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George Krokos Jan 29
I recently cooked a meal to eat one night
and was surprised that it turned out right.
It didn't need many ingredients to add
for which I was thankful and very glad.

It provided nourishment to curb my hunger
that was then starting to sound like thunder
for my stomach was beginning to rumble
and the time getting late for me to grumble.

In particular like those who often go to sleep
on an empty stomach or unwanted fast keep.
It would seem as if they were avoiding crime
depending on their own situation at the time.

Many people keep a strict discipline with food
and by doing so enhance their own mood.
It has been said “one becomes what they eat'
which in turn will reflect on their life's feat.
Written in 2019
Steve Page Jan 7
These are the ingredients for a poem. But like all recipes, you don't need every ingredient every time:

- beat, rhythm & rhyme
- pictures painted
- describing what's not there.

- the narrative, the journey within the poem
- size & shape (line breaks and stanzas)

Also, you may have a inclination to use a particular ingredient to the exclusion of others - so as you recognise this, experiment with those ingredients which you are less confident about using.

- the first three are where poets typically find their freedom to explore ideas within the poem;
- the last two are where the reader typically finds handholds / the anchor to better engage with the poem.
Download from a workshop during a poets retreat in Shropshire.
Badshah Khan Feb 2019
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust) – 38

BismillahIr RahmanIr Raheem

Pure Salt and sweet sugar melt in visible water
In specific taste both key ingredients are naturally varying.

We intuitively know the proper Social usage,
Of pure salt and sweet sugar,
Still they wont be same!

We as being naturally, are typically varied
Like pure salt and sweet sugar,.

On our own way of cultured taste,
But still we are same creation,
To taste the confirmed death of our dear life!

Allah Khair….. Khairul Rabul Alameen Yah Arrahmanur Yah Raheem

Ummah Thurab – Badshah Khan.
©UT-BK 2019
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust)
Salmabanu Hatim Sep 2018
As I sat at the kitchen table,
I saw my daughter- in- law fry an egg,
She discarded the egg yolk,
She was about to put it in the bin,
I took it from her.
Next my son returned from the supermarket,
He had bought olive oil for his pretty wife,
She was a freak on olive oil,
I asked for two tablespoons,
"Mum, what are you up to."
I smiled sweetly.
I had the Vaseline,
I need to put it on my hands and soles,
Honey is in plenty at home.
I steamed the Vaseline till it melted,
Took it off the heat,
Added other ingredients,
Meshed the mixture to a smooth paste,
My face mask for removing wrinkles was ready,
It worked,
Thanks Pinterest.
solfang Dec 2017
everyone agrees that you're
tasteless and flavourless
when it comes to
choosing the ingredients
to make the dough for love.

similar to a slice of
cold, leftover pizza,
hated like pineapples
as the toppings,
slapped on like a can of
expired tomato sauce,
cut away like
unwanted crustings,
and being as cheap as
a low-quality mozzarella.

loved by me
but purely hated
by the entire world.
Literally wrote this because everyone thinks I've poor judgement when it comes to pizza topping choices. (p.s : it's pineapples)
Pete Leon Oct 2017
Carrot and coriander, why are you so pally?
With your 'c' sounding names and you both being edible,
Well I've got news for you boys,
I think you're absolutely terrible.

Carrot and coriander, why are you so pally?
Just because you both like soup and a little bit of season,
It doesn't mean you should be so close, it's not a good enough reason.

Carrot and coriander, why are you so pally?
You hang around in cardboard cartons, talking trash about other ingredients,
Well its just not acceptable boys, and I'm really not feelin' it.

Carrot and coriander, why are you so pally?
People think you're great, with your complementary flavours,
Well I'm sorry boys, think you're tasty? Do me a 'kin favour.
Wellspring Sep 2017
Cake is one of the most confusing things in the world.

It can be complex or simple to make,
With a variety of different ingredients per cake.

The recipe can contain ten different steps,
Or ten hours of grueling prep.

It, more so, depends on the person baking,
Whether or not they're capable of taking
On the pressure that comes with making
A terribly delicious cake.
I had cake on the brain and believed it deserved a poem. Also, my other laptop died so now I have no way to work on my art major.
Zero Nine Aug 2017
What are your plans this weekend?
Are you free?
See, I thought maybe we could play
like the
night after the day
however many missing years ago
at the
Tiger Army show

Mercy, please, have mercy on me
Hanging long as I have over you,
might think I'd see death as it's coming
but the braid binding my neck blew out my eyes
and left me hanging blind,
left me hanging years for you, as an idea
whose fault?
Whose fault is that?
The more I write, the more I understand I only write my worst ingredients
Gabriel burnS Jun 2017
writing like

- a grocery list of metaphors

- for a cooking recipe instruction

- or some kind of

- shipping manifesto;

- let your deductive mind

- interpret its own flow

- since that's the one thing

- we don't naturally grow

- but if you put too much spice in that dish

- bear in mind

(x) it’s best served cold
MindsPalace Nov 2016
Pie can be made with fruit,
Pie can be made with chocolate,
Pie can make you smile,
Pie can make you *****,
Pie can be elaborate,
Pie can be quite simple,
Pie could be literal,
Pie could be a symbol…

The Pie of Life is hot,
Or maybe it is cold,
You could heat it up,
Or maybe it's too old,
The Pie of Life has flavors,
It's dynamically unique,
But what's your pie like?
It's changing as we speak.

Every day it changes,
Sometimes we eat,
But not until we die
Is our Life Pie complete.
Our choices are the flavors,
Our thoughts roll the dough,
Our actions bake our pie,
So what have I to show?

Our pies explain us,
My pie is my success,
Is my pie good enough?
Do I have enough, or less?

Thankfully you've offered me
Ingredients to help me try.
Our friendship is, I'm sure,
A nice addition to my Pie.
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