I was making my way down
The highway,
Cornfields on both sides of me.
The moon shined even though
It was still day time.
The sky was a light lavender shade
That oozed into a faded blue
Twilight, you could say.
I caught a glimpse of a doe
And her baby
Walking through the endless field.
My mind wandered.
Where did they come from?
Perhaps they came from
Deep in the woods,
Where the birds sang
And the creek bubbles,
The sun seeps through the trees.
Perhaps all the animals got along,
Or maybe,
They came from an open field,
Maybe they had a family,
A buck, a herd,
Possibly even a few more fawns.
Maybe something drove them from there.
Maybe a gun,
Maybe a predator,
Maybe weather.
My mind wandered more,
Where were they going?
Were they looking for somewhere safe?
Or were they only trying to survive?
I wished I could see more of their journey.
I wanted to root them on.
Keep living!
Keep fighting!
Where ever you're off to, keep going!
Then the moment passed,
They were long out of my sight.
I hope they are still alright.
I hope they were alright.
Passenger seat.
Windows down.
Sun in my eyes.
Love sits on my left.
And there's trust
In the breeze.
We create little expeditions,
Until the real freedom comes.
Adventure glints in both set of eyes,
And we long for that day
When the world is completely ours.
As for now,
We walk on the edge of the limits,
Trespassing sometimes.
The wind blows through our hair
The sun gleams in our curious eyes.
One day we will never be apart.
One day adventure will have no limits.
I try not to complain,
For the adventure will always be there,
Paitiently waiting for us.
Fears grow in my mind
I do need your gentle touch
So I can blossom
Distracted by solitude
I drove blind
and let the music pass on my inside,
seeking to pull me forward in its wake
- but deaf to its invitation,
I failed to hold up
my side of the conversation
and dropped back
in my own slow lane
alone again.
Solitude can be overwhelming. A car can be your safe place.
AS Jul 11
I want more,
all I want to do is explore.
Not letting life slip by,
to take flight and not care about getting everything right.
To really live!
Not being the person just to give!
A vision,
just a dream no more,
now to embody which is truly in my core.
To live each mystery,
not reliving each history.
Life a dance floor,
ready to host the fire inside.
Finally I'm ready!
To take charge,
let loose a riot.
No longer afraid to open the moments of the unexplored.
No longer cleaning up anyone else chores and gore.
That power is no longer a sin,
that it's finally my time to win.
My drive is more than being alive,
not to standby to have a stereotypical life.

© 2018
Abigail Sheard
When your finally ready to take life by the horns, to embrace what you truly are.
AS Jul 3
Finally I have a drive to do more than survive.

No longer riding along with the tide.

To live,
to be equal to the way I give.

To always say what I want each day,
without being afraid.

To be engaged by each day.

To be my best,
even if it creates a mess.

Never to be less than I perceive.

To always have something up my sleeve,
to never again be so naive.

Not to be expected just to please,
to learn to lead.

To make magic happen to those who I surround,
as now I am truly found.

To be the one standing on the tower,
no longer the one bowing down.

Ready to prove myself now!

To create throughout,
to stand out from the crowd.

Compelled to rise up high,
to spread my wings and fly.

Now the sky is finally mine!

© 2018
Abigail Sheard
bret Jul 2
i fucking love
to hate me in
the morning.

its all red and white
but ive inhaled so much
second hand smoke
i wheeze when i
take it all

i cant be pleased.
a mosquito bite
that moves when you
find me,
i haven't been satisfied
since 2004
and i don't necessarily
remember what did it

theres a kid rock song
on the radio
and i blast it
so loud
i cant hear myself
forget to turn
away from
the ditch on the side
of the road.

my glasses go first
through the windshield.
i dont remember much
just that its
than the movies.

morphine hypnosis and
hospital food.
im back where
the hell all started.

i fucking love
to hate me in
the morning.
she grew up in a cab in new york city
always wishing for a home
we made plans to meet in kansas
as i landed, she’d already gone

she’s been somewhere ‘round the bend
somewhere only god knows when
i made this bed i’m laying in
she falls in and out of love
i was born to chase the sun
i guess i'll burn myself again
'Rose Marie' - Edward & Graham
Another beautiful song that I listen to very often.
Courtney Jun 19
yellow lights flicker at night
like freckles through the fog.
checkered punctures in the sky
glow with their auburn flame.
they flicker with the wind and winding turns.
they gleam near smoke stacks on factory towers.
the sound is calm.
the percussion of murky water
rolling toward the bulkhead
echoes through the city of embers.
the darkest grey lays behind
steel bars and race cars,
searching for a purpose
beside dashed street lines,
soon to be solid white
and permanent.
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