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Mummy sparrow leads her chick
Into the garden.
A fluffy baby bird
Beak wide open
Demanding food.

So mother duly catches a grub
To drop it into
That wide open
Clamouring mouth.

Meanwhile, indoors, mamma dog suckles
A crowd of pups
All clambering at her belly,
Grabbing *******
And ******* like there’s no tomorrow.

And in another house
Mother cat is feeding her kittens.
Indeed all around the world
All sorts of animals
Are getting fed by Mum.

But ah, I must stop writing.
My own Mum has called me to lunch:
Glorious stew and dumplings –
Dumplings so soft
With a hint of crust on some.
Followed by her tasty sponge
And custard.
Gran has helped her too
And brought us sweets
For later.

Mums and grandmas:
You can’t beat them.

Paul Butters

© PB 23\10\2020.
Miss You Mum! :(
I dip my index finger into a cold butterscotch pudding,
closing my eyes as i bring it to my warm lips and a burst of surprising flavors enter onto my taste buds.
Sweet, Caramel oh so creamy....this is why i love my pudding.
I love pudding.
Chicken 3d
It exists and it lives
It moves and it shakes
all because I couldn’t resist
The transfatty aisle of edible pleasures

Now I’m a bigger girl
Bigger than I’d like
to give a whirl
Thanks to the transfatty aisle of edible pleasures.
So I started working out again today 😄

The ‘aisle’ in question is of course the Lidl bakery aisle. With all the restrictions, I needed stuff.. and I only went in to look at the middle of Lidl, I swear.

Oh, and by the way.. eating your emotions? It’s no good. Don’t do it if you know you’re doing it. It’l b o k ☺️
Wash it with love
Rinch it with love
Chop it with love
Heat it with love
Stir it with love
Serve it with love

It's your turn
Waiting fellow to
Smell it with love
Taste it with love
Praise it with love

Do anything
With love
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Culinary Art
Senadaim Oct 13
It’s the little things that really catch you unprepared

She had lipstick on her front tooth

I found it to be love for me that I wasn’t allowed to witness

I should have told her but it became my secret

A treasure I will take with me to the beyond

I couldn’t help but smile every time she talked, a small pink would peak out on that canvas of white

Loud trains, walking shoppers and endless white noise

Yet all I could focus on was that millennial pink that I didn’t deserve

The greatest layer of color I will ever witness

A clumsy mistake but with what intentions?

The color won’t reveal its secrets

but it left a smile on my face
Marco Rigau Oct 11
What's in a name?
I know, that question's passé and lame
But, really, what is in a name?
Zucchini and courgette, are they not the same?
What's in this fruit's call to fame?
What's in a name?
*** is jealous
Amount of ****
Coming from mouth
Edward Anderson
Most boring food
It's your choice
Shashi Tharoor
Hell bent
Refuting Zermelo's
Axiom of choice
He studied
At Tufts University
But didn't
Study maths
Idli controversy on Twitter.
Shashi Tharoor is a highly qualified, learned and competent politician, diplomat, thinker and writer. Very few can match him. I found his tweet about IDLI quite denigrating to the British professor. Food is a personal choice. Anyone is free to choose. What the hell it makes if the professor found IDLI, the most boring thing in the world. People aren't going to stop relishing it!
Elena Mustafa Sep 30
Laughter is the
Of the soul
Dreams are junk
Food for the mind
Are like a meat
Or protein shake
Taste bad
But won't **** you
Just makes your soul stronger
eden Sep 30
our bodies are
tied to the earth
if we jump,
we return to the earth
what goes up must also
come down

we have weight because
we have gravity
we have weight because
we have bodies tied to
the earth
if we jump, we must
return to it
a reminder that you are more than the pull gravity has on you. i struggle to remember this, but it is true :) and i love you
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