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Two actors locked in a bubbled  world
Imperiously divided by theatrical fatigue
Smearing their world's apart
Fortitude leaking away

Minds and prose encrypted
Acting of seated voids
Spoof audience tones
Droning recordings

Repetitive reactions
Expressive duplicity
Stealing a march
Volunteer or hypnotize a plaque

Shaman inspired acting
Building up the spirits
Delirious and entranced
healing and inspired

A humorous response
Globular concoctions
Two fingered gesticulations
Chains of merriment

Prisoner block tour
Headache and anxiety
Exposed and bare
B cell patrols

Upbeat beliefs
Armed for the fight
Muggers beware

Heads apart
Virtual Readings
Hygienic face pacs
Social distance now Embraced
Two unhinged actors let out into a Covid world, temptation to try and do something for humanity. Reality comes home. This poem was triggered by the tv series staged
Sian Rogers Jan 6
A virus appeared one day
Summer was no longer ours for fun
Walks became a thing for one

Locked inside, no room to breathe
Movies all day and drinking all night
Half the money coming in

Bike rides and swimming wild
BBQs and summer wine
We opened up again

Flights cancelled, passports banned
The United Kingdom in another lockdown
Jobs have stopped or are on strong pause

The mood is dropping, life isn't as fun
Queuing for food one by one
I sit in the window and wonder

What could life have been
What adventures have we missed
As I watch the sunrise

It made me think
It made me dream
It made me sit still and finally learn how to breathe

i hope we do not
(as a species)
into islands of
six foot radius circles
adrift upon oceans of
Social Media,

as Billionaires scoop up
space with the vacuum
of our losses

and then water ski across
surfaces of what once was
our own footsteps.

They Know—

we can not afford
to dog-paddle
our way across
their private

by our wealth

s jones

"No man is an island"
John Donne
George Krokos Dec 2020
Result of trade war
between U.S. and China
- corona virus?
George Krokos Dec 2020
The second wave seems to have hit harder than the first
by taking advantage of all those who ignored its thirst;
in the initial stages when it manifested and began to rise
leaving behind a trail of corpses catching all by surprise.
This is about Covid-19 in my home state of Victoria, Australia and particularly in Melbourne where people (mostly older)  were dying off like flies but nothing like what's  been happening elsewhere around the world until we went into strict lock down for 3-4 months which turned things around. May God help us all.
Alifmun Dec 2020
Viruses, bane of existences
Invading other lifeform,
To create environments so they can perform
Destroying everything in their path
Just to propagate and infiltrate

Viruses, destroys your systems
Using up resources
Leaving empty land and destruction

Viruses, many and a lot
Unending, Unceasing
Unstoppable ,Uncontrollable

Viruses, proud to be one
sudden inspiration hit me so we got this
Anais Vionet Dec 2020
My room is a mess - it's an archaeological record of boredom.
Christmas, Christmas, come on Christmas.
It's 4 days 'til Christmas. Why don't I go to my room and do NOTHING??

The clock ticking sounds like a large horse clomping over cobble stones.
Last year there were wall-to-wall parties - so many that you had to carry a change of clothes with you.

In 2020 there's nothing to do - but I don't have to tell YOU (my reader). Except for the whole school thing. Nothing to do but study. I read, on that webber-net thing that 38% of students are failing.

Because of the pandemic - oh, not that virus monster - the boredom pandemic - the London-tower-lonely state of slow-motion distress that’s invisibly gripped us all.

Can we hold on people? The hard-won, delicious truth is that there’s hope. Vaccines - a bunch of 'em. Is it possible to let worries go this season and simply treasure our lives?

Just this month we have or had Hanukah, Kwanza, Festivus.
Hopefully, you made wild, monkey-love on December 14th - that was "International Monkey Day" - I couldn't join you - of course - but I'm just sayin.  =]

Look it up - almost every day is some kind of celebration or invent your own - if Ice Cream Day, Lemon Cupcake Day, Go Caroling Day or Crossword Puzzle Day don't do it for ya.

The important gifts, this year, are fun, attention and love.
2020 is almost over - can we have some well earned fun? God, I hope so.
Merry Christmas! .. or Crossword Puzzle Day.
Sabika H Dec 2020
I close my eyes because
I want to sleep through the darkest nights
Of December,
Sink into the depths of my consciousness
Who doesn’t remember
The events of earlier today.

They’re trying to **** me.

Polluted my mind,
And soul.
Left me to rot, freezing
In the bitter cold.

Poisoned me with pure
Lies and deception.
Almost made me believe there is
No solution.
Almost made me believe I
Have no power in this situation.
So yes,
I should cancel my endeavours?
And wait until the damages are reversed?
So yes,
I should stay inside and
Keep my head down
Staring into the
Darkest glowing light
And get ****** into an abyss and miss
On what it truly means to be free?

You almost made me believe it.

I close my eyes in hope of a reset.
I worry if my future will be plagued
By regret.

The soul of my civilisation is infested
With worms and centipedes from the root.
My generation have been bent, burned
And broken into submission.
My elderly in ambivalence die neglected
In isolation,
My needy bite their lip in frustration
Because yet again they have to get
Used to a new brand of corruption.

And we stay silent and lower our heads
And keep our tails between our legs
And say “yes do whatever you please”
And hope that finally they have
Our best interest?

Is this madness?

This is a form of sick, twisted art,
But when did this level of manipulation
Even start?

And there comes a point where
I have to ask myself:
In all this mess,
What is my part?
Why is the government not asking the people, the citizens how they can protect us? And why are we okay with them making decisions without them consulting us? They are spreading lies about everything from the origin of the virus. You want normality so bad you are prepared to sell your soul and still in the back of your mind you know you will get nothing in return. This is actually a world war 3 and the funny thing is that we don’t even realise it.
I see people driving
A normal, daily task
Even though they are alone
They're still wearing a mask

I find this confusing
A mask inside the car
But, who am I to judge them
It might not be their car

They follow all the road signs
Stop when the light is red
But, still they go on driving
With a mask there on their head

They drive with such precision
Their aim, to reach the store
Once there, they can not follow
Simple arrows on the floor

They head up every aisle
Against the shopping flow
The arrows show direction
How can these folks not know?

Their mask is also missing
It is hanging off their chin
And when the mask is *****
They can't throw it in the bin

They drive home with no problem
They have no mask this time
They do things without reason
They do them without rhyme

It's really, really simple
When you're shopping in a store
Wear your mask correctly
And follow arrows on the floor

Stay safe, keep your distance
Wash your hands, and follow rules
Kids make it look easy
While adults look like fools

Wear your mask inside the car
No one says you can't
But, please follow the arrows
So others do not rant.
Anais Vionet Dec 2020
How well I know this place, I’m trapped in these interiors.
I refuse to step on cracks and I avoid the hateful mirrors.

I’m watching like a cat the many motions of the heavens.
I’m straining like a witch to extend my intuition.

I'm looking for hidden patterns in odd numbers that show up.
I’m sorting out the tea leaves that my mom leaves in her cup.

I’m sure I hear the whispering of the moon on predawn walks.
I think I’d hear the angels - should one decide to talk.

Oh, God, I need some answers - I've become a hopeless mess -
show me secret signs or release it to the press.

You know I wait impatiently, with several billion friends,
for my vaccine miracle - when will this virus end?!
virus, virus, virus. Less Virus, less 2020 - come on 2021!
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