The town is ravaged, as you take your looks away from me
So begins the life long battle
Waiting for the roads to rattle
And i rise to face the day
That gives me the pain
And break my chain
And ravage the town in vain

A wind passed, and roused my lethargic mind
then, i noticed golden yellow leaves
starting to drop from  the money tree...
i recall myself as a young girl...chasing leaves
falling, careful not to let them touch the green grass...
i pondered on my own invented run,
to catch, or not to catch.....even one,
was a child's dilemma...that became mine,
for, a leaf falling, is a poem, starting...
a love...blooming....or, an elusive one
or one that's struggling...

after a fall, comes the rising...where
something should be bravely emerging,
this is the time, when tamed, unnamed feelings
suddenly, become verses, sliding from the tongue,
mind is active, hand is alive, pen hurriedly writes
the soon-to-be-born poem,
...the one hashtagged...chased...or sought...
a word, a name, a face forgotten, now remembered,
a love...that is fading, or falling out,
all these should be held, grabbed........captured!
before they truly escape from our grasp
or, be blown further a cold, autumn wind
...and leave us drowning, in a stream of regret...


Copyright April 19, 2017
Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan

Vachaspathi Apr 8

It's the game we both played happily and both lost.

Jay Cee Shay Apr 7

Back then I was once told,
"Go out and meticulously pick the right one, darling."
Search for inner motives that lie within,
Look at every sign conveyed by an innocent grin.

Before I once knew,
Preserving and restoring is what I should do.
All my youth and all that I have left to offer.
'Till the time comes when I have chosen one among all the other.

Honey, you should know, I've followed every order.
Chased a dream after a dream and got to know every soul.
I did what I was foretold.
And still found myself wondering, "What have I done wrong?"

I've been, as you say, nice to them all. Picked the nicest one among the four.
Treasured and held it dear for long
Thinking this is it. The real deal after all.
Yet as it appears, it's just a facade. They got me fooled, once more.

So when should I know whom to pick?
Will time be enough to uncover the masked persona we keep?
Or do chances really happen and fate has its own course?
Thinking twice of when do I get here and...

"How far should I go?"

When all you can do is keep your hands together, whisper and silently wish you could caught a glimpse of bliss--what we call forever.

Heave a sigh of relief, restless soul. You are home.
Krysha Apr 5

Towering buildings, 2-seater cars, Fancy things
A day in the city, a day in the real jungle
Uneasiness' drawn by my face
Where's my game-face on?

His hands flow across the sky.
Feeling each cloud and the breeze.
He’s in a trance.
The one where you interrupt.
He will not be happy.
Staring at the sky.
As it stares back.
Challenging his every command.
It starts to rain.
He presses on each cloud.
In a hurry.
Trying to escape.
The monsters it rains.
The rain fades.
He’s won the video game.
New High Score.

Alice R-P Mar 25

There is only one rule
In the game-
What you think,
You will gain.
Want to live in fear-
Be afraid.
Want Your dreams to become true-
Dream every day.

Megan H Mar 23

You grabbed the rule book
And ripped it in half
Then you blamed
The other players of the game
For your own misery

You never did like rules.
You created your own as you went
But when things didn't go your way,
It was the fault of others.
And now you're alone.

Cheaters never win the game.

Isabelle Mar 22

All the things I have done for you
All the love I am feeling for you
All of me I have given you
All my life I offered you


All the fights
All the “I love yous”
All the tears
All the laughs


All the kisses
All the memories
All the plans
All of us

Two words

Love is never a game.
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