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Man Jun 2
i've heard it said
of friends who can only bare
the weather fair,
that they are better left
in that climate, there
that of all your loves
the ones who don't give up
slog through the ****
all for the prospect
of living it up
that's who you do it for

open your heart
open your arms
open your mind
free the soul
dorian green May 4
i see myself -
unshaven and distraught, at peace with who i am and despaired by a world i saw coming but couldn't prepare for.
i see myself -
sitting in the old house, civil war ghosts whispering through the cracks in the dry red clay. sherman burned this town once and now i get to watch the sun do it again.
i see myself -
the hedges are overgrown and i never stopped smoking cigarettes. the shadows on the walls are mapped out, a mimicry of life in an empty heirloom.
i see myself -
head in my hands thinking about history. The Last Gilded Age. The Second Gilded Age. what good are comparisons if no one's left to draw them? how does the past make room in a world already strangled by its present?
i choke back -
the same addiction that made geraldine shoot herself. it occurs to me that i am probably the last person alive to remember geraldine ever existed. i think that's what drew me to history - i've always had the past living inside me. there's a whole family tree intertwined with my ribcage, like kudzu over tarred lungs.
i fill my -
flask with weedkiller. i inherit an open wound. i try to find my place in a history that no one will ever read.
so basically i've been thinking what the world's gonna be like when i'm an adult-adult. wouldn't recommend it.
TomDoubty Apr 14
We don’t have winds like this
Here in the shire
But right now the world is screaming
Squirming on its axis
I am here, it shouts
However much you **** me

A deafening rush
The trees could crush me
If the battling branches break
And fell me
The low clouds lumbar on
Indifferent, closing down the last sneak of blue

The west-south-westerly whips
All grass and grain flat
Against dark earth
Freshly turned by farmers blade
Autumn comes abruptly this year
As the leaves are torn to the ground

My path ahead a boil of branches
Lashing at me
The dry-gold giant Hogweed oscillates insanely
And the tall beeches mope and weep above
The wind is an inferno
The sound like steam is cleansing

The earth feels separate today
It says *******
It feels like the the wind can hear me
Shrieks back
My heart beats a little faster
And again that thought of oblivion
Like diving under waves

TomDoubty Apr 12
They burst upwards

All around this evening

There and there and there

Trees, Trees, Trees

Smashing through soil

To a darkening sky

Limbs and fingers and hands

Trunk and twig

Coiling coronaries

Pressed to the sky’s last



Earths loud art

Not solemn

Not peace filled

This evening

Trees , Trees, Trees

Explode from the earth

Like Kraken from the ocean


Reminding us

Trees Trees Trees

Four hundred million years

Before you breathed

Trees Trees Trees
we are the true cursed generation
worrying incomers for worried nations
we see the world in its darkest colours
so very different from our fathers and mothers
unfitting cogs into a broken machine
grown to hate world that so far has been
our planet's on fire from sins of your past
we know we are lost, world's not gonna last
poisonous air is choking our lungs
avoiding conflict and holding our tongues
to yank the torch out from your withering hands
to purify humanity that begs to be cleansed
voice of reason in a cacophony of lies
slowly reclaiming the sky full of pies
The sky is a generous grey, beneath whose pending charity, sentinel palm trees stray. Whilst impetuous Atlantic gusts, act as a guide to the tourist of Saharan dust, from our heritage far away... yet unclaimed.

And so it shall remain, for domiciled within Barbados' Summer paradise; I would ask only for the rain; that it might wash these seared whip wounds of Sun's splendour... away.

The fruit trees are as my family's; their abundant branches intertwine and then once more, rewind to form a clan. Yet, their want of leaves says to all, of the prospect of Summer's well-fed famine... they had made no plans.

So, we would ask only for the rain; that it might wash away the browned chlorophyll of a cruel Summer's plague. Much like nightmares... to be preserved only within the introspective and reflective archives of Yesterday.

Upon bent knees, I humbly appeal to the Holder of Divinity - Nay! I pray, for but a half empty, half full cup of rain.
The great green expanses of land which I saw
Were scratched by Human's deadly claw.
The mountains so tall & great
made to serve as global warming's bait.

The canopies of trees both scanty and tall
Were cut down despite nature's call.
All varieties of wastes are running a race
of who gets to deteriorate Earth's base.

All the lives of animals came to a halt,
When the cranes gave the forest a jolt.
Pollution is intensifying each second.
We won't destroy the environment.

I root for a day in the future
when there's harmony amongst all creatures.
I long that amazing day,
When there's a ray of hope and the skies aren't the polluted grey.
wrote this back in class 7
They say hell hath no fury
Like a woman scorned
Well we have scorned this mother of ours
Like no child of hers before
We have stripped her body bare
and ****** her **** dry
We’ve tried to beat her to submission
and ignored her anguished cries

And even if humanity
attempts escape into the sky
There is NO way to escape
the father’s ever watchful eye
In outer space
away from mother
is a lonely place to die

And mars is not the place to be
For a resource hungry race
That couldn’t recognise true wealth
If it slapped them in the face
We are now blessed with abundance
But even that seems not enough
Infinite growth, on finite planet
Is a monumental bluff

And if we do not learn to share
and embrace equality
The primal world will bear the brunt
Of our ways of gluttony
The white man might be spared the death
That comes quick and without warning
But while everything around us swiftly dies
We’ll feel the heat and even rich men will start squirming
As they powerlessly face
their imminent demise

We are approaching our extinction
and aware of it
Yet those who wield the sceptre
Would rather not admit
and would prefer to line their pockets
while our house is lined in flames
They’ll have to learn that there are violent ends
to their violent games

Dominating the indigenous
the women and the weak
will only further seal our fate
which at this rate is looking bleak

If we don’t act before we know
we’ll reach the point of no return
In that case there will be no future
for which we all so deeply yearn
Now is the only time for action
To prevent the chain reaction

Perhaps this earth life was a test
Laid before the human race
To determine our deserving
Of even reaching outer space
We have potential to ascend
As a peace civilisation
But if it’s hell in which we strand
it is of our own creation

Though we have the rocket power
If our direction stays distorted
From this womb that is our earth
We’ll be the ones being aborted
For nature and the human kind
Were irreparably misaligned

Yet I believe we have a chance
to heal this earth
If we realise our nature
In ourselves, our inner worth
In my heart I feel I’m part
Of this nature regeneration
To rebel against extinction
And protect all of creation
I believe that’s what is right
This is the peace for which I fight

This is a poem to shake up people still sleeping on the fate of our planet!
Kara Shirlene Feb 18
Mother Earth
No sacrifice She makes
Is small
At the hands of many
Who do not honor
Her at all.

And yet each Spring
New life is born
Flowers bloom
And the animals play
Hope made new
From Winter's gloom.

But the hands of men
Need to understand
Her resilience
Will not last.
And that all humans
Have a responsibility
To preserve Her brilliance-

Mother Earth
Her weight on our shoulders now
Yet She continues to give.
From Her roots & soils; harvest is plenty
Into our bellies
So that all may live.

May we set aside
Our pride and ego
And all our selfish industrial waste
Get back to nature; honoring Her lands
Great care we need to take
Of Mother Earth for all our days.

©KSS 2/18/2021
Written in honor of #UULENT day 2. Word of reflection: Earth
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