Ormond 14h
"I shall welcome the majesty of the virgin
Loam, the honour of being the daisies mantle
The goodly fortune to sleep under the golden
Stars who birthed my dream of grace and light.

World, ply my ship and sail it to the seas
Of love, poem and song, I proved unworthy
Shaper and so, whereby cold fates decree—
Here lies one, whose name is traced in vapour."
some's ambition gives way
like a young sapling
faced with a blade
submit to complacency
and you'll see no danger
but we the few
run against the blade-
embracing pain-
keeping one eye on our dream
and one eye on our name

our young lives
are all uphill climbs
some slip down
and decide
that dreams aren't worth it
if they must
work to get it
we see all of the doors
and none of the keys
before long
we've snapped out of
our american dream
do what inspires you and never stop to explain yourself.
Amanda 3d
When over, turmoil will help me learn,
It can teach a lesson of some sort,
I'm listening to the message distress sends,
There is so much to learn from losing, life is short.

On tips of my fingers rests wisdom,
Can only grab it when times get hard,
Storms come and pass, leave destruction,
Causing peace to crumble shard by shard.

As wreckage is cleared, rubble sifted,
Clouds float smugly, continuing on their way,
Tears finally dry but leave residual strength,
For spirit to carry into the next day.
Ormond 3d
Novice, heed my diction—
The learned, the schooled, the politic,
Are but fools with conviction.
Wrapped in precious time
the gift of life
is spirit
that matters
Holy spirit

I heard you are my advocate

I heard that you've been sent to guide me

I heard that you are gentle

I heard that you will tell me what to say

And what to pray about

Oh holy spirit

I am patiently awaiting you

I am patiently waiting to have an encounter with you

Until we meet

I will gracefully wait for you

Because I know that you are worth the wait.
Ormond Jul 8
You were my gift,
Soft, sweetness, little one,
Eyes of moon and ocean
Hills of creation, of shadow
And bread.  In your nakedness
I fled the earth and bathed
In starlight and dust at the end
Of the forever of the sky.  
In that silence,
Of exploding cosmos and vapour,
I fell, feeling in your smiles the suns
Decay, I felt light beyond
Its barrier, and was decimated
In the gravity of the neutron
Blue of floating eyes in separation.
Your faraway orbs were lost
To me in the frozen dark energy
Of shunted light and the cold
vacuum of space.
It was my birthday
And you were set on leaving.
It was my birthday
When I nearly
ab Jul 5
the curl of your wing drew
me in with the muddy tips
and gilded shafts, no contrast
against a parchment yellow sky

your skin a creamy sand that shone
with the heat of the sun and oceans below
oceans filled with galaxies, for the sky is
ever day and the sea is ever night

you visited me barefoot on paver stone
white clouds of dust between my toes
i could feel you with me always and yet
nary a word was spoken to soothe me

you cradled my head in your hands and
held me close as i sobbed over all i missed
and you pointed to the sky and assured
that the galaxies there were kinder than the sea

as you pulled the copper from your neck
and placed it around mine, i felt the sting of
stardust on my collarbone. it left a scar the size
of my future and you frowned.

the earth below shook.
i felt it in my teeth.
~am i flying too close? sometimes i feel my wings melting
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