i miss him
day by day
night by night
memory by memory

to a tokened time
i wouldn't waste it now
however, my heart won't allow
that he changed his color somehow

broken trust built once more, with still doubt

You watched me grow,
my colors shined like diamonds,
but you forgot about me.

You forgot how fragile I can be,
now I have fallen at your feet,
yet you can’t see me.

My tides break, My shores quake,
and my coral fray
washing away with the waves.

Climate change can be a serious thing,
it’s up to you how it changes.

You think you’re so small?
You think you don’t cause change?
Oh how ignorant you are,
you are too blind to see,
you even effect me.

Just because you can’t see something
doesn’t change if that something is real.
Just because you can’t feel something
doesn’t make it less physical.

You think you are insignificant?
Then look closer at your life,
for even now you’re affecting
your surroundings just by being here.

Is that not the point to living;
to experience and grow with
those experiences?

Well I am serious
we need to make a change.

Our Earth needs us to wake up,
and take notice of what we need to do
to help her to keep growing
and stop life from dying.

We need to make the change
before the climate makes it for us.  

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton

Answer to problems
Acceptance, changing, leaving
Use one of the three

When its acceptance,
The situation at hand
Can be accepted

If you can't accept
The situation at hand
Then strive to change it

Can't change or accept
The situation at hand?
Walk, and leave it be

In this world of pain
Many battles will be fought
Much blood will be shed

In some instances
It's better to have your peace
Than fight and be right

Remember the three
Accepting, changing, leaving
Three roads, your choices

Haikus that I wrote in my journal today. I was reflecting on the battles that I have overcome myself with these three choices. For me personally, I had to leave the situation be because the people I was around were toxic and couldn't see any faults in their actions.

I am putting my life on hold.

Not to waste it away

Not to
get lost

to disappear

But to become better

To become the best version of me
so I would finally feel like I deserve everyone who loves me

I am not pausing my life
I am pushing the restart button
I am making changes
I am taking out the virus and filling it with self-love
I am learning to love

It is time to change.
Star BG 2d

We yes we have been bred by forces of the Cabal.
Forces that encourage separation
fear, lust, greed, lack.
We've been bred to use Mother Earth
till she's bare
raping her asserts blind to her gifts.
We have been lied to and poisoned by our foods
Being kept from our natural gifts as spiritual beings

But alas people are awakening.
They awaken every day
with rise of sun and starry night.
They awaken to know we are sacred beings
transmuted into human form.
Form to finally wake up in these new times
to live in harmony.

Yes harmony with
no hate
no separation
no judgements
both toward self and others
no greed
no hunger.
And in abundance
our birthright.

Great change are here.
It comes as new energies anchor on earth.
It comes by going into the heart.
It starts with a footsteps of an
open readers eyes.

Inspired by Petals and Thorns


Reticent mountain; slumbering veins,
  awaits a morning to shatter his pain!
  They're buckled lips now waste away
      as monuments fall in careless displays!


Admonished mountain; flailing words,
  are vast in numbers with voices unheard!
  The babblers dream now fades away
      as history mourns the children's day!


Forgotten mountain; skyward bound;
  what beauty could free a monstrous sound?
  The records beseech the fluttering hearts
      the heed its words now eons apart...

Words unfit for a caged bird;
  wasted air on an abundance of tweets.
Withered laurels now rusted in sand;
    mustered strength as the bars now meet.

Feathers ruffled by steel words;
  free will is fastened to the papers below.
The sunrise beset with faded scenes;
  pastures dream in an oil laced flow.
      Purpose has flown to trees unknown;
          fallacies linger, clouded trance...
      Beauty colours a prosaic corner;
          wondrous magic, opening chance?


A sepal, petals, thorns and nettles
  in metal, settles, worn and fettle!
  Summer, winter, upward high
      these monuments fly;
      derelict eyes...


A bee, or three, as laurels recede
  to trees, they flee, warn and plea!
  Morning, evening, downward days
      these echoes replay;
      voices away...


A child, wild, born and styled
  in piles, files, torn and smiles!
  Southern, northern, wayward plights
      their memories fight;
      dulling white...

Bear me no ill will, for I am done;
  done with pastures that convey a ruse!
  Roses adhere to lines in oil
      that swallow the yearnings;
      laid in soil!

Monuments fall; replete with time,
  our journeys await; vast with chimes!

Bear me no ill will, for we are gone;
  gone with fallacies that trundle away;
  Bluebells fall to lines in morals
      that follow our earnings;
      laid in laurels!

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