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A singular urge is a first,
reach out and stretch to grasp what's ahead.
Craving the crest of a wave,
we're high on the day as it's made.

Each is a slave where emotions are led,
fixed with impatient aches when we age.
Hard to remember which intentions were sent,
resetting said objectives of late.

Targets in sight from the white of your eye, these short lived events curl up in death.
Less than a wisp as it fades into air,
rolling along to reclaim what we shared.
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
The patterned colour(s) it leaves behind is magic
You'll read and may get nothing to grasp
Instead, you'll see then come to learn what's penned
Writings need attention
I shake time's grasp with firm shrug
Before I know it
Again feel its tug
Then spit in its face
It spits right back
Taking position on top of my back
I guess we are stuck together for good
Stays longer than I wish it would
I wish that time didnt exist and every moment could be stopped or skipped at our convenience
Every step I take towards living,
I'm stepping away from my calling
I'm stepping everywhere
end up getting nowhere
in search of stepping stones,
to move up the ladder
without grasping the idea
that these stones,
in due time,
will be steps I climb
up the downstair.
Am I trying to climb the ladder to nowhere?
Am I stepping up or down?
Am I kicking myself around?
PM Oct 2020
I'm losing my last grasp
on what we come to know
as a reality for so many years
and with that, I let go and fall,
fall to all the unknown, a void
to a road not paved, a future
full of unknown and I can't
help but smile at the ideas
of endless possibilities.
Mystic Ink Plus Sep 2020
Teach me
I have not

Let me
Explain rightly
You have already
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Insight
Yanamari Mar 2020
Walking along the waterside
Fingers sliding over long grass
I slump and sit in the grass
The sun just having set
You were once familiar

I gaze into the waters
My fingers tracing the ripples
Wandering along the direction
It flows
Wondering, why my fingers
Never seem to grasp
And fall into flow with
The waters that reflect the
Light I always like to see
Thank you
Kelsey McIntyre Jan 2020
There goes my hope
Slipping out of my fingers
And into your grasp

Your grasp around my neck
Unable to breathe from your lies
You knew how to make me feel warm
But other times so cold

Maybe its my fault I thought you could change
But hey, I guess we all struggle
To breathe more than others some days
Poetic T Nov 2019
Less education leads to a society
that cant grasp the concepts  
                                     of the future.

You will be a carcass of a dead past,
              that others will remember.
As an ignorance of one that is fearful
             of ones that could carry a people.

But laid them down to the ignorance
               of what could be a educated nation,
now one of perpetual stupidity...

An ignorant one is one
             that will falter
beneath the footsteps
                    of those educated in the future

and not the past ignorance that others cling too.
A nation that doesn't instil on the education and furtherment of  people fill inevitably make one fall to those of educated highness. never let your country become ignorant of knowledge or you will fall beneath the future of progress
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