The prince and I are not friends,
though I respect him
and I value the role he plays.
However my uncle,
my father's big brother,
did feed him snacks.
As a boy he would slip into the kitchen
between meals,
sometimes persuading his big sister too.
And my uncle would sit them down
and find a snack for him
and perhaps for his sister.
I know this because of the prince's note.
He sent a note to my aunt
and it was read at the family gathering
following my uncle's funeral.
A boy from Catford,
a kitchen worker,
and later the royal chef,
laughing and giving kindness to the young prince
and to the future princess royal;
remembered and valued by family and by royalty.
For Uncle Peter.
Head spins,
Dark brain

NO food they say
NO sleep they say
NO dreams they say
NO family they say
NO telling they say

I cant help but follow the rules,
They're the only ones that love me
Protect me
My sleeves will only get lanky if I disobey
My life
My baby got cakes,
and I want pan
But they only got cakes
so instead, I eat sand
A metaphor of my relationship with food.
Lacy blue bra
strewn across the floor
of an empty apartment.
All is still -
only dust particles
float through the air,
undisturbed by human troubles.

Shades hang open,
streams of sunlight filter in.
The rainy dew
of yesterday's downfall
lingers still.

The scent of waffles
wafts up the stairs.
Visions of
blueberries and strawberries and whipped cream
fill the eyes, nose, and mouth -
salivating for more.

Eyes snap open.
A day begins once more.
What we have together is complicated.
It very well may be toxic.
But I am glad it happened.
I ask if you love me.
The physical representation of thirst.
You curve my appetite in so many ways.
I am full in knowing that you complete me.
Such a sensual smell.
My mouth burnt by the hot.
My taste buds go insane each time you are near.
Watering at the mouth.
I've eaten too much but know you fulfill my every need.
I often picture a life together with you.
Seasonal aroma, stirred and mixed.
Following your lead.
We grow older.
At times you upset my stomach.
I regret the decision of going to find you.
But this is the same reason I am drawn towards you.
Licking the corners on my mouth.
You fill what hunger I have and I love it.
Because I love you.
We may have our spats but that's anyone that confuses misunderstanding.
I am sincere in the way I am reminded.
Yet selfish in the way I am spoiled.
I love you because you always commit with purpose.
One spoon at a time.
To wake up and have you here with me.
I wouldn't trade anything for it.
To wake up and have you beside me, 
To wake up and ask is that Shrimp Fried Rice on your breath
Aa Harvey May 12
If I had another life…

Food is but a cold reminder,
Life has been unfair to me.
Wish upon a starry star, to find a plate of empathy.
Understand I mean so much,
My voice it sounds so hollow!
Waking up in agony,
I only live in sorrow.

Picture books are full of drawings,
Abstract ruination.
Colour me in with vitamins and leave me to my ruin.
All I want is everything
And nothing at the same time.
All I want I cannot have,
Or take or even find.

Days like this serve to remind me,
I am but an egg shell.
Swiftly broken pieces swept away,
Nobody to tell.

If only I could start again,
I'd rip this up
And send another swimmer.
This life is broken!
I am not a happy, be-lucky, winner.
Things are not quite as they seem,
When I look in your mirror.
All I see is a reflection of me,
But I am looking thinner.

I don't know which way I chose to go,
Is it up or down?  
I just don't know!
I'm heading for the stars, I couldn't be happier,
I never even tried.
I want to live like I have already died.
Swim with the fishes,
All that I truly know is,
They never seem to cry,

Days are all numbered.
One to ten, and then repeat the process.
I cannot,
I will not,
Vote for a system that is causing distress.
Leave things just as they are
And starve or start a revolution.
All I state is there will be no peace,
Until we build a Freedom.

Creatures only crawl into my mind.
All I do is pass the time,
Selling broken watches,
To all my broken well-wishers, my peeps.
They cannot appreciate,
There is no early,
There is no late,
There is only a right time
And a place to send me,
But I will never tell them;
They couldn't agree.
One day I will find a way to live,
Or find a way to be free…

But today is not that day…

That is all I CAN say...

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey May 12

It’s so comfortable inside my bed.
I think I will stay here until I am dead.
I’m never going to move again.

The air is cold, my quilt so warm,
My feet are nice and toasty.
I have a day off, so I will remain lost,
In a world of imaginary.

I drift off to sleep until quarter to three.
They say that’s a whole day you have wasted!
All I reply is, I have had a bad day since I was a kid,
So a lie-in once in a while is just what I needed.

But now my stomach is starting to grumble.
Three meals a day is a must.
So I throw on some clothes and drag myself to where I need to go.
Boring, boring, boring toast!
But, oh well, it is something at least.
They tell me I have to eat.

It’s been twenty minutes and I am still not finished,
With this rubbery, so dry!  Food,
With absolutely zero taste at all...
Have a guess what I am…Bored!

My cup of tea is just (stupid!) flavoured water.
My biscuits are broken in barrel and cup.
I should stop eating this toast, I know I oughta,
But it’s nearly done now
And once it is done, it is done.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
One of the greatest foods
To grace this beautiful planet.
A farmer once grew some potatoes
Genetically crossed with tomatoes:
   He plucked 'em by hand,
   Set up a stand,
And sold 'em as "heirloom topatoes".  

When I arrived at the bus stop,
Heading South from 14th and Federal,
I bumped into my old friend,
Juan Garza,
Who I hadn't seen  for quite awhile.
I was so excited to see him
That I asked him if he wanted to join me for Lunch.
"Hey, Juan," I asked him.
"Want to go have some mole at Tarascos?"
"I'm heading down there for  lunch."
Juan was very polite as always.
"No thank you, Dan," he responded.
"I'll ride with you on the bus as far as Alameda,"
"But I'm gonna' go grab some pussy."
I sort of knew Juan's ways already.
I just asked him,
"Oh, where you gonna' grab your pussy, Juan?"
Juan was very comfortable informing me.
"I just go to the Geisha House, Daniel."
"They get fresh pussy shipped in from Asia each month."
"After sex, I'm going to eat some sushi at Nikko's,"
"But I don't imagine you'd be interested in joining me"
"Because you will have already had"
"Your mole."
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