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words fell from clouds
screaming with thunder
over my head
settling around my shoulders
like wings
Under your gaze I was lovely
Like the bright sun rising over the gray clouds
You filled the sky with shining stars above me
You promised me there was no doubts

But now your arrogant boasting crushes me
I become so insignificant and small
Like a blade of grass flattened by a falling tree
Now I don't recognize you at all

The insults and jabs are plenty
Though you search for those old stars
But my night sky is black and empty
As is my shrinking heart
I walk as if I'm in a dream.
my legs extend below me,
rather than I above them.
I take big strides
with my hands in my pockets
and a smile on my back.
The white sea was vast. In total contradiction,
to all reason, it seemed to dwarf the blue sky below.
Currents of clouds bubbled and spewed, while others tore away in violent serenity.
It was an ocean of heaven's dreams.
The travelers set upon the white, leaving small earth behind.
As they ascended into the clouded sea,
all thoughts of land had escaped them.
Slowly, the pepples and grains which had become markers of memories and time, faded away into some distant place.
The white sea was more than a physical place, it too was like a drug.
It stole away all reason, it lies like a brilliant poison in the body, hidden and lethal.
It was ecstacy and it was death,
but above all else it was beautiful.
missing you feels like
all the clouds
have gathered
just to rain on me
Johnny walker Jan 14
Fields of golden corn to where I played as a child
to lay on my back feeling the warmth of the
A cooling summer breeze passing through the field of gold making  the corn
sway as If like waves upon a sea
White fluffy clouds that pass on high laid watching as they form pictures In the sky briefly passing over the
Causing sudden chills whilst laid on my back of summer days In beautiful fields if
To Remember fields gold cooling breeze that cause
the corn to sway like waves upon the sea whilst laid on summer days In fields of
He loves playing guitar even if he can't play the chords just right.
She loves words but she's a slow reader.
He loves the rain even though he's afraid of thunder.
She loves running, no matter the distance.

He hurts her; she loves him anyway.
May the tears of the sky cleanse the earth from evil.
I get tired smiling
Facing them beaming
Acting like a ray of the sun
Feeling like the tear of the clouds

Just wanna burst in tears
Just wanna shout my fears
But they need my beaming smile
And not my crying eyes
A Dragonfly once flew up
on its whispery wings
to the azure sky
that caught in the emptiness of time
after a crazy rainstorm disillusioned it,
to greet the Sun
peeking through scraps of ebony clouds.

A euphoric Sun mixed gold dust
to an ethereal orange on its palette, and
blew the sibyllic mist on the giggly,
gossamer wings of the Dragonfly.

And lo, tiny sparkling rainbow drops
started dancing
on the dreaming consciousness of the
rain-wet earth!
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