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Opening my eyes for the very first time
by my mothers side without a single crime
The sun is shining
I am playing
We are sliding
My mum is smiling
I'm anticipating to explore the lands
Without having to hold her hands
Soon I’ll no longer be a pup
Soon I’ll be all grown up

Suddenly I can hear sounds of laughter
The noises started to scatter
Bang bang bang
They’re attacking her
My own mother
She protected me
Pushing me to the sea
To set me free
Telling me to spree
With no time to disagree
The monsters didn’t want my mum
They wanted me, to slit my throat
But this time they’ll return to their boats
Without my warm white coat

Five, ten, fifteen minutes go by
I’m getting low on air supply
I’m afraid to see what above
I wish everything could just be undone
Gasping for one more breath
Circled by all their deaths
Feeling as though I’m about to drown
Whiles fleeing this crazy battle ground

My arms are getting heavy
I don’t think I’m quite ready
My legs are starting to burn
I don’t know where to turn
Swimming as fast as I can without thinking
I find myself trapped in this thick green netting
I don’t want to moan
As I am not alone
I wish this wasn’t real
I think they want me for their meal

Unlike the others I mange to set my self free
With this thick green netting all around me  
It’s weighing me down
I don’t want to drown
Five days go by everyday is a struggle
Swimming around stuck in this rubble
You are destroying my home
With no safe place to rome
Up to 200 species extinct everyday
There’s no time to delay
5 of my kind are endangered
It’s time to make changes!

By Coco 07
I am an Au Pair inspired by an 11 year old.
We wrote this poem together to create more awareness on the cruelty we are causing.
Together we can make a difference!
So far away
The shooting
The killing

So close
The anger
The hatred

Viral scenes
Confront us
If we click
If we open our eyes

Who is our fellow traveler
If not you
Both near and far

Produce stuff
Consume it all
For tomorrow
We may die

Some gain
More and more

Others do more
With less

What does
It mean

Fluff, excess
Surrounds us

The question is
Not who is dying
Rather the question is

What is dying
Is it
The planet

Here we roam
Beneath the shroud
before the world burned
cities vanished
water rose
and the air became too thick to breathe
it was a nice place
but to most  
not nice enough to fight for
Gandy Lamb Feb 26
Why do mirrors shine in the dying light
If Ozymandius's gleaming bear spray
Delves into the fading autumn leaves
Then apocryphal demise will ensue.

So I ask thee
Where is thoust
When the sicilian chess moves come
We are pawns in this game of life

I guess you can say
The butterfly died
We need to raise more awareness for climate change!
a distraught sparrow,
tries to dodge the arrows of heat,
mother nature's ire!
maya Feb 15
Four lines down,
Color me in.
Rip me since
I’m paper thin.

Wrap me, tie me
Around your mouth
And breath
Me deeply in.

Suffocate yourself
On my skin
Blanch, creamy,
Pale colored.

Brain folds
Are less wrinkled
Than my
Disposable soul.

I’ll pollute
Your blood veins
And ruin you
Before I go.
“I won’t go outside—it’s raining,” she said.
Hmm. It’s just water, falling on your head.
Water—source of life—we all began in it.
And without it, don’t doubt it,
our ends would be writ.
When the air’s not too cold (it never is here),
I walk in the rain, forget pain,
and breathe air fresh and clear.
I hike on a path, to see the steel gray-blue bay,
watch seabirds and storm clouds and go on my way.
The bright fuchsia flowers don’t mind the rain,
and daffodils and paintbrushes would say the same.
The hills now glow green and the trees are quite glad,
and when the fall comes, you might well be sad.
When the rain stays away, trees burn and crops die.
Smoke chokes our breath, and tears sting our eyes.
We will pray for the rain, and see our doom coming nigh.
We should dance in the rain, for in the drought that is coming
we will fear for our lives, the apocalypse looming.
Living in California you appreciate rain. I am puzzled when people here complain. I mean it's like tropical drizzles, not like the drenching cold downpours I experienced in New York before global warming.
I was
no fool                        
and here
my favor
was one
that overcame
a voice
of salacious
mold and
might throttle
my goad
and too
berserk with
her bare
in this
fold with
Carroll Stream

that extreme
today in
Carol Stream
there was
the cold
went to
bed with
a sweater
just to
wake a
buddy in
Claremont weather
that a
whiplash tomorrow
made best
picture in
ole  LA
Suburban Chicago
Anita Alig Jan 24
Was woken early by winter bird song
took a look outside to find
it's time to cut the lawn
mere weeks after the winter solstice

take global warming personally???
you must be joking!!!
on goes the heat at full blast
will be driving a thousand miles this week

but the water isn't rising where I am
problem filed
my children's children?
well, they'll have to deal with it

when the proverbial really hits the fan
meanwhile, I'm doing ok
sent money to flood victims on the other side of the world
there's a heatwave in Australia they said on the news

I do hate those prophets of doom and gloom
what do they know anyway???
just trying to frighten us
that's what they're doing

more plastics in the ocean than fish???
that's bad alright
shouldn't have left my trash on the beach the other day
you're right

anyway, I can't do much about global warming
if everyone made tiny changes it could make a difference
is that what you're saying???
so, what's your tiny change for a doomed planet???
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