The boy, age seven
Stayed behind the others -
Remained outside in waist deep snow
While his newly assigned family
plodded and stomped onto the back porch of the great house,
shaking snow and cracked ice from their matted sweaters,
Shedding their scarves, wet gloves and socks .  
Loud excited voices growing muffled and faint
until they disappeared completely into the warmth and comfort of interior rooms.

It was the boy's first winter in western New York
and he had never known such monumental silence
or seen the world disappear so completely
in snowstorm and dusk.
His cheeks burned red;
His toes and fingers grew fat and numb –
How long would it take, he wondered, for fresh snow and wind
to obliterate his footsteps completely,
leaving no evidence of the path
that had brought him there;
Until it looked as if he had just been dropped into someone's yard;
as if he had just appeared from nowhere.

Before he began to move again –
before he headed inside with the others
he smiled.
In the space between his thoughts
there was a moment of silence deeper than anything he had ever felt before.

scooby 11h

I've seen to it to be left about,
a coursing, hushing let down.
To prove to you I leave rot out,
I see what's best about my withering brown.

A coursing, hushing let down-
take this as seriously as I say I do.
I see what's best about my withering brown.
My equinox benefits only you.

Take this as seriously as I say I do.
I'll come back and fall to fruit,
(my equinox only benefits you)
when warm tides cause seeds to root.

I'll come back and fall to fruit,
so see it to be left about.
A warm tide caused seeds to root,
I prove it and leave the rot out.

I am submitting this poem again, after a year it holds up, I still find the format quite beautiful.
DCgirl 1d

A cup of coffee
And a non platonic friend
I can cuddle with.

Brrr November's never been this cold before! PLEASE pay attention to climate change, folks. The poem may be silly but global warming is not!

nous devrions tous être
comme la neige
fore neige, c'est la beauté
et comme nous

nous sommes tous spéciaux
et différent
juste comme une
flocon de neige

et à la fin
juste comme la neige
nous fondons

"Just Like Snow"

we should all be
like snow
snow is the beauty
and as are we

we are all special
and different
just like a

and at the end
just like the snow
we are melting

Inhaling the toxin
And sinking in dust.
Here comes winter
The Choking is must.

Ajay Amitabh Suman

I am the author of this poem. This Poem is my Original work. I hold all the right in relation to my poem, as available in law. No body is entitled the use this poem , or any part thereof in any form without written consent from me.

Who will remember
The days of those snowy Decembers?
Or the pale orange glow of fading embers
Under the canopy of dark timber.

Who will remember and be glad?
My, The Times we had.

The sensation I miss most about childhood is the blissful freedom
We could have left this town and ran forever
I had my first kiss in a bowling alley snack bar
Within a Christmas morning star

I associate you with the winter: your shining black hair and cold words
We were both numb and it felt so strong
Could I return to the frozen bridge we would walk over every morning to school?
Making our way back to my house in the bleak afternoon

The best memory I had with you was when we tried to install a ceiling fan but it broke and destroyed the floor
Reminders of words, sharp tongues, and broken nails on trial
I go back to the feeling of my head split in two
I love the winter but I love you more

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Anna 2d

You look up
and see
❅ snowflakes ❅ dance
in the air.
You reach out
to catch them,
but they melt
as soon as they feel
your warm palm.

It's just snowing outside and it's so beautiful, so this came to my mind.
:) < 3

Winter can come now
I have hot cocoa waiting
And a sad novel

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