It really feels as if
The world is running down now
As Sting sang with the Police
Back in 1980.
It's very difficult
For people to come together
And cooperate to solve problems
When they're
Living on the brink.
Donald Trump
Denied Global Warming,
Under his Presidency,
The United States became more like
A typical Third World Country,
Impacted by Climate Change,
Immersed  in
Nonsensical Factionalism.
Harry Roberts Jul 12
On The Sand, In The Sea, Feel The Stones Against My Feet.
Waves & Foam, Crash & Pull,
In The Middle Never Full,
In The Same I Taste Defeat,
In That Way I Am A Fool.

Salt air scalding my face & sending hair into disarray,
Sun paling the blue & turning skin red,
The sands golden hues glitter in spite of my mood.
Aware of the beauty but it's grandeur is lost on me.

Radiance & Brilliance,  
The Sun Is Truly Resilient,
The Fires Flames Are Militant,
Gaia Is Truly Diligent.

Done her duty for millennia,
Now the Sun bares down on her,
Can't contain the fire is stronger,
Burns her children & We are no longer.
One world interconnected,
If one house falls we're all effected.
Harry Roberts - The Sun & Gaia  © 12/07/18
Inspired by climate change and global warming.
HTR Stevens Jul 11
As we move into space age,
Man his power to prove,
Mother Nature in a rage,
Mountains start to move.

Freak weather: hailstones in spring,
Heatwaves in winter;
Pity every living thing,
And flowers that wither.
Alicia SR Jul 11
Deep inside me
I seek what is behold
But I worry
That time has yet to fold

For climate change
And going insane
Are both things
That seem to slowly elevate

Except as the years pass
Alas the speed of change
Picks up its pace
Ice caps soon to disintegrate

And this leaves my insides cold
Apprehension takes a hold
For I fear
The end would be quite drear
And by then every mind
Would be locked inside
A body ready for chaos to unfold

So to stop this
We must not just grab hope
But grab our voices and our feet
And set out to stop our worlds defeat

For to stop this heat
Action is what we need
And we must impede
These greenhouse gases
That people seem to often release

And we must hug the Earth
For it’s here children birth
And grasslands grow
And animals live before death takes hold

So love the Earth
As it loves you
And one day your grandchildren
Will be able to love it too
There's only one Earth
And it's there for you
So why don't we
Be there for it too
fascist fantasy
global warming talk banned
economics predominates
Earth is to be exploited
human beings are expendable
When I said that President Donald Trump
Doesn't care about anyone's life
In Africa,
I was accused of
"Violating Facebook Community Standards",
Does This make my statement
Any less true?
In the United States,
Our Fossil-Fuel Dependent Economy
Just keeps chugging along,
But AFRICA has always been
The continent most vulnerable
To Climate Change.
So, if 86 people are massacred in Nigeria
Or 86,000 die
Or 86,000,000
Or 860,000,000 people are wiped out,
What difference does it make to us?!
The United States
Is all about
The financial  Bottom Line.
Some of us say that "Black Lives Matter",
But let's get real,
If Climate Change,
Is killing Africa,
Do Black Lives REALLY Matter
To anyone?
rob kistner Jun 20

watch them
see them

in their cavernous dwellings
shrines to excess
altars to waste

testaments to foolish disregard
for our precious planet

observe them hoist themselves
to command positions
in gluttonous drive-time dinosaurs

dreaded treaded behemoths

that bully across the face
of our strained and crippled planet

devouring resources
like a herd
of metallic mastodons

a relentless forage
of fragile fossil fuel

to suck dry
the paleozoic nectar
300 million years
in the making

a fraction of that
to plunder and deplete
with frivolous toys
of self-extinction

that spew forth
poisonous discharge
fouling the choking atmosphere

pummeling our frail ecosystem

shoving earth closer
ever closer
to the brink of no return

to satisfy a toxic desire
for bigger


to feed
a caustic ego

to assert
perceived dominion

watch them
see them

the elite
the special
the spoiled

the outrageously dangerous


are you and I


rob kistner © 2008
(revised 2018)
this is a sad contemplation on humankind's foolish arrogance
this IS what IS NOT happing, spew the power elite
too deafened by their roaring lies to ever hear the truth
so blinded by the bonfire of their vanity to ever see reality
despite that, the responsibility to turn sround this ship of fools
belongs to each of us, our hands are on the rudder
your love,
sometimes creates thunder
makes me wonder
why such a flood?
is it running in my blood?
am i  blessed so much?
or you are obsessed so much?

your love,
other times, just drips
many days it skips
random and rare
no share and care
makes me distressed
maybe your disinterest.....

your love,
at times, the pre-monsoon shower
it feels like golden hour
what if i need it more?
but you focus on other chore..
when i feel not so strong
for your comforting words, i long...

your love,
everytime it is desired
in my low mood, more it's required
your's is an important role
like a refrigerant in climate control
can it have an auto-mode?
given more at peak load
or conserve it for those days
when i need it more than average?
Just trying to relate air conditioning with the comfort in love...This is inspired by gr8 poetess crazy diamond Kristy's post 'puddles of love". thnx kristy...grateful
In throwing the Earth's Ecosystems
Out of balance,
We've thrown OURSELVES out of balance.
So, we're seeing certain types of human behavior
That we've never really witnessed before.
I don't really know
Anything about the Book of Revelations in the New Testament.
As far as I can tell,
Jesus Christ
Was nothing but a Fraud!
I do know that
If you put people under too much pressure,
They're gonna' explode.
It's a Law of Ecopsychological Thermodynamics,
I suppose?
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