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Mark Wanless Aug 7
i don't play the game
of what if or maybe
i fall into the day
Tyranny of the status quo -
Of fiat money’s theft and shame
But we escape - the way we know
For Bitcoin changes the game

Short term thinking - everywhere
No discipline can we claim
But now our vision we can share
For Bitcoin changes the game

Inflation draining what we save
Pointing wildly for who to blame
We find respite - no more a slave
For Bitcoin changes the game

Yes, we can vote, but see no gain
We just get more of the same
Now we can see the true campaign
For Bitcoin changes the game

We see our freedoms ebbing low
How can we rise to fan the flame?
We can help adoption grow
For Bitcoin changes the game

Act firm and stalwart in your stance
Keep force and focus on your aim
Join in and help this tech advance
For Bitcoin changes the game
You can see this poem on a background here -
Ken Pepiton Jan 24
Que Sera, Sera, Whatever will be

We are what we eat, what we absorb, what we take in,
this is mine,
I taste and find, mmmm, worth a chew, slow said
the voice,
of the caterpillar,
of course,
smoke rings,
from the smoke stack
on a D-9 Cat, stuck in the mud,
since November,
till summertime,

lowland realization, land too flat, don't drain.

I jes' set'n'look at that,
Chrome Yeller Caterpillar, worth more than I made,
in ten years after the army,

and I laugh, at how I ain't bound to fret,
or fuss,
no nonsense was ever actually more than literaturely true.
Que Sera, Sera, Whatever will be, was on the clipboard and got here before I made sense enough to stop it from wising off.
Each and every drop
Won't change anything

Tiny bit of yours
Maybe won't feel a thing

How is it possible
For you to turn and tell

Was it the game of life
Forces you to make that choice
LearnfromBOBD Dec 2022
The beauty of a *****
Is predefined by her face
Her smiles shows how touchy
the ******* is
A moment with her is like
the best day of my life.
A hug with her is like
A life time *** experience
Her peck makes me drain
and fulfilled
The memories afterwards is unexplainable
I asked for a visit to my house
She look sweet in her no bra,
soft black half short gown,
showing her shinning thigh
and high heel on her foot.
All i can see now is a nice cleavage,
and ****** under cloth.
Then I hug her in.
I didn’t wanna leave her,
Her perfume is sensual’
I make her sit on a couch
She looks at me wanting me to say something
I’m scared cos she’s bad to me
I asked for her favorite
She said white wine
We both took a toss
We looked at each other,
She asked, why.
I said what !
She smiled
I said why ?
She said nothing,
I moved closed to her,
but shy.
She sighed,
I took courage,
I touched her thigh,
But couldn’t move it
Cos I was shy
She looked at me
I mean my ****
She saw me hard.
She wowed,
I said what,
She said this,
I took her hand gently on my Jean
to feel it.
why I gently move mine on her thigh. She felt my **** getting bigger
While I was also making a move through her short gown.
She was breathing fast.
I got to her hips,
touch’ her pant.
Rub my hands around.
We couldn’t resist
I knee in front of her
Slightly moved my two hands to her thighs,
And move her **** short gown up
I slowly removed her pant
Got her eyes kissed,
While i unzip her dress-half way
Took her shoulder to rest on the couch
Then i pull her-legs wide open.
What a nice smell down here
at a snail's pace i eat em’all.
Drew the ******* nearer
Her Legs vibrates
Lick underneath,
with my tongue ready to **** harder.
Took my tongue to her ****. She scream for more
She draw me closer to untie my zip
Saw me ready to insert.
She got them to her hands
And do her thing
She took my ***** to her mouth and dangle it.
Make them wetter.
Licked every part of it wetly
she got the thing bigger
While I completely undressed her
I saw the ****** up
Another thing
that got my **** heavier
I-stood her up to **** the ****** out. She hold my head tightly
While she continuously feel it.
After a while,
i carried her to my waterbed
Both naked.
I Play a slow romantic music
Took her legs up.
While her ****** was slightly opened
I took my wet **** into her.
In and out slowly, until she ask me to **** her harder.
I bend her thigh over to her chest.
While i insert all my **** in her Pusey
She said Yes, yes
I made her call her mum name several times.
She sweat off.
I gave her the full option
I later slept on her,
While i gently romance my **** inside her *****
Touching the peak of her ****** wall.
She said yes thats it thats it.
I later stood up and took one leg up and one leg on the bed.
And gave her another tight style
She breathe for joy
She said she loves me
I sharply turn her over for a doggy
I widen her leg and struck the **** in.
She thirst for this for long
I ride her till her leg vibrates no more.
Her ringing tone is fantastic and
Her tone later got me ****** on her face
A 33 minutes hot *** got served
She thanked me
ChinHooi Ng Nov 2022
in the thick green forest
and can't get through it
to get out
i don't know where i am
don't know what time it is
don't even know who i am
can't dial the right numbers
can't get through to anyone
finally when i did get through
the person on the other end
would be a family or friend
who sees me as an unknown  
i think this is a conspiracy
i might have been deleted from the regime
of the human society.
SophiaAtlas Sep 2022
Hangman is a great game.

It teaches us that saying the wrong things could end someone's life.
Think before you speak. You never know what's going on in someone else's life.
Sean Achilleos Aug 2022
Untroubled was he
But the blows of life left holes in him
Now the icy cold wind blows through those holes
It chills the heart
It chills the soul
He desperately tries to fill those holes
Like pieces of cardboard stuck in a broken window
He tries to camouflage the pain
Keep the turbulent wind at bay
Keep the cold out
But also to obscure the view
To prevent anyone from taking a look inside
Pretend is the name of the game
And he plays it all too well
But even games come to an end
Pause and delete
Before the game becomes too destructive
And there might be nothing left to salvage
Log out and exit
Game over
sean achilleos
Written for JC
Somewhatdamaged Jul 2022
These voices in my head
Cant resist,dosesn't understand
Locked in the cage of my own skin
Always busting me to throw in

These voices, won't give up
They wont give in
Dragging me over
Always following me
To pull me under
They're pulling under
Can't win the war in my own game
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