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Words' Worth May 19
The person upstairs
Hasn't lost faith in you
He just comes downstairs
To put you on a level
You can jump from
And keeps doing that
Till you reach Heaven
That is Nirvana
I see the rain

pour from your eyes

And wish only to hide

behind your scented leaves

your rocky plane

Under the water

under the rocks

under the tons and tons

of air.

I will stay right there

between your thumb

between your hair

So let it be known

I am not gone

I am only in hiding



for my oceans to reach your toes

once again.
Billie Marie Apr 29
The mind clings to forms
to hold against the silence
to guard itself from you
the secret deadly enemy
hanging out on your own front stoop
winkin’ at your little sister
and begging for an invite to dinner
you can let him pass too
onto the vapor of a conjured illusion
you can let the words
coming from here get stronger
you can hear me more clearly and louder
the self that you buried
under the rot of yesterday’s tomorrow
all that chatter is of no matter you can tell

But don’t tell of the nonsense
of nothings wrapped in desire
that’s old news
from days when newspapers were read
that talk takes the time
of a 20th century backpacker
hiking Truth’s trail
NOW is the only time that there is
for waking from the ringing of the bell
don’t stomp out the silence
the one answer screaming
the reality one is

Only in silence you remember the key
to the treasure in the chest
holding your heart crafted in love
isn’t that the whole happiness quotient
wrapped up like a perfect peace package
I just can’t comprehend the human species
and its endless repeating crimes
how many life sentences
does one have to get
to see only the Self and be free
burn off the rest of the pride
every lyin’ thought’s last roar into dust
forms can’t hold true life
it’s real light making ghostly forms known
Inspired by Mooji's pointings
You remind me of someone
I've met a long time ago
I can't put my finger on it
But the longer I sit
And look into your eyes
The present day dies
And I am taken back
To a distant past
Divided by love and war
I swear, on my dead corpse,
We were together
Maybe we're meant for each other
Until the end of time?
Amanda Apr 22
You are the thing that still gives me hope
Reincarnation of an angel sent to help me cope
Don't know what I did to deserve your love
If this place is not heaven I don't wanna fly above

This dream better than anything known before
Breathing as warmth spreads throughout core
So happy to share same air as your skin
Surroundings are hazy as head starts to spin

Transparent emotions force to bare all
Hear the words you say chisel away at my wall
Across the room move and feel an invisible nudge
Going to assume when reversed you also budge

Take my hands and let electricity flow
Only you alone will ever really know
How ****** and flawed I truly am
Sincerely not giving a ****

Despite hurting you a plethora of times
Forgiven me for the array of past crimes
When we fall asleep holding each other tight
Look to the future knowing it will be alright
You truly are my guardian angel
IC Apr 19
Our soft hands melted in one another
From one world to another

Another flesh
The same soul

You and I always
Tanaya Mar 31
On the East of Palatine Hill, on a hot Roman summer;
A congregation gathered at the Colosseum to the sound of Trumpets and Drummers!
A few hundred others jostled for permits at the Arch of Constantine, while a sea of delirious and exuberant souls, packed like sardines in a can; waited to catch a glimpse of their Emperor- Titus Vespasian.

To the Emperor's decree, the gates were raised, the hungry gnashing lions let loose,
who pounced upon these captive men-
Tearing apart their flesh and spilling their blood on the aranaceous ground.
These were men of No Use.

It was my First at the Arena, Aurelia was my name; joining with my brothers and our father in the travesty of 'Games' of mortal combat and venationes,
Chariot races and Executions of Condemned criminals or men defamed.
At one such time, I glanced at you-
Trotting on your dark stallion; a soldier past, you must have led a few batallions.
Now, a gallant Murmillo,  ready to strike with your glistening sword and armour on one arm,
a man so brave, you swept the crowd with your  beguiling charm.
Yet at this hour, as death draws near
as you wave amidst loud cheers,
Could your stout fingers have quivered?
Could your bold senses have gone numb,
Could You Too have feared?!

You gave a valiant fight till the last drop of your sweat, Seeking God's Mercy, or Eternity or Eternal Rest?
What must have gone through your noble mind, The Thoughts Unspoken...
Images of your unborn child or ;
Memories of your young wife?
To hold them one last time, you could give your thousand lives!
As you march to the Anthems, fit for kings,
What voices now with courage ring?
Bleeding for Glory or for Freedom Must?
O' Gallant one, you lay down in the dust!

A Thousand Years have passed since then
I visited the Colosseum with my family again!
The clouds above Rome gathered, and
Drizzled on my eyes...
And thoughts of 'being here Before', momentarily agonize.
Far across the blooming ground, amid the dilapidated walls and ruins- a shadow looms...
Lost Souls from the Past, meet once again and
Spirits reawaken from their tombs.
Could I ever have forgotten him, it was love at first sight? And...
Here we meet again after a 1000 lifetimes,
on this very ground, where my Knight met his plight.
Was it the autumn rain, or a drop of my tear?
Flabbergasted I stood there!
Was he a figment of my imagination or was he real?
The shadow smiled as a breeze came blowing and whispered in my ears...
" Aurelia, do not stand at my grave and cry
I have lived in you forever, I never died".

Tanaya Roy Choudhuri
31st March 2020
Lily Priest Mar 24
I may have loved you
In another life
Known eyes bedfellow blue
Vibrant against white sheets
With the afterglow

I may have known you
At another time
Weary hands wrapped
In comfort round
Your cup
As you supped steam
And casual
Dreams that tasted
Like coffee beans
And sugar cubes

I may have lost you
At another place
The lace of our lives
Untying as we pulled apart
No longer heart
To heart
And soul to soul
Two wholes, alone
That once were the full
Of each other

I may have had you
In another life
Let you lightly love me
As I lightly love
The thought
Of us across the past
And always too fragile
To ever last
Death is a sad thing but I understand it's inevitable
and when I'll leave, I'll leave with a great big smile
because I know I'll be in a place with a little less evil
and if I have to reincarnate back, I'll make a deal with the devil
so I won't come back to a world so awful
it might be blasphemy, but it sure as hell better
then living a life so painful.
Created by me on December 21st, 2019
Sitting in the middle of nowhere
enjoying the peace of mind
I'm obviously going somewhere
with this state of mind.

they said it was a waste of time
I've lived so many lives
and died a thousand times
if only they knew that they themselves
were wasting time.

I know they will learn sometime soon
that is something a soul must abide
and I hope to see you
on the other side.
Created by me on November 18th, 2019
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