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Star BG 7h
You my dear spirit guides,
are the gardeners for my soul.

Cultivating my heart to blossom,
as sun rays from higher self aids.

Gracefully I turn,
swaying to music of heart.
Divinely I watch as third eye opens  
with visions grand.

You dear God, supply the seeds
that fuel my breath.

Expanding my dreams to root in
Mother’s soil as I sing.

Sing... Hooray, for the breath that ignites cells
in bodies field to thrive.

Sing...Hurray, for my sacred gardeners
who show me how
to unfold into my magnificence.
Inspired by sheila sharpe's poem The Gardner's Of My Soul poem. Thanks  for sharing your talents on HP
Tori 12h
With the freshness of youth I  breathe in the world around me,
walking in an ecstasy of spirit, marveling at
bare feet
            and broken umbrellas
building faces
            and burning questions
Always seeking, living, bleeding, fearing that I should become remiss
and give to my memory this heavenly bliss.
breathing in my youth lest it pass me by....
In the stillness near
In the quiet hours of the meadowing deer

In the mourning pain
In the dead of night
In the dawns first crowning and tremulous sight

In the hopes you've handled
In the truth you can't hold
In the courage of every story untold

In these passing seconds
In every here and now
In all these questioning memories of why and how

In the eldest of them
In the youngest of you
In the heart of each moment spent silent and true

In the coffee to stir
In the brewing of cups
In the lofty ambitions spent star gazing up

In the light of the son
In the shade of the moon
In the inevitably of all things too soon

In the echoing mind
In the shell of the self
In the prominent values set high on the shelf

In the breath of your speech
In the fog drawing near
In the timeless long hours which encompass the years

In the youth of your springtime, with your fate every stay
In the Spirit I find you and from joy never stray
This took hours for me. But the gist of it means, regardless of what we humans can see. The spirit is present, if you want him to be.

Secondary quest, the summation of JOY > HAPPINESS. Something I believe in just as I believe the sun will rise tomorrow.

So if I keep asking for it, he will lead you to me. Or the other way around.

To noone in particular. 5+ drafts. Just messing around with syllable counts and line format. #selfimposedrules
I wanna know, where I stand
In this garden of Eden
Take it back, it’s just to much
All I wanted was you
Now I’m gone and asking why
Trying to find my way back home
The streets are cold and I’m alone
Wishing on a fallen star that’s never there
I ask myself, why I left
Was it worth it in the end
Broken pieces scattered
To many gone to be bound back together
Now I’m here, asking around
For a ghost that can’t be found
I think it’s time to just let go
let my spirit take the throne
Star BG 1d
In meditative state,
the silence greeted me divinely.
It tickled senses,
as breath bonded with heart.
As doorways to wisdom opened
with key of focus.

I heard nothing but in-breath
rolling out to my exhale.  
It catapulted me in an instance,  
into a realm of no time.

Mind expanded,
in visions behind eyes.
Heartbeats matched dancing steps,
as voices soft penetrated in ears.

In meditative state,
spirit-guides greeted me with hugs.
It caused heart to expand,
as wisdom echoed like birds song.
As light disintegrated dark
for harmony within.            

I was now the student
and spirit my teacher.
I was now in school,
where test was trust,
and reward was miracles.

No turning back for pupil
from souls classroom agenda
for love and peace to anchor.
For days to be filled with magic
in journeys moments.

In meditative state,
I greeted self with sacred hug
Truth aligned to be sealed in breath,
as Inner child beamed.
As I awakened      
to celebrate peace.

Celebrate to now construct my own reality.
Inspired by a poem by Siranne called Hello Poetry. Thank you
Meet 2d
To walking out of the house alone
To killing enemies with every dying emotion
To those who stand still in soulfading light
To those who don’t hesitate taking a bullet with pride
We salute you because you're willing to fight!

To face every plight without getting afraid
To bathe sometimes in the rain of grenades
To those with their eternal will
To those with the restless spirit
We salute you because you refuse to quit!

To the sacrifices that seemed very normal
To the courage amidst the literal horror
To those who dare to fight their own fears
To those who die fighting for us at the border
We salute you because YOU all are the real avengers!

And all those mothers who shed tears at night
All the wives keep waiting in the fading sight
All the families who lost their beloved ones
To those all who only lived once but shall stay forever
In our hearts, in our memories
In the history, for their dauntless bravery
To the real superheroes of our nation who don’t fight for any fame
I salute you because it's not a shame!
I salute them because its not a shame!
She Is
The beauty in the sunset you just have to stop and watch.

She Is
The fascination while standing at a waterfall.

She Is
The awe when looking into the desert sky at night.

She Is
Your wings when you are ready to take flight.

She Is
That excitement you get

She Is
That peace of mind

She Is
What keeps you going every single time

She Is
A part of your heart and always in your thoughts

She Is
A special kind of love that cant be bought

She Is
Always by your side she knows you are the one keeping her spirit alive

She Is
Your baby girl your angel your one and only

She Is
Your beautiful daughter

She Is

A special request write for a friend who lost her daughter long before we met.
Kelsey 3d
I am alive
In harmony with nature
The trickle of rain drops
Bounce off the orange and yellow leaves.
To soak my feet
In the damp field of green blades.
To sink my back
In the silence of the soil.
Inhale and exhale
To the beat of dancing thunder.
Cleanse my body with your beautiful, mysterious tears
Mother Earth,
I am your body
Mother Earth,
You are my soul
Flowing from a mesmeric flute,
soothing chimes of celestial stillness
stroke every grain of my being to a lullaby.

Like a gentle mist
illuminating a willing landscape to esoteric radiance,
every cell glows to a call from the depth of stillness.

Dust returning to dust
to free the spirit from the hold of mortality
diffusing it to a galactic wonder of thoughtful mystery,
with new wings to migrate to a land
shut to mortals blinded by illusions.

On the wings of the mystical whirlwind
I dance to the call of bliss
that escort me to the heart of its radiance.
Divine hands
with the dexterity
to disperse a flurry of ethereal fragrances
in one’s soul
take me on a pilgrimage
to the depths of the soul
where I touch the core of my consciousness.

Soul-stirring fragrance of Sandalwood
wafting into my cells
takes me to the depth of
stillness to free my spirit
from the hold of mortality!
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