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Jules 23h
Fallen icarus:
Tomato floods color
Silent cry of red
Under fridge.
Meditation on those slippery cherry tomatoes.
Arianna 1d
Eating rainforest:
Biting, carving, gnawing the
Jungle's orange heart.
It struck me that mangoes somewhat resemble the heart.
Anton 2d
I. as a kid i spied
on fridge -
rectangle bulge on metal feet

high, polished frame stood still
by kitchen angle
spider silked web
on bitter
food machine

my arm leaps swiftly
then i leak in

i catch four chic sieves
here carrying and freezing
empty steel

II. as a teen,
i gave my fridge
a renovation

i placed here
a shiny crystal screen
instagram and twitter

III. as a grown man
add a laptop
a coffee grinder

floor cleaners
red hoover
and wipes
old dusty spider strings

'store substances
in frigdie box'
a flower goal

we'll store here
an azure planet
blurred by muddy wars

how could
we land here
some cans
and jars
and... food?
X-rays always made her feel like a model,
The doctor always taking her pictures.
She always posed.
Every imperfection, every flaw in her porcelain skin,
They refused to overlook.
They had to inspect her,
Make sure she wasn’t contagious.
“Drink this, eat that, take these.
Let us shove tubing down your throat
So we can find you another pill”
And she was absolutely sick and tired
Of all of the rules and tubes and wires
And people she didn’t know touching all over her,
Making her feel
It made her feel exposed.
Like she was some
******* bunny for a physical health magazine.
Her nostrils were stained with
The strong scent of hand sanitizer.
And she couldn’t keep the hospital food down,
And the shower was always freezing cold…
But at least they could make her feel
Erasing the taste of
Copper anorexia at the back of her throat,
She’s just an experiment.
ollie 6d
And it was really because of a song lyric
I needed a username and I found one in the cereal
It didn’t become my favorite until afterwards
But it grew in the awareness that things are happening that shouldn’t be
The stale box of them under my bed I can only eat when no one is watching
Because we don’t eat outside of meals at my house
We just go hungry
And being king of something every time I try to express an opinion helps
In a way like sunshine on the bus ride home
‘Cause for once rehearsal doesn’t mean you ride home with your parents
Icy silence is nobody’s preference
And laughing about going hungry gets easier when you’re king of some kind of food
My feet pound against the pavement
Because kings have to travel sometime
6th grade final project
I had to build a board about me
Trinkets about how I’m left-handed and the things that inspired me
Meant to be replaced as I aged
The last thing I had added to it was the “Corn Flake” cereal label and a small yellow crown
And spontaneously
Slowly removing the pictures and labels
I destroyed it without even trying
Because a cornflake king abandons the past to discover a future where he is allowed to eat whenever he pleases
Where expectations are lowered often
And sometimes it’s okay to have your own opinion
Because anyone knows the king makes the rules based on his beliefs
Not those of anyone older
does anyone know how to speak in their own home without being screamed at because i haven’t figured it out yet
They've victimised the most vulnerable of our society the poor disabled
What Have They Ever Done For Us food banks kids going to school hungry benefit cuts universal credit dead In the water
A complete and utter mess Parliaments like a bunch of unruly school kids trying to vote on what sweets they Should
Apart from That What Has The Government Ever Done For Us but In 9 years they have ruined a once great
I used to be proud to be part of, So anybody what have they ever done for
Got the Idea of this poem from The Life Of Brian a sean What did the Romans ever do for us
Nonty phython
munch that sweet fruitcake
up until your sweet teeth's sate
“do you want some slice?”
Julie Rogers Jan 15
My friend who isn’t one
Said being a starving artist is a new aesthetic
Like brunching at farmer’s markets
Paint drips, dropped on, white shirts
No shows, at art shows, in SoHo
Exotic meds, white dreads, still fed
Living in your bed head

My cat, she knows the truth
Napping on a pile of wet cat food

Actually, it’s
Calling your chef friend Michael again
And asking him if he knows a different way
To make ramen taste better
Because last time it still tasted
Like you forgot to pay your light bill
One of the best feelings
The first bite of my favorite meal.
It's hard to decide if it's hunger
Or anticipation.
All of this savored in smile.
The spice of salt, pepper among things
The aroma coming from plate to spoon,
The simplicity of it all.
I live for this feeling,
This warm cozy feeling,
A tight hug from meal to lips.
Theres no better feeling.
Tight hugs
Followed by her kisses
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