EP 1d
when you're sad,
you start to cry
and maybe this is the hurricanes of your mind
letting out streams and streams.
And I've noticed,
when you're mad,
you start to sigh,
the storms' wind that's searching to find
any way to be close to you.

If I was as beautiful as you when I cried, I'd do it a damn lot more
s 6d
If you cover me
as a fog

Then I will warm you
as a sun
We are an opposite, contrary people:
We want our summers cool
And our winters warm.
Who's not to say
There already has been a global warming
Taking effect
In the forecast of fantasy?
I thought of this poetry idea this morning in my neck of the woods when my mom said out loud how she like the cool morning of today, June 12 lol :P.  Enjoy!
Josh Jun 11
You are infinitely colourful,
Touching the ground in two places.
Sometimes more,
Sometimes less.
I welled up when I saw you
and climbed a mountain
- I couldn't see you through the grey
but I was closer
You were with me
My brothers, the sheep,
Who knows how your colour,
Your beauty,
Touched their hearts,
if it lingers as it does in mine.
Rain and hail may erode, in time,
the rainbow at the back of my mind,
but they didn't on that day and they haven't since.

Yesterday the snow!
On the ground crunching like a good apple
Pasted on the trees like moss,
Painted upon each limb, some Bob Ross
Magic, white hill, white trees,
Pure sun, makes even the breeze glow!
Trees drop snow like the leaves
of last season, little by little,
and it falls to gently settle
in the back of my mind with you.

Warmth and colour,
the miracle of my summer,
Rest and play in the back of my mind
With the perfect winter's day,
Never to melt or fade into grey.
Aa Harvey Jun 8
Mother Earth

Mother Nature gave birth to our world,
So we thanked her for the wood
And complained when it rained.

We’ve only just begun to burn,
Mother nature’s twigs.
We only need the trunks and tusks today;
You can leave the rest for the vultures and the natives.

Burn these trees, they are in our way.
That bird just crapped on me!
Thanks a lot Mother Nature.
He, he.

Move out all the animals, put them in a zoo.
Empty the jungle of life, so the bulldozers can get through.
Shoot them if they get in the way, no-one’s bullet proof.
Hey look!  A monkey!  Let’s shoot it with pollution…Shame on you!

Did you hear about Sam?
I know!  He got torn up;
By that thorny bush and that tigers lunge.
Mother Nature.  She never thinks of us;
While we work damn hard,
To bulldoze her jungles.

Mother Earth indeed!
She doesn’t care about us…
Her Destroyers.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Fall looming embraced
Implanted dagger left dead
Making green leaves red
Just trying a haiku
An emergency macaroon
on a boulevard, in March,

Because my sugar levels dropping,
mind foggy, dopamine high crashing;
because legs aching; I can’t unknot
the multi-coloured tangles this evening;
because yesterday; because I said yes; because.
Because you never said in so many words.

You say there is cloud cover
with chance of rain, but you know there
will be rain because you have a headache.
You can tell but you can’t say.
Submission for the theme 'distance' for The Menteur Anthology
a cumulus
feather round
my heart
made a
start newly  
found as
dawn rose
over this
realm like
yarn this
homespun from
dross but
mattered in
thin ice
and without
any artificial  
drought superimposed
a seance of words
Isla Jun 4
It rained today
I know it's your favorite weather
it was mine too
but today when water poured from the heavens
it poured from the walls
and it poured from the corners of my eyes
It rained today
and my lungs filled up
I could not breathe
but I could not let go  
so I sat alone
alone with only the thundering rain to console me
pouring from the heavens
pouring from the walls
pouring from the corners of my eyes
because the one thing I want
is the one thing I can never have
the one thing I want
is to find you
but even if you scream
How would I hear you
over the rain
I guess history finals make me want to think about death. Understandable.
Crash your body into mine

Like how the waves crash down and hit the shore on a stormy day

We can take turns being the thunder

Being the lightning

And drown in one another

Until we’re back to being a light summers breeze
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