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yasmin 2d
are you the ink
on this pad,
or the hand
guiding the pen?
Oh Lord,
the days you'll spend,
With a vision of hope,
and love's extend.
Oh Lord,
the hours will pass,
The scope of time,
in heart will clash.
Oh Lord,
the years elapsed
With soul on fire,
and mind collapsed.
Take into heart,
the soul and mind,
In logic's place,
your heart will find,
a love that's pure
and big and bold...
...within lovers hand,
your hand might hold.
Shofi Ahmed Sep 24
Hand on the thorns
and eyes on the rose.

Singing ravishingly
a happy song
is only half of
the story is told!
Karen M Jun 24
Inflated egos float up
to the summit with fates
cradled in each hand to
decide whether we peak
or plummet.
A Simillacrum Sep 17
I clean toilets
with no gloves on
my two tone hands.

I wondered why
I was born.
She told me this:

"So I wouldn't be alone."

I clean floors and
change a commode.
**** fills my nose.

I offer time
in an exchange
for my wage.

"I'm a ***** and
      I was born for this

I wondered why
I was born.
She told me this:

"I really wanted a kid."

Free agent, here.
I'm a bang for your buck.
Want a bargain?
Then you're in luck.

I can change a bed.
(Please take me in.)
I can tend a heart.
(It's what I was taught.)

I swallow.
(Oh, oh.)
I swallow.
(Oh, oh.)
Aman Aug 30
The support which.....
Was missing....
Life felt like disbelief....
When everything was.....
Turning black.....
Someone stood up....
Gave relief.....
And a way......
With a future so bright....
After passing the......
Inspiring tunnel....
There was no need....
Of any light....
Someone gave....
The helping hand....
Felt like a warm hug....
In the midst of......
Utter coldness....
Which gave rise to....
Confidence and.....
Loneliness and sorrow.....
Were overcame....
Love and care....
So that....
Person can laugh....
Smile and cherish....
The moment....
Which was brief.....
As someone....
Gave the....
Help, save, helping hand
Anastasia Aug 28
i suppose
but all i really want to do
when you're around
is hold your hand
‏یہ سانحہ محبت کا
گزرا کچھ ہم پہ یوں
  روح تھی گھائل
۔۔۔  اور تھیں مضطرب سانسیں
بس اس کا ہاتھ تھاما تھا ۔۔۔۔

How Love happened to me?


My bruised soul
was exhausted,
Out of breath.


I just held his hand ...
When it comes to languages, Urdu will always be my first love. Still, I will try to do the English translation so that it is easier for the readers to understand.
Ylzm Aug 5
so easy to fake the eye
a smile, a wave, a word
but we see not with eyes
nor hear with ears
we see with soul
liars denigrate the soul
into nonsense to silence it
that we believe only
the show put up for us to see
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