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Zywa 7d
The dense cloud cover

hangs still, lowering itself --

and taking a rest.
Composition "Modes of Being", part "Rest" (2024, Elizabete Beate Rudzinska), performed in the Organpark on May 17th, 2024 by Elizabete Beate Rudzinska (*****) and Luka Schuurman (performance)

Collection "org ANP ark" #188
George Krokos May 12
Keep away from bad company if you want to see the new day
as dark clouds will quickly gather to drive the light of hope away.
From 'Simple Observations' ongoing writings since the early 90's.
Josie Apr 21
Don't look at gray clouds for answers
Dull, blurry, nondescript
They cloud the mind
With mystery and uncertainty
Here today but gone tomorrow
Like a dream lover
Flor Apr 11
In the canvas of the sky, stories unfold,
As clouds drift by, their tales untold.
With a wild imagination, I watch them dance,
Creating adventures in a single glance.

A dragon's roar, a castle high,
In the fluffy clouds that paint the sky.
A ship sets sail on a sea of blue,
As the clouds whisper secrets known to few.

I see faces, animals, shapes so grand,
In the ever-changing sky, where dreams expand.
With each passing moment, a new story is born,
In the vast expanse of the heavens, adorned.

In the silence of the day, I listen close,
To the tales, the clouds and wind impose.
With a wild imagination, I let them guide,
As they paint pictures, far and wide.

So let the clouds weave their tales so free,
In the endless sky for all to see.
With my wild imagination, I'll soar and roam,
In the stories, the clouds call home.
Another version of Mr. Cloud Tells Me Stories
Josie Apr 9
My solitary self came wrapped in blankets
Searching for answers in murky clouds
Illusions shattered
The answer came in darkness
In peaceful awakening
A mystical enigma fills my soul with wonder
And I am never the same
neth jones Mar 26
butterflied flay of cloud
Rorschach blots
                  cricket white on nursery blue
skilled autopsy of the summer sky
i feel like raw skin having a plaster removed

original version -

a butterflied flay of cloud
white on baby blue ink blot test
pulling apart in two directions equally
a skilled autopsy of the summer sky
Piotr Balkus Mar 22
Don't watch the clouds;
watch the sky.
I give this advice
to myself.
neth jones Mar 3
weather breaks the clouds            
    a day of mouths  eating mouths
cold churning nature      
lording weight over my mood ;    
the role of a child   subdued
tanka style
Zywa Mar 2
Clouds passing over

the sun give life to the floor --

it breathes up and down.
Leadlight windows

Collection "org anp ark" #4 (September 23rd, 2011, November 19th, 2011)
Put me in the shade in the middle of the day
Because I don't like the way the light hits my face
But in a light breeze when things aren't so hot
And there are clouds overhead in little white spots
Thats when I feel like I'm living the most
Because life is mostly sunny with a hint of the cold
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