With Life's song subluxated
The whole world by a reminiscence's hunted
The imagination, oh, ripped apart and soft
Here I hear always a laughter, sweet and shimmering
My God...Am I lost in lust?
Is this my Game last?
My thoughts are relinquishing through and fly
Let me be free! to dry in tears
That's a game
With an exhilarated name
That makes me happy
To smile, to hover with what's funny

A woman stands strong and sensuous and proud
Her mind a fractured mirror cloaked in fog
Shard by shard
The bayonet finds her way, following the sweet scent of the bloody rose
Wielding her Scarborough Fair
The sass of Parsley
The wisdoms of Sage
The touch of Rosemary
The passage of Thyme

The woman
Born of the dark side of the moon
With powers untold
Able to twist and bend the spindles of shadows and time
Lips full and glazed with cardinal sin
Slick locks of ebony
A perfumed 500 year blur
With the night's lunar charm that twinkles in her eye
And butterflies that swoon for their Madama
The blood child born of the union of the sun and moon
The black sheep of the dark arts
Is one with the most beloved of Umbran treasures
Is the sweetest cherry with a long-forgotten radiant smile,
A harsh destiny
Who looks to the left side of the moon for the upcoming chaos.

Based on one of my favorite games, Bayonetta. This is a poem I wrote in my journal today also!
alyssa tombs Jul 17

i'd never wish to undo whatever it was we had
because while you may not have shown me
what i was hoping to find through our friendship,
you taught me
who not to be
and what not to say
and how you should never tear someone's heart in two,
no matter how appealing
because letting someone cling on to you
while you leave them behind
or forget about them for a day
has a much bigger impact on their soul
than you'll ever know

you do know
like i did,
and now as someone's heart
lays beaten and battered
in the palm of my hand
i have to stop myself
from picking it up and twirling it
around between my fingers
out of curiosity
because i know nothing good
can come from playing with someone's heart

it was more than just a game to me
but most certainly not to you

i just wish i'd learned that sooner

Religious I may not be
But oh dear lord, I pray
I pray so hard to not see
To not feel, to not play
The cruelest game all above
The destructive game of love


withloveblank Jul 10

Even if it takes me a lifetime,
or two,
or three.
No matter how much time it takes me.
Know that I can wait for you.
I will always wait for you.

If it doesn't work out for us right now, remember that there's always a next time.

She set the game in motion
Crafted all the cards
To his bended knees
She dealt the wrong hand
Bluffing the years away
Like a hapless poker player
As was the rule of the game
She had no company
She did no pairs
Left unmatched, she became
The old maid in the game.

©Belema .S. Ekine

Wrote this for a poem challenge.  The prompt for the day was #tobeanoldmaid

The big sea waves
Seems like
They will wash me away
With all the other things
Left in pieces.
And the moment
It’s too close to even predict
I put my feet into the sand
deeper than earlier.
The waves come
and goes by,
Without moving me a bit or so
Playing with me
All over again and again
As a never-ending game.

A learning at the end
A problem However frightening
or unpredictable it may seem
too close to even think
But we must make
our roots strong
to survive
the sudden
outward disturbances
Or pain without
washing away ourselves
In-between the play of the game.


Sea waves teaching the game of living life.
Jobira Jul 6

I kept falling down
deep into your dreams
my imagination and body
Completely overtaken by your sins
Thirsty and hungry
By your seductive temptations, which pulled me
Way deeper into the dark shallow water
Like a featherless bird, shutdown  
from the sky by gravity.

At first, my lungs gasped for air
Like balloons for helium
When the foreign allergic
Awakening pleasures of your touches
Made my body react to your sins
Like bitten by a bloodthirsty vampires;

As I kept falling deeper and deeper,
I became more hungrier and thirstier
For your pleasures,
So I lost the good fight and
Gave in to my hunger and thirst
Until my parched body satisfied
With your pleasures.

As I was getting closer to
the bottom of the ocean, before I
hit the ground,
I kept my wings closed tighter and
Took my head out of the game
For the chances of my survival
With the distance and speed
I was traveling was predictable;

By estimation,
the sampled outcome seemed
To have a zero chance
I could avoid your company
And pleasure, and make it alive
Out of the deep dark shadow water
As I kept falling down
deep into your dreams.

So I took my head, out of the game
And kep falling down, deeper and deeper
Into your dreams.

Marsha A Jun 30

Love is a game that two can play
and both win;
That’s what they said.
But these days...
Love is a game that everyone often plays
and tries to cheat at,
because nobody knows
how to win it.

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