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Grace 34m
I was unmerciful.
I remember killing innocence.
I heard screaming and yelling.
I saw dust and blood spreading endlessly.
I worried that this would be my fate.
I thought that I would be taken over forever.
But, I want to change.
I am sweet and kind.
I think everyone deserves MERCY.
I need to free everyone.
I try to SAVE everyone.
I feel determined.
I forgive Chara.
Now I can change.
I will be brave.
I choose to be merciful.
I dream to free monster kind.
I hope everyone will get along on the surface.
I predict I will be an ambassador.
I know it will end perfectly.
I will change.
This is a poem about Frisk and Chara...
I’m so heart broken over the love we once had
I think I just might ache myself out of the love we have now
And disappear without you
Nothing has changed
But everything is different
I hate this
a break in routine is necessary
when momentary sadness
becomes ritualistic pain
I fell apart today.
The anchor from which I'd cut away
suddenly reattached, twice as heavy as it had been before.
And I was completely imprisoned,
a heavy weight pulling down on my weary heart.
Like a silent film it hit me,
in jerky flashing, singular grey images;
indiscernible but sad.
A birthday cake.
Shiny smiles reflected from
clear cool sandy beaches.
Warm, cuddles after Christmas dinner.
And these ghosts of us haunt me always
down every familiar street,
every memory, every story, every jewel
adorning the crown that is my life
is haunted with ghosts of us.
Not the us limping, and wounded, and beaten by life,
holding on to those beautiful images.
Eyesight fading, changing at least.
No, the wide-eyed kids who became one that first night
and ignited a fire that burned,
for a quarter century.
A beautiful, perfect, copy-read family.
Nobody forgetting their lines.
And one day I reached out to touch you
And your skin felt cold.   Still soft, but cold.
And I knew immediately that I need to cling
to those beautiful images.
And capture new ones,
sharper and more vibrant
with years of progress, and learning.
Loving and gentle with the images of the past
but steady and strong
against the unforgiving winds of time
from  every direction.
“We built her strong”,
I tell myself.
"We sure ******* did"
Perhaps, we built her too strong
She’ll never sink,
but she’s not fit to sail.
Leave her where she is, to the salt,
and the sea,
and the rust, the ******* rust.
The anchor, still fastened tightly
but choking my heart no more.
Instead holding me fast,
against the current, and the winds,
and the ghosts of us that haunt me
each and every day.
mari 1d
i want to say so many things
but a kiss from you turns my

tongue to lead and i cannot
dream when you are in my bed

i cannot hear when you are
in my ears and i cannot cry

when you are still in my eyes
i cannot tell you anything, darling

my sweet, my dear, i cannot
give you the words i want to share

cannot give you the love in my bones
for fear that you could not hold it

i will sing in whispered tongues as you
dream; i will mourn you before you leave
My ability & skill to commit evil
on purpose with a deliberate
consciousness is only matched
by the same forms of doing
good. Whether it’s myself or
to the world. What is worse,
accidental evil or the evil on
purpose? Is it the same for
the good? When it comes to it,
I’ll remain a individual. Regardless
of the community, society, group,
state, political party, sub-groups,
intent, revolutionary groups. It’s
always a battle of culture when it
comes to it.
(Everybody wants to change
the world & than stop when
it comes to changing themselves.
My heart is beating fast, is it
time to die?)
Amanda 1d
Wandering this lonely terrain
Trying to escape the nightmare I live
I yearn to fly away from pain
The ghostly love you give

Trust has become a scarcity
In our darkest hour
Someone wise once told me
Solitude will grant you power

I have no one, no belongings, no home
Reduced to a vagrant without your embrace
Feet and emotions fated to roam
Until they find their purpose and place
I feel so directionless by myself
There's nothing in my pocket
but for a smile and the hope
that it'll last a while.

Hiding from my depression
in the space between dark thoughts,
I watch the trees lose their leaves,

and thinking of the struggle for joy
that has plagued my life since I was a boy,
I dry the tears on my sleeves.

Yet all of this is soon forgotten
as the seasons change along with my mood.
Brooding is worth nothing in this floating world.
Follow the leader, not
Left me on the heater hot
Like teeter tot four meter drops
For me to stop you need more than you come with

Done it one two three times
Higher than the tree climbs
Never said i wouldn't fall
Never let a rhythm stall never

Ever in my mind prime stand tall
Level off the time binding bands fall
******* fans call up on me hands on the long haul
Land of the free and brave ah **** wrong song

Cyclic I'm like which way
Sick like this may break a *****
Knowledge this more than tip
******* every sentence ****

What sense is this aye
Like sending ships back to bay
**** I couldn't stay
Couldn't face it so I change my ways

Meta on the surface
Met my purpose
Not too certain still I set a course and work it

Know it's worth it
When I render words
When I send these verbs
Conquer this and and that

Hella bad
Hella abstract
Leave ya
With that
listen here:
Sometimes I just wonder,
Will you still love me even when I change?
Will you still love me even when I'm strange?
Will you still love me even when I'm no longer me?
Will you still love me even if I'm not what you want me to be...?
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