mjad 7h

Can I hold your hand
not a hug
nor a kiss
just the clasp of your fingers
around my palm
feel the veins of blood 
filled with love
against my own, pulsing
and the tapping of fingertips
and nerves tingling
the tender roughness
colliding with my own
A firebrand of fingers
burning for mine
can I just hold your hand

the rough texture on his fingers
from putting his soul into his art
his guitar, all black and shiny
a piece of art alone, extra special when he plays it
the warmth of his palm
i trace the lines that cover it
making an 'A' on the center
i clasp my hand, interlacing our fingers
rubbing my thumb against his
i kiss him
nothing makes me happier
than the simple feeling
of his hand

Nayana Nair Apr 20

I stop reading.

I look at these clumsily scribbled words.

I look at these fine print.

And I reach out my hand

to the page

and touch these words

to know

whether they really exist.

I reach out

to grab onto that hand,

so I can come out of water

for a moment,

to take breath

and remember what it was like

to not drown.

For that moment

I keep reading.

Beau Scorgie Apr 17

My father always told my sister and I
not to bite the hand that feeds.
But I look down at my hands
and see scars where my own teeth
have drawn blood.

George Krokos Apr 11

When many things seemed to be going wrong
You just then so happened to come along
and lift me up out of my deep sorrow
thereby giving me hope for the morrow.

You also taught me about faith and trust
which in our relationship was a must;
through my self effort and Your saving grace
I yearned to reach for a much higher place.

To get back to where I had fallen from
I would first then have to undo the wrong
of some past karma done in ignorance
which was scored then by disobedience.

Like the story of the prodigal son
who returned home to his father and won
I reflected on those things said and done
at each day's end for a better outcome.

In daily meditation's quietude
I regained confidence and fortitude
for self discipline and transformation
to rise up to that higher life station.

Your helping hand was indispensable
and so very strongly responsible
in saving me then from all of that gloom
I was heading toward failing to bloom.

It would be against so many an odd
that You helped me to gain favour with God
Who was really the One Divine Being
within every person always seeing.

Writen in 2016. The actual theme goes back or refers to my early days on the path.
Silverflame Apr 2

Melt away my fear
hold my hand for just a bit
hungry eyes waiting

First time playing around with a haiku.
hazem al jaber Mar 25

Take my hand ...

And let's dance ...
it's our night ..
it's the night ..
where we will ..
show each others ..
one to the other ..
the love that we hold ..
inside and so deep ...
from a long years ...
since we were ..
so young  ...
since our eyes met ...
yes sweetheart ...
it's our night ...
take my hand ...
and dance with me ...
dance within your feelings ...
run around me ...
hug me to your heart ...
hold me with your arms ...
and dance with me ...
dance with every part of me ...
here and now ...
on our love's theater ...
with now stop ...
let's dance ...
as all birds in the sky ...
as a butterflies dancing ...
with every flower and rose ...
as the light candles ...
waves with a soft wind ...
yes sweetheart ...
take me hand ...
and let's dance ...
and after dancing ...
let's run to our bed ...
there where we will dance ...
again and again ...
through body and soul ...
naked bodies ...
pure souls ...
asking only to dance ...
and to get sweet love ...
while it' dancing together ...
making a loving love ...

yes sweetheart ...
take my hand ..
to dance ...

hazem al ...

blue Feb 28

my hands are always cold
but not when they're interlaced
with yours.

something about us is right.
i'm drowning in your light.

i never thought drowning
would be this nice.

i'm falling in love
Peter Balkus Feb 13

The hand
which plucked the flower,
will wilt too.

Solaces Feb 9

Like the insect to the light, quite the opposite here.
In this duskless place, in this non shadow realm, they find the new shade beautiful.  
But why?
More and more of them were filling the room.  
Seeking out the darkest of dark.
The shadow of shadows.
The shade of shades.   I then realize that these little beautiful creatures are looking for the source.  They are looking for me.

I run about the room from corner to corner.  The little pattern shaped insect like creatures were getting closer and closer to me.  I did not want to touch such a beautiful being made of infinite light.  I don't know what my shadow touch would do to them. Would it kill them? Would it hurt them?  But then I find myself feeling as though they want to be touched. As if my darkness is their salvation.  The former light room now looked as if a bucket of black paint exploded inside of a white room.  There was shadow steps everywhere as well as shadow marks on the walls. It was not long after that The room was almost completly black with darkness.  The light insect like creatures looked like stars in space. I was the darkness they rolled on.   It soon got to the point where I was cornered.  The room was now filled with these beautiful creatures.  All of which knew I was in the corner of the room.  It was the only corner where light was left. As soon as that part of the room dimmed they all flew into me.  They swirled and spiraled around me.  It was amazing! It reminded me of a galaxy.  I opened my hand and one of them landed on it. There was then a beautiful shine and sound.  Then a voice uttered two words.  " Thank you."   The creature was gone.  Then I felt someone hold my hand!

It shows that true light here does not exist.
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