Rosie 7h
I don’t blame you

I don’t blame you for being insecure
I don’t blame you for falling in love with someone incapable of loving you in return
I don’t even blame you for projecting your problems onto me
I understand that sometimes it’s easier to blame
our mistakes
our problems
on the people closest to us
I don’t blame you

I don’t blame you for our friendship falling apart
I don’t blame you for blocking me on every social media imaginable
I don’t even blame you for not speaking to me
I understand that we just weren’t
for each other anymore
I don’t blame you

But I do blame you

I blame you for insulting me behind my back
I blame you for not being there when I needed you
I blame you for thinking you were the only protagonist in this story
and I was just a side character

I wish you knew how much I miss you
I wish you knew that for some
reason I don’t hate you
I wish you knew that I would still give you the shirt off my back
if shivers racked your body
Travel across the country
if you need something as simple as a hug
Cut my own heart out
if yours was broken

But I blame you

I blame you
Because I know
and I wish this wasn’t the case
That you wouldn’t do the same

I blame you
Juliet 9h
It feels as though every day your maggots eat at my brain--
every time i see something rancid, i think of you.
on television, I see abuse, violence, rape,
I think of you.

How can I blame you for eating away at me?
I am garbage,
a horrible shade of gray-green.
You are maggots,
you cling to and feast on those like me.

Being who I am, being what I am,
it must've seemed like an invite.

When garbage cans become infested,
owners blame their own recklessness.
It is the conditions they created
that invited the maggots.

When I became infected with you,
I could only blame my own recklessness.
It is the conditions I created
that invited you.

I am not a victim of circumstance,
I am a victim of the circumstance
in which I put myself--
A girl full of promise and wonder
but she was hit by malice and fell under

You blame her for falling
but how could you shame her for she was only forestalling

You care about her and you don't want her to give in
yet you don't bare with her and that is unforgiven
You’ve mastered the act
You’ve turned off emotions
Now everything’s black

I am truly sorry
I slowly grow colder
It’s always my fault
She breaks when I hold her

He’s bitter and angry
There’s pain in his eyes
He bleeds from his struggle
His will slowly dies

There’s things I’ve done
The things I regret
The problems I caused
I won’t easily forget

But i’M nowhere near perfect
And neither are you
Let’s all hurt each other
I’ve lost you two

It’s easy to blame yourself when you think you weren’t good enough to save other people. At first I placed that burden on myself , but when I failed, I never stood back up. That’s what I regret. I lost two friends , that I won’t forget. I really miss them.
Faith 3d
I haven't seen your face in days
We know it is better this way
I haven't seen your face in years

I long to be younger
Too naive to know
You weren't loving me
You were possessing me

Alone, cold, senseless
Your skin somehow felt warm
Under my fingertips
Focusing all my energy on you
Was, at first, euphoric
Soon the feeling was replaced
With an emptiness

Draining me of life
You carried on: complacent
Drugs and my presence
Stabilized your horrific being

Why do I still struggle
With keeping my life
So you can no longer
Infest it
H Phone 4d
Rationality over heart
My brain is always on guard
Big Brother is real
And he controls how I feel
A platoon on patrol
One parole
Control my soul
Fill a hole
How did that hole even get there?

Any runaway feeling is immediately detained
Used to entertain
An audience
What audience?
It’s just me
As I’m forced to see
How my sadness is instructed to do a dance
Like a circus animal
My anger gets beaten with a baton
No one bats an eye
There is no one
It’s almost comical
I’m the one hosting this show, aren’t I!?
Did I forget to send the invites?
Why else go through the motions of setting this up?

Sometimes, I feel like happiness is the only one I can trust
Every once in a while I look over my shoulder
Force of habit
And it’s like nervousness overtakes it
“Don’t worry about me,
Just, uhm, get excited!
About this new game
Or the name
Of the new person you just met!”
Encouraged, I jump in, face first
Getting ahead
Of myself
Only to be stopped dead
In my tred
Who am I faking this for?
Do I want to be seen as random or positive or…
A special snowflake perhaps
Why am I obsessed with the concept of faking a smile?
I’ll just take a walk for a while…

Sometimes I wonder how that looks
A hooded figure through the woods
Head cast to the ground
Accompanied by the sound
Of a deep sigh
Bouncing of against the night-
ly sky
And another one
And another one
Do I look edgy yet?
I bet
People are wondering “what’s up with that kid?”
Just the way I like it

And then, in the most meta of ways
I become aware of this play
This ploy
A decoy
For my lack of personality?
Just who exactly is to blame?

He sits atop a throne
All alone
Keeping everything in suspension
And he commands just one thing:
The title only makes sense when you read the last word of the poem...
Amanda 4d
Why can't I stop thinking about you?
Will your image ever leave my mind?
Do you miss the soft push of my lips on your skin?
How did our two lives become so entwined?

Where do we place the lingering blame?
Can we lock it in a box and put it out of sight?
Is there a chance for us to start again?
Are we doomed to fade with the daylight?

When will this guilt finally subside?
Has it built a home inside your gut too?
How do I control my urges?
Why can't I stop loving you?

Who am I without your touch?
If I do not have you what remains?
Am I fated to live tethered to my regrets?
Will your name forever flow through my veins?

What keeps me anchored to your flesh?
Could it be the spell cast with your smile?
Why am I drawn to your damaged demeanor?
Is it the passion you effortlessly rile?

How did our relation-ship sink in the inconsistent-sea?
Which iceberg capsized our boat?
Should I have stayed and drowned tide to your side?
Do you believe I was enough to keep you afloat?
I like this one better than part one. It also took me a lot longer to write. These questions are constantly gnawing at my heart.
I'll take the blame
And everything will stay the same
In this household name
Where I once came
I'll stand in the fire
Looking at every liar
I am not a crier
And I will rise higher
Without no need for a spell
They can't tell
But what they truly sell
Are invitations to Hell
It's his fault

He took advantage of you
(But did you ever ask him not to?)

He tried to talk
(But did you ever try to understand?)

He left you
(But would you rather him stay in a relationship where he felt trapped?)

He destroyed you
(But didn't you do the same to him?)

He still cares
(But all you do is wallow in self pity)

It's his fault
(But your to blame as well)
Sometimes all we do is criticize the speck in someone else's eye when we're to blind to see the log in our own.
Isla 7d
Won’t you lie here with me? Can’t we just let the world slip away?
Or would it hurt you too much to let anyone near your heart? Even if that someone is me?
Won’t you say anything at all? Even if it’s not what I want to hear? I’d rather have harsh truths than kind lies.
And I know you will not lie. You will not be kind.
Your face is stoic, it makes me want to cry.
Do you not feel anything? Does anything break through the surface of your skepticism? Though I try and try to see past your unrelenting negativity you continue to surprise me with your coldness. How do you stay so cold?
The silence you project is screaming, pounding in my ears and everything in me burns for the affection you refuse to give.
Why do you pretend I’m not even here? I want a way out, but being alone terrifies me more than you do. Terrifies me more than the silence and the cold. Maybe after a while, the coldness won’t hurt.

I can wait.
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