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Yoh Esters Sep 28
The sounds that riddle out from her. It plays an instrumental tune as it bounces in the atmosphere.~

Too soft yet still noticeable, light enough to find me when I'm lost and strong enough to lift me up when I'm down.~

This is the shape of her voice.~
Anne Aug 18
I wish that  

                                   s i n k i n g

down to your
empty promises.
Ickabobroe Aug 4
.        I just                   Want to
          Be able to show  how I feel for you
         Maybe one day I’ll get the chance
         But hell, maybe I won’t and I’ll
            Just try and make the light die
          Out, just try and get over
        You and everything
         About you that
        Makes me
You make me really happy i just don't know what I'm going to do about it
Sari Sups Jul 22
There is
Something that feels
So safe about you. I always feel
Like I can breathe. It is warm, and gentle,
Like sitting by the fire on a cold, December night,
And I never have to fear. The rest of the world out there
Is confusing, full of too much stories of anger or rainstorms or traffic.
Here, there is a kind of peace. A kind of patience,
That I know I can’t find anywhere else. You see,
You feel like a place that has infinite amounts
Of life in such a small heart of space. I never
Want to leave. So shut the windows, lock the
Doors, let the phone ring till it stops. I’ll stay
All day, we’ll let the clock run out of time.
There is no other place like this. You, There
is something that feels so safe about
You; something that feels just like home.
had to do some shape poetry for class. so woo am i back who knows
What is the bridge between the worlds
Of matter and the mind?
That bridge is made with spoken words
Which contour and define

So if the wealth which I create
Depends on what I say
I will choose to enunciate
The strongest words today

With words I form and crystallize
And shape my world anew
With words I freshly realize
The work which I must do

Words are the bridge between the worlds
Of matter, thought, and will
I'm eager now to learn which words
Will all my dreams fulfill…!
This is Prosperity Poem 21 at  and you can see it displayed on a beautiful background here
Anne May 24
hey you. why
do                          you
always                       want
to                          confuse

t      .      h
when emotions goes overboard. what do you choose more- listening to your head or your heart more?
The man who never was
Among a myriad of people
A shadow cast over water
Continually changing shape
Seen yet absent in presence
Opaque ... Yet a void
The man who never was
Translucent illusion
I could swear I heard him speak
Or was it simply the return of an echo from long ago
Again he didn't stand on the pier last night
Where he had never stood before
Therefore I ceased from looking for him
In places I knew he never was
The man who never was
Written by Sean Achilleos 08 May 2019©
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Anne May 18
everyday i stare
into the screen

hoping words
spill out from
my head

it seems to all
stay within
I don't know
the reason why.

my fingertips feel
numb from pressing
on the same k-e-y-s

everyday i stare
into the screen


                  l                     g                 to make sense.
  i         l          i      n
I haven't been active the last couple of months. I guess inspiration sometimes is hard to find.
Eliseatlife May 13
You have shaped me into something
I never wanted to be

but that's okay,
I can't blame you
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