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joawee Jul 23
Words yet to be spoken
Poetry yet to be written
Ideas yet to be conceived
Songs yet to be sung

Don’t stop

Speak a little prouder
Write a little longer
Dream a little wilder
Sing a little happier
I’ve been feeling down and out. No words flowed from the pen, no songs, no idea nor inspiration. This is a self reminder, that i hope would remind you as well.
Fireflies Mar 17
I have never been loved
Or maybe i have, i just need to be reminded
Maybe the bad overpowered the good and now my heart has been numbed.
Leaving love to be something i once upon a time desired.
Innocent Tata Sep 2020
One could argue that as you get older, you become a better stoic. Masking your whims, desires and pleasures with logic, reason and meaning. Taking the less scenic route, becoming more utilitarian and the stick that’s up your **** plunges a little further..

And What about the artist that emotionally abuses the kid within and constantly exploits its innocence. Strumming the strings of vulnerability for relatability. Lusting over Monet clouds as painted tears conjure real ones..

Apologies for the preachy undertone, I too buried my cornea in the conneries without a veil, with chin to palm Coveting a utopia. However The dance around the bugbear has since become medieval. I gave it a good hug, tears of tranquility as we initiate the coagulation..

But I need a good light, one that outdoes a good filter. Sending shadows to the creases of the crater. The eclipsed sun carves the frame for a Godlike aesthetic and then I forget to write. Sometimes I forget I’m alive.
colette alexia Sep 2020
Take her to LA
Take her to our favorite places
Tell me do the city lights look different
Now that they’re up against her silhouette

Stopping under red lights
Tell me do you still take the time
To lean over and kiss her like you used to
Or does it just remind you of me and you
LC Aug 2020
the present world
can pull you back in time -
sometimes a gentle pull,
sometimes a hard yank
to remind you of the past.

you take a trip
to meet your past self.
you watch her love,
grow, make mistakes -
she and you are one.

then you take a deep breath,
whispering a farewell
to your past self.
you walk through time,
returning to the present.
colette alexia Jan 2020
Listen to the Spirit of God
Let it move you like the wind
God wanted to be their king
But they settled for something human
Remind me to trust you know matter what
Because despite the way it seems
You know what you're doing
colette alexia Jan 2020
When you get bored
I won't blame you for it
Instead I'll remind you of what once made you sure
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2019
We love eachother
At least that is what we say
If that's true why do we have to
Remind ourselves every day?
It just feels like family should be more than people you are required to love
Susan Nishimoto Oct 2019
What is it about trees that make them so special?

Why is it that they make me have a sense of peace?

Is it because trees are really alive like us?

Or that they stand so tall, reaching towards the sky?

What do trees remind us of when we look at them?

Why do they make me smile when I look at them?

Is it because trees are really like people too?

Or that they too, seem to have no care in the world?
I had written this when I was at work, since there's a lot of trees around :)
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