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Golden Child you need to go to college,
These blood ties are your *******,
They see you as their treasure without realizing they are pirates,
Thieves after your potential,
Your grades made them believe  you were special,
So golden child you need to be successful,

We need you Golden Child,
You have many mouths to feed,
I taught you how to ride a bike,
And your 3rd cousin was your best friend  when you were three,
We all deserve some profit from your slavery,

Golden Child please succeed,
I know this pressure  may be the cause of  your misery,
But your family deserves more,
this isn't greed
Copyrighted ©️written by Ntando Ndlela.
My Dear Poet Apr 24
I borrowed these shoes
so I can walk with you
not over you
to trample you
In case you think
I’ve come to rule over you

I borrowed these shoes
that I may walk beside you
not behind you
nor before you
Incase I mislead you
and you think I’ve come
to only lead you

I borrowed these shoes
so I can carry you
over sharp rocks and crystals
and thorny thistles
not to kick you or outrun you
In case you think
I’ve come to trip you

I borrowed these shoes
which you stole in the end
barefoot and bleeding
and it was only a lend
To walk only beside you
now I cannot carry
or guide you, my friend
I always take you in, any time that you are lost,
I’ve paid your bills, whatever they cost, now you leave me feeling, so alone, and lost.
I helped you out countless times, in many different ways, whenever you call, I am always there, any time of day,
now you have no feelings, for me in anyway.
I always did the right things, to satisfy your mind,
you couldn’t count the day’s, or hours I gave you in time,
why are you being so unkind.
You used my house so many times, when on the run, to hide,
I always welcomed you, and made you feel safe inside,
and now, you make up lies, about me, why?
Whenever, your heart was broken, I was the only one who cared, when you are sick, I am always there,
And now you show appreciation, leaving me alone in a stare.

                                                          Tom Maxwell 08/11/05
You Know someone Like this....
Earth flows with an
Abundance of native matter
Throughout her body
To silence our bellies and
Bring to life, key necessities
Imagined from the vast mind
That wills so.

But greed continues to
Be embraced by men
Numb to empathy, who sadly
Struggles to warm our cold
Hearts of stone.
A one-of-A-kind planet,
In A universe of space,
The only one known,
With life, the human race.

Many countries divide,
Planet Earth, our place,
Different cultures, and religions,
Along with colors and race.

This globe, of land and water,
Reproduces, all survival needs,
Slowly being destroyed,
By the people, and their greed

© Tom Maxwell 06/22/07
deadhead Apr 7
i did cry today
for the plastic on the ground
and the greed of man
My Dear Poet Mar 19
I have a bag full of money
Filled only with paper notes
it’s not really all that heavy
Infact, It’s so light it often floats
So I’m glad I don’t carry
The weight of the rich
on my back
because life would be so scary
weighed down by a sack
I’d rather be up airy
strung along by a balloon
Flying up like a fairy
Scattering money from the moon
Sharon Talbot Mar 10
Children of Louisiana,
Swept away and drowned,
In the river’s flood
And the ocean surge.
Never have recovered
Fully from the rain falling down,
And of a city that was purged.
Ignored by the government
And its fellow man,
Follow in a long line of sufferers
Since the melting, ice age glaciers
And even a tsunami in the North Sea
That wiped out Doggerland.
Dark Ages got darker as people ran
And Britain’s white cliffs were sheared.
Times got better and then got worse,
But the people carried on.
Now, the floods are a weekly thing,
A blip on a newscast,
As lost as the victims in a mess
Of other disasters,
Of wildfires, droughts and don’t
Even mention the quaking earth
Or volcanoes! We can’t take credit
For causing those!
Rich men in their castles,
Feasting and clapping each other
On their fatty backs,
Rolling in the spoils and spills
Of oil, on the flaming water of
The American plains.
Sheikhs in old Mesopotamia
Whine about oil pipelines,
Promised to them by President Cheney,
While the people starve.
Bloated oligarchs spread destruction
All over the world, from
The Congo to Chernobyl,
Melting icecaps and raising the sea,
Sinking islands where they don’t live,
Vacationing in the Maldives,
On special rates before those go under.
They won’t fix Miami, but let it sink,
But not before they plunder
The empty towers built on foolish dreams.
Of course, they’ll be the last to go,
Crammed into mansions up in the Alps,
Fighting with the European nobles
Over who gets a crumbling palace
Now sitting on the last ice floe.
A few American cousins round each other up
To catch the Dixie Flyer down to New Orleans,
Trying to hide from the polar vortex,
A dazzling case of ignorance and greed,
Only to find the tracks buried in the sea…
Down in the mud of the deep, brown sea.
Maria Mitea Mar 7
the body of the world dies slowly under the blue sky,
- ants are also in competition with death,
they recycle their ***** in plastic bags,
sunflower seeds chew their own shell,
the sun dies slowly on terra”s body pierced by white worms.
Man Jan 31
its all franchises
as far as you might see
burger joints, taco houses, and pizza parlors
dot the horizon

the whole lot
greasier than the pan
than the canola oil, a whole can of pam

its warehouse-sized stores
full of disgruntled
shuffling cheap trash
package to shelf
packaged for the shelf
in anticipation to sit

listen a while
under the low murmur
of the machine humming
you can hear ma n pop wailin'
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