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my head is empty
i write page after page
i paint and i paint
but i cannot find sense
Billie Marie Jul 23
if it is not coming from the Silence
it is based in ………
ultimately all is One
all arising in Love
and how can there be but
when there is only and
for there is a direct way
and a slow way
there is a meandering
and sometimes treacherous way
this is the way we call fear
you can see how you end up
where you begin
this isn’t more or less
than a game
tag - you’re it
Adrift asleep,
Among the stars,
Eternity sleeps,
Existence discards,
Flashes of light,
Rush right past,
While this cosmic giant,
Slumbers so fast.
Nylee Jul 16
Little by little
every shard of my work
will disappear from this world
and the time will erase
my existence
yet this year I celebrated my birthday
Paul Butters Jul 11
The miracle –
To see, to feel, to touch, to hear, to smell
To be
To know I’m me.

A miracle repeated centillions of times over:
From the tiniest bug to the tallest tree.
So many sentient beings
Brimming with thoughts and feelings
Powerful emotion
And boundless imagination.

Evolution is but a continuation
From some timeless beginning
That could have created time itself.

Particles still wink in and out of existence –
Endless miracles beyond our vision.
All animals are just like us,
Seeing, feeling, thinking, wondering.

We take all this for granted
Rushing about
With our petty concerns –
Seldom taking the time
To stop
And look
At the sheer wonder
That is

Paul Butters

© PB 11\7\2021.
In the beginning.....
I followed the vestiges of your footnotes,
everything is a chrysalis of memories and forgetting.

It was you,
who unfolds a life halfway through my existence, I wish I wasn't there in your forgetting.
Mark Jul 6

I wish I was a spirit.

I would be able to drift:
from place to place,
person to person,
event to event.

I'd be able to visit
anywhere and everywhere,
past, present, and future too.

Memorable and
forgettable alike.

I'd be able to witness
the creation and destruction
that humanity has
inflicted and gifted
its earthly palette.

I would be able to see
all the beautiful people,
and their beautiful smiles.

Every single one of them.

Everyone would be beautiful;
for I would not have an eye
through which to behold them.

I would be able to
absorb moments
without corrupting them
with my presence.

I'd be able to condense
everything and nothing
into a droplet.

I could drink forever.
S Smoothie Jun 28
Not one but all,
No true hate was ever born
without love abandoned,
rejected, abused, or scorned
Love is every positive and negative
facet of emotion
Divine and literal

Its wealth disguised by its true name -


Without this blind fumbling fool
We are of no use, no consequence,
no matter.
Where there is no love,
there is no existence
Only inertia.

Your deepest hate
is your deepest love in reverse
these can never be separated;
except by degrees.
like a galactic elastic band;
as far as you go for one,
you will enviably be flung to the other.
That's how energy survives,
it changes form but never dies
and life is love in all its forms


You are its expression devine
Love is us
GQ James Jun 25
As we grow older we start to learn,
We start to see things more clearly,
The more we suffer,
The more we learn if we're paying attention,
Lessons are taught if you're willing to learn,
Get outside your pride and get in your maturity.

As a young man I made many mistakes,
Wasn't the best example as the oldest,
When I had family,
Now I don't have family,
They're dead and gone,
No longer of existence.

All we can do is move forward,
And focus on what's important,
Not ponder on what has already taken place,
Don't lose sleep over things or people,
That aren't worth the stress,
Truth be told don't stress over anything.

Your life is more important,
Your existence is more valuable,
We put too much energy into things,
That we shouldn't,
Let's focus on what focuses on us.

We all make mistakes but don't let them define you,
Let those mistakes open your eyes,
Let those mistakes show you the right way,
You've done wrong now you can do right,
Let it go and let them go.
Don't Let Those Mistakes Define You. We're all Humans.
Before we meet
I'd like to send parting gifts.
To my mother,  
To my grey dog,
To the sparkling sea,
To the brown eyed woman,
To my guardian angels,
I'd like to journey
Into the heart of their being
And get drunk in celebration
Then letting it all fade to black
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