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Alleged linear
Ignoring its devious nature,
Time is homogenous
Conflicting with my behaviour

Allowing ritualized secrets and processes
Personalized by fragments that possesses
The civilized enablers
To protect art in form of divination

Revealing obsequious attempts
To pretend the culture's end
Ignoring our needs,
Promoting that healing isn't real
Inculcating us through a pharmaceutical delight
A treat to numb your mind
And make you believe that magic isn't real.

Words Of Harfouchism.
Norman Crane Oct 9
I hold the tool. I am the blade. I drive
myself into the fertile ground. I dig
potatoes out. They were buried alive,
but in darkness they thrive. Now the old pig
will feast. When he grows fat I will slay him
to feed me and kin. I don't like killing
but when necessary it's not a sin.
I shall live another year, God willing.
I have long been on the land. I am old
but my sun is not yet setting in the
sky. When I was a child I was told once by
my father you become earth when you die.
If so, I hope my children carve my chest
with blade. I hope I'll yield a fruitful harvest.
Bhill Oct 2
when life serves you lemons, you make lemonade
when life performs cycles of crazy patterns, you listen
you listen to the science of reality and truth
you stand up to the certainties that can be validated
you survive the onslaught of the cycle and wait for lemons
you make lemonade...

Brian Hill - 2020 # 271
Angelo Oct 1
The sun shined to all that day
Gardens flowered
Kids ran
People were born
People died
She smiled
And life moved on

The afternoon's warm cheered all
Everyone moved
Many danced
Several twirled
Some tripped
She sang
And time passed

The night arrived bringing comfort
The sky darkened
The horizon disappeared
The sun hid
The watch fell
She went to her room
And the tomorrow was uncertain

The noises grew silent that early dawn
The moon shined
The wind howled
Life rested
She dreamed
And everything continued
The French usually have the answers ;)
Pandora dO Sep 28
Cycles of life fill the world
and they amaze me
time and time again,
yet I cannot escape my own,
trapped as I am in a
continuously changing body.

My mind struggles with
the acceptance of my pain,
the necessity of the frustration,
knowing it will all return
until the final cycle wanes,
and till then I'll suffer.

I wish mine could be
as beautiful as the seasons,
but it is just an ugly mess.
© 2020
Toast Ghost Sep 28
I get up, I get down
yelling nothing, soundless sound.
say it wrong, try again
who is she? that's my friend
**** the spider, no remorse.
say i love you till my voice is horse.
cats that bite, autumn joy.
living life like a toy.
uninspired, not okay.
brightroom sings, end of day.
im bored, and tired i just wanna go home but i dont know where it is i want to go home.
Kat Pan Sep 28
He doesn't love me
He pretends to smile
He probably could
It's just been a while

It's bittersweet
The way you don't care
You left so soon
Were you ever even there?

As time passes on
Memories do too
You'll forget about me
I'll forget about you

I'm moving on
You're no longer mine
As much as it hurts
I'll love again...

Just one more time...
Love, breakup, move on, repeat
Jada Sep 18
Cross your arms in front and grip  

Peel away from your own skin

your 100% cotton exoskeleton

Raise it up, up, up

Let it envelop your head like a cocoon

Up, up, up  

Until you are naked again

Feel the breeze


Walk over to the basket  

See how many you's you have been  

(they served you then)  

Walk over to the dresser  

Crawl into a new beginning  

Uncross your arms and relax
Harley Hucof Sep 18

Information penetrates in light


I no longer believe in your fight


Intelligence evolves


By conscious thoughts

And a will,
Hard as steal
To divert the fear

Through a creative lens
Expressed in a bleeding pen

Mixed with a salty tear
For the truth to be revealed

Words Of Harfouchism
Prayer Processes
Andrew Layman Sep 15
Go to sleep
you broken thing
you tired, tired
sack of tissue
say your prayers tonight
get up tomorrow
and be ready
to be broken all over again
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