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time sobers
blurred moments
slurred statements
deterred growth,
and hurt faces
Ken Pepiton Feb 18
See me, this one says, see me, look you
in the eye, eh, thinking,

spring, the season, the greening of
the playa's ancient shore, east of me,

east of my evergreen valley, barely
any bare gray wintery bushes and trees,

flash of magnificence once manifested,
on the shoulders of the priest-kings,
infectious proud flesh pomp and
circumstance, watch the war
god-man made glorious in
storied, seen once,
not invisioned, imaged
from tiny feathers, adhering
to a topological fabricated
humming bird head
feathered serpent cape,
on a bright day signaled by the hummer
- see, I have returned,
- this is like heaven to me.

the one from now, same code, same init
see me, look, see, once this was the most

vibrant, slow mode, inspiring light imaged,

portrayed, cloaking the priest-king god-rep
more lustrous than any high summer
cathedral rood crossing patterns,
in undeniable beauty and artistical luc-if-ity

windborn grammarless, musical, meanings,
mid point, saddle points between waves
that reflect from hummingbird feathers,

indicating fair weather weathered the storms,

fretted not a second on the journey, yep
when I get to Pep's porch, there'll be
sugar in the feeder, two minutes later.

After I remind a mind is a many splendored thing,
but none more splendored in prophesy than making
sacred hopes formed from the fi NAND gated mythos,

whither men and hummingbirds mind meld, tune in,
to imagine the effort required, to tilt your head,

just right, to flash my muse. Let time pass.
Suddenlies and instants are cognates.
Spicy Digits Jan 30
Wonder, our little boy
Saw it unfold and leaned in.

The story was a concave husk,
Dried of juice and void of vein
Until our boy Wonder intervened
Lifted up a Life dry-cleaned
And christened it Supreme.
Josie Jan 29
Searches the room
For your smiling face
That brightens my day
But panic sets in
Because you are not there
Don't be gone forever from my sight
There are things I wanted to say to you
Can't let that moment pass without a clue
I needed clarity from you
We all know how this ends
Radio silence till the end
Sadie Grace Dec 2023
You were so tough because you had to be
It was so rough but it didn’t have to be
But guilt won’t get me anywhere
You built me into who I am and who I wanted to be
Thank you for the strength that carried me through
Thank you for the ways you buried the pain to grow something new
You knew there’d be a better day
Knew there was a better way
To live without being alone
There’s so much you could’ve shown me but I’m grateful
That you knew my limitations
Knew what I could take and what would overtake me
You knew that some of the truth later revealed might break me
So I thank me
You’re a part but you’ll always be part of me
I’ll always be thankful that you carried me through
When all I knew was miles and miles and a worn pair of running shoes
You knew I was worth more
That there was something good in store but in the moment all I felt was sore
Daisy Darling Sep 2023
I have you tattooed on my sleeve,
I hope you do not leave,
Is young love naive?
the ink is permanent, but is our love?
Andreas Peter Sep 2023
Stuck preaching from a throne of steel and
Spokes and wheels
Bound to machinery and cogs and breathwork apparatuses to assist in feeling chemicals fill your lungs You
showed me how to Walk
silent and
To the Woods
Two- and four-legged beasts of earth and Sky and
am made aware
In context of discrepancy and disconnect connect ed
How painfully
Truthfully and all-encompassing in harsh unforgiving reality
Dirt, and, soil, and peace, and, turmoil
A realisation of a connection provided to me by my mother, bound to a wheelchair
Karen Lang Sep 2023
How often do we drift and fall into a story of the mind?
A memory from the past
A fear or projection in the future
Or a story on repeat from an event we had this morning
Where are you now?
To be fully aware means we must open our hearts
and invite every experience in
Only then can our minds be free
It's not easy to open our hearts, allow vulnerability,
and be present in this moment.
It takes courage to trust we can live in this space.
Sam Faisal Aug 2023
Be careful
of looking forward
to something
yet to happen
later -
that you lose sight
of everything
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