angel who does wait,
Is the one who knows our fate,
On that day, heavens and Hells gate,
Shall be opened for those who are righteous
For those who are trescious

Enjoy every moment of living oh children of earth
Our life could be taken any second...may even at birth
Enjoy the beauty of this world and remember..we're transient

Forgiveness isn't easy, grudges lead astray
Just pray (for them)
And you will find peace
And your hatred then shall cease
Just avoid the devil...please pass this test

I have attained realisation through my incapacity...
My submission and my broken mind
Is it enlightment which I will someday find ?

In pleasure and delight
Don't you see ?
And as long as you are pleased with me..
I cherish your glorious might..

For joy and expansion is my state...
The two things which I will wait (with)
And my motto and my cover

And the words which came from ours messengers mouths,
Have healed my hearts sickness
Has saved me from drouth

Be reminded of our short life
and don't be troubled with other folks strife
Just remember the blessings you have been given
and maybe, hopefully you will be forgiven

And under these drifting clouds even though the ages fade
With this unchanging life I can keep shining for you, and aid

And overcoming even time and space
May my gaze though fraught with sin leads you on to a happy life

Oh you humble soul,
Please do tell me, what might be your prescious goal ?
Is it this world you want to stroll (through!)

Oh you angels with all of your wings,
I would like to be amongst you it would be of the best blessings
With all your beautiful dressings
I would like to be an angel, sweet innocent and pure
That would bring me happiness for sure

I will work to be righteous....until everything ends, and that angel plays a tune

~ Umi
This title took so long to finish, I do hope you can enjoy it
Brent Kincaid Jul 2017
I will ride this horse
Until I'm shot down
And even then I will
Crawl along the ground
Until I lift my eyes
And I can see that right
Has won the battle
Against greed and might.

I will pull myself up
Through blood and pain
Until not one square mile
Of hatred will remain.
I will call out those who
Label villainy other names
And strive to make them see
That evil is just the same.

Up to that precious day
I will never rest quietly
Until peace in our world
Shall lie and rest beside me,
Until this will come to pass
I, the discontented messenger,
Will point the way to integrity,
And be its constant harbinger.
Em MacKenzie Apr 2017
How many people have to die for your "personal growth?"
For your "well being," or your "revelation?"
You accepted the burdens when you swore your oath;
the pledge, the vow, of your own creation.
A beautiful tornado that wipes the ground clean,
destroys all stable structures in it's path.
A breathtaking painting depicting a deadly scene,
this is unrequited dedication's true wrath.

Back and forth, side to side,
this is a gorgeous question mark.
South and North, turning tide,
this is the light that leads to the dark.

How many people have to die for your "personal growth?"
For your "Eureka!" For your "I got it!"
A question and an answer; you are missing both,
the obvious is present, but you've always fought it.
A gentle hurricane that cracks the Earth,
that shakes wildly and tears the skin.
A stock that's crashing with impeccable worth,
this is unrequited dedication's identical twin.

Back and forth, up and down,
this is a gorgeous question mark.
South and North, sky and ground,
this is the light that leads to the dark.

So this is what it's all about,
"ego," and "control?"
Constant rain, but daily drought,
falling while on a roll.
Pockets are closely holding your hands,
but the strangling does succeed.
Lungs of water, body buried in sand,
it absorbs all my heart does bleed.
I'm one more body to the pile that's left,
no one shakes their head or ever looks behind.
Thoughtlessly giving and innocent theft,
this is unrequited dedication's version of kind.

Here we all fly separate, under a sky of blue,
I would say goodbye but I'll cave to "toodle-*******-oo."
If you're a fan of the TV Show "The Sopranos" you might find a quote or two from it. I wrote this piece years ago while binging on Sopranos Season Two.  The ending line comes from Dr. Melfi's confession that when running into her patient, Tony Soprano, she turned into a "nervous, giggling school girl" and ended it with "toodle-*******-oo"
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