As a guide
In the dark
Caverns that
I will plunge
Living & rich
Fidget, Budge
Blood that will
Oh I can’t
Get enough
Of your marvelous

Ormond 1d

Scurrilous birds fly by,
To nest in the little painted
Houses left clear for them,
In awkward circles they romp
Their peculiar dramas
With tawdry wings.

Do they even witness
The skies revolving canvas,
New masterpieces each day,
How the light shimmers
In the sparkle rays of sun,
How the golden fields,
Of vales in sighted sweep
And dance, airy etudes,
By the windfall gusts
So suddenly arising?

These visions are marks
For but few, who hear time
As it plays in stepped quartets
Of the spiraling seasons song,
For the lone mercies, gifts,
To ones most gentle, merest,
Spirited eyes who gaze deftly,
Deep in sacred days,
From a window.

DJColzz 1d

I see the pain behind your eyes
Drowning your hopes for tomorrow
Love will wear many a disguise
To find a way through your sorrow
You feel you’re lonely everywhere
The world to you seems so unkind
All this time no one seemed to care
Your heart will show the light, you’ll find

The truth of your soul comes your way
The mind will only deceive you
Just when it seems you’ve gone astray
You know your troubles will leave you
Call my name I’ll be there somehow
Remember the love you found here
Every day when you need me now
Through the spirit, we are bound here

Falling like a star from the sky
Falling like an autumn leaf does
By your side, till the day I die
This is how falling for you was
You can hold me deep in your heart
You will remember true love’s place
When your world seems to fall apart
Think of me just stroking your face
Our true love is deeper than deep
It takes you from the burning pyre
With a little work, you can keep
The truest love you most desire

Ormond 3d

( Sonnet )

My love beamed back to heavens overrun,
In a field where we stood so held in light,
As radiance teemed, our crown of sun
And never again was any day so bright.

Never were flowers too alive, so moving,
As we, they blanketed the fields of youth,
A memory set in starlights of blooming,
Our innocence eternal, O such beauty!

But bliss became loss caged in that one day
And light was shed from a gift to a sorrow,
Luster of dream, once held, now so faraway,
Only memories of image, dim light to borrow,

How spark of bliss fades in young sun, so soon
Lovers overrun, once held, in fields of bloom.

Nikunj 3d

I am a song of peace
born in town of chaos,
I am light's seed
sown in a dark recess.
I am the innocent moss
growing on a hill,
I am the sweet whisper
inside a whirring windmill.
I am the edge of night
that comes along the way,
I am the bright sunrise
that'll dazzle your day.

A woman
here with
free speech
inured law
that once
was her
rift but
a fiddle
found her
midriff and
her chihuahua
growled like
a snake
yet saved
her much
aligned in
love again.

Dust Song Jan 24

Light and joy, wind, and passion, sweet amber grain and intricate whispers arrayed atop your  brow bringing glory to you to your handsome face and something yes something I remember from so long ago dangles in between the strands. I long to touch it, to wrap it in my fingers and hold it to my lips to breathe in this faded thing that rest amidst the curls this that is so hard to place. Ive seen it in my mothers face and have cried for it in fervent prayer It is as a memory, a scent, a feeling,  a gripping command for happiness intense but also quiet and vague. It is love and so much more it is where I sleep it is where I dream, it is a waive that washes up upon the beaches of my pillow. I lost myself in it bound between it's feathers, yes lost but not unreachable you have only to pull me down in to your lips and there is where I will be forever conquered between the two

Ormond 7d

To saunter through the chiming world,
Downy and white, a cloud burst wafted,
Fresh as the sight of a newborn furled,
A glimpse for mortals gazing gods lofted.

How lovely a way to sail through world,
By streaming to seas or wondrously land,
Fresh as the wave that breaks and curls,
To come from airs breezing from heavens.

Ormond Apr 21

In autumn, leaves fall and here is elegy,
Dry are the woods upon their bareness.

In winter, snows creep as they blanket,
White is the sun as it is sailing on high.

In spring, a melting of blood streaming,
Carries new flesh, a green world comes.

In summer, is a light so still and calming,
All creatures sing as they sit on summit.

Rachel Procopio Apr 21

I am much more than this body.
I'm a temple, I'm a soul, I'm a mind.
Sometimes I'm a movie stuck on rewind.
Reminiscing and replaying,
All the times I was decaying.
I am much more than this body,
That will fade with time,
Nothing lasts forever,
Not even this rhyme.

Written on 1/26/16
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