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copykitten Sep 29
Darkness, shadows
They've never been his foes
Lurking around as he goes
Even to his death it follows

What's that thing with no nose?
Nobody ever knows
But only to him it ever bows
To others it shrieks and claws

Drowning alone in his sorrows
And all his miseries and woes
Waiting silently for tomorrows
As older and older time grows

He wanted nothing of those
Poisonous as black widows
Repulsing all that knows
Leaving him alone and lost

It wasn't darkness he chose
Looking at a candle that glows
It just felt like blows
And his heart hollows

He tried putting on shows
But they never lasted long
He ends up standing alone
Wrapped in ashes and smokes

One day he's had enough
And he shut his door close
From his one, loyal ghost
Till at some point it finally goes

That was when time froze
And when he finally knows
That a shining star only glows
Inside the deepest, darkest jaws

Oh, the insults he throws
Not to his woes and foes
But to those loyal as dogs
How he regrets them most!

But one thing he can't oppose
The line of present he can't cross
Sumairupoetry Sep 27
I realized that we are
 burning the Earth down
 because of the printed illusion of lack,
that we created.
For the love of money is the root to all evil.
Life is a journey.
A journey whose vehicle are just two.
Fear and greed.
And I tell you that,
Both should be driven with caution and constrain.
Sometimes it’s fear that makes you move forward,
Fear of losing. And that makes people afraid.
Rightly though. We should be afraid.
And then it is greed that makes us move forward,
Hunger to achieve more and better,
As we set our feet on unchartered plains.
That’s called taking risk and that makes us afraid.
Rightly though. We should be afraid.
Being afraid is not bad. It’s good.
That’s what turns into strength while we move ahead.
Mary Velarde Sep 21
i’ve witnessed how his spine grows soft—
what makes his knees sink into the ground.
i am certain that the first time he said he wanted me
was the first time the word “want” felt like a leash around my neck—
you’ve got your hands full.
and on days you flinch
when you hear the word commitment,
they slink out empty.
Primo Pollux Sep 16
No one's there—at the dark
          skimpy place.
          No one could notice how they
          please as a mare.
          Seeing her to death, and will act
          with no predictable malice.

          Perfectly cooking every organs—
          a daze.
          Laughing out loud like it's just
          a dare.
          Laughter and tears—they give
          a gaze.

          Echoing their voice—as you run—
          you'll still be chased.
          Don't walk in this mortala castle—
          For you're the next—to die—
          to embrace.

          In this recondite abstruse space—
          Body's heat—lust—will be gaudier,
          They'll protude lasciviousness. Die
          or taste.

          They'll interrupt your halcyon life—
          your only ace—
          When their attention was caught—
          by you—they'll flare.
          All you can do; run and haze.

          As they're creating lethal discursive
          Slitting you as a carcass in there.
          Curtailing your journey as you pace.
          You speak, you'll die—don't
          be the ness.
this is about society. if you speak, you'll die.
B D Caissie Sep 20
Why is it people bite off more than their willing to chew?

Hannah Sep 4
If a virus kept its host alive it too could live.
But greed is more powerful.
Maybe we’re the same.
Travis Dixon Aug 31
one above another
seeking power beyond
Mother, Father, God;
three of a kind
trolled into a full house
to douse the criers with
gaslighting and rhetoric:
"make America hectic";
painting the targets brightly
through the sights of terrorists
sowing blight in the name of
white, white, white
power, money, ***
insecure, bored, loathing--
guns, roaming
thoughts, looming large
online, in hot spots
traffic's booming,
grooming a genocide
that hides in
plain sight
LLillis Aug 27
smoldering canopies,
rampant greed did this.
Ylzm Aug 23
Greenland's not for sale
Greenland's melting
Green forests burning
Greenback flooding
Greed and fear ablaze
fed and preyed upon by AI
Chosen by the wicked
but snubbed, the King sulked
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