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These hands reach for warmth
in these dreary months of bitter cold.
Some of us don’t want companionship,
we just someone warm to lie next to
until the thaw.
LPpoetry 23h
The most wonderful time of the year,
The holidays are here,
But wonderful for who?
For I have no cheer,
I always hear people say,
How they love Christmas Day,
But I do not belong,
So this day brings dismay,
For on this day I always feel blue,
And I always wish for something new,
For all I ever truly want,
Is just one person to come home to,
Others celebrate on this day with cheers,
But there are no such celebrations here,
For all I ever have on Christmas,
Are two blue eyes that are filled with tears.
I Look at the time 1 am awake again so much
pain seems to be
getting worse, no chance
of going back to sleep
not now, wide awake there's no point going
to my Doctor already
been told only get worse he said, I'd probably end
up In a wheelchair must admit starting very much to look that way, laid here
thinking of all the other
people out there suffering
the same, winter's here now not much to look forward too, but cold and more pain, Oh how I long for the summer to return to warm my bones and take my pain
Cold gets In my bones Osteoarthritis getting worse now winters here Oh how I long for the return of the sun to warm my bones and take away my pain
When the days go past,
They are hardly recognized.
While I held steadfast,
Ours were hardly prized.

Yet I took great care and bundled them together,
Warmed them near the fire away from bad weather.
But when I slept you stole them away,
Leaving them outside to die and decay.

All they needed was a little love,
A few small doses would be nice.
Still entangled by your own push and shove,
Not a minute more you would sacrifice.

Dear friend of mine that I still know,
I write to remind you that it snows.
Over the days that were our paradise,
For now they reside underneath the ice.
A small story from me to you.
My heart was ice
But I met you
Before I was ready
And patiently, you
Waited for my availability
I kept hold
Of all the cold
Until I chose
To let go
And let you in
To melt what had frozen,
And you were there for all of it.
Foreheads close
And noses cold.
Your love reached in
And warmed my soul.
There's a pretty purple floating tissue,
A winter coat that I have made for you,
To keep you warm and happy someday you'll be freezing.
There's a weaving of friendship at the sleeves,
And a few kind wishes for you to live,
Hidden in the creases on the strings under your head.

The lining is no gold,
I sewed as I was told,
But I made it yours only.
And you can make it black,
And you can make it *****,
But it will be yours only.

Embroidements of laughter at the seams,
Tainted with your words and voice in my dreams,
To keep your lips and eyes pleated and sparkling.
You can wear it whenever you feel cold,
The silk gets better when it's growing old,
And be sure the shades of your heart and his won't fade.

The lining is my heart,
You wore it from the start,
And you made it yours only.
And I could keep it there,
And I could give or share,
But it will be yours only.

So come out in the snow walking on your hands,
I will try to keep you warm 'til the end,
This coat is the love I have sewed for you, my friend.
Way above our little town
Sitting high upon the hill
The place we all  called Christmas House
And I think it sits there still

We used to go there sledding
No one once chased us away
That place we all called Christmas House
I wonder if they still sled there today

To us it seemed enormous
All lit up with lights so bright
That place we all called Christmas house
I wonder if it's still lit up tonight

There was a tree in the front window
You could see it from the road
The place we all called Christmas House
It was a palace when it snowed

There were wreaths in all the windows
The arbor covered with red bows
The place we all called Christmas House
I wonder if anybody knows

It's been years since I have seen it
It gave all our hearts a lift
The place we all called Christmas House
To visit there, it was a gift

We went there every winter
We would sled, have snowball fights
The place we all called Christmas House
Was always lit so bright

One thing I remember though
In all my time upon the hill
The place we all called Christmas House
Was always quiet, empty, still

I know it's been near forty years
Since I left home, moved away
The place we all called Christmas House
Still sticks with me today

It's a memory of a better time
When  the winters were much colder
The place we all called Christmas House
Makes me forget that I got older

I have to make a point this year
To fo home, back to the start
The place we all called Christmas House
Is on a hill, and in my heart
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