In throwing the Earth's Ecosystems
Out of balance,
We've thrown OURSELVES out of balance.
So, we're seeing certain types of human behavior
That we've never really witnessed before.
I don't really know
Anything about the Book of Revelations in the New Testament.
As far as I can tell,
Jesus Christ
Was nothing but a Fraud!
I do know that
If you put people under too much pressure,
They're gonna' explode.
It's a Law of Ecopsychological Thermodynamics,
I suppose?
President Donald Trump
Has been a sort of Revolutionary against Reason.
He has asserted
That the United States
Must COMPLETELY NEGATE Environmental Conservation
In order to achieve
Maximum Economic Growth.
A few minutes ago,
I viewed an Al-Jazeera feature
On the Crisis of Fresh Water  in Afghanistan.
The glaciers in the Hindu Kush mountains
Are melting as a result of climate change
And the Water Treatment Facilities
Are all out of date.
So, children must carry
Large plastic water jugs home
From the pipe water streams out of each morning
Before they go to school.
An articulate Afghan boy spoke,
Telling the reporter that he was too tired to do his schoolwork
Before he ever arrived at school.
Does President Donald Trump plan to help this Afghan boy
With his studies?
Does Melania Trump plan
To donate funds to Afghanistan
So, they can reconstruct their Water Treatment Facilities?
I don't think so.
We Americans could start helping Afghanistan
By reversing our Revolution against Reason,
And by admitting the Anthropogenic Climate Change
Is a fact.
It's not  a "Controversial Theory"
Advocated by
"Left-Wing Scientists"
At all.
Chris Neilson Feb 27
A frosted moon
in the heart of darkness
peers out of light pollution
with sorrow he scans
the flawed neighbour
of changing climate

Their strange inhabitants
used to visit his barren
landscape of tranquility
or did they?
maybe it was a dream
or filmed in a desert
he'll give them
the benefit of doubt

They destroy themselves
these corrupt creatures
they war and war again
the lunar friend
gives them tides
a vital necessity
to sustain life

They're ungrateful
this human race
a human disgrace
the man in the moon
he feels sorry for them
Those who believe
Superior intelligence
is a gift
Are terribly wrong
As you'r wisdom grows
YOU realise
Everything WE do
is so wrong
Shame on US!
think about it...
refresh mesh Feb 2
Lead me to the classroom globe
That will help me disapparate
Into the hot air, where
I'll float like a ribosome
Trash has no way to dissipate

Notice tension, finality approaches
Accept your need to fuck and breathe and be
Inhale the hot air, where
We are indebted to those crimson coaches
God pushes the sky down on you and me

I must fly out of the tussel & be grateful
But I pay Her in bloody taxes
Inside the hot air, where
I must dry out all my muscles & be helpful
But I'm stuck on this flooded axis
Seema Jan 12
Now the skies have turned amber
Due to the burning fields, near
The rise of cunning termites
Is at peak, this time of the year

The bumpy clouds have gathered
But there is no sign of rain
The elnino has spread wide
Wrapping wrath in pain

The greenery has shaded
The temperature rising each day
The cool air has waded
Animals dying everyday

Sweat, fills under my sucken eyes
Humidity on troll these days
Birds peek to drink water,
Trying to cool themselves in some ways...

Climatic change, a devastating downflow we are swimming into. Soon to be drowned in our own geo creations.
Snehith Kumbla Dec 2017
The flood writes
To the river...
It's all man's
From my poem series "letters"
George Krokos Dec 2017
It was almost just like another summer's day
the sun was warm and the clouds were away,
there was also a slight breeze then blowing
and this made the weather to one knowing.

But whatever that was or it seemed to be
was nevertheless an indecisive fact to see.
Written early 2017
trf Nov 2017
A full moon illuminates our oblivious escape.
The incandescent devil ignites our narrow path  and pilots our parcel's placement terrorizing earth's landscape.

"I'll give you $180 for your wrist watch."

"You animal, this was my grandfather's Timex, I'll take $360 and a barter."

"$240, take it or leave it!"

The moon meanders for a moment, to contemplate whether to turn a full or half cycle. She settles on a little more than half a turn.

"Fine, I'll take $240, but you're gonna lose a few months."

"Deal! Tell January, November and December to piss off."

"Sold! Haha, you sucker, those cubes have been melting for decades anyways."
Mother Nature acts just like Human Nature; unforgiving and preposterous, when no one's looking. Little is never too late...
I walked into Denver's  Union Station Tattered Cover
And opened the Denver Post.
I saw this article,
"Syria to join Paris Agreement, isolating US."
I started feeling nauseous.
The book store clerk became worried.
"Hey, Mister!"
"Do I need to call a medic?"
"Oh, no, I'll be quite fine," I responded
As I attempted to keep myself
From barfing all over the newspapers.
"I'll be okay, young man," I reassured the clerk.
"Union Station hasn't shut down all their bathrooms because of the heroin epidemic yet."
"I'll be able to puke in the toilet next door."
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