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awake between two worlds
my body breaths a final sigh
looking up through clouds
that cover up your fading eyes
tears rain down above my head
I search in vain
for your shadow in my bed
where have I gone?
where is my mind?
whose body have I brought to life?
my fertile soul is groaning
beneath your heavy hands
looking up through cellophane
to see my last breath crystallize
within a winter day
gracie Feb 28
lightning flash across the sky
silver clouds begin to cry
our clothes are cold and soaking wet
but we don't run inside just yet

if I said I'm ready now
darling, would you show me how
to blindly run through fields, unplowed
until the thunder roars?

fire races through my spine
warm hands meet my waistline
let's dance together, intertwined
like flowers in a storm
not an innuendo, unless u want it to be
Pyre 4d
I just can't do this anymore.
Im afraid to message you
check in on how you've been
why do I feel an intangible line
drawn between us at times
when the thickening clouds
begin to rain down proud
my heart beats with every drop
as if trying to communicate
with the nature of it's own disaster
drowning but I still try to mask her
the emotion that still haunts me
holding me back from the wind
I just need the waves of the wind
to wash away the clouds of my sins
so that I can fly from my kin
Clouds love poetscorner
sky 6d
Remember last month?
Cause I do.
I remember crying myself to sleep because I felt
like I wasn't enough.
I remember drowning in the static that
filled my waking moments.
I remember caring so much.
I used to care.
But now, I seem to have flown
so high up into the sky.
I've surpassed the birds and the planes,
the clouds.
And I thought maybe I'd reach the stars,
but the sky hasn't ended,
and I don't think it ever will.
It's almost as if the galaxies
and the worlds
that I longed for
never actually
e x i s t e d.
and I know that would've hurt my old self
but now
I no longer seem to care.
Dman. I mean ****. Aren't clouds just so cool at night?

Who cares about clouds during the day? Free floating and white and just so... so there you know?

But at Night man, at N I G H T.

They become otherworldly, like gas clouds over Jupiter or a dense nebula that cradles the dragon eggs that will one day be stars.

These Eldritch Gods, not even black but a deep unfathomable grey, the inky veil of night is torn asunder by the greyness spilling out of it.

They're cool alright?

Even if I think so, Even if it's just me.
Sebastian Nov 6
Blue traces of lost places
Will carry me through

Black clouds above dark crowds
Their thunder unpack

White visions of drowned collisions
Set old dreams in flight
This isolated claustrophobia,
Inside, humans packed shoulder to shoulder,
In collective agoraphobia,
Neighbors bashfully quiet and colder.

This space among the masses I travel,
And thank goodness I’m surrounded by clouds.
Up here I can let my thoughts unravel,
Amidst the solitude of faceless crowds.

Above the clouds where daydreams come alive,
I have the space to write without judgment.
Towards Heaven I know my soul can survive,
Dancing in the clouds I see your movement.

Up in the air I’ve left the Earth behind,
With other aimless souls passing the time.
Seems traveling by plane is where I find
The inspiration for the perfect rhyme.
Not much to do on a plane except write poetry...it’s a long flight. ✈️✈️
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We walk
the night,
and spoke
of infinite
and myself,
I thought of
how one
may speak
as the beholder
of their own sight,
and yet, what
can be may
also be what
it is not, how
I perceive the
coffee I hold
as differing
from the
view of my
within our
in this metaphysical
moment of time,
we reached the shore,
and so together,
we stayed
by the ocean,
“how do you
see the blue
of the sea
as a way
of knowing
your heart?”
he asks,
the shore
the tides,
and I say,
“I see the
strokes of
white as
my own
through papers,
as waves,
they will
and I will
love and
live through
as a rose
it’s petals,
I will bloom
the hearts
of those
I love, I will
sing for the
and create
a symphony
for the grieving,
so they shall
grow, reaching
to the beyond
as the flower
beyond the
barbed wires,
I am the
one who
and soars
beyond the
clouds, to
the rainbow
skies, far
from the
of the
with their
at my
I am
the one
who has
to the
I call
MaiMai Nov 1
Can a cloud be beautiful if it remains in one place?
Will you still love me if I chose to stay?
Stay angry
Stay dejected
Stay miserable
And be affected...
By the past
And the pain you caused to make it last
Am I being reasonable or destructive?
Is it in my heart to have forgiveness?
Even though you don't deserve it.

Can a cloud be beautiful if it remains in one place?
The clouds might cry, The rain in sky.
They might roar and thunder as anger.
But it always passes by
The clouds never stop moving on
Makes me wonder why can't I
Antino Art Oct 29
If you're unclear about love,
return your heart to the fog
To the clouds created from breathing in the cold at the ends of uphill walks along Pike Street
Return the way daylight retreats to the grey embrace of the Pacific Northwest sky at the edge of winter, dissipates like ripples upon their misty bay in all directions
Return the way sunset colored leaves hanging in limbo fall back to Earth
Visions to pieces
Tears to eyes as condensation builds
against the glass of a coffeeshop window and distorts the view from outside and from within
Return the way rain lands on a broken sidewalk in Seattle,
not pouring so much as drifting
through what looks like a new morning
blurred with all the dark nights that came before.
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