What if,
You are a main character
Of the upcoming book
And you know it

Will you,
Be the same?
Or, will you try,
To make it worthy?
Or, will you disappear,
Holding nothing left?
Keeping the chapter

Tell me
What will you do?
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Character can be you
Eyithen 1d
I stare at the girl in front of me
The one trapped in the mirror
She stares back
She looks just like me
Well; not just like me
She has a worn face
And sad dull eyes
She tries to smile
But it's lifeless, tired
Her complexion is pale
Her lips dry
Tears leak down her face
But the rest of her is still
She wipes away the tears
Only to look at the moisture on her fingers
Its like she didn't even know she was crying
"What is wrong with me?" she asks
"I'm sick of crying" she says
Me too...Me too...
I feel something crawling down my face
Wipe my fingers across my cheeks
They come back wet
I'm crying?
I look back to the girl in front of me
Realization hits
It's me
This girl in the mirror.
She is me
Rough cobblestone betrayed stealthy shoes
As she rushed inside from fierce winds that blew
Turning on the kettle with ease
Stirring inside her mug the tea leaves
Reading and waiting in relief from the cold
Seated, solitary, sound in her soul
Future’s Phantoms and Past’s Pesks
Were barred from activity duty, assigned to old desks
And she was contented with brilliant bows
Placed upon life’s box, wrapped in serenity’s gold
For she held what birthday’s usually see
Or what others place under a Christmas tree
Empty my mind,
My perception of time
Is skewed and I’ve lost myself
But I can’t see it
or feel it anymore,
My life shifts so slowly,
Or is it quickly?
From under my feet and
As the stars and planets
Rotate, I feel alone
And unnerved,
Please tell me where I am
And who I am meant to be
In this cavernous hole in reality.
hhhhhhhh bad night, mercury's got me fucked up
i stand firm in the belief that i am ever changing. mother of all questions, avant-garde and awkwardly posed. describe my fashion and describe myself as qian zi bai tai. i cannot recollect a poem written in a few minutes, i deleted and got lost in a night of indulging in non-existent self-identity. i am an old soul intertwined with a missing and empty heart, of crowded house and heartbeat monitor soundwaves. watch me shapeshift and colour change and lose myself in playlists of inconsistent beats.
"qian zi bai tai" is a phrase i learnt recently in chinese class which means having different postures, expressions and attitudes.
M 3d
A reflection of glass,
through the trees glow
the heart of the river.
Moving all my poems here as well for more commenting.
AK 4d
I was so in love,
Feeling like you're the one...
Thinking I'd spend my life with you.
But that was just a dream
And you were never right for me
So I really want you to know that...

You're just another one,
A mistake that can't be undone...
A letter that I wrote and burned.
That's why I do believe,
That we were never meant to be.
The destiny just came and turned...Back.
AK 6d
When I'm searching for something real,
People try to find what's realistic.
I can't really understand what's the deal,
Being almost real isn't actually artistic.

Face change, body liposuction...
Tons of new terms for the word fake.
I'm here pondering about reproduction
And they think about other dumb shit to make.

In search of perfection, invented by ourselves
We lost our real direction, we're humanity shell
We do nothing relevant, only listen to the media
Watch the Kardashians and travel with Expedia

There's nothing left, we're almost dead
As a plant, we grow with whatever we get fed
We don't care, we do nothing to change
Such brainless animals, we keep living in this cage

Having a sickness nowadays is a trend
Way of getting popular while people's life ends
If you're feeling bad look at this cancerous Human
When you're bored go and yell respect Women

We should respect ourselves, in the first place.
We're not just animals, we're Human Race!
We do have an option,  we don't have to just survive.
So open your eyes and change your damn life!
AK 6d
Looking like 3D art
Craving that death's smell
You had the world falling apart
With no face just skull shell

Sinners' bones and darkness sight
Pain is the only thing you feel
Down the stones the fire's bright
You are there waiting for the meal

Rotten heart and reaped souls
As if life was never real
Razor mark and tons of fools
Taking your life was the deal.

Suicide, murder, envy, rape...
No matter what you do, you'll end up there
So why do you try so hard to escape?
He will come for you anywhere.
AK 7d
I would like to feel secure

Pass the road without any fear

Mom help me, find the cure

I'm dying inside and no one's near  

The doctor ensures that I'm a psycho

Society says I should get locked

I tell you mom, I'm pretty normal

It's just that no one gives a f*ck  

All the people that I meet

Judge me by my look and not behavior

Mom, I'm so sorry for being me...

Do you think my soul has no savior?  

My friends consider me an asshole

No one knows what's in my head

My heart turned into a stone

I don't cry anymore in my bed  

I'm a prisoner of my own mind

And a victim of death's passion

Mother, you are one of a kind,

Your love cures my depression
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