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And then I saw among the throws
A thousand summer winds below
Trickling away goes the light,
To bring the autumn in it’s fright.
Frosted and frigid the winter goes
In which the snow gathers in icy globes
Spring comes without dismay
Through the rain and sun it shines away
respiring corridors
   interior hospital night

                         ­         the winter
away facing
                       patient pacing

    in palliative care
for the age-ed out expiring
     iterations of ejecting death
       darkly dressed haggy wet breaths
        beds engaged
          berths of great ferment

corridor ; raked in
corridor ; ridden out squalling

a patient who has yet to reach
   the concluding condition of his fellows
   'Shut The **** Up'
mad for sleep
he's lost compassion

The corridor labours on
comfort touch lost among the hurt
sleep sad silence
warm holding hand left frozen earth
spoken softness breath out
sleep sad silence
stroked curls wind loosened winter
stretched across body abyss
sleep sad silence
taste empty belly strangled heart
a different love you keep
I’ll bloom in spring
Alongside the Californian hills.
When the rain paints
The terrain green
With speckled white wildflowers,
I’ll tiptoe on sunlight
to touch the sky.
I’ll be the brightest star
They’ve yet to discover.
Shooting, shining, falling,
And wished upon.
Dry land, crispy and brown
Underneath my feet on
A winter night.
abp & icp
A quiet morning
breath visible in the cold
a sky painted blue
Sitting here,
crossed legged
on the cold stone floor
counting down the days
until my diagnosis.
Will, I too be plagued
by my family curse?
cici 4d
some days are like long nights
swallowing the bitter pill -
we strive to reach the spring
Slowest striptease
I performed
While moving
From winter to summer
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