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George Krokos Nov 2023
Shame on that country as future history will show
what it had done to the world as it began to grow;
ignoring those standards of international laws
going about its own business unmindful of flaws.

Many of the other countries it shared borders with
had complaints to make against it that were in a pith;
related to its intentions towards them that seemed
to be hostile beyond those they apparently deemed.

The global community began to be alarmed
when that country's military build-up was armed
and ready to take on any other State around
that so tried to restrict it from gaining further ground.

Regarding itself as having gained the upper hand
in the area around most of the sea and land;
ready to defend its own interests and portion
by building fortifications as a precaution.

Together with a pandemic started on its shores
and allowed to spread abroad before closing its doors
hesitating to inform the world of the virus
that was going to infect people and to harm thus.

Done for economic and strategic advantage
as the virus has spread all over the worldly stage
pushing most countries into a recession these days
being reminiscent of old times the past displays.

It seems that the ball started rolling at the end of
a trade war between it and the U.S.A. to shove
that country and any other out of the way and
to show it also really had Trump's winning card hand.

One of its main objectives was to just gain Taiwan
an island country near its shores as part of its plan
having similar ethnicity but different
in political ideology it was bent.

The tables have been turning against it for a while
as the world now looks on at the extent of its guile
for those countries that've been affected will decide
what actions to take in curbing this rogue nation's stride.

A worst case scenario would be another war
if too many thresholds for either side slam a door
into each one of their faces as they'll test the throng
and spy on what the other's doing in case it's wrong.

In order to avoid such a dire confrontation
both sides must employ high level communication
in the field of diplomacy where it's most concerned
to resolve all those issues so the world won't be burned.

The situation above may remind us about
those preceding years of the second world war to flout
that mankind doesn't need to go down this road again
unless our life and survival on earth we disdain.
Written in Oct'21.
There shouldn't be any doubt about which country is being referred to here.
A similar correlation can be said about Russia together with the outbreak of war instigated between it and the Ukraine. The war between Israel and Hamas is different but still exhibits extreme rogue like behavior by Hamas in provoking the conflict. Other nations that may fit the description of the title of this poem are North Korea, Iran and Iraq, perhaps others as well.
Jeremy Betts Aug 2020

If it were up to me I'd change the entire seen, at this point that's gotta be first thing
I'm taking firing every living, breathing being and put a lien on the Whitehouse till we fix this thing
People are having a difficult time coping and it's only getting worse cause we're allowing this perverse nonsense to keep going
It's a curse, can't be believing the sycophant bigots in church nor office, weaving a dishonest promise that everything will be okay but never delivering
No solution "Just keep doin' what you're doin', this is America and we are American so even when we're losin' we win"
How can more than half the population believe in blatantly false information? Being that blind takes dedication
But this isn't a debate on creation, it ain't an argument about what's better; Xbox or PlayStation
We need to fashion a constraint, one custom fit for the reality of the situation
Our innate ability to shoot ourselves in the foot has proven, in real time, just how broken we are as a nation

If it were up to me I'd forcefully remove the blinders and lift the vale so all y'all can see clearly
Get face to face and look closely at the man behind the curtain, the one who's certainly hurtin' every American family
We've gotta collectively grow a pair cause this turning away haphazardly from real issues is turning out badly
It's like we're trying to escape on a stationary bike hoping a simulated digital effort will magically be enough ultimately
But it's plane to see we don't do enough as a society, continually bringing trouble our way, inviting it to stay knowing that any day it could turn ugly
Smugly we stand proudly next to our failures yelling alternative facts loudly to drown out the reality
And said reality has been a slow burn, catching up gradually as to not alarm you with the coming tragedy
Mercy is an option that's been taken off the table permanently, tough love is the new weaponry, I mean strategy, excuse me

Like I said, if it were up to me there'd be no mercy
The time for coddling is over, if you're not part of the solution you get sent out to pasture and not instantly because technically it'd actually be much faster
No more stumbling over blunder after blunder, it's no wonder we can't get from under this absolute corrupt power
The hour is late and the gate to a better future is chained shut but if you wait I'll locate a detour
There will indeed be fewer unlocked doors but we just need one to advance further
So whether you're ready or not it's time to move the plot along, our end game can not be forgot
We've got a long way to go, it's obvious that collectively we're not as progressive as we once thought
After draining the swamp we have got to get the skeletons out the closet to slow the dry rot
It's a hot topic because it doesn't line up with half the public but once the plan is in place you'll love it and be thanking me a lot

To bad it's not up to me though cause it's honestly getting pretty scary down this ominous hallway walkway
I don't see this ending in a way that doesn't just lead us further astray
And allow for the further decay of our democracy and quite possibly bring forth an inevitable Doomsday
The clock ticks life and hope away, that's not to say we're running out but it's starting to look that way
This isn't something I say for shock value, it's said to allow you insight into their strategy
This great big life conspiracy theory is crazy enough, I don't need to exaggerate any, just look at any headline from today
What do you see? Can you even put it all into words?
What does it mean? Could you tell the difference between 'em if I removed their party placards?
One insignificant step forwards for man, but for mankind it's always a giant leap backwards, heading head first towards collapse and neither direction cares knowing they are the 1% that'll be just fine afterwards
They are born con artists and actors, everyday nominating new content to put towards winning best lie at the Oscars
You might not think so but I know We The People are changing to us and them others, I just hope the non believers notice before the herds of buzzards
It is really, truly unfortunate that it's not up to me...

Uzo Okoli Mar 2023
Boots sanction the hearts of men.
The victims are wailing and smiling
Death keeps on knocking and waiting
Who will liberate us?

Denial of our voices made us cry
Downtrodden wept as their voices
Dwindle and cracks for liberation
Who are the kindhearted?

Nation begets unruly masters
As the country pretends to smile
Honest people are followers!
Why the contradiction?

Bemourning the scourges of men
Humanity strives to speak but ...
Money, power and fame supercedes
When are we going to rise?

Hatred is begging to put on a smile
Laughter covers herself with rags
The future bleeps and sorrows
Can we revolt against the status quo?© Uzo
Liberation of the soul starts from upholding the tenets of true values.
Through centuries of history
The same old money taint
Creeps in with fiat bewitchery
Bitcoin is restraint

Temptation comes to everyone
There is no perfect saint
Though limits may restrict the fun
Bitcoin is restraint

Like Ulysses with the siren’s song
Our resolve will always faint
Again and again we’ve chosen wrong
Bitcoin is restraint

Inflation soars, and nations fall
Our leaders deaf to complaint
21 million - and that is all
Bitcoin is restraint

Learn about the Bitcoin code
And the meaning of constraint
A stable gift to us bestowed
Bitcoin is restraint
This is Bitcoin Poem 027 at and you can see it displayed on a background when you (copy and paste the link below).

At sumapit na nga araw ng paghuhusga
Kung saan hindi na pulso ng taumbayan
Ang ating sisiyasatin
Kundi ang puso ng bawat Pilipinong
Sumasambit ng “Mahal ko ang Pilipinas.”

Sabi ng iilan,
“Mahirap raw mahalin ang Pilipinas”
Iniisip ko nga paminsan,
Sapat na nga ba ang pagiging makabayan?

Sapat ba?
Ang panunumpa ng bawat Juan sa watawat
Na ayaw sana nating dungisan
Ngunit tayu-tayo rin ang nagwawasto
Sa paningin nating madayang pagpili
Ng lipunang ating ilang beses nang sinumpaan.

Kung hindi ako naniniwala sa Poong Maykapal,
Ay baka hindi ko rin maititikom ang talas ng aking dila
At walang himpil ding tatalak na walang pinipiling katauhan
Buhat sa makamandag na bugso ng aking damdamin.
At marahil ay sasabihin ko na lamang
Na ito ay isang paraan ng pagtindig para sa saking Bansa
Na may demokratikong pamamalakad.

Ngunit sa kabilang banda’y
Binabaling ko na lamang ang paghuhusga
Sa tunay ngang nasa tronong
Hindi na kailangang luklukin pa.

At naniniwala pa rin akong
Ang pag-asa ay hindi natin maaaring itaya
Sa sarili nating mga palad
Na kalauna’y mapupuno rin ng mga kalyo’t
Babalik din lamang sa alikabok.

Ano pa nga ba ang ating ipinaglalaban?
Sino nga ba ang tunay nating kalaban?
At para kanino nga ba tayo naninindigan?

Baka sa kasisigaw nati’y
Hindi lamang boses ang mawala sa atin,
Maaring nakawin din ang ating mga lakas at oras
Na sana’y ibinabaling natin
Sa pagpapalaganap ng natatanging katotohanang
Buhay ang ating Panginoong Hesus
At ang magandang balita’y
Nakadikit sa kanyang Ngalan.

Sinasabi kasi nating naghihinagpis ang ating mga kababayan
Kaya tayo na lamang ang magsisilbing mga boses para sa kanila.
Minsan nga'y nananatili na tayong hangal
Pagkat sa sariling dunong, doon lamang tayo nakaangkla.
Ngunit hanggang kailan ba matatapos
Ang sinasabi nating pakikibaka para sa mga nasa laylayan?
At ano nga ba ang dulo ng bawat hiningang napapagal na?

Sana hindi tayo tumigil sa paraang alam lamang natin,
Sana mahanap natin ang ating mga sariling
Nananatiling may pananampalataya
Sa Diyos na Syang may lalang sa sanlibutan.

Sana wag na tayong mag-alinlangan pang lumukso
Sa kung saan nga ba tayo pinasusuong ng Maykapal
At sana mahanap natin ang halaga natin
Sa presensya Nyang kayang pumuno ng bawat kakulangan.

At dito na rin ako pansamantalang magtatapos —
Pilipinas, gumising nang may pag-asa
Pagkat hindi natutulog ang ating Diyos!
Pilipinas, mahal kita at mas mamahalin pa
At patuloy kitang ipaglalaban
Hindi gamit ang mga armas
Na syang panukso't patibong ng mundo,
Titindig ako sa kadahilanang hindi lamang ako isang Pilipino —
Titindig ako para kay Hesus na aking pinaniniwalaan!
Salamat Ama, Sa'yo pa rin ang aming Bayan.

Sasapit na naman ang pinakahihintay na araw,
At hindi ito mananatiling sagrado magpakailanman.
Lahat ay mabibigyan ng patas na paghuhusga
At mismong lipunan ang syang magpapasya.

Naririnig ko na ang sigawan sa bawat dako ng gintong kompas
Kung saan ang kanilang hiyawa'y pagkakawatak-watak.
Iba't ibang ideolohiya sa demokratikong bansa
Kailan nga ba matatamasa ang tunay na pagkakaisa?

Sa bawat kulay na sinasabi nilang ito raw ang bukas
Ay ito rin ang gumuguhit sa kasaysayang tayo na't makibaka.
Kaya nga nating kulayan ang ating pagdikta
Ngunit sa ganitong paraan nga lang ba tayo kakalma?

Sa tuwing may mauupo sa trono na kataas-taasan,
Paano nga ba ang ating pagtindig
Para sa sinasabing mahal na bayan?

Pilipinas nga ba ang ating pinipili?
O kung saan lamang tayo kampante
Habang nananatiling namamaypay
At abala sa kabi-kabilang pag-uusig.

Iniisip nating tayo'y tunay ngang nasa laylayan na,
Ngunit ito nga ba ang kapeng gumigising
Sa dugo nating makabayan?
At sapat ba ang ating paghiyaw
Na walang hinihinging basbas mula sa Itaas?
Mga bibig natin, paminsan nga'y
Puno lamang ng mga palatastas.

Sapat ba na tayo-tayo na lamang
Ang naghihilaan pababa't paitaas?
Pagkat mismong pananampalataya'y
Nadudungisan ng walang katapusang pagkawatak-watak.

Bayang Magiliw, Perlas ng Silanganan --
Ikaw ang bansang hinirang ng Pagkataas-taasan.
Panatang makabayan, iniibig ko ang Pilipinas --
Sana'y mapaninidigan kita't
Hanggang sa huli'y maipaglaban
Pagkat maging aking hininga'y
Pansamantalata't pahiram lamang.

At hindi ito lotto o binggo,
Hindi tayo nagtataya nang kung sinu-sino.
Ngunit kung sinuman
Ang maging huling sigaw ng bawat Pilipino
Sana tayo pa ri'y magkaisa
Para sa dangal na nais nating isulong.

Ating pagkatandaan na kahit noon pa ma'y
May iisang hindi tayo tinalikuran,
Iisang Pangalan na may hawak ng bawat kapalaran
Higit pa sa bawat kulay na ating tinatayaan --
At Hesus ang Kanyang Ngalan!
Bangon Pilipinas!
स्वतंत्रता का नवल पौधा,
रक्त से निज सींचकर।
था बचाया देश अपना,
धर कफन तब शीश पर।
मिट ना जाए ये वतन कहीं ,
दुश्मनों की फौज से।
चढ़ गए फाँसी के फंदे ,
पर बड़े हीं मौज से।
आज ऐसा दौर आया,
देश जानता नहीं।
मिट गए थे जो वतन पे,
पहचानता नहीं।
सोचता हूँ  देश पर क्यों ,
मिट गए क्या सोचकर।
आखिर उनको दे रहा क्या,
देश बस अफसोस कर।
अजय अमिताभ सुमन:
सर्वाधिकार सुरक्षित
चन्द्रशेखर आजाद, भगत सिंह, राज गुरु, सुखदेव, बटुकेश्वर दत्त, खुदी राम बोस, मंगल पांडे इत्यादि अनगिनत वीरों ने स्वतंत्रता संग्राम की लड़ाई में हंसते हंसते अपनी जान को कुर्बान कर दिया। परंतु ये देश ऐसे महान सपूतों के प्रति कितना संवेदनशील है आज। स्वतंत्रता की बेदी पर हँसते हँसते अपनी जान न्यौछावर करने वाले इन शहीदों को अपनी गुमनामी पर पछताने के सिवा क्या मिल रहा है इस देश से? शहीदों के प्रति  उदासीन रवैये को दॄष्टिगोचित करती हुई प्रस्तुत है मेरी लघु कविता "अफसोस शहीदों का"।

Ilang beses pa ba tayong magpapaliguy-ligoy?
Pagkat sa pagitan ng paghahasik ng dilim
At sa pagsilang ng araw ay doon tayo magsisipag-sulpotan?

Hindi ba tayo mapapagod?
At hanggang kailan ba natin ito kayang ipagpatuloy?
Ganitong estado ng pamumuhay rin ba
Ang nais nating ipagmalaki't ipasa sa ating mga anak?

Pandemya nga lang ba?
O kahit hindi naman gipit
Ay ito na ang pamamaraan natin?
Kaninang madaling araw, may pumasok sa aming bakuran. Malakas ang buhos ng ulan kaya hindi ata namin namalayan. Wala man kayong nakuha ngayon, sana dumating kayo sa puntong hindi na maging madilim ang inyong mga paningin. Sana hindi mangyari sa inyo ang mga bagay na inyong kinasanayang gawin. Sana matuto rin kayong maging patas sa kabila ng hindi pagiging patas ng panahon. At tandan n'yo, hindi lang kayo ang hirap sa buhay.
kiran goswami Aug 2021
When the tale of the kite wraps itself around your neck,
And yet continues to fly, freely
You should now know that freedom to one comes at a cost to the other.

But you must wonder, as Jupiter and Zeus watch this storm,
that leaves nothing more than dust in their eyes;
It's funny how kites are a symbol of freedom when they are actually tied to a glass-coated cotton string.
The same cotton, that another boy who looks directly into your eyes could have worn.
It's funny how when one side of the coin is painted in platinum
and the other side struggles to know whether it's still a coin with value as it is being corroded.
Yes, they were one coin. Once.

The tulip blooms fade before the foliage dies,
every flower that dies is not reborn
But on the land it does, is.
When the flower is no more,
the green stem still remains.

But did the flower die from the wasp
that stung its nectar and perhaps even the pollen
or did it die from the feet that stepped upon
because they were inside the duststorm that disallows them to look at the ground.

Do all flowers that die are reborn?
How many flowers can one wasp even sting?
How many times can you stomp over one flower until it has no petals but only your footprints?

As you wonder,
The tail of the kite has been detached from its throne,
You look, as you wonder, if this is freedom or that was.

And another Hassan chases it yet again.
As the door closes on another England Chapter
A sterling effort far from disaster
A first major final in fifty-five years
Jubilant voices replaced by tears
But we've come along way in such a short time
Maguire and Stones a solid back-line
Pickford mature and calm between the sticks
A terrific save in penalty kicks
Shouts of "Shawberto!" From the stands
A chorus of 'Sweet Caroline' "hands touching hands"
Cries of "bring on Grealish!" Phil Foden's bleach blonde hair
Fist pumps from Southgate
The passion was there
Beating the Germans at last
Now that felt sublime
Sterling a constant menace now in his prime
But we came up short and that's what matters
Broken hearts English dreams in tatters
Yet I firmly believe this is just the beginning
So keep your heads up and keep on singing
"It's coming home it's coming home"
Cos it will one day
Even though it rains and the sky is grey
Red and white ribbons on that cup we'll see
And what a perfect sight it will be
Copyright ©️Joshua Reece Wylie 2021
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