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don’t blame me, it’s not my fault.
you’re afraid of the decisions you have to make.
you’re obsessed with what isn’t yours to take.
you’re tired of the confidence you have to fake.
you’re ashamed of the way that you break.
stand in your place, and don’t blame.
and the coward points their rot finger at someone else, hoping that this will make them more brave. but blaming doesn’t purify, it keeps rotting them from inside
Brett 6d
Everybody passes the buck. We pass it to politicians
They pass it to private owners
Who pass it right on down back to us.
We’re too lazy, nobody wants to work.
Flippin’ burgers at McDonald’s isn’t worth
More than a couple bucks. Give us your life
Give us your labor
We’ll give you death; once we finish
Using you up.
Condemned in the womb of your windowless room.
Attached at the brain, phone chargers like chains
Keeping you lame.
Double click for your fame, lay to sleep all the sane
As they point fingers of blame away from their face.
Leah Carr Jul 13
Hurt me
Hurt me instead

My children can't bear
the burning of the wounds
your words carve

They try to express
the depth
of the pain you're causing them

But they can't.


Hurt me
Hurt me instead

I'd say I can take it
But I can't
But nor can they

Oh my children
MY children
My children

Dear God, stop hurting my children


Hurt me
Hurt me instead

They can't cope, holding the
Your voice haunts their nightmares

They drew a portrait of you
half angel, half demon
Look what you're doing to them



Hurt me
Hurt me instead

They are just children
vulnerable children

I know their actions hurt you
Their words stung you
like yours now do us


Blame me
Blame me instead

Because dear God
I can heal from you blaming me
Hurting me

But I'll never ever forget the face
of someone
who hurt my children
I don't really remember writing this, it just sort of fell out of my fingers onto the keyboard. "~" separates each verse. Not written in anger, just desperation.
Chris Thomas Jul 12
The sun is setting over this wonderland
Here I am, drifting along shame again
Using my dreams as the raft
And my heart as the anchor

I make landfall and plot a course
Blistered feet causing no distraction
My veins run with yesterday's toxins
Making my scars more visible than before

Anxiously, I await in the shadows
For the villain to make his grand entrance
My hands crave to clutch his throat
My eyes burn with fires of vengeance

The cost of everything he took from me
A debt that could never be repaid
I crouch behind misshapen branches
And inhale one spiteful last breath

But the cowardly ******* never shows his face
Leaving no print for miles around
Until, at last, in the rustling of summer's death
Autumn points her finger directly at me

Leah Carr Jul 11
I try to force the tears out
can't bear their burning behind my tired eyes
clutching my stomach
desperate for this ache to leave me
Jesus please
take this ache away from me

I want to put a blade to my weakened wrist
can't bear the pulsing, pulsing
beating, beating
of the blood pumping through my veins
Let my body surrender to the darkness
like I have

I need to scream it into the void of nothingness
can't bear these words that are stuck in my throat
I'm sorry
I'm sorry
I'm so so so sorry

t h i s   i s   a l l   m y   f a u l t
Van Xuan Jun 2
They say people come and go
It is the normal way of life
But for me that is not the case

Too many people rely on me
As their mental and moral support
As their final refuge of being sane

Being left behind feels suffocating
Where my world feels numb
Struggling to keep myself sane

They are my source of refuge
They are my only salvation
They are the ones who keep me sane

If one of them left because of me
If one of them lost because of me
The fault is on me

A trauma for the rest of my life
When I need to act normal for the people who still needs my help but I'm dying inside
CJ May 24
Choose a wrong route in life?
Mad at the wrong decision?
Blamed yourself for it?
Regretted everything you have done?

Think again...

You cant change what you had thought at that particular time.
Mistakes are made for a better success
Don't blame yourself for making the mistake
Praise yourself for realizing it and choosing to change

Who you are today is because of what you have done in the past
Be glad you have learnt from it.
I know its hard to forget but as long as you forgive yourself forgetting is easier...
Ken Pepiton May 19
Here, re think the name that may not be spoken,
in light
of the curse brought
by knowing evil, and good, especially,
in this little light of mine, which I vowed, as a child
to not allow the accuser to quench,
AI nada gonna put it out.
My duty is to fight and **** to keep it bright.
I'll be a warrior under god.

But then the darkness of the pledge,
to the flag, {I am six-years old, *******, allegiance?} locked in,
duty bound... endure the contest, and laugh off the fear of dying.

- look out my window, watch that black lizard
- doing pushups, signaling in my peripheral vision
- listen, does it look like that lizard is showing off
- strutting its blue belly as hook-up bait?

Not t'me.
I think he's singing in lizard pitch my ears notice,
but my senses lack the filters to sing along,

lizard songs, no fear, no roadrunners or cats near,
and it is a fine day to be cold blooded,
running on the rocks,
running on the sun.
Singing lizard loud,
All that's done been done is done,
all that ain't, ain't
ain't it wonderful,
what may be?
that is that lizard's song
as he run along, stopping every few feet to dance,
I swear, for sheer lizard level joy.
So, it ain't mea culpa, things just don't stay miserable here any more...
deadhead Apr 11
you cannot blame
others for the way you are.
you're the one that's
been creating your
character, after all.
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