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The infamous Cuban fog
Roll's of the ceiling
Arroz on Pollo
*** and ice
Flamenca tunes serenade
crescent moon
Havana nights
I thought I'd write something
From my bucket list
i could feel everything.
my toes as they grip the board
and my tongue as it swirls and tastes the food in my mouth.
and for an ounce of an instant,
everything felt real.
It is not wrong to be white
and to have dreadlocks
you may look like a pleb
but you offend me not
Nor would it offend
a black rastafarian man
of a temperate manner

I don't know any women
with white skin and
straight hair that get offended
by afro-caribbean women
wearing a straight weave
You're all just too soft now,
you're all just pet peaves

Stop getting offended
on behalf of other people
that don't even take offence
Excuse me,
whilst I build a fence
around myself hombre
Not to keep me here
but to keep you at bay

Cultural appropriation
doesn't exist
Cultural misappropriation
doesn't exist
You're all just
champagne socialists
You should get over it

Yes, you mate
The one that thinks
he's above
and must decide what is
politically correct
and whose life matters

In the end all this is
is a series of cultural
exchanges and we're
all wading through ****

Face it.
A bit of salty food for thought.
Sketcher Nov 5
The smell of butter, the taste of flour,
Children will mutter for half an hour,
Until everyone's food arrives,
Mouths full and away with the cries,
Of chattering people and loud music,
Eating is the only language fluent.
Made this while waiting for breakfast... Also, I know the last line doesn't make sense. That's the point.
Falkor Nov 4
Plunge into coffee
Softening to perfection
Love me some cookies
It's like being separated from air by a mask, or love by glass. It's knowing you're there, just in my peripheral vision, but never being able to see you, no matter how far I turn. It's knowing how I feel when you're with me, yet never meeting you in person. I hate this diet, I'm so done. Noah_arkenswagg
JZ Nov 2
ETO ako, miktinig ay kukuhanin
At sisigaw ng "Pagkain!"
Ang alimusong nalalasap,
Oh, pagkaing kay sarap!


'Di ko na alam kung ano na ang mga pinagsasabi..
Utak ko'y supil na ng kagutuman ko,
Kaya wawakasan ang walang kwentang tulang 'to. Tabi!
Tulang patungkol sa aking nararamdaman araw-araw.. (Eto = eto yoshimura) See what I did there? Pun.. oho
Arke Oct 30
chocolate covered fantasies
and peanut butter dreams
pin me down with rope
grab the cold whipped cream

paint me like a cake
with ribbons of sugar and gold leaf
watch me come undone
as my wrists feel your teeth

decorate me with candied raspberries
along my stomach and my sides
tease me with your lips
let me be your guide
got dared to write silly food **** by a friend.
Izabella Oct 29
I just spent the last 30 minuets crying into my boyfriends chest
In the middle of my tear fest I choked out
“can we get Wendy’s?”
I’m a ***** for a good emotional binge
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