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Kevin Sep 2022
Life is the simple thing we neglect every day.
A day contains the time as we travel along our way.
Time is the thing we lack in our lives
As we yearn to find our way in this phenomenon called life.

We grow old in wisdom, yet are fragile in youth;
We cannot escape the perils that seek us with each move.
We can embrace the seconds that the clock has,
Or be the pawn forced by the master’s perilous hand.

Once we realize that three score and ten
Is the amount of time in which we have,
We will let misfortunes lie where they awake,
For life will not wait for us to simply engage.

Time must be the best of what we can make
As days are the things we can no longer waste.
For once they are gone like the birds in the sky,
They will never return, until death when we die.

So take heed from these words
That I must proclaim;

Live life to the fullest before the light fades.
Take one day at a time and never in dismay.
Travel the world to find what you sought in your dreams.
Climb the tallest mountains, quietly enjoy the scenes.
Walk among the people from sea to shining sea;
Hike along the rivers to live and be free.

For once three and ten spins dry,
Death is imminent, and life passed by.
Too often, we waste time analyzing every aspect of our lives. In the process, we forget to live, and the day of reckoning has come. It's time for us to stop overthinking the what if's and live life before it vanishes from our eyes. We have one life to live, and now's the time to start living. Not tomorrow, but today; you only have so much time allotted, don't waste one precious second.

> Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the things you did. ~ Mark Twain
Ryan Joseph Apr 2022
every reality I thought there is;
a point of becoming someone else
though not knowing
that it was just a bogus reality;
that I was just a slave of my own reality.
dark blue Jan 2022
do as i say
as you are told
on your knees
bow before me
your master
it’s your destiny
your role
a woman’s place
to serve
a man
a master
dark blue Jan 2022
red silk
come here
i need you
the warmth of your body
the softness of your skin
the smell of your hair

quench my desire
fulfill my fantasies
please your master
or i’ll sell you
in the market
I did it again... I did what I didn't want to do, that thing I've been resisting, that thing I no longer want in my life... I did it again! How can I do something I didn't want to do? There are 2 possible answers:
1- I decided to do it anyway, which is dumb!
2- Something else made me do it, which is suspicious!

If something else can make me do things, I don't have free will, and if there is no free will... It means I'm a SLAVE! Well to a certain extend I would say the science of brainwashing and manipulations which the most popular branch is named "Marketing" is just the science of Slavery! How to enslave people without being caught! Therefore, the second answer has some truth in it, yet I feel like I made the decision to do it. Just like all great sellers, they always make the prospect think that they made the decision to buy. Then if they don't like what they bought, they can only blame themselves. What a pitiful civilization.

Now you'll tell me that this is a sane world to live in! Everybody is doing their best to enslave you to their product, to their belief system, to their view of the world. They all want your money, your time, your house (if you have one), your mind, your attention... your soul! This is like "Wall-E", "The Matrix", "Terminator" and "The walking dead" mixed together with some "Constantine" black magic behind it...

So from a slave to another, next time you do it again (because you will!), don't beat yourself up. It's your responsibility, but it might not be your fault.
Random words about falling into bad habits.
Brett Jun 2021
Are we just sitting around counting down the clock to doomsday?
Casual watchers of the apocalypse
Like another piece of news to gossip with
“On the tube today, all the free worlds have up and gone the way
   Of every other empire too resigned to say….”
Maybe today,
Is the day we change

Beggar, sir, please, come and play
Your empty tin can tunes
                    Politician, sir, please, preach me your wants
                    And masquerade them as my needs
Hurt me, so you can wipe my dying tears away
Enslave me, so you can break the chains and whisper I’m free
Be all you have ever been. Seemingly, all that you can be.
Why can we never seem to get it right. What does it even mean to be human anymore. Is there any purpose in the world outside our own selfish desires?
xavier thomas May 2021
To most-
I am looked upon as a slave servant
No matter how my soul may
carry these values as armor

My “Dark Skin”
symbolize “servant”
In to many unknown eyes.
That’s their way of thinking.
The old way.

Them against I
I against them

Sooner or later,
Old ways will vanish
& come to past
excess rusted broken  shackles
free from ancient gyves
tongues in dungeons no more
a present prisoner of forefather's  measures

ears drum no more
notes fall through the cracks
remodeling skips yet another age
future slavers of our descendants

emancipated you stand
a guests to a freeman's  world
you are no more
return us to the future
free from the present past.

                                   In mirrored minds we remain.
Kassan Jahmal Apr 2021
Freedom at no cost,
an escape not held by price.
A slave to this harsh living,
every breath like chains shaking.

Freedom from negative emotions,
the many that keep me down.
Self known for battling depression,
freedom I fight for, (to be alive again).

Freedom from many pains,
heartbreaks, disappointments, many regrets.
Many things keep me captive,
none of which should control me.
Why then do I call them my master?

Freedom I must obtain,
from a forced burden as a slave.
My will, (willing to be brave),
The sweet taste of freedom I'll have one day.
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