Skye 1d
Behind a pause
Is an unspoken word
But it's okay
Because the crowd
Isn't here to listen to you.

Behind a distance
Is an urge for eagerness
But it's okay
Because the crowd
Isn't here to join you.

Behind a tear
Is an ignited resolve
But it's okay
Because the crowd
Isn't here to push you.

Behind a pain
Is a locked up bliss
But it's okay
Because the crowd
Isn't here to cheer you.

Behind a mask
Is yourself that's lost
But it's okay
Because the crowd
Isn't here to accept you.

There are so many things
That I want to share
With the world,
With someone
But maybe it's just okay
To talk to yourself
Because the crowd
Isn't here for you.
Love yourself before it is too late.
He said...
I'll replace your mirrors
So whenever you look into me
you'll know
You are beautiful
Sylph 2d
Have you ever wondered
about the way a mirror worked?
not exactly in a technical sense
but more on a self-reflective instance

Who do you see?
is it the same figure in every other photo?
is it a version crafted by your own perception?
is it the one molded by fluctuating expections?

our minds work in various ways
majority of them being ones we may not even be aware of
then again
maybe they were never meant to be understood


What do you want to see?
the one you see may not be the one you want to be--
the one you want to be may not be who you will be--
the one you will be may not be the one you want to see--

everything just leads back to itself
unknowingly stuck in an endless loop of indecisiveness

Sometimes I pity the reflection.

Have you ever wondered about the figure in the mirror?
Have you ever wondered how pathetic their life is?

You can be the richest man on this planet
Or be a desperate beggar knocking on death's door

But nothing--
Absolutely   n o t h i n g.
will change the fact--
that your reflection is living a second-hand life
fabricated by someone they have no control over

No options.
No decisions.
No emotions.
No worries.
No freedom.

When you disappear,
so will they.

That is the true represention
of your sole purpose being--
simply waiting to die.
Have you talked to your reflection today?
Kaumudi 3d
I see myself in the mirror, I see my reflection.

I don't think I'm flawless, some of my traits do need correction.

Am I beautiful? Well, that depends on one's perception.

In case of myself, I'm happy with my looks and complexion.

And I really don't care what the world says, cause I know I'm God's creation.
Be comfortable just the way you are cause God tried his best while creating you.
©2018, Reflection by Kaumudi.
When I hurt, I need you
because you hurt me that day
when I learned no one could hurt me
the way you hurt me that day.
I feel like I’m on one side
Of a glass wall
The rest of my world
Is on the other
We can communicate
If we try really
It is exhausting
“Why don’t you just break the glass?”
Easier said than done
When the other side
Has all of the tools
“We’ll break the glass for you!”
The rocks you will use
To break the glass
Will break me too
You don’t understand
What it’s like
To be on the other side
Of the glass
this is a weird metaphor that can actually apply to several aspects of my life (though it was initially written about one) so interpret it however you want ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Skye 6d
I have a boat,
Two paddles
And a sail.
This sack of grub
Will keep me sated for days.
Every tool needed,
Available for escape.
Should have started a venture
But I decided to stay.
These uncharted waters
Require an immense amount of faith.
But what if I left it unconsciously a long time ago
When I tried to get away?

I may have all the time
To rebuild no matter what the cost
But the one thing I can never fix
Is a heart that is forever lost.
I sit on my bed,
Gaze soft and unfocused.
Wrapped in the remnants of a shirt you left behind.
Or maybe I stole it.
An air conditioned breeze sends a chill through over-sized armholes that expose the flesh of my breasts.
It wakes me from my hazy state.
Glancing up, for a moment I see you in this shirt...
But it’s my own reflection
in the mirror directly opposite my bed.
Disappointment washes over me and I let my gaze slide to the window.
Up, I see the summer moon
as the ghost of you fades from the forefront of my mind,
to its rightful home in my subconscious.
You and I are simply not to be.
Fated in another life,
But now our lives are intertwined and intimately connected to others.
This dream is not mine,
nor is it yours, to have.

It is time.
To bury a memory,
a hope,
a dream.
I watch, from the edge of our six foot trench,
As my own hands throw the first earth on an unmarked grave.
‘Twas but a dream
Em MacKenzie Jun 9
Shake; don't stir, run through the pattern,
I was always Jupiter but they all prefer Saturn,
it's got a ring while I'm all explosions,
that's just the thing with these silly emotions.
In outer space the stars are your only friend,
and you're feeling out of place but these days that seems like a trend.
When the moon seems too far away,
the sun will come soon but it will never stay.

Xannie's my favourite girl,
she's got me spinning in this crazy world,
so I add some blue to the swirl,
with the red it makes purple pearl.
My thoughts say "I don't want to live like this."
So I jot some shots to my list.
I can only dream of that peaceful bliss,
and the ancient years of which I miss.

Shake; don't stir, follow the lead,
you see flowers occur but I only see a weed,
toxic it grows until all it consumes,
everyday she mows but I think it needs fumes.
Down in the dirt where soil holds the leaves,
I buried the hurt but a heart still grieves,
and when the moon is covered with sheets of grey,
the sun will come soon but it will never stay.

Xannie's my favourite love,
she fits my heart tight like a glove,
and when it comes to push or shove,
she's all that I've been thinking of.
My thoughts say "I don't want to live like this."
"If this can even be considering living."
I'm waking up to a dark abyss,
it's taken all and now it's giving.

The thoughts in my head,
buried under the dirt,
those words left unsaid,
the ones that cause hurt.
But tomorrow might not come,
this whole thing could be done,
and I've bit my lip since I was young,
I'd hate to also bite my tongue.

Xannie's my favourite girl,
she's got me spinning in this hazy world,
warming my body until I curl,
now all routine is a deadly burl.
My thoughts say "I don't want to live like this."
"Maybe I don't even want to live at all."
Every single second I just reminisce
of the days before I hit that wall.

Who would've ever thought
that during those teenage years,
I believed each day I fought
against loneliness and my fears.
But youth was just a brawl
adulthood is a bloody war,
back then I really had it all
but resented that I didn't have more.
This realization has caused madness,
and irony has a thick glaze,
'cause the youth that I wasted in sadness
was really the "good ol' days."
Aa Harvey Jun 8

Ashes remind me of the time wished away;
Those lost memories have now faded to grey.
My greatest sorrow is the death of tomorrow.
The bleak outlook is so hollow;
It leaves my tasteless love so immoral.

Your love eats away at my soul like a cancer.
You used to be such a happy dancer;
But then you found love and fell apart like a neutron bomb.
Love left you withered, as soon as your lover was gone.

Decay sets in to eat away at your pride;
You live in the dirt covered stains of a life.
You used to be light, now you’re colourless and dead.
Whatever goes on inside your head?

Bones start to ache and your hair falls to the ground;
You are dying without love, you are falling down.
You crash to the floor like a whore through a door,
To her blood stained bed sheets and a life that has become a war.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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