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Xylos 4d

should I blame,
the night is
the night is

Who do you blame,
For the pain
and it's cause?
there you are
sleeping in my mind again
second-guessing your presence
still hurts every now and then

a long-term visitor
overstaying your welcome
my heart was your home
now that feeling is seldom

the blame is on me
it's my fault in the end
there's no disguising that
i'm the one who invited you in
Anna 7d
The noose around your neck
Is around ours
Necks warped and twisted
By pools of molten tears
Erupting without warning

She was an infected bullet wound
Giving you tetanus
A black line that raced to your mind
Reddening your eyes
So you only saw death

You burned in the fire of Hades
Capricious flames dancing
A witch burning alive
Found guilty of being human
A verdict you couldn’t live with

They can't point fingers now
At the void where you were
And their fingers are lost
In old handkerchiefs
Saturated with their tears

Flowers replace you
Where you once stood
White when they should be black
You choke on religion
Even now

We pull back the soil
Tucking you up with the earth
Kissing you with impotent words
Burying you under the rope
You carried so diligently in life
Trigger warning: suicide. This was written about suicide after my boyfriend at the time's brother killed himself. It explores his pain and the pain of those left behind.
With faith, You said,
You could help to
Address the problem

On getting colder
You have to write
Note on sudden death

Who is to blame?
Sins of ancient rites?
The last breath?

Behind the Bars
All shouting at you
All pointing at you
Genre: Clinical Abstract
Theme: Pathetic
I just consciously hit myself knowing that something scary was coming, I can not say what hurts me the most because, but I try to put myself in my thoughts and race to somewhere when everything got disappointing me. And y'all really think this move is a ******* move, but yeah, it is what it is.
I'm in a variety way do not know this feeling, needed to slow my **** not trying to clear this line.. super geezer tryna be at this time.
Acknowledge that we are each our own common denominator!
The sum of all our parts, brought to account !

The book stops with you!
Blame & passing the book!
Sara Kellie Sep 29
(Part 1, The Engagement)

Draw blood, draw blood for me.
Not with a crayon, do it with a knife.
Show me that you mean it, you need me in your life.
Tell me that you love me and need me always near.
Surrender all suggestion, your purpose and your fear.

(Part 2, The Controller)

Why, that's a lovely dress but why you wear it here?
I'm sitting with friends, we're trying to have a beer.
You make me ******* mental and I know, you know!
Now ring a ******* taxi, get in it and just go!

(Part 3, The Victim)

Hey baby baby, I missed you so tonight.
You know how I hate it when we
You don't know why you make me mad
and then you'll cry like I've done
You need to work out what you
but don't dare tell me that we're through.
I haven't done a single thing and all
this **** is down to you.

Poetry by Kaydee.
Pyrrha Sep 25
Stress consumes your mind like fire in a forest
It ignites the anger inside to arise as smoke clouds around your eyes
In this moment you are so horribly enraged,
So terribly uncomfortable inside and out,
That you can't control your actions, your words, or the way you feel
You snap, you glare, you place the blame
Once you calm down you realize you are only angry at yourself
And the anger is replaced by regret and fatigue
You're tired of this cycle
Tired of feeling so out of control
This is what stress does
It eats you apart from the pit of your stomach and only consumes more and more till it reaches your mind and you are entirely taken apart
Like the string on an old sweater stress frays the steadiness you contain
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