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adept 3d
the siren sounded
it was deafening
to those who were hurt
those who were broken
and those who survived

it had finally clicked
they had done it . HE had done IT
No matter what we think
No matter what we do
The truth is all things, all places, all people,
All are a reflection of everything
That exists, a melting *** of universal life,
Dreams and you.
J F O 4d
Words stain like red wine on your couch
and you try so hard to erase it out
but remnants will remain
and even when you no longer see it,
it will always exist in your mind
and you will remember,
memories and feelings will rush back
and you wish you could remove that stain--
that scar that won't ever disappear
in your mind as easily as you removed
that red wine.
Be careful with what you say when you're angry or in pain. When things cool down and you say, "you didn't mean it", it becomes hard to believe it because everything was said and done and you can't take that back. Forgiveness can happen but remember that they won't forget it, you permanently scar someone.
Von 4d
A faint light is flooding the sky
What did I choose and line up?
Colours of tears are overlaid
How much am I abnormal?
Am I distorted?
Am I broken?
Even so, I want,
I want to breathe
Today is world mental health day. Everything will be all right, maybe not today, maybe one day.
Alexis 6d
it’s my fault really
I gave you the sticks
Taught you how to throw the stones
and you broke me .
Loyal 6d
He turned
My mother and father
Into trees

Then he went
For me
But he didn’t know
My tricks
Run to hide
Be Camouflage  

He doesn’t know
The magic word  
I’ve been tricked
To much

So much of my life
I’ve run
I’ve hidden from all the monsters

He’s made me scream
Go crying to sleep
Now he’s going to pay
For all his thieving

He’s going  to get
Locked up in a cage
Boxed in like the
Animals at the zoo
Except for a whole lot
Amy 4d
life is ambiguous
which is conspicuous
contiguous fellows
believe they know
each other well
they forget that
life is ambiguous
just like people's lives
                                                        ­                      everyone has a side
                                                                ­              that no one knows about.
when you thought you knew someone very well only for them to prove you wrong.
it's amazing
to wake up a sea view
and drink too much eaux de vie
and dance to an old jazz
and love you way too much
Renee Oct 7

01. Poison can be the sweetest taste (how do you know til you try?)
02. Sometimes people change their minds, it isn't always about you.
03. Tension is only as strong as the force from both ends of the rope.
04. Electricity without facility cannot keep the lights on.
05. A facility without electricity is still in the dark.
06. Not everyone will keep their word. Keep yours.
07. Not everyone is like you. Let your eyes stay open.

People are life lessons, darling.
lance Oct 7
we’re so destined to live,
cause there’s always an end—

but no again.
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