Our unappreciated saviors of the world reside among the clouds.
A fitting tribute to my arrival, the clouds fell to the floor.
They guided my way and kept my toes warm.
I hear the darkness festering at my heels, trying to catch my eye.
The sounds were subtle but relentless as they continued to expand.
Larger and larger they grew, proceeding to overwhelm all corners of my mind.
Stripped away from my shaking hands, I no longer hold command.
I urge my brain to ignore them but they distract me evermore.
Like the beautiful whispering of the leaves as they left their home.
Never to return, they remind me of a place where I loved to roam.
I long for a sense of where I belong.
Aimlessly wandering is exhausting beyond description.
Burning to the ground, my lover was dead amongst the dust.
My world stopped spinning.
Close your eyes and count to ten. Goodbye my little friend.
One… Three… Seven… Eight… Ten…
For as long as I will live, I will be haunted by my regrets and mistakes.
The day that I left the kingdom of peace, the glass shattered.
The clouds returned to the sky, and the world that was shared was between only my sister and I.
Originally submitted as a Ka Wai Ola submission and ultimately rejected.  
February 28, 2017
we are floating on the moon
swim in the sun
every day
and our eyes are burning
and our eyes sparkle
endless words
about beauty

we swim through the woods
we swim around the world
we are floating on the clouds
and our love
and our love is with you
has no borders
and never will

about the new day
about the last day
the future
we will always
together all to meet
we will always be with you
swim together on the moon
swim in the sun

When the moon sets,
And the eyes of the world open,
I watch as true innocence dies,
And beauty awakens
In the form of smoke
And steam
Dancing with one another
Before fading
Into the endless ocean of
Dreams and clouds
I am in the garden
and the trees are singing
and the sun is singing
love song

I am in the garden
and bluebirds
and bluebirds
write in water

I am in the garden
and clouds
and clouds
float in flowers

Find me a world of my own
Tell me my story, tell it over the phone
Let the static blur the lines
Between crowded rooms and lonely times
And if the world is looking for me
Tell them I’ll be in the clouds
Finding a place to breathe out loud
Amongst my dreams and all my visions
I will breathe in my own illustrations
So if the world comes looking for me
Tell them the Nefelibata is finally free
Nefelibata: A cloud walker. An individual who lives in the clouds of her own imagination or dreams. A person who doesn’t abide by the rules of society, literature, or art. (according to contentcatnip.com)
S Hyndman Jul 7
White clouds
Lasting the day
You excite my heart
In your coy, twisted way
We express our mutuality
Through art and song
Why do you toy with my heart?
And why do I play along?
Out of shame I have to say
Only you can make me smile this way
But smile fades with one mistake
One which you constantly repeat
Leading you always into instant retreat
And so you settle for saftey
For you think that I am too risky
End of day, I sigh in woe
Just like the clouds
That end up a storm
ManoelO 6d
Floating through 
The elusiveness 
Of you 

A poor imitation 

I have conjured
and entangled in
these passages 

To experience you 

A breath of 
desire in 
my interlude 
from you. 

As I try to
Grasp the
Clouds and stars
Of you

In my mind.
Daniel Ruiz Jul 3
As my airplanes wings flew through clouds
Ripping them apart,
I feel the turbulence in my feet
Shaking my world
And like the clouds
I feel empty and torn

And as houses
build up from the ground
Like they weren’t there before

A tempted presence
Holds my body down

It feels like someone
Or something is trying to crush me

But it doesn’t have enough strength
To accomplish it

So powerless
It lets me roam free

From seat to seat

The ghost that doesn’t exist

Becomes more real

As people realize we are not

But falling instead.
Sawan ki bheegi raat me,
Ek ladki hai deewani si,
Jo raat ko bhi deewana sa bana rahi hai,
Barish me wo ghum rahi hai,
Beech sadak ke jhum rahi hai,
Chehre par khushi bikhere,
Aankhon ke samandar ko thehere,
Wo ghum rahi mastani hai,
Wo jhum rahi deewani hai,
Sab kisi ka ashray le rahe,
Sab usse hairani se dekh rahe,
Wo machal-machal jaa rahi hai,
Wo fisal-fisal jaa rahi hai,
Bheegi-Bhaagi iss baarish me,
Akeli si iss raat me,
Wo bikher rahi apni khoobsurati,
Bekhabar har baat se,
Wo bheeg rahi aaram se,
Teer jaisi baarish ,
Raat ka andhera ,
Badalo ka gussa,
Bijli ki thartharahat,
Aur uske chehre ki khushi…...
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