meg 23h
Sometimes I forget that
I fell in love when I was 8 years old.
Yeah, there was this girl.
She had these brown eyes,
and I loved the way my life
reflected off of them.
I loved the way she saw me,
but more than that
I loved the way I saw her.
She was just so different.  

She drank hot chocolate in the summer.
I’m not gonna say she was brilliant,
she just pretended she knew
what she was saying 100% of the time.
She couldn’t blow them away with her brilliance,
so she baffled them with her b.s.
and that was the way it worked.

She was great, something new.

But then I didn’t like her anymore.
She wasn’t 8.
She was 13.

Said she was never afraid to shine
‘cause the sun did it every day
and it didn’t care if it burned her.
But, everyone has a chapter
they don’t read out loud.
She was burning on the inside,
her heart bled and screamed
of the pain of not being heard.
Felt like no one cared anymore.

She decided
no feeling is no pain.
So, she wore a mask.
No one had to know.
And she always said she
was the one who was hurt.
And we all know the villain
is the one who plays victim so well.

When I looked into her eyes
all I saw was my own melted mask.
It had been on my own face
so long I hadn’t noticed
it stuck in front of my eyes.

I hated her.

I don’t know how she changed.
She thought she was ugly,
Too fat,
Too opinionated,
To loud.

She always wanted the cool kids to love her.
And oh, they didn’t love many people,
but oh, she wanted them to love her.

What was really surprising
was that she was me.
That girl.
That brilliant girl.
That brilliant ugly girl.
That was me.
She lied to herself so much,
she started to believe her own stories.
Her own fake beliefs.

I believe that there is nothing
expected of anyone in this life time
except their love for themselves.
To die unhappy with your own skin seems…
To live in something that you are,
that you don’t love?
How can you change
if you are not happy with yourself to begin with?
You are a lot of things
One of which is important,
why can’t you see that?

Yes, you have changed.
You have closed doors.
They no longer lead anywhere.

Acceptance of yourself
is right before you
on the edge of the world.
And you always ask,
what if I fall?
what if I die?
And to that I say,
What if you actually fly.
This was inspired by another poem, but I sadly do not know the name, nor the poet. I wish I could credit that poet, but I just don't know the name and the title. The last couple of lines in this piece are similar to those in the other. If you know it, please help me out, I don't want to take credit for something that is not completely my own idea. Thanks! :-)
Today I was supposed to be wise
and tell you how I’ve changed.
Instead I’ll sing of love
and its chains.
In a sense, I’ve regained my innocence.
In another, we’re still lovers.
You changed in a way
where we would no longer be close,
and i changed that your life
was not worth mine.
It ain’t heavy Babe

Writing lines so soft they can never be heavy.
Driving along in my Beetle; dreaming about a Chevy.
Time to begin again; getting ready.
Lovin’ ain’t as easy as they all say it is.
Still I’m heading out west, looking for something steady.

Been rolling my whole life through, with love on my mind.
I’ve climbed every hill that stood in my way,
And I sank into every ditch that I could find.
My heart is a heart-seeker, but my lovin’ eyes have been blind.
I believed in the unbelievable; wasted so much time.

Could have been a contender,
If only I had the talent to succeed.
I could have made something of myself,
If only I knew just what to do with this plasticine.
Sang songs of love and sang songs of hate.
It all took every piece of me.
Wrote poems about my every day, every day
And all my nights and in all my dreams,
But still I am left here waiting, praying for her love.
Love is a boulder, upon my shoulders,
And I’m feeling heavy…
Maybe I should do something good.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Changing who you are isn’t as sinful as one describes.
Criticism doesn’t come from nowhere.
There is a sense of truth in any word that travels through earth’s fine air.
Take criticism.
As painful as it is
And change.
Be a better person.
“Don’t change for anybody”
Okay, fine;
Don’t do it for them
Do it for yourself
Because deep down
It’s the key to a better you.
Without change, you’ll stay a seed planted in the ground, but never watered; never reaching the sunlight.
why do people think that changing themselves is a bad thing?
I am still me inside
But, sometimes when I stand back and look at myself
It is like watching a person completely alienated from who I think I am

She’s a monster
That girl who walks around in my body
Who does she think she is to completely destroy what I carefully built?

I try to scream
But, no one hears the voice of the wind
They’ve all forgotten me and are welcoming her into their embrace

Will I reemerge
Or will that girl swallow me whole?
Is it possible to one day return to the person I was before?
Sometimes I feel like I am not me anymore...
Lily 2d
I’m sorry I can’t sleep,
That I spend my nights in constant agony,
Closing my eyes and trying to stay calm
But never finding rest within my mind.
I’m sorry I always have a headache,
That I have a constant pain behind
My eyelids, a torture that plagues my temples
And unmercifully spirals around my head.
I’m sorry I have to fake my way through
Every day, smiling and laughing while
The constant fatigue drains at my soul,
Tempting me to snap at everyone.
I’m sorry I frequently wake up in tears,
Fully convinced that the terrors of the night
Are real and tangible, and even though they aren’t,
I know they’ll come back night after night.
I’m sorry I’m too scared to tell anyone
What I’m going through, too worried
That they will think I’m weak, or stupid,
Or that I’m lying to gain attention.
I’m sorry I apologize for everything,
That I am paranoid, worried sick about
All the wrong I’ve done, and all the
Wrong my mind leads me to believe I’ve done.
I’m sorry.
A little more

With a little more love, or a little more pain,
All of these feelings might just go away.
With a little more hope and a little less hate,
Maybe these feelings will all start to change.

With a little more calm and a little less rage,
Maybe I can start to live again.
With a little more passion and a little less aggression,
Maybe she will understand what I am trying to say.

If I truly try my best, we could both share a kiss;
With a little more of this, we could both feel bliss.
With a little more convincing, she will take off her bodice;
In the end there is nothing left to do but to get undressed.

With a little more time I could make her mine.
Maybe with a little more wine, a new love we could find.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Refresh your soul

It’s time for a change.
Things can’t remain the same.
The time is done,
Move on.

It’s time for a fresh page to write upon.
Throw old dreams into the chasm and write a new song.
All things they end and begin again.
It’s time for a change.

The cranes have come to build upon,
The nest that once stood here.
Summer is gone, the fading sun,
Will soon have disappeared.

Life continues.
The news is not new.
Start afresh,
Refresh your soul
And change,
Become anew.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Maybe if you spent a day in my head
You'd see for yourself
I don't know what I'm doing.
My feelings change so often
And sometimes so quick
I can't always keep up.
Maybe if the day was bad,
The day you would spend in my head
You'd see my thoughts running so fast
Tripping over each other until
You don't know what's happening.
Maybe you'd see how much I worry
For others.
But I don't think I want you to.
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