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Ignore the lyrics.

You can't pursue love. You don't find love.
Love's not a thing to be kept or to be had -
it's a doing word
that you just have to work at.

Love is a language expressed in deeds
and sometimes needs to get ****** to best succeed,
with a focus on what is needed whatever the cost
it’s a no-greater-love
that a friend gives on the way to the cross.

It’s a by-this-they-shall-know-you love
A more-than-these love
A one-another-as-I-have love.
So keep paying that debt of love,
relay a reaffirming love,
fulfill the command of love,
build up each other with a that much stronger love.

Bear the fruit of love
until it ripens into a truer love
that resembles in some way
the seed that was that original

cos without love, well,
you and I
our branches are bear,
and we are nothing.
Kicking off a series on Galatians 5
Spirit, hear it
I've been wondering where you've been
Spirit, near it
I've been holding onto your faith
Spirit, peering
I've been tracing you onto my skin
Spirit, fear it
I've been calling but I'm afraid

As you and I collide
Will you sway by my side
And tell the world
A sweet, little lie?

Spirit, weary
I've been missing out on life's pleasures
Spirit, dearly
I've been losing all my feigned interest
Spirit, clearly
I've been trying to find some closure
Spirit, hear me
I've been placing in you my trust

As you and I collide
Will you confront my pride
And tell the world
A sweet, little lie?
As you and I collide
Will you collapse in time
And imbue the world with
A healing bind?
A song about Jesus
It was only a hopeless fantasy
It passed like an April day
But a look and a word
And the dreams they stirred
They have stolen my heart away.
They say time heals all wounds,
They say you can always forget
But the smiles and the tears
Across the years,
they twist my heartstrings yet.
From my younger self - written in 1984...
marianne May 20
It starts a low rumble
sends its deepest ohm
from molten ore    up up
through ice and whirl and water
sleeping soil

more quickly now, spark and stir
jumps root to coil
smells the sky, aches for reach and measure
the other side

scorched, the soft inside of skin
touched by primal flame    up up it shoots
past fear and lists and blinking lights
nerve to neuron
fire to pen

called forth each day
by stillness
named each day, and nurtured
this first fig, this hot flash
eternal is
I was greeted early by your oncoming storm
A whirlwind with a violent, turbulent swarm.

Through the power of spirit, we will end your suffering
Endless thoughts of chaos will cease their fluttering

I see you there; I know you're fighting
Beyond the walls, beyond the lightning.

I can't hold you right now, like I know I should be
But keep on fighting until I can bring you close to me

Our days will be golden; they can never be taken away
As soon as your souls collide, I promise, I'll make everything okay
roumen May 17
I want to paint ..
I want to paint you every day..
your lips ..
your face..
your curves...
I want to paint...

I want to kiss ..
I want to kiss you every minute..
your eyes..
your hands..
your soul..
I want to kiss..

i want to love..
I want to love you every second ..
your life..
your dreams..
your spirit ..
l want to love..

I want to stop.
I want to stop the time..
I want to stop and paint you..
I want to paint ..
the girl I know ...
the kiss I feel..
the love i live ..
i want to paint...
one day...
i will...
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