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My sexy slave
Your lips I crave.
Your master on her knees.

Your hand , my throat
So please take note.
A master you could be.
How she gets me to drop my dominant side and still calls me master still baffles me people
Micaiah 7d
aware of my depravity
pressed down by the gravity
kept down by the havoc it spills actually
it's sweet like a cavity
it'll confront you callously,
it'll tactically relieve you of your faculties

aware of my depravity
seeing how it got to me, seeing how it held hold of me
No plan of letting go of me, feeding me feelings of apathy
my demons parade me, pageantry , steal from me, give me fantasy
somebody send the cavalry, somebody take this pain from me
somebody save myself from me, give me back my captaincy.
I sat behind the bars made out of iron
A small room with no ventilation
They covered my vision
So I will be blind for a reason

I’m stuck in a jail with one cell
At the bottom of her heart
Where it simulates hell
And they will cut me apart

I was brainwashed by the leader
And forced me to love her
She used her beauty and body
To hypnotize me
So I serve her while I’m hungry and thirsty

I am the Prisoner Of Her Love
A place where no light glows
The place I will be stuck there forever
The place for my funeral
Stuck in that one special room
The place where I live until doom
And I’m happy to serve her no matter what
Don't move.
  He already won,
   There's nothing else to prove.

Don't try.
  He's holding back your wings,
   He won't let you fly.

He's hiding.
  You need to be careful,
   'Cause he's lying there; waiting.

Now listen -
You thought he loved you,
  Remember I warned you.
   He just needed you to be there,
    To do his bidding,
     Whatever he asked,

You were enslaved by his c
He stopped you from doing so many things,
Even leaving the house.
He held you in an I.R.O.N. F.I.S.T.
He didn't trust you, see?
I warned you from the start,
But you didn't listen.

Now you see the monster,
And you run back to me for help.
But you're trapped.
You can't run from him,
You can't hide from your master.

You laid your bed in the grave he set,
And sooner or later you must rest your head.
Thank you for reading ❤.
Steve Aug 22
desire is my master,
I have no worth,
nothing but a slave to my selfless freedom,
I don’t have life,
I have no love,
I have my passion,
a bottle and a gun,
all my will and nowhere to run,
nowhere to hide,
but death fell in love,
there’s nothing left,
nothing to lose, it calls to me,
the darkness,
it beckons my future,
madness talks, a baby cries,
my maniacal life,
a slave to everything,
it’s all for nothing
Allen James Aug 21
The rapid fire of a printer,
Can rip a soul to shreds,
At 9:00AM some think it’s ten,
While others just forget,
One by one we hold our ground,
With nowhere to retreat,
Our fingers march in unison,
To the sound of the same beat,

Poor young Bobby's in the corner,
Still trembling in his boots,
This is no place for tender hearts,
For that is what we shoot,
12:00PM - Swallow regret,
With ramen in a bowl,
A busy stomach helps to keep,
The mind off starving souls,

Fly back now birdie, it's 12:30,
There's been a breach of internet,
We all break rank and start to yell,
"Run for your cigarettes!"
Let's pull ourselves together now!
There's glory to be had,
They say our names will live forever,
When sales aren’t too bad,

4:00PM - It’s time again,
To reassess our plan,
All team leaders to the front,
In chains of old command,
Let’s push a little further now,
Eyes on the prize of screens,
We'll break our backs, our necks, and wrists,
But we will never break routine!

6:00PM - We did it men!
Victory is here,
Now how about we celebrate?
With laughs and ice cold beer,
But wait a second, look out there!
The enemy’s not through,
I know they’re all too young to die,
But killing children is what we do,

Another round. What say you, men?
Let’s not forget our cause,
We've found so many bodies here,
Yet all the minds are lost,

Now brace yourselves for madness,
Thoughts of discharge from your desk,
For delusion earns no payment here,
And hopes are kept in check,
And should you ever dare to wander,
Then you too shall go berserk,
With visions of a POW,
A Prisoner Of Work.
hannah Aug 10
Pain and anger
It feels as if it's not me
I feel like a puppet doing and saying as you command
I feel like a fool only meant to sit still and lifeless until you say otherwise
I am not a human anymore but an object that does and says what I am told to
et allí Aug 7
My hand just won't stop today, it's making me pay... for every time I've ignored it when it was  begging to play.

Just when I think that it's had enough, that it's tired... Down goes the pen, grab the torch spark the fire.

A small book of poems, a wall full of art all a day's work to my hand when it starts.

I get hungry grow weary my back starts to ache....no sir not done yet... you're staying up late.

I let my hand be the master, me it's slave for the day, at least once a week, so it's happy and I'm sane.
Like I tell everyone.... it's not me but my hand.
Aa Harvey Jul 28

The cup has arrived, take my blood.
Fill it up with the good stuff.
Drink the wine, while I unwind these chains.
I have been trapped too long in this self-made cage.

Tear at the bones with perfect teeth.
Ground to a point; been grinding for weeks,
To get the right blade to cut my food with.
This hole I exist in just leaves me livid.

I want to scream in the middle of day-dreams,
But people will see me and never know,
That the empire is crumbling; all around me is dust.
I have given up on this castle of rust.

The armour no longer protects my soul.
The happiness is gone and I am feeling old
And demoralized, the eternal night,
Beckons me to join it, but I am made of pure light.

The claws had dragged me under their spell,
But now the spell is broken, so let me leave this Hell
And find my own way, a better way;
All else only fades away.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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