Lull back
And then forward
Throw them down
Break them apart

Life's one big game

You need to take part
Manipulation and abuse
Strange and ritualistic process
Psychological "game" in progress

Destructive behavior
Sometimes sadness or feeling blue
A zero-sum game destroying a soul
This is absolutely true
There are so many beautiful things I can say about you
But at the moment none of that would sound all that true
Your dick is a must
Your tongue game is Strong
It’s your verbal reassurance
That has no endurance
I fucking love you daddy
In the lyrical game you’re a baddy
Yet you can’t seem to say one meaningful when it’s needed
A flower won’t flourish without water
But first it must be seeded

What am I here for
I thought I was your partner
But lately I feel like a chore
Feels like I don’t belong
What happened to the love we had
That was so strong
Is it the way I smell
Or did I do something wrong?
Emo ass
Wake up to find it’s gone
It’s gone for good
The old way is gone
It’s a new neighborhood

Nothing’s quite the same
Same old rules
New twisted game
No feelings save for hate
No love to contemplate

I’m blind without what I need
Without it I’m all alone
I don’t feel safe
Can I learn to call you home?
Can I learn to call you home?
They stop our breathe
Tempting to stay live
Opponent is closer

Win or loss
Spectacle of trust
Cheering for a team

We want to win
We want to win

Let them move
Let them sweat
Let them strike

Here the game is on
Go… Go... Go… Goal….
Oh Yes, dilated eyes

We won, they lost
Fair play
See you on the next day
Genre: Observational
Theme: Let's think football
skyler 7d
i once knew a boy
who kissed me
because he needed to be kissed
not because he loved
the taste of my lips
or the laugh that escaped them
and he did not love me
for the person i was
he simply loved what i was to him
an outlet for his thoughts
he loved to use me
because i said the right words
and kissed the right places
but you see, that's all i was
a puzzle like himself
just a game to keep him busy

mjad Jun 12
I hear the electricity fade
The room is lit with the TVs black haze
My body in your arms is no game
But now I'm all you want to play
part two of my previous poem Prioritize
Nyx Jun 11

Whats the point in giving my heart away
Whats the point of giving it to a boy who wont stay
A boy that is full of lies and deceit
A boy that somehow I found to be sweet

What is it about the dangerous and the bad
The hurt, the broken and all of the cheats
What is it about them that draws us in
What is it that causes our hearts to skip a beat

Though they lie, manipulate
We fall for their traps
Too perfectly set up
There are no gaps

Our hearts are drawn in
Its so perfect and right
Sweet whispers in the air
Cold kiss of the night

Within their dark and stormy eyes
We see our reflection
They hold the same hurt, Same pain
The desperate need for affection
Though these feeling are in vain

We can fix them, Help them
We can be the one who changes their ways
And there we are trapped
imprisoned within that deceitful gaze

Intoxicated by sugar coated words
convincing ourselves we want nothing more
That we are more then just any other girl
That we can feel their love deep within our core

It takes time and pain to realise the truth
The harsh, cruel reality that knocks on our door
Just a game to them, it was never anything more
To them we are no different to a common whore

Suffering in silence, crying a flood of tears
Then being filled with anger, the rage and the fears
Questioning ourself worth as we thought we knew better
But all of these feelings just seem to bring them pleasure

A never ending cycle of victims and pain
Hopefully karma catches up to them one day
As too many have fallen as they decided to play
To All have been enslaved within this Sadistic game
liv Jun 7
if we all lived our lives
in GTA V
would our lives be
any different
than they are now
living in fear
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