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h 1d
you hold my hand and tell me later
I just need a friend right now
which is genuinely okay because realistically we both have issues
but darling i think that you need to understand,
going around holding people’s hands,
it’ll get you in trouble one day

stop being so stubborn and listen to your mother
for once, she just wants what’s best for you
by the way, tell her we aren’t a thing
because you know
I don’t think I want a relationship

but on the other hand
oh yeah, hands
Interlocked fingers are to be saved for
the girl that you’re waiting on
she’s out there somewhere
i don't think i love you anymore, but i still miss the feeling
Your warmth, shining halo,
Makes light of the weight of the world,
And they hold me up, hoping
I'll be able to stand on my own -
grounded, but flying,
And just as, if not, warmer.
I was about to hold your hand
when you said goodbye but
you already started walking away
and all I had to look at was your
back as you go.
Nigel Finn Dec 2
Is the perception
Of your hand when it is out of view.
My proprioception
Is tuned to perfection
And I hope that the same's true for you!

Although I can't see
My hand behind me
I can give all my fingers a wiggle;
It may not seem much
Very different to touch,
But with touch someone lets out a giggle!
A silly note I left for myself and recently found
Don’t think about it
Just take my hand
I’ll bring you to the most beautiful places
We can experience the most amazing things
Stop worrying about what might go wrong
Think about what can go right
Give me a chance to change your life
Take my hand
You won’t regret it
Give me a chance...
tears after tears
those may equal pearls
what will you lose?
my dear was gone

one will not be returned
if your tears as the rains
but they wipe the sad
and decrease the burden

over your heart that was loaded
tears may show how you love
the root of it at your heart
make you get deep deep

as the pearl downed at the well
sad but you don't have any hand
to help aexcept pary to your ***
loosing our dears make us sad. ut tears make it less loaded.
She Writes Nov 23
Your lips on my neck
And your hand between my thighs
Is better than any antidepressant
A dr could prescribe
Özcan Sh Nov 21
You were the missing part
In my lonely heart
When I touch your skin with my pen
My blood would rush through my veins
When you hold my hand
I would write a love poem
On your delicate body.
I can't tear myself to pieces anymore
I can't give my all to you anymore
The more of myself that I give to you
The more of myself that I have to lose
I can hold my own hand
After all I'm the only one who understands
I must have some self respect...
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