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Jo Barber Oct 11
You had many lovers before me.
Perhaps some were just
passersby, meant but
for a cheap night of carnal pleasure.

Still, many others stroked your skin
as I now do, your cheeks supple
yet rough against my fingers.
Many others laughed in your arms
as you held them
much like you hold me now.
Maybe a few of them even loved you,
or thought they could love you,
as I do now.

Maybe you lost yourself
in their gentle eyes
and easy smiles,
and found love in them, too.

Yet, when it is you and I
alone in bed,
our bodies pressed
into the shape of one,
our laughs quivering together,
I feel no other lover.
I feel only you in all our delight.
Poetic T Oct 5
People say that
              talking to yourself

is a sign of madness....

I never talk to myself??

               I delegate

between all of them..

why should I take all the responsibility...
Believe me I've heard a few more than the few battering around up here
MicMag Sep 26
tonight i vow                         
not to stay up too late
tonight i vow                         
to eliminate hate
tonight i vow                         
to self-motivate

to take another step
on the path to being great

to be great at what?               
tonight i ask
am i in a rut?               
tonight i ask
need a kick in the ****?               
tonight i ask

but i'm choosing to get better
not a mandated task

they all say                         
take it step by step
they all say                         
improve yourself today
they all say                         
practice makes perfect

but perfection's not my goal
just wanna live the right way

so what's up next?               
they all inquire
are you feeling the effects?               
they all inquire
can you avoid becoming hexed?               
they all inquire

cause apparently life's risky
when you're always climbing higher

so i ask myself tonight
what i'll promise another day
taking into account
their inquiries and what they say

but in the end i won't have been
wrongly led astray
cause when push comes to shove
listen to the "i", not the "they"
I structured this based on the main inputs directing my life - questions and advice:
1. I tell myself things.
2. I question myself.
3. Others tell me things.
4. Others question me.

Input from others is important but in the end, I have to listen to my own voice above the others.
Poetic T Sep 22
The definition of self,
        Is not to liner on our

But to help others to solve
             The failings
    That can be proven to
                 Be an asset of learning.

And change it..

For the better,
       That way,

we are lessons that teach
       Each other substance.
Poetic T Sep 20
We should
    Never think
We're better
        Than another.

But should always
strive to be
       Than ourselves.
DivineDao Sep 19
The Blokes Are Mean
To Us Girls

Their Theogonise U P. M
After Meridian
Post Holler Holocaust Meimierda

Is Ssshytee
Collective Pertinent
Conscious WarLords

Buddy to Buddy
Diggin a Hole For Each

Non Other Than Norwich Nothingness and Preposterous Paternoster Cosa Nostra
Johnny walker Aug 21
Yesterday those days have all gone by oh so quickly leaving me clinging to my memories such beautiful memories of a time that once belong to Helen and I
then we were all that mattered In a world so full of problems but we'd sleep safe In each others arm
In our own
untouched by outside Influences safe In the knollege we had each others love and at the time that's
all we
Osiria Melody Aug 10
I am worthless

No one could ever convince me that

I deserve to live

Please read from the bottom to the top.

1st read (top to bottom): I don't want to live anymore.
2nd read (reverse): I'm willing to live and won't let others bring me down, despite being told that I should die.
Yes, I'm doing fine. I felt inspired to write a short reverse poem after reading some online.
Carl D'Souza Aug 9
In what ways
do I make others
joyful and happy?

How much
do I make others
joyful and happy?
Carl D'Souza Aug 8
When others behave negatively
towards me,
my compassion is steadfast
for myself and others
because I am aware
that only with a compassionate attitude
can I achieve
joy and happiness
for myself and others.
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