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A Poet 2d
Shield-Maiden, Lover
Sister, Mother
Embraces owing
Life unfolding
Blessings upon the fiery hearth
Tears above
Love below: relieve our toil
Darkness ebbing
Rhyme unending
Listen to my bold tale!
Red hair flowing
Sunlight growing
Rising upon the hill
A song of springtime
Complete this bold rhyme
Hear now my tale!

Set out into the dark forest with newly picked flowers for the hearth, grasped within a meager coat. Clutched in bare hands and protected against her chest from the cold wind which blew so insistent. She was not far from the village when she met a woman on the road.

"A penny for your thought? A purpose for your soul?”

“I do not think so.”  

Mysterious crones on a lonely road.

“Perhaps mittens to keep an old woman’s hands warm?” scratched the voice of the Crone.

The girl who wished to be on her way produced one flower from her coat,  

“May the thorns keep your hands warm as they do mine.”

Fresh blood dripping from the open wound,
the Crone graciously accepted the rose.

“For this trouble” she said “I will return a favor of my choosing...for you did not give me what I asked... I give a warning. You may not know of such things, but on this night, in these hills is a crone not unlike me. When she asks a favor of someone, and they do not give it to her...she takes them, then buries them in her garden to make the spring come faster. She always asks for that which cannot be given. The snow cover and the full moon coming will sneak night upon you. Wherever you are heading you must stay the night. For if you travel back you will surely lose your way and find yourself food for the flowers.”

The girl who had been taught to be polite even to witches nodded and replied,

"Thank you for your gift.”

She headed on her way not believing a word of what the old Crone said.

Still this dread loom is woven with defeat. Even for the gods who would keep us safe from evil,  and guard us from death 'till the end of days was determined.

I say for us all in this song that after light had dropped, the first of the frost did melt.
Winter, one night, came to visit me
It sat in the chair opposite me
In a dark room it blew a chill over me
Ripped the cover right off me
Naked and hunched, it mocked me
Then fell in love with summer and left me
My blackberry love
you stain fingertips, lips and tongue
bittersweet purple
grown on a summer of promise
to end by watching the day
retreat past equinox
feels like loss
and though the longer night has virtues
there are dangers too
behind the fairy lights
and dazzled trick or treat
the immutable cold waits
I hate the winter
not a single bone unchilled
trapped in my blanket
warm but lonely
the outside veiled in white,
reminds me of death
white with mist, not with snow

I hate the spring
it is far too cheerful
like a façade, or a satire
luckily it's quiet short
even God wants it to go away
because joy never stays

I hate the summer
it feels long and distant
it is loud and real, cold and brutal
The noisy cicadas hollering in the hazy air
and asphyxiating youth out there
and no blanket to trap myself in
I just hate how alive it is

Though I do enjoy myself in the company of Autumn
The carcasses of fallen leaves
And skeleton of the trees
It is pretty
It is silent
and the occasional rains
to put out the fire in me
Everything resembles the colour of my skin
I don’t get to see that often
I wish the cycle of seasons ceased at this point
Early Autumn
Brown Forever
seekai Sep 2
I walk through a ghost town
where I’m never alone,
kicking empty cider cans across the road,
whispering secrets to the stale, morning air
where my life, at a standstill,
hangs over the beat of a single heart

and a single large Eye,
always watching,

judging my footsteps as I cross
the path, to a flatland, between the forest
and the streams of music playing in my ears -

there's a spring in my step this cold winter.
Even though I don’t see the sun until it’s too late,
I dance, like the dead, poison in my veins,
because I’m free from my grave.

I’m free from monochrome soil -
draped in a bright pink dress,
I kiss the days away with a warm hand in mine,
and a stolen, back-washed bottle in the other.

I skip on the pavement, rocking back and forth
to high notes and drum rolls,
where I find myself moving between friends and pages,
collared sweatshirts and daydreams.

I whisper my moments of happiness to the North Wind
and hope it travels South,

down to you, down home,

where you’ll hear of my vices
and understand everything.
this poem captures my first term experience in my first year of university. it deals with new-found, personal freedom, along with the chaotic response that comes with it. there's a sense of despair within the anarchy, but also a feeling of homesickness - i've missed you through it all; i want you to hear of my adventures.
Axion Prelude Aug 29
in shades of plastic yesterdays
the silhouette carousel spins me around
and around a cold steel cage

and it is your breath i want to drown in
setting free some broken wings
seething life and love and everything
from words we haven't even spoken yet

singing melodies and catchy tunes
we can play them all together
on our heart strings luring suns and moons
and we can watch them set and rise and fall
again and again forever

and the hopelessness would melt away
with a looming whisper of summer
silver-lining an echo of spring

Skip the winter baby
'cause i cant seem to want this
to feel so cold anymore
not without you
and the mornings in each others arms
with the bright lit sky breeding days anew
could keep us warm together
For C. ~
breeze Aug 22
As I am falling into the abyss,
I try to hold on to a thing,
yet there is no way to resist
cold-blooded gravity of swing.

My head chill air begins to hit,
and with the accelerating speed
I'm wondering: "Shall this be it?"
My eyes feel heavy, I think: "Indeed."

A moment later I hear them scream,
as time slows down I face a flow,
I follow it and think: "Bad dream,"
Eyes closed farewelled by dancing snow.
A winter's day on a
Cold snowy November
Crisp snowflakes twirl like dancers
Falling to the ground sticking
Like glue winter has slowly arrived
And bitter coldness in the air

Bitter chill and cold winds blowing
Grey sky and grim seens

Winter has slowly arrived

Heavy snow over the hills
Once beautiful and green

Winter has wreaked havoc
And the snow is still falling down

Frozen leaves on the ground
Winter has arrived cold chill  

Not a star sparkling in the night sky

Everything frozen as you walk by

Winter with it's wickedness has
Arrived leaving it's beauty in it's path
For the whole world to stop and see
Beautiful Winter has arrived and everyone
Can see.
Snow ❄️🌨️
Cold 🥶🥶🥶
Life 🧬
Sasha Iqbal Jul 26
Streetlights glow softly tonight, oh such a simple delight,
Fleeting through the blurred streets, how quick my heartbeats,
Footsteps in snow; paired with faces aglow,
Pitter-pat they go,
Down in Trafalgar Square

A Nordic pine so fine, a true one of a kind,
Upon which one could not scribe such beauty in mere rhyme,
And you'll know it's the right time
When ears hear tunes of glee, eyes see sights carefree,
For it is the season of joy and celebration,
Down in Trafalgar Square
soon we'll say goodbye
to winter's boreal order
of freezing disdain
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