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Mohannie 47m
Rain can be as beautiful as it can be dangerous.
While sun is warm and bright on the surface.

Hail is loud and hectic and much
As wind can be fast and hurt from its touch

Fog is mysterious
A tornado is serious

Cyclones will swirl
Hurricanes will whirl

Snow is gorgeous in all different ways...

But sleet is heavy and melted; with a sadness that stays
it was dark and the thunder was growing
along with the screams of the children outside
who were running away from the storm
that was to come
with my hands clenched
and my ribs growing tired
my breaths became restless and weak
as i started to lose control
i fell out of my keep
like a lamb that had strayed afar
there you were
with your deafening heartbeat
as you watched me like a silent hawk
watching its prey
carelessly finding
remnants of an unwinding heart
that had been left sober
on the kitchen counter
we were walking on egg shells
around aquamarine carpets
the mud stains you left
had a form that couldn't help
but fall into tangled pieces of righteous light
that were trapped in the heat of our human pressures
and our unspoken pleasures
your painfully bright emerald eyes
seldom locked with mine  
your razor-edged chin
in my shoulder it found its borough
it laid firmly planted
waiting to feel secure
within my tiny grasp
as we moulded an embrace
that felt like lifetimes that had been and gone
in silence was your comfort
it lived there with laughter
while you floated above the hair on my skin
as your hands exposed bubbling panic
though it was draped in loose tranquility
we found we had lost ourselves
the lights had finally escaped our eyes
we were now alone with the raging tempest
h 7d
you hold my hand and tell me later
I just need a friend right now
which is genuinely okay because realistically we both have issues
but darling i think that you need to understand,
going around holding people’s hands,
it’ll get you in trouble one day

stop being so stubborn and listen to your mother
for once, she just wants what’s best for you
by the way, tell her we aren’t a thing
because you know
I don’t think I want a relationship

but on the other hand
oh yeah, hands
Interlocked fingers are to be saved for
the girl that you’re waiting on
she’s out there somewhere
i don't think i love you anymore, but i still miss the feeling
Jackie Mead Dec 4
Clouds you stealthily pass us by.
To where i wonder and know not why.
You quietly move with little noise but lots of grace.
Moving at ease throughout the vast space.
Sometimes you are grey and heavy with rain.
Then you release the water and flood our drains.
Sometimes you are light, fluffy and white.
Combined with an early morning sun and you are quite the sight.
Your form creates patterns in the bright blue sky.
Visible on earth to the human eye.
It is quite breathtaking and makes me smile.
Light, fluffy and white clouds, please hang around for a while.
a beautiful sight this morning as i drove to work.
Before the thaw, my feet will be rooted
Into this nation’s primordial freeze
My muscles and bones will be acquainted with malaise
The sun’s altruism will be refuted

Before the thaw, I will struggle to find consciousness
The frost will leak through the bedroom window
And don the facade of a blanket
The door will prove to be bottomless

Possibilities will seem unachievable
The brain will itch for what it can not have
Buses will limp through congestion
And the blizzards may feast on the feeble

You may want to write of your misery
But your automation will halt in cataclysm
Because someone held a door open
For the gust that billows bitterly

Gastric emissions will become tangible
As smouldering wastes contrast against the sky with rancour
The wispy whites, marginalized into *****
And the world remains infallible

I will lack the tools of incision
To enact my life’s revisions
I will weep for my unguided millions
While I saunter into oblivion

After the thaw, I will smile
My expatriate soul will run in the whimsical wind
Of the morning dayspring that will march unto me
I will stand over a kingdom of honey-filled tiles

After the thaw, the arks will converge
Into the straits of the Bermudian Sea and the
Elusive Caspian Forest, where I will learn to love again
While bidding farewell to winter’s dirge

In the waking world, I will ***** a limestone castle
Where entropy will rule and the mind’s domain
Is left susceptible to perennial reverence
The sea, coloured true, nesting a fairgrounds vessel

In this Great Revision, gargantuan skyways
Will show the world how exiguous we are
That we must not wait for exodus to come
Should we fear to waste away
Into icebergs
Zoe G Dec 3
It's cloudy
but that's
because I
on to the
that it will be
Donna Dec 3
Winter raindrops fell
Window wipers swished swished swished
Pigeons sat on roofs
Blue eyes wandering
Meet with brown eyes
Talking up tempests and
Blue eyes stops and stares.
Because wow brown eyes
You got it going on girl.
Brown eyes stares back and...
Brown eyes walks over to blue eyes,
The tempest twists
Twisting to a twister
A twister twisting the tempest
Into a beautiful hurricane.
And at the eye,
Of the hurricane I mean,
Are their eyes.
The blue one
And the brown one
Eclipsing one another
Taking in each other.
And blink...
They were gone.
Whisked away on a blowing breeze
The sky their tap shoes.
The clouds their slippers
And the breezes their clothings.
Soon blowing breezes turned to hugs
And hugs turned to handholds
And handholds turned to kisses
And kisses turned to...
And it all started
With blue meeting brown.
B Sonia K Dec 2
Blowing a wind of change
The air rises
As each season passes
The weather is full of surprises
The silent wanderer,
Slaming through the gates
It's force
Almost breaking the nights and days

The cloudy fog arises to announce the morning
Same as every other day, it seems boring
The roads ahead unseen
The air as cold as ice
And dry as desert sand
And we can't see the stars
The weather unpredictable as the come.

Night and day yet unbroken
Standing tall in the face of changes
We're beyond defeat.

©2018 Busola S. kolade
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