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As the door closes on another England Chapter
A sterling effort far from disaster
A first major final in fifty-five years
Jubilant voices replaced by tears
But we've come along way in such a short time
Maguire and Stones a solid back-line
Pickford mature and calm between the sticks
A terrific save in penalty kicks
Shouts of "Shawberto!" From the stands
A chorus of 'Sweet Caroline' "hands touching hands"
Cries of "bring on Grealish!" Phil Foden's bleach blonde hair
Fist pumps from Southgate
The passion was there
Beating the Germans at last
Now that felt sublime
Sterling a constant menace now in his prime
But we came up short and that's what matters
Broken hearts English dreams in tatters
Yet I firmly believe this is just the beginning
So keep your heads up and keep on singing
"It's coming home it's coming home"
Cos it will one day
Even though it rains and the sky is grey
Red and white ribbons on that cup we'll see
And what a perfect sight it will be
Copyright ©️Joshua Reece Wylie 2021
Raven Feels May 17
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, things can get weirder than ever---and I like it<3

welcome to the nation savor

a whole new destiny like a cinnamon flavor

although some rainy a bit abnormal to my harbors

yet that blond charm made it hard to delete from my markers

everybody wants to swim

in a world to bond and have a friend a twin

afraid if I was about to miss the rocking riff

I don't know if I can handle yellow anymore so stiff

                                                         ­                   ------ravenfeels
Rollercoaster Jan 23
We escaped the belly of the beast.
We weathered bludgeonings from across the seas.
we fought them with peace.
Together we wrote our own destiny,
we spelled out words of justice and equality.
We woke to self rule and sovereignty,
pledging to wipe tears from all eyes.
On an unfinished pursuit of our ideals,
our divided wounds continue to heal.
And heal shall they,
for we allow them to with our constitution.
A collection of our most-driven convictions.
We have witnessed wars and decades pass,
the technology grow and freedom last.
Tis nation of the Himalayas and the Malwa.
From the deserts of the west to the deltas of the east,
Liberty has been enshrined
& secularism promised in our revered book.
It is belongs to all of us,
in its mighty self and binding laws.
We, the people have rights that we exercise
and duties we fulfill.
We are not powerless,
we have the power - we are the nation.
I wrote this for the Indian Republic Day Celebrations in school.
Shibu Varkey Dec 2020
May broken hearts be mended,
Broken dreams come true.

May the fractured human rapport,
be restored like t'was of yore.

May the poor and the needy,
Find means to prosper and grow

May the cheated and defrauded,
Get justice recompense their due.

May the lonely ones in prisons,
Chained for causes untrue,
Be freed of unjust detention,
Their honor restored too.

The oppressed tribal Indians,
whose home this nation's too,
Uplifted and empowered
Their right to live ensured.

The battered Indian woman,
Bearing violation cruel
Of a patriarchal nation,
Liberated at last be soon.

Humane, magnanimous people
Valuing lives above faiths and notions.
Indians together as one brethren,
Trekking onwards, one destination.
Eevee May 2018
Politics are scary.
They tear friends and family apart,
They course war,
Make people afraid to be who they want to be.
They run and hide,
They try to stay out of the picture of our country.
They fear people will attack them,
Torcher them.
Attack their family.

Politics are the reason countries are divided,
Politics are the reason why kids are getting hurt all the time.

Check yourself before you wreck yourself
The country is in  limbo
While the rulers stand with hands akimbo
And many citizens are confused like bingo.

There's need for we citizens to make hay
Now it's day
So we can have a say
And live not in dismay.

Today, in our nation
It seems corruption
Is now the option.

We must take an action
To stop this stagnation
From messing up our civilization.

Can someone lead us in a direction
that can get our nation
Out of this cloudy confusion?

From my observation
Many are in frustration
And have taken the situation
As their final conclusion.

I make a confession
That I see a counter motion
That will shatter the ugly configuration
And lead us into positive progression
In this nation

Can you do same visualization
And make positive confession
So that with inspiration, aspiration and perspiration
We redeem the image and glory of this nation?

© Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha
Nigeria can only be better if Nigerians are serious about it.
Ashok Manikoth Jul 2020
Danger is not at the borders as you
think. The enemy is within hidden in sheep skin the wolf attacks the unsuspecting.
I point out to no religion clan or creed
all are to blame for this deed.
Poisoning young minds with words so sweet a ring of truth in every utterance.
They act out heinous deeds in the name of an unseen God leader and party.
Before ABC's children at a tender age should be taught lessons of empathy, love and that tolerance is not cowardice.
A nation is not a handful of sand or acres of land.
It's people whose hearts beat as one though bodies separate.
Oh God if there be lead my people to this state off ecstasy
**** nation
Conversing with ammunitions.
Hearts that are barely loyal
Being served by humbled soldiers.

No wonder peace has been conquered
And war the man on the altar.
Her habitants live like their souls are on trial
And their god a liar.

**** nation
Her masses are speechless creatures
Ruled in cluelessness
Jubilating in bitterness.

**** Nation
Driven by greedy intentions
Stomach fed with promises
Sleeping and waking in calamities.

**** nation
The fat ones are the vultures
Termites and cankerworms haven
The thinning path between hell and heaven.

**** nation
Where the safest place is the grave
Saints nation rebirth to a **** nation
Where unity and faith are slaves.

Hmm! My **** nation of tears
Unfortunately, I'm fortunate to be born here
blessed with everything, cursed with leadership,
Born into miseries, dying in hardship.

A **** nation in a tunnel
Crowded with diverse starlets
Being forced to drain down the funnel
Crying blood for a spark soonest.
For all the countries in the world who seems not to be getting it right.
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