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elSe 1d
I sat awake on the back seat
Stared at the window, harnessed heat
As the lamp-lit city whizzed by,
The untouched dusk still in the sky.

Closed my eyes as it gently swayed,
Then listened to the silence fade,
Speed cushions, the quiet highways,
The sleepy tires, its steady phase.

I missed the constant compliance,
Radio waves' static silence,
The roads rolled on, no fuss or rush,
An empty mind, all my thoughts hushed.

They were asleep, no sound of day,
And on the car's back seat I stay,
As urban cat eyes shine, blink fast,
A few more hours to home at last.
This is not

This is simply
A place

In time and

No more

No less


7420-7498 E Magic View Dr, Cottonwood Heights, UT 84121
Steve Page Aug 22
The journey,
The torque,
The chase,
The lap-time,
The playlist,
The company,
The view,
The joy,
The purpose,

not the destination,

- with thanks to T S Elliott
Okay.  I know.  The destination helps too.
Ikigai Poet Aug 12
Whatever song you'll hum
while you drive is like a rhapsody
to my heart.
we'd have our fingers interlaced
and our hair
feeling the caress
of midnight breeze
as we speed at the highway
looking our way
to forever.
-Ikigai Poet
There is something inside that pushes us,
We can either push against it,
Or push with it.
Shannon Jul 9
Run through expensive hotels
Just to come home, play Mario Kart in our underwear
A high-stake love, we burn like fire and cry like monsoons
Holiday flashes become traditions,
Movements of our hands and our arms keep the peace
The making of our love sneaky and frequent.

Ask you to run away with me into the moonlight
To never be seen again
Messy wild and barely free
Eighteen with too many cares and too many scars to hold alone
So let's hold them together
You can't heal my wounds
But you help relieve the pain

Four hands and two hearts ache for one another
Let's build a fort under your desk
Stay there till the morning light.
Movies I can't help to sleep through
Making out through every *** scene
l'll spoon you, kiss your bare back
Hold you tighter than

Drive until there's no more road,
Hands on knees light in the rearview mirror
driving in lingerie just for the ******* risk

Showers shared soothe the soul so hold me close and dear
Wash my hair and I'll wash yours.
The spot in my back that only you can reach.
Feel your heart beat through your chest
Your wet hair slicked back
Piercing blue eyes that melt me like wax and a flame
you are my flame.

We're messy and wild and inconsistent and angry and loving and full of so much.
Keep me safe and ill keep you wild
Until you return, my dear.
Peter Garrett Jun 22
Friends don’t let friends drive drunk
But the car keys are just so magnetic
Friends don’t let friends drink & dial
But my phone looks so **** right now
And I had like nine shots all alone
So it’s probably a matter of how
I’m crawling back to you
Oh, I'll be so ashamed (and hangover) tomorrow morning...
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