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you look at what you look at
i look at the stars
both essential minds of people
we are

a song of joy or sadness
traveling in time
there is a moment of dying
we are
Mujen Suraj Mar 12
hold the moment
make things happen
draw it slow and slower
make it repeat
give this a breath, and so
live in now, live in this moment.

dear, time is elusive wanderer
and often a deciever,
dont be sure to let it elaps
and it's tragic too, you cant embrace it for forever
Jack Mar 2
I do miss the late-night phone call,
let the night drive us to the stars,
Woke up with morning light of sun rise
all those laughs and giggles,
Going back home with a smile,
Sometimes I don't want to say goodbye.
As every moment I treasure the most,
Remain vividly in my memories,
Slowly, my heart dies,
Let myself soak in feeling blue,
The bottomless abyss swallow me whole,
This beautiful world I used to see
It doesnt seems it used to be,
Shofi Ahmed Feb 20
The moon amidst
the celebrations of stars
still in its proverbial stance
only the eye no fingers!

If there ever a moment of flower
let it be today the rose
in the tips of the fingers!
Mrs Timetable Jan 31
Are you someones moment in time?

Or their

Be both
Navahopi119 Jan 20

Shimmering in all
The wrong

Time is non-existent
How I wish it would

Rip me from this moment
This agonizing
Tormenting moment.

Then it's over
As quickly as I could blink

Nothing left but this
Lifeless heart
I once called Home.

It's only in that moment
Can I see you

Continued visitations
Continually mar
This heavy heart.


Every whisper, utterance,
Brings me here.

As if summoned
Just to endure

Tears welling
Through already puffy eyes
I cast another look.

Through the cascading
Of this broken reality

Only to peer at a face of a stranger
Distorted by resentment, anguish

Contained no longer
Time crashes like a wave
Leaving me alone.


Shimmering pieces
That once contained a dream
Scattered at my feet
Black Petal Jan 19
I will not conform
Contort myself in a cage
I'll fly, arms outstretched.
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2022
I will spend as much time necessary
Whole life if that is how long it takes
Missing out on things while you miss me
You are worth longing

My formless fear grows in size each day
It lives inside
Keeping cursed
Moment is coming for you to be taken away
If it was me I have faith you'd stay through the worst
Written 3-22-20
Mark Wanless Oct 2022
hello yes we are
traveling to here and now

this moment is eternity
sheath or infirmity

walking to the future
one step at a time

don't know where
i'm going too

don't know where
is my mind mind mind

here we are

here we are

all ways the same

always afar

called a moment
from the depths
you exist now
it's just the rest

of a mind flowing free now
in the universe

wisdom is a path now
don't know what its worth

i see something
Gabriel Oct 2022
Imagine not having you by my side
50 summers
200 coffee dates
500 movie marathons
1000 sleepless nights
and 2000000 I love you's

All of this can be rounded up
but it'll never sum up
the misery I have to endure
that constantly aches every moment
as the clocks ticks further
to my last minute,
getting to spend an eternity without you
and will forever be dreaming of a lifetime
that it didn't end.
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