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A J Mullins Sep 25
By the lovely laughter spewed in prayer,
And the days passed fixing what is broken,
The fallen are forgotten in despair
As the mighty forest is awoken;
By faunal breaths the floral heartbeats come,
And with grace, the birds and bees will follow,
Dutiful to the springtime need become
To forgo the wintry hold of hollow;
Forgotten are the deadened days of rest
In months of frigid ice and coldest death;
Beneath the frozen willow unbeknownst,
We dream of warm days spent in cloudless breath;
   With a genteel push of a southern breeze,
   The land is healed of this gelid disease.
The first sonnet I'd ever written. I wrote this in September of 2015 and have now written around 140. I can't wait to share them all.
HTR Stevens Sep 17
Ah, ‘rocks’ of the sea
   Thou rise high!
   Blue art thou,
   So is the sky.
   Rise and sink,
   Is all you do.
   Blue as ink,
   Lovely blue.

Ah, thou ‘white horses’,
   Now I see thee!
   Written about by poets
   Over a century.
   Rush forward together
   As in war.
   Rise again, my brothers,
   When you fall.

Ah, thou dazzling 'stars’,
   In the waters blue.
   My eyes you dazzle,
   With the help of who?
   Like silver you shine,
   As well as gold.
   When the weather’s fine,
   ‘Stars’ I behold!

Ah, thou wide blue sea,
   Thou possess all these;
   King of Military,
   Are you not pleased?
Anne B Sep 16
is left to find
We know it all
The explorers are dead

is magical anymore

We already know
we are going

And we're not leaving
We're conciled
to this part of the Universe
which we've already
managed to

The heat has arrived, to
   torch our land and it's too

comes to us.

AHB |  9.08.2018.
A poem about how we are slowly destroying the planet and how we seemly seem to do too little, too late.
Harry Roberts Aug 29
Molten Innards Out Flow & We Burn,
Destruction & Chaos Is Natures Return,
Gaia Turned Stern As We Humans Don't Learn,
Our Ashes Together Won't Fill Up An Urn.

Written In The Skies,
Shown Throughout The Seas,
People Like The Lies,
"'Cause We Won't Pay The Fees."

Climate Change Is A Fact,
But Business Has Tact,
More Money Than Brains &
In Smarts They Have Lacked.
All Good In Our Towers Till The Earths Crust Has Cracked.

Concerned For Our Health,
Our Prosperity Not Wealth,
People Rise Up We Must Do It Ourself,
If We All Stand Up Then We'll Topple The Shelf.

If We All Stay Seated,
We Deserve To Be Cheated,
Pardon Me If I'm Heated,
Climate Change Can We Beat It.
Harry Robert - Climate Change © 29/08/18
Chris Neilson Aug 19
if humans only make do and mend
there will not be a world without end

many different places we worship
while letting this planet's resources slip

trusting our faith will flower
professing a love to a higher power

a designation to keep us all in line
if we pray to our *** we'll be fine

buying shares in a guaranteed afterlife
with our planet‘s climate in trouble and strife

disregarding our future generations 
unless we build them space stations

no one sets out for **** on a hand cart
highways for rock stars playing a part

not everyone believes in life after death
they say nothing's beyond the last breath

spiritual belief is a personal choice
we all speak with a unique voice

we've only got this Earth on loan
from a universe of life as yet unknown

we all share this third rock from the sun
so we must respect our world as one
Religion, atheism, climate change and AC/DC all covered here
HTR Stevens Jul 30
Of the most modern technology we can boast;
One volcano blows, the world stops, and we are toast!
People think that they can say whatever they please…
Talk of global warming, Nature sends her deep FREEZE!
Nature laughs and enjoys being all contrary
We think we can read her, but be very wary!
The human race is not so clever after all…
We just happen to have a lot of pride and gall!
Volcanic dust of glass, breathe it in; makes us bleed…
From within! A curious joke, a dastardly deed!
We are but pawns, we know not, on earth’s timeless niche;
We are manure when we die – we smell like dead fish!
What remains if anything is our memory…
To find PARADISE when we lose our sanity.
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