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Knit Personality Jan 2016
I regard reincarnation
With a certain trepidation:
If you must suffer in each life, instead
I’d rather be irreversibly dead.

badtaste Aug 21
I was born from the breathe of Satan-I was formed underneath a tree in Salem
I was sworn to **** the king with swords of Cain-I was torn in-between infamy and destiny from my name
I'm a nameless hatred created from the twisted creator seizing an unforgiving lust and hunger for another miserable maiden wasting her worth with words of wishes longing the chance to dance with the duke of death
but the bet begs black
and I'm dressed in red restless dripping decisions of every maiden's sins ever since Satan brought me back from the depths of *** and a forever reincarnation of Hell's retrieving-unforgiving-sanatorium
based on the 8th house
F A Pacelli Jul 31
to those who fear death
know that death
is the ultimate trip
T Jul 30
Mysteries, riddles and magic
I could close my eyes and find you by the frequency of your soul’s vibrations
Dare me, dead sober
Tie my hands behind my back
Make me senseless
The clarity I have is out of body
What I feel is formless
And you don’t have to stay
But you don’t have to go
If you don’t want to
I won’t try to change you, chain you, rearrange you
I’ve been through the ringer
It’s okay
If you don’t want it
It’s a gift, not an ultimatum
I’ll set it down at your feet
Walk away, bow out, pray
This is weightlessness
Ego death
I have lived more lives than any man could have ever known,
My life has already started but I want it to end,
Every parallel universe has lived through me
I’m time lines of the before and the hereafter,
But I still watch the lofty skies as of a child,
Young, free and wild
I try not to laugh because the crease near my eyes looks like I’m always crying,
Life has drained me
But I thank God that I can share all that is through me...
Travel astral projection time sleep
Nigdaw Jun 26
Our fragile souls
Mere wisps
Trapped in aging shells
That one day will no longer hold
Released, where do we go,
To dance among the stars in heaven
Take our place in it's mantle
With the constellations,
Or do we disappear as though
We never existed, mere dust
To blow across the earth
And never settle,
Reincarnated perhaps
To right the wrongs of previous

When the night is long
And sleep evades me
I wonder
What fate awaits me.
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