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Lately I've been running.
Baby I saw this coming.
Please save me from myself

Dont hate me, I need your loving.
I'm breaking, I need your touches
to make me.
Whole again at last.

We gotta go a little faster.
I gotta try a lot harder.
This year has been a disaster
We can make it a whole lot farther.

Praying that you will take me
every place you're moving.
I wanna be by your side.

Grace me, with your eyes.
Baby, this is our life
it's changing.
Will you change with me?
A song i had wrote about a year ago. I love you Madeline.
So sometimes, I feel feminine.
I feel like adding some spice to my movements,
draw hearts on my arms,
and maybe sometimes, I walk differently.

There is that one guy who looks "cute"
and I don't have that much luck with girls.

Sometimes I imagine what its like to be a girl.
But I am straight.
And male.

I'm just a little bit different.
That's okay, right?
just something I feel sometimes.
Eric 11h
Morning brings , a sunshine that sings . As it may lift us brighter then normal days . Ice upon the ground to reflect our ways . Salt to melt past's bitter taste . Lets not forget how unique you are , just like the falling snowflakes . Keep changing everyone's life with your smile , thats all it takes . There's nothing better then not wearing a mask and traveling with the fakes .a smile is all it takes.
Like a prisoner of the past.
Unable to let go.
We like the things that are certain.
It´s easy for us to think,
that nothing can ever be good again.
Because we despise change.
We fool ourselves
to think that everything that we´re used to,
is good for us.
We chain ourselves to the invisible bed
that whispers in all the right tunes.
Tunes that we think we want to hear.
We don´t know better than to listen,
to the safe whispers of the only things
we know are certain.
Why do we listen to the whispers?
Telling us to come closer.
As we trust, in the masked whispers,
we get bitten.
And we bleed.
Yet, we stitch our wounds,
as we lay in the bed,
that we think we deserve to sleep in.
I’ll start acting like a lady,
no more misbehaving,
I promise that I’ll change me.
no more of what we’ve been up to.
I’ll leave it all up to you,
no more of what we used to do.
MarKat 19h
Endurance at its best
Standing still in time
To be made perfectly
To seek its clarity
You can decide
Preparation or
No return make
Sure your aware
When it's your turn.
We endure lots of unwanted feelings people and things but no matter what don't change but the power of prayer is what gets me through each time. In the outcome your changed or numb.
are supposed to be
my example;
my model;
my idol,
my wonderful,
my perfect,
my life-like-you example.
you are my
my don't,
my bad,
my no,
my devil,
my nobody,
my villain,
my don't-be-like-you.
What have you turned into?
What if I no longer want to be like you?
What if I don't like this you?
I still love you.
Don't ask me how,
'cause I don't know myself.
Why do I still love you?
What have you turned yourself into?
Where is your old self? The one that I love, or used to love...
What we have become
Shows clear in morning lights
Raising spirits beyond fitted growth
Ascetic as it may be
Health buckets the splendors of being happier
And leaving unanswered the question
Of why anger cannot be dishonest
Numbing hate with reasonings and Excuses
But triumphantly a society survives
Breathing differences more beautiful than before
And unequal in the holiest of ways
Some days
She finds
Self-destruct switch
A life
Her own
But different

The steps
She takes
So delicate
As not to
Still leave
In living room

But better
Are craters
Of shrapnel
Than to be
Feet embedded
In a place
Where she
Only vacancy
walking down the bars
the lights seem brighter
my laugh echoes in my head
the voices of arrogance seem to vanish
the dust tickles the insides of my nose
my ears are warm
***** is having a lovely time
He’s loose
arms are flowing
Legs are everywhere

And then we go to jail for 12 hours

I’m glad I’m here in my bed right now

Whatever goes on, goes like a wheel going 120 miles per hour
I’m just a dip in the road
It keeps going even if I’m the factor

The only one...

Also just watched Black Mirror for a bit....the memories aren’t worth a reaction in the present moment

But it makes sense....

It’s been a long day

**** jail

But everything is worth experiencing
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