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You drink
You drive
You ruthlessly try
To have a good time

And down slick oil streets
Pavement like a pistol
To my temple, meets

The cure to my cancer
And the answer
To my every problem
Marie Oct 13
the moon follows;
a fish in an oil spill
Rhea Oct 13
Internal standards drive and shape.
We all must try to maintain
The self image of wearing the hero’s cape
So we scurry, scuttle and strain to obtain
The many titles to follow our name

Individual achievement prized over all
Has led to never becoming enough.
Never proud of our value, heads tall!
We must be diligent, empathetic and tough
To earn respect or become a heeded voice

We stack responsibilities, jump the hurdles
Rush to service, stress grades, run the mile.
Too many doing too much--my stomach curdles.
Everything done for the sake of doing
Never adding to development of ourselves

Such a paradox are individual achievements
The more you do the less pride you feel
Running ragged your empathy caves and relents
To the exhaustion that corrodes at your steel
The internal words, “Someone else could”
Poetic T Oct 10
I never drove by that was the ***** way,
             half time trying to hit a wet spot blind.
or killing the time of those who were never
meant to fall...

Got honor between the lines, I'll stop the car,
              open the door, walk out suited
not you average gangster, look like the others
and no one running till I pulls out your
friend it anit here for a meet and greet.

More like say hello to, goodbye...
   you bleeding on the floor, I'm a good shot...
One to the chest, you fell now one to the head,
   you aint paid you bills now your blood
                                           stained in the wind.

Casually walking back to the car signing
         autographs of his followers.  
This meet and greets been productive,
   Family signing you off on the morgue...

I aint going to lie the only necktie I be
           tightening is yours...

Tied to a chair, if I need information,
   asking as politely with a ball hammer
                                   and some pliers...

I had a few mouths shout off,
now they walk the street silently,
  never **** disrespect.

Show what silence sounds like,
respect is fear
         and I'm the scarecrow in the

And you crows,
    you worm eaters ain't seen nothing yet..
Poetic T Oct 10
Pushin my baby on the swing each one way,
        Bullets passing the wind not punching
me and my baby. But the fools be running
like they could outrun fate.

They can't escape the crosshairs of
  ill-prepared revenge.  
    Cadavers hit the floor blood outlines
that turn white after they felled.

I kept pushing my youth, hoping
she'd grow to an age where she
           could push her own.

But every day I playing Russian
   roulette with her swinging,
    me pushing her further so that
she's higher than the gunshots

          as they always hitting lower.

Today I was pushing her, she in her nikes,
     swinging her higher than death could
catch her tight grip...

But my neighbor she hanging low, catching
two unfollowed friend requests  flying through
the air, one in the thigh, one between the thoughts,

I kept pushing as her shadow swallowed by her
folding on the floor, her baby swinging slower
but still alive.

         Blue took her to her daddy, hope they
find out who they are as she had more than
           one by another man...

I m still here pushing my baby on a silent playground.
      No one comes here, that's good for me.
   pushing her low as there isn't a problem
of drive-bye byes... No more *******, no one to ****.
                  There is just me and my baby pushing..

Come on baby its time to go home,
                 the road is white, and we aren't
going to our usual place...

R.I.P to those who never didn't do nothing.

Another drive-by, grills smiling as flashes
greeting shaded window frames,
                                          hanging low.
Bullet Sep 30
Ignore what I’m doing
It’s raining
And the old man is drunk
And swerving
The road is slipping
I’m gripping the handles
The headlights in front
Keep swaying
I want to look out the sunroof
But now I’m going through the windshield
The street light is my curtain call
I can no longer hear
The soft rain
Acts as a blanket
To my ending
Sometimes I go around seeking pain
because nothing else soothes me,
And with each pang
I come closer, chasing it
like true addict.

I savor my damage
and exalt in my lonely conscience.
Y'ever wonder why we're ****** up? Nah,
It's the way we're put together: my psyche came cheap.

Inexistence isn't, I am
here; I ask you to hold me
now, in your head, and then
Tony Oquendo Sep 18
Sleep to awaken a new day
Dream to imagine it fullfilled
Lizzie Aug 12
If I just drive far enough,
I'll leave my worries far away.
If I just drive fast enough,
They'll eat the dust of yesterday.

But there's only one world to go around,
Only so far before you're found.
And once you've hit the end of the road,
Suddenly there's no other way to go
But back.
Lost in Thought Dec 2015
For those who have suffered
Through fire and snow
From words
From action
To complete nothingness to show
Take pride
Take comfort
For those who cannot see
The true beauty in chaos
Are those who have not suffered
Through fire and snow
I wrote this about 10 years ago now and it meaning has completely changed. It started as a message to humble yourself and enjoy the beauty in the chaos of life, but it’s now become a motivational saying to myself. I’m an entrepreneurial type and I have chosen to walk a path of my own in life. I have denied myself the comfort of stability for adventure and risk and through this path I wish to learn from the chaos.
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