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I say thank you to the rain for watering my plants
this morning and I hear more people talking
to their gods than the day before,
a sign we’re afraid.

the tree keeps me dry as some insects drown
beside my feet (the small are seldom lucky)
everyone wants to come out a winner,
but there are only so many special seats.
sometimes a mother,
other times a border
how fair can water ever be?
Brian Turner Oct 5
The sun reaches through thick tree branches
Noisy stream welcomes walkers
Dogs seek attention
People seek attention

Cars rush by
Lorries rush by
People smile
Dogs smile

Clothes steam on the line
Feeling fine
As the sun expectedly shines
Keeps shining expectedly
The weather said it wouldn't be good, it was....
Stormy town
grayly gowned
brooding cloud,
puddled ground

Pouring loud
soothing sound
gentle rain
oozing down
On a dead of winter day
our footsteps in the snow
melt too quickly
for anyone to follow

In drops of steady rain
we picnic beside the lake
and watch fireworks
fizzle out with summer

Riding the crest of fall
but stalked by spring
and so, in the throes
of such invisible connections
we're preserved

And sitting on a shelf
awaiting our turn
to be pried open
and spread like jam
for someone to consume...
SUMMER, fall, winter chills
The kitchen is HOT mixing a meal
Autumn colors & HARVESTED ripe
Winds of prosperity from MORNING to night
Apple cider with brand NEW sweaters
Red, yellow, orange LEAVES
I love this WEATHER.
Fall equinox the twin of Spring. Winds of  prosperity & everything. (Express + Embrace)
Filomena Oct 3
welcoming to cold
how quickly you change your face
cut right to the bone
Psych ward poetry #7
Mitch Prax Oct 1
I am calm and swell
but also a storm that
will never burn out

8:07 PM
Dereaux Sep 30
Morning dusk looms
and hunts furiously
across the whole earth
chasing the dark.

In conflict together
for the upcoming light.
Night is soon
succumbed to dawn.

But already makes
dark plans again,
to banish the light
once more
before nightfall
Anais Vionet Sep 25
Fall changes erase
the cheap substance of summer
with holiday joys.

Multicolor leaves,
multicolor lights with turkey
delights and kinship.
It's fall! My favorite time of the year  =]
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