its been years since i've seen you last
& seeing your face
created so much fear
of my past coming back to haunt me.
i think you've come for revenge,
to let your rage come through
or maybe just clarity.
& you tell me of all these sweet
but sad things.
of how you never let me go.
& for a moment i felt powerful
for having such an effect on you
even after all i've done.
& then i realize

all i've done.
& i cry for hours.
my heart has come alive again
just to drown.
am i to blame again?
have i done this to you?
did i really destroy your life?
i had prayed from a distance
that you would find love
& be happy with someone
who could love you
like i never could.
am i to blame for your misery
even though i wasn't there?
but i can't fix it, i can't fix you.
i moved on years ago
& i've found a beautiful love
i've felt guilty for so many things,
mountains of guilt for my actions
but i've never felt guilty
not loving someone
until now

maybe i really am just an evil soul craving to be good but can never change...
Miss Weirdo Jul 26

We believe in dreams,
In heroes
In creating history
And ruling the world ,
But we don't believe in work,
In sacrifice,
In battles,
And sweat, tears and blood...

P.S -We blame people, situations and luck,
But not ourselves for being the master of our own fate.
Becca Lansman Jul 25

You guzzle gasoline shots acid trips down your lungs until everything is warm. The club is sweaty and overcrowded body’s smashing into each other, a seizure of electric color. A man grinds his body against yours, he did not ask permission but nobody looks upset –so you let him.
After he violates you from one end to another you dive out the sliding glass doors for a breath of fresh air,

he grabs your arm

claiming what was rightfully his, no one looks upset except you so you let him
follow you.
Guilt leaks onto your lips and crawls up your skirt. No one looks upset except you so it must be okay. He will not remember your name but you cannot forget the burned handprints on your thighs. He did not ask permission and you did not say no. You wonder how many times you have let men take advantage of you out of guilt.
You wake up in the morning guilt banging in your forehead. You turn the water pressure on high trying to scrub the guilt out of your skin, rubbed raw; bleeding down the drain you cannot erase the way his touch felt against your un-wanting flesh. He will not remember your name but you cannot forget the way he turned your body into a yard sale. “Mine” he said-- and who were you to turn down such a good offer?

Rand Jul 24

I'm always the one to blame
In a mess and confusion
And all I do is just aim
To get there closer
In that place of yours

It shouldn't be this way
I'm not supposed to ask
You'd have to want me night and day
I shouldn't have to talk
But you keep pushing me away
Doing the exact opposite of what I please
Of what you want
Was it all just lies?
I know you're true
Maybe it's just that life's a bit dull
But your mind is a rainbow
You just don't let it shine

But again it's just my fault
I'm always the one to blame
I never work hard enough
And then I sit alone with guilt
Eating me alive with every word
You whisper or text
It's all the same
Empty words in an empty world
And I'm always the one to blame

Brent Kincaid Jul 21


There were no people of color, they'd pick on redheads.

If there were no redheads they would pick on people with glasses.

If there were no people with glasses they’d pick on fat people.

If there were no fat people, they’d pick on welfare recipients.

If there were no welfare recipients, they’d pick on non-Christians.

If there are no non-Christians around,  they'll pick on Catholics.

If there are no Catholics around they'll pic on Christians from any denomination except theirs.  

If there are none of those around, they'll pick on college graduates.

Obladee, obladah, yeah! Yadda yeah, the list goes on...

(The same thing applies with Non-Christian bigots. Just change a word here and there.)

Bigots are bigots
No matter what the name
The underhanded tactics
Are all just the same.
They are heartless and evil.
That’s the name of their game.
They are social criminals and
Look for someone else to blame.

Apporva Arya Jul 15

M sick of this blame game
Which will make me loose
Even if I wins.
It don't matter anymore
U right and me wrong.
M leaving it all behind,
That love and arguments
Jealousy and care.
M setting u free.
Don't worry for me, time will heal me.

Damere Jul 13

What does being petty do for you?
Is it just a coping mechanism to help you get through?
Does it help you mask the truth?
Even though you try to hide what it really is, you knew.
So from this moment forward, what do you do?

The way I see it, you have two options:

You can sit back and let the toxins sink deep inside your self conscious as you go over your losses until you feel nauseous

Or you can take it on the cheek, accept defeat and keep on moving with that last ounce of dignity that lives from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet

You could hit the book and write out an entire dissertation that honestly gives a one sided explanation of the creation of your situation.
The status gets posted for your audience
But that post wasn't for them, it's obvious

It was personally for you because you felt that you finally found a person that you can put your faith into.  But , they took that trust and threw it out to the dogs for them to chew

Being petty doesn't stop the pain, posting it on social media just covers your hurt up like a temporary bandaid
To truly get over the shame , stop placing blame,

Show that individual that you can be the bigger adult
Quit with pettiness, cut out those insults

Vèj Jun 29

Wish i could eat the moon and puke the stars.
wish i could cut off the trees and cry the flowers.
i have been misunderstood for things i didnt mean.
Now i am in the grass, green-ing, and blackening my spot.
i suppose thats who i am in every heart.

Ellie Geneve Jun 24


Chan S Jun 22

I apologize,for blaming you.
Because I can only blame myself
You see, all along it's been me.
Me allowing you to treat me the way you've been treating me.
Me allowing You to take my voice away.  
Me allowing You to touch me in ways I did not appreciate.
Me Allowing You to hurt me with your actions.
I should have spoken up.
Used my voice a long time ago.
Then you would've known my words now are not for show.

I apologize, for accrediting you for my life's work.
When I can only accredit myself.
For all my pains and all my strife.
All my wins in my whole life
For my loss' penetrating knife.
It's always been me.
I should have spoken up.
Used my voice a long time ago.
Then you would've known my words now are not for show.

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