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cleobug 5d
i’ve gotta rewire some things inside me
not in the right headspace to take life on right now
without a little extra help from those around and before and inside me

i’ve gotta release some demons, exorcise me
keeping them bottled up for so long, they’ve
got other people’s hands all over me, shaking things up
a prisoner to my own hidden feelings , i’m ready to burst

want to get it out, once and for all
not be trapped inside any longer

a bunch of secrets bouncing around my bones
like stubborn trespasser(s)


i find myself lost in us again
wrapping your& words around me like a hug
falling in love with this cosmic entanglement
watched us bloom in times of turmoil
i'm just so happy to be home, finally
Leah Carr Feb 18
It's a funny word, isn't it
I never used to know what it meant
But now I know
All. Too. Well.

It rolls quite easily off of the tongue
Though of course
In itself
Nothing about it, is easy

Words are strange, really
When the word is so simple
Yet the meaning so

I hate it I hate it I hate it
But I'm being dragged
into it
Interpret this how you will.
MuseumofSoph Dec 2021
I’m writing again
Sorry I took a small break

Had to take a second to myself
To make sure I wasn’t fake

Sometimes I look in the mirror and all I can see is their eyes

I’m see-through

Until I see


Eyes all over me
This is too much

I’m learning to listen to              

  ­                                                                 s
                                                               ­         C.

Turns out I like hip-hop
They rhyme like I do
Just add a beat and it’s tip-top

I’m starting to wake-up again
Less smoke and more trying to cope

I’ve been doing a lot of tarot readings
It says I’m
I’m psychic  
That’s funny
I say
I’m horrific

‘Hold up let me post another pic’

I’m stronger than I’ve ever been
But I’m losing my empathy
My favorite super power
I watch it flee

Im turning to stone
Freezing in time
All I do is go on my phone

Life is never enough
I want more
“Let me take a puff”

College life is fun but you know what’s better
Crying under your sheets in a ******* sweater

Life is better to everyone else
They say ‘you thrive’
But I don’t care
Before I felt alive

Now I’m dead.

Void of emotion but full of it too
This manic depressive **** is rough
And I don’t know,
I’m tired of tough

They say it doesn’t get easier but I hope it does
If not
What will I do
I won’t
But I’m still dead inside

My mind will rot,
My body too

I hope it doesn’t happen

It’s probably just what I have been taught
But going a different direction is harder than it seems
These kids are just too **** mean

They don’t say it but I feel it
The judgement, the laughter
I hear it either way

I miss her.

Nobody can make me happy
But what is happy?
If that’s not the goal than what is?

We spend all our life looking for answers
But have we ever questioned if it matters

If I’m alive and free then aren’t I happy?

Turns out I’m not free
Everybody wants me to be who I’m not
What have I been taught?

College is useless when you have a mind like mine
It works constantly until it gets proctored
That’s when it breaks down
The flat-line

Finals are today. It’s 3:03am and finals are today.

Some would be scared but I’m not
I have a feeling If I stay here
I’ll get caught

Not by the law, but by the grades
There’s too much self worth associated

Why can’t I make art without a label?
Without a score
Aesop’s Fables
Pondering dropping out….
Crucifix Oct 2021
Bloated solar systems draw sharp ships aloft its great celestial sea. I am battered and broken by the shift the storm sends my body adrift. But I seek to float and be rebuilt by constellations consolidating soulful songs so sight full that a bright star might sink into my orbit and maybe I could catch some light and absorb it.
I feel like I’ll never find the love I’m looking for
Andrew Layman Apr 2021
Strike out
at the largest vein
that traverses the honeycomb
and finally reveal yourself.
Yousra Amatullah Apr 2021
If oppressing becomes permissible,
Law already is underrated.

If colours mean more to you than life does,
My condolences on your gritty being.

If water turns into money,
Fruits will eventually stop growing.

If you are constantly busy comparing your body with someone else's,
Your soul becomes a slave of the wrong embodiment.

If immorality is the trend of this era,
My style is out of date.
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