At my birth I drew my first breath...
my cries an announcement of my existence
My arrival.
And yet as I walk upon the water,
I stare and see you, a cold spectre above my crown.
Though I age, I feel your air circle around me.
As I age, I see your wings are aglow.
As I age, I'm nearing, nearing towards you.
And yet you stand, everstill and true.

My poem I wrote based on what I witnessed in a  hospital. A woman was screaming in grief at the loss of loved one. The one truth of life is meeting death...

Parenthood has certainly changed
since I was a young father. Today
if you raise a hand to your child
it had better be to ask a question.

Hand Shook,"Strangers Became Friends";
Eyes Met, Feelings Exchanged,"Friends Became Lovers";
And Now,"Strangers Once Again";

Beat of a,
romantic music plays
Reaching out his hand
And asking to sway

Hiding her In his arms,
Letting her feel his embrace,
Making her feel safe

Enslaving her eyes with
A little help from
his handsome face.

His hands gently placed,
around her perfect waist.

By saying right words,
at right time,perfect place.

Two strangers,
Staring eye to eye
Standing face to face

Lips aligning,
With perfect pace
Tip of flame
Melting ice

Union of Souls
An alluring sight

although the election results,
(and his imprimatur dissolving, fading, receding,
et cetera now ranks as old news,
i still feel that adulation beckons cheers

defying odds to win the hearts and minds
aside from this one voter who cast his vote
for a (as he calls himself "mutt" of mongrel -
with no insinuation for denigration)

toward a biracial mortal male who epitomizes
that je nais sais quois ambition du jour
to tackle the multitude of local
and/or global challenges
with his prized defensive team.

no doubt he probably already composed
some rough draft per his inaugural address
(or yours - eminent president elect
if ye happen to be perusing the contents
of this email) will address the outstanding crisis

that confront the home turf
and international world stage
populated with tough rooted quandaries,
which hardly allows, enables
and provides for mushroom to err.

rather than fritter critical and valuable time
to blame or fear for the prior
republican administration
that could be held accountable
for the current morass, i reckon

that tis prudent to expend
the precious sands of time to ameliorate
those most serious issues without resorting
to fear, which machiavellian technique
this admirer begs to differ.

aside from begging to differ
with your philosophy to affect guilt
in other (as like an invisible prod),
the paradigm presented promulgated
(in prestigious media resources)

pleases this papa of deux daughters,
which principles of the first
african american occupant of the white house
brings solace within this spirit.

no matter mind boggling and overwhelming lesions
seem to witness this two hundred quarter
plus democratic experiment to hemorrhage
and require emergency action,

i feel reassured that resuscitation
of this body politick will recover
and become restored to vibrant health
thru the confident intervention thru diligence,

intelligence, ordinance, et cetera of (emma)
eminence filled pride without prejudice,
sense and sensibility to become like
some wunderkind in the oval office.

even now (about one month or less)
when that oath taken to heart to uphold
the covenant of life, liberty
and the pursuit of happiness

(as attempted to be codified by founding fathers
of this country - i.e. these united states of america)
stunned disbelief still abounds
within my liberal filled conscience,

yet excited at the prospect
one young(ish) noble representative
of homo sapiens exhibits
much esteemed aura, charisma, dogma,

and persona so pertinent at this juncture
in the history of fifty states who weathered
(yet survived) dramas that nearly rent asunder
the very fabric of this amazing society.

unbeknownst to anyone such as dumbledorf,
estimable magicians with awesome powers
of prestidigitation, j.k. rowling, santa claus,
seers, soothsayers, the wizard of oz, tooth fairy),

la de da to forecast if thine indomitable agility,
civility, electricity, gentility, integrity,
et cetera will be effective to deliver
superhuman feats of accomplishments.

this audacity of hope (telepathically communicated
from dreams of my widower father and late mother)
blessedly delivered some capacity of genuine faith
that seems hinged on the evident decency enunciated

(time and again - ever since ye took
to the campaign trail and now amazingly finds
one gracious honoree to guide the populace at large)
to offer deliverance and salvation.


Simpathi Jan 10

Time to forget the pain,
Forget the failure.
Teardrops of rain,
Poison of no cure.

Hold my hand,
I’ll hold your heart.
Nowhere to land,
No reason to part.

Screaming out reasons,
For you heart to exist.
Left here with treason,
Absent of smiles, of wit.

Endless bleeding,
Never give into leaving.
Staying to the end,
Even if it means death,

But every last breath,
I have never regretted.
Loved every second,
Even if they’re dreaded.

I can hide,
For only so long.
Spitting out lies,
Denying my call.

Yearning to stay,
Hoping for a chance,
Love may never reign,
Forever hard sand.

Time to end,
These seconds of silence,
I’ll never forget,
The continuing fight and,

Problems that seemed to last ages.
They were worth all the people and faces,
That carried me through and gave me dreams,
Letting my live them and just be me.

Now I is my time...
Allen Faust Jan 8

It was as if the world itself fell away and all that existed was the piano. He reluctantly made his way over to the gigantic instrument, and simply stared. His hands, seeming to have a mind of their own, absentmindedly struck few comfortable keys. The hollow notes hung, as is frozen in midair, before bouncing about the room and finally fading into silence. A hushed quiet falls on his unnoticed audience as he stands above the playground of his hands. His fingers hover above the ivory keys, fearing the outcome he knew would accompany his continuance. With a frown he pushed on, filling the room with strings of beautiful music, playing out his very soul. It was more than music, it was life, it was the feeling of soft grass warmed by the rays of the afternoon sun, it was the first sip of cold lemonade on a blistering day, but to him it was her. Suddenly, the music became soft and somber, as the tempo grew erratic and uncontrolled. He felt anger course through him as his hand grew tighter and began to lock in unusual places. His listeners now shuffle nervously while others look on, concerned for their unknowing player. His anger gives way to despair as his right hand suddenly cracks and grows limp, leaving his left to finish with only a lonely chord. As the last notes ring out, he cradles his hand and turns to leave only to hear clapping.

Comments and criticism greatly appreciated.
ShowYouLove Jan 6

Take my hand reaching out in the dark
Cling to me when you miss the mark
Hold on to me, I’ll never let you go
I’m always right beside you I want you to know
Put your hand in my hand; feel the nail scars there
Put your hand in my hand and feel how much I care.
My hand will guide you both night and by day,
Let me guide you and show you the way.
Put your hand in mine and feel them rough and worn
The hands that saw a world hurt and torn.
Put your hand in mine and feel the tenderness and strength
The hands that, to find and bring you back, would go to any length.
The hands that cured the leper, and healed the sick and weak,
My hands are reaching out; if only you would seek.
See how much I love you dearest child of mine
All you see before you I created by design
I want the world for you, but I want you in heaven with me
Take my hand; I will give you the faith to truly see.
Put your hand in my hand and let me fill the hole
I don’t need your success I want you to give me control
I will not lead you into danger or make you go astray
Feel my hands on yours every time you pray.
Even in the darkest night my hand is there to save
I love you so much that my very life, I freely gave
Feel my arms wrap around you in a warm embrace
Let me heal you, give you peace and grace.
Take my hand and walk with me. Child, do not fear
Even when you cannot see me, I am always here.
Take comfort in my presence as you rest, safe from harm
As long as I am with you there is no need for alarm
Do you trust me? Then take my hand and follow
I can make you whole once more, this world can leave you hollow.
Can you feel me with you on this very night?
Take my hand and come with me as we walk into the light.

Andreas Simic Dec 2017

Take My Hand©

When you are

No matter
where you are
the place you’re in now
or how deep you have sunk

Know that
there is always a tomorrow
those who lead sometimes follow
success is measured by you

I will be there
to hold you up
give you strength
embrace your soul

Life is
lived one day at a time
each moment counting on its own
from blessing to blessing

my voice to guide you
through times that are tough
for you are never truly alone

Let your
thoughts be bright
even when it doesn’t seem all right
all the while remembering I am holding your hand

Andreas Simic

Elliot Dec 2017

Hand in hand
we roam the halls
as their eyes linger against our skin
in  a different sense
from the way you were looking at me
nights before

as our lips pressed together
your hands roamed my skin
& mine yours
as your scent of deodorant
& whiskey
lights up the room
& stains my bedsheets

The stars
leaking their light on our bare bodies
as we lay silently
pouring our very souls out to each other
with the glimmer in our eyes

Hand in hand
we roam their halls
as they turn up their noses
at the stench that we have created
but to me
it smells an awful lot

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