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follow your pattern
totally change
my nervous system
don't know what happen
Is it real or a game!?

change my reputation
should blame
Is it real or a game!?
question is rotating
In my head
is still vibrating!
The system Broke you
Without a scratch
Or a scar to show for it
You were vivacious creature full of the joys of life
But you just got quieter
that’s what they wanted
Isn’t it?
that system made you submit
It forced you to conform
It twisted your mind and contorted your soul
Into its little box
its perfect padded cells with cast iron locks
Say what you feel
But only it’s it’s correct
Speak your truth
As long as it’s what the memo says
They tell you they’ll give you an education
But it’s never what you’d expect
They take your soul
didn’t you read the small text?
Lilywhite Jun 17
When did I become one with the machine?
My body’s lost its meaning.
When did my pieces become parts?
It’s such a grimy feeling.
Not a single original thought—
Just an animation,
turned on by the input of systematic oppression
My output; just regurgitation
Anxiety and crippling depression
Time constrained by the weight of the world
Do you feel the pressure?
And you already know this
Foraging for focus
Keep your thoughts in sync
Close your eyes and listen,
but don’t forget to breathe
Your mind’s eye is preoccupied with patterns on repeat
They call it groupthink
Whoop, whoop
Thought police
Loop, spiral, fractal
Segregated sentiment seeking your sentience
Coagulate and listen
Maybe its madness or
maybe it’s ******* progress
Reel it in, just breathe, don’t regress
Ya gotta feel the feeling
Let it be,
Because you’re what’s real
So feel your heart,
Now ease your mind
You have to remember to forget
it’s just the grind
and you gotta play along sometimes
Are you a cog in the wheel?
Want to save a leg?
It’s gonna cost you an arm!
Want to save an arm?
Dream Fisher May 8
A child robs from a store,
A thousand dollars
Some pieces of paper so plain,
Losing his future and little to gain,
A thousand dollars.
He goes to jail for pulling a gun
He goes to jail at 18 and his life is done.

The boy hardens into a man
Gets out of the cage, tries to do what he can
But they put him up on a stage.
"So tell me, son, you've got no skills.
You're 28 with a record to ****."
Every other candidate comes first,
One ***** up, now you're the worst.
You chose a fate before you knew your fate
They'll call you back so you sit and wait.
So you sit and wait.

Can't even be trusted to take out the trash
So you punch out the mirrors
Looking back at you, only seeing trash.
He's not thinking clearly,
Writes up a quick note and signs it sincerely.
Shaky hands tie a knot,
The only thing he saw as a blessing,
I wonder if the system taught him his lesson.
I'm not hungry.
I don't wanna ***.
I don't wanna dominance.
That's my limbic system's cares.
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