I don't
want stray
dog freedom,
people bring
dogs home.

I do
want stray
cat freedom,
people leave
them free
to roam.
When all you do is hang around
snakes, soon enough you too
will be spewing venom.
I thank God that I'm no longer around them either. They are the ones who made my life more dramatic than need be. Don't keep these people around! Kick them out. Cuz there's nothing worse than being a snake...
Be back soon!
Lyn xxx
Once upon a time there was a witch.
She was very rich. And she loved to preach,
tell others what is what and which is which.
But nothing for her was going without a hitch.
She feared that she can be ditched
by other witches, laughing at her in stitches.

Some people hated her and called her a bitch,
she was doing everything to stay strong, but each
day for her was an unexpected glitch
and one day her luck has falled out of her reach.
i wish to find
more of my kind
a group of humans
in which i confide
Stacey 15h
I liked us better
When we didn't speak
When our hate was silent
And I could hate in peace
Now words sprout from your lips
Like mold and decease
Call it my fault for asking
How have you been?
Visiting the palace

In palace corridors the music glides throughout minds
And finds itself welcomed and ignored at the same time.
It drifts in and out like the smiles on the faces,
Which say they are happy, but there are also traces,
Of nervousness; some emotionless.
The never ending search for acceptance.

Wishing to fit in, but never able to attain a place,
For you are born below and below you will always remain;
But still you try to become more,
As you walk the beautiful palace corridors.

Never fitting in, trying to not stand out,
When all you are made to do is stand around.
Never making your way into,
So always ending up without.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Apathetic to your positivity.

We keep on running, because we can’t stand still.
We keep on climbing, because we have got to get up the hill.
We keep on searching for a better thrill.
We are humans and we strive to advance, using all of our will.

Forward we march, dragging the weaker man with us.
Onward we go, for the good of our health.
Drop and give me twenty one-handed push-ups;
I am too lazy to evolve, so keep your thoughts to yourself.

You can advance the entire human race
And you have my full support.
As long as that doesn’t require anything from me.

I will not hinder your quest to find out more,
But I cannot bring myself to need anything but peace
And a place to be alone without your positivity.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Me, Blue and the Suit, crammed into a little waiting room.
The acid green wallpaper peels away in large pieces, and everyone itches to rip bits off.
It blends in nicely with the screaming red tiles.
A canvas dirtied by cigarette smoke hangs in a crevice,
A sunset scene that goes seen and unseen.
Blue has mousy hair and coughs quietly to herself every now and again.  She wears a blue trench coat and fussy little high heels that click idly against the floor.
Suit checks his tacky watch and bounces on the balls of his feet,
pinches his brow and yawns.
His hair is gelled back, spiky thorns, more like a member of a boy band than a businessman.
A window must be open, because a car alarm sounds outside,
startling at first. Briefly, everyone looks around at each other,
united in irritation and a strange sense of embarrassment.
Finally, it shuts off, and we return to our separate togetherness.
Inspired by the wonderful " The Lonely City" by Olivia Laing

People complain about constant sponsorship,

But continue to be a consumer.

People only tell the truth if it’s beneficial,

Or maybe that’s just a vicious rumour.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Right now (if)  I give up
writing about every details
of this world's now and then.
If there won't be any
trace left
that i lived here,
still a star is shining, twinkling
(just stopped gazing at it).

May be my heart was right,
from the beginning!  
we don't live in this world
but in this sky.
While learning, knowing about this World we sometimes forget that there is some eternal freedom is always in store for us. Go choose that, before you get broken at least once choose your true freedom,. Trust me for this you don't have to neglect anything or betray anyone.
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