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Danger is not at the borders as you
think. The enemy is within hidden in sheep skin the wolf attacks the unsuspecting.
I point out to no religion clan or creed
all are to blame for this deed.
Poisoning young minds with words so sweet a ring of truth in every utterance.
They act out heinous deeds in the name of an unseen God leader and party.
Before ABC's children at a tender age should be taught lessons of empathy, love and that tolerance is not cowardice.
A nation is not a handful of sand or acres of land.
It's people whose hearts beat as one though bodies separate.
Oh God if there be lead my people to this state off ecstasy
**** nation
Conversing with ammunitions.
Hearts that are barely loyal
Being served by humbled soldiers.

No wonder peace has been conquered
And war the man on the altar.
Her habitants live like their souls are on trial
And their god a liar.

**** nation
Her masses are speechless creatures
Ruled in cluelessness
Jubilating in bitterness.

**** Nation
Driven by greedy intentions
Stomach fed with promises
Sleeping and waking in calamities.

**** nation
The fat ones are the vultures
Termites and cankerworms haven
The thinning path between hell and heaven.

**** nation
Where the safest place is the grave
Saints nation rebirth to a **** nation
Where unity and faith are slaves.

Hmm! My **** nation of tears
Unfortunately, I'm fortunate to be born here
blessed with everything, cursed with leadership,
Born into miseries, dying in hardship.

A **** nation in a tunnel
Crowded with diverse starlets
Being forced to drain down the funnel
Crying blood for a spark soonest.
For all the countries in the world who seems not to be getting it right.
There at the heart of the nation a great edifice
a temple if you will
erected to reflect the very best and greatest hopes of a nation.
While the cities burn
is it swift breaking dawn of a new age for the Republic,
or is it a last whispering death rattle of Democracy that we witness from the steps of these hallowed grounds
I tell myself not to fear
our nation has struggled through many great trials
to have found its way back from many dark days...
yet, still, the cities burn...
yet still, our nation divided...
We can only stand on these steps of Lincoln's epitaph
bear silent witness and hope
kevin wright May 27

Sur l'isle de evocation
a parody of Paris
the beating heart of France
an exultation of hell and heaven

secured by a stake
enveloped by a blue mamba
unable to escape the flames of desire
eyes widen in fear
a flicker of light in the dark approaches

the laughing licking light ascends
trembling trees unable to bend
crushing fervour all around
upward flowing conduits the secular rain

the molten skeleton teeters
France holds its breath
archangels strain in suffrage
the walls will hold
la dame will survive
the people invoke the deliverance

the light begins to wain
the magician becomes the smoke
the lance to heaven pierces the heart
belayed are the bells
fighting holds the line

a cough amongst the smouldering fumes
a guardian not seen
the bonds are not broken
the abode is saved

glaring out from a bell tower
sadness views the destruction below
sacred are the loves of engagement
harried by the time of contempt

Le Français are mortified
a chariot touches down
the dawn angel stirs
its divine intercedence appears

the lance is withdrawn
the mamba turns red
convict us the rebirth
its nations faith rings out
dawning  a peoples decree
a chance video triggered this poem, check out the twitter
TS May 19
When the world gets too loud
for you to hear your own thoughts,
  turn it off.

When the violence grows
and the fear bubbles over,
  turn it off.

When the pain of a nation
weighs too heavy on your heart,
  turn it off.

When you have no other option
but to board up your windows,
  turn it off.

When your heart starts to race
at the thought of tomorrow,
  turn it off.

When the words in the air
grow to heavy to bear,
  turn it off.

When your dreams are overtaken
by death and despair,
  turn it off.

When it's too hard to find beauty
in this world anymore,
  turn it off.

When you have no more strength
to hold up your head,
  turn it off.

Closing out the heaviness of the world is not cowardice or ignorance, sometimes it just necessary. Don't judge others or feel fear about giving yourself time.

kiran goswami May 18
There was a ****** in my nation today,
There was a ****** in my nation yesterday.
But unlike the other time, my nation did not cry.
It did not bang the doors of justice,
My nation did not try.
The criminals sat on thrones and proved themselves innocent.
The innocent became guilty as they had only a few pennies and no more cent.
I did not see people cry,
I did not hear the pain
I did read the news where they said, 'The murderer fled by a train.'
I could not see the people hugging,
I could not see love,
but in my nation, I saw a dead, white-feathered dove.
The peace in my nation died,
the girl in my nation died.
The people in power laughed while the nation cried.
I saw the flag of my nation but all I saw was white.
I saw my nation's condition
but all I could do was to write.
So, I will tell you how there was a ****** in my nation yesterday,
and there was a ****** in my nation today.
ऐ मालिक, सिर्फ इतना-सा मुझपर तू करम दे,
मुझे सनम से प्यारा मेरा वतन कर दे! !

कर दूँ निछावर तन-मन-धन सब अपना,
इतनी प्रज्वलित मुझमें राष्ट्रप्रेम की अगन कर दे! !

सकुचित न होऊँ क्षणभर भी सरफ़रोश बनने को,
ऐसी मनोवृत्ति का, मेरे ज़हन में जनम कर दे !!

अस्तित्व मिट जाए दहशतवादी नर-पिशाचों का इस धरा से,
और परे हो मुल्क से गद्दारीभरी सोच भी ऐसे उसे तू दफन कर दे! !

मेरी माँ के आँचल तले चैन से सो सकूँ मैं,
ऐसे विदा होने पर अता मुझे मेरे तिरंगे का कफन कर दे! !
ऐ मालिक, सिर्फ इतना-सा मुझपर तू करम दे! !
- सचिन अ॰ पाण्डेय
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