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Lily Audra Jun 3
Falling back through time,
Like closing my eyes and leaning face first into a pool,
Gives me a jolt sometimes,
Takes a while to focus,
Clear the edges into fine lines,
But when I do,
It's me and my brothers and our flat basketball,
Laughing and shoving each other,
Before we were jaded,
A pastel version of ourselves,
Throwing water balloons from their bedroom window.

Now we're grown and darker shades,
I want us to smile and breathe like we did together then,
I want us to play basketball,
I want us to warm ourselves on the comfort of each other,
I want us all to live vehemently,
I want us all to live vehemently.
When your mind attacks you, you can’t focus on anything else except surviving

Minute, by hour, by day
Until it fades
Becoming a soft hum in the background
krissie May 31
and then i arose one day, to realize i'd lost myself in time
perhaps i lost who i was because she's no longer here to find
or not lost at all, but found a new home - of this, i'm not certain
dwindling amongst the constellations comprised of all my other versions

but ****, i feel so free, i've found the keys to my own prison
wasted time looking for a better life yet all the while i was livin' it
let your soul live with intention, not in a state of suspension
live your potential that brings your most enlightened peace
live not to bridge the chasms in another soul's journey

put forth more energy to only that which serves you
untangle yourself from that which does not deserve you
don't let your waiting existence be made into a sport
cause one day you'll wake and there'll be nothing left to wait for
Diljeev May 31
The past fades, it must,
alas! you fade to dust,
oblivion be your death,
you are but a phantom,
words be thy breath,
mine in writing them.

you pull through,
A man merely has one
yet this one gives life to two?
One as elegant and lovely,
her immortality
deserved to be made true,
words be thy breath,
mine in writing them.

Dreams be thy eyes,
mine sinking in them,
hours, days, months,
passed and to come,
Our kin never dies,
never did, never will.
Johnnyqu33r May 26
May your silver beams illuminate
My crown rusted and weathered
Damaged by salt and course Earth
Gusting air howling and stealing
Leaves aged and clinging heavily
To what was their childhood home

Might you offer to calm my sea
Being roughly pushed and pulled
By your beautiful but ruthless phases
Crashing into my manicured shores
And undertaking my ships and
Seemingly innocent ******

You sit up there so far above me
Unapologetic for what you wreck
But such is this timeless ebb and flow
And your light does guide me home
I am humbled and thankful
Grateful for your pale embrace
Lisandra May 10
Drops of love
are falling continuously
over the streets and the roofs.
A long rain
came to wash away
the sadness.

Birds from my heart
went away flying
far, far away,
to deliver you a message.
The birds bring to you
rays of light.
You are my Soul Reminder.

In the same time,
I need to continue my life
without you.
I need to go on
Fully living
Poem written the 10.05.2021 (very rainy day in Lyon, France)
To all rain lovers :)
FC Azaele May 4
Time isn’t our friend,
It never was;
It never bends.

Time isn’t our friend
It feels no pain;
It has no length —
With no beginnings
nor an end.

Time isn’t our friend,
but we must make do
of the nature that we live
given our lengths.
for our story does end
Norman Crane Apr 26
reach out ye white antler antennae
up to the succulent sky
tree teach me how to always be
growing, spreading finger branches high
teach me roots
teach me the hidden why
of the fruit of not every leaving
is to die, tree
reach out ye white antler antennae
and blossom me into life
Erian Rose Apr 24
living between
the lens of a telescope,
endlessly staring up
at the planets and stars
skating among the ink
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