Alex 13h
My head is a Bingo cage and my life is the card that I never seem to win on.
Too high to see if this makes sense.

We are all in the same game
Just different levels,
Dealing with the same hell
Just different devils.

K.J. Bueza | 19/03/2018
There was an old guy from UK
his hair was balding and grey
he loved to waffle
it isn't unlawful
but he just couldn't get it to pay

There was a poet named Gregory
he had a really good memory
words were his game
but oh what a shame
it sent him straight into beggary

There was a poet named Mary
like the rhyme she was contrary
she liked to write poems
drinking from jeroboams
what she wrote came out rather scary
Waffle - a word game
Just having some fun!
She was the type of a girl
that all boys fell for.
She had a deceptive charm
that made the hearts soar.
Something about her made
everyone look twice.
How could someone be so perfect?
"Well," she said, "it's all in the roll of the dice."
I know
of her
ecstatic my
bride becomes
law a
reminder she's
won where
pleading of
her bliss
and founding
of rituals
when orbitals
nigh a
fascist that
always gain
such ploy
with register
note on highlife
I have become more confident
At playing scrabble
Certainly giving them a run for their money
Sometimes they run
Other time they just resign .
Its funny though  when the boot on the other side of the foot.
Positivety is key
In this game for me

Positivety is key
In this game for two
Positivety is key
in this game with you

Positivety is key
In this game for three
Positivety is key
In the World you see
Positivety Game Key World
Merlina M Mar 11
i can't write when i should
my words don't like rules
they have their own sleep schedule
but ohhh when they want
to came and play i can't stop them
they are pouring out of me
like a juice out of those juice boxes
when you blow air in the straw
Ari Mar 9
No one seems to realize
Who I really am and all
The hurt inside me
Has been thoroughly hidden
Deeply within every poem
My exhausted hands have penned.
I’ve yet to be found.

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