When I asked you
To walk through the park with me
So that our 6 months
Could be lit up in the golden ash
Of straggling summer

You replied with a sigh
I wish I could babe
But my friend has a show
On the 13th of July
And I promised I'd go

And performances are few and far between
And our dates happen every week
I want to say
That I want to scream
That I can't breathe
Not here

That I've been bored of you since
A certain morning
Dimpled with the clouds of change
But still I've stayed
Because I believed
I could change any park into Eden
If I just grasped your hand

But your friend has a show
And you promised you'd go

Isn't it sad how quickly things change?
I could feel the breakup coming
and here it is
A fine mist rises in the wood,
Left by a passing rain,
Shifting shapes and slanting light
To mask the warbler’s flight,
And veil the fawn’s fern-filled place;
A space hidden 
And apart. 

The trees stand solemn,
Trunks obscured
Where slashes mark their soon demise
By saw and boot and crane. 
The stumps will remain,
To harbor fungal fruit and insect bore,
Reminders of what is no more: 
That all things pass—
Some by fate, some by force 
And some by Time’s gaunt March. 

A fine mist rises in the wood today.
One morning I woke from a nearly 30 year dream
It seemed so much like reality
Until I got a pinch in the form of abandonment
Hit me like a tsunami
Drowning in the sea

Today, oh sweet day
I’m covered in change
I washed all of the demons away
Oh sweet day

Awake my pride
Awake my soul
These eyes are open
It’s time to turn diamonds from misery’s coal
Zaft 2d
We may have felt
what it's like to be wounded.
We may have seen
how things turned out
when we parted.
But it does not mean
we weren't suited
to fall back together
and do what we wanted.

Forget about the pains
but learn from our mistakes.
Don't pull ourselves in past
for it'll only leave us scars.
By this,
I think that we could start
another story to embark
and change the worst
thing in the past
into something
that last.
On The Sand, In The Sea, Feel The Stones Against My Feet.
Waves & Foam, Crash & Pull,
In The Middle Never Full,
In The Same I Taste Defeat,
In That Way I Am A Fool.

Salt air scalding my face & sending hair into disarray,
Sun paling the blue & turning skin red,
The sands golden hues glitter in spite of my mood.
Aware of the beauty but it's grandeur is lost on me.

Radiance & Brilliance,  
The Sun Is Truly Resilient,
The Fires Flames Are Militant,
Gaia Is Truly Diligent.

Done her duty for millennia,
Now the Sun bares down on her,
Can't contain the fire is stronger,
Burns her children & We are no longer.
One world interconnected,
If one house falls we're all effected.
Harry Roberts - The Sun & Gaia  © 12/07/18
Inspired by climate change and global warming.
The skin I wear does not feel the same,
Yet your touch still lingers, still stays.
I want to claw my skin out until it bleeds.
Maybe then, you would finally leave.
I wonder how a snake does it, to willingly shed a part of itself and live.
Darn near choked on my laughter.
I mean, I darn near died from the comedy.

It wasn't a joke, but I was still vomiting, it held no reality
But I spared no brutality.

In actuality I've Been self actualised.
I need no figure to show me I've been tranquilised.
Took such time before I realised.

I've been dead & reanimated,
Zombie flesh decimated,
All my values antiquated,
Leaves my mind devastated.
Harry Roberts - Antiquated © 12/07/18
I Call To The Heavens, Hope I Hear From The Seraphim.
Called To The Circles,
I Circle Inferno,
Fly Away From This Hell & Into Paradiso.
Scented Petrichor On The Air, Earthly Sweetness Taken There,
Birds All Sing With Not One Care,
Scales In Balance All Is Fair.
Divine Being Six Wings Spread,
A Blinding Halo On Her Head,
Guiding The Worthy From The Dead.
To Much Light For The Darkest Dread,
So Absence Stays In The Taken's Stead,
The Chosen Rise To Sink Like Lead.
Harry Roberts - The Seraphim © 12/07/18
All The Shades Of Hell,
All The Spirits Tell,
How You Leaped & Fell,
But Now You Cannot Dwell.

Take a leaf from an Oak & reflect
On all time,
Take a page from a grimoire & see all the Magic.  

Take The Words From Their Mouth,
These Blinded Lame Mice,
Their Compass Points South,
But We Roll The Dice.

Gamble & gamble,
Throw chances & choices,
Kill your whole Soul,
Then Drown In The Voices.
Harry Roberts - Blinded Lame Mice © 12/07/18
I want to feel you
but I've long lost the feelings I yearn
I want to kiss you
but then you'll feel the coldness in my soul

I want to be a part of you
but I am afraid of the part I've become
I want to be with you
but then you'll find the demons I've to overcome

I want to know you
but I am lost in the past that haunts me day and night
I want to hold you
but then you'll sense my heart bleeds beat by beat

I want to take care of you
but you don't know how broken I am inside
I want to fall in love with you
but I've buried those emotions for a long time


You won't understand
being trapped in yourself.
So many times,
I've tried to free myself.

You won't understand
that I never meant to hurt you.
Trying to protect you,
each day I fought myself.

You won't understand
when I say it's not you.
It's never been you,
it's always been me.

You won't understand
because words can never tell you.
You're the reason I want to change,
so one day; we'll be just you and me.
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