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LC Jun 8
she ran a hand over her heart.
the tip of her finger got caught
in a small stitch tightly sewn
to keep her heart together.
but in that fateful moment,
the stitch quickly unraveled,
loosening her still-beating heart
until the pieces could do nothing
but stumble around each other,
crumble into soft, maroon dust,
and settle into her weary bones.
LC Jun 4
she studies his soft features
with furrowed eyebrows,
catching every detail
in the palm of her hand.
the palm lines show their story.
It's been a while :)
jon May 9
Ever since you left
I don’t know what to do but I’m surprised I haven’t ran
I don’t know what comes next
I can still feel your hands
Must be muscle memory
Perhaps a new feeling for nerve endings
I’m lost, you caught me in a trance
I can’t deal with it, true
I want to hold you
I need your touch, how lovely that would be
I want to hold your hands and hear you love me
You make my heartbeat dance and skip a beat
I could talk to you for hours
Remember the night you got me flowers
It was as sweet as the blush wine
I poured for us both
I’m missing you the most
And without your hands in mine
It’s phantom pain and I don’t mean to whine

Are you still there?
Always said I wouldn’t beg for you to talk to me
But here we are, do you even care?
Put yourself in my shoes and try to see
Where I’m coming from
Love is in the air and I want some

Your hands, I want to hold
All this waiting is getting old
I know I’m broken
It’s been a while since we’ve spoken
Did I mention that I need to hold your hand?
****, you’ve got me stuck in a trance
I love you, do you love me?
I guess we will wait more and see
Hours pass by, I remember your beautiful eyes
I beg you please be done with all your lies
So, I can truly love you like nobody else
Don’t get the idea that I won’t love myself
No lies
You would be one of my hardest goodbyes
I’m tired and don’t want to wast any time
I love you
Promise you, my words are true.
I miss you.
Lee Aaun Apr 11
overthinking is like
killing yourself
with your own hands
this way you don't need
to hire a killer for yourself to die
you don't need to
Her feet as light as a feather
At her own pace, moving at her leisure
Her toes making ripples in the water
Gliding over the substance as slow as a saunter
She stares at her reflection as it ripples away
She plunges her hand in and the water will obey
Water trickles through the cracks her cupped hand
Everything about it she can understand
Her only friend, companion, that listens to her every demand
Smiling to herself, she feels grand
Sometimes I like to imagine I have superpowers, but it's all just a fantasy.
Alice Mar 2
I will write poems about you
memorize your Starbucks order
(even if it's different each season)
ill hold your hand
play with your hair as you rest in my lap

I just want our love to be soft
something safe and warm
we can both crawl into
like hot cocoa after a snowstorm
im tired of violent delights
I just want to feel safe
Pyrrha Feb 10
I want to take your hand
walk together on the oceans shore till dusk
hike along the mountainside to see the sunrise
I don't want to be alone
So I'll take you with me where I go

I want to take your hand
But it's not there for me
All I have is the memory
I don't want to be alone
So i'll take it with me where I go

I want to turn back time
I'll make things right
till there's no sorrow left
I'll keep you captive in my dreams
When I slip away inside my head
I don't like to be alone
So i'll keep you right here by my side

I want to take your hand
But it's not there for me
All I have is make believe
I don't want to be alone
So I'll stay like this inside my mind

I'm like a hostage in my skin
All the feelings
If I keep them deep within
If I stay quiet like a doll
Will you take my hand
Will you stay like this by my side?

I don't want to be alone
So I'll treat my heart just like a stone
All I have are memories of false realities
I don't want to be alone
So I'll treat myself just like a stone
Not inspired by Audioslave, but it's actually not a love poem either. This poem is about Maladaptive Daydreaming disorder and is about how you feel caged within, i want to do another poem that goes deeper into that.
I gotta forgive they say.
I better let go they say.
I gotta give you another effing chance they say.
Say I need to try to re-unremind myself that you re-snatched my heart out
And watched it dangle.
I Re-say you re-re-snatched my heart out.
And watched it dangle.
I screamed "stop it!"
You watched it dangle.
I hollered for help.  
You watched it dangle.
I mentioned my God-given rights.
You watched it dangle.
Next you manipulated & twisted the textual truth into a noose and... you...
You watched it dangle.
Now you want another millionth chance:
A public truce
You & your sorry excuse
For no apology
You! Center stage,
Aaaged in your stance
You extend your hand

I watch it dangle
sometimes moving on is the best "revenge". It applies to any relationship: work, society, romantic, platonic, family
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