ambient 10h

it's true,
that's what I am.
during the winters,
it's easy to swagger around
and say: "they throw a snowball
at me, and I'll beat them all!"
but as reality stands,
you capitulate and can just as
easily be ironed by a shorter,
more gutsy woman
(and most certainly a man)
as well as a troupe of 9, 10, 11
year old kids.
though sometimes, we learn
how to become paper tigers
from the best of them.

9-23-17, 23:48

The sun finally came out today
After 12 hours of murk
And now it's faded away
Drifted into dark

I hate the way the winter arrives
When it goes dark at  4 'O' Clock
The darkness comes into our lives
And depression starts to knock

Upon our door, we let it enter
And it turns out our lights
At 4'O' Clock it has sent a
Dart into our lives

Every year this darkness hits
At this time of year it starts
I've got to learn not to give a shit
Not to let the dark into my heart

Like winds
               blowing from the north
or snowflakes
               sheltering the earth,
like the crystal clear skies above
[your heart]
sparks my life with love.

Like homing robins on the wing
or warm raindrops in the spring,
like arching rainbows up above
[your heart]
sparks my life with love.

Like soaring eagles overhead
or roses in a summer bed,
like golden sunshine from above
[your heart]
sparks my life with love.

Like ivy
           climbing on the wall
or the welcomed breeze of fall,
like the twinkling
            stars above
[your heart]
sparks my life with love.

© 2017 Brianna Love/SA/DBMA

Moving Home during a monsoon
Summers turns to Autumn for advice
Stuff begins to Fall
  Sinking into the season,
We break up

Another winter heart break
Gets composted slow roasting
Fertile for Spring
Unless I keep adding waste to the pile...

You are beautiful
Naked and chapped
From the wind
I see your boots
The silk laced up
Heavy, hidden under dark fog
In dry mornings
The mist chokes like two palms.

I miss the innocence
Full blooded and the milk
Draped skin of care
Being able to make decisions
In dimming light
Wet thumbs suffocate the day
On our aphotic walk
You tread like jelly

I look to hold
you like a new-born
make the bed
to keep you outside.
It doesn’t look right
Now, searching for a substitute
For clocks to turn
Or to cheat light.

When I was little
I used to love scribbling
Just like leafless trees

Winter leafless trees always remind me of scribbles x

Lovers in winter
Playful jests before tall springs
Candles sway nervous

© Poem by Lyn-Purcell

He's like the first snowfall
in the beginning of winter.
After the heat and craze
of a stressful summer,
he shows up to cool you down
and is so lovely, but funny too.
He'll cheer you up,
even if it means throwing a snowball at you!
While blizzards sometimes occur,
he always goes back to that softness.
The softness that looks so perfect and simple.
The same way it looked
after the first snow fall.

I had a dream we were walking in knee deep snow. You smiled at me and like the snow, you glowed with the sun that peeked out at us through the clouds.
morning glory Sep 15

i wish our love could have unattached itself and fallen as gently as the autumn leaves do in the breeze; like a ship sailing smoothly at sea.
i wish our love had ended on a winter's day, so the memories would feel like icicles ready to fall on my skull, rather than fire creeping up my back, like the blazing summer heat.

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