Angels are withered,
Battered, like you.
Thrown to the dogs of society
Wings ripped anew.

Humans are punished
loved by few
Thrown to the dogs of society
Heads fixed askew.

Demons are tired
Spat out and chewed
Thrown to the dogs of society
Welcomed as crew.

Not meant to be political,
Except maybe a bit,
We are all  just people
And life is tough shit.
Trying out something new and risky! lets see the reaction.
Still a bitter poem, apparently that's my style?
I promise i'm ok,
A bed of roses has many a thorn;
Pain, hardships and suff’ring are of earth born.
Life is not a road that runs smooth and straight;
They on whom we shower love may return hate.
Life has many a wild and worthless dream;
Yet, how many a low thing we esteem!
Powers and all fade with the breaking dawn;
And with them all bright prospects are withdrawn.
Farewell to thee, o sweet and fragrant flower;
Power and Beauty take leave at Death’s hour.
Howe’er great or grand to men thou may be,
When Death looms o’erhead, no man can save thee.
Fare-thee-well, dear reader, be brave at heart;
Fight the good fight, then with a smile depart.
why hurricanes are named
after people, not things.

- v.m
short start to a busy day
Blake 1d
I love a quiet boy
For him I pine, I long
I see his simple joy
Then swiftly he is gone
I watch him reappear
As fair and calm as ever
And Cupid tugs my ear
And gently whispers “never”
Qwn 2d
The future,
A thing that once was so
distant and unknown,
Is now almost crystal,
And the people I thought
I'd spend forever with,
Are nowhere to be found.
childhood friends and middle school drama, teenage lovers and future panic.
I let them to hold my heart
I didn´t see their masked faces
I thought they keept it save
From my inner pain
But they break it
In many pieces.
stuck inside of church
running from the werewolves
hiding in the bathroom
from their hurt
running from the library to the lounge
scanning each room to see if they’re around
from the lounge into the men’s bathroom
climbing over stalls and hiding like a criminal
running down the hallway
jackie in pursuit
inside of a classroom
jackie follows me in
climbing around avoiding the floor
she can’t bite me if i avoid her
finally i escape to the next room
and slam the door before she can follow suit
two werewolves hungry outside waiting
none of the passersby seem concerned
i find a piece of paper and write “help”
two people including savannah stop and tell me that they’re harmless
i write again "they won’t stop chasing me
get leo"
they run and find him
minutes later leo arrives and puts the wolves to sleep
he gestures inside the room to me
“come on with me i owe you a drink”
we’re gonna talk about the beginning of life
HerrAichach Nov 2017
Time isn't free but sacrifices are voluntary
People don't understand me, they don't like to understand the contrary

Exhausted with foolish people who are narcissistic by nature
Obsessed with their stature.
Afia 3d
Little famished people left after they were born
A tiny old place can no longer be their home
Little acquisitive people travel to the cities
Soon their greed seize their courtesy
Little naive people disguise so well.
“Let us add a white shade to our scarlet blood.”
Little grey people complain about the world
A tear or two should ‘justify' their ‘love'
Little learned people fight for human rights
Dazzling crystal goblets clink on every ‘I'
Little erudite people cherish old tombs
But they forget the life spent in the womb
Little fading people live no life
Hence they regret as they retire
Little us. Little world. Little life.
In the process of trying to fix something you didn't break,you end up cutting yourself,hurting yourself.
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