Round & round
In circles I go
An Endless cycle
That finally was gone.

After that,
What is there left,
Just an empty bottle.

A few dropplets,
Are only left,
Remaims of what was,
And no clue of what will be.

Dr Cat Fiesh Jan 12

I start to think,

The daily routine,
Wake up, work, eat, sleep.
The lack of excitement,
It makes life look so steep.

If I could end it,
Break the routine,
Maybe then,
I could want to be seen.

Maybe I should shut it off.
End the cycle,
Find my purpose…

No, the risk isn’t worth the reward.

Another little thing I thought of.
# of days in a row = 2
Renan Racy Jan 7

Here I stand again, by myself
In a different spot, in the same moment.
I've been all my life running through these cycles,
New people, new girlfriend, new activities, new place
As they always do, at some point they run low and I run far,
I keep my distance, enough to get warm, enough so I won't get burnt.
Even so, in the end, I make the
same mistake, everytime a season falls
I stretch out from this safe sacred shell I've built to
protect myself, only to regret leaving, only to regret ever even
building it in the first place. So, as the last leaf falls I'll be there, getting close to the fire and the certainty of getting a deep burn.
I feel pathetic, do you know what pathetic means? It's not what you'd expect,
I'm not what you'd expect,
you're all more than I expected.
Maybe that's my sin, to burn for not letting people in earlier,
to burn and realise it's ok. You don't have to fall in love today, not again. Just kiss her and move on. You don't have to feel alone today, not again. Just hug them and move on.    Tomorrow a new season begins, maybe for a day, maybe for five more years, maybe the last you will ever see.
Do you see some sort of metric in this "poem"? Do you see it's shape unfolding right through your eyes as you read? You're mistaken, it means nothing, it's much simpler than you think, I can never convince you of that, though. And, as the cicada's song, our cycle repeats, it's funny;
It's tragic;
It's real.

Not sure what I mean with anything here. Graduating from university, wrote as I felt. I'll miss them all, even the ones I never exchanged a word with. Especially the ones I don't like. Majorly the ones I love. See you all around.
P.S.:"The cicada's song" is a reference to a joke Mephisto tells God in Goethe's Faust.
Ari Jan 7

It starts with a simple thought
An idea innocuously floating
Inside my eager heart
Hooked and pulled into my conscience

My dream is fresh and exhilarating
I can see how it develops
And the sight of its delicate being motivates me
I practically brim over with fervor

As nursing any living thing goes
It takes time
Knowing its potential fills me up
And dissipates my impatience
My dream consoles me when I
Consider giving up

I wonder what my dream can do

I spend plenty of time with my dream
Sometimes it can drive me to desperation
And I blindly struggle and tire and fail
To make it what I envisioned it to be

I'm shaken and confused
I try and try and yet my dream impairs me
Is it not as dedicated as I have been to it?
Has it morphed into something I don't know?

I never uncover an answer
Before I know it, before I can catch it,
My dream slips away
It crumbles in the distance
And it is lost

I despair, cry, and mourn
I reminisce about my dream's progression
And miss it
With a heavy heart, I attempt to continue my

I feel a tug on my mind's hook
Has my dream returned?
No. It isn't the same, It's new
But that is okay

It is a small thing, clearly needing more
But it is mine.
I can build it up just the same and already,
It heals my heart for the future and inspires me

And now, in my mind, I am left with, "There's so much
my dream can do"

A poem copied verbatim from when I wrote it 2 years ago, inspired by Walter Lee Younger from the play "A Raisin in the Sun".
L M Biese Jan 3

When I say I lie in bed
I mean that I'm a liar
and not that I'm tired
or maybe I am because
i'm sick of hurting people
because I tell them I care
and then turn and push them
away to find another and the
cycle just keeps repeating
and I want it to stop
but all I can do is just
lie in bed.

mint Dec 2017

I have looped around this garden for days
Returning to thorny bushes that scrape my skin
Returning to soft sweet scented flowers
Untouchable but tempting
My legs grow tired
I am weak
And yet I walk this circle constantly
Never stopping
Ruthless cycles
I have become a slave to selfishness
Reaching for the softness, the beauty of the flowers
To touch their petals with careful hands
Hold them to my lips and feel all that I can
Unreachable but seeable and so I see
I walk to see
And see again
And as I start the next turn my heart only longs
To see more
I pass by the thorns
I am trailing blood
Just please let me touch
Let me come back to the flowers
So the walk does not stop
The loop is unending
I kill myself slowly
My weapon, is want

i just miss her so much,, i want her so badly and i know its selfish but i just cant stop wanting her agh god

I'm a dreamer
and a lover
An aspiring achiever
seeking perfection in the imperfect
Anything can be done within the threshold of imagination
Imagination breaks the chains,
Creates and illuminates.
It can be the very thing to break you out of the mundane cycles of life.
What is imagination?
The best explanation
It's a thing,
A force?
All I can tell you is that it's unique to each of us.
It adds the flare to our character,
Inspires us to do things only we would do.
If you can think it,
You can do it.
So why limit what you can do,
When you can already think it?
You just have to act.
If you don't, you'll continue to suffer.
That thorn in your side,
That guilt in your heart,
That anxiousness on your mind.
You can dream of a world without them.
The thought is only the first step.
You must act to embrace the brighter future.

Arcassin B Dec 2017

By Arcassin Burnham

Sweet dreams at the dark end of the hall reminds
me of a day when I get close to you.

He was never good with confessing his feelings But
I can show you better than I can tell you.

When he leaves and I walk in,
thinking you're alone , you say its complicated.
when theres no more love to give, I'll be waiting for you,
Its the same scenario.
Its the same scenario.
Its the same scenario.
Its the same scenario.

Love doesn't want to come that easy when you
reach for the top.

Love yourself for the moment cause in reality thats all you got.

Don't be the line cast into the water while the fishes go below.

See reality for what it is in this life and don't end up in the same

Seline Mui Dec 2017

I bring my own hopes up
Just to screw myself over
my vicious demise

time and time again.

Sharde' Fultz Dec 2017

The ground?
The ground is gone. Im floating past sunsets and sunrises
Im floating through hellos and goodbyes
Im floating below the heavens
And just above the singe of hell's fires
I'm floating with my debts
I'm floating with my pains
I'm floating with my future and my past
I'm there
The air is thin
My breaths are small
But just enough
And I see it all
I feel it all
But numb to consequence
I've kept my drive
I'll hold my loves
But I float amidst the cares
They graze my skin and float away
The ground?
The ground is gone and I feel its gone forever

I'm just in a weirld space where I'm functioning but it all feels a little hapless in the grand scheme of it all. Sounds depressing but I'm okay lol
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