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Red Brush 22h
I am scared of the mirror.
It hung in my bedroom,
And boomingly it loomed
and laughed at me.

It didn't show me imperfections.
It never showed a reflection at all.
Instead it showed a fiction.

The fiction was perfect.
It was colored, and detailed,
And knew long words,
And had deep thoughts.

The mirror laughed at it.
I asked why, I won't cry, I said.
But why do you care, it asked,
and why would you stare.

The fiction stared back.
It didn't care back.
This wasn't fair, I bared
My teeth and growled
At it, just so it fears me.

I wonder if it sees me at all.
There was just the mirror.
And the laughter. The fiction
Was perfect, and quite dead.
I've been burnt so many times,
and hurt with so many lies.
The path that I walk tells a tale of so many crimes.
And the scars in my heart hold memories of darker times.

Stupid, I was! I lived like a cat with nine lives.
Ignorant I stayed! A fool who accepted numerous lies.
Bedazzled by their smiles, who knew they were but deceitful wiles.
And for long I remained, a captive of worthless slimes.

For all the tears I shed and the feelings I spared, I couldn't help but wonder if anyone ever cared.

As a tool for their filthy cause,
I wondered if this was a result of an unknown curse.
For neither was I pure of heart
or saintly in character.
This could be the reason for my life's disaster.
...penned sleepily, my my! the title was illegible when I looked at it in the morning...sigh


Blue skies are fragile twixt these icy, dense
White clouds, morn's eye uncertain in betrayl,
That glimpse half peering keenly through as pale
As Febry, though leaves dance for all intents
On maples tinged by ghostly yellow's sense
Of yonder, and they're trimming bushes, frail
Hours stacked like to those clustered houses, bail
The navy racks in tow where warmth's gone hence.
Tweed kilt in purple herringbone and fer
All that tights and a hooded shirt will do--
In grey, with nigh fluorescent yellow's cure
For lack of colour, I watch shadows to
Effect on golden washed green lawns in tour,
And sunset smoulders where dusk swallows blue.

I thought belatedly the next day that fluorescent should rather have been neon, but lazily left it. Kick me?  ARF!
I have no idea why that first line came to mind while I was indeed cleaning.  I've not read Austen in years, nor watched movies in months.


Jane Austen's drawing rooms I'd feign avail
Me of, whose wainscot's polished oak is dense
With import as the papered walls from hence
Look smug; yes, take a turn in sheer betrayl
Across those gleaming floors, dressed ah, to scale
In empire-waist' floor-length is it pretense?
And for the pot of tea I'll sip for sense,
The dainty patterns on those walls' sweet bail.
Don't ask me why.  In scrubbing bathrooms' tour,
I could not settle on just whither to
Until that note piqued languid thoughts as twere.
I've been there so oft for discussions through
Each novel, t'would be quite refreshing, poor
As fiction's vain suggestion, if'd could do.

What's left to add?
...the last of three for national poetry day when writing one's become a chore.


Tis nash'nal po'try day, and I've from thence
Ne words for aught.  To be suffices.  Pale
Hours watch rain trip on puddles to avail,
As I wish to be out there listning, whence
Do not take notes; thet silver eye suspense
Just trims its nails through, sans a voice, is frail.
And when those navy racks glowr in betrayl,
I note orange bushes, yet hopes are pretense.
We have our dinner now as gloaming'd stir.
Wash dishes after, while the dark night to
Effect is black, so very black.  Who tour
Upon these roads are like the fireflies through
Warm August twilight.  Oh!  What is't as twere?
Why's writing such a chore?  Will being just do?

Please dinna waste your time trying to correct supposed spelling errors since I deliberately penned it thus for ease of reading.
Or to clarify:  I'm a carved out Honeydew melon, empty since my mother's passing.


Pink tinges gloaming as we walk in pale
Last minutes to the car, as if fr'intents
Dusk feign would swallow aught we'd known from thence,
And lo, how naked trees lined up to scale
Wait gauntly in the fading light, boughs frail
Sans vestige of that leafy cover's dense
Mass, orange piles at the curb and sidewalk hence
While red wars green for rights to erm, detail.
Subdued, I've lost the heart to play as twere,
My niece sad I'll not voice the captain who
I thence respond to in our sailing tour
Of distant realms; and yellow flutters through
This grey eye of last minutes, half astir,
Game Over haunting all we had or knew.

Back when I'd babysit her routinely a couple years back, one of the many games we'd play was sailing the high seas.  I was both the salty captain and my own hapless self.  She still loves that one.
Oh! the title is--oh my! Vaguely reminiscent of Keat's sonnet...."O solitude, if I must with thee dwell/"


Watch yellow rags just flutter on boughs thence
Sae black with rain; the naked trees' detail
Now haunted by sheer mists look ghastly, pale
White's shroud their coverlet, Death's kiss from hence
Upon the massy groves as reds tinge whence;
As if some painter's brush splashed aught t'avail
In careless fashion, orange glares through the veil,
And my soul'd cherish that mystique's vague sense.
I'd love to wander through this fog as twere,
Just where none else dare tread, as if what'd woo
Is ghostly spirits I'd commune with, poor
Though that suggestion is.  But that won't do,
Of course.  Ergo, I watch, nor have a minute fer
All that, to dream or be, just pass on through.

NOTE:  the challenge in this sonnet which also impeded my ability to write period, was an old one, namely: how put into words what your eyes see?  Oh, try, forever try, and fail by definition.
NOTE:  L4 and on was tricky since you can't very well dictate what the sonnet shall say, but I wanted to note that down for posterity.


Mists shroud the thought of yonder, ghostly, pale
White none pierce 'cept by halves, a keen suspense
In tow as traffic rushes on fr'intents
These rain-wet highways; one sports car'd derail
Ere we are out of town, left in betrayl
'Non facing all who'd been in his wake thence,
While box-trucks, dump trucks join the race from hence
As cars, vans, pick-ups and ourselves chase bail.
My niece declares she wants to touch as twere
Thet fragile thing called mists, whose haunting cue
Blots out all we'd known heretofore in tour.
Yet likeas spirits none can finger to
Aught satisfaction, we tell her "That's poor--"
And how our souls maunt see, LORD, 'til with You.

It was unsettling, to say the least, to see that sports car half steamily facing whom had been his tail moments before.


So, listen to the furnace, rain t'avail
Beyond, where dark night shrouds what I'd from thence
Feign nestle in, just marching with a sense
Of all we cherished for a minute, pale
Sheer lamplight glaring on the weeds' detail
As if I was but dreaming, sleepers hence
Half paused to hear me rustling for intents
Through darkened rooms, and I can't e'en exhale.
They're all tucked up where last night I as twere
Was first in bed cuz they came back late, to
Be up into the wee hours, I in tour
As late as wont, like tis my schedule through
The years, and crazy as tis rather poor;
And dawn will come when I'm at work.  What's new?

This part-time job has and continues to see me working weekends and holidays.  ....I allus thought Columbus Day should be a holiday, never realizing that was because of school.
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