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Snipes Jun 10
Memory serves right
My understanding is
Ready to swing back
Love forty but
Zero fortifying love
Moments in motion
Suppress my aggression
Calm air with motive stares
Racks I stacked is apparent
Love dies in repairments
Love dies in replacements
Who the **** am I
The sun of God dressed
As the vessel of earth
The net I try to escape
We still give a hit
The points you appreciate
This game I ******* hate
The love isn’t the same
I gave you my name
Just for you to
Love gain
Don’t sweat the pain
I’ll give you back your hand
Ace, here’s your love game
Zombies growl, creepers creep,
Down in the dungeon's keep.
"There are monsters nearby"
You may not sleep.
I thought of this while I was playing Minecraft and wrote it down with the book and quill. This is the original version. Yep, I have another verion.
Zywa Apr 18
The girl keeps wriggling,

at her wrists and her ankles --

tossed into the sea.
Collection "Bruises"
xavier thomas Mar 17
-Let me tell you why I was mad, bruh
-Fans are always pushing for more than enough
-Rumbling their voices during games and such
-So i burn their opinions through this blunt
-We give it our all, even when it is rough
-Earlier, that’s why my anger was build up
-Sometimes those voices get to my head, thinking to much
-So I get high to let it go, let it go, let it go
heart to heart- soul to soul- brother to brother
~one man to another🏀
Mark Wanless Mar 11
if if only is
imaginary why not
stop playing the game
Timmy Shanti Mar 10
everything i stand for is alien here
everything i despise is rife
death is glorified at every corner
and trampled upon is life

you're not supposed to speak
but you're required to believe
kindness is called weak
and you're not allowed to grieve

war is peace, they say
ignorance is strength
now i find myself cast away
where lies are being fed at length

i gaze, unblinking, into the abyss
it gazes back, calling my name
i've always felt there's something amiss
with this wicked, cruel game

the game i chose not to play
the game that has no rules
the game you can't expect to win
the game so loved by fools
Peace on Earth
Rama Krsna Feb 27
from the vantage point
of the triangle of desire,
all i see are the delicate hands of Rodin,
which now have become your chiseled face.

as the world sleeps at night
i wet my pillow with tears.
tears from the joy
of knowing the intense ways
in which i love you,
deep within my subterranean mind.

knows no possession ....
yet i covet you,
all of you,
even the concept of you.

why did you come into my life
like a whirlwind
only to then vanish like a mirage?

© 2022
Zywa Feb 12
It's only a game,

therefore there are no losers --

only new chances.
"Spelregels" ("Rules of the game", 2008, Hagar Peeters)

Collection "Wean Di"
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