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Take me back,
that is all I ask,
I've changed Jack.
take me back, my love
Can I hold you one last time?
Can I kiss you even though you are not mine?
Can I tell you that it was you every time?
Can I stay with you for a lifetime?
it will always be you darling
jade 3d
there were pizza and grapes on the counter
i couldn't choose which one to eat

i know pizza is bad for me, but i like it
and i know grapes are better for me, but i prefer pizza

so, i went with the pizza.

and now, im hurt.
i dunno if i love or hate this one, but thank you for reading
i'm tired of singing the blues, for everytime you leave me
tired of saying it's fine, don't you worry about me.
i'm fine.
Palpebra Apr 23
My issues

aren't important

when I see the world around

falling apart on shaky ground

faith depleting

hope fleeting

people dying

breathless and out of breath

with no beds left for death

it's haunting me day and night

seeing the little light

dimming and dimming

darkness brimming

I feel useless and so out of hope

that I find difficult to cope

with my own issues

that seem nothing today

like a sad excuse

I've got nothing more to say.
Mike Apr 20
what good is a
square jaw
and bright eyes if
you can't get out of bed?
It's a bad poetic bureaucracy
Asymmetry and idiocracy
Dogmatism and orthodoxy
It's a bad poetic bureaucracy
Rationality victim hypocrisy
Decent in indecency
Dissenting voice
Modulated mute
It's a bad poetic bureaucracy
Don't be afraid you dude
Emergency exit you can use
After fusing the lights
They use
KyleB Apr 11
The rain clouds are dragged over by invisible winds
A storm. Raging, strong. Unstoppable
Colder than ice, piercing through my body

The rain is wetting my eyes
The storm is controlling my heart

A world, a body
My cage


The clouds my fog

The body is nothing but an empty vessel
Rats welcome
Making themselves home
Nagging from the inside

Just a puppet
Only some skin and bones

It is a waste
I am
Everything is useless

This is irreversible pain
The body’s only filling.
Never. Ending.

Changes impossible
The inside is dead

Please help
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