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Malia 4d
I see my life through plexiglass
Trying to bulletproof the past,
Nostalgia? No, but I recall
That rising up precedes the fall.
But the films I watch inside my mind
Are missing parts I cannot find
So I fill the blanks with what I see,
I fill it up with what I need.

Now is it truth, or is it lie?
I like to think that I am right,
But I’m not the well-oiled machine
I used to think I used to be.
It’s been a while, hasn’t it?
Time is a thief
Robbing the old of their memories.
And the children of their youth.
slipping through your fingers like sand unable to get a firm grip
We spend our life wishing, wanting for more.
Yet never sacrificing our ideals to slow it all down.
Slow down to breathe in all you are grateful for.
Slow down to appreciate the life you have to live.
Time is a thief
As we begin to age
Rusted hinges creak. A mourning, musty groan.
A hollow echo in a house once known.
For laughter's chime & footsteps light n' free.
Now just a shell, a haunting memory

Sunlight struggles through dust laden panes.
Illuminating cobwebs, remnants of bygone rains
Each chipped, flaking wall a silent plea.
A yearning for the life that used to be.

I tead with reverence on creaking floorboards worn
Imagining the stories in this place forlorn
The faded paint, a canvas cracked n' dim
Holds whispers of love that used to be brim.

Slowly, tools in hand, I break the mournful spell
New life I bring, A future yet to dwell.
Hammer strikes meet chisel's tap.
A symphony of hope, dispelling sorrow's trap.

Ignored or words to adorn. May fade like soundless wind.
Invisible, lyrics to be hushed. "A Ghost Story"
Created this on the spot, hopefully not too shabby!
My letter arrived from a hollow shell.
Words I had written stealing my joy, as my gaze fell
Into a well of despair so deep.
Monsters awoke from their silent sleep.
Locked away like a morbid zoo, each one a fragment of me.
Unwanted children, to foster they say.
Crafted from shadows, made to stay
Each one with their unique name.
Logic to guide my sight, dissect their presence
to pierce the night.
No longer specimens to remain defiled, these monsters are mine
to be reconciled.
Lines blurred like a tangled web,
where neglected whispers softly sob.
Children hidden in the dark, second to one.
Yearning for light of sunshine, a healing touch.
To the depths, I lower my hand to lead to a better land.
Fresh air to breathe, water to cleanse.
Love as the balm for what life suspends.
This journey is mine, with every tear to face my shadows
conquering my fear.
For in healing them, I find my own way.
Towards the dawn of a new day.
Clung to this sentiment like a leech in the night.
Thought I had a tegument, a mystical flight.
Turns out I was limpin', a mismatch of rhymes.
Staring in a cracked mirror, ecstatic precious time.
Blindsided by this impact, a lyrical bomb.
Shattered my perception, exposed where I'm all wrong.
Life's a dehydrated trip, specifics all astray.
Regrets on repeat, self respect in the trash.
Needed a lyrical slap, to see the abyss I couldn't admit.
Gotta take a breather, rewrite this whole skit.
Shallow anxieties clouding my vision, blurring the end.
Clearing out the mud, let these lines transcend.
Let's meet what debris is shallow,
Hard to see the shadows in Murky Waters
Self Reflection
Jeremy Betts May 29
Oh what a complication
Needs no invitation
Defies limitation
Beyond expectation
A relation
With my elimination
Only to silence the negative reflection

Carlo C Gomez May 24
reflecting on
a fragile state of mind

precarious creatures, these
hunters of coal
that outlines both
eyes and words

black paint for blue girls,
they pray in a circle
for their queen's wedding night
to be one of celebratory rapture

deep into the looking glass
they peer for a sign,
a soul, a stigma,
but cannot see
beyond their own glib faces

a universe ago they
caparisoned as pixies
in sunflower corsets,
twirling in a centrifugal forest

tonight in eclipse,
in their all-together,
they merely wear masks
of their former selves

the firelight dramatically shifts
in bacchanalia pratfall
--the oblong menace
of their smiles, fingers and navels
dancing to the age of Sideria

Man May 14
Dreams that torment -
Between my chest
Is still her lance,
Driven squarely through my heart.
That circumstances were unfortunate,
I should wish for death absent my love.
George Krokos May 13
What!? You say you're tired of living,
well, I think I know what you mean
as I also don't regard myself being
particularly, at all now, very keen.

The last couple of years have taken their toll on me
so much so that its become obvious for any to see.
The affairs of this world are just one thing I've considered
but what are the things I've done which haven't delivered?
Written in 2023.
A reflection on my current health condition and well being.
Thomas Harvey May 12
Where is it you long to be
To be heard, seen, or loved
Or to be unnoticed, a sight no one sees
Hiding away, nestled far in some coved

What is it you hope to find
An answer or a reason
Doesn’t it mess with your mind
Or is it mundane as such another season

Who are you still clinging to
For a fool can be loyal as well
Do they even have a clue
Or are you too afraid to admit you fell

When will the time come
To the point where you don’t waste your life away
In your ears do you not hear the beat of the drum
Or have you run out of words to say

Is it a ramble or is it necessary
Look in the mirror is it me you see
Am I your adversary
Or am I what you could be
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