From the seas to skies
Sun's core shines bright from centre
Watery chaos
I think I've said I'm a big fan of mythology before. This is based on Egyptian mythology of the Lotus flower!
Been a very long day so I promise more poems will come tomorrow, lanterns, sijos, haikus and more!
Have a good night everyone
Lyn xxx
At Eighteen.
She was lost,
Bleeding from inside out
With wounds unhealed from her past,
But all they saw was her lustic smile.
She, a beautiful flower drowning in the deep-
Under the grasp of self destruct,
Silently, She called for help but they didn't listen.
All they chose to see was beauty
covering the ugly truth of her imperfect life,
They chose the lies because it was easy,
It is easy to think one is fine, after all
“It saves you the emotional energy they said"
While she sunk deeper into the deep,
a black hole called reality
She awaited for signs that someone noticed
both her pain and joy
But all they chose to see way the joy
Until sadness took that away
Through the unholy vessel called anxiety and,
Depression her ally
She finally lost her spark
And all they chose to see were her beautiful memories (Lies)
Covering yet another part of her ,
Her story and the battles she fought
All on her own
We all fight silent battles at some point in our lives, It can be because of depression, anxiety or just all demons. It's hard to tell everyone about what your are battling with, maybe because of the social norms etc. Find your voice and tell someone about It, don't battle alone until you bleed off on the battlefield. If you've overcome a demon try becoming present for someone else so that they wouldn't go through it alone
Under a dying sun.

We are a dying people, on a dying world;
We are constantly dying and all we have left is hope.
Under a dying sun, the clouds of doubt are formed
And we head into an unknown future, afraid and alone.

Without doubt we need faith, to journey on for,
Behind us is a memory of all that which came before.
We are a God fearing people; some say it is a Godless world.
With God at our side, anything is possible.

The stars have always been with us
And they will be there long after we have gone.
When you are lost in the darkness, you will find what you need.

When the world has been emptied and all nature is lost;
We will realise this land we call our home is only borrowed,
So let us be free of apathy.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Return to the river that roars
And razes ravaged lives
And remember:
Your mistakes will find you
And history defines you
So hey, hey, Little Reprobate
Say "hi"
To your fate
The one you built inside.
Take watch
A chalice of broken glass
Falls dry as the story unfolds
The Vacancy Saga continues...
Now then,

Let's do the math,

God's wrath,

How many

In the motherfuckin' bloodbath?

Lost on the journey,

Followin' the 'good path'?

Don't fret, class,

We'll leave religion for last,


You can't run

From the revelation,

From education

That Civilization

Has faith

As its ancient foundations,

So let's jump into place on

The human equation

And balance it out

With the complication

Of the Indus nation,

These Indian traders,

Made famous

Avoidin' a war with their neighbours,

No fuckin' invaders,

For two millennial ages,

Now tell me that ain't courageous?!

Now back to the history pages,

'Cos whilst the Indus chill

The war still rages,

With Sargon gone

His kids couldn't carry on,

Poor Rimush,

Lost lands that his father won,

His bro took over but Akkad's run

Of fortune, like thread was being unspun,

Manishtushu, crushed

Handed off to his son,

And the 'living god' did what none of his family had done,

Young Naram-Sin,

The linchpin,

The kingpin,

Took on the Lullibi armies

And chalked up a win,

Bringing Akkadia back from the rim

Of extinction completely,

A Victory Stele

Erected to honour him,

A six-foot sign

Made out of pink lime

Akkadia brought to its prime,

Strongest the empire was at any fuckin' time

The end of the anarchy pantomime,

Naram-Sin stepped in,

Saw his popularity climb

But the worse was to come,

A curse, a decline

And Akkad would succumb

To the Gutian mountain-scum,

But over in Egypt,

The nation was gripped

By the pyramid edict

And built that wondrous crypt

The head of a Giza Sphinx

For the dead fuckin' kings,

Maintainin' their links

To the afterlife,

Boy, did the dynasties thrive

But on the other side

Of the sand,

The land was commanded

By genocide

As the Gutian tribe

Lay waste to what they were denied,

The children of Naram-Sin couldn't hide

And the curse was fulfilled,

Rulers killed

And the heritage died,

Cut down by the pride

Of Erridupizir,

The Lord of Sumeria,

Reigning with pain and fear,

The Gutians, harsh and austere

But only for fifty years

'Till the Uruk rebellion

Put a spanner in the gears

And Sumer sheds no tears

As Utu-Hengal steps up to raucous cheers,

Where we at now,

Two millennia bee-cee or thereabouts

And somethin' is starting to sprout

In the Southeast,

The civilization of the Chinese

Dynasties unleashed

Refine these

Times of unease...

But that's reserved for part three's

Blake 5d
Teach me our horrible histories.
But ask me to ignore?

That our country’s children are sobbing,
Mentally manipulated,
By a system that grades them on their intelligence instead of their moral understanding.

That our country’s children are aching,
Pre-determined and pressured,
By the part of society that they should belong in based on a test of numerical knowledge, family trees and the language that is spoken.

That our country’s children are supressed,
Demented and then cemented,
By a normality that you work to earn and fight to not fall out society brackets,
But if you do it’s your own fault... and if you do.... suck it up...and if you are hurt....don’t bother telling anyone!

Our country’s children!
Always remember that CCTVs are watching!... but don’t worry we follow your right to privacy... we just have a predetermined assumption that you will become one bad and deviant person!
Oh...but... I mean I’m sure you’ll pay your taxes on time and lose your virginity before 30!

Our country’s children......our country....
Just... just carry on with Henry the 8th history lesson.
Ranting is a passion
Ghost machine

A ghost in the machine is dragging me away from you;
I’m reaching out for a helping hand, but still I fall away.
Deeply I sink into the ghost machine that only love can ever undo.
I have no escape from this reality; I need you to be my saving grace.

I can only be set free from my fate by a thing called love.
The ghost machine is calling me towards its claws.
Iron wheels, turn spikes of steel and I am lost in all ways.
Love is the only chance I have of ever finding my way.
Pull me out of this eternal end of all that is;
Hold my hand and release me from the certainty of me.

All the ghost machine wants to do is turn me into a ghost;
But I am in need of more life.
I am in need of your love now, more than you could possibly know.
Release me from myself; keep my hope alive.

All love can do, is give me the chance to live;
Set me free from the ghost machine.
I cannot let myself slip away into the never;
I have no wish to be lost in the arms of the ghost machine forever.
I want to live and love is my only salvation.
Set me free from the fall;
The end of all…
My timeless love has been stolen.
Turn back the clock.
Help me to find what it is I have lost.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Kuvar 6d
He’s a palm wine tapper
His bicycle for the journey
His calabash for the palm wine
His waist tie for his balance
Calabash will not be filled
Palm tree will not shed tears
Bicycle will not ride itself
Palm wine tapper is dead
The political and social vanities of man
Love does not know my name

No memories.
I have forgotten all those things that we said.
No time machine,
To bring back those times;
Those good times we shared inside my head.

I never did grow up or find a love worth all the trying.
I never did get better with time; I hate always crying.
I never did change;
I’m still the same.
I’m still the same as I ever was
And I have no face.
I’m just another unknown;
I am unknown to love.
Love does not know my name,
But my need to find love has never gone away.

Please give me a name;
Let me become a somebody to someone.
Please give me a change.
A chance to show that I could be something somebody really wants.

If I am without a name,
Then what will become of all the poetry that I wrote?
If I live in vain;
Why is there no way to overload?
This love burden I have,
It weighs me down…
And I am just a man.

Fix me with her.
Fix me up or knock me to my knees.
Give me a shot;
Just one more chance to find a way to breathe.

If I have no name,
Then how will I ever find my way back home?
If I have no name,
Then tell me what do you think they will write upon my resting stone?

No time machine…
Time never heals an empty head.
No memories…
Only love can ever help me to find myself again.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Staring into the deep

Life is a metaphor and I am simply its ball.
I bounce off walls and as I rise, I fall.
Just looking for the right time to say the right word,
Because it would feel so wrong if I let myself fail
And my words were never heard.

Life is a story, never foreseen and never before told.
It is still being written and we are still on the right road.
A long way from home, heading into the unknown.
I cannot afford to be close to you, because of all the charity I owe.

An image of a scarecrow drifts into my mind,
To remind me of a scarier time that made me impulsively act alive.
I saw the signs; I have to sigh,
To let it all go, by leaving it all behind.

When I am gone, my writings will remain, I hope,
Because all I know is how to be honest and how to never grow old.
A war and peace of trying to become all that I can,
Could be lost in an instant, if I am not given a second chance.
I hold on tight to the belief in what I write,
Because I am only alive as a word upon a line.

Love is awesome; I am not.
Point my finger at the side of my own head,
Shout bang aloud to the sound of a shot.
Fall to my knees to grieve the loss of all I did.
As I stare into a mind that looks like a hall of mirrors.
My thoughts all say
“I am with stupid.”

Many faces have lived my life;
Many tongues will tell my tale.
Many choices I have tried to get right,
But I have no cure to my success in the fail.

Slippery when wet, so hold on tight,
I would never want you to fall over.
I have my crutch to lift me up;
A cure to getting older.

Love is a balloon and you are all playing with pins.
Pop goes the feeble.
You have lost all that which once was…
Now all there is; is the sequel.

Inside my chest a heart of the ocean is buried,
So deep beneath, that it may never become married.
But love is so warm; such joy! Another say cheese moment to be found.
Dreaming of an everlasting, while keeping my feet on solid ground.

A promise sworn; no need to be scared.
Life is a sea of fishes,
So collect your entitlement to love;
For they will always be there.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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