Choose love not fear.
There's always a choice.
Whatever it may be your actions will show.
It's not much to live your life.
Just know that fear increases the strife.

Choose love not fear.
One of these two choices
The decision is yours in but a moment.
Cultivate, share, authenticate yourself.
The results will show they always do.

Choose love not fear,
No matter how hard it gets.
Life will challenge you.
Only one can experience it.

So choose act from love not fear.
Dare to love.
Risk to give.
You'll see its power.
Your actions in life fulfilled.
See who the authentic you is.
It's a burning flame but its form is
that like water.
Claim it.
Yes clasp and aim for it.
Claim it
and do it proudly so.
Only then can you pursue your goals.
The goals that lead to providence.
Yes the big P.
The providence you decided.
Remember accept your enlightened nature for you're already complete.
Love is a force
you cannot escape,
just accept it and feel it.
You deserve it each day.
It's OK to love, don't be afraid to love it's a part of who you are.
Lisa 2d
my belly grows the size of a bag of apricots
there is a will at the bottom of a lake that needs retrieving
the car sank but the body made it to the shore and changed her name by midnight
come springtime the ice melts and the water is back
crawling upon shy ankles
there are growing pains who find a home between nettles and
the hives of adobe wasps
i never could cohabitate with nature
when they ask at parties where i've been
things that are at rest stay at rest
in a vigil of longing and yearning,
we are left between time and destiny,
by what might may we subdue time,
for it is leaving, it is a traitor,
by what might may we quell destiny,
for it is wicked, it is deceiving,
in lieu of longing and yearning,
a blade is plunged into our backs,
by what might may we annihilate
the torment of bad faith?
wind brushed my neck,
and down my spine,
briefly with a kiss.

i fell.
Sonder, a word maybe some of you have never heard. An emotion some of you have felt but were never able to name.
What is their name?
The girl walking down the sidewalk, with hair brighter than the sun and shoes darker than the night - what is her name?
The man rushing out the door, hailing for a cab, hoping that he just might make it on time - what is his name?
The people we pass by every day, the people we see get off at different stops than ours, the people we watch cry with a phone pressed to their ear, as we wonder what could have been on the other end - what are their names?
Who are they?
Who are their children?
Who are their parents?
Do they have a dog?
Are they married?
Have they lost someone?
Are they lost?
Do they own a house?
Do they walk to work everyday?
Do they pray to god every night for a miracle?
Are they hungry?
Are they trying?
Do they have a bed to sleep in?
Who do they call for help?
Do they cry themselves to sleep every night?
Who are they?!
Who are they....

Sonder; The realization that each passerby has a life just as complex, and just as vivid as your own.
I wrote this as if it were to be spoken so it helps to keep that in mind while reading. Positive and constructive criticism welcome
ringing in my ears is an audible silence,
a little pious song of impartiality,
begging me to ask who to blame,
if it be unto me or to my peer.

i’ve grown weary to exist,
and cripple at the fear of fact,
to let the truths be right,
and righteous manners be my truth.

the unknowing lends me courageous,
to project out in an audible silence,
proof of my existence in penitence,
but receiving nothing in the way of life.

it is never heard to be unheard.
Behind the woods,
There lies a jungle
A jungle that maintains sanctity
It's where life exists
We were inhabitants there once
When life became too fast for us
When cultures competed for power,
We forgot to ponder
From where it all began.
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