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Em Jan 17
I bask in the glory
Radiated from the sun
The heat works to encompass me
In its loving embrace

Shining over the earth
Dropping and raising petals
Never stopping
Never ceasing to exist

There were gods named after her, after all.
i dont know what im doing?????? im tired but i haven't posted here in a while
the sun is good, the sun is gREAAAAAAAT,,,,
gabrielle Jan 6
shoot me with the words of yours

oh, you can't ?

was it a fair ceasefire because it is hurtful

or it was out of pity ?
don't worry, i'm okay.
Isaac Oct 2018
You could die today or tomorrow.
The chance is real no matter the sorrow.
Have you given out to the point of peace,
Knowing very well your own life will cease?
Your eyes that read and ears that listen
Will one day have fulfilled their mission.
But you don't know that hour or time.
All you know is that you cannot rewind.
The freedom is in what you say and do
Inside this moment that forever is new.
Your breath is running out, so don't be shy.
Love people, for that is what never runs dry.
Written 31 October 2018
E B K Oct 2018
you know
you're a writer
when the typing
inside your head
never ceases
Mark Wanless Apr 2018
"You've Got"

You've got personality
Quick! spit it out! its a piece of
Assiduous construction most randomly evolved
For most of us the winds
Society and family billow the i
Flapping noise we think is voluntary
Why else do we do it? AVALANCHE!!!
Answers pouring down from heaven
Pelting like hail stones
Not one word valid
Unless you grabbed scrutinized
Swallowed processed absorbed
Into the constellation house
Burning forever circle burn forever
Till cause effect unborn no this no that
All coming together will cease
Nylee Sep 2017
Desires ceases
as I see the reality
when fantasy tastes
              too sugary sweet.
Lyvana Nyx Aug 2017
Not meant to be
Means nothing to me
I am unpersonified,
A bounty on every breath
I ceased to exist
At 5 months conceived
I was born a miscarriage,
A mistake, a not meant to be
Fate has no ties,
No threads to weave
Im a mess up in the
Fundamental tapestry
Even god seeks my death
To take back what's not mine
Defiant, deviant, I don't abide
My life is not forfeit
Unbound, unbalanced, unknown
I fight for the right to LIVE.
Shane Leigh Jul 2017
My sweet, softly.
Softly my sweet
As I walk into the night –
Is that fear that furrows your brow my love?

I reach -
But I dare not feel the slick of your skin;
Watch the torments torture your heart.
I will go softly my sweet, my dearest,
Into the darkness and –
Oh, so softly my sweet.

Do not speak precious words to me now, –
Harsh words – not as I go into the dark;
But please, do wipe the sweat from your brow,
And move not your lips and be silent.

My dearest, I have made my oaths to you
And yet, you say no.  
You still say no – you are not to.
So why is it you still ....

Oh Gods!
My love, do not touch me like such
With heartening words and calloused fingertips.
I beg of you, Cease! Or I will be forced to stay;
I beg of you, Please! Do not make me bear
The sorrowful words that proceed from your lips.

Just let me go softly my dearest,
My sweet.
My sweet, let me go softly.
© Shane Leigh
This was my first poem published to this site. For the most part is has not changed, but I have added a few things along with adding to the title.
Is the one that is passed truly the one that treads in the Darkness?
Debanjana Saha Apr 2017
Rushing through everything
as if I would cease to live
at any moment
burns me out quite often.
Now its time to pause
not to look back or front
Just to be
but nowhere around..
for a while I guess
let's see how it will be!
I guess knowing when and how to pause is very crucial in life.
Wyatt Jun 2016
Every day it gets harder
on the backs of our brothers.
Weak and weary,
it's this stress that smothers
all I wanted to achieve.
It's gasping for just one second of air.
It's begging to come out just once.
It still remains hidden behind.

There's no going back,
we can either move forward or cease to exist.
That same hopeful tune
that gave me strength years ago
is the same one that lets me down today.

My soul's been turned inside out,
they shoot arrows to hold me down.
Every hit increases the will to give in,
but I still carry on like a broken record
playing the songs of a broken man
walking down that same broken path
trying to find a way
to be put back together for good.

There's no going back,
we can either move forward or cease to exist.
That same hopeful tune
that gave me strength years ago
is the same one that lets me down today.

I've changed too much,
I don't think you'd recognize me any longer
if I revealed the thing I've become.
Don't let appearances fool you
because this air I put on proves
I'm the only fool here.
Don't let appearances fool you, because this air I put on proves I'm the only fool here.
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