Why do things
always have to change
like the weather?
One minute
it's cold
and then it's hot.
Just like
one minute things are good
then another
their not.
Sobriety has never been your friend.
Friends for you may have come, gone, and returned,
But "Sobriety" isn't a word you even recognize.
You might as well be staring into
A swirling whirlpool of
Misspelled words,
Languages you never bothered to learn,
And unspoken truths
Whenever you take a look at the word
Trying to find your unknown meaning.
Maybe you're just not meant to be clean.
And that's okay.
You're just like
She was
Before the end.
The day I turned into the devil
And ***.
Was the day you died in my arms..

It turned out just like any other day.
I woke up and ate breakfast
Headed out for my day.
As I make my way
All I seen was smiling faces
I started realizing
I dreamt parts of this day.
It was a tragic day for me.
As I realize that I was somehow
causing all this destruction for others.
I tried to prevent the things that were happening.
I tried to answer left, instead of right.
Or right, instead of left.
But the conclusion was always inevitable.
As these heartbreaking things were happening
To the people I loved
The most.
I woke up again but at the beginning of that day.
So it was me and my close friend,
a friend that I trusted with my life.
As these tragic events begin to unfold
Before my eyes
He would know what was going on.
It was like he dreamt this too.
He gave me advice on my choices
He would tell me to choose which path I should take.
As he kept giving me advice.
Everything I dreamt was changing for the good.

I get a phone call from her.
She would beg to come meet me at a train station
So we can make up plans on the spot.
As I start to smile like an idiot and day dream.
My friend looks me dead in the eyes
And says
Don’t go.
Then I ask why.
He says, “Just don’t go”
I laughed and shrugged it off
Then I parted ways with my friend.
I start walking to meet her and I thought of my friends words.
I was cautious and paranoid because of that.
Because I never dreamt of this event.
As I see her and smile bright.
I see 5 people between us.
2 guys, a couple, and a woman.
I start closing distance between us
And it feels like everything slows down
As I see one of the men pull out a pistol
At this point I’m reaching for the gun
But everything is so slow..
Then in a blink of an eye, he shoots her in the chest.
Then this madness, this evil came out of me.
I felt different, like physically different.
Like I had super human strength
As I dislocate his wrists backwards
Something evil took over my body
As I keep dislocating every joint.
I couldn’t control my actions.
She yelled stop
When I heard her voice my whole body just stopped.
I ran to her and lifted her in my arms.
As I apologized
Tears rolled down my eyes and dropped onto her cheek
I couldn’t stop apologizing.
Then she would put her hand on my cheek and smile.
“I’m fine.”
was the last thing she said to me.
This was all a dream, but there is a more of a phenomenal part to it all too.
KAE 1d
Fury running through all my veins.
Fire goes through every part and centimeter of my body.

Fury and fire sweep through my whole being, soul and spirit. They destroy everything in their path, as if they were a hurricane.

They consume me. They take over me. They take control over me because I can not control them, they are stronger than a thousand demons.

I feel like I become a beast while fire and fury grow inside me.

A beast thirsting for hatred, revenge, with a huge pleasure to destroy everything around him.

They can not break free and I lose control.
Because of that, fire and fury are trapped in my skin and in my bones
There are two kinds of people in this world, the kind that get everything they’ve ever wanted and the kind that work hard and live in the dark
I’m feeling loneliest at most
Yep this definitely is depressing, watching cars go by and by
And yet there you are stuck in the same situation as always
Eves dropping, joining into conversations you’re not welcome to
Sipping on a martini, oh no you shouldn’t though, you gotta drive
To where you feel the most emptiest inside
When the moon shines bright I think of blues and different sides of you, I was thinking of you.

You’re blue, small, bold and looking old. losing your hair and losing your shares, when will you regain your enchanting glare...

I looked at you hanging over there with that guy smoking your light, when will you actually fight to stay right and bright? You remember when we were even a little younger and more like lovers.

You’re gone, so far the distance is long, I wish you would even run to your grandma. Run away they are wrong. Your addiction is the end of you, I’ve lost you.

I gained something new you’re alone and I’m at home with friends and great fun shown, I’m not alone. I’m me and your you. should you join to find your peace and stop the lease on me.

Just stop the act you’re not a kid. You’ve grown up right with love, friends and you give it up for 10 years of peace at max, it’s not going to last.

You’re starting to be loose lipped and obviously not glad. Get help. Find yourself and love more than the so called “self help...”
Don’t do serious drugs or anything like it if you can help it! It’s obviously bad for you and you look gross afterwards. **** helps with ptsd, even that makes you look less appealing and costs a lot.
Solomon 3d
When you hug someone a little too hard,
They would suffocate.
We all have some darkness,
But we all still have some light.
In the midst of trying to find ourselves,
We lost the endeavoring plight.
The day is too dull,
So we live in the night.
Fading the colors of this
White, bright life.
No means no
It does not mean convince me
I do not want to get in the passenger seat
As a child
Throughout my teens
Harassment is engraved deep into my memories

Nap time
A touch over my jeans
The teacher did not mind
We were just kids, right?

No became a new word
with a new meaning
Flashbacks to heavy breathing
Your sweat dripping onto me
Singing my skin

At the age of six
When most kids are playing games and learning cool tricks
You harassed me with
Words i could not repeat
No means no!
****** boy get this through your head
Give it a rest
Silly girl, you're playing games
And this is chess
Make a move, what’s new
I’m always next
I think now, you must have been obsessed

No means no but
in your head it meant ***
No, please don’t leave us alone
I knew where this would go
Flashback to the sound of doors being locked
Give up
Your pants are already off

No does not mean convince me
But it didn’t prevent you from stealing my virginity
Engraved into my brain
A cookie wrapper
Just to be safe
I screamed no but
It was ****
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