I could feel your eyes drift
in and out
of focus
with every delayed
breath you take.
How easily your
eyes wander;
how easily your attention
is diverted.
Once you are through,
your mind drifts
It is no wonder why
you left me so

originally written 10/12/16

You make me believe
that love does exist
and that perhaps it is within my reach.

Whatever way the wind may blow,
and no matter which way we go,
I will forever love you.

And even when you find a lover
who makes your heart skip beats,
please never forget me.

No matter if the tides be high or low,
no matter if we sink or float,
I will forever love you.

If we shall ever part different ways,
but you tend to sometimes miss me,
know I'm only ever a call away
and I'll be coming home again.

Whatever way the wind may blow,
and no matter which way we go,
I will forever love you.

originally written 6/12/16

I heard the  jingling
of the ice cream truck,
and it took me back
to a time
when things were going fine.
I used to not stress
about the stains upon my dress
and I only cared for
the cute boy next door.

I ran outside
and the jingling grew faint.
It drove too quick
with no kids behind it.
And here I am, stressed
about how to live with being depressed
and I only care for
a stupid boy who hurt me to the core.

originally written 6/1/16

my life is on repeat.
the same hurt,
the same loss,
the same feeling of emptiness.
it all just keeps repeating
like a broken record
in a run down store
that no one goes into anymore.

an unexpected turn.
this is an unexpected turn.
i feel joy,
i feel elated,
i feel pure happiness.
it all is so overwhelming
like riding on a rollercoaster
in a wild theme park
that never closes when it turns dark.

the same cycle.
it's just the same cycle.
what i thought to be a difference
was just the same old thing.
waves of happiness,
waves of sadness,
it's the expected twist.
the oscillations
seem to continue on forever
with no end in sight.

and so it goes again.

my life is on repeat.

originally written 4/11/16

Sometimes certain things happen
That change our whole perspective
Then you realize that if you want to strive
You need to leave your old self behind
Being broken down one to many times was enough for me
So starting new could set me free
At first it was scary
Not knowing where to go
But soon I found my way around
Making new friends as I go
After four years I'm finally ready to spread my wings
And fly free once again
I'm a phoenix rising from the ashes of my past
Stronger than I was before
Ready for my next adventure

The eye was on the ball,
and the ball was blue.
We looked at the ball for years,
never thinking about it.

The eye caught a tiny speck,
and looked closely at it.
We filled a bucket with water,
revealing that the ball was yellow.

A bunny in the graveyard,
hopping from grave to grave.
The rain clouds form every Tuesday,
in a wishing well a hundred miles away.

Five years later,
a demolition crew destroys the forest surrounding the graveyard.
A bunny sees some rain clouds,
as the cover of a pool is pulled off.

If you don't like the
way you are, you can
change. There are steps
you can take; you don't
have to stay the same. It
may take lots of time, but
you can change; don't give

JAC 2d

I wish beyond wishes
To remain human with you:
We'll change and grow
And age and slow
But in the end, we'll prove were just

For a favourite human of mine.

One more sunset;
what does it matter?
There n' gone,
unborn reborn.
Over and over.
Without a lick of sense,
or the luck of a four leaf clover.

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