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This is not even a poem, call it a brief story
Showing you how bad the situation will be

Doers and Watchers, as far as I can see
Are sole perpetrators of this class 1 felony,

I’ve tried to portray them as simple as possible
So every single one of you can hold them responsible

Let’s take a deeper look, we may find a solution
Before we die in this environmental pollution

Clean is such a nice word, especially with air
Some purposely don’t get it, mainly profiteer

I’m having hard time to understand how come
People neglect seeing the devastating outcome

Of an ecosystem, that is breaking down
We’re stuck in this weary, alarming countdown

Earth’s been around for 4.5 billion years
In a couple of centuries, wounds in all spheres

Technology is fine I guess, gave us a new angle
It’s the ******* money we just can’t handle

The elite won’t lift a finger for the sake of masses
But soon they’ll have to do it, to cover their *****

Greedy, hungry, and egocentric *******
Urging climate apocalypse, these money masters

Trying to accumulate cash, power and chairs
With appalling ignorance of the world’s real heirs

Think about it! The only crowds of the future
Because of their advantageous nature

Are innocent kids along with the youngsters
Only if they can survive these cruel gangsters

I’ve seen their honor were melting down faster
Than the arctic region. Now, that’s real disaster

The mathematics whispers in my ear saying that
If part of the surplus that the richest had

Could be used against, say; global-warming
There would be no need for any prior warning

To save the mother earth from any danger
Before we turn it into a toxic stranger

Or else people will extinct with a lot of money
I know it sounds sad but also pretty funny

The end seems close, maybe in our life time
I honestly cannot think of a bigger crime

We’re not even aware of that. It’s a crying shame
Like we have nothing to do with it and aliens are to blame

Green and blue are both becoming pale gray
Few mind that, the rest turn their eyes away

It is already costing us a pretty penny
Why wait for digging graves for more than many

We need to change the dictionary we’re using
It is self-destructive and nature-abusing

A good bank for instance is next to a river
Internalize that well, thus you can deliver

Why talk about climate, what’s with all the huff
How about hunger, poverty and bunch of other stuff

I’m not saying that they are not of vital importance
Come to think of it, suppose the order of precedence

Suggests nature first, because without mother-earth
No nothing else will ever have a date of birth

Don’t listen to any of those blatant factions
And without-further-ado, take necessary actions

It means a lot to terra, it can’t thank you enough
Believe me, nothing to fuss about, nor is there a bluff

Convincing even one soul, I mean, a single person
Before above troubles deepen and/or worsen

Cannot be underestimated. Nor can it be judged
I know for sure that nothing’s left to be fudged

This lone writing hopefully, aiming at the subject
May encourage someone to rise and further object

It’s up to you my friend to give a **** or not
This humble work proves that I’ve at least tried

Other methods were tested and results are pathetic
That’s why Labyrinth’s warning you in a way so poetic

You might as well quit. But what if you liked the skit.
If so, be my guest and start spreading it
Pending copyright process
The trail of destruction,
The silence of screams,
All of humanity,
Forgotten to dreams.

The silence of life,
That has become no more,
Haunts only the rocks,
And the broken sea floor.

The storms that once ravished,
Humanity’s home,
Now carry fire,
Melting even their stone.

The ground is all scarred,
Where the meadows once grew,
Just a crack in the surface,
Where rivers once drew.

Night and day,
No longer opposed,
The contrast of weather,
No longer imposed.

The passing of time,
Is no longer consistent,
The bonds of its measure,
No longer resistant.

The world is all quiet,
There is nothing to hear it,
Existence is lost,
While nothing can live it.

So the pain has all gone,
The tears have dried,
Humanity lived wrong,
Now the planet has died
I’m just starting out and feedback is welcomed
New age folklore tells us
We will find pollution pixies
in the scraped bare remnants
Of houses that were gutted
By an overflowing sea
Their blue skin flecked with mud, and eyes
Red and burning from the chemical stench
Black dogs are just white dogs
Doused in oil and waiting for a flame to catch
They sit outside of graveyards and watch
Not for what has come but what will be
Ten thousand fae women, weeping
As radiation has stolen their fertility
And hunger ravaged their children
Ten thousand changelings with bloated stomachs
And empty eyes
We will tell campfire stories of mannan maclir
And how his whole ocean
Boiled and frothed, the palms of his god-hands
Still too small to contain the damage
His collosal eyes weeping tears that drowned a village
When he saw trawler nets of whales he once taught to speak
Present magic is an **** thing, tar black and tasting of war
Red caps, with their bleeding heads and wide grins
Are the only true victors in this slaughter
But even they mourn their unseelie cousins
The wild hunt chases oath breakers in their white houses
Those sitting on thrones of corpses
Still shovelling money into stuffed pockets
The dogs are baying and savage, nightmares every one
And no match for every iron bullet that they face
None come back alive
Their pelts are traded with ivory, prices stacked
The heads of dreams now wall decor in overlarge houses
New age folklore is the silent death of every myth and legend
That lended hope under smoggy skies
Magic dies in a blanket of ash
Choking on the dust of indifference
Decades pass like seconds-
Ever closer till we go,

Flowers wilt from acid rain-
How could you not know?

You taste sorrow on the wind-
Drifting past us, it may slow,

It's my turn to say goodbye,
Never colder will we grow.

And then, in a lightning flash,
You know they spoke the truth!

A brilliant mind, a dire warning,
But you ignored the youth.

A cinder party, a barren tree,
Another extinction unknown,

Blind behind gilded palace walls,
You can die there, all alone.
sunprincess Oct 5
Polar bears and a family of penguins
Splashing in those warm tepid seas
Daydream of icebergs and snowflakes
And mouth-watering food to eat
Succulent shrimp, tasty tuna
And fillets of fish- doesn’t matter, any kind
Once upon a time happily they dine
From a time traveler’s journal
-Year 2049-
Juhlhaus Oct 3
Stiff necks turn your ears
To the approaching thunder
In the sanctuary walls,
A tremor in the civic flagstones,
Four million poster-board sentiments,
And twice as many young lungs.
They will be marching still,
When you can no longer
Answer those piercing eyes
Looking for your legacy,
Nor stand before the tender feet
Shaking the earth you leave them.
For Greta and the planet.
Jodie Davies Sep 29
I laugh when you wonder why you can’t sleep.

Sinking, though your arched back
hovers on the cold ground.
Pretending like you’re above the world
though you hardly ever leave the floorboards.
Drops from leaking walls count passing seconds
because the clock got tired of screaming for your help.
Seven times a morning you snooze his alarm
though you lay there on your rotting floorboards
with your eyes closed. As still and empty
as the world outside your leaking walls.
I know there’s a certain irony of today,
the seas move closer to the fires
yet, they still refuse to stop burning.
Millennials sip ***** through their metal straws
to save the fish
then eat sushi to ease their hangover.  
I thank you for trying
but you’ve set out for hell on a go kart with a broken wheel.
I know you think you’re preaching to the choir
with your trending reposts and Instagram stories
but you’re gushing to a world whose eyes
only ever see water.
What luxury you loan from mother-nature now is nice
but tell me in twenty years why it wasn’t
nice enough to fight for.
You waste your money on anti-depressants
and insomnia prescriptions
because you know that
the reason why you lay awake at night
is the hardest pill to swallow.
If only you could write a letter,
apologise to mother-nature
for wasting one of her children.

                Maybe then, you would be able to sleep.
We are in a climate emergency. We need to act before it's too late.
Navila Sep 29
I am surrounded by the unbelievable.

Each year,
I feel
the heat of winter,
the lashing of autumn storms,
the brevity of spring.
Each summer,
the earth
under my feet,
scorches fiercer
than the last,
and I must suffer
the embrace
of the unbelievable
a bit longer,
a bit deeper.

Each day,
I see,
I hear,
I feel
devastation wrought
around the world.
The Amazon is burning.
Greenland is drowning.
The Great Barrier Reef is turning white.

And the unbelievable
looms larger
and greater
in the horizon.

The youth are protesting.
There was a march today.
The youth are revolting.
There is a march next week.
The youth are condemning.
There will be marches for years.
The youth want to live.
Unbelievable is the time
when the next generation
rises up
against the generation
that raised them.

all the days of my life,
I am to be besieged
by the unbelievable.
Will I ever be safe again?
Lost Sep 29
Globally speaking
I see humans wreaking
Havoc on this earth
More garbage than dirt
Less respect for nature
Plastic island in the ocean
Drastic climate changes predicted
I see it on the news boldly printed
Yet people are complacent
Ignorant or skeptic

Personally speaking
I’m never meeting
Up with my friends
Always in the end
Every evening is spent
Alone in my bed
Every text that is sent
Every snap or DM
Never answering back
The screen remains black

I just look around
And feel settling an internal frown
Throw up a mental white flag
Decide to not be consumed by the bad
I lay down at night
Only to be kept up by fright
Less of fright and more of dread
I feel alone and stuck in my head
Wondering if this is it
Living life alone and upset
Wondering when a shift will happen
And I’ll start feeling less exhausted
Feeling stuck and alone.
I want to hurt myself but I won’t.
Crisis operators really bug me,
So I think I’ll just try and go to sleep.
uselace Sep 24
i have
the right to a future,
i never thought
would be disputed
but trees are burning
ice is melting
species are being wiped out,
so who's to say
that humans
won't be next?
adults ****** it up and y'all refuse to see that so we're cleaning up your messes
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