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Zywa Apr 4
At night, full trains standing still
between the erigeron
The grass **** wobbles a bit

The water sighs
little waves over the railway
Geese splash around

Bye Atlantis
Bye floating gardens
Thank you, all the best

We're flying out
the earth is open
Where to, where to?

Rombom, the sun will come
Zirconium sparkles, colours
expectation everywhere

It paints our desire
promises us love and happiness
- a fabulastic home
"Fantastic voyage" and the other songs on the album "Lodger" (1979, David Bowie)

Collection "On living on [2]"
Anais Vionet Feb 3
Bustling corridors, places to go,
you can’t stand still or move too slow.
Make a plan, plot a course,
there’s an entire campus to traverse.
Other things are good to know,
like the best place for lunch
or where the wi-fi’s slow.

Last year, when there was lots of snow,
the Yale tunnel system was the way to go,
to warmly get from A to B,
when paths were dangerously icy.
This year there hasn’t been any snow
it guess it’s global warming, you know
- or that Pacific weather pattern, El Niño?

I miss the Nor'easters and bomb cyclones
the hazardous weather that made Yale seem like home
those storms were something I took for granted
‘Cause I want snow drifts like they have in Canada.

I left Georgia and now I’m feeling cranky
I want the winters God used to inflict on yankees
I remember when blizzards, up north, were doctrinaire
to stop them now isn’t fair - or something else näm-di-'ger.
BLT Marriam Webster word of the day challenge: Doctrinaire: “an idea stubbornly held onto”

näm-di-'ger (French) = means a pseudonym
lj brooks Dec 2022
i can’t imagine not
being grateful to the water
when it is not quenching thirst
but when it’s flowing faster
than my fragile self can handle
when its power is beyond mine
and i cannot sip nor swallow

the gentle, careful waves
don’t hold still for me to wade in
i am simply coexisting
i am free to swim around
and i may be swept under tomorrow
it’s an ever changing world
and it doesn’t give us rain because we ask
kevin wright Nov 2022
The bag heavy with emotion
Security checked, of no offense

Planned in an atmosphere of rebellion
Seething disagreement poached with a little calculation

Tickets acquired anonymously online
A gothian hat tipped in acquiescence

Let me have it
Spread a little manure to invigorate my roots

In glorious Sunflowers yielding the *****
Climatic intemperance on a oily wave
Climate activism using van Gogh in support
Carlisle Sep 2022
The news says:
the scouring of the earth began today,
so press your greasy fingers
against the triple-pane window
as you crave the heat of summer.
When we peer fearfully around the curtain,
we see the worms,
a warning the ants carry off the pavement.

There are holes punched
out of the whole world,
unmoving, unapologetic,
wounds seeping into every thing on Earth.
Even the people bleed,
letting into and onto each other.
I open my mouth to sing,
and they dump the plasma in.

To chew with no result
(either spit or swallow)
is the request.
I try and pour the sorrow
back out of me,
but to do so is to look
into the holes I must spill it into,
their eyes shining back through mine.

It is endemic seasonally,
seemingly to every season,
so I seek an end,
seemingly endlessly.
In the morning I wake up rotten,
and by the evening I have been debrided.
Then the news comes in again;
I must start the search anew.
it's just a bit hot outside. i love the heat, but it's dangerous now. i miss not blistering from the sun.
Carlo C Gomez Sep 2022
Soft shoulders

shoreless summer

out of the sinking

and onto the floatation

hunting for mermaid

while taking islands

along the river's mutiny

blue coda dreamwater

but fire in the organism

the hour is thin

the ice is even thinner
kevin wright Aug 2022
Like water of a whales back
Panic rises in engulfing waves
Blowing nations spouting CO2

Stoked by industry and excess
Chasms in netzero's holy grail grow
Hot air stifle meaker deeds

Rainbows straddle holes in the greenhouse
Mishap maelstrom clatters sugar glass defenses
Children’s lick the crazing

The dream, survival
Cooking on green gas, genesis
Kindling our survival, climate
Scientific data is not enough for governments or leaders. Nations at the point of war, but picking the wrong enemy
ghost queen Aug 2022
Everybody stop
stop pretending
that everything is normal
as if the climate
hasn’t change

the happy days
are over
there is no hope
for the future

humanity will
our way of life
will soon die
ghost queen Aug 2022
loses it meaning
when you know
there is no future

when we all pretend
we haven’t past
the point
of no return

will go back to normal

why bother
life lust love
we’ve been given
a death sentence
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