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Zywa 7d
We live a sober life, enough
is enough for me, and reserves
are necessary according to you

Everything is insured, luckily
no loans, we are working hard
because otherwise one has nothing

The children have their own lives
they won't take care of us
and are already asking for part

of their portion of inheritance, but it's stuck
in stone, in vaults, and in your head
that also wants to cover the coverage

People should grow up
and take care of themselves
reap their own harvest

though we could share more
relying on mutual aid
not just on our own character

in which lies the seed
the seed of greed
Our fear
Evil Boss: Greed (for fear that others will not help you)

About fear: poem "Evil World" (see May 22nd)

Collection "Mastress"
Rakib Mar 11
When the wars of men
Shall finally end
Will the lands still be green
Bejeweled with floral adornment
And the mighty seas spirited
In their azure echo of the skies

Or will it reek like the woeful demise
Of a fateful unfading resolve
By the mortal greed of folks
Sedated in devilish hoax
some people have with dominance
possession  power and control
looks like a rather desperate reaction
to the widely known
     but mostly unacknowledged fact
that we are unable to control our lives
and live them as we have imagined
Annalise Jan 1
Climbing clouds on calamitous clouds
Which break underneath my feet.
Feat of power feast of kings
Milking blood from the plump vine discrete.
They tear man from limb and brother
For judges to goblet just few.
How was anyone to know
I reach for the smaller of the two.
Zywa Dec 2022
Well, the usurer

was generous, nonetheless --

Was it his money?
"I fortunati" ("The lucky ones", 1911, Luigi Pirandello)

Collection "Specialities"
Carlo C Gomez Aug 2022
I work in the clouds
Building a world out of hype
I could be a beekeeper
A prison guard
Reverse pop idol
Extinguishers, all

Hackers ferry contemporaries
Around the diseased city
Merchants of transference
Paths and angles
Pieces of eight

They could be brutal war fantasies
White noise translations of the snow
Cathedral nights in the deli
Ghost recordings from an opera house
Each with its own price tag

All the pretty girls
Thick with mascara
Go to plasticity
Drink chloroform
100 aspects of subterranea
So long as they come home
With a credit problem

Money devotion
It's what transferred us
Into numbered silhouettes
Slavishly pouring our blood into the sea

As you cruise on planet Earth, your mother ship,
                  You  float, no one knows where exactly, in the universe, the sky,
Spinning in circles, circling the sun, as other planets, and stars,
Pass you by.
A perfect resort for human beings, your sun the perfect distance away,
Plants that re- produce, and create oxygen, for all to breathe each day,
Along with many varieties, of food, for you to survive, during this life stay.
There is so much around you and inside your planet, yet to be discovered,
Someday, every survival need you need is free, appreciation, your goal, to visit,
Other planets, millions of miles away. You  are creatures from many years,
By mixing families, genes, and cultures, you are all the same.
The free needs of a human being, are taken for granted, in every way,
Knowing at any time, your earthly figure could fade away, why are,
So many thoughts and actions, negative, greedy, and cruel,
You should all care about, and be happy with each other,
This life, a short one-time vacation, as your soul will travel on,
Searching for perfection, before the final judgment day.

The Original: Tom Maxwell © 7/25/22 AD
4:19 am
selina Jul 2022
i pledge allegiance
to the flag
of the united states of america
and to the republic
for which it stands
one nation, on stolen land,
under a foreigner's god
divided by fear, religion, and greed
ruled by the richest at
the suffering of the poorest
with liberty and justice
to all who may afford it
excluding the women,
the lgbtq+, the non-christian,
and the non-white
god bless america, and
the caricature of democracy
it has become

note: some people may choose
to add at the end, another
"god bless america, and god save us all"
a poem from earlier this week
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