Amanda 8h
I blame you for the nightmares I experience
The thoughts that fill my weary head
I blame you for the teardrops that fall
The monsters underneath my bed

There was a time I was happy
That was before you left me here
I'm alone, all you've given me
Memories of a wonderful year

It is clear, I can see that you've moved on
No longer need my hand to hold
But wonder if I cross your mind
When stars are out and your bed feels cold

You are the reason things didn't work out
The one who wanted time apart
Now I am the only one in pain
I blame you for this broken mess of a heart
Blame doesn't do any good
You broke me down
And tore me apart
But you couldn’t see it
You couldn’t see that it hurt
So, I blamed myself
For being too weak
I shut myself down
And hated me for it
But its ok,
It was my fault anyways.
Kira 4d
I read to forget
I read to feel
I read to escape
I read to heal

I read to remember
I read to distract
I read to connect
I read to backtrack

I’m okay when I read
but it hurts when I don’t
Characters are my friends
when my real friends won’t

The words are my freedom
from this desolate kingdom
Isolated by feedback and uncontrollable flashbacks

I need release from the pain
To breakout of these chains
They torture my brain
looking to blame

I keep running away
from the grief in my mind
I’m tortured by thoughts
I’m not ready to find

I’m trying to outpace my agony and resentment
But my only liberation is to accept contentment

My bookcase is filling with more empty reads
Who am I kidding, what more could I need
I'm fairly new to poetry. I love to use poetry to express certain emotions or feelings, but I'm still figuring out my style and learning more about it. I would love any criticism or insights you could give!
my sincere apologies.
We love to point out fingers at you.
We love to blame you for our own wrongdoings.
Every cobblestone walkway
Every innocent person who was slain
Everyone's bodies who get shamed.
You are always to blame.
It seems as though people forget that society
is made up of them.
Though, society may cause some issues
I think we should look and see
that maybe instead of blaming society
you can point fingers at them, you, or me.
It's time we face the music.
It's time we take the fall.
Society accounts for us all.
(don't like this one too much. Sorry.)
Zaft 6d
It's our blame to be stupid.

We think,
heart made us like this —
lonely and broken.

We always blame our heart
when we fell in love
to a wrong place,
  wrong time
and to a wrong person.

But if  our heart can speak,
maybe it'll say...

"I'll try to stop beating."
If your heart can speak what will it tell you?
Aa Harvey Jul 7
Your faults are my own

We point the finger at others and know all their faults;
Yet we lack the foresight to see, that their faults are our own.
The bad things we see in them are our own negative points;
We tell them how to change their lives,
But we take help from no-one.

You do this wrong, you do that wrong.
Do we say it to them or us?
We hate the way they have no faith in us;
Yet we ourselves are unable to trust.
The things they do wrong,
Are only seen because we too are faulty;
We condemn their mistakes, yet we are equally guilty.

We should look deep in the mirror,
At the reflections of our being,
We tell them to open their eyes;
But it's us who are incapable of seeing.
We are faithless and anxious and we think we know it all;
Then we expect them to have faith, never give up and trust us.

Who are you to judge me,
When all your bad points are a hindrance?
The things that stop you being all you can be,
Will always leave you without guidance.
We are all equally trapped, asking for help, yet never listening;
So for once in your life, hear as you speak,
See what you are saying.

The advice we give them, is just what we have been told;
But because we are telling them, our warm words become cold.
Our intentions are good, but our way with words lets us down;
We expect them to heed our words, whilst we still act the clown.
Our advice falls on deaf ears,
Because we don't practice what we preach.
We have knowledge gained through experience;
But we have no God given right to teach.

So hear your own teachings, use actions not words;
Give them proof it can be done differently,
Show them only they can change their world.
To change the way that they feel
And the thoughts that they think;
Give up your own addictions first
And walk away from that drink.
You simply can't get them to change their life,
If all you do is argue and fight.
So pick up the pen and lay down the knife.

(C)2005 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Osal Jul 6
I blame the wind for the leaves that leave
I blame the candy when a child does cry
And I blame the sun when the moons brings night 
I blame the by stander when a man is murdered 
I blame the roads when the journey is hard
I blame the your heart ,For I  think about you
But i cant blame gravity for falling for you
you can't blame gravity for falling in love
- Albert Einstein
All this time
I blamed you
who changed
on the flip of a dime.
The subtle changes
the big changes
and everything in between
that I thought
made us fall.
I thought it was you
changing overnight
when really,
it was me
who didn’t mean to change at all.
Poetic T Jun 29
Condolences to self,
    you don't know this
                but life is false.

Weaponized tears
      will solidify a heart,
      eyes will gaze coldly.

Condolences to self,
      for you were your
                  own enemy.

You never knew that your
         kindness was always
         a downfall to this place.

Condolence to self,
        but if your reading this,
        you only have yourself to blame.
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