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Haleigh 2h
Life is a lesson
full of adventures to ride
it is a product of achievement and joy,
suffer and pain
but there are a lot of test
that you will take
some challenges
to test your patience
and perseverance
hardwork that you should try
but after all, you’ll still
get through all of these zigzag lines
to the path that you will never know
what consesus would it bring into you.
Whether you labor it in
each continental parts
of living the success in life.
your choice is your destiny,
your will is what makes you.
& so you create what you become
and you become what you think
simple, but people always
choose the easy route
rather than the hard route
that will only makes them
overwhelmed and uncomfortable.
though uncomfortable things
will only let you G-R-O-W
once you give it a G-O-
To C-H-A-N-G-E
is a M-U-S-T
and so is to be a better self.
because to be a better person
means to suffer
to be a better person
means to change
and to be a better person
means to be kind and to be grateful for.

quotational marks that you carried in you
all along the way,
it will guide you
to reach your dreams and goals
in life.

this is the presentation
to make an impact to the world.
The belated summer sky is alive
with a  D r a g o n f l y ballet
Beneath,.. the rain parched sod
lay sullied, cracked open
by an unsated thirstiness
awaiting the cleansing rain's renewal
in the painted autumn days

A lace-winged hatch rises skyward
— meandering  airborne —
drifting upwards like a burst of dust
dissipating in an invisible cloud
of eventide's silent breath

Darting shadows hover
above a seeker's curiosity
    just this side the  
dimming sunset backdrop

A synthesis of fluid motion
  – darting kinesis –
    swift agile fliers
steal away over the thirsty pond;
their mesmerizing beauty enchants
as the dimming dusk falls silent —-
embellishing the unrelenting ending
   another summer's
 imminent curtain call;

reminding how inexorable-time
is only a contrived human notion,
a recurring extrapolation
  of passing  seasons

Heightening awareness:
how we too are only
passing through these
unholdable moments
   coming to know
    we cannot stop
   how life unfolds

The raindrops will quench
the pond's aching thirst
again one fall someday...

  — hereafter —
there will be another
beauty of dragonflies
some other eyes will see
preying on another burgeoning
gossamer-winged hatch

another beckoning autumn
when the dragonflies hover
below the gazing totems
     in the treetops

Jesse Stillwater ... September 2018                                                 .
Notes: Dragonflies can fly at 100 body-lengths per second, and three lengths per second backwards.[20] Wiki   Fossils of very large dragonfly ancestors in the Protodonata are found from 325 million years ago (Mya) in Upper Carboniferous rocks; these had wingspans up to about 750 mm (30 in). There are about 3000 extant species.

Unholdable moments out here adrift —

Thanks for reading !
Michael 12h
I should have listened to my mother,
She told me to think before I act.
After all the struggles in life I wish I could take my thoughtless actions back,
But I can’t so that’s that.

Running this race of life,
Leaves you feeling like you just might,
Get up and disappear into the night.
I don’t want to do that, I know it’s not right.
But here I am thinking I just might.

A life of bad decisions,
Thrown in with indecision,
Mixed up with a total lack of precision,
Has left my soul feeling like I’m missing.

It’s too late to change the past,
But I need to move fast to make the future last,
And indeed to watch the present pass.
Life could have been easier, it could have been a blast.
Looking back and missing now
rebecca 18h
The river of possibility is an endless stream
and still, I'm lost, trapped in this small town dream.

I know I cannot change what happened in the history,
but I can change the soon to be.

The past is forever,
but the possibilities of my future are without measure.
I want to write better poetry, so please comment with tips and suggestions!
Aspire to Desire,
The Change..

Reignite that Fire!
Flowing through your veins.

You are Born for Greatness.
thought I'd give a spirit lifting poem.
I cultivate the subsoil, the separation, the height,
the thoughts crossing the sky,
then I let them go.

The rhythm of new boundaries
It’s the beating of changes
I carry on ripening
and I give them a name, a sense,
as simple as it might be
is essential.
Any experience is a tile on the path of life which each time further seems to be safer, know, useful and understood. All makes sense in the end.
This is the tough exterior
march in docs and denim
head down
cover face with hair, but
crack me open
this soft interior
leaks, drips, pools
I am blood, flesh, water
push and dent me
bruise turning blue
wish for gentler settings
my body stings
remove the make-up
scrunch up eyes
I am not who I used to be.
Ola Gia 1d
As the sun shut its eyes on the world,
Something began to stir
A cough, a splutter, the stretching of ink limbs.
Their time to wake had come

Two intertwined dragons sat upon the arm,
leaning against their tribal plait
They resented their role, they hated their duty
Their meaning was forgotten

Kiwi turned to his English counterpart,
took a deep inhale of his pipe before starting...
"They force us to stay, Brother,
Why do they need us so?."

English observed Kiwi, a grim look of realization upon his jaw
He flicked his red tail and flew around the arm
Returning in a matter of seconds.
A constant in a constant change.

A united thought came to both,
they remembered the true reason why they were there
"We are a symbol. A memory. A focus.
They will always evolve, but we stay.”

With that memory in their mind,
they sat and watched the sun rise again
Knowing it would come, knowing it would go
Knowing they will always stay the same.
new energy has been arising in me lately,
with determination and a clearer state of mind
confidence has found a home in my bones, safety
i used to write poems about anxiety
hopelessness, defeat, the struggle through each day
but recently those feelings have gone away
fresh perspectives fill my eyes and ears

at times i feel like i am being tricked
someone is going to appear and hand me all of those feelings back
laughing at me, she really thought she would get out that easy
but it wasn't easy, i should give myself credit
so much time and effort
went into easing my mind, telling it everything will be alright
and finally
it listened.
She couldn't
- - - -c- - - -u- - - -t- - - -
-----f- - - -e - - - e- - - l- - - i- - - n- - - g- - - s------
so she
- - - -c- - - -u- - - -t- - - -
- - - - - h- - - - a- - - -i- - -r- - -
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