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And a little wind


And the coming blasphemy

By the numbers

The sign says
"Open for Business"

Opinions are mixed

As are the numbers

Let's give the world a spin now and see what burns
Sovit Pokhrel May 19
I understand, everything is give & take.
But, how much must one give?
Give, in order to recieve.
I understand, everything is give & take.
But, whats there to measure?
For ones trash, could be the others treasure.

I understand, its give and take.
But how much, must i give ?
Give, in order to recieve.
I could give you, my everything.
But for you, it could mean nothing.

I understand, its give and take.
But what is it, that you take?
When you dont know, what you want.
You could give me, your everything.
But for me, it could mean nothing.

I understand, everything is give & take.
Human relationships are getting more complicated than ever, too much greed in this corrupted socitey forcing unrealistic expectations upon you.
But i shall give, give & give, everything i have without any intentions of taking. Even if it means, i have to break my self into a million pieces.
I shall give until my last breath  for there is no better feeling, than giving away.
victoria May 17
Theres a place in hell
for people like you
But not the hell that some
believe to be true
The hell they think of
is full of desire
Dark angels of lust
And ****** in fire

No this is a hell
You truly deserve
Chained to your past
And the hurt that you served
Cause your ego was ******
And you couldn't decide
If the lies that you told
We're wrong or where right

People like you should be burried alive
With only your guilt and the secrets you hide
You deserve to die with your heart molten black
With only your sin
And the clothes on your back

If I was a god and you came to me true
With reasons, excuses for all that you do
I'd laugh in your face and spit on your feet
And pray with my soul that the devil you meet

You think you're the devil?
You have no idea
The devil throws parties you wouldn't go near
The devil I've talked with a couple of times
Your not even close
You wouldn't survive

So continue to be, a **** if you must
But you're being watched
You are vile
You disgust
Close your eyes to the pain
That you made to be true
But know
Really know
That pain will **** you.
Wolves beware, there is a sheep among us
That I swear

He is frolicking about, knows no boundaries
Which isn't allowed
Not in this world
In which we own

He has seen the unseen, spoken the unspoken
For that, he should become one of us
An aristocrat
Destruction brings creation
So we'll break him, build him up
Then place him in a new direction

Morality is for the weak
Who cares who we hurt
If it fulfills our needs

Money brings happiness
But it is also poisonous
Greed, such an awful mistress
Always controlling, never understanding
All we want
Is to be free.
Francie Lynch May 10
Who dares enjoy your gold with you?
What good is it Midas? It's contaminated.
When will you, if ever, enjoy it again?
Where is your preferred seating now?
Why persist with your follies? Don't touch me.
There are no shows, theaters, arenas, ports of call, restaurants, flights, etc., where the rich can spend their gold. And anyone who makes a profit out of our misery, may they have the Midas Touch.
Where do they get the guts
to lead the people and make them nuts?

How can they live with greed
ignoring those every individual they must feed?

Why do they crave for power
longing for it like it's full of wonder?

When will other people wake up
from the kind of government he pops?


What should we do?

When I scan the hallways of my remembrance,

I see the quiet existence of a shy five-year-old.

She is sitting under an old rusty swing in her school courtyard.

Her pockets filled with autumn leaves because she is sad over how no one ever picks them up... unless it is for crushing.

The last guy who sat on the swing split his head open.

Lesson on mortality
"I'll remember"


After feeding a stray cat for a whole month,
I stopped after someone said she loved me because of the food.

A testament to our unconditional love.

When she showed up the next day, she scratched my face and left.

"But I deserve love more than she deserves to eat" I thought.

Lesson on love.

"I'll never learn."
People say that I am spoiled
A young brat who coils
At the sight of poverty
But in reality,
I am being deprived
Of the love to survive
This greedy world.
Many were born,
accepting the image;
my love is torn,
as she blends in assemblage.

Out with the old,
and in with the new;
the poets, while bold,
will dwindle to few.

I'm one of the brave,
who dared SAVE the beauty,
and still managed to behave,
as her gaze passed over me.

What is it here,
that my heart hasn't got?
maybe I'd sell myself, dear,
to give people what they're not.

Chase, chase the love,
of what may fill the empty,
glamour, and shine might move,
but your memory'd never leave me.

All in a daze work,
they'll measure the rhythm,
it'll make me a ****,
but I could stand in line with them.

Vying for the affection,
yet selling the dream,
no objection to injection,
of their soul snatching scheme.
A perfectionist.. but on what level? And which one counts?
Sick and tired of religion,
fake comfort,
conscious attrition.
Spurious "Gods", martyrs, prophets,
and their false eternal promise.
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