a touch to a seashell spotted in my favorite thrift store. I connect to the energies casting its way through the wai of of Mar Pacificico (in Spanish and Portuguese this means “peaceful sea”. This energy supplies my spirit with a warm sensation of, home. Home, a cast of glorious light peaking its way though the lively green filled forest and mountains. I breath the crisp refreshing air of the brisk mornings the sky, carnelian.


The essence of
Your spirit
Sweet burning

Free your mind.
Feel your spirit
Inhale your senses.
Blind your defenses.
Loosen up
all the tired pretenses.
Share your soul
in evanescence.
Wiggle your toes
as you walk.
Glide with the trees.
Giggle as you talk.
Sing with the birds.
Ignore the clock's
Skipping rocks.
Stepping stones.
Get out.
your bones.
Be the peace
you need to rest.
Ignore the mess.
Alleviate stress.
Soul release is best
when your spirit
leaves its nest

9-13-17 (17)

Thanks for reading! K:)
Update: Sean  Hunt turned my poem into a song, and I love it!
Here's a link:
Danielle Free Sep 11

Ever changing
No shape
All Grace.
No name
No features
No face -
Apart from when I need you
and then I'll start to call
You appear amidst my chanting
in all your glorious form.
Maybe you're a Michael;
a Mary or a Zeus,
You might even appear as the Lord Almighty, Jesus.
Just for me
You're a gentle mist of compassion,
Light shimmer,
You're an energy that'll help me transition
from negative
to positive.
I trust.
I believe.

Mono Sep 9

I kept wishing on stars the outcome of my future
what would it be like to know tomorrow
I kept on bragging about things I could’ve done
things I would’ve but I’m just no one
so I walked on the footsteps of a thousand souls
trying to find mine with the Grim Reaper
then I stumbled upon yours a coincidence much like any other
yet I feel like we were ordained
like the stars were set into the right alignment
that it has become akin to a dream of fate
and as I walked past by your spirit it didn’t match mine
I was too sad to walk away so I managed without a soul
                                          . . .
Soulless to say I’m rightfully yours forever and more.

Wrote this for those who were still finding if the one they love is their destined soul mate. :3 Hope ya'll enjoy, I do update daily.

I yearn to
liberate your spirit
and help you
discover a side
of yourself
you never knew

Forgive this wandering drop,
It knows not from whence it came.
Searching for reunion, seeping through the cracks.
Finding paths in the grit of texture, high and low alike.
Feeling submersed in the Abyss of Words.

Follow the collection that hath pooled in a lovers talk.
Billow in the thoughts projected from a Mothers gaze.
Lift thine eyes to the Rays cast on a dawning blaze.
Flow with the currents rage smashing against stolen days.

Jetting forward upon life's eternal ocean.
Only to find recession in syncopated order.
Intensity stricken by neglectful resistance to nature's simplicity.
Perceive a drop in a boundless sea reuniting with purpose.
Rippled in calm after the wreckage of waves forsaken to a heedless be.

I survived another day.
I will rewrite the forgotten,
before it is extinguished.
Steam in my lungs.
Carbon monoxide.
We ate honey in the morning,
to tablespoons.
We kiss without tiredness.
"Bathing together unites us," he said.
Resonant palpitations.
The guitar sounds soft.
You give me music of spirit.
I survived another day because you breathe.

kicked down the cemetery gate
and kissed the ground
the pearl moon called

true death
of my earthly shape
among the lantern light

beneath the wheels of a chariot
in equal measure
i was remade and destroyed

i am the one
that fell from darkness
into an even greater void

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