Is it Bardo
Now, you are in?
A place
Where souls go
After they die
To rest awhile,
To find a new path?

Is it Bardo
The place you go
After you have left your body?

If Bardo is a place
If Bardo is where you go
I hope it is warm and lovely
Like the summer sun
Shining on you.

If Bardo is where you are
I hope it is warm and lovely.
I hope it is warm and lovely
In Bardo.

© 2017 Verlie Burroughs

Spirit cat in the bardo. My beloved cat died a few months ago after 18 amazing years of sharing his life with me...
Seema 2d

Am tired of laying beneath this grave
It's damp, dark and cold like cave
Once nailed in, there is no escape
Just counting days in fear with grace

My spirit denies to go
For your love is getting hard to forget
Under this six feet low
I still crave for your love now hard to get

The nights and days are same here
I weep to live but shed no tear
The Lord of death has caste my spirit down
For it was not my time to die he found

Stuck in spirit world with unknown clowns
Here is a demon who wears a rusty crown
I met your relative who was a victim of drown
Unfortunately, we all suffer from this surround

Now, living with no visibility at all
It's painful to see, as you don't respond my call
I have to dwell for the next thousand days
Before my spirit is freed as the messenger says

Am saddened as I couldn't live to my vow
This world here is where we spirits bow
There is a complete silence with ugly spirits around
So I stay near my grave or just beneath the ground


Fictional write. Spilling imagination on a rainy Sunday :-)

In clutching at straws,
Not giving up a lost cause...
Hope Springs Eternal.

my fingertips trace
the outline of your jaw.
they instinctively know
the curvatures of your ears.

my hands have explored
and mapped out
every contour of your
body and heart.

I am the cartographer
of your soul.

I hum sentimental songs
as you sleep,
hoping they enter
your dreams.

that you can feel my presence.

a smile as you part your lips.
a blush when your eyelids
flutter while you dream
(hopefully of me.)

for what seems like the first
time in an eternity of
tempestuous winter;

I feel the unconditional love
and happiness that
accompanies losing
myself in you.

words flow around me as I
search for the correct syntax
to name my desires,
but they remain ineffable.

I want to have your
aura tattooed onto mine,
binding us for life.

we are the red string,
and I am the seamstress.
I tied us together during
my tour of heaven.

the angels gave me
the task of word prophecy
and of sealing our fate.

it was always you.

june 1st, 2014
I am still the cartographer of your soul.

the first time you played for me, I remember the innocence within your spirit.

you emitted the purest blue I had ever seen, a color that does not exist; unseen by human beings.

your hands cast diamonds, as swirls of opaque words and thoughts unfurled around you, painting the musical sonnet of your soul.

the shining sonnet of your soul. I love you.

I lie awake each night
Long after you're asleep
I envy your restful slumber
Through salty eyes I weep

As the air thickens
I struggle just to breathe
Bowing my head in sorrow
I pray so desperately

Grant my mind solace
If my thoughts go astray
Allow my soul to carry on through grief courageously

Protect me from the pain
That haunts my every thought
Awaken my restless spirit
If my dreams become too dark

Make my heart resilient
If it shatters painfully
Teach me about patience
While I gather it piece by piece

Allow me the courage
To assemble it again
As I try not to crush
The fragile pieces in my hand

If my strength grows weary
And I tremble at the knees
Hold my hand and steady me
So I stumble gracefully

Writing this poem helped me through one of the darkest hours of my life. Out of pain, we can create much beauty. We just need to listen to the soul. I hope it helps you see the beauty through your pain.
Star BG Jan 6

As I move
on journey
facing obstacles
left and right
day and night
life unfolds

crying, sighing
itching to heal
screaming to heal
laughing joyfully
singing like bird
feeling lonely
sad and challenged,

As I move
on earth journey
inside playground of life
I am determined
as heart opens
as vibrations within rise
as I anchor with support
seeing from third eyes view
Eternal Spirit Smiling.

INSPIRED by Ivy Booth  Thanks

When my skin itches
from the inside,
I take it off
and fold it into a hidden drawer
that I've wrapped in spellbound chains
and encrypted two-factor locks.

You'll still see me,
painted with eye-liner and hair dye,
walking in business suits and saris,
turtlenecks and bikinis,
and never know
these costumes
bare spirit.

Stewie Jan 4

I was born to run free.
I cannot be caged under your gaze or your hands.
I long for the summer breeze to blow through my short hair.
Walking through the woods in my bare feet
I long for a man who can handle my wild nature and spirit.
A man who is not intimidated by a woman with a large heart
A man who does not have the intent of holding me back
I want to find someone I can grow with.
Someone to go on adventures with
Someone who I can fall asleep with
Someone who I can travel the world with
I want a man who doesn't grow green with envy or jealousy.
I want to intertwine with his spirit and grow into the skies as one.

I am a floating spirit, born to fly.
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