The local storm warning finds me on the porch,
Out the back, observing the strength of wind,
The swag of trees.
The eye of the storm is passing overhead,
And the lightening blinks wistfully,
As a gesture to take cover
Before the rain and hail fire down,
All over town, windows open,
Curtains drawn, lights on early.
I persevere, but my dry season is coming to an end
Because I remembered the storms in Kilarney,
Looking out from Butler's Snug.

Snug: Pub
Chan S 1d

Best friends lovers Partners in life standing next to you I can handle any strife

Since the day we met I just knew it was meant to be, because looking into your eyes I could see our eternity.

Knowing you're here for me and I'm here for you too, with us intertwined  there's nothing we can't do

I hold you up and you hold me higher because your soul possesses my every desire

I promise each day to make your heart smile, to cherish your presence in my artful style

From this day forward you will always have my heart because I knew loving you was RIGHT from the start.

I love you now and I'll love you forever because I know our love will survive the toughest weather.

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summer came
and I was falling

he promised to be spring
but his heart felt like winter

so please tell me why his love
goes away like this wind
carrying the leaves

In the season of perspiration,
Where demerits of summer are in trend,

Few flowers and leafs are getting dried and shriveled,
Craving for shower.

As the Weather Department announced thunderstorm,

The Sun is on leave,

Flight of birds achieving new heights,

Dark clouds are rolling up in the sky blue

Swiftly there's a fragrance in the air,

nodding of the trees,

chattering of the birds,

Posts and tweets of the humans,

Are the evidence of celebration,
A most welcome to the rain.

I told you my love
was good and borrowed,
endless seas to drown
every sorrow,
I told you holding my hands
were so far from sin,
they’d have your skin peeling
though pale and grim,
I told you my needs
were different from yours,
I throw back the starfish
even if washed up on shore,

I told you I’d be here
as long as you stayed,
but you had already left
as the sky above me grayed.

Kelly Weaver Jun 16

As newly-orange leaves trickle down from painted trees
I can smell the season.
And while not even my flannel could prevent goosebumps from forming on my pasty skin,
I feel a pair of arms wrap around the small of my waist
And I'm content.
Coffee brewing from a pot far too old,
I take a warm cup and a blanket
Accompanied by my favorite book
And my favorite guy
To sit out on the porch.
And while the crisp autumn air chilled my spine
I felt warm.
And though it's been years,
Every touch makes me nervous,
And places butterflies in my stomach.
And as a soft rain trickles down from the dark clouds above,
I'm sheltered.
I'm warm.
I am content.

She had a blue smile
A smile that sparkled rays of sunlight
A smile that giggled rainbows, shades with an endless forever of sunshine.

But, she wore sadness like a dark sky
She cried clouds of tears
And her fears pierced the sky like lightning.

Loud, and quick.

Like lightning, she made a sound moments later, but her actions struck at the speed of light, leaving nothing but a trail of her brokenness.

There's days when she'd rage cubicles of ice, and even under my umbrella, I was never safe. I found solace indoors, away from her.

I remember visiting her.
I had to put on a raincoat, and hide under my umbrella.

We used to share an umbrella, Rihanna.
No matter the weather, we would still walk on sunshine.
We would take breaks, somewhere under the rainbows, and our shadows were always behind us, but her shadow consumed her, and now she hails with torment, with winds travelling at speeds of depression, and this forecast is done by one who had her heart like it was his only possession.

This storm, classified as hurricane "I've never seen this before" with predictions of "I wish I could save you."

The weather man is telling me to stay indoors until it passes, but I can't stand to see her pass with the storm......

With a trail of destruction behind her, under the rubble... you'll find me... collateral damage .....

Toby Jun 15

Everyday cold and gray, even in June.
As we fade away, let the peace of sleep take over.
Dreaming of who I want to be.
Waking up realizing that I can't be that person.
Instead I'm looked at frail and weak.
I want to feel the strength in my muscles.
The swiftness of my fists as I find the strength inside me.

The rain came down
And washed away the sorrow…..
Washed away the hate…..
Washed away the bitterness….
Washed away the regrets.
It washed away
Superfluous knowledge……
Meaningless categories…..
Everything that we
Need to forget.

Devin Ortiz Jun 8

The stream played thick and heavy,
      in the red dawn, of the darkest night.
Tree-lines aghast in the kindling,
      of the Summer Solstice fires.
Upon the sunrise, on the banks among the foliage,
      time tracks into the overgrown trails.
In a deliberate folly, the seasons pass
      as the blended wood, welcomes unwavering change.
Lead back, to dusk, the crisp inviting hum
      of running water, and only a moment has passed.

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