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I'm not one for making enemies,
they've been all too easy to find.
I'd rather look at anemones,
their sweetness keeps that in mind.
Friends over foes everytime,
without a shadow of doubt.
I got so much wrong along the line,
so please just hear me out
The mistakes made aren't always fair,
I'm sorry for how things turned around.
It's important though to show we care,
when my judgement wasn't so sound.
Our family, especially the young,
are innocent to it all.
I'm trying to remain upbeat, unsprung
despite my spectacular fall.
Was it from grace, or losing face,
that everything crashed and burned?
I cannot truly answer my case,
am I just a husband now spurned?
You were my wife, my reason, my life,
I married you with good intent.
I let us all down, still cuts like a knife,
It was not what was meant.
Things are so much harder now,
how to express what I dreamed?
For I didn't know, was not in the flow,
of a picture as big as since deemed.
My love for us all, made me stand tall,
and my heart burst out of my chest.
Sadly though, the damage, the call,
made me lose sight to invest.
Our future bright, the day and the night,
my male ego, failed me again.
Should've held tight, put wrong into right,
It's why women are stronger than men.
I was married to the woman I loved, being a sometimes over eager male thinking bravado is all a woman wants, taught me the hardest lesson in life. Don't assume to know everything, be honest with yourself and your partner at all times. It's why we got together and it cost me dear. We were supposed to grow old together, always. Sorry isn't powerful enough a word for how I let us down. Friendship though is never too late and I'm proud she is the mother to our child.
Faith means
believing in something
you’ve never laid eyes on.
It’s an experience.
Unshakable!! Rock solid.
Something to hold on to.
Everybody should have faith
in something......
to get you through this life!
When the earth turns
and the places don’t move
But also
when an earthquake hits
and everything is falling apart.

Shell ✨🐚
We all need something to hold on to in good times and in bad times!!
Oh, spirit of freedom trapped in an endless cycle of foreboding thought

What awaits you in the inevitable, unknowing future?

Shall you be the conqueror of all that finds itself in your wake -

Or shall you be the adventurer, an explorer of this round globe;

Stretching far from the Dinaric mountains to the East and West alike

Does your freedom, forged from being lost and in an endless search for yourself

Allow your heart to love and to be loved? Will it open the rune sealed treasury;

Of your soul that lies so deep within the depths of Tartarus in your chest?

Oh, spirit so unnaturally free, forsaking yet never forgetting all that has passed

Shall your Pandora’s box remain unopened, awaiting for the ageless dream;

That shall decay it into dust and air, and return it to the fine Earth and stone;

That has given birth to so many of spirits upon its accursed soil?

What really is your freedom, spirit;

What is your secret?

Are you truly free, or only in nature and eternal wishes to fly like a phoenix;

Yet are chained to your own core, unable to move a single inch farther

Than where you already are?

Tell me, spirit;

What is the price of your freedom?

Does it require payment of flesh and blood from your own vessel

Or perhaps a surrender of soul to the ungraceful, to await an end

Within the fiery pits of Hell, clutched in His inescapable grasp?

Shall you, invincible and undaunted in your quest to see all that is to be seen;

To live all that is to be lived; To feel all that is to be felt;

Surrender your entire being to eternal suffering and torment;

A split second of clairvoyance exchanged for an eternity of blindness?

If to be lost is to be found;

If to be blind is to see;

If to be dead is to live;

Then tell me, spirit –

Are you truly free?
Life strains, drains and feigns
I'm all a muddle bound in chains.
Why can't I just break free from hell?
Climb a mountain, let out a yell?
Held captive, inactive, not reactive,
mind drying up, once proactive.
Help me I'm dying, no longer crying
stops me trying, too many eyes spying.
Dreams now dead, once in my head,
book that's unread, a nightmare instead.
Feeling my way, as blindly I flay
what more can I say? Dead as yesterday.
Tears once flowing, stop me growing
energy slowing, as is the knowing.
My timing was out, without a doubt,
what's life about? Am I in or am I out?
Heart not beating, self defeating,
skinny wimp, shut up, you're repeating.
Ghost without hope, no longer dope
I just couldn't cope, **** pass me a rope.
I'm not suicidal, maybe mental,
I once considered myself experimental.
Feel downtrodden, emotion unsodden,
love barren, bare unforgotten.
Death awaits me, still it grates me,
where is my life going to take me?
Chapter, verse, paragraph,
stop feeling low, you're having a laugh.
Why do I feel so doomed and hollow,
where's my needed, brighter tomorrow?
I hope it comes soon, an uplifting tune
wipe away memories like sands of a dune
Tired of lonely, I need warm and homely
oh sweet God if only, nobody knows me.
Tears held back too long must burst forth. Punishment enough.
Business, it takes the love out of everything, but gives so much spirit.
Above the hardened world I see a cloud
white edges soft but dark pervades its heart
beside the brook a stone so bright and proud
her striking beauty makes her stand apart
I bow my fingers wrap around her waist
I lift her from her lesser comrades there
I touch the smoothness of her face
her sheen and curving lines without compare
I want to take her home with me to keep
I pause and hear the moving gurgling brook
and cast her back into the liquid deep
I hear her splash and take a final look
     And with her loss I feel a tiny grief
     but smile I touched her being oh so brief
My first try at an English or Shakespearean sonnet.
Amy Perry Feb 26
Love is the universal element.
Attention is the universal currency.
Together we embark on celestial
Missions of ordinary urgency.

Gathering up mountains,
Effervescently iridescent.
Cloaked to me like thunder
Clasped to a forlorn crescent.

Details of blue,
Flashes of indigo,
Orbit the thoughts
That think through their howls.

Reminding us the wrongs
That we’ve fought.
With patience and wisdom
Of spiders and owls.
abp & icp
hxzin Feb 24
the fool's gaze lingered on him for too long,
as she came to a stop just by the tree the young shepherd was dosing under,
some fae passed its hand over his eyes, darkening them with slumber,
the spirit could smell the lust clouding the fool's head,
hunched over their sleeping lover, the spirit flicked their head to her and spat mercilessly,
"think of him again and I will tear you limb from limb"
cute prairie lovers but make it dramatic~
Jason Feb 21
She led me
To believe
Her heart
Had changed.


Was the truth that
Her heart
Had been chained?

Like water
Did she choose
The path
Of least resistance?


Could the
Free spirit
I knew
Have been led away
Tied like a balloon?

© 01/23/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
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