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Time passes
People change
Life right now feels rather strange
Turn the page of your book
Take a better look
At yourself
Are you chasing wealth
All that money
Could be funny sonny
But all that greed
There is no need
A poem about capitalism
aubrey 3d
i wish you hated me, so leaving you would be easier.
*** ******

The Lamb of ***
sold into the marketplace
led into the slaughter

The Love and Heart of ***
now a harlot
for the desires and pleasures of perverse men
--honestly, I have more respect for a Lady of the Night, than religious ****** who traffic in holiness

The Spirit of ***
miracles transformed
into entertainment and to rake in filthy lucre

The Banner of ***
leads an army of hate

The Pastor of ***
exiles a member of Christ’s body

The sacred Writings of ***  
twisted into a message of
judgement, guilt, intolerance

I am dismayed
… I have seen too much

The Heart of *** bleeds, tears fall from His eyes

How long will this go on?

Is there vengeance and a special place of punishment reserved for those who commit such travesty?
For those who trample on the Blood of the Savior?

--Serge Banderet
So I go to this "meditation class" on meetup.  I get this lecture about how meditation will help me be one with the Universe, etc...
Oh and by the way, there's a $180 fee.  Or the many sob stories I have heard at church and how sacrificial giving is "spiritual".  Even found this sales pitch when buying a spell from a witch...  Greed seems to be an equal opportunity disease.  It sickens me.
If you Aspire to be successful and Dedicate yourself,
Then you will meet your Goals.
However, If you succeed
And fill yourself with Greed,
You are living a life full of Failure.
Ken Pepiton Nov 6
Common rural folk,
the kind who fight for food and shelter and
when they have it
they keep it, store it in holes and barns.
Children dole the corn to fowl
and bovines who gladly eat and give

sustenance, enough to share or save for
when the worst that can haps

Uncles hire warriors to keep watch,
or the no-class at all trash take
all they have inherited and
eat it and burn the hides,

old men beat empty baskets, soft
beat them, soft around the fire,
old women shuffle, shhh see
the ash mixt wit' dust rise on dust devils,
swirl swish dance sing soft hear
hear us
shhh sing soft some rain come soon

Peace in the valley, come see,
soft dance.
Ah, you see, I was thinking about the order of things and found there was a category created for men of my sort. I sorta knew it, all along.
After **** watched her client leave her hotel room she picked up her communicator off the dresser and called Greed her **** who was also her husband.

"Hello Greed where are you?" asked **** as she sat on the bed.

"I just arrived at the Blue Flame Hotel.  I'll be at your room soon" answered Greed.

"Ok Greed I'll see you when you get here" said ****.

**** got dressed and waited on Greed.  Within ten minutes there was a knock on ****'s hotel room door.  **** opened the door and let Greed in.

"Where's my money?" asked Greed as soon as he entered the room.

"Greed you act like you don't trust me.  You promised to lay riches at my feet and put power in my hands" said ****.

"I do trust you but not a hundred percent" said Greed.

Written by Keith Edward Baucum
Heather Ann Oct 30
oh how easy it is
to succumb
to the mercy of my own greed.
like fingers flicking through
burning candle flames.
danger is right around the corner
if i turn in that direction,
leaving the car idling
while dashing on cracked pavement
making my mothers back break
a thousand times over
for a moment's taste
of chaos.
Nylee Oct 29
Hey I am dying
Because I am still living
I have this privilege
One of many livings
Still believing
that there is happiness
Not disguised sadness
In every part of life.

Still not dying breed
But there is flood of greed
Increasing with great speed
Last second swimming
I go in on the tenth
Drowning this moment
I am breathing
The end of air.
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