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the imaginary
world hurts
when it changes
You told me I would never change
but I learned to put myself before You,
to love and protect myself from You.
May 27, 2020
(a collaboration with Mark S)

Change is here, yes it is
I can feel it everywhere
You can go now, as you please
Love still lingers in the air

Try to hold on to your dreams
And remember your own vow
It's not that hard as it seems
Even stars for you will bow

Make a stand and show your smile
To everyone you see
Head held high in your own style
Be who you’ve longed to be

The world is yours to come and take
To sort and rearrange
A dynasty for you to make
Amidst the constant change

Love the flowers that you see
Let the wind caress your face
You are where you're supposed to be
As where you stand it is your place!

You hold the future in your hand
This life can be the greatest view
It’s time for you to understand
Start right now, it’s up to you
It was a real pleasure to write this one in collaboration with one of the most talented poets, here on HP!
There have been many days without me
and there will someday be much more
but what has changed is the waning of
my own personal desire
to reach it faster,
I am fascinated by the world
never the same at any given time
obsessed with how the light bends
around my fingers as I reach for the sky
finding new ways to fall in love with the fact
that I no longer want to die
and in turn, hoping to make the days with me
mean more than I could ever have imagined
instead of years ago when I was just hoping
for it all to end
What will we do
When the birds fall from the sky,
Their stomachs full of lids,
And beaks wrapped in bags?

What will we do
When the whales wash up,
Their bodies start to rot
And the bottles spill out?

Where will we be
When the wildfires burn,
Turning towns to ash
And the future to rubble?

Where will we be
When the trees are bare,
Turning forests to stumps
And no air to breathe?

Who will save us
When we go to war,
The bodies pile up
And the skies are stained yellow?

Who will save us
When we fall to disease,
We neglect our health
And we're naive to death?
I’m checking on old friends
Looking them up; asking after them
The girls I knew in my younger days
are women now
They’ve grown, blossomed, and matured
moved away, been to college, found love
married, each have children, a house, a car
Their happiness makes me smile
until my smile turns to a frown
when I see how far they’ve come
and I realize
I’m still here
© 2020 Velvel Ben David
Lara 4d
Change yourself
Change your personality
Change into a different person

You are not good enough
You are supposed to behave different
You are supposed to be different

You can’t look like that
You can’t wear that
You are showing too much skin
You are covering too much

Society is not easy
There is not a wide span between showing too much skin and covering too much up

You have to learn much
But don’t be a nerd

You have to have fun
But don’t be a looser

You changed
I don’t know if I can still be friends with you

You stayed the same
I don’t know if I’m too mature for you

Society has high standards
Society has impossible standards

Make your own standards

You don’t have to change yourself
Change the society
For all the sake of confinement,
and rules, and laws, and all that is in motion,
my heart rattles in its cage and roars
like a beast, defying human nature.
In a matter of a second,
I succumb to fury. I am rage
juxtaposed to a calm face.
I wail and tear apart the truth,
limb by limb, for denial paves way
to the entrance of my home.

It lives with me, dines with me, sleeps with me;
a welcome resident within my haven.
For when you live through the ways of love,
and love in spite, (instead of loving for the sake
of loving yourself
) only to be loved
because of your monetary value and
the vanity gracefully done on your face,
betrayal is strong and denial is natural.

For all the sake of confinement,
and rules, and laws, and all that is in motion,
even in most literature, we see,
only these people come to know love.

On the other hand,
when you are loved despite not having
money, looks, power, and influence,
they tell us it is blind, and sad.
Because our faces are not on LED screens,
and news outlets, or tabloids, or
made into a film adaptations,
in comparison, our love
is fleeting, and non-existent.

For all the sake of confinement,
and rules, and laws, and all that is in motion,
even in the love we see from those around us,
we are also told this is where love is, or where
it can never be found.

So beauty or no beauty; money or no money,
power or no power; some will never be loved and some will still be loved. As human as it is for us to deny, it is natural as well,
for human beings to defy and change and have different capacities to be loved.

So, love as if no screen can ever behold its depth.
just a thought.
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