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I’ll hold you tight
Like a memory you think of when you’re low.
You don’t let go,
Smiling and singing ‘til your heart is full.
We’re slow to realize how quickly life can change
And how fast these days roll by.
It’s like a tidal wave and we’re just floating on.
So let’s look to the sky and know
We still have tonight.

As the fire dances on,
I can see us in the flames.
So vibrant, so alive.
Oh I’d write it out on paper to remember everything,
From all the days and nights we shared
But I’m so lost inside this moment
I hope I’m never found.

After tonight
I’ll be alone again driving home beneath the star light.
When all that’s left of you is your scent,
These memories will get me through the days.
Whisper to me what you swore you’d never say.
I’m hanging on every word.
The hardest tears and the hardest years ahead,
But I look to you now
And feel so safe in your eyes.
exist Oct 11
if you rush through life
only looking toward something inthe future
you’re going to find
that when that moment comes
the only thing you will feel
is regret
girl gonzo Oct 9
morning dew drops on your collar
impressing me with the zealous way the seasons drastically measure the moment it takes me
to reach forwards and brush it off
liquid winter falling onto a ***** cement
the names 'mark + bethany' written jaggedly into the cold stone of asphalt
i wait for it to disappear, for the flicker of everything gone to fade from my vision
but it passes too quickly
i look back up and there's no one around
the street is empty and the capricious wind has ceased
a sucker for patterns i walk into a fabric store and feel my hand linger on the erratic linens
fingers paused on the peach organza sprawled like a pink bubblegum sea
and i am swept into the manic fantasies of wearing the sheer tissue-like textile into
the abdomen of your sweaty palm and sinking like a sticky sweet stripe
until you put your hand in your pocket and i spend a year inside melting
into the every thread and curve of your jean until it is nothing but disgusting sugar
everything i could be when i am hidden from sight in the dark caverns of denim pants
who knew the tongue in cheek joke would be nothing but my tongue in your mouth
touching all the way up your gums  
find me sweltering beneath the uvula wondering if i could go back
to the time i found that girl with the mountain logo sweatshirt who whistled between her teeth and hummed all the reasons i should skin my knee and kiss the salty wound because there's no greater pleasure than knowing you don't have to wait for that morning dew drop to fall from their ******* collar
Apporva Arya Oct 8
Life is a game,
Made for all.
Each moment is its level,
Step up to rise above of all.

We found,
In war who we are,
In love who we can be.
Both hurt us,
But shape our destiny.

Win or live,
Run or crawl,
Make it to the end,
The Almighty is with you all.

Rinse your eyes,
See beyond these skies.
Leave down your worries,
Fly high,
And feel the paradise.

Listen to the mind,
But follow your heart.
Because life will go on,
No matter you lived it
Or just survive.
Haters gonna hate,players gonna play.live your life man.. Good luck!
everything can change in a fleeting moment
lives lost in seconds
in this moment you are alive
take it not for granted
Poetic T Sep 30
A word can save
another day
           for someone to see the
brightest side of the darkness.

For within syllables
                      are meanings
that unconsciously re-ravel
              that last thread.

And they awake to another
not realising that single word
  yesterday brightened there day.
In the clear, calm stillness
of a chilly winter night,
where the stars twinkle
like icy diamonds in a
dark sapphire blue sky,
I feel the crisp, cold breeze
ruffling my hair and brushing
my cheeks,
hear the soft crunches of
freshly fallen snow beneath my shoes,
I look up to see twirling snowflakes
falling softly down upon the earth,
each one's intricate design
shimmering in the pale moonlight,
I catch them and peer at their
delicately crafted beauty,
but then suddenly they vanish,
leaving me alone, and wishing
that I too could vanish
along with them
and leave my presence to be mourned.
A glimpse of you makes my heart pound
It’s with you my happiness is found

A moment with you makes me complete
I would want nothing but it to repeat

You are the sunshine to my dark days
You are the hope to my gloomy days

Your laughter makes me alive
Your presence makes me survive

I love you for all that you are to me
I love you for all that your being to me

Jolan Lade Sep 28
I'm sorry I had to leave you, brother.
Brother, I'm sorry I was not by your side, that November evening when mother took her last breath.
Brother, I'm sorry I was not with you by the side of fathers bed, that April night, when cancer carried him away.
Brother, I'm sorry I was not present to enjoy the beautiful moment you made me an uncle, that sunny day in June.
Brother, I'm sorry I could not be there to give you a hug
when she left you that cold December noon.
Brother, I'm sorry I was somewhere else, and let you mourne alone, that dark January morning
when the fever took your little baby boy.
Brother, I'm sorry I was not there to stop you
that foggy February morning you decided to take to an end.

But brother, ever since you were 6, and I 10
I've been waiting for you here
Here to welcome mother, the day she slept in
Here to greet father, when cancer delivered him
Here to take care of your little boy
Here to give you that hug you need, and to tell you I know, because I've been in your heart, all the way
You are not lost, brother, you are clearing a path
John Sep 27
Then I looked to my right, again.
The meandering wind, and the tall branches were still there.
So was the gloomy sky.
And her.
Tranquil as it was, I felt a bit of panic setting in,
There was always a bit of unsettledness about something so peaceful.
As if it will be taken away any instance now, showing me once again
That stability is temporary. Solitude is temporary. And solace,
Is temporary.

And I looked on, scared to turn to my left
Because the moment I turn away, everything will vanish.
This moment will pass.
And I will forget.
For that is its beauty.
Soon, all this will just be freckles in my memory.
A shadow of the moment that is in front of me.
When I remember her smile, will I be able to remember how it made me feel?
If I do, will I be able to remember her grace?
And if that too, her aura?

See. I told you.
There is a bit of danger in all things beautiful.

I looked to my left.
Should I die now, I'll have regrets.
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