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At times refrain
to grow with age
Forbear the fruit
enjoy the strain
Much be learnt
in controlling pain

Plenty to benefit from
temporarily being empty

Mind regroups with a system cleanse
Body allowed to make amends
Fasts don't last but our choice remains  and will sustained
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Feeling numb to what's coming
A fading reality, a coming duality
Society just victims
Of a corrupted system
I want to help them
Though I'm wicked
And most certainly not welcomed
I must do something, anything
Against those puppet masters
Who control the system

Perhaps I'll start my own secret society
A flip of the pyramid
A rebellion from within
Ah, I don't know
Just thinking.
With its perks and quirks
you are exactly where
you're supposed to be
in this notion of motion

Engineered machines work
decisions guaranteed to irk
Keep those wheels turned
and focus on what is appropriate

Until a ***** curves
What went wrong
for those cogs to stop
When at speed it's hard to
see flaws before the system pops
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
We are, we are but a sum of our parts—

a brain, a soul, a body, a heart:

when one is lost, the system collapses,

do not dare to take a human apart.
Amanda Apr 24
Hope the feeling of worthlessness flees my worried frame

Can you make my brain stable?

When you know the security code
Punch into my mental keypad
No other combination of words will silence the alarms of self-loathing blaring within
Ricocheting off the walls of my skull
Echoing each and every flaw exposed in myself

All it takes
One little thing to trip the sensor
And it hurts my whole defense system

You are the one able to disarm my security
And the reason is because you installed it
I had no method of protecting myself before you put me in your perspective
Now when something breaks through defense mechanism
Instead of letting confidence get stolen
Triggered noise helps me block out the negativity and focus on things I do like about myself
Then to revert my day back to normal completely all you have to do is enter the magic passcode with a sweet whisper in my ear
"You're beautiful"
Using a burgular alarm as a metaphor for an emotional defense barrier
White Phoenix Mar 25
They say I have a good heart
But Im not really sure
The **** that ive done
could have the devil running from the underworld
and if i run the world one day
id be tired
were all the same when our eyes are closed
just rest
and even if they dont agree
theres no need to leave the rest
they say the grass is ALWAYS greener
thats a lie we all need the rest

im an insomniac
Angelina Feb 20
How is one here
Presented with endless possibilities to explore
Days and days ahead of them to navigate
Through Earth’s greatest treasures
Yet at the same time they are not here
Instead focusing on the box assumed as habit
Worshipping paper to depend their experience on
Freedom engulfed by invisible barriers, fences
Borders striving to sustain what is unsustainable
And how is one here
Gifted breath from the early beginning  
Decorated with hope and ambition, love and protection
Nurtured in freedom to talk, and move
Yet at the same time they are not here
Placed behind a colorless cell
Imposed on them is a paper which determines them
Who they are, their whole being, wrapped up in the finger of a single sheet
How is one here
Dancing with the assumption of being a free
Yet jailed in the arms of a ruthless system
Xella Jan 8
“You’ll be fine…”
Right i’ll be fine with my labels to brag.
With my diploma, undergraduate degree, masters, phd
Under all that, me. I can barely see me-
I’ll be fine but, happiness? Is that in the picture?
Sorry I digress...

The status quo, they tell us A+ vital,
F is the devil,
Dr label in front of your name makes you capable.

I breathe complex numbers and long words
my blood is A+ and yes, it is something I lust.
For I, in this reality and life need that degree, PHD-
it is vital to me.
Contradicting my dreams?
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