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Arke 1d
nobody writes poetry about the banal
the ticking clocks and coffee drips
clicked buttons and phones ringing
white walls with greige carpet
waiting in lines for daily tedium
this is where we spend most our time
existing in between the magical
skimming edges of something beautiful
our existence both mundane yet unparalleled
I feel grateful for every tea ring in my mug
pages of old books I will never read
time spent waiting for replies
or watching paint dry on canvas
because this sliver of existence
brief and bland though it may be
can occur only once at this very moment
and our fleeting mortality is extraordinary
Despite all my troubles In life, I became lucky later on with the girl who became my wife my darling to be
So all I'd done and been through was worth the pain and the tears shed through all those the
To meet the girl of dreams
she was worth every beating I took by my mother who abused me as a child all the times I was locked In a cubbyhole understairs for hours on end
That gave fear of confined spaces alone In the dark for my only company that of spiders I fear still
But Helen was worth everything I endured as a kid for meeting Helen
that was when I started
living for the time ever always said Helen gave
me a life I cried the first
Christmas we were together
Helen gave me live I'd never known when I met was the day I started living
Donna 3d
Today I smiled and
tomorrow I will smile too
Because I love life

Thorns 4d
An Ode to Thee Broken Memories

A thought to those wonderful moments

A teardrop for when it ended

But a smile because it happened

With a depression, for it will never happen again

And suicide to make the pain end

Revived by the sound of his voice

Living again to see his face

To see him happy

Though it's not and never will be with you

As long as he's happy

But I will cherish those moments

Those broken memories

An Ode to Thee Broken Memories
An Ode to Thee Broken Memories...
The beginning of the semester your kicking ***,
The end of the semester your fading fast.
The beginning of the semester you future is bright,
The end of the semester dull dim light,
The beginning of the semester your papers write themselves,
The end of the semester you can barely spell,
The beginning of the semester it easy to get up,
The end of the semester you seldomly show up,
The beginning of the semester the professors the best,
The end of the semester their just like the rest,
The beginning of the semester the classes are fun,
The end of the semester your ready to run.
The beginning of the semester you major ballin',
The end of the semester you eatin' ramen,
The beginning of the semester you can sleep without worrying about anything,
The end of the semester you stay up all night drinking red bull and 5 hour energy,
The beginning of the semester to the day of your last,
I wish you good luck and I hope you pass.
My prayers to whoever will listen when it’s passed my curfew
Overpowering patchouli smelling wrists that make me feel earthy
And new
How my heart skips a beat at every video of a sunrise with low-fi music in the background
My desire to take pictures of everything I find beautiful
And speechless
My hidden struggles of tear-stained pillows and a hint of yesterday's mascara
Pages unread in books I’ve mistreated and put down because things got in my way
Including myself
My fascination with everything and never feeling fulfilled when I’m learning
The overwhelming feeling I get from waking up as a human on this ship
Called home
Preaching my positivity and hoping anyone will listen
Wanting to help every creature who walks this planet
Even the voiceless
My fear of failure and death
But my love for living and experiencing
Intertwined chaotically
The fear of missing out because I got nine hours of sleep
The fear of missing out because I can’t afford to go to France
The fear of missing out because everyone else is beautiful
The fear of not being myself
The fear of never finding myself
The fear that I am myself
And more
aj Dec 7
I set your alarm for 9:00
hit the light on the TV
(it took me way too long to figure out how)
I threw a blanket over you and your limbs strength out of 3/4ths of the couch
your head tilted and arms wrapped around my vacant space as if you were still being held
I put your dishes in the sink
I folded your glasses and put them on the nightstand with your phone so they wouldn't break
I left a spot on the floor next to me in case you might decide to come down
the only thing I didn't do was kiss your check

11:30 I heard you get up for water
you set it by my feet and fell back asleep where I had last left you
as for the water, I must have kicked it
because when I woke up it was spilled all over the floor

reminding me that I always seem to be the one to make the mess
it was the only thing you noticed upon waking, the water glass

so after you left
I cleaned it, realizing as I did
that you never come down to me last night

so this time I cleaned until the room was spotless hoping this time you'd notice the difference I tried to create

but you didn't come home that night
I bit of a memoir
Don't lose yourself to sorrow
Embrace joy and live for a better tomorrow
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