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Because I could not stop for Death -
He kindly stopped for me -
The Moonlight held but just Ourselves -
And faux Immortality.

We ventured forth - Upon a Summer’s Day
Released of my pleasantries;
My Faith and My Culture,
For his Chivalry -

O’er to plains of Youth
Hath wrought the clouds of Rain -
O’er those fields of Disdain
Until the skies of Dusk;

Dusk yearned for Dawn
Amidst rainbows damasked of Gray -
To tears of Melancholy,
For all Eternity
The first few lines are based on a famed Emily Dickinson poem, with some changes. The rest is my own.
Jade Bartlett Sep 30
But, oh, how I will revel
in their piteous expressions
of shocked envy
when they see my name--
the name of the

possessive-sad girl

in lights.
S­ound familiar?

Palms sweating, baby doll?

Feelin' guilty, sweet cheeks?


If you suspect this poem
is about you,
then it probably is.
Moral of the story:

Never ******* a poet,
for she will surely destroy
you with her poetry.

And remember, darling--
poetry is immortal.
Don't be a stranger--check out my blog!


(P.S. Use a computer for an optimal experience)
Thera Lance Sep 26
They can keep that wine,
Which has festered for shorter than they
Have rotted inside of crystalized skin.
I’ll live without my heartbeat as
I force space travel to meet my dreams
Of breathing a Titan’s methane air
And swimming in Neptune’s seas.

The thrones they have and the jocks’ lives they wear
Do not interest me,
Not when I have breathed in Tin Pan Alley’s air
And watched Kings play golden trumpets
Up to the high Cs.

They can cling to their castles
Where only cobwebs grow.
I’d rather drag along clunky boxes
With black and green light screens
That shrink down to my palm,
While the numbers within dance free.

Frankly, they can shutter themselves away
Amongst dark corridors and coffins.
I’ll take the Worldwide Web
Every single day.
Over their lifeless deaths
I’ll spend eternity my way.
I suppose this poem is my commentary on vampirism. I mean, really, who would rot in a castle when they can walk the surface of alien worlds instead?
When he told them
he’s still the boy
who chased a maverick dream
riding on the wings of a wild wind
across the galaxies, scooping diamond dust
from the milky ways
to mix enchanting reds
to colour anew
the rays of the morning sun – they didn’t believe him.

When he told them
he’s still the boy
who waded through the dark mist
of a coal-black sky
searching for the sparkle of the glittery stars
to brighten the glow of the fireflies
in his tree house - they didn’t believe him.

When he told them
he’s beyond the tentacles of change,
scripted in immortality - they laughed at him.

How he’ll convince them, he wondered!
Jack L Martin Sep 21
Drugs contain compounds
Not naturally derived
Not nature's intention
We don't eat jellyfish

Yet, we disect them
And process them
To make pills
To ease the pain

Is this part
Of the Devine plan
To make ourselves

We are meant to hurt
We are meant to suffer
We are meant to die
Not live forever

Is population control

Only the strongest
Will survive
This is
Nature's Devine plan

Only the smartest
Who survive
The digital age
Will find freedom

When we all convert
To ones and zeros
Will we finally realize
zen Sep 12
The Steppenwolfs' stepson
no stranger to the strange,
strangled in thought
and a raving wonder,
was the custom of his gaze.

The specter of Mozart's laughter
bellowed loudly,
lamping light on every cloud,  
the dawn of every day,
could be trestled in his smile.

Flirting with divine perfection,
ruminating in awe,
of his sublime imaginings
nesting soundly in his noose
wolf of the steppes, man or immortal
Come lay with me and let me
Feast upon the ambrosia
And **** the sweet nectar
Of your slender body
Until we both feel immortal
And push fear aside
For one night
Then let’s do it
Dreaming while dying
Is the only way to catch
Inspired by The Long Dream by Junji Ito.
sunprincess Aug 21
Science finds a cure for almost everything
And vaccinations to prevent diseases
Let's give scientists credit, scientists are brilliant people
Where would we be without scientists?

Those devastating diseases which once crippled
Both man, woman and child
Men of science found a solution
Yet, though what of death
Death which comes for many at 4am

Will scientists ever find a cure to save everyone's life?
Will scientists discover death is undefeatable?
Will scientists discover green tea is the secret to immortality?

Will scientist discover the fountain of youth?
Will I ever finish this composition?
So many questions and so little time,  Sigh
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