Maira 7d
Dance to the cheering of men
Show yourself and dance, Dear Gwen.
They pry on you but that's alright,
You'll serve three for tonight
Take it light

One at a time, do not rush
With two hands and a mouth, pure cold cash
You get your pay, they get their pleasure
With a body as if porcelain like yours
Women have no pressure

Your price is high so let no customer down
Satisfy and obey, smile never frown
Dance gwen 'till the sun arises
Until then, you're trapped in your own darkness
Poor gwen, used to satisfy moree than less

Take a quick sip, this liqour has its magic
Makes you brave, night less tragic
It's the moon again, the spotlight is on
The room is dim but the eyes are dawned

Dance Gwen, dance 'till dawn
Dance to the cheering of men
The less you wear, the more you gain
Dance Gwen, Dance until you're worn
Worn out, keep your thorns.
On my knees I bow down to you
My soul belongs to you alone

Mistake me not as a captive
But I am an explorer of you

Wandering in the galaxies with you
Following the footprints of you

To my savage Master, I am a slave
I’m set free from the prison in me
In you..I breathe,live and obey
define the world

are defined by it

once defined,
are no longer masculine

not feminine,
a thing, living, in-between.

Ken Rafiñan Mar 3
The presence of anti-depressants
depresses me,
suppresses you,
and oppresses we.

the he who always takes advantage of the
the she who always turns a blind eye to the

The nighttime play;
their love up and away,

Flying to the moon—

Master and slave:
hands turning the clock of mood swings,
“How does hate taste so holy?”
Crown Shyness Feb 28
You are the worst part of the connection,
instantly regretting if you´re not getting,
you dumb slave of affection.
Challenging every section of beauty,
sucking life as an endless duty.
Seema Feb 10
I am my masters slave
Surrounded by fields and shallow caves
I stand here looking upon the mighty corn field
My mouth is stuffed with grass thread sealed

I am my masters slave
When gust winds blow my hand starts to wave
Standing strong I show am brave
I love this job that he gave

I am my masters slave
Rain, storm, heat leaves me withered
But with my husky style am not bothered
I stand here without any complain

I am my masters slave
Day goes by with scaring crows
Night passes staring at the field rows
With my masters hat on, I surely give a sexy pose

I am my masters slave
My head strapped on tight with rope
My hands and legs dangle on the pole
I don't have feelings neither am a living soul

I am my masters slave
Serving with all my will and might
An unpaid job but with a title given as scar knight
I am happy to live in my masters sight

I am my masters slave
I will always serve my masters orders
In all good and grieving times with my other hordes
All knitted and standing some at the borders

My master is my friend
I shall serve him faithfully till the end
Until my master finally rests in his grave
Till then, I am my masters slave

Fictional write. Spilling imagination.
Why is little Musa working in these diamond dirt pits,
Digging from sunset to sundown
Where are the laws that protect children 's rights,
Why is he left unsupervised working on his own?
Struggled from early childhood with all his strengths
Now he can hardly stand because of damaged vertebrates
To know the number of free hours he worked, do the maths
Yet some lucky girl somewhere celebrates.
How can he labor as a slave when he's just a boy?
How can Musa smile when he has no joy?
How can he run when he has no legs,
Who will speak for him knowing he has no voice?
How can the opportunity box be opened without the keys
How can the world do nothing about his demise,
Especially when to stay alive he has to work for food?
How can he locate hope if he can't see,
How can celebrities adorn diamonds with bad blood,
How can this possibly be?
If I can lend my pen to help every child slave working,
Then my life on earth is worth living.

We all have a moral obligation to stop child slavery.
Mike D Jan 24
It’s really not that bad
The only time I think of you
Are the times when I’m awake
(and sometimes when I’m sleeping too)
You’re an ever present dream
No matter what state I am in
Punch drunk for your love
The mating fish upstream I swim
You got your hooks in me
Foolishly I took the bait
As I swallow down your treats
Patiently you sit and wait
It’s almost a certainty
in this card game that we play
That I’m dealt a shitty hand
and things won’t go my way
It keeps getting worse and worse
as I struggle to get back
What I’ve lost up to this point
Fundamentals now I lack
I will not leave that table
Deal me up another hand
Double down my bets
Win it back; That is my plan
With almost nothing left to wager
Can barely ante up
No more wiggle room
The doors of opportunity have been shut
Only one more bargaining chip
I can stage a final surge
A tickle in me creates laughter
For even I know how absurd
my pathetic statement is
A reflection of it’s master
Who is shackled and enslaved
To what he’s chasing after
Written: January 22, 2018

All rights reserved.
fhamideas Jan 19
(Inspired by Kendrick Lamar)

Whacked or weepiness?
Sing if you know this,
Well~ yuh, yuh.

Hey, I recall when every months with zero-balance-curse,

Therefore I live my life with what I fit, but today I’m so pissed,

When everyone gets what their want; In fact, I never wish,

I choose drink mix while you choose Crème de cassis to rid live’s blemish,

Son, the richest man never get outta debt hub,

Duh, compare to you with just one luckless credit card?

So let’s be rich with heart and do something bigger than Tesla,

Do read on my blog, then write it down or by heart at least,

Zero-to-the-hero, hero-to-the-pro punk,

a person who used to be dumb, dumped in the scum junk,

now 6 figures in the bank, I still like yesterday’s punk,

If you got this in the bank, promise to be like an old punk,

my life’s better than my virile,

my future promise me how I rolled,

Hey Mount. E, wait for me to reach your highest spot,

but I’m just play cool to it, cuz you know

Beast’s humble,

Sweet lown,

Be hierodule,

throw your crown.
Stay creative -
I'm a black man , I'm the essence of toughness
My roots are deep like the mighty baobab tree
Once a chained slave, today I stand in greatness
I'm a black man , I'm a proud man and I'm free .

I'm a black man , once the master's possession
I have scars stamped to my soul but I'm free
Once a cotton picker , I now have a profession
I'm a black man , a very proud man and I'm here.

I m a black man , the first born of mama Ebone
The black Goddess , the true mother of humanity
Once upon a time in jubaru, I sat upon a throne
Where my queens and warriors all lived in unity.

I'm a black man, I will always be the best runner
Shot me if you will but my black soul fears no guns
Once like Garvey, today like Usine and Obama , I'm a winner
I'm a free black man and my soul hosts a thousand suns .
If Heaven is pure and white , just like Obama added some Blackness to the White House , me and my black soul will be in Heaven too !
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