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Never have I ever thinking about you only
Never have I ever been real
But you still standing beside me
You still hugging me with love that's real.

Your pure heart still beating for me
Your beautiful face still looking at me
But still I keep going to the wrong direction
I still keep playing you like a toy
And you still keep loving me with joy.

Never have I ever seen a brave girl
Never have I ever thinking I'm gonna change
But for you,
I'm going to walk into a forest with roses
And I'm going to walk into a forest with thorns
So I want you to stay still
'Cause I'm gonna leave my past
I'm gonna change
And I'm gonna dry your tears.
Under my bed
There are three things I hide
A rope
A knife
A bottle of pills
The question is,
Which one would I choose?
Should I use the rope?
Like a snake that will choke a person to death
Should I use the knife?
That I always felt to be my friend
Should I use the bottle of pills
That would be emptied once I swallowed everything
Like how life really felt
All of them seems tempting
But not too alluring
And too thrilling

Don’t act too surprised
You knew this will happen
You just choose to not pay attention
And stick to it
Funny thing is that
We both always felt scared of living
More than dying

Now that I am gone,
What will you do my friend?
Will you hang yourself in the ceiling?
Cut deep through your throat?
Die in a heavy sleep?
Like there will be no tomorrow
Will you let
Your regrets and guilt
Eat you alive
And hunt your vivid dreams
Every night.

Tik Tok, Tik Tok ….

You only have a short time
Think wisely
For this choice is yours
And not mine
Life's a neverending game,
and *** is a child that's waiting to be humored.
Humor him with that broken up smile.
Irina BBota Dec 5
Maybe I hear the silence of the stars on the arch of my heart,
maybe you'll sail on waves of agitated times, keeping us apart.
Maybe the bird's chatter is resounding, whispering my name,
maybe you'll travel through dark shadows, playing Satan's game.

Maybe every dream in life begins with a romantic dreamer,
maybe Love is sleeping its hard, tormenting sleep of a redeemer.
Maybe you wander in my thoughts, and I, through your mind,
maybe we ***** off from our emotions without being fined.

Maybe my heart is singing for you on high musical notes,
maybe my nights became days on the instrumental boats.
Maybe I'm a human who has many tattoos on her soul,
maybe in life, I went through storm, agony, without any goal.

Maybe my expectations are limping in front of the endless fears,
maybe life's harshness is pushing my burdened shoulders in tears.
Maybe your sweet soul wants to speak to me in gentle words,
maybe my fate will take-off on its flight, resembling birds.

Maybe I will not tear any page from the big book of my life,
maybe I'll forget the past and look at the good parts, without a strife.
Maybe life has no subtitles at all and perhaps I need a dream,
maybe to give me an illustration about how it's like in heaven's team.

Maybe your soul is searching in me just a sweet isolation,
maybe the reality is another and with us in a long litigation.
Maybe we are just simple actors in life's longest play,
maybe we should be more careful and don't forget to pray.

Maybe I feel my legs strongly tight up, with no chance to run,
maybe I don't want any help, or to be indebted to someone.
Maybe I want to measure the happiness in tiny short moments,
maybe I'm tired of receiving just words and compliments.

Maybe the smile of your heart gives to my soul a new chance,
maybe I need a bit of courage to accept another avalanche.
Maybe in my soul, I feel like dying, because maybe I'm in love,
maybe I feel more, but I'm afraid to admit all I've written above.
She's the master, I’m the piece,
On the game board,
Teasing victories
But the lords are sometimes
Slaves to these
Strategies to winning
And I’d love to have just
An attractive game to watch
No care about losing
As long as I'm into it
As I intuit choosing
The right moves
That move the hearts
All around
Samuel Dec 2
Did you know that I love you
I wanted to make sure you knew
I really wanted to show you
How much I care for you

I let you back into my life
I let you see my core
I let you see the game I play
I even let you score

But the game you play isn't mine
You aren't the kind of person
To show yourself to me
At least not the me I want you to see

I'm not that man I pretended to be
Without the painful chest
But I wasn't able to keep it up
I was never good at chess

Why did I let you in again
Why did I think you could be better
Why, oh why did I ever believe
That you were full of anything but pain

Pain that I drowned myself in
When I ripped you open
And now my chest is full to bursting
With emptiness and yearning

But I can't ever have you
A fact that we both know
And now the curtains have come down
On our worst and final show

Forever to be a herald of you
Of what you do to good men
You break them down and eat them
Never to be seen again

But when the sun rises on the new day
And when it shines upon me
I'll show the world what I've become
I'll be the one that got away
This one ended up being kind of long and strayed off the path, but I still like it
Aaryn Nov 30
you aren't going to win

no one                 guesses

what terrors                     lay behind                   my       eyes

because                             I hide

behind           this          smile
Although if you really look
when I'm alone
the game stops
Places I don't recognise,
Though these faces I've seen all my life,
Can I break down these walls?
Can I unmask these flaws?

Life's a tiring game to play,
The cards are dealt, they don't change,
How can I outgrow these walls?
How do I face my flaws?

Cause I can't make up my mind,
And I'm running out of time,
And I wanna make some,
Meaning of my life,

People look but they don't see,
They pretend to hear but no not me,
I'm weary of living within these walls,
I was meant to live past my flaws,

Cause I can't make up my mind,
And I'm running out of time,
And I wanna make some,
Meaning of my life.
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