Seema Jan 12

Now the skies have turned amber
Due to the burning fields, near
The rise of cunning termites
Is at peak, this time of the year

The bumpy clouds have gathered
But there is no sign of rain
The elnino has spread wide
Wrapping wrath in pain

The greenery has shaded
The temperature rising each day
The cool air has waded
Animals dying everyday

Sweat, fills under my sucken eyes
Humidity on troll these days
Birds peek to drink water,
Trying to cool themselves in some ways...


Climatic change, a devastating downflow we are swimming into. Soon to be drowned in our own geo creations.
Snehith Kumbla Dec 2017

The flood writes
To the river...
It's all man's

From my poem series "letters"
George Krokos Dec 2017

It was almost just like another summer's day
the sun was warm and the clouds were away,
there was also a slight breeze then blowing
and this made the weather to one knowing.

But whatever that was or it seemed to be
was nevertheless an indecisive fact to see.

Written early 2017
trf Nov 2017

A full moon illuminates our oblivious escape.
The incandescent devil ignites our narrow path  and pilots our parcel's placement terrorizing earth's landscape.

"I'll give you $180 for your wrist watch."

"You animal, this was my grandfather's Timex, I'll take $360 and a barter."

"$240, take it or leave it!"

The moon meanders for a moment, to contemplate whether to turn a full or half cycle. She settles on a little more than half a turn.

"Fine, I'll take $240, but you're gonna lose a few months."

"Deal! Tell January, November and December to piss off."

"Sold! Haha, you sucker, those cubes have been melting for decades anyways."

Mother Nature acts just like Human Nature; unforgiving and preposterous, when no one's looking. Little is never too late...

I walked into Denver's  Union Station Tattered Cover
And opened the Denver Post.
I saw this article,
"Syria to join Paris Agreement, isolating US."
I started feeling nauseous.
The book store clerk became worried.
"Hey, Mister!"
"Do I need to call a medic?"
"Oh, no, I'll be quite fine," I responded
As I attempted to keep myself
From barfing all over the newspapers.
"I'll be okay, young man," I reassured the clerk.
"Union Station hasn't shut down all their bathrooms because of the heroin epidemic yet."
"I'll be able to puke in the toilet next door."

Robert Ronnow Nov 2017

What luxury to get mad
about last night's basketball loss
and watch the full moon descending
at the speed the earth turns.

Things could get worse
personally and in the community.
Bombings, killings, anomie
boiling frogs and witches cursing.

The changing climate,
typhoons in the Philippines,
volcanoes and tsunamis, WWII
which I missed, Thanksgiving same as Easter.

What abundance to fast or feast,
yr choice, stay inside by the stove
or go outside, climb the mountainside.
Live in a city or small town.

So I raged at the coaches
for their lazy zone defense
like an alien in the bleachers
unable to affect the outcome.

When my sons came home
I yelled at them too. What opulence
to be angry about nothing of consequence
neither stopped by the cops nor slipped on the ice.
Harry Roberts Nov 2017

Eyes opened, they saw a sore sight. A blight. Skies torn asunder, cities struck by thunder.

The earth literally trying to shake us off.

The seas churn - Thirst for land is what it yearns.

But we've suffocated the Earth
So the Sea is happy to reciprocate.

Our own making but you're tired of that.
Hide behind your God
-Was he made for that?-
Ransom you got will and choice from that,
Steward of the Earth you was made for that.

Tree keeper
Therefore Bee keeper
And wildlife's guardian,
Guardians of decay that's what we've sown -  Her demise,
Reapers of chaos we've earned
Her despise...

Written off the top of my mind after a night shift,
Trying to focus on climate change and
Beliefs surrounding it.
rom Oct 2017

today, the clouds are crying in rage
i observe the embankment where grey water is flowing over
consuming the city with its anger
and i watch this all unfold (water begins to touch my feet)
but i do not worry about you:
i have no need to do so.

your clouds never seethe
the endless stretch of land and sky between us agree
you exist in a place where Babylon never existed –
but instead of seeking the heavens
i remember beating the earth until the soil bathed in blood;
i begged for it to let you go
(who enjoys a place free of sores?)
but as water seeps through the cracks of my home
touching the furniture you once touched
destroying my abode like you did with your absence
and people fleeing, leaving houses;
i am in awe of you:
how does one retain their wit even in death?

you escaped the worst.

part 1/? of A Tribute Series
Seema Oct 2017

The ground looks hard and crumbed
Little water soaked up as swamp
Birds chatter and flee for food
This climactic change has done no good

Animals die as lack of vegetation
Most starve and die of malnutrition
Extinction of many, ARE WE NEXT?
Counting our paces along with the rest

The ozone depletes at a steady pace
Pollution piles up in many places
Over the news, barking of such situation
Yet just a few percent take any action

Education they say, educate to lessen pollution
So many educated, now developing poisonous solution
Natural air we breathe, is no longer pure
Air borne chrome, education digs more on cure!


"Money comes from paper, paper comes from trees
Trees give oxygen, intake carbon dioxide
Yet we destroy this natural source for money
Money gets people richer and powerful, thus
invest in making and testing new diseases on people, animals, environment. On success, then cure is also developed. Within this period, so much is lost. We are not far from extinction either...ARE WE!"
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