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Congratulation! See the far you have come,
You are just awesome,
I realize it has been tough,
You chose not to bluff,
You are an amazing self.

I write to let you know am proud of you,
For all you’ve been through,
Soaking up all guff to become better,
In the game you became hitter,
You are an amazing self.

I have watched you tarry for long in pain,
Pain that has chained your brain,
It’s time to release the hurt,
Time to spurt from the desert,
You are an amazing self.

You forgot that happiness existed,
When your entire world felt haunted,
Don’t **** yourself with the confusion,
You are your own cushion,
You are an amazing self.

Strong and able is your name,
I believe in your ability to reclaim,
Your past is a puzzle of a broken mirror,
Nothing in it can be myrrh,
You are an amazing self.

My pen bleeds for you to hope,
Tie another knot in your rope,
You cannot give up now,
God has a way somehow,
You are an amazing self.
Amanda Kay Burke Nov 2020
Blessed with sight

Yet I feel handicapped
I just feel like something makes me incapable of doing simple tasks everyone else seems to be able to accomplish with no trouble
Mark Wanless Jun 2020
i can not see
never been able to
i just pretend
not real
AD Mullin Oct 2014
bumping along
eyes open yet
cannot see
still trusting
still following

an unseen
yet sensible
luminous glow

still seeking
though and
occasionally finding
that other
dimensions offer

wisdom lending
reality bending
duality mending
through a past life

wisdom interchange
Written on the Dairy Lane Cafe patio
Sometimes the enemy is myself
In the fight for my will to live
An inner conflict that occurs
More often than I care to admit
Approaching myself with utmost care
As if I am a war torn child
Who is use to conflict yet still afraid
Like bulletproof glass that's fragile
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