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will be wise and
and smile
with his whole face, his
whole spirit

he will be fearless and free
& curious
of the world around him and
his place
within it
his wit,
like him

he will write me
words only meant
for him and I
as if they were born
for us, from our

he will be wild,
like the nature that
surrounds him

he will be a man born
of this earth
& tall,
& sturdy,
with deep roots,
that are soon to run in the forest of my life

his shoulders
broad enough
to carry our children,
and gentle enough
to catch their tears,

and at times
mine too,
laying on his chest
his hands tangled in mine
and my hair
listening to the rhythm
of his warm breath
and warmer heart,
I'll spill tears of
& gratitude,
that will pool between us,
for all we've
and all the beauty
we've seen

we will not
love, after so many lifetimes together,
we will admire
& respect
each other
in body,
& spirit

we will inspire each other
to grow
to make art
to appreciate beauty in pain
to spread love

he will understand
the complexities
of my mind,
and I of his,
never with the intention
of changing the other
but instead,
to love every piece
all that is told to be too ugly

we will be each other's
in this life
and the next,
as we have done before

we will pray
each other's
& make love,

we will grow
a family,
a home,
a garden,
a community

he will be

we will laugh till our
bellies ache
and he will lick the salt
of my

we will play,
basking in the glow
of each other's
taking for granted
that it's

we will love

we we will lift each other
so high
that the heavens will touch our hair
like crowns glistening in the

we will speak with our minds and
our bodies,
our eyes talking more than our

he will see me before
I see him,
in the warmth of my glow,
he will know

and when we meet
suddenly, he and I
will become
gracie Apr 16
Little white sheep on a faded blue pillowcase
          your hair strewn across like a
sleepy blonde storm.

I’ve got the strangest feeling...

Last night I had a dream—perhaps a memory
          of you bathed in golden light,
                    pulling up fistfuls of grass
          and piling it on my bare knee.

          A voice low and purling
with the stream at our feet.
                    Silk on skin.
                              Lips on peaches.
                                        Pinky promises
                              on Sunday afternoons.

We wear socks to glide over the kitchen tiles
          humming along to an ancient song on the radio.
another old poem reworked
BSween Apr 15
On a patch of the yard
Behind my house
Lives are being risked
And even lost
Nature maintains.
Each end not a spectacle
But a prelude.
This is not a subtle thing
But simply the cost
Of perpetuity.
Alicia Mar 31
when doe brown eyes met chrystal blue
I froze somehow I recognized you
thunder struck
I choked on my own breath
senses and synapses firing
my ears ringing deaf
gravity lifted body and soul
broken pieces now made whole
we tied our red threads
without mourning
our old lives now dead
then arms like an elm
wrapped warmth and security
as your voice like an orchestra
sang to me
calling me home
to the place I was fated to be
Safrina Kabir Mar 29
I was dead inside
For so long
A piece of coal
Deep deep down

Now you watch me
Sparkling bright
Glittering fair
You cannot break me
Sorrow and hardship can make you stronger. Like coal is transformed into diamond. Nothing and nobody can break then.
Rama Krsna Mar 28
white lotus
now stung thrice
by a self centered bee,
could you ever forgive me?

don’t say a prayer
for me now,
as three roller coaster trips
down unknown uteruses

more skulls
for that crescent bearer
adorning a blue throat
to wear as a garland
as he waltzes
his way through
the raging funeral pyres
of the cremation grounds
in soul filled Varanasi

© 2021
Payton Mar 1
Resurrected, I arose
for mornings thick with lust
and love and caffeine and naked kisses
And again, when night came
I did too, and fell sweetly, sinfully  
prey to the small death
ushered in with a grand symphony
of your name
This poem was written in 2020.
Maria Mitea Feb 4
that I've died so many times
my body has forgotten how is to be ash,
ordinary mortals fill me with jealousy (of the gods
and those who were trying to test the hemispheres of death
they couldn't find out much,
they failed,
accusing me of being a fanatic captivated by the talent of dying,
- a madwoman running after extinctions,

I recognize,
death seems to be a joke that you cannot compare with the ecstasy in the ***** of love, nor with the light on the buds of the *******,

rounded ivory *******,
lips salty as tears,
everything burns
It burns in the fire,
It burns until you start breathing;
in you, in others, in the first cry, kiss,…
breathing  until you wake up,

in death,
as in life, we ​​are so visible,
and so invisible
since we were born,
and since we died,
our body moves through other bodies,
as the green moves through the leaves of a forest
and I breathe you like a green,

when I last died all that was left was one breath
which in the absence of a body infiltrates inside other bodies,

Indeed, when you breathe the walls of the heart emit light signals,
  I breathe you carefully, like a newborn
on whose face radiates a playful laugh,
apply small prana breathing techniques
(I hope you don't mind)

the entrances and exits of your chest are green paths,
without a way in or a way out to allow promises in the movement of love,
you talk about standing fixed in love, why? love is movement,
frozen love  is not even death, but a wall waiting to be torn down
even after a thousand years of waiting

I breathe through your blood; with thought, with soul, with eyes, with hands,
I run with my lips, I breathe you,
It's the unthought that breathes you in abundance
and above love, and that which I think.
I wrote this in Romanian. It is a translation. If something feels weird or doesnțt make sense, please let me know. I would appreciate it. So I can improve it. :)
Maria Mitea Jan 23
What are you doing darling?  I'm thinking of you today,
I think of you as a human,
(you buy milk,  take out the garbage, - clean the house)
then I repeat "stop thinking" I listen to you, believe me, I listen to you,

Let's not pretend today we don't wait for each other,
we don't see each other in the corner of the eye,

You know very well that I didn't leave and I didn't come,
(do not make me cry)
I have not forgotten, nor can I remember,
(do not make me cry)
even if I try, I can't forget you,
untamed immortality what have I done to you?
why do you bury yourself in oblivion,
come tell me what I did to you (do not make me cry)

Why did you call me?- then hide in words wrapped in lead,
That's why you call me? untamed divine thrill,
to ask my helplessness, if I ask you the same,
Come, and listen, see those sad poems marching on the streets
at the Rio Carnival,  decorated in sun feathers,
come, don't be silly, come, -
Lets at last, for one day, be lost in the rays of the sun
and the shadows of the sweet grass,

Stay with me where there is no breath of man and woman,
there is no reason to speak, no greedy words burned in incense,
no parting in death or touching whispers,
echo of mercy, play in the breath of the deaf depth,
Come, play, bathe in the light of me, let me pamper you,
you'll be the earth, I - thin grassroots,
We will admire the lovers bathing in kisses

Believe me, please, believe me, I can't afford to forget  you,
I don't know your face (forgive me for that too)
do not make me cry,
I can not afford to forget you, I have no way of forgetting,
(although today I tried to think of you as a human)

Traveler Jan 14
We are the energy
Of consciousness evolving
Mathematically invisible
From wound to tomb
We grow by the
Seasoning of our souls!
What more do you need to know?
Traveler 🧳 Tim

It don’t seem likely that any universe that’s expanding, evolving  consciously could somehow leave us out of the game (death)
As if our energy could devolve into entropy

  Deteriorating atom
Cause Multi-versus to splinter off of this one.
If so we have a lot of conscious energy
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