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The rays of the sun
Shines through the transparent glass window
Illuminating the room
Sunbeams playing around
With shadows on the ground
My gaze upon a golden figure
Glowing in the standing mirror
Teasing me
Into a world of timelessness
And endless whispers
Roaring within me
With laborious vigor
It’s heat most appealing
In this dry cold.
Shadows appearing on the edges
At the end of the sun’s rays
Dancing on the edges
Taunting me
Yet teasing me
With unspoken words
A glamorous invitation
To a sonorous congregation
In the shadows
Beyond the rays of the sun.
feebie 1d
Let me start….by smacking you upside the head
For all the silly things done and said
Let me continue with words of encouragement
You have not yet lost, what you have not yet met

You flew the coop, excited and young
A new-found freedom flowed through you veins
But, oh what a journey its been, times gone ****
And where, oh where my dear girl were your brains?

Never you mind, lessons have been learnt
Times experienced, both dark and light
Lessons leaving you better off, those that have burnt
Times that have been easy, times where you had to fight

Through the waters of life, you constantly waded
Sometimes sinking in the deeper depths of murk
Yet, though some of the memories have faded
Some do indeed leave you with that fond little smirk

So, to this contest as you post and procrastinate
Uttering words, some wise, some of rebuke
To show others something of what you would say
To a younger you, to avoid rumors of ill repute

So ode to I, tribute to you
Never grovel in the muddy puddles of times gone by
Go forward in all you say and all you do,
Practice kindness, passion and empathy on the fly

A few words to close, from me to you
Remember to always love deeply, truly, infinitely
Proceed with empathy and compassion in all you do
Overall allow your soul to fly free

with much love
Your slightly tethered, now wiser counterpart
Amanda 1d
Mornings of silence with notebooks
Multiple blankets piled around
Searching for answers and deeper meaning
Within inexplicable lack of sound

Sharpness of my pencil scratching
Fills my body with calming joy
The quiet still holds only questions
So solitude's presence I merely enjoy

Just listening to my heart thump steady
I turn emotion into art
If eyes are windows to the soul
Poetry is a peephole to the heart
About those quiet comfortable mornings with just me and my pen
mae 1d
He stared into my eyes,
a deep dark abyss.
His reflection disappeared beneath the darkness.
He was scared.
I swallowed him,
as if he was my prey.
Like his image, his presence began to fade
Devoured by my energy,
he shivered and shuttered in the cold.
and I removed him from my soul.

What a sweet reflection?
In my eyes of correction.
his reflection was devoured
Petals, oh these metals.

They fall,



Dyed crimson.

A celebratory death dance,
I have found a new advance.

And the brilliant yellow sun,
How it slinks in the night!

So comfortable,
I have left it behind.

Toxic were the tendrils
that kept me where it stood.

A million stinging nettles,
In my heart, they took root.

The pink quills of Cyanea,
the futility of their purpose.

They don't always wither away,
So I've set them all aflame.

Romeo's sheath, Hermes' fool-
Treating my human tendencies as a tool.

Forget this fragility we call love,
Cut the strings and rise above.

Past the smoke and ashes,
it will come clearer through these lashes.

If my woven words fail to reach you,
Nothing else will ever do.
I fell in love so I began to write. I might be falling out of love as I recreate our plight.
The yellows swirl and stir,
Awakening this repressed fervor.

In gold flakes that cling and sting,
Your spotlight falters, dancing in a ring;
A reflection of the sun.

Around my head we spun,
Drunken and lost in this rendezvous,
Floating - fleeting, just like you.

Scorched by your misguided torch,
A sun spot, a momentary blotch
On my patchy pink skin.

I was on my way to recovery,
Now stopped by a possibility
That I try to wash down,

To drown
In every guilty sip.
I know there is no end

As I contemplate the taste
Of your drink and
My need for haste;

The sorrow it brings,
As the cogs in my mind turn
And the imprint of us burns

Up in flickers and flames-
I alone should take the blame.
Falling in love is a blameless chore.
I look back on the year behind me
filled with a continuous loop of mountains and valleys
the photos and scraps representing vivid memories
convention badges and hospital bracelets
bottles of nail polish and vials of blood
bonding over a restaurant meal with friends
and choking down a frozen dinner in a bout of fatigue
the moments of joy and devastation
sometimes i’m told i’m lucky
other times i’m told i’m strong
i’ve kept on moving either way
each minute is transformative
chipping away at the rock to create a new sculpture
a year is a lesson
an adventure
a journey
WOAH NEW POETRY?? heck yeah dude!! it’s been two months but your fave finally wrote something new because the end of the year is a time for ~reflection~ and yeah that title is inspired by Rent don’t touch me
A name of yours
Caress the thought
With the magical vibes
Then the musing begins

A stolen moment
An enchanted realm
An iconic reflections
A pristine elegance

A trust in life
A genuine smile
A perpetual bliss
Nurtures the soul

A confession begins
To whom
It is concerned
Genre: Reflective Art
Theme: Everything can't be written. Some are felt. Open the senses.
In the cold seconds of the dark night
When a message from another is frozen
Does not solitude answer?
Speeding back to reply
With a smooth and resounding silence
And most would place this
Next to the bins that they empty
But I see it
As unblemished beauty
One midnight rose
Whose pedals blend in
So that only sterling starlight
Can define its edges
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