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deyrah 2d
Those kisses, hold no weight.
Those hugs, they hold no feelings.
Those caresses, they hold no tingling.
Those cuddles, hold no warmth.
Those eyes... why are they so cold??
Those words, well they didn't hold any truth in them.
Even while yhu are here!
I am still alone!
Some times, love is not enough, not even the least, our human nature always wants more, t may not know what it wants in the moment, but... Our hearts always search for more.
she will crash the party
and leave in haste
she will bring riches
and bleed you dry
she will take one form 
and depart in another 
she is lady luck 
and she will keep you alive today
but extinguish your life tomorrow
Anna 7d
And then I was alone
A single daisy
In a field of thorns

Standing on my own
Waiting for a saviour
My future unknown

Waiting for the rain
To make me grow
Or wash me away
Searching a couple of people
I look for something specific
I look for a good thing

But I haven't found it yet

They seem to always
misuse the good before
the bad comes to life.


People try to explain it
"You're too nice"
"You take too much"

No, no, no.

I've gave and gave
until I didn't want
to be broken anymore.

A good thing is hard to find
in bad people with bad
intentions and no time.
Modern-day love is sad to me.
Enveloped in the warmest of
blankets, tears
whispers in the night, I speak of
yesterday's coffee stains and
3 years worth of scars.

The swarm in my head is a hell,
Bees and wasps, echoes, oh well
I used to listen
now all the screams turn silent,
because I've drowned.

Drowned in despair, in fear, hesitating
always sitting away, away from falling
falling is what I've done with you
you've caught me
but I feel like water and dust
how are you able to catch me even when I feel like
I am in between your fingers, slipping?

Why do I break my own heart
with the fears of yesterday
when you're here with me today
Why do I **** myself over and over again,
despite having two lungs
and breathing
but not feeling like I'm living,
yet you come in and hold me anyway.

Tenderly, you remind me
todays and tomorrows are all we have
to watch our flowerbeds grow
gently, you watch me
sleeping, dreaming, laughing
crying, breaking, burning
you watch and listen
I am my own and whole myself,
the cracks haven't healed

yet you stay and hold all the pieces,
these cold fingers and shaking hands
have caressed many faces,
and you watch me still while I
take the pieces to rebuild.
Thank you, babe.
Karmish A Oct 5
Youre so good at it
Playing coy
Toying with my strings
Youre so good at it
Whispering gazes
Putting thoughts in a haze
How good you are
On things that hurt
But my oh my how bad you truly are
Luludi Oct 4
They messed with my head real good
Was it that I misunderstood?
How you kicked the tree ‘till all leafs fell
Left to rot in hell
The freak created is on you
You’re the one who’s cuckoo
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