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Often I find myself questioning everything
is it worth it?
why do I care?
why do I contemplate?
Seems like everytime I'm around someone I can't seem to get it right
I keep to myself but then it becomes an issue
people think I'm out of touch or just lost
far from that more like ready to burst
too honest at times I would say
and I guess some can't handle it and just rather not come my way
Truth hurts it's part of the reason I rather wear my heart on my sleeve no need to deceive
I'll let you keep thinking you know what's going on and it's exactly what you see.
Haifsa 11h
Fading sunlight in the horizon
Falling leaves in breezy autumn
While nature paves way for hope
I wish this self to be lost and forgotten
Similar to tides, uncontrolled and heightened
A lone wolf yowling at her sight
Adjoined by the constant urge to be isolated
Fervent to cut loose the rope of gloom
Like a lost traveler in search of dwelling
A barren land thirsty for rain
Tired of this skin and mind
To devastation this heart is intertwined
What is lost darkens my soul
Your voice and memories cut deep through
Your brown hair blowing in wind
Hazel eyes sparkling in the sun
Echoes of your footsteps,
Deepness of your voice
Still surrounded by your existence
Harmed and scarred, I want to leave
Fragile lives and untamed hearts
Filled with fiery of desert storm
I want to run, away from your hue
Before I turn into an emotional massacre
Did I really deserve? Did you really want?
Let the leaves of our memory fall
And the blossoming florets wilt
Clinging to hope with intemperate self
Permit yourself to grow vines by own
Ashen and burnt, bury us in ground
Let youraelf grow either as roses or thorns
Amongst all this I realize what Rumi said
Nostalgia is a powerful witch indeed.
To new beginnings and old life, memories i have made and all the people i have loved, when the decision of moving on hits you feel nostalgic, a little hope that your past could have been better dies hard
Something Is Sinking In The Dark
Such A Shiny wisp, As A Question Mark
Thousand Of Questions Gone A Dust
To Leave One Dream To Be The Last
Such A Bird In The Sky Became Blind
His Only Guide On This World, The Wind
He Is Going On The Storm With A Smile
He Will Realise Soon, Won't Take A while
Such Whole Life Sounds Real, But Fake
While When You're Gone It's Just A Blink
I Tell You Something Before You Whine
How Many Before You Took The Same Line?
This Is One Hard Fact We Will Never Like
But Our Deeds Will Stay To Reveal The Mask
Even The Sun Who Give The Light It Will Blast
And The Dark Will Fall To Stop Your Heart

No Matter How Harsh Will Be Your Life
Or How Many People Hit You With A Knife
What Matters Is How Strong You Can Last
And Dear There Is No Futur Without A Past
It's Something Good To Make You Wise
Life Won't Give You Lessons Without A Price
Your Bills Will Be Paid From Your Heart
From Your Feelings, Soul And The Trust
How Much Work You Will Do To Have A Fame
Remember Nothing Lasts Till The End Of Time
How Many Physical Things You Will Gain
Your Soul On This World Won't Remain
Even The Body Will Moulder With Your Brain
You Don't Like My Words?, Are You Fine !
There Is A Diffirence Of The Level In Our Mind
But We Still From The Same Creation And The Kind

Alot Of People Knows What I'm Talking About
And You Still Think There Is Alot Like You?, I Doubt!
The First Human Was Living In A Cave!
And Our Last Station Is The Grave!
Then Rise Your Ethics, To Feel Around
In The End This Life Is Our Only Bound
Give Respect To People To Have Your Own
And Those Around You Won't Lay You Down
Ethics On People Are Their Crown
Losing Them Means Losing The Throne

Author : Aladdin Aures H.
Haifsa 11h
I stepped out of my gloom

In the the gibberish street

Stomping steps, chattering mouth

Men running around, Women carrying children

Some making choices, others laughing in corner

I looked around more deeply

Sky seemed in motion, thousands birds flying

Pretty girls, Handsome men crossing me by

I stood there, my ripped pyjamas, over sized shirt

Uncombed hair, being a muddy puddle beside a green river

Unable to find, where do i fit?

Do i belong here, do i know them?
Sometimes i really feel an urge to escape and to run away. i feel like a misfit, a person who has not yet learned the ways of survival.
When I last saw you,
your eyes were golden.
Puzzles I couldn't piece together,
a lake that shot back my own reflection,
not letting me see the deepness of you.

When I last saw you,
your hands were oak trees
hiding roots that dropped to the pit of the earth,
holding your meditations delicately close to you,
careful not to show
your great glimmering ships
carrying blue and low songs,
weeping dirges for a winter Sunday,
a red Grief that wakes you in your sleep,
adding the slight storm I see in your smile.

When I last saw you,
your eyes were golden.
Jesse T 1d
I sat here,
To the heartbeat of the world,

I sat here,
of all the ways,
to stop living.

I sat here,
at all the things,
that i could fix with hope.

I sat here,
about all the things,
that still remain broken.

I sat here,
with a friend,
who seemed happy,
I could tell.

I sat here,
with total strangers,
I felt their pain,
They looked like hell.

I sat here,
watching the news,
Murder, chaos, and hysteria,
Nothing else is new.

I sat here,
dreaming that the world was fair,
A foolish dream, i know,
But dreamers often despair.

I sat here,
thinking about the people i love,
And feeling more alone,
Because i think i'm not enough

I sat here,
thinking about my future kids,
And tears well up,
when i tell them the world is rough.

I sat here,
thinking about when the world will end,
if it's during my time,
will i go to hell or heaven then?

I sat here,
thinking of when i die,
will people remember me,
as a good person when i was alive?

We are all humans,
sitting in our chairs,
measuring our choices,
and fighting our fears.

So as i sat here,
confronted by my morality,
I came to a decision,
It might end up a tragedy.

I chose to live life to the fullest,
Despite my mortality,
We fight a losing battle to the bitter end,
The bittersweet curse of humanity.
I wrote this to deal with my thoughts. To clear my head about who we are as humans, regardless of colour, ethnicity, sexual orientation, creed, religion, whatever. We are human, yet we fight and squabble and hurt each other. But we all die. We all have a curtain call. So why not make the most of the stage before the credits roll? Leave a comment on what you think about this. I would love to hear opinions from all backgrounds.
Icarus Blaz Knightley,
My first love.
He is one of the reasons I make stories, songs and poetries.
His scent is like the colour brown,
Warm, soft, just like home itself.

Lèon Joules,
The classmate.
He is sweet, colourful, and everything else righteous in this world.
His scent is like the colour blue,
Simple, cool, refreshing, just like one cloudless sky.

And last but not least Ivy Selene Valentine,
The unexpected love,
She is everything I've ever wanted in a person.
Her scent is like the colour maroon,
Musky, black leather jackets, cigarettes just like the red district.
Tell me why do I keep on falling harder and harder everyday?
People watch with great anticipation,
the eclipses of moon and sun.
But what about the darkness
that covers me everyday?
The eclipse that eats me alive?

How often we are covered by the dark shadow of sadness, hurt, pain and depression but no one seems to care. No one pays attention to that. People only care about the beauty of celestial objects being covered but no one seems to notice the eclipse of humans. That's not important.
Meera 3d
Love her like she’s the only girl in the world.
Make her your top-most priority. When you’re awake, think of her. When you’re asleep dream of her. Drink in her beauty even if it’s venomous
Eat up all her words even if they hurt Breathe in her scent even when she’s stinking.
Let the love for her grow on you till your mind is full of her thoughts and your sketch book is full of her portraits.

Paint her scars beautifully with vibrant colors.
Get her name tattooed on your heart. When she strolls in the darkness, wander along.
When she falls down, lie down with her and stare at the night sky.
See the world through her eyes

Hold her hands when she is cold. Embrace her when she is scared.
Kiss her tears when she cries and become the reason behind her smile.

Don’t try to plaster her wounds.
Don’t try to pull her out of her miseries.
Instead, accept her the way she is- scathed and destroyed.

Be ready to kiss her good night at 3 a.m. ‘cause tormented souls like her can’t sleep earlier.

Pour all her insecurities, sorrows and grieves in a wine glass
and gulp them down in one go because that’s all she has to offer you. Emotions are like wine anyway, both get stronger with time.

Struggling with the pieces of her, you might lose your sanity.  
Loving her might be difficult, suffocating and disturbing at times but don’t give up on her so easily.

Soon, you’ll know why hurricanes are named after people.
Thanks for reading this.
Oneday I shall be where i need to be
Helping others across the sea
Money to provide the poor who need it
Why don't we all donate to heal it
Our ways are mixed up it's ridiculous to see
We are more bothered about getting down on one knee
Let's tackle this disaster before we know about it
Do i have to get on a table and shout
I highly doubt it.
Trying to get a message across I'm sure most of you will understand what I'm getting at
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