abby 1d

Life is like the weather
It is unpredictable
We always fail to predict it
So instead we must prepare for anything
For rain
For snow
For cold
For warmth
For love
For hate
For death
For life
And even with all these preparations
Life still catches us off guard
Life is like the weather
Always changing
One day im happy
The next im crying
Another in love
Still more i hate
Sometimes i have everything
Sometimes i have nothing
But one thing always remains the same
Life is like the weather
You cannot control it

I am the rain, contact and I stain,
hydration for the nation but they always complain.
I'm better than snow, or atleast they say so,
less cold but I'm bold when I make the wind blow.

Oh how the clouds cover all of my scars,
but the comforting shelter blocks the beautiful stars.
And all of the thunder blocks all of my cries,
I slip when I drip straight out of the skies.
I'm the rain, I'm the rain, down the drain.

I am the rain, sun storms I can feign,
it will fight for the light but I always remain.
My puddles collect each dribble and speck,
with a splash then I'm brash just like you would expect.

Oh how the clouds cover all of my scars,
the blanket of grey mask the twinkle of Mars.
And all of the lightning makes everyone blind,
you will pass greener grass when I'm around, you will find.
I'm the rain, I'm the rain, sunshine's bane.

I am the rain, wash away the pain,
I get bored and absorb into dirt and to grain.
My heart is the storm, it still keeps me warm,
it shakes, the Earth quakes, but still keeps it's form.

Oh how the clouds cover all of my scars,
as I fall down on sidewalks and shower the cars.
And when the wind blows it pushes me far away,
I'll travel through gravel but always will stay.
I'm the rain, I'm the rain, through each vein.

Mourn the early bud,
teased by the fickle weather
and killed on a whim.

Inspired by the camillia flowers which always fall for the first few falsely warm days of spring. ..

No doubt an Eskimo fabulous Asia breeze
feeling in their element with style, elan
   while snacking (with Wallace and Grommet)
   on crackers and cheese  

   this spate of bitter cold doth not seem to ease    
as Arctic air blast (oh riff you prefer Polar Vortex)
   submerged much of the nation
   in what feels like absolute zero,

   and no matter the appellation,
   the outdoors analogous to being in a deep freeze
brings state of emergency (designated as Code Blue
   from a drain on bare necessities sans:
   energy, food, general habiliments

   unable to traverse frozen waterways
   obstructing tankers access
   to key shipyards, thus imposing    
   engines of society (Mother Nature decreed
   harshly lashed pact with ole man winter)

   asper bitter cold temperatures
   a gripping sizable chunk of United States,
   where one step outside induces chattering class
   to shiver from hypothermia,

   and a scant number of minutes will witness rigor mortis
   evinced by knocked knees
whereat authoritative figures strongly advise
   (nee require) every person to stay home

   lest (if heedless) within seconds
   their body electric will seize
from the unseen large area of low pressure
   and cold air surrounds both of Earth's poles
   chastising anyone foolish enough
   to risk life or limb, thus take a page
   from hibernating bears playbook,
   and stay under warm covers
   collecting countless zs!

S P Lowe Jan 12

Skyscraping popplers
bow their leafless tops and creak
from harsh, shrilling wind.

Puddles fill pockets
where footprints carved soggy mud,
rippling with rain.

Smoke wafts lazily
from chimney tops, blending with
mold’s pungent perfume.

Electric branches,
streaking the overcast night--
CRACK! The walls vibrate.

Only when dawn’s light
bleeds gold and pink horizons
does the storm pass.

gabriela Jan 11

when i was a child and went out during the rain,
my father would tell me
"you ain't sugar, child.
                                         who said you gon' melt?"
so i stopped dipping my toes in pool water
          and started jumping off bridges.
sometimes i would swim in fountains,
looking for kindness, but

i guess people eventually realized
      their cash wasn't worth their buck.
that no god in the sky was gonna give
             you somethin' good for five cents.

so lemme tell you, sugar. you wanna know
           the look the bank gave me when
i asked for my paycheck in dimes?
           that "you gotta be kidding me" look,
           that "wait.. you're serious?" look.
disbelief like no other.

           that same look i give you
when you step foot in the rain,
and i say "hey, careful now.
                 sugar likes to melt in this weather."

nani Jan 5

the lukewarm sun will waltz through cotton-made

and fading mountains. grey with rage and ache,

our dunes will jolt, with force they rattle quick.

the hills diffuse from time to time in crumbs

and grant our star permissions, parcels, moles

on skin to gleam upon and blaze across.

sunprincess Jan 4

Hi, this is a weather tips update
for your safety
So have a seat and have a drink
And place a smile on your face

This exclusive comes from KISS
Number one station in popularity
of the Milky Way galaxy
And of our known universe

Poets, family and friends
We give you this extremely
important update
Delivered by yours truly

Just so you can be prepared,
wherever and whenever
you decide to travel
Because you're important

First of all, if your destination
is New Hampshire's famous
Mt. Washington Observatory
on our beloved planet Earth

Bring along a scarf, heavy jacket,
gloves, and possibly snowboots,
hot chocolate and hot coffee
As -35 is a biting temperature

Otherwise, if you have some plans
for a quick trip, or vacation
to our favorite planet Mars
Pack your bags of luggage carefully

With some extra warm winter attire,
and some wood to build a fire
As -02 doesn't feel so comfy
Hold on if coldness isn't your cup of tea

We have an amazing temperature
Of 27 million Fahrenheit degrees
At the end of our spectrum
So, please don't be a dumb dumb

Remember your mom's advice
carry along some sunscreen, like a ton
Apply it generously
when visiting our lonely Sun

This concludes our universal tip
sunprincess signing off, it's a rip
Take care, be prepared
Hug your family, and be safe

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