Going up please
Going up
First floor
Babywear and nursery
Children wear boys and girls
Furniture and homeware to your right
The last crossover to hope street
       Going up please
Going up

Second floor
Women’s apparel, lingerie, cosmetics
Surgical fittings
Advisory service
Accessories and shoes
Thank you
Mind your step please
           Going up
Going up

Third floor
Men’s wear designer imports
Suits jackets trousers wigs
and artificial flowers
Formal hire
and men’s tailoring to your left
I’m sorry
      Going up

Final floor
Wedding information
service bridal registry
Santa’s house
Jewellery repairs
Going down please
I wrote this many many years back...I think this is self explanatory...or maybe not?
I spent sometime  in an elevator to write this. :)
Ayana 1d

Similar ways , similar game,  similar pain ... you said you were different but you're definitely just the same....

Familiar ways , familiar pain , familiar place, familiar shame....

You know my name ..you know my face..... you claimed that you knew me.. but you obviously Don't....

Guess I must be crazy ... crazy to think  that things were just a little hazy......or you must be crazy ....or are we both crazy....

A. Jackman
Thanks for reading ..much like I have someone to talk to ...
I took a step back
a kiss back
a stare back
a laugh
a gniod
hit me
and I
n              g
i    a
Pyrhos 5d
Small balls of light
A front porch of dreams
So lively and bright
The night sky it gleams

A hopeful star
I look up to see
Searching so far
To find how to be

Comet in a glass
I climb to get close
Seeing it's trail pass
A new path proposed

Signals and noise
The endless sea flows
With a newfound poise
My soul finally glows

Large clouds of gas
A nursery of light
All new eyes who pass
I shine bright to ignite
Break the needle of the clock
When the time’s not right
For I have some place to run;
The earth’s rotating fast.

I wish I could tell you how
I managed to escape
From the chains they’ve put me in;
I’m running out of time.

Places remain where they are
Just like the greatest purpose,
I find myself in this cycle of life;
The hourglass is shattered.

Always know where is my place,
Between desperate calls, attempts
Of this broken person, see;
I make the world a better place.

Come to me when least expected,
Take advantage of the chance
To see me, bright eyes, ressurected;
In this world I’ve found my place.
III Jul 9
What a cruel cycle
     That the cure to
     Is the inevitable shine
           Of beauty.
Lyn-Purcell Jul 5
Life begins and ends
with a cry so use the time
to touch many lives
I know people want to have a life where they can have things they never had before. I understand, I too want that life but I also want something greater than having 'things'. I want to touch and help as many people as I can while I'm here. I want to touch many lives. To me that's far more significant. To know you have met and talked to people who you've inspired to move forward and see light in their darkness.
116 followers... T---T
The tears keep on flowing!
Thank y'all so much!
I'm heading out to see the doctor so I'll be back soon!
Love y'all!
Lyn xxx
Alexias Jul 4
I walk, towards no destination
The wind blows my hair in despair
But it’s no use as my glare
Can’t leave the motion, invitation
From the wheat field

Millions, billions of grains shatter
On their long, slim body
Drawing curves passionately
As the wind keeps blowing harder

Shading from bronze to gold to blood
The sun comes to his dawn
A wave of cold comes as a yawn
Let the night unfold

The moonlight, fallen deity
Turns to silver whomever dares to stay
But the wheat knows that one day will come the flay
The delight of fatality
Let me know what you think of it. Comments greatly appreciated!
Lyn-Purcell Jun 25
Just as the sun rises, there always
comes a time for it to set
Just like life. And the tragic thing is...
Some suns set far too quickly. Every sunrise is different but they are glorious to behold as well as the sunsets. Soon enough, you won't see it anymore.
Be appreciative of all the sunrises and sunsets.
Be appreciative of life overall and all you have
Be back soon
Lyn xxx
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