the nocturnal neon zoo
groin deep in humankind

suckling life's sweet underbelly

swilling full
the luscious flesh festival

by the siren song
of sacred sensuality

I am a night being


I am a sentient being


my fingers burn
from dancing
with the fire-whores of
and indignation

I come
in a rolling glorious fire

fast and hard
tough as hell

and crashing in
howling mad
to scorch the night

with every devil I can find


a combusting carnal fireball

fierce appetite

roaring hungry
for life's deliciousness

longing to consume
every succulent morsel and crumb
of passion

pursuing truth



rob kistner © 2007
contemplation on living life full throttle eyes wide open
pookie 8h
Let me show you my pain
Let me show you my longing
Let me show you view

A perfect breakfast
Sunlight shining down warming my skin
A perfect cup of coffee
A ciggerette just lit with the whips of smoke catching the sunlight
A whores breakfast

A moment caught in between perfect and terrifying
A moment of peace and pain
No distraction from thought or feeling
A bitter sweet morning breakfast

A view of the world from someone else's eyes
Perfect captured beauty an image of someone's mind
The feelings rise with the symmetry of there view but lack the full impact
Why can I understand but not feel
A moment of pleasure and a pain
An irony set out for another day

A look caught across the train
A look caught while walking down the street
The smile and warmth the missed moment
A moment of agony knowing it will never be yours to know there desire

A chased moment as two lips meet
The tearing of clothes in passion
A must so strong no thought can intrude
A perfect moment in time music playing in the back ground
Two hearts beating side by side
It ends as it always does and everybody knows it can never continue

A memory of shared pain and remembrance
A look into my soul and you see the pain not emotion just pain nothing left of emotion
A tear rolling down a cheek weather mine or yours it doesn't matter because it's a shared memory of pain neither same or different an echo of agony neither can understand

See my world and understand the depth
See my point of view and know what there is to know
See the pain and remember your own

Find your way to remind yourself that this world has reasons to live

My point of view is just one and reasons have yet to be found but I'm still looking through tinted eyes to find my reason.
Bee 1d
Whenever I hear a buzzing
I freeze
my body in fight or flight mode
for the bee, the wasp,
maybe even the fly
or whatever could hurt me really
people will say
"Calm down, it's just a bee,
it can't hurt you"
But the world can be a scary place
I know
I have seen it
I have come back from the dark
too many times to ignore it
fought off monsters too many times
to believe they do not exist
so the familiar humming, low drone
of a flying insect
is a sound many can ignore
and just bat away
but it reminds me of the sting of
many experiences that came before it
so I freeze
and stand on guard
waiting for whatever can hurt me
to pass
never truly relaxing
knowing that things that sting
can come around
all too often.
things that sting
can come around
all too often.
Let's Follow The Rabbit
Who Worries That He's Late
Down To The Rabbit Hole
Where We Will Change Our Fate

Let's Forget The World
That Once We Were On
And Start A New Life
In This New Place
That Is Far Beyond.

Where Apples Are Poisonous
And Mermaids Are Real
Where Shoes are Made Of Diamonds
Crystal Clear

Where Kisses Are Antidotes
And Dusts Makes You Float
Where You Can Only Have 3 Wishes From A Lamp
And A Goose That Lays Gold

Where Step Mothers Are Evil
And Dwarves Are Good
Where Dragons Exist
So Does Magical Food

Different Kingdoms
Different Story
We Can Create Our Own Adventures
Don't You Worry

Together We Will Create
Our "Happily Ever After"
Together We Will Perform Mischiefs
And Laugh Hard Together

I Offered My Hand To You
Hoping You Will Grab It Too
"Let's Go To The Rabbit Hole Together"
That's What I Said To You

But Suddenly You Chose
Not To Go With Me
Down To The Rabbit Hole
In A Place Full Of Fantasy

You Smiled at Me
And You Told Me "I'm Sorry"
You Ran Away
And Left Me Completely

I Dreamed A
"Happily Ever After" With You
And Then I Realized
There Wasn't Even An "Once Upon a Time"
To Begin With.
Blake 6d
As my foreign bones and ragged skin were being disfigured and gritted underneath the heaviness of you.
I soon came to the realisation,
That my betraying heart was differing its rhythm...
It’s beating.
To match and partner with your own.

And although your mental and physical rebelled together to take and conquer my being and willpower.
I begged for your heart to have mercy,
To betray its instincts
And stop it’s beating...

So mine would unwillingly follow suit
and therefore save me from
Eternal sadistic blues.
I think my heart would of deserve it.
Sombro 7d
Cross eyes in the moment and shackle the breath
Sleep is a cousin to death
Fall through the warm ice and float to the deep
Death is a cousin to sleep

Live moons in your promise and hope not to be woken
Eyes stuck with stories are eyes shut wide open
Crawl through the chasms, look up the fire fog
And grow through your mind, drink in deep of your grog

Don’t listen to voices that part with their weep
Death is a cousin to sleep
Their freeness will split you and make words of your breath
Sleep is a cousin to death
might be a repost, but I just found this on my computer, enjoy :)
Serena L Jun 12
It starts like this:
"Where is my beginning?"
"Is there an end?"
"Where did the maddness
        come from?"
Does the ghost wail for
or for
Who do you wail for.
There are no answers.
Only questions.
What is your answer?
Now tell me your question.
The end is always nigh.
Especially if you are
        planning for it.
Yes. I spelled madness wrong. Its an artistic decision.
It’s such bullshit I have to keep my feelings to myself
So I don’t risk freaking you out
Again I resort to drinking my feelings
Because I have no shame
Everyone walks on eggshells
And it’s just so unfair
I have always been so brutally honest
I’ll admit it has been quite the setback
Very few people actually appreciate it
I hate that everyone has to keep their feelings and opinions to themselves
There’s no need to keep that shit buried
You only live once
Say what’s on your mind.
Dustin Dean Jun 10
Two serpents
Across the nile, swim across
Their sinful, hedonistic seed
Defame the cross
With delicious realities
Of an inevitable purpose
It just makes me wonder
If soon will come a hearse
Of everyday's escapes
If so, I'd rather not pass out
Before the end of this parade
What have I gotten myself into?
A dying cycle
Never anew
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