Eiram N 5h

Never be satisfied or comfortable with the status quo--
never let your horizons of change be diminished.
It may take one person, several dedicated people
to change the course of human history and international policy
and that possibility lies true be it you or me. We are
mere temporary custodians of God's green Earth
and unless our corrupt decisions do not exterminate
every shred of glistening whole that this planet once was
so that the world could
open its mouth without bombs dropping out--
then I could safely say, that I was
a proud descendant of the human race.

                                          By Eiram N

A state of separation
Bringing with it sorrow
Privations and misfortune
The breaking of old bonds
Hope for new rivers
For which to swim away
This place of darkness and loss
Caught in a cycle of wasted energy
With only a desire to change
Always, and almost within reach

©LadyofRavenhill 6.24.17
Slayla 17h

I've tried to stay through
Tried and true
But I'm tired and blue
I'm hopeless and moody and my vision of the world is slightly askew
Echoes in a hollow room perspire down the walls of what I thought was the ghost of a man that I knew
I want so badly to feel the skin that the humidity clings to
Nothing satisfies like the sweet breath exhaled from you
Turn off my phone and leave a note on the door wet with lipgloss from the evening before having a conversation across the dinner table while no one was informed
It's you that I'd come thru for
Come to my senses for
Cum thru my mensies for
Breakfast in bed next to your head while clean socks peaking out your nightstand drawer
Not just hello but a kiss at the door
Because goodbyes are for closers, and I'm not about to exit without saving
The console's still hot from these games you've been playing, tiptoeing down the hallway while I'm half asleep contorted around your body
So detached, that's a wrap, I'll be your midnight snack
All I've ever wanted was to love and be loved back
Is this how you treated her? Ones before? Is that why you're here already undressed by the door?
Have you any means of sensibility? Sensitivity? What's the rush if it's just a fuck? Don't keep hitting me up, don't paint me a picture then rip the canvas up, don't turn on the nightlight if the wire's unplugged, don't tell me to come over then leave the door shut, don't ignore me sober and fuck with me drunk

I wish we don’t have to change,
I wish we don’t have to choose,
I wish we don’t have to lose,
I wish we never have to estrange.

I hope one day we would survive,
I hope we would be free like a kite,
I hope we would get out here alive,
I hope one day we would shine as light.

I wish one day I could be as good,
I hope I would not be misunderstood,
I wish one day I would be out of the wood,
I hope I would never say if I could.

Riot 1d

Keys are carried around by you
on a chain
you made from the arteries of my heart.

Too bad the keys
don't fit the
lock anymore.

I changed it.

Strings attached
Chan S 3d

Open your eyes to realize the lies that have been placed in your brain so meticulously.
Every word that is heard planned strictly to a 'T'.
What are They trying to hide from you and me?
You sit there like an obedient dog, waiting for your next command.
Being sure to never bite the hand that feeds you.
But what are They feeding you? 
Do you ever stop and look,
truly taking a look
at what you are allowing into your body?
Or do you just accept the 'bull-ogni' that is coated with sugar
and said to be
Open your mind to define the words that your ears truly hear.
Don't be afraid to allow your brain
to reach a higher atmosphere.
Don't take refuge because all of this seems
so inherently huge.
Learn the truth,
know the truth,
be the truth.
Truth is hard,
truth is real,
truth is sometimes pain.
But we need to gain
the knowledge
to remain
From the aspartame in our food,
to the fluoride in our water
‘They’ tell us that it's for our own good so we don't even bother
to learn what we consume from day to day,
we just accept every word
and believe what They say.
We think that we're free,
but I find that hard to believe
With the Patriot Act being changed, taking away our civil liberties.
Now called the Freedom Act
we're being stalked on the internet. Leaving me to suspect
what’s coming next.
They say that Martial Law is here to protect us, in their trigger happy way,
but there are far too many bodies for me to feel safe.
And so many stories that have caused me to feel this way,
Like there are no more truths
to what anyone has to say.
Gerald Massey, an Egyptologist
has a quote that I believe
couldn’t be any more honest.
He says,
“They must find it difficult
those who have taken authority as truth,
Rather than
truth as the authority.”  
So little words
with such powerful meaning.
Proving that we no longer think,
only ‘watch’
as our brains sit bleeding.
So, I have taken a stance
to enhance
with knowledge
to improve myself.
Which to me holds so much wealth.
We have become so complacent
with the way life is,
not thinking about our kids
and what they'll have to succumb.  
Already our privacy against the Invisible threat
over the internet,
so many warnings
and no eyes opened yet.
As an invincible society
is waiting patiently,
quietly for us to kill ourselves
so that  they can delve
into their plan of action while the masses
are distracted by the media.
Throughout the years,
so much blood and so many lost,
I wonder who’ll have to bear that cross.
From fallen soldiers to the husbands, wives, and kids.  
Still the question to myself is,
what are They hiding from ‘u.s’?
What don’t They want ‘u.s’ to know?
So my mission is to go beneath the glacier
and truly show,
there are lies
we’re all being told.
Not for our protection,
not for our own good,
but so there’s a
covering our already blind eyes.
Lying is not the only method of destruction they like to use.
They also use fear tactics so they can abuse
all the unknowing sheeple
walking around.
Living for authority,
and no truth to be

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Sam 3d

My life was a tragedy.
Like a train wreck with mounting causalities.

I was on a Ferris-wheel of suffering.
As soon as I hit the top, I simply found my way back to the bottom.

I was the actor, all hopes lost.
Sitting, waiting for help to save the day.
Only my help never came.

My life was a joke, just no one was laughing.
The audience wore mortified expressions, rather than those of joy.

Agony spread like cancer through my veins.
It calcified around my heart and left me broken inside.

No matter how hard I tried to swim, the cinder-blocks were chained tightly to my ankles.

But then...

Then I met you.

Dismantle your convictions
Break them beyond recognition
Into the smallest parts imaginable
For those fragments of atoms
Build us up.

H Weeks 4d

You made me see who I am
I was pushed to be honest
Pushed to be free
Pushed to be daring.
I let loose and fell in love with the me I had become.
There I was with you by my side and the world didn't seem so big.
The chains that once locked me down were released and I could be me.
I was so comfortable
And warm.
As if my heart had started a fire for all to live by.

Lioness 4d

I want to ripen
I want this chapter to end now
I want to ease into this new phase
Please help me ripen

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