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I support truth,
in that,
I confess I’d rather
be immortal
& forget everyone
I’ve ever met.
Today,it rained.
I sat down at my piano,
And composed her an apology.

The patter of rain.

I looked outside,
And saw a tempestuous spillage of emotions,
And an unambiguous uttering of poetic truth;
That I never could discover on my own–
I saw the trees tell me explicitly.
God has His ways.
It was one.

I never would have guided,
My ever-so-guarded heart–
To yield with all honor retained,
And accept this silent insatiable feeling–
It always had been love;
That defeated time,
In the want of immortality,
In the pursuit of eternity;
That was abundant in scarcity,
And that sat like one timid angel,
In the abyss of my heart,
And lit it up.

Today, it rained.
I sat down at my paino,
And felt eternal in the silence between the notes.

Tomorrow, it will rain.
I will sit down at my piano,
And sing a song to the moments of eternity,
That God makes us experience,
Wearing this mortal suit;
In the name of love.

Genre: Abstract Inspirational
Theme: Immortality
Rama Krsna Jul 18
in a fitting finale
i summon
the vanquisher of death
to end
this interminable cycle of transmigration

the ask....

a taste of ambrosia
stealthily hidden
in the tranquil crevice
a potpourri of thoughts

crescent bearing jewel
pure as jasmine
grant me
the nectar of immortality

The mind is where the self is realized. But the mind plays games as well. To quieten the mind and realize the self indeed is immortality
lenore Jul 8
to become immortal, you must devour
the gods. begin with the god of fear

and when the god of the nile
floods your heart's temple
lay your offerings underwater.
lenore Jul 6
poem is
a pharaoh's tomb:
the i interred in immortality.
The uniVerse May 2018
Lovers are like vampires they either bleed you dry or grant you immortality with a single kiss.
Waynepatrick May 21
Words like waves are immune to death,splendid to the eye breath they also take,
Adhering to the mind calmly they resonate,
the arc of expectations is fully paid,
embracing lengths of the brain new ideas and thoughts flood in,

Immortality in your words reside,
generations past and to come abide,
This I know,I shall pass and go down below,
but death shan't have consumed me whole for up and up my words will go,
and with that wherever my soul is,
Knowing this I shall know bliss,
As moments and days go by,ensure a  note  is made,
Then easy shall you lie assured of your immortality.
Savouring  ever
The behoof of cheer
White crane of hunger
***** the peach bitter
The desire went sour
Alleging for better
Written in Lai Poetry form.
The lai is another French form. It’s a nine-line poem or stanza that uses an “a” and “b” rhyme following this pattern: aabaabaab. The lines with an “a” rhyme use 5 syllables; the “b” rhyme lines have 2 syllables. It feels kind of like organized skeletonic verse.
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