Ormond 1d

( Sonnet )

Sound softly hung, she spoke, gave birth to place;
And there, found him closed in, frozen, shivering.
Her dawn light hands gently warmed his face;
His winter room sweetly broke into the spring.

After darkness died he felt strange bonds again;
Birds chimed, flew by, and the walls fell away.
Locked in her arms the turning world grew open;
His eyes nestled in the light her joy had made

And with her temperance swelled his weary eyes;
This was the day of her birth, Venus by the seas
And lonely air was steeping, the ground set aside
His tabled world was now a feral garden green.

Dearest countenance, with only grace she lies,
With merest touch, turned all ceilings into sky.


And it has encouraged me,
Even my parents tell me so,
Just as my compelling spirit.

My HP Poem #1628
©Atul Kaushal
Luke 3d

Amidst a tenebrous hurricane of chaos,
I have hunted through the dark to find what I have lost,
And at last my path is laid out in front,
So I shall stay alert, always savoring the hunt,

I am ending my transformation as sovereign of the dark,
Arming myself with the confidence to finally make my mark,
I will help guide foreign spirits through the lurid mist,
Protecting them from horrors that most beings have thankfully missed,

I’m almost there, I don’t look back, I’ve come so very far,
Now my spirit is almost fully submerged into the Jaguar,
I move so stealthily through corners nobody can see,
I understand the chaos; no one’s ventured there but me,

I have made a choice to be the guardian of the night,
Some of you can sense me I’m the one who kills the fright,
My spots reflect the darkness, circles of a deep pitch black,
They help remind me of the things to which I’ll never go back

Memories are like fireflies in the dark of her loss
Where love grapples to know bounds only the spirit can cross.
I experienced the intangible breath of her soul
As it escaped and created this invisible hole.
Her small, fleeting life showed me that I can't always hold on
But precious things must be cherished even after they're gone.

A short poem about my dog, Tehya, who passed away suddenly at the age of 4.

the gift of Aurora
is coming
I know,

sometime real soon
so I hear

my dancers in skies
a brilliant light show
an as I will await
you'll appear

I will see you transforming
before my brown eyes
in skies of my mystical lights

oh how long you know
how long I have waited
in all of these endless
dark nights,

to see you as spirit
as I'll be once more
well this is a beautiful thing

the drum I can hear it
a heavenly door
an the angelic songs
that you sing

and I will not fear it
the heavenly shore
and the most loving joy
it will bring

for when I die
I know
I will
in fields of wheat
an lavender
with you.

Ma Cherie © 2017

Memories of my dead ones....can be overwhelming sometimes but I'm OK tho an Aurora is coming so I am excited. ; ) love you all
Star BG Jul 15

Everyday I have lunch with my spirit guide.
He eats with his imagination
breathing in the scents.
He loves Corn Beef and Cabbage
Irish I presume in a last life.

And when my meal is done
I give him the check
which he takes willingly
Takes as I manifest a tip so large.

Inspired by Mike Hauser's poem on his page. Thanks Mike
Valeria Ariza Jul 14

So out of reach;
Your feathers soft, peach.
Sapphire heart beating in front of me,
You an astronaut meant free.

O tell me dear, can you see?

A crystal clear reflection in your glacial blue eyes
My downfall, my slowly approaching demise.
I see my pain in a different suit,
Your strawberry blonde lashes hiding your burning truth,

O tell me dear, tell me you see!!

Whilst soaring amongst stars,
May your past scars fade to Black
as you travel through different galaxies,
Leave behind old fallacies

Tell me you've found peace; in the pitch black majesty,

Miamor, Dime que me ves a mi.

The astronaut is an owl. Spirit animal of a friend.

or is this psychosis?

if its not important why is it bothering me so much
this pattern on my trousers i bought them last week
i have known this drawing of a man holding a guitar my whole life
and all my lives before this one

if its not something i've seen before
how is it familiar?

what is deja vu i don't understand
but don't you understand you will never understand thought
with thought
so stop thinking about it
throw those trousers away.

but its not just the trousers is it?

let me think.

the plant in the fish tank
too much, too big, doesn't fit
the Leonard Cohen stickers.
but was before i met you

i realise now that they do relate

just so be so confused
as soon as its happened was perplexed
so confused at how i knew to do it that way
because as soon as its happened it’s obvious
it was always going to be that way

but it does make sense
its still you

Ormond Jul 12

Empty house creaking
Trees writhing in judgement winds
Her footsteps leaving


Shane Willey Jul 11

I wasn't ready
For you to see
How free
I can be.

I stepped outside
For a moment of pride
At the accomplishment
Moments later, I went.

You wondered, Jack
I brought a spare pack.
I never told you why
You would plead and cry.

I took you to the edge
Toes to the ledge.
I kissed you goodnight,
And finally took flight.

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