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Life never seeks
Permission to change
You arrange
If you could arrange
What it seeks
In part exchange
I will always accept you
Unless you are different

I will always help you
Unless I'm busy helping myself

I will always find you beautiful
Unless you grow old

I will always love you
As long as you do what you're told

Conditions will always apply
A sober fact of life
the conditions of life
Amanda Kay Burke Jun 2020
Loved you without judgement or conditions
Way you gave life definition
Stirred my emotions without permission
Now infatuation won't go into remission
WordsHelp Nov 2018
i should have read the contract
before dating you
before loving you
before you
if i had read your terms and conditions
          -*** whenever i need it, your feelings aside
         - put up with my delicate ego, but allow me to slowly shatter
                    every ounce of your self-worth
          -you must not say or do anything more intelligent than I or
                    you have given grounds to publicly humiliate you
          -do not touch my fragile masculinity
          -i am permitted to treat you as inferior to myself

if i had read the fine print
then maybe i wouldn’t have signed four years of my life away
Aa Harvey Jun 2018
Love is not unconditional

Love is not unconditional,
Love is not unconditional,
Love is not unconditional.
Even love has laws;
Yeah even love has laws.

And if there’s just one thing to learn today,
If there’s just one thing you should hear.
Then let’s hope you remain faithful,
Then I will remain near.
But if you break loves laws, by breaking my heart,
Then you and I and love itself, will sadly have to part.

No love is made here anymore,
No love is made here anymore,
No love is made here anymore.
It’s just a fading memory, a thing I once thought.

All the things we never did,
All the words we never said.
All the ******* we have to deal with,
All the times we could never forget.

All I wanted to be, was inside your heart,
All I wanted to be, was inside your heart,
All I wanted to be, was inside your heart;
But you smashed us in two and broke our love apart.

Love, love, love, love, love is dead.
Love, love, love, love, love is dead.
Love, love, love, love, love is dead.
Love is dead, inside my bed and my head.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
we'd all like to have
that nice cushy job
where toiling can be given
a mammoth fob

those who've landed
in these plum positions
will be assured of the
best working conditions

few if any missions
do get facilitated
the office is a place
of nil being slated

an extended lunch hour
management takes
whilst busy bees are
hauling the heavy stakes

company CEO's lounging
around in boardrooms
penalizing the labourers
who are pushing the brooms

wouldn't it be great
to sit constantly down
and not keep polishing
the boss's idling crown
some have totally rejected
the protocols that were
carefully written down
choosing not to heed
their intent
taking the approach
of we'll follow
an unconstrained

the conventions state
in a transparent glass
never of our purpose
should there be
any unpermitted

adhering to terms and conditions
isn't an arduous task
they're so concise in respect
of what they ask

some enjoy free wheeling
though it will come at an expense
for not to remain within the parameters
means a quick despense
A work colleague and I were talking about our work place protocols. After the discussion, I decided to pen a poem on that theme.
Do you love me?
Do you love me on one condition?
Or one hundred?
Do you love me unconditionally?
Do you love me at all?
4.januar 2018.
I usually always write poems that rhyme.. trying to challenge myself a bit.
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