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duncan Sep 24
this pit is as
empty as they
say. i may find fruit
or some water if luck
spins my way.

do you care to
join me? we could really
make a home here.
help me scratch the
black off the walls
and ill be in your debt.

i have been mistaken,
so i will mislead.
the def will lead
you blind and we will
all be lost.

a heart like
my mothers purse,
time tested and
full of everything.
a mess really,
but always ready to
prove me wrong
when i think
i dont need it.

if you care to look
you might find something
for me. i only ask
because i hear it
call my name through
the leather.
Anya Sep 23

For more appreciation
From society

Till society forgets you
And you just

Love yourself for who you are,
Not what others think of you
Anya Sep 20
They were my friends
They aren’t now...
Is that really true?
Or is it just me,
distancing myself?
Thomas Bodoh Sep 20
The thousand dreams and burns and hopes and scars
That crimson phantoms, deep within the skin
Graze and raze with, betrayed by eyes like stars,
Shift and ache. Too long I looked within
For on this present dark’ning deathless day
The thousand hearts of man so pierced my soul;
I saw them all. Wild, frazzled from the fray,
Dragging, too weighed by life’s relentless toll.
Sweet sonder, teach me by the sky-wide sun
The thousand lives that glow with redd’ning force,
That burst like vineyard vats with seams undone,
That reel like sea-lost ships that miss their course.
But then that chilling truth in my mind fell:
If I can read their hearts, they read mine as well.
Lydia Sep 18
Now that I think about it,
I always want people to like me
and respect me
and realize how valuable I really am,
but why do I expect other people to see all of that in me,
when I don't even see it in myself?
Anya Sep 11
It's scary when you realize
how much your self worth
is dependent on Others
Ashley Sep 3
City lights
And stop lights
And the stars you can't see shining so bright
Hate is like the stoplights you can see
But we are blind to love
Blind to love because of who we have become
Because of how we look at ourselves and others
The tortures we have all faced
Because of eachother
Poetic T Aug 12
Wounds were never
             afflicted with
repercussion of syllable lesions..

No quite the opposite,
       Unfamiliar tastes on the
       tongue, cleansed improper tastes.
Washing ones mouth out with salt clears undue tastes..
Bryan Aug 12
One work a night
Trying to become the light
In another’s Life.
We can only try
To change the tide
In another’s Life.
Caren Marins Aug 6
The sun is shining, we poets are rhyming.
Others might be out to bathe, but we fill our sheets with creative parts.
This is a thirty second writing, as I am freestyling the way I am diving.
Had an Idea of 'freestyle writing' within 30 seconds, that's the result.
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