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Chicken 6d
It exists and it lives
It moves and it shakes
all because I couldn’t resist
The transfatty aisle of edible pleasures

Now I’m a bigger girl
Bigger than I’d like
to give a whirl
Thanks to the transfatty aisle of edible pleasures.
So I started working out again today 😄

The ‘aisle’ in question is of course the Lidl bakery aisle. With all the restrictions, I needed stuff.. and I only went in to look at the middle of Lidl, I swear.

Oh, and by the way.. eating your emotions? It’s no good. Don’t do it if you know you’re doing it. It’l b o k ☺️
Suraj singh Oct 20
Take me to a brighter place
Where our love never fades
Even after we spend decades
Slowly stich my heart
Barely seems a part
Fill in some love and light
Please make this home alright
Someplace the sun is so bright
Someplace this cold won’t bite
Somewhere this world is not lame
Somewhere this life is not a game
A place where no one blames
Show them your fighter face
Take me to a brighter place
❝ a man curses his self-created hell;
   a trap he weaved for himself
   that later on evolved
   into a labyrinth of intricate design

   his choices,
   the basis of his sorrow
   a product of ignorance
   that drowns him
   in the ocean of confusion

   he becomes lost
   in the prison of darkness
   floating in the sea
   of perpetual gloom

   searching for the light
   with eyes open
   but senses shut
   stumbling about for eons
   and eons

   blaming fate,
   but never himself ❞
Melodrama whispers in your ear like a soft hiss
His voice incredibly quiet
He grabs a hold of your neck
Digging his filthy fingernails in your skin

Don’t scream
     Don’t speak

Staring into his painfully blue eyes longing for an ounce of humanity
Finding none, only sleepless nights and suffering
Melodrama stealthily retrieves a silver antique dagger
HOLDING onto it tightly, too tightly
His hands begin to ooze red
Worst of all,
     he laughed
He laughed, At the pain he was inflicting on himself
Infatuated with the ambivalent stinging
This time he holds the dagger to your neck
The chilling metal carving your flesh
His matted, jet black hair tickles your neck
Please no
     You beg.
I’m terribly sorry. But I cannot stop, he whispers

With a slight grin filled with selfishness
He drags the dagger along her porcelain skin, lifting the life out of her
Her limp body falls to the floor.
Melodrama let’s out a wail.
     What have I done? How could I be this selfish?
Oh no, oh no!

His slim body collapses next to her, cradling her body in his arms
No. He cries. Tracing his hands over her wounds
Fixating his attention on the turning doorknob
His heart drops, panic overcoming him
The husband, walks nonchalantly into the horrific room
Asking one not-so-simple question.
     What are we going to do with the body?
Yet another dark poem. This is a personified emotion piece. My emotion was melodrama. Completed on 10/2/20.
anitajehu Oct 1
The first time they said I was suicidal
It hurt much
Felt like  a lost kid
Thought my last minutes  were seconds to go
It hurt much
Tears couldn't well up
Words couldn't form
Honestly truth hurts

The first time they said I was suicidal
Already saw it coming though
The smile hid much than they could see
Cried on the silent nights
Whispered  wishes to my love
Held onto the pillar he built

The first time they said I was suicidal
Felt like second to me
Plus the nights spend pleading for a new world
A world with a no-human logo
When I held a knife to my dear-chest and thought this is it....

The first time they said I was suicidal
Pinned a key on a kids head
Wasn't scared of the pain caused,
The blood shed reminded of how suicidal I was
Second after my own suicide  thoughts

The first time they said  I was suicidal....
Wasn't that big of word
Wasn't that small of expression
Took the blame
What if I cut my ankle twice just to see red?
What if the smile means keep off?
What if I was really suicidal?

The first time I was suicidal....
I wasn't suicidal
If we could find the 'blame'
Only if we could, then anger would it be?

Osii Sep 23
With time our wounds heal
But our scars remain the same
They're reminders of how we feel
When we take on all the blame
be kind to yourself.
He has a Master Plan
Master Plan of what?
Pain, misery, hunger, want
A moment of happiness
Thousand moments of sadness
Blaming humans
For their fate everytime
Just to keep His glory pristine
Never to take blame
In His name
Only to put humans
To shame
He has a Master Plan!
Nylee Aug 28
We don't trust a kind person
they are always under suspicion,
Nobody has been kind to me
without any reason,
their ulterior motive be some kind.
It seems that kindness be
An extinct breed indeed.
Not a call in which,
it is purely for asking of well being,
what follows concern, is the real deal.
The world has toughen, sharpen each edges,
distrust is all time high, cutting up inches
You are one of them, I am not putting the blame,
I have turned just the same
By not trusting everybody,
I am just being kind to me.
Norman Crane Aug 24
Ducks upon the surface of a lake
Of man-made run off
What great ripples they make
Diving under, flapping their wings
Without asking I wonder
Why for ducks water is water
Glacial or sewer-bound
Backswamp or uptown reservoir
It's not maker but mark which matters
So why is this distinction so profound to me?
Why Nature's acts
     Do I endeavour to explain
Whereas for man's
     I seek firstly to lay blame?
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