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What is the shape of your Love?
Where are its boundaries?
Where does the space of your Love
occupy the memories
the edges
the points of tension
enmeshed in the masterpiece
of you?
Palpebra Oct 24
You   were
to be my
ed up
g my dr
eams. Yo
u  became
my  very  o
wn brand  of
ca m  p  h or  ;
A ban  d  onin g
me in the ab
undance o
f my scr
Palpebra Oct 22
   I   '   m
  n   o   t
   f u s e d ;
  M a y  b e
   a    l   i   t   t   l  e
   c   o   n   f   u   s  e  d  .
  I ' ve    s  t  i  l  l    g  o  t
  a    l  o  t   o f   f  i  g  h  t
  l   e   f   t     i    n    m   e ;
  I ' ve    s  t  i  l  l    g  o  t
a   l o  t   o f   l i g h t
   l   e   f   t     i    n
    m  e . . . . .
Edison did not just invent the bulb;
He created a bright future by not giving up.

Last night I thought I would never get up. But here I am today.
Its not falling that scares me; What scares me is never wanting to get up again!
Nathalie Sep 19
As I collect my
Thoughts in the quiet
Cove inside my room
I am inspired to write
Of tales that speak
My heart
There is an aura
Around this shape
From the invitation
To love
By withdrawing
From the doubts of
My ego and opening
To this song inside
My soul
I have given my all
With no worry
About the return
But simply by the
Gift I was being given
With trust
I surrendered

then apart,
faithfully two,
desperately prying,
for anything I felt so
maybe, in recollecting,
needy and wanting then
watch it all fall apart again
complex, long, feels the worst
yet there's still more to go
i try my best to stay alive
knowing what's to come
forgetting what I found
losing that feeling of
righteous doubting
in myself, not you
that silent regret
always with me
nightmare, no
just a dream
forget it,
it's only
just wanted to make a nice gradient
Norman Crane Aug 24
only the broken hearted
have started to learn

what it means
to love
Chris Slade Aug 17
I looked in the mirror today
and said to my reflection…
"We need to talk!
Have a word,
this is getting absurd…
You’re a mess…
you’re overweight,
those lines on your face
they used to be straight
now they’re wrinkly.
The stoop,
the brewer’s droop
It’s not good.
Your best intentions
are misunderstood.
It’s about time to diet…
go for a run,
not a fun run!
Stay quiet
lay off the *****.
Instead of post lunch
having a snooze.
You’re bloated,
Out of breath,
permanently pooped
It’s got to stop!
You’ve got to start
giving a ****.
You must start
conquering it!
Stomach in,
chest out
shoulders back
pack it in,
stub it out,
looking like a
geriatric lout!
’Snot funny…
cut the grin,
this lethargy’s
doin’ you in.
Get closer… focus
just behave…
You can start off by
having a shave!!

He's a harsh critic - that bathroom mirror! Little *****!!
We need to talk about presentation in a distorted world where things matter!
Mark Toney Aug 13
8/13/2020 - Poetry form: Shape - © 2020 by Mark Toney. All rights reserved.
There lieth the one of marble limbs

with crystal sealed eyes

on the porphyry bed

with Syrian nard upon her feet

and pomegranate flowers in her hand

the queen of star land

in the House of Purple

the centuries grow on her back

with colours ever flowing

through her darling palace grotesque

where muddles the Form and Time

in exquisite shape she is there

the poppy queen

sweet tasting lover of the Death

with brittle passions she has build

the gardens of tusk like stalactite

in her ever jewelled chalice

the Sphinx drinks of Lethe's wine

and penetrates with odour

of the Acheron

in the purple corridors

there is joy of silk and pearl and azure

and moon marble monolith

she will kiss thy lips Adonis

in the rosewood path

she will milk thy heart Antinous

amongst the first  spring buds

she will drink your eyes Helen

in her waterlily bed

she will rip your body Daphne

in her night veiled labyrinth

the Land and Sea and their Lords all

have bowed their rose gentle heads

in her land of liquid

to the queen of New and Old
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