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Icy burn, an ache
both dull
and knife point.
Am I going

Cervical, thoracic,
lumbar, and sacral
tension, or
is it
Am I going

Dark days, I try to run
away from myself,
just to sniff in circles,
distracted, burning

Good days, I practice
all the basic moves
a mixture
of modern living
and disregard
made me forget.

Guess I'm pretty broken.
Isn't the concept of
properly aligned
posture fun?
ok just an note to self
your supposed word friend


they sent you an message
in your private box
using that


we will call it *****
because we want to

on any other occasion we would
make her pay

we we know she bounces around
on site that is
we also know about the mom and
pop show
what an great family putting
as he lost focus on his art
he pulled out his sling
pulled from his ouch
skipping stone

thought to Him self
your words could never
crucify me

who are you with these words

why must you trouble me

where could we possible to from here

let the night make the morrow

it is your peace


Sanctimonious priests and their **** Biretta hats.
Tell me of me of gods praise and a world in its hard collapse.
Where were you when I needed you.
Breaking hearts I suppose.

Wilderness and forests breach out across the hills.
Sunshine and rainbows will bless our day begin.
But I'm not watching anymore.
There's no need to get preachy.

And I reek of desperation for another mans touch.
And there's none to hear me scream I've got a pretty good hunch.
Do you even seem to care?
It's not very nice over here.

Harbor buses ship Asian businessmen back over gentle seas.
The city is alive against the saintly laden breeze.
I reach out to the stars.
They turn away and blush.

And I'll be ****** if I ever admit its not you its me.
And I'll keep up this facade, I'm over here and I'm free.
My body wanes past the flowers.
Their beauty turns to coal.
You're an aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalieeeeeeeeeeeeeen

— The End —