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julian Feb 23
always been the wall
never been the one who lean’s on
GQ James Feb 2
why do we have to slaves the system? When are things gonna get better and when will be able to live better? I just don't get it **** sad and pathetic. Let's help each other out not try to hurt another we are sisters and brothers.

Takes too much energy to fight and hate so why not just love and get along. Let's change the cycle and make changes to the world we live in. Don't follow the trend reset the trend .
Never too late to make a change we still here. Long as their is a breathe in my body I'll do my best to have American great you can't fight fate.

And let's talk about how all these men fell like it's cool or even normal to ****. That'll never be cool or acceptable. Let's do better and respect our women not disrespect them.
Women brought us into the world so they have no right to lay hands or even mistreat a woman. Without a woman their will be no man. I know some of you won't get that or even understand. That's the difference between a boy and a man.

Don't put your hands on a woman if you wanna raise your hand , raise your hands up and ask for forgiveness for all your sins. We can all do better and improve. Don't give up that means the devil wins . God is always in control. Don't sell your soul it's never for sale. Your body is temple so respect it and yourself. Don't ever be too proud to ask for help.
Nikkie Jan 29
I slept pretty well in bed last night.
But something startled me, made my heart beat very fast.
At first I couldn’t figure out what was happening.
Then I realized I was dreaming of you.
Is it at all possible, that you were dreaming me?
Is it possible that you pulled me telepathically into your bed?
I was eased into your comfortable embrace;
laying underneath you in total darkness,
we were both unrobed steeped in passion.
We didn’t look into each other’s eyes,
because the darkness held all control.
Both of us knew that the time had come,
for us to close that mysterious gap.
You caressed my face and kissed my neck,
you kissed my lips and magic happened.
Our bodies were electrified, our souls caught fire,
and your kiss sent chills all over my body.
My heart was beating faster and faster,
my body was yours and nothing else mattered.
I guess I couldn’t take the energy that surged,
from your body Into my soul.
When you kissed me again, I came to my senses.
My body went into some sort of shock,
the moment felt real, but I knew it was not.
So I told myself to wake the **** up!
When I opened my eyes, I was back in my bed,
covered in sweat, and eyes wide open.
Heart still beating incredibly fast,
while my spirit slumbered in widespread shame.
Farm laws
They want
Govt. to withdraw
In toto
In toto
Farmers adamant
Govt. adamant
Are farm laws bad?
I am no expert
Are farm laws good?
I am no politician
Then what do you want to say?
Sirs and Madams
I want to say
There is a jungle of laws
Implementation biggest flaw
Inefficient judicial system
Makes laws virtually non existent
Litigation remains on earth
Litigant goes to Swarg
Further, law no exercise in linguistics
Intention behind it  is to be seen
So law is like plasticine
Judges mould it the way they deem
Good or bad farm laws
Shun hooligans and hooliganism
Dear farmers give a try
If you don't find suitable
Don't sell to private traders
Don't enter into contract farming
There's no compulsion at all
If Govt abolish APMCs
Withdraw MSP
Stop growing pulses, wheat and rice
Let people die
You are already expert in dying
I am given to exaggeration
This is my way of expression
Mayur dembda Dec 2020
A link to tap, a signature to lend.
Do you think a house filled with old people care what you sign up for?

Don’t objectify me on this.
Because, I’m tired of the same.
I see, hear and go through the same things.

I live a little far, but I see them all.
I appreciate your effort, you can keep posting as much and so much.

Don’t follow my faith, I’m ****** up.
Tried changing things failed every-time,
So please, Let me be.

But listen we are the system,
we are so is the system.

Irony as i put it
we are responsible for the things that are being done
far from our home,
or in our neighbourhood
or to our neighbour
or in our own home.

Bleed words on platform, at this crooked age you have all the rights.
But when you’ll grow up you’ll find the fault and it’ll be in you.

Blame this culture or that culture,
My culture or yours.
You’ll live around 50 and die.
Unless, you are in a hurry.
Dante Rocío Nov 2020
Seized by the fear,
The justice transforms paradoxically
into perspectives.
Perspective of people
who only float
and do not question
their fragile concept of existence.
Lying to themselves,
they decided from their comfort zone
to speak of “justice” to the world; yet
as long as you don’t understand truly
the truth about your chains, you’ll keep on
defending the empire.
You will never truly understand the pain of others,
you will never be able to truly feel the justice
because you fear dying,
and also paradoxically,
although I am giving you the answer,
you also fear loving.
And without love there will never be true justice.


Apoderados por el miedo,
la justicia se transforma paradójicamente
en perspectivas.
Perspectiva de personas
que solo flotan y no cuestionan
su frágil concepto de existencia.
decidieron desde su comodidad
hablar sobre “justicia” para el mundo; pero
mientras que no comprendan verdaderamente
la verdad sobre sus cadenas, seguirán protegiendo al imperio.
Jamás entenderán el dolor de otros,
jamás podrán verdaderamente sentir la justicia
porque temen morir,
y paradójicamente también,
aún que les den la respuesta,
también temen amar,
y sin amor jamás habrá verdadera justicia.
An old remnants of a speech being prepared where this poem wove its way into my research and it stayed however never used or with place for it found due to restrictions from above.
Now it happens to break free from Poetalia and come back into English I share with you.
Enjoy the simplicity and a cry of broken stoic blood.
MisfitOfSociety Nov 2020
All roads lead to hell down here.
If you believe they’ll take you to heaven,
You’re more likely to take them.
the disease of despair

symptoms, not causes
of the brown blood
drained from swines'

gather up your coat
and your hat
for the primetime
inspired by Émile Durkheim

for peace in solidarity
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