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Nemis 6d
Broken clocks fixing the time,
The elegists are singing the hymn.
The sky shedding its tears,
As for who will bear the bearer.

The ink is fading as the time is near,
The ticking of the clocks is all I hear.
Second-by-second, minute-by-minute,
Can't let them be my source of despair.

Running before time to end up straight,
Just to find it was written in the fate.
I hit them hard they hit me back,
Gained a moment, lost a million days.
I wrote this by imagining what it would be like to fight the time, the clocks. Clocks gone rogue and pardon for mistakes, as there'll be...
Jay M 7d
Tempted so
Just a drop
A little hint
A moment to flee these things
Colliding in my mind
Leaving nothing untouched

Just a second
Just a time
For one such as I
To unwind
To come clean
Then all that hear
To forget
And just love
Despite ones failure
Despite ones mistakes
Despite ones awful thoughts
To understand
To empathize
With open-mindedness
And acceptance
Beyond what can be placed into words

One slip up
One mistake
But there are one too many
Overtaking the brain
Spewing rage from each
Onto the cause
Making all worse
Slowly killing one
Until it is no more.

- Jay M
October 8th, 2019
She closes her eyes and thoughts arise
Quiet blankets the mind
Blue light filters on as
Words warm the tired soul

The fear disrupts the frame of time
Words of mouth distract the mind
Sounds quiet down
As the words start straightening out.
Alex Oct 4
I turn a page and my hoodie sleeve hitches up.

She sees the red that circles my wrist as tattooed bracelets
And suddenly her nails are cutting too
Deep into my shoulder
And suddenly her voice is a wounded gunshot in my ears
And suddenly there are tear tracks on her cheek that sizzle on my skin between the lines of my story and suddenly
I wonder whether she cries poison or is it acid? And
Suddenly I am trapped in this room because every square inch is Her and suddenly
I’m not here because someone else is pressed against the radiator with this Monster Of A Woman crying toxic waste and breathing sparks
Gripping their shoulders too tight too-tight-don’t t o u c h them you’re leaving Bruises and suddenly
I don’t know which of these people below me are the villain because
The one with flames instead of words is
Four gaping feet away
And the one with purple-black splashed
Where feathers would sprout has gone,
glass-eyed glacial
Unresponsive to the way salt droplets are supposed to erode ice
Not make it thicker somaybe they’re the monster
Of the same cracking clay

‘a lonely couple makes a child out of clay, with disastrous or comical consequences’

A terracotta boy is a joke of tragic origins and suddenly
My art teacher is preaching to me that if you over-heat Clay, it will explode and
Their back is still pressed to that
Roasting radiator
And the air is still heated with residual flame from the Dragon’s blaze of words and this atmosphere is
B u r n i n g
And pottery only survives so much
Crimson before it
And suddenly And suddenly

She’s yelling, why didn’t I think of her before doing this to myself?
My back is blistering as I bite my tongue
“Mother, I thought of you every time that blade touched my skin to create wounds you once kissed away”
MindMooring Oct 4
A photograph expresses
controlled puppet moment.
Yeah,, most do ...
Chiara Sep 29
It happened so fast, one moment changed everything,
While you were taking a walk, you were hit by a car.
The doctors fought for your life, did all they could,
But it wasn’t enough, you didn’t pull through.

The last time we spoke seems an age ago now, we walked away in anger,
We were too pride to admit, that we both had our faults.
Neither of us phoned, nor did we text,
Now I’m grieving your death: I still love you my friend!
There are so many things I still have to tell you,
I never told you just how much I need you!
I feel like losing a piece of myself,
I wonder if you knew, how much you meant to me.

Hasty spoken harsh words, I can’t take them back,
I’ve never regretted anything more; I can’t say sorry to you.
You are gone now, I’ll never hear your voice again,
There’s nothing I can do; you will never know how sorry I am.
I only hope that you know: You were very precious to me.

Now I stand by your grave, you were buried this morning,
I’ll think about you, I will never forget
The friendship we had and the emptiness left.
I actually had an argument with my best friend once and she refused to wait until the next day to talk about our problems because she was afraid that something like that could happen. I thought it was kind of paranoid at the time, but later I began to think. One moment could really change everything and we wouldn't be able so solve what is yet to solve...
It's not always possible to part on good terms, but definitely the better choice!
Nathalie Sep 29
I drew from his lips
what he did not
dare say in words
I pulled him closer
and could feel his heart
as it beat in unison
with mine
There was no censoring
to this unraveling
desire shared
between two souls
simply wanting
to live in this
magical moment
of pure spontaneity.

Caitlin Ayala Sep 26
So warm,
So new.
Come closer.
A tingling air,
Ridged with fear
Now a shared air,
Calm with sweet smells
Beating heart,
Rhythmically shared here.
A smile that tore through confusion,
And a face that shined adversely.
A kiss that could..
Could find my way back home
A poem me and a girl read together after I was left in a country I was unfamiliar with in a dream. This was as close as I got recreating this poem I read in my dream.
Quinn Adaire Sep 26
The magical moment
When you wake up
But you’re still slightly sleeping.

The beautiful moment
When you are not worried
You are honest
You are content
Anger fear and hate
Seem to have never
Manifested in your mind.

You are a tree
You are a blade of grass
Blowing in the wind
You are the wind blowing.

You are...
Inspired by Jerry Spinelli’s book Stargirl. We are reading it in ELA class. It’s a really good book.
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