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I cannot seem to find
what I am looking for
though I hold it in my hands
it has no shape or weight,
so senselessly existing
for reasons
I cannot fathom
whatever I see
I know it is
only half real
the other half
that's missing
is the part that I have yet
to touch, to feel
the hands are the eyes
of existence
translating the language
of a barren universe
we, Her great grandchildren
must be the ****
through which She gives birth
to everything
that we cannot see
Kalarav Oct 4
The air might be shapeless, colourless and odourless,
But the winds, they always have something to show,
something to say, something to convey.
Today's winds told me about the coming rains.
They howled to complain about climate change.
They sang songs with the wind chimes.
Then they brought the smell of wet mud as it rained.
Just like yesterday.
The only thing that has changed is that they no longer
carry your scent.
They no longer carry the sound of your voice to my ears.
Familiar and yet so strange,
I guess that is why they are called winds of change.
Eric Babsy Sep 28
The stars will all align for you.
Fly to them in a red balloon.
You can end up there.
I do so dare.

For you to fly to the farthest star.
Found in a red balloon you are.
Dare you to live in the stars.
In a red balloon you are.

This is more than an obsession.
Make it your life time mission.
Throw me a kiss from the farthest star.
It could be here or far.

The stars are our gift to you.
This is whether you feel, sad, happy, or blue.
In the sky there is a star named just for you.
If only we could all travel to the sky in a red balloon.

Up here you have a better view.
All your dreams will shape around you.
Whether you are going across country or the whole world.
Can I grab a kiss from you girl.

So, as we travel to the stars;
Remember who you are.
Whether you are here or far.
Ride to the farthest star.
For someone special
Anne Sep 18
tiny houses
big dreams
best friends forever
we promised it all.

                                  ^^          ^^^
/\     /\                    \           / /
  -        -                       \  /   / /
||      ||                     \ \ / /
||      ||                      |      |
||      ||             ­         |      |
||      ||                      |      |
                                                    ­                                 tiny houses
                                                                ­                     again.

                                                         ­                            do you still
                                                                ­                     remember them?
                                                           ­   d r e a m s    which we
                                                              ­                      talked about a long
                                                            ­                        time ago.

                                                           ­                          tiny houses
                                                          ­                           big dreams
                                                          ­                           best friends forever.

                                                       ­                         but hey,
                                                                ­                 you know what          
                                                                ­              we made it all.

                                                           ­           we did
                                                             ­          o n c e  in our tiny heads.
There's a house, a tree and oh that's grass! (which I hope you can figure it out)
jerelii Sep 12
The society
always have something to say
whether big or small

They will pick you up
Even if you never did wrong
They will do something

About how you speak,
how your actions define you
It always matter

To them, you’re nothing
But in ***’s eyes, we belong
to love and be kind

To share one’s beauty
Be grateful for what’s in there
enough and content

Not wanting for more
Because it can only form
destruction, greed, pride

Human can’t value
how much important it is
to feel grateful for

things that can impact
your health, your environment
it can help improve


Whatever sizes
body, heart, mind, perception
you are beautiful

I feel like i need to practice writing haiku
and i challenge myself to write haiku everyday.
Hopefully, I can do this!

Sept 12,2018
Anne Aug 23
it hurts.

but stay

   /      \
/           \           ^^^
d           p         /       \
    r    o           /          \                 ^^^^                                &    the pain
                      d             p            /          \               it goes.         disappears.
                          r    o       ­         d              p                                        ­      
                                                        r ­  o
I've just had a long talk with a friend of mine few days ago and he was talking about his self harm recovery and it's just been on my mind;  my friend and how it all happened and this just sort of came by.

There's nothing to worry about as my friend is recovering and goes for therapy sessions right now :)
Anne Aug 21
confused mind
mixed feelings
i'm sorry. you got hurt.
oh the feeling *****.
Anne Aug 17
was                                                          ­                                          
                      ­                                      g.                                       the entire
                         d.                           n.                                             time.
                             r.                     i.                                                  
                                  o.          n.                ­                                    yet you
                                        w.                   ­                                        never did
                                                             ­                                          realize
                                                                ­                                        how she
                                                             ­                                           f e l t  the
                                                          ­                                             entire time.
I wish more people would take feelings seriously or at the least be considerate towards them :)
Everywhere, It Haunts Me,
By the shape of his silhouette,
That black shirt, That messy hair,
Gone so fast in the blow of the air,

Fast forward, I know I saw him,
And remember how my skies turn blue,
We're built to fall, We're never gonna see each other anymore,
Blink of my eyes, and now he is gone,

Everything, Can comeback,
Because of the cast of his shadows,
My feelings,My unforgetable memories,
But every struck of lightning was so hard to capture,

Pauses, On My Breathe,
Everytime i see his silhoutte,
His Face,His gorgeous smiles,
But i thought I'd see him again....
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