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Ricki 2d
Kids are blowing bubbles in their lawn,
Sleepy hair—all messy— with pajamas on.
Yellow dandelions turn to grey.
They make wishes out of childs’ play.
As their seeds and pollen float away,
The sun is kissing freckles, tans, and burns.
Leaves are dressing trees, and flowers turn.
But suddenly it’s super, super hot.
Plants are drying out; their roots rot.
Firm plastic is so mushy that it’s bending.
Global warming is no longer impending.
Politicians and corporations act estranged
They pretend the climate hasn’t changed.
After all, why would they even care?
They won’t even live through the big scare.
Everyone and everything is melting.
The heat is excruciating and sweltering.
ghost queen Jun 24
a dragonfly
set me off

i realized
i didn’t hear insects
didn’t see birds

just felt
the sun
the earth
my body
sapping away
my will to live
ghost queen Jun 24
i’ve become anxious

i don’t understand why
now I realized
i’m afraid
of what’s about to come
Earth is dying

life will never be the same
normality has gone
this is the day
God died
ghost queen Jun 24
it’s too late
we’ve passed
the point
of no return

we are witnessing
the beginning
of the end

it’s only
going to get worst

we are pretending
was ok

we know
it’s going to get bad
climate migration
some are going to live
many are going to die
Zywa Jun 20
We are in danger,

yet we rather behave deaf --

Blasting lights. On. Off.
'108 Sound Rebellion' (Elisabeth Hubmann [Hall 1994], Giulio Tosti [Roma], Adrian Foster [Lethbridge 1982] and Michele del Prete [Venezia]), for organs and electronics
Parts 'Creation'/'Nature'/'Birds'/'Human'/'Machine'/ 'Disturbance'/'ALARM'/'Chaos'/'Aftermath'

Collection 'org anp ark' #220
I S A A C Apr 20
succulent heart only needs a couple of drops every few months
cacti are what I have become
adaptive to the inconsistent
search for storms no matter how violent
just to get that sweet sweet drop
just to feel my heart fill fill up
then leave in the flash, leave it in the past
I have no problem moving on
as long as I get my drops
ScaryGary Mar 30
Expect earthquakes, volcano eruptions and tornadoes. You don't have to be a meteorologist to know that the climate has already changed. The layers of the atmosphere are re-arranging. People still seem worried about property value and other things that will seem like nothing to them soon. This isn't conspiracy theory *******. This is energy, and how it works. Electro-magnetic energy is king.
The gen-z,
Opposition to plastic,
But in their social media sea, see,
The bombastic
amount of plastic people,
Floating and chanting against climate change,
The movement is only steeple,
To acclaim more turtle followers. In exchange
they don’t nothing but say hoaxes,
Let the environment die with a pretty pose.
There’s a difference between activism and PRing
ghost queen Feb 13
it is overwhelming
to think about
the monumental
that are
under way

i have let go
of the things
i can not change
my fears
and anxieties away

has washed over me
enveloped me
in a glow
of bliss
and forgiveness

i am at peace
with what i foresee
Foresee (verb): be aware of beforehand; predict.
irinia Feb 12
we are here because of the trees
what about the climate of our mind?
too many versions of alternative realities
and we've killed the spirit of oceans
in our souls
our bones don't grow roots anymore

we exist because of the flowers
and we are dying in the most stylish way
wearing Dior mascara, high heels, oh,
the latest Zara shirt

we are here because of the bees
it's not to late to ask ourselves
what is the climate of our hearts?

death can be so
just so asymptotic with our obsessions
so asymbolic on golden shoulders
and climate just another
hollow word
sent to Mars
"we are suiciding ourselves with carbon monoxide"
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