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Have I ever... am I ever... will I ever be good enough?
How can I be good enough?
Why do I even want to be good enough?

My wins do not compare to my failures, much less to my mistakes...

My confidence hides my doubts.
My strength hides my weaknesses.
My smile hides my pain.
And my love... my love fades away.

One step at the time...
Falling and getting up...
Wishing and praying...
Dreaming and living...

Can I ever be good enough?
Will I ever be good enough?
Maybe some day.
But that day, is not today.
Hollie May 31
I've glanced at you at every chance
Off car reflections and bathroom walls
I've swirled and danced in front of you
Yet I deny the beauty they see
The face that draws onlookers
And gentlemen callers
I've spent hours hating how you look
picking apart or hating it all
You've seen me cry and smile
More than anyone else has
But I give you hell and talk you down
Have you doubt the sincerity of lovers
Find fault in words of admiration
I'm jealous of what they see in you
Something I don't see
I hate and hate on you everyday but
I've stared and caught glances of you
I want to be what they see in you
I'm indifferent to how they see us
Ash May 30
I find myself looking back
holiday lights blurring,
fading into falling stars
I have a lot to think about
Rama Krsna May 28
a novice,  
i may be....

learning the lexicon of love
from a practicing grandmaster
whose expressive kohl-rimmed eyes
dart from side to side,
speaking a million languages of the heart.

nay, transformed
an intimidated admirer of hers,
i’ve become,
from such a great distance.

© 2023
love embedded in silence is beautiful
Amber Waddy May 27
What's it like to feel nothing?
It's tricky to describe.
Like your every thought is rushing,
but it's too fast to transcribe.

An emptiness so vast,
it makes planets look like sand.
Tightly shackled to the past,
out of reach from future's hand.

Your logic fights your feelings.
Your hunger slowly fades.
Aimless staring at the ceiling,
no strength left to scream or pray.

A soul that's stuck in limbo,
simply begging for release.
With eyes like broken windows
and a heart that knows no peace.

Nothing feels like everything
that's slowly slipped away.
No higher being worth worshiping,
no reasons left to stay...
lua May 21
i have always been her
she has always been me
yet lately, she's been growing up
wrinkling her skin when she smiles
and i will always be a child

i have always been her
she has always been me
yet lately, she's been seeing wider horizons
opening her eyes to broad daylight
and i will always hide behind the moon

i have always been her
she has always been me
yet lately, she's been transforming
a metamorphosis, emerging into something new
and i will always be a caterpillar.
With a diamond on my finger
With your memory in the rear view mirror
What I've been most amazed by
In the past few years
Is the ability to restart
The histories still to be launched
The resiliency of the heart
LeBobbe Apr 17
A girl stares at her ceiling.
She tries to find her meaning.
But the ceiling holds absense.
Her mind then became a canvas.
She paints with her emotions.
A cluster of scenery beholds.
Ranges from glimmer to potent.
Her vision blurred with amusement.
Tears filled her vision.
Everything is misleading direction.
Raw emotions filled her field.
Nothing but sadness are its yield.
Tears for years she held to.
She wakes with a heart broke into two.

A canvas of herself.
A part of heart.
Reflected & Detached.
An old poem of mine rewritten in my style today.
as the rest move in a herd in time, fixed and onward
some remain at a pace of their own
wallowing in crevices, an act of conscious apartheid
familiar with the shortage of influence, that is, separation.
wandering by will
vicariously living through a phobia of confusion
hence why lost souls remain lost
fear of false direction, fear of decision
uncertainty amongst hysteria
a deadly duo for the few
settlement has become still
and those lost are familiar with movement
2 steps forward, 12 steps scattered
here and there and it's unclear
up and down
its all around the dance to delusion goes to no sound
but illusion.
distress within the body whose mind follows curiosity
incessant pondering yields a detriment
to the thinker,
be about
your quest and breed your farewell to the
blissful life of ignorance
that now follows you
is there a solace to be found for these creatures?
has the point of no return passed?
the distance behind is immeasurable
for the path previously paved is dimly lit
to decipher the single instance is a feat of all men
does the lone wolf recall?
would love feedback on this one.
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