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Linespace Sep 26
Dreams shifting visions of reality being bent directly into my cerebellum.
It's nice.
The day's are Sunny, and the air is hazy with good energy.
The sun vanishes and night encapsulates my psyche.
I hear splinters of conversations.
Fragments of discourse hurled into my dreamscape from their proper position in time.

This has happened before.
Same stories.
No. It has not happened before this moment, not in reality.
But being given this gift comes with the curse of the unknown;
Knowing what is to come
But never having a due date.
Linespace Sep 26
The room buzzes around me as I sit and stare into the wall stretching into eternity before me.
The flesh mannequins grin they're crooked and deceitful smiles, and speak in encoded tongues.
I read the lines between them and their words,
Slicing context from the arteries like my box cutter draining my poisoned blood.
The voice whispers for me to leave them to their own repetitive stories
And to isolate myself from the prying eyes of God.
As I close my blind eye, and rip open my third one,
The brain fires begin.
I live within the cataract blinding God
Kevin J Taylor Sep 2015
Shoulders rolling, rising
as icebergs from their glacier calf to sea—
as men, we fend the rimless wilds

With force, flung, withheld,
intelligence, ancestral songs of origin,
of prophesy, returning avatars

white seabirds
I guess you’re on your own with this poem. I can tell you where it begins. The scene is set in ancient times, and as near as I remember— a northern, coastal region following the spring equinox. A few of us had embarked upon a quest to find The One.
The One: Everyone knows what "The One" means for themselves, whether they love or hate or are indifferent. Of course, "The One" was not what we called such a Being but it serves to communicate. The name does not matter for the purpose of this poem. Most of Earth have heard it anyway, in one incarnation or another.
Calf: The offspring of various large mammals, such as cows (cattle), elephants and whales. Also, a piece of an iceberg or a glacier that breaks away or the action of this happening.
Fend: (figurative) To defend or attack with skill, make one’s way.
Avatar: The manifestation of a deity or released soul in ****** form.
Not all poems survive. I've lost a few and let others go. My current collection of poems is available on Kindle. It is called "3201 e's" (that is approximately how many e's are in the manuscript which is a very unpoetic title but a reflection on the creation of poetry from common things.)
Ignatius Hosiana Jan 2017
There Was A Baby in A Manger,
Whose divine life was in dire danger,
Of a prophetic destiny born
bound for crucifixion to mend the lives torn,
That biblical Baby in A Manger.
What I Feel Nov 2015
Arrows tipped with feathers red
Will fill The Devil’s heart with dread.
Feathers at The Devil’s feet
Will mean a devil’s death he’ll meet.

Ten nights he has to change his ways
From hellish acts to brighter days,
Or running he must surely start
Before the feathers pierce his heart.

For once he sees that deadly symbol,
Slow and sure, or quick and nimble,
Steady hand and steady bow
Will freeze him in the blushing snow.
George Krokos Oct 2015
A state of emergency may again soon be declared
something for which only a few have been prepared.
It will involve the whole of humanity on such a scale
that it will resemble in effect the oft told biblical tale.

Many people have been talking much about ‘the end time’
and it seems that what they have been saying isn’t a crime,
based on various words prophesied and written down of old
that mankind is undergoing now, past generations foretold.

The world as we know it has become full of corruption and deceit
there isn’t much hope in finding anything else that is so complete.
Even the forces of nature come screaming ominously in our faces
and uproot what we’ve taken for granted to be our homely places.

It would seem that the very thing we fear has slowly come upon us all
due to a lack of faith or trust in God going against His Laws we recall.
Though it has been preached that we are now under a New Covenant
and because of this it’s supposed to be something which is permanent.

But what this really does mean to all those who profess and seek the Word
is that in our own heart and mind or conscience God’s voice is to be heard.
In solitude and quietness we should often then meditate and go deep within
and reflect more on the things we could do better which don’t incur any sin.

Instead of being bent on revenge, pride and many another self-gratification
we should consider more the welfare of all those in need with contemplation,
and help to make this world a better place for us all to live in and call home
until the time comes yet again for God to intervene and make right His own.
Written in 2013.
Derrick Feinman Jul 2015
Power corrupts so
If you're God's agent on Earth
We must demand proof.

Everybody lies
But why's it inscrutable
When one "speaks for God?"

Write a science book,
With facts unknown if you have
Omniscient source.

If not, go away!
Why believe you; not others?
There's motive to lie.
Michael Amery Jul 2014
My dissatisfaction does not come from you,
It is not a reaction to your moods or your sometimes bleak outlook,
Nor your terrible self-imaging.

I remember laughing late into the night.
I recall with clarity falling in love with a woman who loved the world we found ourselves in and we laughed till we cried drunk on life and each other.

I sometimes wonder where that woman went.

At times I believe you when you say you whither within a relationship.
At times I believe that is part of my curse.

I do not choose a woman who is content to bake cookies and clean the house,
Though you do those things,
I chose you in your glory with all your lust and love and life.

Yours is a heart meant for freedom and no matter how loosely connected we are I am still the tether to which you are leashed,
And you are chaffing.

I do not want to let you go,
Nor have you asked to,
Yet what are we to do when the life you once celebrated is now oppressed from the summer heat?
I cannot offer shade cool enough to calm the fire smouldering inside of your breast.

Thus my dissatisfaction does not come from you,
Rather my bleak understanding of our future,
One I hope you know that I will do everything I can to discard.

I would have you happy and content.
I would have me the same.

— The End —