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emma Apr 28
when he was stolen from us,
the angels fell from heaven
their pure wings were ripped from their shoulders
the halos torn from atop their heads
thrown to the ash

shooting stars plunged
doomed for earth
one by one
then all together

she wept through the day
long into the night
suffocated by the thought
of remaining without him

with anger and sorrow
she blamed the angels
who were supposed to
defend him

life without him
would be a cold fire in the bitter winter
but with no warmth

we bid our farewell to the closed casket,
the barrier between us
as it lowered
into the dust
In my memory box I kept this special jewel.
It’s the memory of you dear friend.
Memories  forever locked up.
Safely hidden  for what once was.
Passed away but not forgotten.
Forever safe forever shining
Dear friend
You will always be this song
This precious jewel in my heart.

Shell ✨🐚
When a dear friend has passed away, you have a the precious memories locked up inside of you. Things you two only shared !
Jamesb Apr 8
It's funny how hospitals,
Whence one goes to heal
Or die,
Focus ones mind upon
Profound things,

Life and death for sure
But also the life that's been lived
The life being lived,
Being dead and also
The process of dying,

I do not wish to die
In a hospital ward,
I have seen this and
I have heard it
And it is horrid,

Let me pass good Lord
In the arms of a beautiful woman,
Or the embrace of a wooden boat,
With sails full and ocean spray
All about me,

Let me die astride a galloping horse,
Or in the metal clashing of swords,
The crack and ping of an airsoft war
Or the twang and thud of archery,

Let me pass on a zip wire Lord,
With the scream of a block
In my ears,
Or wining and dining
With my loved ones,

Any of these things Lord will do,
Or anything else the same,
But let me die while living Lord,
Not on a hospital ward
In shame
Some musings while waiting on test results...
I want you to know how I feel
but my words don't reach the extent necessary
to let you know what is real
that I want to be your emissary
but I act so wary
like an actuary
with a knack for staring
judging passing cherries
as cassowaries.

My frustration grinds through a mouthful of teeth
because of the fountain of heat
that lies beneath
my sword in sheath
melting through its protection
bleeding from the rejection
of your outward inflection
thwarting this coward's intentions.

I miss you but I don't even know you
I want to kiss you and hold you
but the issue to that bold move
is that I don't know if it'd go through
like Father Time's sand
passing through my hands
******* I'm an old man
from your cold canned gold jam
I'm sold bland then soul slammed
by Conan
The Barbarian
in my solarium
solitary terrarium
where nary a sum
equals more than one.
Jeanmarie Feb 4
Sitting there, heart racing, time ticking,
You try to remember, but you just can't.
Everything you spent your night trying to memorize
Seems to be erased from memory,
Palms start sweating, hands start shaking,
You can’t make out the words typed
Boldly onto the paper,
Everything is becoming blurry,
You keep trying to replay last night
In your mind so you might
Be able to get a couple right,
But instead you are faced with only
Half a memory,
The answers are covered with blanks,
You can’t remember.
It is time to accept the destined fate.
A student’s living nightmare
Is not getting a passing grade.
Andreas Simic Jan 30
Time Passes
I get a reminder email
Who from whom I regale
Some poetry website
Reminding me that I used to write

As I look at the date of that work
How is it possible it was so long ago
Where did the time go
Was I too busy to put words to pen

Or what else has taken my Zen
To share what talent I do have
In relating what I know of life
Even if it cuts like a knife
Where have those years gone
When my light so brightly shone

Having lost three friends to cancer
I wonder what is the answer

Should I not acknowledge their pain
For I am the one who does remain

Their lives were my beacon of hope
Each providing a different point of view
Of how a life well lived can affect so many
Never asking for nary a penny

And with a tear in my eye
I look upward to the sky
Hoping to catch a glimpse of
Ian, Warren and Sil
It is a tough pill
To swallow their loss

One that I cannot easily toss
And with that thought in mind
I do not want to be blind
To the blessing that they were

For me and those they knew
And for helping me as I grew

Andreas Simic
My wife's aunt just passed yesterday, Another great one moves on.
old willow Jan 13
Every day, every week, every month, every year;
I try to hold the time in my hands.
But like a mote of dust, they slip through my finger,
reminding me that time will always expand.
Each day, I try to stay true to myself
But my reflection keeps on changing.
Each second I try to live without future in mind,
But my past forever sing me old songs.
I know even my own song will fade away,
like the people who spread rumor,
But until that time come, I continue to lay;
lay down in life oblivious to my future;
in the end, this old song continue to spin through my life.
JJ Inda Dec 2020

yet, ever-changing.

Just as waves

on the beach;

so are the years

and us.
Skye Dec 2020
time is something
so easy to waste
when i spend it
with you.
and it's like nothing
happened at all.
© Cori
old willow Dec 2020
You've brought a lonely soul;
passing time with a ghost;
The rising dawn remain the same,
but the person doesn't.
Three thousand glistening lanterns,
listening to pray from low to high;
Wishing for wealth,
Wishing for success,
Wishing for health,
Wishing for recess,
Til the end of time, I wish only you.
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