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One year from now, where will you be?
Will you choose? Or just wait and see?

Choose to act - create some changes
From small steps, life rearranges

One year from now, will life be great?
Will you take actions that elevate?

Read new books and learn handy skills?
Or just cruise along to pay the bills?

One year from now, you’ll be the same
Unless you act to increase your game

Think new ideas - meet some new friends
Better thoughts lead to better ends
This is Prosperity Poem ** at and you can see it displayed on a beautiful background (copy and paste the link below).

I often share with people the general idea, "One year from now, you'll be much the same as you are today, except for the books you read and the people you meet."  

Sometimes I use "Five Years", but the idea is the same.  And it's true!  You can choose to make changes.  Get those new ideas!  Read those best books and listen to life changing audios. Meet new people.
Most of the political world
needs to reevaluate on
how indifferent neutrality
and tactful compromise
does not amount to
equal measures
in a thriving democracy.
Bryle 2d
Self love will always be
And will always be a struggle
It's the constant acceptance
Of you lacking, of your own flaws
It's the dissonance between
Settling for what's in store or
Trying to see what's for more

Self love is about
Answering the screams you hear
Inside your head once everything
Has settled and calmed

Self love is about
Addressing your fears, of what is
Keeping you awake at night

Self love is about
Letting your tears fall, letting your
Emotions take over every while
For self love is not about sparkles
For it is dark, painful, and tiring

It's hard, isn't it
The arrival of life
Something new is beginning
Before my very eyes
The world does not try to hide it
I’ll be replaced even before I’m buried
But I do not resent you
I’m not jealous of what I’ll miss
I’ve already lived my lifetime
And that’s all anybody gets.

My body slows
As gravity has it’s way with me
My mind is slowing too
Slowly the neural network is going dark
And with everything slowing down
What does time do?
It races ever faster
Our first day was longer than last week.

The page is turned once again
As a eulogy of winter is recited
While the weather outside steadily
Changes the season
As the sun seems to shift
Towards the North
Until it reaches its maximum height in the sky.

I see the leaves regain life
And flowers sprout from the ground
Blossoming the earth
With new shades.
The Vernal ground develops
As I can see the dirt slowly begin to give
Between my feet
As the ground in which I stand
Has no seasons.
Its nature is unknown
And already it rots at my feet
It’s as though even nature
Has an understanding
That soon is my time to go.
41 lines, 306 days left.
Dennisk 5d
For a rarity of your caliber
deserved no less
More ,yes, but never less
Perhaps it was this transient shielding
from a world of ill and mischief
that stirred within you
an illusion freedom
bringing forth a hurting change of character
So quick and yet setting in motion
a slow devouring of the light
in my eyes when I saw you for the very first time
and after
before it faded at last
Laokos 5d
patterned love responses
spiraling outward from
the chest in search
of hearth and
hemlock to
soothe the brittle
bones of a
generation lost
to time.

I remember a feeling
once felt in
the spacious quality
of my life
in its infancy.

a 'coo' to my
mother--her face
beaming through
the unknown
harshness of life
yet to touch me.

father was out
working, adding
more and more
points of stress to
his life to provide
for the seeds
he sewed in the
soil of his youthful

adulthood snuck
up on me too and
now its too late to
go back.

these days
the only coup
that will save me
is the one
I perpetrate
against myself.
the one that
corrodes my beliefs
and illuminates
the extent of their
misconceptions about
the world and
what it means
to be me.

loyal are the lashes
that lick my flesh
serving the blood
that drips and
flows to the
soil of my own
wasted youth.

all I can do now
is look forward
to the unknown
that looms ahead;
terrifying and promising
failure and change

pray to your altars
and cry to the
invisible mute gods;

they will answer
in kind in the
laughter of children
playing upon
your spent life.

and so it goes--
life eats life
and mother's die

use your voice
while you have
it--speak of clouds
and storms that
broke you, of winter
and the living
silence you've endured.

praise be to the
broken and the
weary of heart, for
in the breaking is
the great gift
of life

and what you
become after each
shattering is nothing
short of your
endless potential.
Svetoslav Feb 24
winter is leaving
snow melts by the rise of degrees
and the sun beaming

every ice breaks
waters leave the structure
the air batters them down as it wakes

blooming arrives like a ghost
through the walls
spring awakes every plant
from big to small

warm breeze carries musical notes
trees and oats are shaking rhytmically
colorful gardens carry their fragrance whimsically

we receive another chance
to leave a trace in the winds
near the agricultural grange

let us tune our guitars
play our arrangement
and make the changement
by Svetli
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