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Have you
ever noticed
how beautiful
the clouds are?
they are the
breathe of
I wish, I was
not the only
one who saw
their once
hidden strokes
revealed only
to the eyes
opening for
the white
one sliver
from their
day to see
the beauty
of what they
are a part
of and
the idyll,
what they
had been
was found
in one
in time,
I will tell
you now
how the
are as
the simplest
touch you
the holding
of hands
you wish
to keep
the first
kiss you
share as
the petals
of roses
caress the
wind of the
moon, and
you will say
to your loved
one, as you
would whisper
to the clouds,
“the existence
of you is my gift”
Art 1d
Foundation of existence
an exponential presence.
Gravity’s graceful hand
glues us together
like wet sand.
Presses us into spheres and
let’s us fall where we may.

Molded from mud and clay
Born of the Earth and falling
along the bend of space,
lulled by the face of the sun
and dizzy by the spin of the Earth,
we fall in love
along its starry string.

The foundation of existence.
we fall and then
fall again. Dropped along
gravity’s bending string
we fall and spin
Faster and faster
Desperately searching for meaning
Some part of that string to holds onto
us and calls us their own.

We fall in love.
Tying ourselves to that fleeting string
so it may stay.
So it won’t fall away.
So caught up
We glue our muddied hands
to disappearing strands.

So caught up
we lose ourselves to gravity
and fall at the speed of life
so fast we forget to slow down
and look around.
So fast that we might miss it.
In this life we feel the fright of failure;
In our death we kneel to knights of nothing;
Above us we heed the heights of heaven;
Below us we meet the might of mountains;
There’s a sapphire light in the tundra;
There’s a narrowing sight through the jungle;
There’s a lingering night in the water;
There’s a flourishing fight in the temple—
With each new human a new connection springs
From our hearts to the heavens with secret strings;
They bind this life to the body and the soul
Trying to give us a purpose and a role,
And we search space and time for the final truth,
But the moment we find it we lose our youth
a new chapter beseeches for the death of the character
anew; atop the flood of cleaner fluid
scraps on the ground for the coming of everything contained
splashed with the seeds of Lavender
it smells nice but does the body writhe in perseverance under the foot
or does the palate for the crusade of being lost at sea finally the
magnitude that devours the movement in incadescense
like the swallowing of a sun
slow burn and nothing left but the absence of something that has been so familiar you can only feel it when the lamp refuses to turn on
you're left in the dark soaking in all the times that were the last and when was the last palpable throat that tucked your wrist upside down and whispered
you're not in charge
to be continued, might add to it later
Marzia 6d
I have never thought that feeling empty
could bring me happiness and relief
and I would have never said that I
would be laying, cold and alone in my bed
at 1AM on a Saturday night, believing
believing that the best is yet to come and
you've finally set me free by breaking me
because who will find a better piece of match
for my shattered body and soul, stuffed with cries
than my own hands, my own legs leading me the way

I've certainly written a scenario in my mind
and I've been rehearsing to play this part for too long
astonished, I've read it a thousand times
paying attention to everything but details
and oh, what a fool I've been promising myself
that I would once find the pattern in the stars
that had led me to you, broken and bruised
oh, what a fool I am not for reminding myself
I know my own self the best
having created the concept of my own existence
and passing it into your hands, without realising
that my own demons were always human
without a doubt crossing my path only to bring
the only things I've ever feared, but still
I find my heart more of a decoy than a perception
of all the events existing only n alternative universes
and yet I still manage to underestimate my experience
and keep re-opening the wounds, cutting deeper

why would I ever trust myself
when my own body wants to reach self destruction
putting me on the edge with every decision,
when did I lost the ability of longing to be my own
have I ever belonged to myself anyways?
very personal
I wish I could squeeze the clouds
And hug the moon.
But what would I come away with?
Soaked lifelines and tremulous fingers?
Or a guide to this realm of reality?

Plant the seed of who I once was,
During the next full moon,
When the tide of emotions are pulling in the lost souls into the sea of existence that I am submerged in.
Eric 7d
You are fake when you are there.
You make me lead a life of damage so disappear.
We are not talking all that gobbledygook.
If you do not know what you did to my life just look.
No more of me trying to placate around.
I can not find anyone to listen right now.
You just scuttle along your business.
Because you ripped me away from my true path of this existence.
Always the one to make me a maladroit.
Sometimes I think you do this to annoy.
It made me feel like a pipsqueak in a vast universe.
You will never make the grade with the past you coerce.
You were always the one to instigate me to aggress.
A kind of quality I could not digest.
My heart is beating like a rataplan.
If you think I can’t stop you, I can.
This is my final written gesture.
Now my life will no longer fester.
I grow forever fonder.
Because I will no longer sit and ponder.
As the years grow faster.
The years you took forever will remain a disaster.
I have been made an ugly creature.
So sit back and enjoy what fight I have left in here.
Here are the new rules.
I have you in stitches, so do not move.
Hadiy Syakir Sep 11
your hair
after shower
before you head

Piku Sep 10
you make me happy like no one could
you make me want to live and write again
not the sad and the sappy poetry
but the one everyone wants to feel
the love in the poetry they wish they had in life
you made me write those
the love we read once existed
it still exists
you just need to find the right one
i have found that one
i found love
i found you.
where were you all my life?
Last night the moon brought solace.
It was the first time in a long time.
Was it an enchanting night
Or was I officially in the twilight?

Last night the celestial sphere above,
Stripped me bare of this human skin
and harnessed my soul into ascension.

I watched my human skin fall from the night sky,
Like rose petals at the midnight hour.

Last night the moon brought solace.
On July 30th, 2018 one of my closest friends, Fuquan Ford died. Although it has been a little bit over a month, last night was the first time I came to terms with his passing. I suffered through a great deal of sadness when he died and throughout August. Last night, I felt comfort/peace/happiness for the first time in a long time.
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