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The best decision I ever made,
was just saying hello to you.
I stopped driving along in life long enough,
to pick up a new passenger to welcome along for my ride.
It opened up a new world to me,
and new wonders and splendor,
and you always have the words of encouragement,
and the perfect things to say,
I mean I never knew that there could be someone like you in this world.
How is someone like you not made up?
An unimaginable wonder,
that seems to exist just to compliment me.
We've built different lives,
made different paths,
but they all seem to converge to one destination,
and that's to each other.
Our roads have come together,
and built a highway,
that only adds more lanes,
as time goes by,
we'll have built the largest,
most well traveled road,
that everyone will want to travel on,
as it'll have the best scenery,
smoothest ride,
and the most amazing pit stops.
Many roads have pot holes form,
but we always have exactly what we need to,
to patch these holes,
as we fix each other,
having the perfect passenger,
as we'd never tire of the other,
and somehow find even more to say,
to each other with no signs of slowing down,
as we increase our speed,
not knowing where we are going,
we do know our passenger will be right there,
riding right beside the other.
Hg 2d
nothing’s on
the stereo

but the scuffs
of stilettos

midnight drive
on open road

blinker on
we’re merging zones

in my off-white

to our lame
school prom we go

one hand outside
the window

one hand holding
her shadow

glancing at her
darkened pose

can’t tell that
her dress is gold

in the wind
her hair unrolls

like t.p.
we used to throw

her smile’s
an opal glow

waning moon
open and close

silver linings
sketch her ghost

then she goes

by streetlight
i'm left exposed

in the frontseat
in plainclothes

she’s not there
i must’ve dozed

in the diamond
lane alone
Right now is where things are going to take a turn,
The roundabout welcomes another hurried passenger,
The biker sits idle,
The circle goes on,
days past and we are again at "the last",
Round and round,
To leave is only to return,
Weaving a knot to the difference (conscious) that is me,
An infinite point watching every decision,
Only a glimpse from the rear view mirror
We are road locked, tied up,
Eventruly drifting off into a sleep that could wind up taking others,
Are you alone in the car?
Are you alone in the car?
Treat you passengers with care,
Pray for a good review for when you finally stop,
Or get out and let someone else become the commander of what roundabout you take,
It may be fun.
How are you?
It’s best to wait a while
and live
than to take a chance
and die
these were the words
my mother gave
when she taught me
how to drive
She also taught me
to do what she says
and not what she does,
now I see why.
Em MacKenzie Sep 10
I’m on a road trip to a place called crazy
but my tank is empty and my windshield’s got a crack.
The lane’s are foggy and my vision’s hazy,
but I don’t give a single fuck ‘cause I’m not coming back.

And the streets are dark and my headlight’s are broken,
My seatbelt’s fastened so tight that I am chokin’.
My tires are popped and my engine is burning
at the green I stopped but kept on learning.

I could never drive fast enough
to escape what’s left behind.
Admiring skid marks and envying every scuff
I’ll keep going even when I’m deaf and blind.

I’m on a road trip to a place called crazy
it’s settled in between “grief” and “regret.”
I’m sure a bus runs there, although I’m lazy,
and timing’s the only thing I forget.

And the streets are dark and my headlight’s are broken,
my speakers blew out, but there’s words to be spoken.
My brakes are shot and my signals are mixed,
it’s the only ride I’ve got, but it can’t be fixed.

And I’ll pass by landmarks on the side of the road,
but won’t stop for a picture, don’t want to waste a smile.
I’ve been riding the back of a trailer that cautions a heavy load,
I could pass it but I’ll stay behind for one more mile.

I could never drive fast enough
to escape what’s left behind.
I’ll keep going even though the road is rough,
I’ll keep travelling until I find my mind.
I want to see something in you before I invest in you
Remains the criteria
Not looking so much into the exterior

She whispers into my ears, syllables that shape into a world curved out from her burning vivid imaginations
a kind of flame that burns right through me as I am sired to her each and every desire

She walks right through the world
rising when pulled down
Standing tall you wont see her fears, even when she sheds a tear because it is all she has ever known strong capable beauty

Her desires sink within me
Her drive and productivity is the reason I interest
Together we build a legacy
Her creativity sharpening mine and born are my affections
For this remarkably ambitious creature
My ambitious girl
For all the passion driven woman
skez Aug 31
midnight driving
windows down
waves crash

it is such a beautiful night, isn't it?
but the thing that makes it perfect is your laugh that fills the air
Andrew Apr 10
I drive all day
I drive all night
I drive to pray
I drive to fight
I drive
To survive
I drive
To thrive
I drive
Through lies
To criticize
Shit eating flies
To minimize
My nocturnal cries

I drive until my hands bleed
No time to road sign read
I must satisfy my movement greed
Until I gain a glorious lead
And I may finally be envied

I drive all day
I drive all night
I drive through rain
To see the light
I drive through blame
To see who's right
I try to stay in my lane
But traffic is tight
I hear a car horn refrain
That's this road's blight

I drive until I hallucinate
But these visions are great
Much better than my fate
And as the hour gets late
The visions determine my state

I drive all day
I drive all night
I drive into clay
Once I lose sight
My car tires
Wrapped in barbed wire
Engine on fire
Like a funeral pyre
The ride has become shaky
From all the bumps I'm taking
In this massive bet I'm staking
That I'll brake before breaking

I drive until I fall asleep
Drifting down this pavement creek
But instead of crashing
Like a cigarette ashing
I fade away without a sound
Into the blacktop ground
And realize I love my car
After we traveled so far
But this revelation comes too late
As I approach heaven's toll gate
Shiloh Reeves Aug 15
Failed again; only this time I lose everything, including my mind.
I plan to wake tomorrow with the intention of trying again.

Your life is your life,
Don't let it be clubbed into dank submission.

I know some "thing" is watching, listening closely.
"It," sends me hope through whispers, whispers only I can hear.
I am scrutinized, ostracized, berated for even paying attention to "that thing."

I am hurt. I want to quit. But I lost everything already, what more do I have to lose?

I act again. I try again. I fail again.
I've given myself the piece of advice to: hold these failures close to my heart. They will pave the way. One stepping stone after another.

You will ride life into perfect laughter.
A poem inspired by the late great Charles Bukowski. Please enjoy and stay driven.
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