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I was wrong.
She became the ocean
because she was torn.

Before she fell in love with the storm
She was enamoured by the trees
The nature surrounding her
And its delicate seeds
The lake was who she was
And she hoped that would be her all -

But the storm struck her.

It struck, ******, and stole
What was left of her whole
Her innocence, her soft soul
All ripped and discarded by the swirling ghoul
Needless to say, it left a deep hole
One that would never heal, one no-one could behold

She become the ocean so it was she who would control.
The storms in her palm, the monsters of her own
Monster she became, bold yet cold
The ocean’s depths let no mercy be shown.

But what still remained the same was her soul -
It was the same water, the same heart
The same desire, the same start
The same softness, in a hidden part
She did not want to see another torn apart.

She commanded the storms, an ocean of power
Protected the weak with the comfort she showered
Under her rule, the real monsters cowered.
In the world of the bad, it was she who towered.
continuation of my poem 'Changes', the first part of which is on my profile
ScaryGary Mar 18
My grandma was the only one I remember being consistent with the things she said and did. The only one. I watch others change belief in a heartbeat. I know because it was my heartbeat. My grandma told me it ain't right to hate something that I don't understand. I took that to heartbeat and haven't changed it. The problem I see is that others hate what they don't understand...and they don't understand anything.
Amrita Tiwari Mar 17
Escape from what?
The pieces impalpable
Once part of thy self, are
Nowhere to be found
How many times will you try
To cope up
From some feeling
Very profound.

Escape from what?
Your own self or the world
Is only one force governing you?
Or is it dyarchy, through and through!
You try to split from the other
But it has an embrace
Around you
With the tightest glue

Escape from what?
The happy or the gloom
Calm or chaos,
You do have a clue
Or do you?
Is it numb or very eerie
Always sad, never cheery?

Escape from what?
Reality, harsh and smooth
O dear, stay here
It is going to be a tough root
Though all the impalpable
Would unravel
Someday on a blue moon!
escape, what, good, bad, unravel, impalpable, blue moon

should we keep escaping? what is your take on this?
Clay Face Feb 28
It’s another day, the sun’s left a twisted mess of vigor-less dreams and wishes faintly seen.

I’d lay down and cry if I saw any meaning to anything, but UV bleaches my guts and everything.

By now you would’ve realized, the sort of world, cruel and curious, we seek to sow.

But how can anyone walk around stating what they know?

And the pain seeps cold at night.
Aspirations, lies I hold tight.
Maybe not tonight.

Days bleed by, numb and opaque it heeds and blinds.

The pain seeps cold at night.
Aspirations, dreams I hold tight.
Not tonight.
Not tonight.
Zoe Mae Feb 7
I will get nowhere faster than you
Just look at the yellow lights I'm blowing through
Yes, for a moment it seems you have the edge
But you drive with your heart instead of your head
I saw that no u-turn coming for miles
You cut me off, and I was all smiles
In reality we both have nowhere to get to
But I'm gonna get there faster than you
Clay Face Feb 7
This time please don’t feel sad.
I’ve tried to fade away.
Stretch thin to reach me.
Gone un-scratched for an eon.
As a breath on a death bed.
Can’t be savored for too long.

It’d feel nice to know who I am.
I’m pressed to find a way.
Dressed in his slime and his slop.
It’d feel good to know who I’m not.
Bottle up and conceal.

It’s all moved away this time.
I can feel.
No Fawkes whisper to reveal.
It’s all been changed.
But for me.
I feel the same.

I’m broken and poured.
All vivid, but defamed.
The color I had in my fingers.
Is distant on a tether.
I just coil it back in.
Before I grow numb in taste.
Alpha Jan 31
Bad Gateway
Error Five Zero Two
Bad gateway,
I hate you.
UwU Don't ask.

Edit: As I wanted to publish this, bad gateway struck again, by the way...
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