As all leaves have fallen to bare empty trees
Temperatures begin to drop
Colder and colder each day
From not being able to see your breath to seeing
And all the long sleeves and pants come out
With hats and mittens and boots and all other snow gear
Its time for the delicate and soft things to fall

For how could this be so soft yet hard at the same time?
Soft when first falling from the white clouds above
To being packed into spherical shapes to become hard
That is white all year round from cloud to ground
Yet when gone number one in or stepped on many times
Turns a different color

On those nights with the lights outside seeing them flakes fall
And looking so peaceful it just seems so relaxing to sit and look at
And watch gracefully fall for hours at a time

Thinking how pure it is to have something glide to earth
Making the round land we are on so beautiful you look in awe

To be outside no longer warm
To dress cozy to enjoy the weather and play in the fluffiness
Or stickiness and build with it
Just too much fun sometimes
After to come inside and heat up with some hot chocolate
Or maybe some tea and warm fuzzy blankets

The outdoors becomes cold and sometimes like ice
We choose to stay in and play some games and have some family time
Read a book
Or even a movie with some snacks to enjoy

Before bed as it continues to fall and watching it
As you begin to fall asleep makes the night relaxing
And followed by peaceful dreams

When grown and with the significant other or married spouse
For some to be outside and kiss under the elegant shapes
Is magical and sometimes cooler than kissing in the rain

To be able to build igloos and snowman
Making snow angles and snowballs
To tunnels and riding down hills
Snowshoe and go cross country on skis
To finding a sled or tube to ride down hills
Gaining speed and once in a while crashing
Or falling off with laughter to top it off
To catching them on your tongue
Sometimes even in the eyes but that’s alright
Because it is just water after all just a different form

With water freezing and some roads turning to ice
And lakes, rivers and other bodies of water freezing over
To skate on, play games on, fish on

It’s a wonderful season
Another time to get together with
Family from both sides
Enjoy homemade foods
Cookies that get made once a year
To ending the year and beginning the year
With the snowflakes that glide and shimmer

For some who don’t like to be around it as much
Or even as long
Vacation time is around the corner
To leave the white beauty to travel to warmer weather
For a week or maybe some months
But to come back with it still here
But not always

When it begins to fade and the inches become centimeters
To seeing the grass again
It is time to say goodbye
Goodbye till the end of the year
Goodbye winter gear
Goodbye but not for good all them long sleeve and comfy clothes
To the hot chocolate we all love
But secretly still have throughout the year

Saying Hello to warmer weather
Temperatures rising
Rain coming
Storms coming for May to bring flowers
Once again

Goodbye winter for not many will miss you
But there of us who will and
Be waiting till you come again

You are many things
Many ways to describe you
Even though you can make us cold
And yet enjoy your presence
See you again
I woke up to the falling snow
    it is gentle and quiet
        as if it holds the breath of the world

hostage with heavy silence
    twirling and swaying, so
        trance-like in the dance

unsure of whether to
    rest crystal droplets upon
       the branches or

to settle and expand into a sea
    of glistening winter white—
        reflecting ribbons of early light that

crash through the pale branches
    of the still sleeping trees
        in the distance

I can see the sparkle of
    their halos standing out against
        a wisp of clouds.
Seagulls in meadow
February sun gleaming
Spring is in the air
It still very cold outside but the sun is shining bright reminding me of a spring day :)
Inspired today x
April 1d
Take in the cold,
Let it deep into your lungs,
Feel the mist against your skin,
A new flurry of feelings,
Your arms tingle,
With each breath more heat rose in puffs of white vapor
The frigid wind pokes you like icy fingers and wraps around you like a shawl woven from the snow itself,
The tip of your nose is no longer there,
The laughing wind creeps up to you,
following you up the mountains,
hissing at the warmth of your body,
The wind whistles and snow sings as it falls,
The wolves howl and the bears snore,
The leaves crunch and the branches snap,
They all come together yo create the beautiful song of winter,
But alas, only you can hear
It’s seems as if my mind always returns to nature.
ayd 1d
my hands are cold
they’ve been cold for a while now.
I’ve lost a lot of life
and it only feels like I’m drowning yours now.

im not okay
and i can’t risk spreading it
it’s so difficult to open up
i realize it more

it makes me feel weak
it makes me think
that, i am pulling someone down
i Live in darkness

they're are glimpses of light
Every so often
But evidently, there are more black outs then there is light out

im a lot like winter

then, summer comes right?
but not mine, mine is winter.
and i always meet summers.

people who live like summer even if they feel winter
Friends, lovers, family.
the opposite of what i am
im trying to understand.

i have some traits of summer
But they’re all just....
not enough
to be like summer's.

my sun shines,
just not nearly as long.
my plants grow but
nothing like summers

summer you’re beautiful
you always will be to me at least
my friends hate you
Because they say you’re to much to handle

they never make sense
I can only love you.
Because you and i
will never live together.
a rough piece with only one meaning.
Change me into a snowflake,
Dancing lightly in the wind!
Change me into a snowflake,
Thro’ the misty air I’ll spin!

How exquisite and fluffy,
Soft and delicate it is!
Does no one e’er feel pity
To see it flat aft its bliss?

White and fluffy, soft and light;
I will watch you forever –
I’ll dance with you thro’ the night!
And love you as my sister.

Let me dance with you tonight,
Tho’ I’ll be dead hereafter;
Kiss me, I will take the flight,
Little snowflake forever!
Dreams are reminders to remind us
that we don’t pull the strings:
we don’t know why
a sunset makes the heart sing
nor why so many people lie
and lead dreadful double lives
and when we die, where do we even go?
Will we deem that final, fatal blow
we’re dealt worthy of being felt?
Or like snowmen maybe
we’ll just unknowingly melt
in a daydream?
I hate winter
It gets cold
No foothold

I hate winter
It gives you
Huge energy bills
Cracked lips
Broken Hips
icy nose tips.

I hate winter
Full of things like
Snow shoveling
Car crashing
Plenty eating
Sick feeling
people freezing
double clothing.

I just hate the damn winter!
Tallie 2d
I crave the days of salty air
A time where swim suits are all we wear
days and days of sun
and your hair is windblown and up in a bun
ice cream trucks circle down the street
your plate piled with fresh barbecue meat
long days, short nights
so. many. mosquito. bites.
oh winter you can be so cruel
and I hate going to school
so summer please hurry
because I miss you and hate the snow flurry
I have run through snow
and heat before the cherry
blossoms have fallen
a haiku for the heat wave
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