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Nicole 3d
He mutters that he is never okay
And the way he speaks it,
The words echo in this church
As a song
But no one even looks up from
Their praying
Or peering at the bible,
Except her.
And she wonders how his truth
Only hits the windowpane to others
When it's a downpour
To her
And all she wanted to do
Was offer a reminder
Something about rainbows
To cease his ache.
BoringBoy Aug 17
Sometimes I can't help but smile when you come by.

Nonchalantly moving throughout your routine riddled day.

I ponder if I exist in your world; if I'm an important part of your story...
or just another piece in your background.

Who am i to you?

Who will I be, mystery man...?

                                            Often times I glance over, wondering if you'll ever desire to converse with me.

                                           Sometimes I lose myself in the forbidden realm of fantasy.

                                                  I don't want to wander into misfortune.

                                                    ­                        I don't want to like you...
but with every glance over, i find it harder to look away.

                                                       There are little longing lost thoughts  where i know my fear is wiser.

                                               I'll never be able to tell you these things... and you'll never know how compelling you are to me; a stranger in your world;

                                     Inviting you into mine.
Johnny walker Jul 24
Sitting drinking coffee passing the time of day
watching people passing
all In hurrie but
seems they're passing by
In slow motion right at
this very moment a thought comes to
someone somewhere could have there finger over the button of destruction withIn seconds we could all
gone as If we've never been here we'd have no time to react or even say goodbye strange thoughts I
Juhlhaus Jul 23
I felt a tree's heart one summer
Night after the heatwave;
The wood was damp where abandoned
Roots drew the cool groundwater, still
Trying to make cells, shade, and scent
As they'd done for more years than I
Walked by without pause,
Until the tree was gone.
Johnny walker Jul 14
Life like a thread that had been woven to blanket was now that of my life a new
life laid out and already map out for me a ready made destiny
The thread that had been woven was now that of my
life no matter what I couldnt
have changed regardless of what ever
to do different
My ready made life laid out before me for the thread had been woven to a blanket of my life that was now to be my ready made
Johnny walker Jul 14
Laid here as usual unable to sleep thinking of Helen and of our time long gone strange bur If not for my
I probably think Helen and was was just a dream sadly now I've woken from for now she longer
It seems that way but the last time I ever held or kissed her all seems a long time ago so suppose
that's why our time together seems like a dream that I've finally woken
from that Is If there were not for proof that she was  real and
not a dream because have our son still living with
Poetic T Jul 7
Were one race the human race.

We all have a different sunrise
       and we all set differently.

Who decides how we awaken
and how we slumber.

       its our life,
we choose what we open our eyes to.

And we slumber on the thoughts

                       of everyday passing.
I still remember to this day Doctors calling me Into a private room telling me no more could they do to save Helen
I had make a decision to agree let her go as I went back to sit by my sweethearts  
Helen reached out and took my hand but the grip of her hand was
much weaker tried to stop my tears from flowing which somehow
managed to
But knew these were a our last days  together I cared for her the Doctors had given Helen
days at most throughout her last three days I held her hand but her grip on life was slowly slipping
away I
Woke up this morning from a dream I had last
night but In
the morning light
I still
the dream I had of Helen my sweethesrt

For there has  never been
a day that passes by without I think
never for a moment have
I stopped thinking of her she was my world and
that was In
And In my dream I was holding Helen tightly In my arms no way did
I won't to
her go for to hold to my dream so I wake upon the morning light remembering all
that had gone
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