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ottaross 19h
Our headlights out there
In this wet October night
Sink into the cold asphalt
Glowing lumps of coal
Lobbed into a black ocean.
Driving home in a dark evening rain, leaves litter the street, and headlamps are powerless against the depth of darkness
It’s raining in the kitchen
And soaking the dish towels I just washed
But maybe it will clean the ***** dishes
I’ve been meaning to put in the dishwasher

Snow is falling in my bedroom
It was already freezing when I woke up this morning
So I’ll have to unpack the winter sheets from the attic
Another tedious chore for the day

Sweltering heat attacks my skin as I enter the den
Thank *** I installed a ceiling fan the previous summer
Hopefully my wax stamps don’t melt onto
My half-assed business letters
That would be unfortunate

Then I discovered there is hail pounding into the tile floor
Inside my bathroom and shattering my ***** mirror
Now I have a reasonable excuse to buy a new one
The glass soap dispenser shattered
Bubbling and oozing across the stained counter

There’s weather indoors
Maybe I’m complaining
But this is a bit fascinating.
I got this from a prompt onhttps://thinkwritten.com/poetry-prompts/
There are days
When everything's new
Don't know who's who
But it's not all blue

There are days
When the sand burns
And i yearn
For everything occurred

There are days
When nothing can be seen
Sometimes it's thirteen
But to me it's not that mean

There are days
When i finally see the worst in my best
When i never want to admit that i regret
When i never expected such test

But there are also days
When it couldn't be better
When coffee doesn't feel bitter
When the pressure only causes one error

That's when she is
When the sky isn't bright
But her smile is
When the color isn't white
But she is

With her
I always find myself in fall
Both weatherly
And literally
Day 4d
Daft punk and ***** converse
you make me feel like dancin'.
Cinnamon apple tea
and good ol' THC,
surely this is all I need.
Grey sweater meets morning fog and,
seven AM sunrise
has never felt so sweet.
With wet
and black
the night
is thick.
It rains.
I sink
in stains
of ink.

It’s a pit in my stomach,
Feeling nostalgic
For weather changes
And chills.
The music matches
The empathetic nausea
But I don’t mind it
It feels kind of good.
I get very nostalgic during season changes, especially getting closer to the colder seasons. It’s a mixture between pure nervousness and nostalgia... the epitome of mixed feelings.
I retain, fixed
a point
until corroded by metological formula
and practical social delinquency

Weather me down
til I am camera
and pinhole

Pure and abyss-less
lights vehicle
                         - forget me not
I self plagiarised a little in this... Such is life.
If not for rain
The sky wouldn't fall
But I guess clouds would always be white
Without the need for silver linings
In the story
Of every person
That starts at day-break

Could be so mundane
Mellifluous apperception of problems.
Eric Babsy Oct 8
Cold and heat combine.
Temperatures are a gaze we lose our mind.
Currents of the ocean predict.
A pattern for me and you something we can not forget.

Weather is used as a weapon.
Not only by nature but second guessing.
How can this be, you would ask?
Something more you can give us, something we could grasp.

We are all in for a rude awakening.
Electricity is all that they would be faking.
Plants and animals cease to exist.
The kind of anger that makes me pound my fist.

This is the only weapon they can use.
To feed our guilt to fill this ruse.
Being human and united is the only way we can be.
In the future maybe then you will see.
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