We, like June, had come too soon;
  not marred by lucid minds;
We, like March, had flown too soon;
  not swayed by restless blinds;

We, like Summer, had shown too soon;
  not words that trundled in few;
We, like Winter, had played too soon;
  not love that rusted in dew;

We, like Echoes, had blown too soon;
We, like Stories, had gone too soon;
  We, where? her other arms
      had mounted a mission at noon!

Bear me no ill will, for I am done;
  done with pastures that convey a ruse!
  Roses adhere to lines in oil
      that swallow the yearnings;
      laid in soil!

Monuments fall; replete with time,
  our journeys await; vast with chimes!

Bear me no ill will, for we are gone;
  gone with fallacies that trundle away;
  Bluebells fall to lines in morals
      that follow our earnings;
      laid in laurels!

i fell apart.
i didn't get back together.
who cares if i don't recognize myself?
i dug my fingers into
my head
i squeezed on the hem
of my tshirt.
always ending on a bad note.

inspired by my own blackout poetry

Beginning of the end.
Seems crazy to think about the days when
You couldn't get enough of being my boyfriend.
A million text messages everyday you'd send,
Now I'm lucky if I get ten.
What are we doing? Are we playing pretend?
Used to get a "Good morning, beautiful" when I'd wake and
Everything's divided between now and then.

I've got my bags packed but I can't seem to leave.
I try so hard not to doubt because I want to believe
Because I don't want you to go away but we've
Become something I never dreamed.
Can I play naive?
But when I feel you pulling away it's hard to breathe.
This doesn't make sense, let's think a minute please...

These days, I listen to break up songs,
But I keep a happy beat so I can sing along.
It's not all sad, sometimes we talk for so long,
And it feels like we're playing ping-pong,
Was I going crazy for thinking it was wrong?
But then I watch the clock, and I realize you're gone.

So I find my own thing to do,
Seems like you only want me when I pull away too.
Right now your edges are bleeding blue,
So I wait for you to change your hue.
As I'm lacing up my walking shoes,
Where are you?
You got a new tattoo,
I guess now you're disappearing into Blink 182.
One day I'll see you clear in my rear-view,
But today I hold on because it's hard to say adieu.

7/16/17- Steps to fixing us

it all comes down to
perspective, and
what we perceive is
so very different,
I know it's hard to see it
any other way but yours,
but yours is so unlike mine..
yes, we're on the same page in our lives,
but will be ever be on the same line?
I love you, I do
and in my eyes
everything was fine
but it wasn't like that for you
I only want to understand why
which I'm sure
I know the answer to

spiderman, spiderman...
Em MacKenzie Jul 14

You're tearing me down brick by brick,
you're waiting just to see me fall.
It's ironic as you're known to have a very thick,
personal barricade of a wall.
You're ripping me apart seam by seam,
hoping just to see me come undone.
I'd swear that this has all been a dream,
but sleep; I am getting none.

Soon it should be over,
we'll be saying our goodbyes,
'cause we've both been getting older,
with heavy bags under our eyes.
Soon this will be over,
yes, I'm counting down each day,
"It will be this way," I told her,
yet she was determined to still stay.

You're tearing me down brick by brick,
you're waiting just to see me fall.
I'm shaking, weak and feeling sick,
when once I used to stand tall.
You're pulling me down stone by stone,
though I never was the strongest structure.
One day she's going to wind up all alone,
and now all I can say is just "fuck her."

Soon it should be over,
we'll be saying our goodbyes,
'cause we've both been getting older,
with heavy bags under our eyes.
Soon this will be over,
and now I'm counting down the hours,
'cause I feel I no longer even know her,
but I'll still remember to bring her flowers.

Blood is supposed to be thick,
it's supposed to mean forever,
or at least how as long as you can take.
Blood is supposed to always stick,
it's something you should always remember,
even if the blood type shows up fake.

You're tearing me down brick by brick,
you're waiting just to see me fall.
I'm collapsing in, oh so quick,
I hope you didn't expect me to stall.

BSeuss Jul 11

I love poetry.
I am poetry.
My typing device provides no choice to, with willing will power,
turn of grammar suggestion.

To proof read a poem twice,
and still edit it once;
I love poetry,
I hate my typing device.
I am poetry.
Please steal my typing device from my rear left pocket.

As I need an excuse,
To aquire a new one.

Steal my phone.
I will pay you.
Poetry is worth much more.
This is not cool.
BSeuss Jul 9

You can give away 100 dollars, as a dollar each to anyone who asks you for change, for a week straight.

When you go broke, you can ask 10 people for a nickle, for three days straight. And when they all say no, remember that that's their character, not yours.

That's not your karma.
That's their intention.

Keep your intention while receiving their treatment. God forbid you have to deal with a selfish man's karma.

Give when you have.
When you can or when you want.
Let them be selfish.
And give when you have.

just like
bleached streets,
breached peace,
and white bed sheets.
all torn to pieces,
by the wannabe pseudo-love police.

i'm trying but it's not easy to communicate without communication.
all my efforts act as a treadmill for my progress.
the whole effort is a treadmill though.
i don't like mental treadmills.
i don't like treadmills.
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