One tall morning the sun wakes and kisses my face.
I wander the streets skidding about, looking for a sign.
What am I supposed to do?
The perfume wafts, the smell of mud and drowning grass mixed in.
I can fill anything, a pitcher, a bag... With something new I find.
I tramp the earth with excited feet, a fervent toddler ready to love the moving scenery.
One tall morning, I saw what I was missing.
Open your eyes each day.
How many anarchists does it take to change a light bulb?
You don't change it! You smash it!

How many therapists does it take to change a light bulb?
Only one, but it must want to change.

How many poets does it take to change a light bulb?
One to hold the ladder.
And one to tearfully consider the transitive nature of existence compounded by the tragedy of the assumption of replacement without true celebration of the individuality found at the heart of the mass produced and the beauty that can be found in a frail light fighting against the darkness inherent in an unfair world.
[To be read aloud in a tearful voice.]
As raindrops moist the parched earth
And vegetation grows without dearth -

All we need is a compassionate heart,
A precondition for some things to start.

It is only then we can gently sow,
The seeds of change and let it grow.
I have drawn inspiration from Mahatma Gandhi's famous quote “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”
You were different
You were kind to me
You teased me
But you were decent
You never looked at me with wrong eye.
You never talked to me for my looks.
You never really asked for much.
You were genuine
You were friendly
You were helpful
You had your boundaries
But still always there
Then what caused this rift
What made us rift apart
I never left
I was there too
You did not leave but
You stopped talking like you did.
I never meant to love you
But i really do
Perhaps i'm more than hurt
Perhaps i no longer trust you
You are my moon
And every star i look upon.
I will see you each time
I look at the sky
In the night
I'm sure
You again
Will befriend me ♥
Because friends can break hearts too
All great gifts,
accompanied by commensurate burden.

Education – confinement:
locked in a covert cage,
screams for change drowned by cacophony.

Power – greed:
prioritization of ego,
addicting, no rehab.

Love – pain:
relations binding ones heart,
only to pull apart.

Yet paralleling these agonies,
real terrors exist.
Death, deceit, despare,
prevalent in millions.

Yet these remain in the smog,
obscured by our own complaints.

However, humans possess unique strength:
the ability to instigate change.
First in our own small world,
and then in the one so large.
Life is not fair, but why? We can make it just. All the hardships in our lives, we can influence, benefit. We hold similar power over others' lives. We can cause great change, but only when we are unified: when we are too loud to ignore. So stand up and shout! Don't wish for new hope; forge a world where we need not hope.
G 1d
A glance to the right, and she walks through the door. Two seconds too long lingering on her face. Assessing the “threat”, finally looking away.

Country music blares, we’re seated at the bar. She couldn’t get a drink until I walked in. “Service with a smile” they say......Fuck that.

Driving down the road I’m stopped at a light. A cop pulls up next to us. She begins to shake.....

A joke taken too far, she’s forced to laugh. Convince herself it’s funny so it doesn’t hurt.
compare her skin to paint being chipped away time and time again until there’s nothing left.

Comparison. Yes. Compare her to the “friend” you have. You mean that one black guy you spoke to once. I mean you guys were polite so it counts right? Nice guy, never had a problem with him.......wait why would you?

I never understood until I met you. Now I’m ashamed. Ashamed of my pigment of who those people are, convincing myself day after day I’m not like the others. Asking for repentance for the sins I’ve been taught to commit in the past. A 10 year old racist child a model of her mother the epitome of casual racism. Adopting pop culture I’ll never appreciate or understand. Liking “hip-hop” but making remarks about the singers.

I met you and my blindness is gone. However my privilege remains. A broken tattered skin that I’m forced to remain in. Claiming a heritage that I’d kill to make disappear.

I wish  I could protect you. wrap my arms around you tell the whole world they’re wrong and never let go. I’d buy you a space suit, to protect you from the contaminated air, and the hate behind those meaningful stares. Cover you in a blanket of love and healthy normalcy.

If only love could break down walls and form revolutions. Because if it could, baby this would be a world full of real people and real solutions.
z 2d
today i felt the need to let go.

no, im not telling you for the
sake of seeking attention.

but today i had to let go...

let go of my worries,
stresses, thoughts, insecurities
that have been engulfing me;
worsening by the moment.

so i erased it all from my mind.
only giving it the freedom
to return at any other time

any other time
but now.

because i could no longer carry
the suffocating weight of
the burden of those feelings
on my mind

my sanity was on the
brink of mental destruction,
overwhelming and no control.

so i let it out feelings and thoughts
in a way that brought with it
a limited peace card.

in the form of steamy streams of
hot torrents that manifested
the arduous pain - my bottled up
emotions and its result that
came in floods leaving me feeling
a drip of rectifying relief...

but not close to
feeling satisfied.

although to be honest
it pacified me
long enough for me
to attentively apprehend
that emotions and feelings
were tides; continuously
falling and rising

but with time
I’d be in the last stages
of my metamorphosis
I’d be in control of the tide
I’d be surfing along its waves
finally infused with tranquility

because for the first time
in what would be a long time,
i would be at peace.

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Gordon 2d
I fell on my knees
My self esteem decreased
Like having a desseas
As weak as people see.

I am nothing but a failure
Even worse than imperfect sculpture
Like a hedious creature
A life with no future.

I might have astray
But I don't want to stay the same way
No matter what people say
I will change my fate.

It is my fault indeed
I used to always succeed
Expectations can not be meet
But I will stand on my own two feet.
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