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Have you
ever noticed
how beautiful
the clouds are?
they are the
breathe of
I wish, I was
not the only
one who saw
their once
hidden strokes
revealed only
to the eyes
opening for
the white
one sliver
from their
day to see
the beauty
of what they
are a part
of and
the idyll,
what they
had been
was found
in one
in time,
I will tell
you now
how the
are as
the simplest
touch you
the holding
of hands
you wish
to keep
the first
kiss you
share as
the petals
of roses
caress the
wind of the
moon, and
you will say
to your loved
one, as you
would whisper
to the clouds,
“the existence
of you is my gift”
Raindrops have long returned to their nests of ethereal clouds.
Few stayed here,
diamond drops scattered on
the white pearly glow of my bougainvillaeas,
immortalising the beauty of a mystic's smiles.
ME 2d
A baby cloud
With two tiny horns
Floating in the sky
In a fetal position
It fade away when the wind blows

A train spliting the sky with steam
To two rival parts
Two lips hugged each other
And walked away
In an eternal kiss

Love and beauty are endless
On a heavenly land
Hovering mountains
Free cotton candy
That no one wanted

Laying on a tarpaulin roof
My mind where the clouds should be
Sky is so spacious
I wanted to swim there
And leave this pool
Andrew Sep 2017
My mind is foggy
Though I'm not groggy
A mist emerges
My peace it purges
I see contradictions
And feel convictions
That inflict conflict
And indict convicts
So I accumulate cumulus clouds accordingly
To fog my marshy mind more horribly
My brain becomes a banshee
And screams from my mist
She shrieks an awful list
Of everything wrong
And everyone gone
Her voice blasts through my cerebral stratus clouds
And her voice echoes within the silent static crowd
The clouds I gathered to block her wailing
Are completely empty and always failing
They look so absolutely grand and solid in the sky
They're just water vapor that form droplets in my eyes
and all the water lilies fell from all
parties and from all the islands to
they all disappeared long ago where they
all these water lilies have gone away for so many years
I lived among the swamp and nature so much
I wrote poetry there and went to
I kept looking at the moon with clouds and rains

disappeared the disappeared sea disappeared
people and disappeared myself I disappeared myself and I think
perhaps forever forever forever

sushii 4d
ribbon-like flow of time is
enveloping me and
slowly suffocating me with its rhythm.

can’t seem to
see past the clouds that lurk above for
more than ten minutes.

i wish that
i could maintain my anonymity
to you all.

maybe if i
stay quiet,
i can keep it all
hidden inside.
The grey clouds cover
my clear blue Sky
as the Storm  threatens
the calmness of my Sea.
Still, I dared to open my eyes
to gaze upon the horizon
hoping that the grey clouds
will be soon lifted
and my heart be put at ease.
Through the pastel colors of sunset,
I felt your presence in the nimbus clouds.
And I reached out to hug them.

Rain fell.
It soaked my lifelines
And submerged my face
In it's expression of gloominess.

I feel the pain of the nimbus clouds,
They soak up the pain humans endure.
alexis 5d
To be as free as a cloud
having no where to be and nothing to see
to float free with nothing bringing you down
to be a cloud

To be as helpless as a tree
to be planted wherever without a choice
to be stuck unable to move or leave and then stripped of your dignity
for people to tear you down for better things even though they really need you
to be a tree

Though both things are a part of nature and both are needed
they live drastically different lives  
but we wouldn't know what bad is without clouds and we wouldn't know what good is without trees
-Comparison and Balance
The evening clouds,
are grey from increasing shadow.
The jagged mists, according to my minds eye, take the forms of dragons,
Encroaching upon me
Until they shatter into ash, their own burning might having destroyed them.
The skulled faces stretch out as if in one last grimace.
The second sooty mass forms into hooks, as the monsters’ lower half tries try reconnect with its collapsing upper.
Rose and tangerine flames waft,
Vanishing into oncoming blackness,
Like spirits hiding into caves, to be reborn as the souls of new mythic reptiles.
Just a quick daydream/aesthetic poem.
Cloud shapes are great.
My reading of 'Damascus' has been uploaded to the youtube channel, 'The MJ Roe Show'.
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