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To look upon my life sometimes with little shame didn't always make the most of what I probably could
I suppose my biggest regret I didn't find my new found love of poetry sooner In
Through being Involved In poetry earlier I believe my my life could have been so much
more enriched
through the beauty
of reading and writing poetry
Being able to express so much with the power of words to encourage and help other's to find the beauty of
A poem about poetry and how wish I had discovered It sooner In life
Ally Jan 14
As the tears run down my face, I tell myself it's okay.
But as the days go on and the pain increases.
I slowly turn to stone.

People may think I am cold,
but the truth is I'm just a girl who feels too much.
I am a girl who cares too much.

I seal myself off in hopes of saving my heart,
and it is not until I am alone.
Under the cover of darkness, that I let my self feel,
what I have been hiding.
I am just a girl, a girl who feels other peoples pain, a girl who wishes she
could face the world without her heart breaking into a million pieces.
Khoi-San Jan 4
Like fine mature wine
Highly appreciated
Well recommended
Something bigger.
Something else.
Is there really?
Is there not?

We live on this floating ball in space.
Space, something indefinite.
Something unknown.
Are we alone?

Is it hard to believe
we are the only beings?
Yet harder to believe
there is a higher being.

We live alone
in our own worlds.
We feel alone.
Barren wasteland of existence.

Barren wasteland of a soul.
Body left to decay.
Just flecks of dust floating in space
for all of eternity.
Allison Wonder 2019
in such a way
that others love
to listen to you.
in a way
that others love
to talk to you.
Sunshine Dec 2018
Look in the mirror
What do you see?
A beautiful person
Don’t you agree?

Unless you don’t know
just how you bright you glow
Then Don't look at what you show
Eventually That we all will outgrow

Instead Check inside your heart
For the bad and for the good
That's where it really matters

outside is simply just a hood.
Always Be you !
Poetic T Dec 2018
That Singular Lego Piece,
When I was younger and
life was just walls...
That where just falling down
around me,
                 I found something.

A single piece of Lego.

       And on it scratched into
it where three words...

Always build higher.

Where my life had been
even at such a young age.
                            I thought
             the only thing walls were,
where ones that crumbled.

But after that moment,
when all I fell upon
                  where pebbles of lost moments.
                  That could have built
higher but crumbled, like so many.

That one brick,  built me higher
            than any singular instant.

And to this day,
                  I have never looked
at another lower,
                     or higher than myself.

For ever brick is built on the strength
            of another taking the weight
of the one below it.

And without that strength below,
           we couldn't build ourselves
                            to the height we are today.

Everyday I wear that brick around my neck.

Not to weigh me down, but to realise,
       that below every brick
       is another holding us up
                  with there strength, and without them
                                                    we would crumble.
Heather McDaniel Nov 2018
Just hours since I learned of the great fall
my childhood enemy has taken.
My heart is shaken in internal squall.
Yet still, there is joy which I partake in

Why feel guilt at such a time, so long sought?
When others still roam the alleys of night;
our nightmare meetings still frequent and fraught.
The terror still real in the broad daylight.

I have been, largely, where she has now stood.
I have ground teeth on the obloquy.
I can’t rejoice now, though I wish I could
**** this infernal anisotropy!

And yet anger smolders at the pylons;
burning bridges and lashing at icons.
A few still remain but I never believed even this much justice could be had. I've learned late of this but it is still hard to decide how I feel about it. I certainly never expected to feel anything but contempt for this person but I can't help but to remember much of what they probably experienced. It's almost like reliving it and impossible to enjoy without unease.
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