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Nigdaw Sep 2023
it's late August
the roads are still quiet
while a workforce
bronze in European sun
and children
sleep till noon on seemingly
endless summer holidays
staving off the winter blues
just around the corner
with Christmas decorations
already in the shops
the big push to do it all again
bigger and better than last year
is on
but today I am content
in this moment
just almost
happy to drive to work
Jammit Janet Aug 2023
I reach
For my dreams
I create the seams
That thread
The separate pieces
let's go back
to the nights
in your car
when simple
was our middle
Robert Ippaso Jun 2023
What price adventure
When the risk outweighs the venture,
No dishonor not to start,
Merely you just being smart.

If compunction is the cause,
That adrenaline rush which draws,
Take a breath and think it through,
Is the only one affected - you?

Does bravery need be so foolhardy,
With reason as an afterthought and tardy,
When blind desire clearly trumps all thought,
For ego trips that can be simply bought.

Extreme tourism knows no other name,
Never quite the path to everlasting fame,
At best it gives a sudden winded rush,
At worst with Death itself you'll surely brush.

So many have regardless met such fate,
Gone far too soon before their fated date,
For every mountain peak or ocean deep,
Lie countless graves where mothers sadly weep.
Strying Jun 2023
it whispers as I drive past,
luring me in,
I park near the rocks.

I exit the car with my long locks,
descend the stairs,
run with the sand,
wind in my hair.

I breathe in the salt air,
and stare at the force of the ocean,
its beauty,
its strength,
and yet,
its fragility.

I pause.

As though to awake from a dream,
tired and drained,
I walk back to the car,
suddenly aware of the sand stuck on my feet,
and my knotted hair.
Hi! I'm back :) Hope everyone is doing great.
My Dear Poet May 2023
I’m falling
through an hourglass
I’ve no time to think
Like all the others
falling through
it’s now my turn to sink

Closed in
by glass unseen
I thought I was almost free
Dropping down
I hit the ground
my escape, high above me

Smash the glass
and fight the flow
can’t be shut in any more
till I break the mould
I  put time on hold
I lose the hour I was born for

Awaiting my turn
taking time to learn
to be forever falling again
as long as I’m bound
I am forever crowned
no more than just a grain
Amanda Kay Burke Feb 2023
I am having hard time accepting truth
No clue how to survive
World without your presence Is not a world
In which I long to be alive
No one cares the way you did
Space in heart nothing can fill
Numb myself with substances
Sorrow impossible to ****
No hope for better tomorrows
Barely make it through today
Room shrinking with each breath
Choke on each word I try to say
Pass the time getting high as I can
An attempt to avoid dwelling on greif
Temporary band-aid to cover wound
Relief always too brief
Move only when necessary
Every step exhausts my feet
When walking I slowly trudge forward
As if legs are stuck in concrete
Around others maintain composure
Can even manage to smile
Inside back of my mind pain throbs
Prowling all the while
And I bottle up tears within
My eyes never stay dry for long
For my effort is ever in vain
Failing to be stable and  strong
This is more difficult than I ever imagined
Nightmare manifested in one blink
Depth of my agony cannot be captured
In range of sound or intricacies of ink
Box of memories stored in brain
Mustering courage to close
Replay past moments until my head spins
Speeding in circles train of thought goes
Is there end to the madness I feel?
Chaos warps perception into knots
Drive myself crazy examining events
Can't quite connect the dots
I miss my mom I used to confide you ûhhh in her often
Teyah Nichole Jan 2023
The water on the ground
Is no longer fake,
As I take a look in the rearview.

Huh, I’m crying.

And it’s in this moment
I take a second
To accept the fact

                  I miss you.

Oh how I wish
I’d known,
Before driving
These backroads   alone
My heart and soul
Are objects of old,
And bigger

                          Then they appear.

That this pathway to heaven
Gripped by desert horizon
Was just escape for a women
Who cannot function
And is blinded
                          By fear.

Well, that’s life.

I tried.
I ride.
Until the end of time,

                          My dear.
A new poem, about the old country and a love past.
Ginn Mosxa Dec 2022
I fear,
Worry heavily over,
Realizing my dream
My passion, my drive
"Too late"
But, I must ask myself
When exactly
Is too late??
Ten years from now?
Or is too late tomorrow,
Or next week?
Because some days
It feels that way
And days like today
I wonder,
If there even is such a thing..

Maybe when I'm gone
Once my bones decay
It will be too late
Yet even then,
Someone might just
Remember it.
Maybe it's never too late to dream...
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