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A Frame of Fire rises
Above the Dark Past,
Lands are conquered
By the Man with the Lightning,
The victorious Blaze,
And the yielding Shadow
Kneel, both shrouded
In Robes of Silence,
To the Return
Of the Incorruptible,
And Generous.
A mystical hymn and plain allegory for the recurrence of my own Overman, to be perceived, also, in the relevant terms of Return of Power cosmic-dialectical event. An immortal Heraclitean vigor inheres.
Eva Sep 28
Coming into one or two pairs
I cry sometimes but I also wish I was alive
Does death really mean agony?
Isn’t it just another way to feel free?
A trainwreck
Despising the life that it has been given
And each time is worst than the other
Opening my eyes is a disaster
Crooked creeks and national rejoiceness
Happy and free
Free means that it is not expensive
Why should I be free
When I am the only person that I don’t aspire to be
I am crying I am dying I am laughing I am praying
Every single day
Starting to feel
scrambled thoughts just like my eggs
Dua Anjum Sep 8
I tore my heart out of my chest
dug up the Earth left of Street 13
buried it deep under - a time capsule -
perhaps to be found when I am gone
by curious lovers stumbling that way
they marvel at its apparent immortality,
how the Earth healed all wounds and
despite the scars, it beats ba-***.
perhaps it ends up in the Museum
as a relic, a treasure that wasn't valued
when it gave to the world all it could -
in its own time, ignored, swept away -
perhaps blooming, now finally seen.
my heart turns a thousand years of age
and is excavated as fossil by gentle hands,
there is truth to be found in the ruins
bones melt away, cardiac muscle remains.
perhaps God lent it some permanence
that the Fates cannot cut off this thread.
existing will be my heart's rebellion
when all is lost and ice covers the land
it will persist in the dark cold damp
holding a torch for someone long dead
maybe living on to give to a new world.
holding on to the alien idea of forever
Dante Rocío Sep 1
And now a change of scenery;
the night has truly fallen
and departing from
our Baltic Galway
“into the woods”
we can greet the callings
of some shenanigans
luring and
lurking there
to plant or extract ideas
and trespassings
Have a waiting room
in car rides,
help yourself

And earlier,
barefoot through
sand poured with pine needles
and we walk
Bare feet open
the way to puddles
of warm diamonds
called sky water
now with pungent flowers
hitting senses like ambrosia,
the way to high embracing
of the trees whilst climbing,
to mud healing,
to impassive conquering
of any earth we
to comprehension,
and to the respect
of all that came
and left through
these lands
in the span
the history.

Stronger and stronger,
closest to the truest
an affection and
from the trees.
As such I cup one all,
I never want to let go,
there comes a commotion,
like entering the hidden crowd
from which you’ve always known
you truly come from,
like creatures
of a forest looking
in the silence too deep
at a village of
another world.
At first I thought from scientists
that plants don’t like being
yet as someone
quite new told me:
“Would you
be able to
find such
comprehension, love
and moving
appurtenance if they
didn’t feel exactly
the same towards

Recent forest
walks when I
free my spirit too to
let it approach me
make me feel that
such great intimate
pride of an archer
bound with it all in
their own story
and perception, and
even a half an hour walk
makes itself a wonder of
a few pages of a
in my presence

Also, the same
in river’s sole fine
line of freeze,
who holds dear
the mute,
who feign not
of this

Let us stop,
we have arrived
already at our shack
and there’s our safe
space that
holds a place
for us to sleep

unconscious lesson
in God’s library,

What’s over a garden wall,
Lighting a torch towards the known
Instead of truer unknown,
Magic and Home are already there
From a time before time.

I have been there.
It’s just the same encounter well,
Just that it is in flesh.
Alicia Moore Jul 31
A being can only become immortal
if they fall in love with the stars.

The stars will invite you to beam in the night sky
once you have said goodbye to your centre piece.

A bond with the stars is everlasting,
contrasting to the life of the heart beat.
Something about immortality fascinates me!
But I realized that I don't need science or cryogenics,
Because when this flesh is finished,
I'll still have these words I wrote living.
When I leave this life,
I'm gonna leave behind,
The fruit of this eccentric mind!
Williams Udoh Jun 29
There once was an angel
Who lived in the sky
You may know this angel
Yes she fell in love with one who could die
This tale, only I can tell
The story of my angel and I

I was mortal and she immortal
A celestial and one who could die
But our love transcended life and death--
My angel and I
Love in its purest and truest form
An angel and one who could die

But there was a decree in heaven
Yes, the kingdom in the sky
This commandment would seek to threaten
The love of my angel and I
It was thus written:
None born of Earth could love a child of the sky

The Earth and the Heavens became jealous
Of my angel and I
And for this reason they took a petition
To the ruler in the sky
That he may judge the angel
And her lover who could die

And on that day of judgement
I was given wings to fly
Love doth maketh things happen
I was with my angel in the sky
Together we faced all of the heavens together
Hand in hand
My angel and I

She made a choice
She would lose her place in the sky
Immortality for mortality
To love and be loved
By one who could die
And thus was formed the greatest love story ever known
That of my angel and I
The first piece of classic poetry I read here was that of Edgar Allan Poe, Annabel Lee. I fell in love with it and every time I'm here I always read it again. It sort of inspired me to create this.
Small and brown
Wrinkled and worn
It's insides hide secrets, nicks and some nooks
Mold of thy mind, mold of my soul
When pen finally falls
When the body gives finally breath
And man I am gone
It will stress me none
Because I loved, I cried, I laughed
I lusted with wild desired,
More importantly, reluctantly I confess
That above all what puts my heart to rest
Is to know that a tiny speck of me will still be here
In this leather bindings my soul will live
"Don’t get close to humans.
You’ll just hurt yourself.”

Was what his big brother would always say.

But the boy didn’t understand.
He met a new friend, a human named Davie.
They would hang out together, play together.
And he never got hurt.

One day Davie told him a wish.
To see a flower that could not be found
Anywhere in their land.
A bright blue forget-me-not.

Many years pass,
Though they feel like few to the boy.
He tries and fails many times
To find Davie’s flowers.

He goes back to Davie’s village
To visit his friend.
But the human, now grown,
Never recognises the boy.

He goes to his big brother
Not knowing what to do,
Who says he will bring back the flowers
On his next voyage to his land.

More years pass,
More fleeting moments to the boy.
He goes to see Davie,
But leaves distraught once again.

His big brother finally returns
With the flowers he was promised.
It took many decades,
But Davie’s wish would be fulfilled.

The boy goes back to the village
One last time.
Only to stare confused into a casket
At the human who was once his friend.

He didn’t understand.
Why was Davie asleep, and not waking up?
He holds up a forget-me-not
And asks one last time:

a poem based on the episode ‘davie’ from ‘hetalia: the world twinkle’.
the boy is america. his big brother is england. davie is davie.

poem title taken from the song that plays during the episode:
Laokos May 12
brief echoes of the past
arrange themselves in my present
like shadow puppets on the backs
of my eyelids while i sleep.  

there is an uneven fulcrum
digging into my lower back no
matter how i turn my long

my eyes open into
the same familiar room, with
the same familiar speckles on the
ceiling that they always do.   the
shadows resume their innumerable
forms and i wake
to write another step towards
the beveled edge of immortality.
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