in this vast universe
you are contributing your verse,
you can move heaven and earth
stop questioning your worth.
Here's some motivation if you're feeling down.
Chloe 17h
sometimes feels
a little like
drifting in space.
The power that possesses,
The young and restless,
To both death marches and weddings.
Did you question the message you were fed?
You should just seek warm bedding...
I guess.
Is it the beginning of the ending?
Or just the end of the beginning?
From the inside,
Is youth's defining essence.
Can you smell the corpses rotting? A cubicle a coffin. There are few things that can keep a shell like me walking. Do you understand me when I'm talking?
Lisa 1d
there are poems that i've destroyed in an effort of denouncing being a poet
an outcry for every word that embraces the pretty in ugly situations
i sit with shorts too small hugging my waist
i'm an overgrown plant listening the same thing i was hearing 5 years ago
a fly in her own honey trap and the taste is too sweet to untangle
sometimes i'll look outside my window and see that red sports car zooming past
like a whisper telling me to go back to the pacific ocean
where there's a sidewalk that does end but the earth never falls it only shakes
the shade is only for tumbleweeds it hisses
a shallow reminder that i don't speak to the people that i said i would never ignore
Valerie 2d
we float endlessly
on this cloud
we call existence-
paddling across a
stream of events-
milestones of fabricated
importance and meaning-
we're in an
empty space of
shapes and forms-
we're idyllic wanderers,
drawers of such
a wild dream
coffee and 3am inspiration, my people.

Drink myself into oblivion,
Let me be the forgotten son.
The forgotten one;
I will soon be forgotten and gone.

Gone from you, gone from this place;
I want to be gone from this space with no kind of grace.
I want to find out if Heaven is real or just a myth on a piece of paper.
I believe, I don’t believe, I will believe when I meet my maker.

I thought I knew how to belong,
Now all I do is wrong
And all I feel inside is, I want to be gone.

Now we are gone to become the ones,
Who disappeared, like we have become God’s.
Our skeletons shall be the only mark we leave on this planet,
My poetry my only indent on this Earth;
My existence will disappear when the electricity is gone.

Thinking about you shows me how little I knew you.
Who are you?  What did you believe?  What did you do?
Any question answered, it’s all in front of our eyes;
Still we cannot choose which question to ask.  Which question is right?

You may call it intuition, or you may call it a day,
But there is nobody left to call when they have all been sent away.
We live in but a second, we exist for an instant;
We are soon to be gone, so make a good impression.
We are here, then soon enough our time has been spent;
We never accomplish all our goals, before our death sets in.

Now I am gone;
I am higher than the sun.
I walk alongside God;
I am humble before Him/Her and all I want is to not be forgotten.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Tøast Apr 17
Melting away down this empty street,
No one in sight and no one to meet.
I'm not okay but it doesn't really matter,
The liquids flowed, and the alcohol stung my mind.
This nicotine rush is what's keeping me alive,
These drugs I have are altering my mind.
Because my happiness is just temporary,
And my existence is only momentary.
NewIvory Apr 17
let me dwell in dreams and search my soul in the stealth of the night
let me lay my mind to rest and release my worries and fright
in silence I can ease my fears and gratify my pride
and wallow within a gentle charm until the dawn abides

let me soar above the peaked mountain abreast with eagles
and admire the pristine splendor visible before my eyes
while sunlight bathe my skin with soothing warmth of life
let my broad wings fortify God’s work from unending strife

let me endure blissfulness in a vivid, willowy stream
in a world of confusion where happiness ceases to gleam
and in my quest for peace I wish for that enduring power
so that I may reach the horizon where future is brighter

let my visions capture images that are blind to humans
or hear even the faintest clamor of newly born infants
let me feel a heart beating from a body bereft of breath
so I can deliver playful dreams instead of ugly death

let my existence be complete and infinite in all days
with all understanding that is worthy of honest praise
let the warmth of life be felt in every whispered breath
until my journey ends in a dark unreachable depth.
copyright© bonette2002
Dustin Dean Apr 16
Time to trade in
Old Father Tyme
For a concept
Of consistence

Ultimate resolutions begin
In desolate institutions
They rest in their pods
Comfortably numb
With contentment
For their mission
Is now accomplished
Voluntarily, they line up
Into echelons of space
Giving themselves back
To an entrance
That coughed them out

The curtain has closed
And a chapter has ended
Yet their presence
Still echoes on
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