over feeling under the weather.
i want to spend the rest of my life
chasing rainbows from shore to shore
and trying to find my toes in
the curly white billowing pillows and sheets
and fresh oxycontin smelling
bottomless depths of cloud nine.
i'm trying to find that fresh pine scent
when you're pining for someone new
and you feel like you could climb
the highest heights, and drink from
the alpine air. and there on that
mountain top: a lucky four leaf clover,
four new leaves to turn over,
you're turning things around and
pulling your head out of the clouds
and putting your feet back on the ground.
over feeling under the weather
and whether i find myself on cloud nine
or i reach seventh heaven
or i fall short of finding anything
i'm trying to find a reason to live again.

rain falls,
mist rises,
the sun shines,
and the moon reflects.

When something falls,
another rises,
one will shine,
and the rest reflect.

Jobira Sep 14

I will take you away
From all the resentments and prey
For I love you so much to keep you at my bay
And forever make you smile without a tiring delay

Come run away with me
To explore the world beyond the reaching sea
As I'm waiting for you at the door and
Do not hesitate no more
Take my hands and don't let go
Let this smile on your face remain a glow
For I am here to stay
And I promise to give you all
Anything you wish that's under my control
No matter how big or small
I will never leave you alone
Even if the sky would fall
For I am here to stay
That's my promise,
when I take you far, far away

Now I am here my love
To embrace you with sweet gentle kisses
I have come to take you far, far away
To a promised land of fantasy play
Where oceans are silently dancing
To an oasis garden where birds
Are harmonizing and melodiously romancing
Under the blue sky and star filled night
When our soul will finally unite
In our divine universe
You and I, alone lost in our courses
In the expedition of twosome converse

@jobiranyc (9/14/2017)

This poem is inspired or more like a response to Seema's
"Take Me Away"  look it up under #weather #thoughts #season

I loved reading that poem, which is full of rich imagination and Seema is surprisingly liked the idea of a response to her poem, and even helped me with revising my poem.

I am forever thankfull for your inspirations and insights, Seema!!!
Seema Sep 13

My heart beats for a reason
That reason is you
The weather changes its season
The season seems new
My senses dwell in your thoughts
Alot, not just few
You make me whole
By carrying out your role
Not many people are happy about us
Each time our topic comes, there's always a fuss
People and my own despise our love
They confide with the gods in the heaven above
To get my feelings off you
They seem blinded, upon the words they chew
Nonetheless, I am made for you
There are hundreds waiting in the queue
But I don't care, what they think and say
I just want you to take me far away
From this place, to a paradise unknown
Where only the sun rays greet us alone...


Braxton Reid Sep 7

Have I forgotten Autumn in a name?
Did I forget the warm blood in these icy veins?
Last year had I sung my last song on a floating memory?

Red leaves, red leaves
Falling trees, soon likened to me
Cool air on the breeze
Soothe voices that smoothly ease

Downed by the crack in the concrete
"I know its over" Morrissey sings
Oh mother,  I can hear my happiness coming back to me

Seema Sep 6

The meadows grew pink
The sky turned vermilion
The sun got upset
The weather was its companion

Angry thunder, scolded the sky
The emotions fell as rain
The lightening came out to spy,
Why the sun was in vain?

The leaves turned yellow
The sea got rough
The rivers ran shallow
The weather got tough

A crimson change all around
Many voices sing a prayer
Wet season all over surrounds
This weather seems a player...


Natasha Sep 6

soft-serve and sunscreen, sandcastles
old movies
played on reruns via VCR

top down, open highway
lined with trees
and sunshine

how did these days
pass me by
so quick?

Like a slattern in a string bikini,                     
Stretch marks bared to the public,                                                            
So does July show her wares                                                              
If she is scorned.
Sprawling, ugly, no doubt in heat,                                                      
An old sow past her prime                 
All who pass her by.             
Any who see Demeter
In each summer day
Have not seen her dark side,
When men refuse to play.

She is full of hot wrath,
If unspent for weeks on end.
Or cold doldrums, when denied:
Raw, frigid mistress of grey.

Yet, in a good year, she might
Swing Sun’s brazen shield
High above, shedding welcome beams,
And let us bask in its bright rays.

July, you sometime traitor,
When we expect you to behave,
Spend promises of warm weather,
No doubt you demur on that alone.

We await your pleasure,
As brides gnaw manicured nails in
Helpless wonderment at your
Selfish woes.

Month of Caesar, choose one attitude or the other!
Either thirty-one days of rain-soaked sulking
Or, better, allow one of selfless, sun-baked joy…
This might even please poor you!

I was very hot and sick of the stickiness of July, which can also seem like March, at least in New England. She also reminded me of a woman who shall remain nameless...for now.

premonitions and

impending gloom hanging high

over our bowed heads

Crystal Freda Aug 31

Picking ripe, juicy apples off trees
Jumping into a fresh pile of leaves.
Bundled up for the swift, autumn breeze.
Harvest time is a great time to appease
With autumns such as these.
When everything is simply at ease.

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