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I love porcelain dolls
How smooth the porcelain is
The creepy eyes
I love how fragile they are
How fragile they feel
How breakable they seem
Thats why i get along with them so well
Were so fragile, Our eyes give it away too
Always looking so sad or even creepy

One to many cracks we break
We just shatter
Not much we can do once we do
I guess you can try to glue us back
the glue
will only last so long
its a never ending cycle

We love
We hate
We *****
We break
You glue
      And  just Wait
Amanda Oct 11
Heading for a landslide
Of a breaking heart
Listen to the rumble as it falls apart
It has a familiar sound
So I know this isn’t the first
And memory says I’ve survived worse

Following a cycle of repeating destruction
As the heart feels the love burn
Love lessons I will have to relearn
But it’s a wasted moment in time
Trust gained is shattered and broken
I was sure that this time, you were the one

But time heals, so they say
And too quickly, plasters are applied
Patching up the hurt deep inside
I’m moving on, I’m brave and strong
And look, there on the horizon I can see
A new love. Hi, are you looking for me?
You thought you knew me,
Sweet girl, gentle personality.
Never saying no, forever laughing, always obliging.
But you hadn’t met them yet,
The dangerous demons perpetually hiding deep inside me.
Behind warm smiles and glittering eyes,
Darkness was writhing, twisting, rising.

You thought you knew me.
All those late nights laughing and pillow talking quietly,
I filled your impressionable mind with lovely fantasies;
About what we could do, where we’d go, what you meant to me.
If only I could be that girl I pretended to be.

But you failed to see,
I would never be free.
These **** demons had their hold on me.
Shackled to pain, hatred, self doubt,
I morphed into a caged animal,
Seeking any way out.
But with no escape in sight,
I couldn’t outwardly give up the fight.
So I’d smile, laugh, make love,
Pretending everything was alright.

You thought you knew me,
But that was simply an intricate mask.
Beautifully designed and masterfully created,
To hide the corrupt, mangled, darker places.
But that delicately crafted facade couldn’t last.
It was slipping...crumbling...cracking fast.

As time slipped by,
You lost the girl you thought you knew.
Yet just as my demons did to me,
I slowly, methodically manipulated you.
My darkness bled into your once pure veins,
Your love and happiness quickly faded away.
Perhaps you sensed you were broken,
Yet you stayed.
Poor boy.
Even if you had wanted, there was no way out.
Me, my demons, and the darkness had you in chains.

You thought you knew me.
You definitely didn’t at the beginning.
But to your regret, now you do.
Suddenly you notice the fake smile and darkness in my eyes,
Since you learned how to feign happiness too.
I left the moment I knew I had fully broken and corrupted you.

When you first met me,
You thought you understood the girl before you.
Only too late did you realize,
You never really knew me at all.


I saw him the other day,
Chatting and laughing with a beautifully innocent girl
A chilly smile slithered across my face,
Watching her fall under his dark spell and the way his lips taste.

Poor girl, you think you know him,
But you don’t.
And you won’t truly see...
Until it’s too late and you’re shattered, broken, and entirely empty inside.
Darling, I know how that feels.
That’s what happened to me originally.

Leaving her to him, I walked away thinking,
“We all become broken humans at the end.”
I've moved on,
Now to the unknown
My head imagines silhouettes,
Shadows that once were you
I've forgotten who you are.
And now the silhouette's changing,
Slightly flickering.
I see a curly haired maiden,
The utmost beautiful smile,
Definitive is her beauty,
Adored by all.
Wearing lose clothes,
None that outline,
Those curves we so much follow
The way she dances,
A little bit of shyness,
A little bit of confidence
Such a present to the eyes.
And the silhouette stands,
Flickering still.
As if awaiting further instructions,
Should I allow it to Change,
When I know it's another cycle,
Now perhaps even longer.
Or should I let my imagination run free,
So that at least in my mind,
I can smile,
Dream the undreamable,
Think the unthinkable.
Sigh* what a life
Maybe one day,
I'll stop
Eh, what's wrong with a lil day dreaming
Krizhe Ming Oct 1
You came
In my life
I was glad and
Welcomed you
With all I am
I loved each day
Spent with you

Then you left
With a promise
To be back
So I waited
No matter how long

You came back
So I welcomed you
With little fears
That you'll soon leave
And you really did
With the same promise
I hesistated
But still waited

Until you came back
Once more
I just accepted
With little hopes
That you'll stay

You may have thought
That it can be
Just a cycle
You come and go
Whenever you want
I wait and wait
And wait
Just like that

You may have not seen
How this turned to
Ever decreasing circles
One more turn or two
This cycle of yours
Will disappear

You'll go
(And don't come back)
And I'll be free
Ever decreasing circles - a phrase I learned a week ago.
Thanks again Chris Russon for the idea :)
aquis Sep 27
a part of me
gets irritated so easily
while the other gets irritated
of that part of me
Hate when this happens..
Gods1son Sep 23
Pain felt without lesson learnt
Makes the pain a cycle
Kapi Laur Sep 23
so sweet
warm on my tongue
'till i'm throwing up in the bathroom
and boy,
does it burn
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