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splashes as
it falls onto the
ground and earth
drinks in the puddle
pooled on the ground
-and inside of me ~on
the outside too, my
body fills me up
with longing
for you

so call me a weeping woman if you see me
sitting alone beneath a giggling willow tree.
...lonely girls cry
Ezra Yelverton Dec 2018
you have more beauty in you
than any one woman in the world.
intimate moments lie
in the shape of your eyes.
champagne and roses
fill the air in wake
of your stride.
wonder meets perfection
in the fullness of your lips;
the cutest little nose
awaiting a lover’s gentle kiss.
bearer of heart
seemingly made of stone.
stunner of men
made of only flesh and bone.
Anne J Nov 2018
the starfish embodies
shape on clear moon and flops to
the marked and old sand
I think my next couple of poems will be haikus. This is...I guess about how you can imprinting your creativity unto a blank canvas as well as one that's already been started to be painted? After all, many things have been made based on or as a spinoff as an older, already established thing.
Amanda Oct 2018
I know you do not need me
Act like you care
Inside I see you are broken
Pain so great can hardly bear

I give what relief I can
Need you to take it from my lips
Memory wraps me in a blanket of peace
Soft like your fingertips

Find myself discovering
In my thoughts signs I couldn't read
Truth I tried so hard to figure out
All along hidden in front of me

Be honest and joy will come to you
Able to accept flaws and mistakes
The sooner you will succeed if you do
Have to dig deep whatever it takes

I wonder if you've forgotten the facts
Showing who you really are
It comes naturally to you
Dishonesty is masked with charm

No chance of falling for your facade
Done that many times with you
You crossed a line, our trust broke
When I see you I see the pain you put me through

Do not think compliments and affection
Will magically vanquish the past
Are words all you think it takes to win?
Come on, you can work harder than that

Starting to see you're faceless
Shifting shape from head to toe
Will you stop deceiving all who gaze?
Are you satisfied living out a show?
Round and around we go
You're living your life but it's only a show
Celeste Briefs Oct 2018
I cannot seem to find
what I am looking for
though I hold it in my hands
it has no shape or weight,
so senselessly existing
for reasons
I cannot fathom
whatever I see
I know it is
only half real
the other half
that's missing
is the part that I have yet
to touch, to feel
the hands are the eyes
of existence
translating the language
of a barren universe
we, Her great grandchildren
must be the ****
through which She gives birth
to everything
that we cannot see
Kalarav Oct 2018
The air might be shapeless, colourless and odourless,
But the winds, they always have something to show,
something to say, something to convey.
Today's winds told me about the coming rains.
They howled to complain about climate change.
They sang songs with the wind chimes.
Then they brought the smell of wet mud as it rained.
Just like yesterday.
The only thing that has changed is that they no longer
carry your scent.
They no longer carry the sound of your voice to my ears.
Familiar and yet so strange,
I guess that is why they are called winds of change.
Eric Babsy Sep 2018
The stars will all align for you.
Fly to them in a red balloon.
You can end up there.
I do so dare.

For you to fly to the farthest star.
Found in a red balloon you are.
Dare you to live in the stars.
In a red balloon you are.

This is more than an obsession.
Make it your life time mission.
Throw me a kiss from the farthest star.
It could be here or far.

The stars are our gift to you.
This is whether you feel, sad, happy, or blue.
In the sky there is a star named just for you.
If only we could all travel to the sky in a red balloon.

Up here you have a better view.
All your dreams will shape around you.
Whether you are going across country or the whole world.
Can I grab a kiss from you girl.

So, as we travel to the stars;
Remember who you are.
Whether you are here or far.
Ride to the farthest star.
For someone special
Anne Sep 2018
tiny houses
big dreams
best friends forever
we promised it all.

                                  ^^          ^^^
/\     /\                    \           / /
  -        -                       \  /   / /
||      ||                     \ \ / /
||      ||                      |      |
||      ||             ­         |      |
||      ||                      |      |
                                                    ­                                 tiny houses
                                                                ­                     again.

                                                         ­                            do you still
                                                                ­                     remember them?
                                                           ­   d r e a m s    which we
                                                              ­                      talked about a long
                                                            ­                        time ago.

                                                           ­                          tiny houses
                                                          ­                           big dreams
                                                          ­                           best friends forever.

                                                       ­                         but hey,
                                                                ­                 you know what          
                                                                ­              we made it all.

                                                           ­           we did
                                                             ­          o n c e  in our tiny heads.
There's a house, a tree and oh that's grass! (which I hope you can figure it out)
jerelii Sep 2018
The society
always have something to say
whether big or small

They will pick you up
Even if you never did wrong
They will do something

About how you speak,
how your actions define you
It always matter

To them, you’re nothing
But in ***’s eyes, we belong
to love and be kind

To share one’s beauty
Be grateful for what’s in there
enough and content

Not wanting for more
Because it can only form
destruction, greed, pride

Human can’t value
how much important it is
to feel grateful for

things that can impact
your health, your environment
it can help improve


Whatever sizes
body, heart, mind, perception
you are beautiful

I feel like i need to practice writing haiku
and i challenge myself to write haiku everyday.
Hopefully, I can do this!

Sept 12,2018
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