What do you see when you close your eyes?
What do you dream?
Where does your heart go?
Do you see her?
Standing on the beach,
Wet feet and sandy hair.
Do you see her,
Sitting at a table,
In your favorite restaurant.
Eating your favorite meal.
Do you see her,
Sleeping in your bed,
Peacefully and steady.
Or do you see me?
Broken and drenched.
Heart and feet in a puddle,
Ready to be your favorite fuck-up.
Nothing special, nothing new,
And probably nothing good.
But ready to worship at your feet,
Once again.

Aisha Aug 22

If I will be the ice cube, will you be the skillet to hold me when I melt
Or will you be the heat that begins my undoing
If I am an ice cube, don't let me fall and shatter all over
Or you can be the one to drop me, call it an accident
If I was an ice cube, were you the one to pop me out of my tray
Or were you the one to pour me into the cold abyss

If I am an ice cube, I am delicate
I acknowledge that.
I am fragile, and I know I cannot handle what I should be able to.
I want to think the world is good, and I am not the ice cube, but rather I am the tray, I am the skillet, I am the hand that's always there to catch me when I'm falling.
I can be yours if I believe I can.
I could've been yours if you were there to catch me,
I will never be yours because one wrong step and I'll shatter-
I'll melt, I'll evaporate.
Never seen again, but always around.

There are many stages to growing up, it's a cycle that goes on the more milestones you pass.
Jai Aug 22

portrays freedom;
always moving, flowing continuously,
mixture of dreams colourless;
humans touching the rattling wind,
characters removed-
trees frolicking the scintillating skies,
visionary speaking!


speaking visionary!
skies scintillating the frolicking trees,
removed characters-
wind rattling the touching humans,
colourless dreams of mixture;
continuously flowing, moving always,
freedom portrays;

It's a Palindrome poem, means all the verses make sense reverse too.
Lady K Milla Aug 21

The rain pushes water
The moon pulls the waves
The sun burns hotter
And life turns into graves
The birds fly higher
The fish swim low
The earth spins without care
Of who will come and who will go

The Dybbuk Aug 15

Ashes to ashes,
dust to dust.
When answers are hidden,
what can you trust.
Wind to wind,
dusk to dawn.
There for a moment,
But suddenly gone.
Fire to fire,
Beginning and end.
Go through the cycle,
and never ascend.
Life to life,
it's always the same.
This world is unchanging,
Except for the name.

Tabitha Aug 9

Why am I trapped on this never ending cycle,
A cycle full of routine,
Unhappy screams,

Why am I forced to continue this cycle?
A cycle that has no end,
Where I can't defend...myself

How can I get out?
Well, only if you knew the definition,

Cycle (n.,)
a series of events that are regularly repeated in the same order.

And there you have it,
This will be on repeat.... Regularly
This is a never ending cycle

Late night- drunk text then you're calling me.
"I'm moving on"- you're stuck still stalling me.
But you can't take your cake and eat it.
Or lay quietly in the grave you made.

You're stuck still trying to claw me into the mud, saw me apart and keep me from feeling whole.

You're struck still,
How I left you stuck still.
Yet I let you fuck still.

I quartered my cake and have a bite nightly,
When in your arms I'm held tightly,
I forget to hate you:
I forget that I'm the body you buried beneath a grave.
I still hope: that each other, we will save.

How we carry on doing the same things, caught in a cycle.
Aurora Jul 24

a sip of yesterday morning's coffee reminds me of you
cold and bitter and "what else would you expect"; you'd say
i keep drinking, knowing i could and should drink something better
but i don't, i can't, and i won't
this is life how i choose to make it;
an endless cycle of coffee I'll never drink when I'm supposed to, but will always finish

Mays atti Jul 23

Searching for an ear
Just one
It's a quest for acceptance
Or maybe the comfort gun
Hand it over and prepare to run

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