there were birds
at my window
one winter.

they built a nest,
and i watched
it being built.

then snow
began to fall,
and the birds were gone.

I am electron
You are positron
I am moon
You are sun
Me, winter
You, summer

Yet continuosly turning in a dynamo twist
Burning, cooling, forgetting our places and time

We forgot, totally forgot.
This is the rule of the Universe:
The opposites are destined
To make the world go round
And shake it
Tremble it
In a bursting ball of passionate fire!


Not all men are the same
Some are men of the winter

those who have never tasted the spring,

whose hearts are like a cold abandoned
car drowned in middle of a freezing lake

for whom the northern lights is like sun
and icy breeze
often whispers to them slowly
to search for their hearts

and they embrace the lake,
the frostbites and the abandoned car
but never the spring

My seasonal crushes
Are like the changing days,
Here to make my heart beat
While they come out to play.
My seasonal rushes
Always fade away,
I'll remember them
Even if they aren't here to stay.

I loved winter for so long
For his pure glow.
Looked like a blanket
But he was cold snow.
So much time thinking I belonged,
Still it never felt right
To keep something
As only a glittery sight.

Then came summer.
Felt good to melt my cold bones.
And what a stark difference
That I didn't feel so alone.
He was fiery motherfucker.
Gave me a sunburn to call a tan,
Got a heatstroke and realized
I needed a fan.

Autumn is beautiful leaves,
Like the ones he rolls and smokes.
Mellow and no extreme,
Easy personality to take and soak.
Autumn is beautiful but leaves,
Never sure where to expect him,
All I could know was that
I'd see him every now and then.

Spring, you are so sweet.
I never minded April showers
When you are so warm and clean,
So I could talk to you for hours.
You're really hard to beat.
You are a possibility.
My here and now,
A different probability.

It's crazy how much changes with time. Years give different destinations. Months are mile markers. Days set your sail. And seconds can have you stopped to smell the roses, or they can knock you miles away.

Butterflies emerge
On edge of winters cold lips
Fluttering a smile

Duties were tormenting me
like Tetris pieces raining
at an impossible speed.
I made chamomile tea,
and waited for the “GAME OVER” sign.

A man with no face
went to the edge of chaos
once I fell asleep.
He demanded a blanket
from the winter, a song
from Mercury, and a smile
from me.
And arranged them beautifully
without gaps
like Tetriminos making a line,
and disappearing
as I woke up.

The cold reminisce of foregone winter
over sea-froth, in constant motion.

Paint your toenails bright
yellow and be like the sun
Even in winter

Hey y not it will be fun :)
Star BG 7d

In the arms of SUMMER,
I’m caressed with birds song,
and rolling green hills that grace eyes.

In the arms of FALL,
I'm cuddled with a breeze,
and colored leaves that tickle eyes.

In the arms of WINTER,
I'm embraced with brisk wind,
and a grand snowfall scene for eyes.

In the arms of SPRING,
I'm held with energies,
and new born ducklings swim in eyes.

Eyes that open heart for gratitude
to echo as every season is a gift.

StarBG © 2017

Kim baker inspired this poem
Wanderlust Jun 15

Winter is the worst time.
It's the time to be held tight.
Not all can be held.

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