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Savio Fonseca Jun 22
I want to invest My Time, in Love.
But I feel, it would be all a Waste.
Coz Kisses, melt like Coughdrops.
Gone is their sugary Taste.
Romance has lost it's Passion.
Feelings are nowhere to be Found.
Lust is ruling the roost Nowadays
and Moans end without their Sound.
Love.......has Lost it's meaning.
It has a Menu, without a Name.
Once the Clothes come off,
Hearts find themselves in Shame.
Take Me back, to the good old Days.
When Romance meant holding Her Hand.
Kisses were shared at Sunsets,
as Legs kept walking on the Sand.
In my dreams
I try
To make you
Holding you
In my
Small hand
They may be small but they hold a lot
LC Apr 30
I jump into a handstand,
flipping my world onto its head.
the tree dangles from the earth
like my feet in the air.
my hands seize the grass
as I attempt to hold on.
so I reunite with the ground,
and my hands release their burdens.
Escapril Day 29! Prompt: inversion.
This was an interesting prompt! I would love to see how you all interpret this poem and prompt. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
LC Apr 25
the jagged cave summons me
with its stark shadow.
crystals bearing sharp knives
greet me at the entrance.
my hands stay at my sides,
but I keep an eye on the knives.
as the cave envelops me,
the crystals harness sunlight.
their guidance sees me through,
and the cave is now behind me.
Escapril Day 24! Prompt: crystals. I am learning that nature is one of my main sources of inspiration. What are you inspired by when you write?
M Solav Apr 5
Where is that hand,
That motherly embrace,
Which comforts in its ****** -
That motherly hand I can trust?

Where is that hand,
That warming caress,
Which eases the nerves -
That cocoon of soft curves?

  There is no rest anymore
  In thoughts of exile and escape;
  My being is shaken to the core,
  My soul bent under the stress.

Where is that hand,
That soothing absence,
Which cradles you gently -
That silence of calm and mercy?

Where is the hand,
That promise of better days,
Which relieves innocently -
That convincing “don’t worry”?

  There is no rest anymore
  In thoughts of exile and escape;
  My being is shaken to the core,
  My soul bent under the stress.
Written on August 7th, 2021;
Completed in April 2022.

— Copyright © M. Solav —
This work may not be used in entirety or in part without the prior approval of its author. Please contact for usage requests. Thank you.
Jean Feb 28
I don’t understand why you love me
I don’t think I ever will
where I see stretch marks
because my stomach swelled
you see change
where I see scars
because life was too much
and I needed to release some of the agony inside me
you see healing
where I am disgusted
you are patient
and sit with me in my pain
and ask to hold my hand

I don’t understand why you love me
I don’t think I ever will
but I understand that you do
and even when your love is beyond me
and I am scared of it
I will be patient
and I will sit with you in my discomfort
and ask to hold your hand
Cassandra Jan 30
I stabbed myself with scissors
then I found it hard to stand.
I only hope ripped sinews aren't familiar
in your Hand.

A gentle child of sunlight
losing footprints in the sand,
somewhere on a map, you form a compass
of your Hand.

Hear a universe expanding
without heaven's killing brand.
Fusion of the stars comes bold and tragic
from your Hand.

Metal falls on concrete walls.
You hope that they withstand.
Soft and aching, something burned by fire,
like your Hand.

Sunset skies and flaming eyes
attempt their reprimand.
Desperate for life, you grasp to end it
by your Hand.

Falling down with airplane trails,
surviving where you land.
Digging in the snow, perhaps the frost will
save your Hand.

Thinking of it's suffering
and hate it should demand.
You feel it when you see it, still you cannot
lose your Hand.

When I feel your fingers it's like
lightning's reaching strands.
Are memories like thunder when I reach to
touch your Hand?

I wouldn't know the answer
and my love has come unplanned.
So hold my skin like something lost and found
upon your Hand.

And finally, you find me,
say you hope I'll understand
that when your world collapses, it's just nice to
have a Hand.
LC Jan 22
the ticking of a well-known clock is always in the background
as we draw breath from a planet designed to accommodate us.

sometimes, it lurks in the shadows
as we fill our hearts with love.
the present takes us by the hand,
so we stay with it joyfully.

other times, it bounces off the cold, white walls
until we cannot remember a day without it.
hope has flown away, so we wander through the past,
trying to find a way to put the noise to bed.

we find a moment that is soft to the touch -  
where the only sound we can hear is laughter.
we hold it to our chests to stay warm
as we close our eyes in surrender.

the ticking finally stops.
LC Jan 12
before, questions lingered in the air.
weary eyed nights were spent
stuffing yourself into a small box
for someone who only took you
on long, winding, painful paths
where the ends were shrouded
by looming trees and bushes.

now, the air is blissfully clear.
someone smiles when you stretch.
they walk right alongside you.
there may be darkness along the way,
but they will hold your hand through it.
the end of this path is straight ahead -
bright, expansive, and fruitful.
frog Nov 2021
Your hand
On my knee,
My hand
On your hand,
Your arms
Wrapped around me,
And mine
Around you.
catching feelings man
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