When you raise your head up
in the vegetables and fruit market
so many people your eyes have to attend to
mud filled aisles become hermetic,
people bargaining margin of 10 rupees
become a pantomime, a story
written by feet pens on mud canvas,
extra vegetable leaves cut aside,
the open backs of mini trucks in tandem
to vegetable serving tables,
is a sight to smile at but also
a word softly stirred by the air
in the winds and sneezes of the sunset.
I pop my eyes out at vegetables
I don't know the names of
and smile at myself,
infantilizing my lack of savvy.
In one crimped lane,
sweat smells ooze out
in the other, perfumes too many

Dhaara T 5h

It comes often
As a surprise
Wrapped in a warm,
Fuzzy, mint blanket
Of love,
Concern and care
And falls like rain
Causing the flowers
In our garden
To dance in full bloom

Wilted leaves overpopulate the ground.
And no tree as far as eyes can perceive.
So far from home.
So close to anywhere.  
But here.
A statement that can be heard any second of any given day.
This moment in time.
A random fraction of the incessant routine.
Dreaming or awake.
It all depends on feel.
Not logic.
And even then the rules of both worlds must be learned regardless.
Who is there to say that one's understanding of the environment  is incorrect.
Everything down to the information that the eyes process therefore in the brain.
I think so therefore I am.
And yet even this comes into question regularly.
The longer one stays in this world.
Less and less questions are answered.
But one thing can definitely be found regardless of intention.
One must learn to swim through the viscous muk of disappointment.
To grasp at enlightenment.
Or be insane enough to not care.
For words can never be unseen.
Sharper than any blade.
Even more blunt than a boulder.
Can the wrong words be.
One cant go through life without first being initiated through pain.  
And even after its not promised that happiness will follow.
With so many eyes weighing down in expectation.
Its hard to focus.
On any point.
It may always seem..

JAC 13h

We stood in silence
Staring at the water
That sparkled, black
Far enough away that I knew
It matched that sparkle you held in your eyes
The one you held from other people
The one that needed hours and hours
Of seemingly pointless conversations
Of my tired serenades
Of laughing arguments and long messages
Of silences that bettered us
We were so high up, see
The wind didn't even reach us
On the balcony of the building
You know you can't afford to live in
We stood in silence
Admiring the feeling
Of being overcome by wonder
Overcome by patience
And overcome by comfort
Over black, sparkling water.

Yeah, it's about you.
mjad 20h

we are alone
among ourselves
screens and pages
people and places
billions and more
but we are alone
in the only world
we will ever know
that we treat
as though we own
but we do not
it cares for us
with air and light
its nature and might
is not ours
and we are alone
billions of stars
look down at us
I envy where they are
in the unknown


I've missed you
I can't wait to get back to you
I know I said I hated you
But can I still have you?

Grace 1d

If people are like the ocean
Similar to the seven seas
people, of from all unusual places all very hard to please
If you disappoint them
They will leave you on your hands and knees.

But if people are like the ocean,
Moving with the tides
Then why are there lovers, wars and cries
Why are there disagreements, friends and sorrow
Its because people aren’t like the ocean flat and clear
For it’s much to calm
We are more like sea storms, raging at whatever is near.

to Charlotte
Skye 3d

metal wire with prickers wrapped around your young neck
the youthful skin on your face sliding off from the impact of the bullet
you're so swollen with water
they left you to rot in tallahatchie
forever in a frown
forever eyes shut
forever remembered
you did change the world
and you were only fourteen
two times seven
and all it took was two men
and hate

Collins 3d

In my rush to empty you from me

I spilled a small drop of myself

I'll keep pouring you away...

Perhaps the parts of me that spill with you

Where never really me.

Sometimes it hard to let go away of people who seem to almost be a part of you; at times it almost feels like you're letting go of a little of yourself.
Mane Omsy 3d

Where would this end?
Wish they'd listened
Peace please descend
Would if I'm terminated

One hell,
Trapped in debts
Believe me, I'm trustworthy

Two hell,
It's too much pressure
You lost the trust in me

Im counting,
This mount is precipice
I couldn't lean upon a tree

Both ends heating up strokes
On fire, life is under a volcano
Let me burst the way out
And melt down into a rock

The perception of life under complicated circumstances.
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