Hot pink between her hips,
She’s sinking all his ships.
Her finger slips
Into her slit-
Fun dip.
And raises moon phases to her lips.
Blows the atmosphere a kiss,
Drinks the ocean in little sips.
Gallons of salty tears at her fingertips.
Woman yearning for the rip,
Boy learning to make me drip.
I’m hit.
And I’m only begging for more.
I adore the way you think you’re
Using me.
cher 1d
day through night, i face the same fate
my flesh inches closer to its expiry date.

a ****:
my mind is at its limit,
and my body; no longer mine.

each minute goes by, i pray to gods,
every holy names i've never heard of,
pray, pray with all my might -
choose a different girl to feast on tonight.

my face was stolen from a world of debris
to support a family i'll never again see
i sold myself, let me be bought,
for just two coins, a price of naught.

a customer.
i tell myself,
don't open your eyes,
don't move a muscle.

hands on my thighs - deja vu
my body to her is just revenue.

memories of every night still live within my body - a bookmark telling me i'll never be my own. a constant image of flesh flickers behind my eyelids every time i close my eyes.

give me my body back.
i'm working on my gcse drama devised piece and it's being recorded in two days - ours is on slavery and i got the *** trade as my scene. we gotta write monologues, so i decided to write mine as a poem because of course i did.
Nothing changes no matter how you try. Change your perspective... see it from another view they say. They must not know in the world I'm a ***** to stay. Nothing changes, nothing gets better, just let me die one day soon, and when I try to see it out but it didn't go as planned and I'm still barely alive, do me a favour and walk on by so that death may shortly take me away. Thank you.
Nothing does. Not for me. I'm tired and I'm exhausted. Seeing others mistreated and I have no way to make it stop. Not can I stop the injustice to me. Is it too much to wish to have your hair done at least once a year or 2, is it too much to have a pretty yard to gaze at the beautiful buttterfies and birds, is it too much to expect for your husband to touch to in a way a man that touches her to make her feel like a woman more than every 7 or 8 months. I give up or I want to but got to get the courage and knowledge to do it right.
Long ago,

In a faraway place.

A girl disappeared

Without a trace.

She had stumbled upon

a wishing tree

I should know,

that girl was me

I made a wish

to forever roam

little did I know

I would never go home

Living forever

may seem like a dream

to do whatever you wish

under stars that gleam

But be warned

if you ever stumble upon a wishing tree

every wish has a price

nothing is free.
I always feel like a ***** in this world...
Speak my peace-
Euros, pesos, and money ****.
Chambered living,
Hustling to get out the crust,
Frustrated in time.
Golden coins wait for no one.
We seek above our pay grade,
With our Diploma’s in check but,
the amount of schooling
does not reflect the time spent
in a broken living.
Restricted by the cards laid on our deck,
Born rich, live rich-
But how many of us rise above poverty?
There is a system to this.
Chasing a dream to catch,
Suppressed by the gold and silver.
Working all the time-
When do we live?
Like the job we have
Is the place where we were born,
Calling it our home.
Money manipulating our minds
Making us lose ourselves.
Paper green consistency,
Measured by the piece.
Speaking my peace-
Who to trust when money’s spent?
Greed for green cause consistent evil
within societies.
Fortune equals fraud.
We hustle hard for an assimilated living.
Money makes us make moves.
I hold no doubts,
That through the pyramid structure of economic range,
I will cruise,
I will elevate,
Because I, see I
Will break my chains.
We have one life to live,
One life to be in the presence.
So bread will not make me a brawler,
I will not be enslaved by a dollar.
Khaleesi Nov 8
I chose to be a *****
To serve my own King
Over being a Queen
Of the other Kings.
On a thread how I hang
from the finger's sinew
my name nothing but slang
hidden in your menu

Oh master, oh master
how I sing your keen name
your tongue leaves court plaster
as your eyes rip and maim

I shout into the wind
and watch the words float by
perverse ears that rescind
a love that's gone awry

from your aloof finger
how my bruising neck sways
how my yearning lingers
legs will not turn away

Your want my desire
my desire your bliss
your bliss to set fire
I, those flaming red lips

I wish I could conjure
philters for you to drink
my concoction is but
poison turned to black ink

Soon the master will sell
their useless ****, a *****
I will answer your belle
until the ocean waives

Rolling salt filling lungs
in the abyss I lay
left for the fishes tongues
Atropos’s shear’s prey
This pain,
This love,
It's all too much.
What's going on?
Why can't I let go?

Why can't I free myself from this pain, this love.

I'm a *****.
I'm hurt,
I'm hurt,
I'm hurt,
Yet I can't let go.

I try,
I try,

I can't...

My heart is bound to you & it hurts.
There's a fire inside of me.
I can't release this love.. it's destroying me.
I need help..
Borderline Obsession
Thinking about it all
We come to realize that it was all nonsense
The 'love' promised by him   was just deceit and fake
He just lied to lure young and naive girls into his deadly trap
Deceiving them through fake love, lies and deception of words that don't come from the depths of his heart
But words that has already being rehearsed over and over again in his confined places, to his
He goes to some  ladies with these rehearsed words and make them fall for their tricks in order to reduce and use the ladies to nothing but their *** *****
But for ladies who know the tricks of men so well are considered as "The Wise Ones"  because they've understood the tricks of men so well that they themselves can never be tricked again by any man on earth
I don’t mind being under the shoe; If it means I don’t have to step on you.
I don’t mind being over-whelmed; when it’s all too much for you.
Treat me mean, keep me keen,
I’ll be nothing for you!
One life sacrificed for another!
Is unsustainable!
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