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Darkness meditates,
Purple dawn breaks out at east;
Energy plays dice!
Simply just too slow to outrun
Had absolutely nothing to worry for
About to end in a cliff recession
Killed himself while waiting in line
Still hidding, still hundted
...98, 99, 100! Ready or not, here I come!
Nyx 5d
Photographs of naked bodies
Positioned across a bed
Seducing one other
By the gleam in our eyes
Dressed with the desirable color of red
Our lips dripping with pure lust
Forever but a mere inch away
Eternally unreachable
As pretend is what we like to play
Trace the outline of my body
Feel the softness of my skin
Dine upon the devils wishes
Give in to this lustful sin
Embrace the coldness of the night
Be intoxicated by our heat
Eyes glazed over from this dream
Slowly lose your willingness to fight
Taste the sweetness upon your tongue
Allow us to quench your thirst
But once you taste heaven gates
You will eternally be cursed
Drunken off the beating sound
Of our hearts within perfect synch
Pleasure induced by feeling Pain
Holding on tighter to that chain
Bruises and bite marks
Littering the skin
Relinquish your demons
Fall captive to that sinners grin
Harsh whispers in the dark
Lips pressed against your neck
Tempt me with such sins
my darling

My dear the night has only begun
Decipher what you truly want
As it seems our game of play is done
Both lost within an ecstatic dream
It appears that neither of us have won
Dirtied souls are all that are left
Without meaning or for reason
What have we done?
an echoing question
The devil replies with a taunting voice
My darling you have become undone
With a sly grin he walks away
Eroding into the dark of night
While the tainted souls
Together with their hands holding tight
A game that they were destined to lose
We have danced with the devil tonight
And it appears he has won.

It was a late night and the words were just coming to mind
So I ended up stringing this odd piece together
First to answer
Hidden traces

Too much land
So many faces

Can I just be me
Quick as I do three times three

Ask why
Bypass by and by

To the victor goes the wings
Just spreading love and things

Is there rough betrayal
From the sky it is a new system I hail

Spread away and fly to another
Just because I was your lover

Going to get things right this time
To break force in time

Laser of love
Holler if you hear me

Just like a car I know their steering
It is something else I am feeling

Coming to grips with this
More than just a game

Now I know
Justice was the name
A fiery fake smile
Enchanted me
It felt wonderful
But only for a short time

Her helping hand
Grabbed my hand
Took my heart and
Threw on the floor

Again and again
I felt pain

She played a game
A game that brought my heart
To a mosaic art

I let her go
Saw her fake smile disappear
And began to miss me

She saw my mosaic in my heart
Fell in love with the broken art
The whole fire in her
Brought my heart into pieces

The fire turned to water
Saw how she fell on the knees
And tears fell out of her eyes

She was injured
Her heart was full of scars

She was a toy just like me
They took her heart and played
-The fiery game

She believed that someone
Would take care of her heart
Still they used her heart as a toy

She was alone in the dark
Nobodys help her indside
And never saw the light

I could read her story in her eyes
I want to see her smile and not cry

I took her broken heart
Glued with my parts
To be in one art

Her eyes shone love
A smile rises like the sun
And her heart began to pump

She rushed in my arms
Layed her head on my chest
And we fell in love

Even if she hurt me
Her pain was more painful for me.
The sky is dying,
a picture of oblivion,
as vultures circle
the smoking ashes
of my patience.

They want more,
they want
what's left
of light and color,
thought and sound.

Let the world roll
into the abyss,
let reality's tree
wither and fall.

I don't care.
I've had enough
of this cursed game,
with nothing
and nobody.
I guess I'm in a really bad mood.
Life is a game,
Made for all.
Each moment is its level,
Step up to rise above of all.

We found,
In war who we are,
In love who we can be.
Both hurt us,
But shape our destiny.

Win or live,
Run or crawl,
Make it to the end,
The Almighty is with you all.

Rinse your eyes,
See beyond these skies.
Leave down your worries,
Fly high,
And feel the paradise.

Listen to the mind,
But follow your heart.
Because life will go on,
No matter you lived it
Or just survive.
Haters gonna hate,players gonna play.live your life man.. Good luck!
You always gotta put me in second place don't you?
This game I play is a game of one
The only risk is that I go insane
And I, have lost my mind in the riddles you play
Am I losing my sanity or is this my destiny?
I'm a sucker for this game I play of one
You're the ultimate prize in this game of life and I'm just the claw searching my way for you
I want you, I need
What does it take to win  
I hear patience is key, and if patience will get me to you then patient I shall be
To hold you in my arms is the ultimate prize for me
Bullet 7d
I'm believing in games
The board of the world
Diced with people congregating
Chances control the way I move
N' each one resembles
A piece of my heart
N' everyone is playing me
aury Oct 7
When he looks you in the eye,
You see nothing but mischief.
A devious smirk plays across his lips
As he opens his mouth to flirt
In the only way he knows how.
He throws out a taunt with a small chuckle
And a glint in his gaze.
You smile and shake your head,
For this is the game you two play,
And although you hate to love it
You take a moment
To formulate your cunning response.
It must be playful, and not too hurtful.
After all,
You know how you both struggle
at determining just when
Too far is too far.

After a few rounds
His last jab strikes a nerve.
Your smile dissipates
And his miscalculation is made evident.
You turn away,
just like that the game is over for the day.
He regrets it, that much is clear,
But when it comes to games
Sometimes you win, and
Sometimes you lose.

As you stand to leave
He leans in close, so close his cologne
tickles your nose
“I’ll still see you tonight, yes?”
The words roll off his tongue like honey,
Leaving a sticky sweet taste in your mouth.
Your heart bounds,
And you’re fighting back a grin
As you nod and push past him.
You take a deep breath,
and exhale the butterflies
that seem to always reside
when he is near.
As they say, the flutter of a butterflies wings can set a hurricane in motion.
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