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Shadow friends dance at the edge of my vision
Somehow I convince myself that I'm with them
We smile and laugh but I'm still empty
Somehow I'm lonely when you're here with me

My rainbows fade into cloudy grey
I'm begging my shadow friends to stay
But night will fall and take you from me
And I will remeber that I am lonely

I'll walk in the dark, where I cannot see
And think up thoughts which swallow me
I'll bend until I break, like I'm made of glass
Good things placed in my hands do not last

My shadow friends are gone, and I'm all alone
My life is built up in this shadow home
Where I let tears fall, and I wallow in my pain
How I wonder what it feels like to be sane
The birds will sing again
for my sweetheart when summer comes around
the place where Helen
now dose
Its to where I'll lay my
flowers and sit and talk to her whilst listening to the birds as they sing there
loverly songs
Now winter on It's way so damp cold and miserable
not the place to be but come again the summer I will sit with her
And listen to the songbirds sing there songs for Helen cause In summer It's a pleasant place to be but for me another winter to get through
Helen always struggled In winter but come the summer she would come to life
noa 2d
this time of year feels like a memory already
Don’t you even close your eyes
Lest you miss how bright
This morning is.

Even the ice will fall in
A masterpiece of light
And though it cuts hard
Through the warmth of the night
I will lay my palms outside
And clutch it.

Reach with me now
Into the crackling cold
And feel something there
So pure
There are crystals dripping down
The insides of my soul.

Don’t you even close your eyes.
There will be diamonds drifting from the skies
From clouds so thick
And so white
This stabbing pain
Will be shredded into
Wild kaleidoscopes of light,

Similar to the ones in your eyes.

Let us not miss this moment.
Strip the blankets of summer
And feel the sting of truth,
A biting wind along my skin;
It sings


Don’t you even close your eyes
And if you should
Be it only in the circle of my arms
Where our hearts
Move in a quiet beating
And the rest is silence
And rest is peace and

A bright moment worth waiting,

"Well the night's forlorn and the morning's born and the morning shines with the lights of love. And you'll miss sunrise if you close your eyes and that would break my heart in two"
Keiri 6d
By the skies of humanity
The endless waves of shame
The concept of artificial sanity
Am I playing only a game?

Straying while staying in the stage with so much stakes on my tray while I train on standing straight.

Breathing in my dreams while dreaming about breathing.

Shuddering at the promising sun cooling my thoughts, warming my body on the idea of a cold winter.

The ashes of my sins sweeping swiftly like world's first snow. I close my eyes, for darkness is the only world I would ever see.

Opened at last, my tired eyes witnessed the elegant cherry blossom before me.
Strong and proud the flowerpetals fall. Along with my sins, heaps of ashes into a mountain of grey and pink.

By the mother of my generation.
I shall stand by your side.
The epidemic of our nation,
Will hit us all worldwide.

There is no war fiercer, than a war with ourselves.
First poem in months, I kinda missed it, throwing those words out and just getting things out of my system... Sorry for following ''last poem ever'' with a new poem, I **** at quitting ;)
It’s too cold to be alone
So that’s why I’m thinking of you
Fọlá 7d
In the stables, or in the wild.
In the winter, or in the summertime.
In the shadow of the sunshine,
In the darkness of the cold night.

The Stallion must ride.
The Stallion must ride. . .
You remind me of fresh dew on the grass,
In the morning when it’s cold,
And still dark but the sun is ebbing,
Just below the horizon.

In the sort of calm way that a heart,
Can open,
I wake up to you like snowy mornings,
Mild frost and a chill in the air,
Just enough to make me feel,
A little more alive than usual.

Something crisp, and delicate,
Begs beyond the surface.
Is it the siren’s call?
I have no concrete idea of what this poem is about, but I know exactly what I meant. Somehow.
I'm sending winter a letter..

Dear winter today I starting viewing old pics of you..
Desiring you just a glimpse of you.
Oh How I miss you.. winter cool brew.
Send me your sister autumn
To let me know your gettin closer getting near.
Year long I wait the time your here.
Just a cool breeze, a hint, a touch..
want to warm up in ya so much.
These years I'm away from the snowy visions of mountains,
No scenes of others skiing.
In fun snowy snow ball fighting.

I'll display social profiles.
In fun cute wintery styles.
Viewing you winter brings me nice smiles.
Haven't felt your cold breath in such a long while.
I miss wearing my winter cool digs.
My cute boots
my winters suits.
Winters the closing of a year,
Signs of a new ones opening is right here.
Oh winter fun celebrations you bring.
With holiday feasting..
Families dancing and singing.
Its cold outside.
Lets cuddle up inside.
Dear winter,
I'm waiting..anticipating..
The seasons changing..
Winter oh winter be happy when you get here.
I know your getting near.
Hugs from a winter born child...
With a cool temper a soul that's mild.
Fashion for winter style.
Soulful creative lovable, huggable. now adult grown child.

Credits to [email protected] 2019
oh winter come on...
Translated by Przemyslaw Musialowski 7/20/2018

And the sun seems to disappear in the west
in beeches crowns, it sinks in green
and the night like a king sits upon the throne
and it shimmers in moonlight.

And nothing has changed - ages are passing:
the moon has not grown, the sun has not diminished,
hunter and hare do not count the stumbles,
no beginning will ever meet the end.

The crows are cawing though I do not know what
- allegedly they carry foretaste of winter
and it so happens that my eyes water,
because time turns winter's birthday

into the autumn's funeral. The last travelers
will sit for a moment as before the journey
the strangers sat with the household members
like a daisy with the most beautiful rose.

And so is the Earth that there is enough space for everyone,
enough water and air, fire and ash:
for the rich, the beggars, for those experienced by fate
- without favoring - it will host everyone.

Wieslaw Musialowski 6/14/2008
Friends, I am asking for your understanding, because all my translations must be proofread and corrected. Poems are hard to translate (even in free verse translations). The original is rhymed. Regards.
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