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This leafy branch fallen from the sky
Lays at my feet a message
Lucky is the soul that floats through life
To forward the passing
Go on ahead without me,

I promise I’ll meet you there.

I don’t know how long I’ll be,

But I do know I’m not done here.

I have so many things to see,

So many things to do.

And with every day that passes,

I’m one step closer to you.

Go on  ahead without me,

I promise I’ll meet you soon.

I’ll miss you all the time,

But that’s just a thing we do.
Recently my mother’s father passed away, and while I was not very close with him, his death hit her quite hard. I dedicate this to my mother and anyone else who has lost a loved one. Just remember that while they are gone for now, they are not gone forever.
Xaela San Dec 1
Each passing of time
Like breeze passing by
And cherry blossom flowers fly
Into the air and lands on to the Earth
In which it will withered
Without a trace as time passed
Claiming once breathing and alive
Now, is with Death in the afterlife

Each passing of time
Like breeze passing by
I miss you like spring in winter's nights
And as the moonlight shines tonight
I dream about us in my memories
As if our romance blossoms once more
Yet, with each passing of time
Seasons change, rivers unfreeze
And flowers bloom, new seasons unfold

In my mind this love cease to continue
Withered into the past
A story can never brought back to life
Yet, how I wish this passing of time
Help me move forward
Cherishing this once living romance
Unto my broken heart
Until time stopped to pass on my life.
Johnny walker Nov 26
Sometimes everything still So surreal sitting In my local cafe watching the world go by, a the thought crosses me mind, when It's my turn to go, how long after will I be remembered
Will anybody think of me there won't be anyone to Carry a torch for me, like
I'm doing for Helen one of many strange thought
whilst passing the time of day
A poem about strange thoughts whilst passing the time of day
only one of many
lorenz coleen Nov 13
you used to accompany me home and while we talked about
my friends or your friends or anything at all, you had
this habit of shoving your hands in your pockets and
looking away with a cheeky smile, you said you’re only like that
with people you really like, so i guess you really liked
me, and guess what, billy john, i really liked you, too

once we separated ways, a river of cars would flow
and i’d throw one last glance at you before leaving for home
as steps encouraged the distance between us you would
watch my figure disappear amongst the shadows of the busy cars
we were like that for years, and for each day something was
different, like my hair, your jeans, my accessories, your lucky charm

we were like that for years, and for each day something was
different, like your smile, my alright, your attention, my reassurance
we both knew that we were slipping away but we couldn’t let us
know because there was just too much to let go of, or perhaps
there were too many memories, but let me tell you that
i saw you with a girl, across the river of flowing cars
your head turned away and your hands in your pockets
i guess you really like her, billy john, and no longer me

this time, i was the one watching you disappear amongst the shadows
Watching her
Fake her
Imprisonment to
Her pain has
No gain
She is going insane
The world is in pain
She isn’t to blame
Her world is pain
But she won’t break
Her love is
Her mind is unsaid
Impossibly long times in bed
She is waiting for the
I wish she would feel less bled

(Feel better dream when you awake.)
For a friend.
Isaac Nov 10
Each and every passing day
Will all be washed away.
So live exactly how
You have always wanted to right now.
Be the person you dream of being,
And make the decisions you know are freeing.
Written 10 November 2018
Go to sleep,
my love,
and find your happy place.
Go to sleep,
my love,
i'm sure I'll be okay.

Rest your head,
And darling stop panicking,
I can feel your whole body shaking.
Rest your head,
And know,
That my heart is truly breaking.

My darling,
let me handle all thats coming.
My darling,
While my heart is numbing.

Close your eyes,
My dear,
And let the light carry you away.
Close your eyes,
My dear,
No need to be afraid.

Drift away,
I promise you'll feel nothing.
Drift away,
We both knew this was coming.

My angel,
My beginning and my end.
My angel,
Until we meet again.

Sweet dreams,
Just know,
I love you more than life.
Sweet dreams,
Just know,
T'was an honour to have been your wife.
Carter Ginter Oct 30
As I picture myself in the future
Through years of HRT
Small glimmers of excitement
Reflect off the walls of my heart
I rarely feel excitement these days
So this instance is important
I picture ****** hair and muscles
A deepened voice ands flat chest
The physical changes excite me
It's the social ones that scare me
I cannot imagine having male privilege
I cannot imagine not feeling objectified
I cannot imagine being read as a man
I was raised in a position of oppression
I am constantly stared at and made into
Nothing more than the prospect of my *******
And yet,
One day,
It will no longer be that way
I'll just look like a basic white boy
And they'll have no idea
Except that I will not stay silent
I will not hide in the shadows
I am transmasculine and nonbinary
And I refuse to remain invisible
Can't I love greatly
in a moment?
Will you hate me
if I'd be your servant,
just not for forever?

My dear, I'd love you before
my skin turns to leather.
Give me the present to adore
a beautiful soul.
Just let things be,
just let things flow
First poem of this sentiment.
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