and all this time goes
watch and go and go
and all this time goes
and the weather outside the window is changing
It does not change and will never change

there will be my eternal steps and eternal
Cotton on my feet and not mine
will be eternal in front of shadows and shadows
who were luminous or not at all
never been deprived of it has always been

the once common
low pressure systems
are heading further toward
the southern regions
of the landmass
and now we  but see
on the synoptic chart
high after high
regularly occurring
over our districts

the weather pattern
has undergone much change
once reliable rain bearing clouds
rarely do eventuate
which leaves the countryside
in want of soaking moisture

years ago we could count
on the same climatic flow
prevailing about these parts

the question that constantly
comes to people's minds
is whether or not
man has altered the planet's climes
some postulate that weather
has for millennia  
worked in a chameleon

will we ever witness
a revert to normal conditions
the ones who had
certainty's guarantee
"How are you?"
I never thought you'd ask
And honestly
I was kind of hoping you wouldn't
Because I feel like a thunderstorm
Miserable, depressed and in a bad mood
And if you get in my way
You will feel my lighting glazed rage
be gone
cold weather
be gone
from here
be gone
and show
your freeze in another

too long
you've tarried
too long
you've stayed
too long
a gelid touch
you've so unpleasantly

spring oh spring
bring your warmth of air
back again
to melt the landscape's
icicle encased
When you travel in the car and the journey is too far...
Fill the cabinet with all the required stuffs,
It will be more exciting when you travel with a group.
Raise the woofers up ,
And eat the tasty stuffs.
Just Play the jolly tune,
It'll make your lazy mood.
When you see something unique,
Stop a while and take a click.
Still the destination is too far,
You're feeling tired and so is your car…

It’s time for a short break,
stretch your body and take a breathe,

When your body gets re-energised,
It’s tym to resume your lovely drive,
Destination is not always necessary to take,
Sometimes the road trip is what we want to make…
Because most of the time you'll spend ib travelling so just make each and ever drive beautiful and memorable. Because YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE.
The weather undecided
settles for rain,
then stops again.

Skies a wishy washy blue,
then offish white,
then back to blue.

Raindrops hit
the windowpane,
tear-like they run
down the glass
or pitter-patter
leaving spits and splashes
on the pane,
then dry up again.

The trees look bedraggled,
their leaves hang limply
with raindrops that cling;
flowers battered
and stooping or seeming
battle hard they hold
their heads up straight
like warriors of old
keeping the enemy
from the gate.

The weather undecided
settles for a settled calm,
skies smudged blue
with dark tinted clouds,
the birds take to wings
in the settled sky,
as I in my armchair sit
or on my bed lie.
Once, the rain spoke back
In drowned tones from
Lessons learnt long before
Our grey tomes, wisdom
Without wearisome, a
Water sanctified in cloud,
Proud protectors of the
Above, below.

She was not of sorrow, not
Sanctuary, only servitude to
Sense, dense tentacles
Pulling me further down,
To drown in her watery halls
Where the wild kings fall and
The paper boats swim tall,
Above us all.

She told me of the lord so
Loud, lightning in name and
Devastating in fame, tamed never
And maddened always, by the
Drip drop bottle tops, silver
Songs, throngs of metal shine,
Time counting tiresome till
The strike above

Hitting below,
And then the rain will fall ever so
jerelii 5d
the sun that ache into my skin,
it beats the heat of the summer days
intrude by the sound of the crickets,
birds are reaching up high,
clouds scatter across the blue sky
will feelings change?
will it?

in my insightful words
i gather my attention,
pulling the thread on my head,
as the train goes passing by
the clock move closer
to what matters
the most,
confiscate the time
that I stood by.
august 12,2018
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Never mind
The rainy weather
Have gratitude
For the kind-
Ness of the Heaven
And this peaceful solitude

Will quickly tick
And tears~
Will be shed
And you
Will be too weak
Tired to seek
Your years will be gone
And you will be so weak,
You’ll be meek enough to cease
To seek

Rise and look around
Behold the overarching beauty
Of the forever-lasting sound
Behold the beauty
Of the forever-lasting sound
Behold the beauty of the omnipresent God

Is but a breath
It’s the inverse of inspiration
Life is breath
So life is death
Death is the end of our days’ tuneful music—it is the result of our breath
Death is a part of our breathing
Long live vivifying death

Never mind
The rainy weather
The cloudy weather
Is the variety of years, of our weather and its mood
Of our music and its mood
Without a difference there is nothing bad or good
Have gratitude
For this mood
And imbibe the music
Of these drops
Till it stops one day
Until it stops raining
The rain
Will end soon
Make it understood
Chorus (for instruments): Breathe till it stops

Words to Concerto V in F minor, BWV 1056
2. Largo []
The clouds crouch low over
San Francisco, and they are deciding
between blanket and weather.
They do not know whether to be
comfort or a cold matter of fact.
They do not want you to look back and
sea provides the cold, air provides
the hot, the marine inversion
the Atlantic never had.
Have you ever said things confidently
without being sure? Have you ever asked
about her faith and listened to the answer,
say, the number of beads,
without being sure,
but knowing she was? So at least
that makes you sure of something.
Have you ever heard music
in a public place and felt that foggy weight--
what does it take to dance anymore?
What is that extra oomph it takes
to get your arms above your head?
What is the difference
between fog and dead?
The joke is that I don't remember.
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