MU 8h

Quoting a wise man, she said:
Be the change you want to see
In others

I hope she doesn’t change
Since she
Is a garden of flowers
And I
A broken mirror,
With no powers.

Sometimes we don't want people to change, because we just like how they are...
gabe 19h

a question troubles, island’s peace is lost,
am i who i am?” eager land inquires.
disturbed, the once serene and calm water,
enraged waves sent off, crashing onto shore.
the answer that you seek i cannot speak,
straightforward answers, never meant to please.
a storm threatens a downpour of yes, no,
confusion flooded, train of thought submerged.
surveying islands, bird’s eye takes the view,
clouds fleet along, marveling at it all:
a lake, a river, waterfalls of hope,
a hill, a valley, mountains of regret,
grown with experience, plants and trees stand,
learning through challenges, animals flock.
what an amazing sight!” wind blows soft breeze,
what an amazing mind!” whistles the bird.
land and water, both finally, calmed down,
resolves to address the troubling question:
am i who i am?” echoes the island.
wind and ocean answers in unison:
a tiny plot of land, blessed by the gods,
but with one’s hands, an island has emerged

this is a poem in blank verse i wrote for my shakespeare class
quiet 1d

i always find myself at this intersection
between pain and growth
thats what embodies me
i can’t stay together, i can’t stay put
i revel in change
thats what makes me feel alive
the sky is burning and i feel nothing
absolutely nothing

PrttyBrd 2d

a limp body
carried in broken arms
to a funeral pyre
hidden in the woods

tinder, salt-saturated
won't catch
drowning in the perception
of failure

life flows out
and seeps in
healing in unfettered

exhaustion bleeds thought
cracks fuse invisibly strong
still feeling both less
yet more, somehow

pyre lays unlit
as the heart dreams ablaze
in lost memories
of a life not yet lived

one without the other
cannot exhale
breathing in all the nothing
looking for the only thing

not knowing what or where
but the when is now
as wood sits on the ashes
of what came before

in the jolt of drowning
on overflowed tears
it flows out of each
and into the other

cracks fade
accidental truth is never an accident
too tired to continue
it was found where it lay sleeping

patient and blind
sprouts into the best
of unseen possibilities
the day you carried me in silence


I unravel the scrolls hidden
Deep, dark secrets unwritten
Wordless experiences
The blank pages of your heart
No pen and paper relay

All your fear and pain
All the loss and gain
Those things you put away
Reflecting off your face
Though not written, I read

And you ask if I can mend
The emotional cuts that tend
To take a little piece of you
Slowly making you less and less
But I don't know where you went

A stranger is all I see
And I can't say we're meant to be
But if you're still in there
Somewhere, hidden, I swear
I'll unravel you

JM 4/26/17

Danika 2d

Springsteen sang about glory days
and I laughed
and swore that wouldn’t be me.
I looked around this small town
at these large fishes
and knew I’d find a bigger pond.

But here I am
holding up jerseys
reading newspaper clippings
looking at old pictures
valentine’s roses
yearbook autographs
picture day poses

and can’t stop talking about
glory days.


In the 1960's,
The Hippies protest the Vietnam War
As well as practicing Free Love
And experimenting with Drugs.
In contrast,
The Conservatives
Were viewed as "Squares".
All the popular musicians at that time
Including Bob Dylan, the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and Marvin Gaye
It was hip to care
And it was hip to think
About "what's going on"
In distant parts of the World.
In 2017,
They say that "Conservatism is the New Counterculture",
What is hip today
To NOT give a fuck about anyone else.
Last Night,
I attended an "Active Minds" Lecture
At Denver's Tattered Cover Bookstore
On the Philippines.
Part of this Lecture
Was a CRITIQUE of U.S. Foreign Policy in Southeast Asia,
Reminiscent of
"The Hippies",
But this "Active Minds Series"
Is primarily designed for SENIOR CITIZENS
Who want to avoid Developing Dementia.
It's  not particularly
Or "Cool".

It's strange how What was once hip and cool becomes an activity for Senior Citizens who want to avoid developing dementia!

Frog jumped out of the well
to catch adventures with a sticky tongue
and taste waves of  ocean swell

Wyatt R 4d

No amount of distance
could get me away
from the other part of me
begging me to stay.
I'm teetering on the edge,
I'm sinking into the depths.
I couldn't live my life
submerged underneath
all the things that keep me awake,
the days that haven't yet passed.
I've got this sickening feeling
that my downfall will happen fast.
When I least expect it
I'll meet again with my past.
He'll spit in my face
and disrespect my name.
He'll grab me by the shirt
and expose this awful little game.
I'll lose control and hit the bottom
and I'll never be the same.

I've fallen from the place I used to be.
I've become a blurry version of my name.
I've tortured myself countless nights,
hoping this all wasn't in vain.
Do the most successful
suffer the most
or do the most hopeful
open themselves up for attack?
Can't you see that I
second-guess myself?
I cannot move forward,
that's why I look back.

No amount of distance
could get me away.
I'm in an unfamiliar room
with these words surrounding.
Clouding my mind,
altering who I could be.
I couldn't live my life
with fear taking over
every fiber of me.
I'm inside, I cannot get outside.
That's where all the people are.
The ones who can change my life.
I can't do a thing with this now.
I have nothing called power.
I've scratched and clawed all the way here
and I still can't change a single thing.

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