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Tows of since
Synchronicity is to be married
Working heed, and the beauty in silence
As a reward once lent, is twice carried...?

Tallys and totals
The future has us to fare a new question
That calmly collected, is a sanity we hold...
With a callous before careful hand, we should a blessing...

Marvels in love...
State and sake affluency, the fickle lives
That make you and me, the score of does
A changing season protecting order of or what denies?

Patiently, the run of a lifetime
Spoil in thorough stead, despair to care once more?
For anything more, moving faster than a harmony's light
The tale of destiny, with lips to prove strangers know the words...

Half a mind to open a vanity...
With another's neglect, the truth be golden adage
To a liming hope, the act of redoubt, in all sanity...
With a holy mercy, for anyone who would learn it, a world's rage?

Epitaph to a wishing wind, alive in the senses
We adjust to humanity, with tears come the spite of terror...
Sincerity to follow and act, upon a world of wisdom's ends
That were, the stone of seclusion in a lover's midst, a gain of heirs?
Romance with a right to same, is better off savored with purpose, not a stumbling wind...
Zywa Jun 24
I see her peeping --

she looks back to me and then

we are both ashamed.
Collection "Take a picture, now"
Kassan Jahmal Jun 18
Holy or holey,
fired up or just a cloud of smoke?
A cigarette or lamp; which light represents
the light of your heart?

Action of words or just words on display,
practice what you preach, reap what you sow.
Do both in the actions of your word;
do justice to each apart.

Blowing in the wind or lead the pack ahead of it,
needle in a haystack, or a compass needle?
Teach the teachers to be teachers of teachers;
lead the followers into tomorrow's leaders.

Oppressed or blessed,
crowd pleaser or the brave out of the rest?
The freedom of chains to freely foster the shackled;
those thought to feel alone.

Rich or richness,
do you chase money or qualities of deep cares?
Fortune isn't based on possession, or deep pockets;
the worth of people should be your care.

Urban or rural,
high class, low or moderate; tears taste the same.
We all cry, bleed, and die without our wealth.

We all have choices to make.
Zywa Jun 12
We are a parade

of all of us together --

of us, one by one.
"To be whole is to be part" (2021, Ted Hearne), performed by De Ereprijs Orchestra in the Organpark on May 28th, 2022

Collection "org anp ark" #216
Kassan Jahmal Jun 11
Worthwhile moments printed in memory,
the good, bad and moderate at times,
all that we have now; is all that we can

I'm blessed for knowing you all,
the known and strangers. I must have
heard and seen a thousand stories,
I've been blessed to be a part of them all,
even if it was by quick interaction.

Your moment was my moment,
we've made moments together,
a worthwhile experience; we're all
the moments waiting to happen.

Let's enjoy the moment.
Zywa Jun 6
The journey is restless, but
the ship is marvelous
It's a beautiful ship

Unfortunately without ship gnomes
to help the whole lot escape, no
there are only fools on board

who sing songs of freedom
and toast to distant beaches
Alas, we get off our course

The magnetic field loses strength
and the north pole is shifting
Ports remain unread

Sessilia grab us by the keel
growing anchors to the deep
of the restless water

The unreachable moon draws
a sweet scent in the salty air
But who could live there?
"Ship of fools" (in book IV of "Politeia" ["The Republic"], 407 BC, Plato)

"Het narrenschip" ("The Ship of Fools", 1491, Hieronymus Bosch)

"Ship of Fools" and "Land **!" (album "Morrison Hotel", 1970, The Doors)

Since 1900, the North Magnetic Pole has shifted 1,100 km towards Canada, and since 1850, the strength of the magnetic field has decreased by 10%

Collection "Migration"
Zywa Jun 6
The man drove so fast

that he was first to arrive --

at his accident.
Collection "Migration"
color me
color you
a truly new human hue
like a bright star
crystal clear, drink
from its waking waters
grieve, keen
but re-believe
in our incorruptible
stellifying power
beginning with
a galaxy of hands
—interconnected hands—
that touch with the emitting
rays of compassion
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