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Mandalina 33m
I want to scream.
I want to cry.
I want to relapse.
But most of all I just want someone to hear my silent cries for help,
for soon I might break beyond repair.

My mind is a mess
and I wish my thoughts would stay quiet all day,
every day.

I keep trying to call for help,
but I can't even guarantee that
I can be saved anymore.

I seem to be back in the infinite circle of bad things.
How do I break it?
Has it all gone too far?

_an old poem_
I do not need your words
I do not need your negativity
I grace your pathetic existence
With my very being
You cannot drag me to refuse
For with me is light
And holiness
I scorn you
With all I have
You are nothing
Under my boot
My wrath to your anger
Is an ocean to a drop
Everything within me
Is greater than you'll ever be
I speak with other gods
And we may talk of our works
And lament our words
But you
Are an insect
Your speech is the sorry echo
Of all the bugs before you
Disgusting and insignificant
Do not bother me
With your shallow petty mind
Sometimes i get angry and i try and think of the most spirit breaking words i can
i want to try everything that's bad for me
including you
Jaxey 1d
I wish I could freeze my happiness
In little ice cubes
So when I'm having a bad day
I can just pop one in my mouth
And let it melt my worries away.
Let me melt with you
I don’t want to be a, “Good Person”
Or rather,
Not if you have to tell me,
I’d rather die,
Then hear someone tell me I’m nice,
You’re so nice,
You’re a good guy,
Gratefully with twinges of gluttonous ego I accept,
In spite of myself,
Perhaps I’ve been groomed to act,
Act nice to be complimented,
Act as a good artisan to appease all.

Humans never cease to appall me,
With ways to be unwarrantedly wareful,
And secretly subconsciously submergent,
So I remain watchful of myself.
I've been on the edge of my seat
Waiting for a chance to meet
Another bad one.

Wake me up from out of this sleep.
Give to me some secrets to keep.
Start with a bad one.

Where is love and raising ****;
Spitting fire in a cheap motel;
Angry friction in the eyes
Of desire, and fearless rides
On wheels of fury in the night
That burn the roads and holds me tight?

Cover me with intoxication
Like a sheath of skin over blade.

Where is greed and desperation,
And running from them to each other?
I remember when the living was real,
And the passion was always a thrill,
Anchored in the pounding hearts
That were bound to top the charts.

Blowing wilder than the wind,
I'm never going home again.

I've been on the edge of my seat,
Waiting for a chance to meet
Another bad one.

Wake me up from out of this sleep.
Give to me some secrets to keep.
Start with a bad one.

Is love born out of some kind of need?
Is the feeling still somewhere in me?
I need to be a bullet fired
Entangled in what has transpired,
And wispered like a scream on fire.
Climbing night time rage and wire,
Two for one and sacred pyer.
Acid venom and supplier.

Running like a theif in the night
Hiding in the briar from the light.

I've been on the edge of my seat,
Waiting for a chance to meet
Another bad one.

Wake me up from out of this sleep.
Give to me some secrets to keep.
Start with a bad one.

...And it's fast.

...And it's strong.

...And it's done.

...And it's gone.
I wrote this just this early morning and in one sitting. One question, When I shared it to my facebook account, the word "****" was automatically redacted - why? Fix it. I edit and censor myself enough as it is.
There is a variation of two cadences in this one that don't always fall into a sequencial format. As my writing style is kind of free-flowing; musical and organic, it just turns out that way.
I haven't set it to music exactly, but as I hear it in my head, it is definately going to be a song.
I'm into bad ones.
"It's fine", he said as he grazed his fingers down her thighs and up her skirt

"I won't hurt you", he said as he caressed her skin with his rough thumb sending shivers down her spine

"I'm family", he said as he rubbed her chest that heaved with panicked breaths and muffled her cries

"Trust me", he said and trusting him was the only mistake she had ever made

ab 4d
i realized i missed the wind
the moment the cold hit my lips

i've been fantasizing nightly
about head against chest
heartbeats keeping time with
the chirping of cicadas outside

i'm not used to missing hipbones
and legs intertwined
and a hand behind my knee

but as far as you're concerned

my weight in your lap,
one hand in my hair
and the other on my hip

very close
(i miss being very close)
your exhale and my inhale
and vice versa
i crave close

i don't know who i am anymore
~oof i just wanna make out with somebody okay?
I'm the one you should be afraid of,
Don't try to come close and comfort me.
I fell in love with you
I got my heart broken but kept a blank face

I can't make you feel guilty about breaking me
If you don't realize you did anything wrong
It's not your fault, I guess.
I build things up In my head.
I start to believe the things I make up.
I still love you.
With all my broken, shattered and torn apart heart.
but I'll have to say goodbye.
Because I care about you,
and if you stay with me I'll end up breaking you.
Aaliyah Salia Oct 14
"Let not this world deceive you,
don't let it win,
don't make it your companion.
Don't drown in the fear it instills in your heart,
don't heed its sinful, yet captivating words.
Don't give in to its limitless beauty,
don't smile when it kisses your skin.
Don't let it force you to take a puff,
don't let it intoxicate you.
Don't let it order you,
don't let it make you dependent on it because eventually, it'll leave you.
Let not this world deceive you, my friend,
it might be kind-hearted, it might love you, but it'll also take you to **** with it.
It's a poison no one dares touch,
it's a prison no one dares enters."
What do you think of this world?
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