Terry 5d
The tongue is lethal,
A sweet coating for a rotten core.
Every shift of the tide
is another lie.

The tongue is lethal,
a small dose of poison for the chronically ill.
Every promise is broken
and my heart becomes frozen.

The tongue is lethal,
a silent drowning in shallow water.
Every attempt to demoralize
the psyche brings tears to my eyes.

The tongue is lethal,
an eye wide open as my mind drifts to sleep.
This tongue of mine
is a weapon for surefire demise.
In the darkness of winter
find the light
inside your soul

offer it to those you meet

In the coldness of winter
find the warmth
in your heart

offer it to those you meet

for when you give
your light

you receive them
like a flame's
reflection on the window

In the bleakness of winter
find time
for yourself
for introspection
for rest
for renewal

a time
for inactivity

to see
the quietude
of nature

draw that calm
into yourself

Find joy
in simple things
a cup of tea
a crisp tart apple
warm wool socks

Curl up
by a cozy fire
to read
to plan
to dream

Take with you
a seed catalog
to hearten

a craft book
to inspire

a book of poetry
to find tranquility

When you've rested

Let your mind
create a space
of fertile ground
to later sow

Let your mind's hands
dip into the loam

smell its mellow

Close your eyes

Let your mind
whatever it is
you wish to cultivate

see its bright green

let them fill
your mind

in the anticipation
of spring!
Out of season for some, but  the Southern Hemisphere is coming to this phase of the year and the Northern Hemisphere's winter held on a long time this year...so maybe not so much! :-)
Staring at the girl who used to be innocent and pure,
Now just a mannequin of hated nothingness.
Dressed in the color red, a representation of love,
Now representing only that of which she lost.
The tears running down a perfect porcelain face,
Smudged makeup smeared upon its appearance.

I am beginning to realize I was nothing more than a burden, a bother, a mirror reflection.
Mocking me as my world comes crashing down,
My heart now unknown and forgotten.
The perfect picture you painted me to be was not even me at all.
Dolling me up, and puppetting me around, to follow your every will and whim.
You pressed me into this mold of a person, you taught me who I should and shouldn’t be.
So now that you’re gone, which me, is me...?
Who am I supposed to be?
Janine 3d
I said no
Yet you marched on,
Trespassing my organs
Towards my beating heart.  

I lowered my defences
Hoping you would stay,
But infiltration lasts longer
More than a simple day.

I withstood the invasion
Knowing the pain would end,
But attacks upon my people
Took many weeks to mend.

I grew too attached
Under your dictatorship,
I bent my body
To serve your needy grip.

Unwilling to let go
When you were ready to leave,
Unable to understand
Your eagerness to concede.

Did I not give enough?
When you tore through my lands?
I will never be enough
For your greedy hands.
A very personal poem so please be gentle x
Yudoni Jan 24
Most of us want to be in peace, at ease,
and there are several ways for this to be,
Comfort without perspective- that's luxury,
Taking a moment, not facing reality,
Can be easy with joy, love and family,
A place in time where we can be free,
Only seeing what we want to see.
Satisfaction from labor- that's achievement,
End of the day after however long spent,
Feeling secure with cash for food and rent,
Relaxed at home, glad that the time went,
Reflecting at the days' end.
Desire in consumption- that's emptiness inside,
A hole with a hunger that won't subside,
From food, alcohol, drugs, shame or pride,
With a big appetite and smile wide,
Being full comes when you put your plate aside.
Paradise while in love- that's temporary,
True love is resilient against a world so scary,
Falling in love is easy so be sure to be wary,
In honeymoon phase you can't comprehend a ride so hairy.
The different ways of finding a sense of peace
jul 3d
My reflection stared back at me,
Saying the things I’ve yearned to hear.
For the longest time, I’ve hid myself,
Imprisoning my fear.
I was scared to be imperfect;
My reflection simply sighed.
“You are everything,” it said,
“I can see it in your eyes.”
Natasha 3d
Guy One liked thick girls.
But I didn’t have curves so I started
Doing squats
When I would take a picture I would cringe
At the flatness of my ass
The thinness of my thighs
The sparseness of my arms.

Guy Two liked skinny girls.
And I had gained some weight so I started
Eating less
Running the treadmill
Pretending drinks were meals
I would stare at the toilet bowl and cringe
At the rolls in my stomach
The bulge above my jean hem
The loose skin below my chin.

I like strong girls
Who look in the mirror and smile
At their curves and dips
The stretch marks and bones
The freckles, the dark circles, the dry patches–

My body is a sanctuary
And if you don’t like it
Then fuck off.
Yan F 3d

i threw
a coin
a well

things i must
never just tell

my fingers crossed
while casting the spell

ripples formed as it fell----

and then it had shown
my still reflection

and as i leaned,
the image caught
my attention

it's still
in ripples
my whole

When a well fails to grant our wishes, it gives us something better--- the truth, a reflection
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