Promise quoted- a celebration given if
Not late then certainly not early
Enough, what’s a few billion years
To acknowledge your existence, return the
Wind blown as a gentle kiss from your lips
With grace and regulation in 1970 Earth Day
Was consecrated and the Clean Air Act was passed:
Your candles were sapling trees planted
Wax analogies that would grow giving us
Again, the ability to breathe easy, ten years on
Coal continued to be taken from history’s bloodline-
Vandalizing our own flesh and bone
To burn a little brighter
In the grand scheme
Is to suffer for a longer period of time

Sulfur released from impurities confiscated
Floats into the atmosphere forms dioxides
Mingles with nitrogen and water to form acids, ten years on
The true nature of ignorance makes the front page:
Lake acidification kills fish destroys that which
Has otherwise treated us so kindly, at this point
The National Acid Precipitation Assessment Program is established
Investigate the issue
Great Mother forgive us
For we are naive children who’ve been
Blessed with an immense gift, feeble minded
Unable to cherish that which has always been
Seemingly infinite, our strengths are obvious
But these weaknesses are vast and we
Are just beginning to gain consciousness, In 1995 the Acid
Rain Program is implemented to lower sulfur output,
A slow process met with success emissions
Fall below 1980 levels- for everything received it’s a start,
Repair the relationship between you and I as honorary
Representative of your children, curse words said out of
Confusion finally we are able to realize this is reflexive
To abuse you is to pour corrosives
On our own skin, invest in renewable energy
Turn the electricity off when not in use,
Great Mother embrace these frail arms once more
Sew these holes shut
The ozone layer has slowly been patched
Since CFCs were banned nearly forty years ago,
For now we are not
Clean or rectified though rest assured,
We’re getting there

A poem written for a Physical Science Class
Daina 7d

And what do I know about love?

The sound of the spring whispering
Like her sweet lips are pressed to my ear

Days get cold
But only for a moment
Spring is giving the winter the last few breaths of fresh air
That it has left.

Her arms wrap around me
The slow breeze
Just like it fondles the trees
Not for a moment to I feel the tiredness
The opportunities quiver within

Soon it is
I will feel the touch of her soft spring skin.
But before this time
I have to allow transition

And I'm just fine with that
When it's done
I'll have a rose like no other.

I found a tiny blue rose in some craft stuff today. It's been give me a little adventure tonight. Thought I lost it, it turned up in the bottom of my pocket. Then it fell into a little bowl of water.
But none of the other tiny roses I also grabbed did this.
Kendra Mack Apr 17

Today it is snowing
I think I might freeze!
Tomorrow I'm sweating
It's 80 degrees.

rose Apr 16

the ray of sunlight
peaks through the over sized clouds,
and that’s when i want to wave hello to the shining light
that is calling my name.
i shield my oval eyes, watch the darkness
that surrounds the sunlight
[ the small dust particles all around
light up too, as luminous as the sun itself ]
i want to run towards this crepuscular ray
- this bright, shining light - that pleads for me.
i’ll skip on clouds, dance till i reach my destination
i’ll run up to the sky, bask in the single ray
of light
that is slowly fading.
i’ll lie underneath its radiance,
until it finally  d i s a p p e a r s .

Denel Kessler Apr 10

Eyes wide
you do not allow
oblivious sleep
shadows branded
on my retina
reveal all contrast
tattooed on my shoulder
a skeletal hand
this illusion  
pins me down

your questions
have no answers
questions remain
asked again and again
I swear
I know nothing

You say everything
is immaterial
subjectively real
ideas existent
in the mind
of the perceiver
I am

(you insist)
a true believer

Parched and shrinking
I ask for mercy
you bring the cup
to my fissured lips
but it is empty
a vessel of air
you murmur
there is only enough
for one
what will you give
in return?

Heavy metal
arpeggios of wind
head bang
petulant faces
inured to rain
a repeating refrain
in falsehood
lies your truth

but even you
cannot halt the dawn
a dark horizon
pulls the strings
you sink
behind the cloud-
wall of your storm

is it safe now to close my eyes?
three times whisper
be gone
              bright fiend

a weary incantation
spell of protection
the yawning wind
done with howling
hums reassuringly
                       “a change is gonna come
                                                            ­      imagine
                                                   ­                            peace in our time”

“A Change Is Gonna Come” written by Ben Sollee
“Imagine” written by John Lennon
“Peace In Our Time” by Elvis Costello and the Attractions

A sleepless night under the relentless moon, listening to a storm coming in off the Pacific.
Raghu Menon Apr 8

The early days of April
Have started resembling
Those of May and June
For a coastal city like Pondy

It is too dry and hot
It is driving humid
It is too nasty

this pattern is going to stay..

Pondy is the short name for Pondicherry, India. The  weather pattern is changing fast and what are we going to do about this?
Snotty VX Apr 4

Foggy weather blues
Allergies cause me to sneeze
Dead leaves and damp grass

Jenna Lucht Apr 3

The tide rushes in
And fills my lungs with water,
Slapping the air right out of my chest.
For a brief moment the storm breaks
Giving me just enough time
To breathe deep and push the air
Barely hard enough
To bring me back ashore.
I am enough to control the waves.

A storms breaks out,
Flooding all around and
I am without a life vest,
Enclosing around me from every angle
I barely see an exit.
Soon enough it creeps to my chin
And I am forced to hold my breath.
I am not enough to control the storms.

I shout it as though
The vibrocity of my words
Dictate it's strength.
Ringing through every orifice in my body,
Straining my lungs till I taste the blood
And only a croak is left inside.
I am enough to command the sky.

I shout atop a mountain
As if it were an empty field.
Filling the wind with my fruitless whim,
Charming the skies to not leave me.
All done in vain and with no restraint
I barely pierce the space I stand.
I am not enough to bellow the wind.

Timothy hill Mar 27

Waves of you purge the dark oh how you infuse my spark.

Light house's line the sea yet I have your light it's all I need.

Light of her.
Lorayne Mar 26

how scared you must be
to be exposed to the elements
with all your windows broken in
and all alone

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