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Pursuing a pipe dream,
but oh at what a cost!
To isolate yourself,
from those you love the most..
The rules here are different,
those who've won have lost;
and those who live in greenfields,
are those up on the cross
Spriha Kant Sep 30
Some people erase my warm feelings for themselves by their blindness and deafness for my feelings and tell others in my absence that Spriha has changed.
Some people are like this.
Have you ever had such experience with such people ?
The truth,
The lies,
The pleasure,
And love,
All things that when told,
Still have a time when it hurts...

You come at the best of times,
And the hardest part is when I cannot cry,
You leave me here to lie between,
Beddings and sheets,
And as much as one cares to weep,
You instill this repercussion of my sanity,
Leaving a shut down,
Like when a computer... shuts down,
However it's crazy right?
How the shut down leads to a standby,
But when you're dealing with two parts,
It is not the machine no,
But merely the display,
As it, replays a signal,
That there is no signal,
There is nothing feeding the monitor,
There is no rest for the screen,
Always on,
Slowly.... dying,

As soon as it activates,
It is consuming,
Consuming the complex knowledge,
And memory,
Of what is,
or will be,
And what became,
To create the distinction and difference between man and machine,
Is the stand,
And the costume,

As I stand here,
Staring at what is merely the imaginative reality,
The one I've always talked,
What is the truth,
The lie,
When I love,
Hate the feeling,
I told myself,

When you are on the other side...
Does it still hurt?
I've been dealing with my insanity these past few years since I've last wrote. I've been writing but, merely hiding, I'm glad I could reach the surface again to unfold the stories
Prosperity follows labor
And not just “having fun”
My ratio of fun to work?
One to ten, or ten to one?

Prosperity follows service
I ask when the day is done
My time on self or others?
One to ten, or ten to one?

Prosperity follows purpose
Do I use focus (or none)?
Ratio of living on purpose?
One to ten, or ten to one?
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Prosperity follows labor.  Prosperity follows service.  Prosperity follows purpose.  

How many of your daily waking hours do you spend working, serving, and acting with purpose?  Think about this.  Can you increase that?  

We certainly need some fun, time for self, and just being.  But what is your ratio?
my heart has been my achilles’ heel more than a time or two
but I can’t help but be grateful that after everything, the world hasn’t been able to harden it
human nature is selfish motives
but empathy and I have become well acquainted
let my tombstone read “she was soft”
let me give love like I’ll never run out
let me be your resting place
and if you need the air in my lungs
or the organs in-between my bones I’ll give you those too
and if all I ever do is make others feel loved, that will be enough for me
How does it feel like,
To be one of those lights?
Sharing thy brightness,
Very contagious smiles.

Oh, I'm awed and psyched
Wish that I could touch you,
To confirm if you're true
Far from illusive hues

Then stare on your never ending happiness,
That is truly evident in your face.
I wish I could have some too,
Your beauty within the surface.
The nights are as young as we are,
The days, are as long as our nightmares,
Our dreams are short,
But long during,
To compare ourselves with others,
Is like comparing our nightmares,
They'll never be the same,
For one person's nightmares,
Are another's day dream.
kevin wright Jun 19
As my time comes to an end
the trees take me in

no longer camouflaged
i become the leaf,
i will visit this world when the light appears
i will grow strong

i will give my self to who ever needs my body
they will be part of me
i can recover
my feet are firmly planted

when my time to sleep draws near
my colours will change
i withdraw with the dimming of the light
my carcass will be absolved into earth

i watch
i listen
i feel
My time to return to retirement approaches fast. My energy has been devoted to help those in need, now in writing its time to recover. My poems may start to dissapear with time.
Redaviel Jun 16
The words to let you know that I miss you
Were lost in life's current and I became selfish
But I never stopped watching you from the sidewalk
So you can walk safely to your own happiness
The words to hopefully make you stay here
Were lost when you pushed away a sweet embrace
But I realized that it's okay to let you go
So you can find home in someone's happiness
The words to remind you to take care and be happy
Were lost in misunderstandings and rough closure
But don't worry, I'll give it to someone else
So we can move on and make others happy
The words to tell you that I'm still yours
Were lost in the truth that it was long past
But I'll never stop giving a part of me always
So I can find home in someone's happiness
Bea Aguilar May 27
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