Conner Dixon Jul 12

All encompassing reality

To the all loving reality

1 John 4:8
Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.

1 John 4:16
Those who live in love
Live in God
& God, lives in them

They say happiness given to others is superior to happiness given to yourself
Happiness gained through helping others
Cannot be broken like happiness gained from benefiting self

They may put a black veil of unlovingness on you
But it will shake off
& you will love again

But love lightly ^^
Rockie Jul 8

A hand,
Outstretched for once it seemed,
Is a gift.
A gift of love,
A gift of electric butterflies on your palm.
The feeling, it seemed,
Never left;
The feeling that something so beautiful
Could still possibly be yours;
It is either the butterflies do not want to leave,
Or they are replaced, yearned for, day after day.

A hand is a wonderful thing.
Funny things, yet wonderful too,
A warm to comfort a cold;
A big to envelope a small;
A lover to intertwine with another lovers.

A hand;
They are creatures to be treasured.

Chan S Jun 22

Bone of My Bone

Deep in my bones I could feel your voice,
calling out to me; like I had no choice:

My daughter, my daughter, please understand..
that I would be with you to hold your hand.

You see, there was this system that was built just for me,
To keep me separated from my family.

All I ever wanted was for you to be mine;
But these folks keep adding more and more time. 

You see, after awhile this place feels like home to Me,
then They start to feel like My family.

I know this may hurt, but it's the twisted truth.
You see, they planned it all, while I was just a youth.

I was strategically placed in this militarized zone.
But I know that I'm deep inside your bones.

So don't worry, my strong brave girl,
I am still working to give you my entire world.

I will be the man, the father, the hero, you need.
Because baby girl, all I want is to see you succeed.

Be smarter, wiser, more patient than I
and your dreams will exceed that sky.

Now!! I can feel you in MY bones!!  
Because baby girl, I wanna come home.

But while I'm still in, I just need you to be,
Everything to me, that you were meant to see in me.

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit or send a letter to Creative Commons, PO Box 1866, Mountain View, CA 94042, USA.
Dharker Jun 20

You lend your hand out
Only a lover should take
Not wanting what you give
yet you insist, with no break
I worry about you
as you patiently wait
For what?
This desired thought...
I hoped you care enough
to finally leave
Gain some sense
in self
Figure out
what you don't need
Yet here you still are,
with both hands now out
Ready; despite of me

The one who tried for a reason in which makes no sense at all... this one is for you.
Gabriel burnS Jun 17

In my left hand a joker,
In my right a Jack of Hearts:
A wild card that will break this game
And I know in these crimes nobody can claim-
Their hearts back.

The dealer, the eyes of Judgement
Offers me a King of Spades,
Which I could use to dig up my grave
After you withdraw your red knave.

I dig my nails into my palms
The game is on
the stakes are way too high
my queen of hearts is
reflected in your eyes

Thumb is rubbing on that
ace of spades
the hard way always taught
I should know my place
but I cannot resist your call

A big thank you to Eleni who started me up on this one with her witty stanzas! I encourage you, reader, to pay a visit to her beautiful work! It's been a pleasure :)
Paul Marfil Jun 16

This morning, my hand
Caught the first drop of dew.
I think I just held your hand.

Joe Black Jun 14

Open your heart, open your hands,
close your eyes.
Dive in feeling.
Make your transcendence experience happened.
Totally open minded.
I dont know who I am.
But I feel that.
You can be mine experience and I can become yours experience.
I can help you undersand  the spirit molecule inside of you.

Zan Balmore Jun 14

And so the twisting began
Telling tale under moonlight
A fickle old soul
And difficult woman
Took your hand into hers
Desperate to relieve her
Countless years of flagellation
In the sad song she sings

But the world won't listen
And the crone knows why
The world won't listen and
She knows, she knows,
She knows why
Because the saddest songs
Remain silent below
The lonely sigh

You made your mistake
Deserve of this
Close knowing
You said your ears were
Always open
Not fully
What that means

Renée Casey Jun 13

my hand; each fingertip, one by one

slowly, softly

with such deliberate tenderness

that makes my chest ache

with a feeling I cannot name

that feels a little bit like soaring,

and a little bit like falling,

and a little bit like coming home.

Conner Dixon Jun 13

Meditate, do not neglect yourself
Be calm have faith, do not be fearful
Do not give your energy to distractions, be attentive

Seek bliss & you will avoid hell

Carnal mortal
Or immortal Spirit

Love lightest, this is a big thing we possess

But love The Lord with all your heart, soul, mind & strength
Put God first
He will direct you and crown your efforts with success

Just do not hate
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