Life is a game,
Made for all.
We all at different levels,
Dealing with same wrongs.
Passing pain & pleasure,
Sunshine and rain.
There will be loss & gain.
But we must smile
Again & Again. !!..

Who cares for gone past and still unborn future when today is all what I have to build a legacy. Me must choose to smile looking bravely in the eyes of adversity.
Seema 2d

I rolled the dice, got FIVE
He pulled away the trigger and kept me alive

I rolled the dice, got FOUR
He punched my face, dislocated my jaw

I rolled the dice, got FIVE again
He kicked me like a crazy insane

I rolled the dice, got TWO
He locked me in a dirty filthy loo

I rolled the dice, got SIX
He dragged me out and took pics

I rolled the dice, got ONE
He said pack your bags, you're done

I rolled the dice, got THREE
He opened the gates and set me free


Fictional write. Inspired by Snakes 'n' Ladders game.


millions of cicadas
how do they choose
their mate

Driver drives down fairways
Balls fly touch greens near the holes
Leisurely walks them in

Not in roughs nor sand
Lakes, do I want life that way
Just perfect always?

Ah! The perfect game or life. Do we want it that way?
Alec 6d

I sit here, alone in my room
Contemplating the world,
And is my life gonna end soon?

Cause I know-
I know,
That there's something missing.
Something just out of reach,
Something that I can't keep.

They say,
"Out of sight,
Out of mind"
But I don't think that applies here!

Cause I know-
I know,
That there's something out there.
Just waiting for me,
Waiting to make me happy.

And I know
It's a stretch.
I'm a mess,

I just need some hope.
Or else I might choke,
Underneath this constant pressure.
This tidal wave,
Pushing and pulling me under.

And I know-
I know,
This isn't the end.
And I'm sure that there's somethin'
Just 'round the bend.

But can I make it,
To the other side?
If I can't seem to get
Out of this life

Yeah I know-
I know,
That everyone's out there.
But it's hard to remember
That they still care.

I know that I'm di-fi-cult...
I know I can make people
Feel like they're useless!
I know all these things,
Cause in my head it rings...

Game Start!
Out hard.
Don't try.
You Died.

Do I put in another quarter?
Or do I just sit back in horror?
How many quarters is this gonna take?
I could play this game
For the rest of the damn...

Maybe it's better if I just,
Go away?
Maybe then I can,
Own to my mistakes?
Is that what it's
Gonna take?



My friend was talking about how she draws her feelings, and it inspired me to write this.
Hadiy Syakir Jan 8

This is just
a waiting game
that needs nothing else
besides perseverance
and persistence
to make sense
of everything
that will succeed
in disappearing
on one fine day.

Foxy Liisu Jan 4

Be kind to me
And I'll treat you like a friend
But if you act like I'm a slay
Then I'll be the one you obay

a woman
still left
extra once
again there
when her
man set
her black
dye in
addition to
her twice
swept hair
thus threw
her lion
on the
back of
a ninth
street line

Love 'Ya Lions
Cornelia Dec 2017

Sometimes I wonder if its all just a game
And someone will come and tell me that "game over you lose"
But Then I won't be able to play again
Even if I want to, because you see this ain't a typical game

This isn't a game that you can just quit playing
Playing the game is not easy and quitting is even harder

There's no master of the game
We all trying to find ways of how to win it, but at the end is there a winner really?
Or do we all lose and we are given credit just for trying to play the game?

This game is called the game of life
Do we win this game eventually?

Or is this game a unique type of game that doesn't require winners but people who are strong enough to find ways of enjoying it without thinking about winning?

Tia Dec 2017

Tik tok, tik tok, clock is ticking like a rewind
Eyes going from left to right I wanna do what's on my mind
I am busy playing the blade on my hand
But yet I still need strength which I cannot find

Red drops, black dots
I only have stupid thoughts
I know things will only end in one way
Either I reach my end or I end this mind game

Oooops, the shiny metal slipped
It fell, fell out of my grip
Like how my mind fell out of sanity
But nope, I'm not going to be forever crazy

Tada mama! You see I'm smiling like the old times?
It was hard to create this but I manage to put this mask
Isn't it beautiful?
I put too much effort to make it wonderful, make it colorful

Now no one is gonna discover
That deep inside I wanna cut and go for a lifetime slumber
That I almost tried to end it the other way
That I almost gave in to lose my own game

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