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Shadow friends dance at the edge of my vision
Somehow I convince myself that I'm with them
We smile and laugh but I'm still empty
Somehow I'm lonely when you're here with me

My rainbows fade into cloudy grey
I'm begging my shadow friends to stay
But night will fall and take you from me
And I will remeber that I am lonely

I'll walk in the dark, where I cannot see
And think up thoughts which swallow me
I'll bend until I break, like I'm made of glass
Good things placed in my hands do not last

My shadow friends are gone, and I'm all alone
My life is built up in this shadow home
Where I let tears fall, and I wallow in my pain
How I wonder what it feels like to be sane
Nicole 4d
She closes her eyes and dreams
Dance sequences, walks on bitter nights with coldness on her breath and *******
And she hardly even realizes
That her dreams were right there
Planted in front of her
The whole time
Because her eyes are closed.
She just needed to open them.
Bigyan Rai Oct 6
Pain still lingers
Feels like I'm about to break
standing here aches
Not sure how much more I can fake
Put out my fire
Wipe my tears when they roll down my cheeks
Give me a handful of midol
Swallowing the handful of midol pills
Not sure if it's all in my head
My back is full of sharp objects
Even sitting down is excruciating
Just give me a break
I need some time alone
Just being alive is painful
Nobody to love
Even though I try hard enough
Nobody is willing to accept me
I' m always on my own
Never had someone
Just dead on the other end
All hopes has vanished into thin air...
Blake Sep 28
If you learn to live life with sadness,
You'll never die with true happiness
Harry Roberts Sep 26
Some people outgrow growth and embrace decay
The love they had once is now all but flayed
So a veneer of ice is all that's displayed
It's hard to heal when one is betrayed.

Some people take and destroy what they want
When their cold it's not their accountability that haunts
It's their hatred of others how self imposed abandonment taunts
It's a regime of hedonism that leaves a soul gaunt.

Some people can heal and reveal that living is choosing
That to get up and live is beautiful even when losing
It's a battle in a war and the essence of life is bruising
That the beauty is in the battle is the reason life is confusing.
Ken Pepiton Sep 26
A private memory shared with one close
closed bubble within my bubble,
on a San Diego winter day,
it came to pass
cacophony's child, noise,

beginner guitar and vocal solo loud as lungs allow,
making dischords and missed beats feel
like, demons
sc'reaching into fretful, jobless Dad's brain

Stop, please! Tic, that was it- the point-end
track switch…

he was cut to the core, a full on ogre
as father
wound, through the heart

in tears of rage, he said,
I was worshipping…

said the child, and
he had been

worth, with his whole little fist sized heart,

Dad had been working, in service of some other god,
slowly going mad.
The forms of ideas seem to simmer when I share them here. I learned forms and ideas were one, in the head on Plato's broad shoulders.
Chiara Sep 25
Your blood flows so freely,
Quickly seeps through my fingers.
I try to stop it, but we cannot linger.

We have to flee,
Enemies draw near,
But your life is fading
And it’s only for me.

You stopped the arrow
Intended for me,
Didn’t hesitate a moment,
But jumped before me.

You saved my life,
A debt I cannot repay.
And I fear for the cost,
For now you slip away.

You’re steps from death’s door,
But what can I do?
I want to do something,
I want to save you too!

But I know my chances
Against the forces ahead.
They steadily grow slimmer
As I hold your hand.

I want to scream,
Demand to know why you did it!
I love you my friend,
Why did you do this?

Then it happens:
You touch my face!
You tell me to flee,
To go and save them and me.

But I can’t just leave you,
I wouldn’t dare!
But you don’t back down
As death stains the air.

You tell me to go,
To live on with the rest.
A stray tear leaves you eye
And I cannot deny.

It’s the last thing that you want,
The last wish I can grant.
I place a kiss on your brow
And rise to my feet.

I inhale the air,
All I can get.
I shout out loud:
Retreat! Follow me!

We’ve been successful,
We’ve escaped with our lives.
And we’ll never forget
Those sacrifices made.
B D Caissie Sep 24
What has become of you? Your missing from our homes, our families and our relationships. People are forced to work multiple jobs just to get by never mind keeping up with the Joneses. juggling the responsibilities of home and work. who is affected most by this but our children and who they become.

Something we must remind ourselves on a daily basis that we live in a country that is free. Although there are cracks and flaws, we are blessed. We are all guilty of taking for granted all that we have and dare I say above and beyond our needs. Which seems to have become an epidemic of sorts. So lets not forget the word thankfulness and what it means.

our hearts to those in need, not just as individuals but as a country. It could be used to describe transparency for our government. Open to new ideas and not close-minded, free of walls and obstructions and not just in the physical sense. It could mean so much more than just a sign hanging in a store front window.

There's something to be said about the power of positive thinking. Sometimes it seems every word out of our mouths oozes negativity. Its a far to easy habit to fall into. We need to retrain our thought process and pay more attention to the words that we speak.  I'm reminded of that old misguided saying "sticks and stones..." Words can wound or words can heal, the choice is ours.  

I could be alone
I could be sad
I could cry myself to sleep
But I don't
I walk through cemeteries
And have panic attacks
And fall in love
Far too often
I guess that's just a side effect
Of deciding to live
This is honestly messing with my head. Is this what living is? Have I ever done it before?
When did things change? Did I really make that decision, or was it made for me?
No, I don't think it was. Other people decided to keep me alive, but I was the one who decided I wanted to live.
I'm glad too.
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