Crimsyy 3h

The season's now complete
and your winter's unforgiving
unless you let it show its teeth
and your skin's so pale,
your winter's made you frail.

How can you stand to love it so?
Why does your mind absorb everything?
How could you stand to
be with such a liar?
Winter's constantly
playing with your wires.

And I hate how you're
embracing this cold
like it's a part of you,
friend, please
I've never seen you so blue.

And I hate this winter,
I loathe your pain
how can I love winter
when there's hail in your brain?

- Crimsyy

A/N: Thankyou so much for reading (: Any thoughts on this one?

Cold nights earth becomes
A cosmic cutlery drawer
Lovers neatly packed

There's an avalanche miles above,
I can hear it. It was created
by my shouts of glee
cracking and breaking
the surface of the ice,
causing glittering universes to cascade
into the depths and extinguish
the fires of the damned.
The shadows are striping your body
into a silhouette, light hitting
nowhere, blind eyes gazing at me
in psychedelia.
There's a snowstorm inside you
and it's going to freeze
the chaos within me,
save me from them molten decay
burning its way through me.
I'm buried under decades
of ice, the brightest white,
healing me as the old sun
finally reaches my skin.

~~ My, my. ~~
Marin 6d

I once read in a book that moose never die alone
While looking through my airplane window
I saw a moose falling into the cold snow
All by itself with no one to turn to
Nowhere to go
I once read in a book that moose never die alone
It was a lie

Sam 7d

You're the winter flower
Blooming with the snow
A fragile beauty built to cherish
Eternity in your eyes

I am just a vine
Stronger than the rest
They try to stomp me out
Oh how I contest

If they come to pick you
My thorns shall shred their skin
The only thing I ask
Is that you nuture me within

Frozen tears float round and round
as whirls of butterflies scatter away.
In gleaming dance they descend to the ground,
blown by the blizzard, forlorn and astray.

Sawn off butterflies shoot between the sun,
cradled in your breathing,
half hearts and the senseless beating of wings ceases…
as stained glass lies fallen and broke,
warm in your hands
cold in your heart,
cradled in your breathing,
the beating of wings
lies broken.

Close your eyes. Dream…
The snow is falling just like leaves.
Things are sometimes not what they seem.
Innocent dreamer, look what you’ve done:
You’ve opened your eyes and eclipsed the sun.
Now ashen roses rain on the fields.

Winter’s city-wide.
Crystal bits of snowflakes
like butterflies
fly all around
in my head.
Close your eyes and feel:
as stained glass lie fallen and broke,
warm in your hands,
cold in your heart,
cradled in your breathing,
and beating of wings
lie broken.

Middle of Winter,
A flower sings the blues.
Painted red then brown.

Megan Jul 11

If I had to describe
Love as a season
I would like to think
For myself that is
That it would be represented
By winter.
Now I'm not just saying it
For the sake of it
I actually have given this
Much, much thought.
Ok so winters opposite
Would be summer
Alot of people would think
That love is summer
And maybe it is.
Hot nights, midnight adventures
Damp hair and Sandy clothes
Summer bodies and bikini's
And every other summer cliché
You could possibly
Think of.
I just sort of identify summer
As one night stands
Or new
Fresh relationships.
Because it's just a time
When you're absolutely
Or atleast I think it is.
Whereas winter
Is weirdly
More personal.
It's when you're wearing alot of layers
And your hair is always a mess.
Pink tinted cheeks
And hot drinks.
I feel like this is a time
Of the year
When I'm more vulnerable.
For some very odd reason.
It's a time when
You really know
Who the important people are.
It's when you know you'll jump in puddles with them
And freeze your ass of to keep them warm
Or when you have conversations
About stuff that really means something.
It's rain.
And the scent straight after it
I either feel cozy and warm
Or drenched and miserable
But wanting to be with someone
No matter which way you're feeling
I think that's love.

morning glory Jul 10

Wakes me up; strengthens my bones
This early morning sky almost makes summer feel like winter once again.
Unforced smiles; finally, some fresh air to breathe all on my own, in such a rare and quiet solitude.

maybe i'm in love with the sky
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