the winter weather
hasn't much appeal
always there's a coldness
displaying its zeal

freezing winds come in
from the southerly direction
to keep blowing around
with such imperfection

were it summer climes
all year long
one could easily delight
in the sunny throng

but alas we haven't
a seasonal say
about what prevails
on any given day

as I write this piece
for you to all read
we're receiving a drizzly
shower off the snow's deed
The Snowman

The Snowman stands there day and night;
His arms are outstretched to welcome all to the house.
He was created by a dream of him coming to life.
One day he will fade away, but he is not yet gone into the clouds.

When all becomes bright once more and the sun continuously shines,
The Snowman, unfortunately, will no longer be alive;
But he makes us smile because of what could be.
He could fly with us through the air, if we truly believe.

His carrot nose and coal for eyes,
Brings a smile to our faces as we build him a smile.
His arms are sticks, because of the stick men we have seen.
We had fun building him; there was enough snow to have built three.

We gave him a hat to keep him warm;
A scarf was placed around his neck as well.
The pieces of coal we used, to give his coat some buttons.
He looks to be in good health.

But nothing lasts and one day he will melt away.
We have only just created him, so we do not think about that time…
Maybe he will be able to stay.
He waves at us through the window as we close the curtains at night.
We wave him goodbye, before going to bed; he is now out of sight.
But he is still on our minds and as we close our eyes;
He is happy being outside.
Staring off into the distance;
What does he think of as he stands there beneath the full moon light?

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Blessings in winter
Rain of spring leaves
Drift home once more
Hearth captures all hearts
with love as a cloak
And we bond
This one is an old poem I just found reading my old journal from 2012-13.
Man, time seriously flies! And the trip down memory lane is great!
It really shows how much I've evolved with my pen!
And I sure as hell will keep on inkin'! ^.^
Thanks so much everyone! You're all amazing!
Be back soon!
Lyn xxx
Blaire 7d
the scent of your aftershave
mingled with
cologne and coffee,
your radiant laughter
was a new spring flower
blossoming out of the barren winter
Tatiana Jun 9
I sleep under the stars tonight
in the weary winter weather.
I've been hot for far too long
so it's time to make the transfer
of energy in my bones.
I'll allow them to grow brittle and cold.
So snap,
snap your bones
and find out that you are alone
So snap,
snap your bones
and do not let yourself grow.
© Tatiana
alexa Jun 9
you fell for me during summer
when i was in full bloom,
when i was open, loving.
ready to face the world.
you fell for me
as i was splashing in the icy waters
of the Jersey Shore,
holding onto setting suns
and tanned legs.

you first felt me fade in Fall,
my leaves crinkling, crumpling.
dying before your very eyes.
i guess you could say that’s when
you saw my true colors,
browns and burgundies and rusty siennas.
i was still warm to the touch, though,
and i reminded you of summer.

it was winter when we
cracked like ice,
those shards slicing our hearts like
Jack Frost paid our freezing love
a visit.  
i remember the cold in my heart,
the ache from the lack of warmth,
the frigid aura
surrounding anything i touched.
that’s when the yelling started;
snow falling so fast and heavy
we were up to our eyes in it
before we could even take a breath.

it is Spring now,
and i am thawing, healing.
i have planted my apologies like wildflowers,
but nowhere on purpose.
i promise you— soon,
i will bloom again.
I went the long way home
Lined with their blood in snow
And in the fall I know
I have the right to be alone
And they took me back to the dome
And they took off the blind
And then they tried
Oh hell they tried
You can tear me apart
Crack my bones
But you still wont find
A heart
PoserPersona Jun 8
The encompassing and deafening hum,
until Winter's grasp snuffs out the last one.

Malaise Summer fails rousing still Autumn,
by delaying the elliptical stone.
Unawares, she slumbers in chaste chateau.
Without prince Summer's kiss she won't be woke;
ode to sleeping beauty's enchanting thrall.
Though due time was granted, time now to stall.
For he can't let go his cicada heart;
singing beau woes for Spring prior long gone.
The pulsing winged drums maintains being sane.
Yielding to Fall would at first worsen pain.

The encompassing and deafening hum,
until Winter's grasp snuffs out the last one.
Poetic T Jun 2
We ponder the last
            thoughts of winter.
Gusting frozen kisses
            as a last verse
on its cheek of reflection

towards warmer visions.
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