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Brynn S Nov 10
Conclude the dream
Dew melt my eyes as a suken scene
Soft spoken words pour from your lips
With bones of greetings how often our slips
Gaze and grasp
Each night to pass
I follow you to heaven
Lift me to the ceilings of above
Paint me unto the walls of love
Grasp the two sides of the bodice
Reach to me closer, call me the goddess
Place unto the petals, leave me your alter
With breaths intertwined movements cease to falter
Eyes melt into one sight
Share with me our night

Loves together in a single moment
Kelidoscopes of rosed colors tint
Small traces to guide the hint
This is my moment to share, racing thoughts bleed into the air
Pyrrha Sep 10
Why must we crave and long for love when we do not have it,
Only to waste and abuse it when it's in our unworthy grasp?
We search and tear the world apart for a great love
Yet we take love for granted when it is finally tangible
It's a cycle of tears
Too hard to give up
Too painful to repeat
Pyrrha Aug 30
Come here
Taint me with all
Of the empty promises
You keep stored within
Your eyes
Your heart
And behind
Your lips

Come here
Tell me something that
I may not know
About myself
Because clearly you know me
Better than I do
My fears
My passions
My hopes
And my regrets

Go ahead
Fill my head
With dreams
That you say we
Could share
That we
Could hold
Within a gentle grasp

Go ahead
Crush those dreams
Within your
Deadly clasp
Destroy the
That we hoped
Could one day be
The glue
That would hold
Us together
Poetic T Aug 12
Swollen branches arched
               towards the new born

Opening there branches to
          let them flourish on
           the open skies  
beyond there yearning grasps
25 words
Persephone Jun 11
They tell me the fires are not real
That the sparks sprinkling my veins does not exist
That I am just imagining the insanity in my own world
They reprimand the way I stare as I glare into the devils eyes
As I demand the devil to stop shouting my sins and the ways I have lied
They scream with "it is all in your head" as smoke rolls from their eyes
All I want to roar back is that they can't shout sanity into insanity
But I can't
And with that I glance down looking at the way **** opens up and snatches me into the ground
Maybe we should believe the unbelievable
Wellspring May 8
Stinging pain.

It keeps punching,
At my brain.

I can't see out of my eye.
Not with this,
This solid grip.
Slowly tightening around it.

My vision is cut off,
My pain unbearable.
No one can help me from this deathlike grasp,
Because Migraine has a hold of me now.
Yup. I'm in pain. Ouch.
Poetic T Feb 18
I could clip the wings of angels.
           but still they would think
that heaven was a place to step upon.

When every *** is deceased,
            and fact becomes reality .
                      Some still grasp at straws.

*"We are awoken no longer slumbering  in denial,
Seanathon Jan 30
With horizons like shoulders
Stands the image of the self
In the self-perceived mind

Until called like ringing
The mountains asleep
Undisturbed in dew and time

So the woodsman knows and is awake
To the truest of nature
The societal eyes

And at the feeling of ever
Need it depart

He flies

Into the mountains to live a life spent alive
I've been reading too much E.E.
Rachel C Jan 21
I had everything in the palm of my hands.
The whole world.
Your world.
My world.
Our world.
But like sifting sand,
In a moment,
It was all gone.
Out of grasp.
And I was left
Sunshine Nov 2017
when i talk to you
i sound crazy
my words don't add up to what i wanna say
so i sit back
i watch you slowly slip away
you fall through my grasp
you drip through the gaps
and now i really miss you more than i did before
maybe because i realize how far away you are
maybe because i realize you'll never hold me
here you feel so close
when i see your face on my screen
and when you type out easy words
and when you leave me helpless in the middle of the night
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